You can ACTUALLY build this Gaming PC Setup.
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You don't ALWAYS need an expensive graphics card for a gaming setup.
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  • Ray Khan
    Ray Khan

    “I’m compact and portable” - Austin evens 2021

  • onaオナ

    Rich people: You cant use a gaming laptop Me with a *7* year old ASUS X200CA: HAHA MINECRAFT ON 30-40 FPS WITH MODS AN TEXTURE PACKS GO *BRRRRRRrrrrrRRRRrrrrrRRrrRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrRRRRrRrRrRrrrrrrr* Also me: ahhh... *Stonks*

  • Tony Stank
    Tony Stank

    Bruh are you crazy? How the heck are we supposed to buy a *two THOUSAND dollar* laptop?


    Actually we've been rolling since 1:29

  • mostluckysavage

    No offense but I've done better using a cheap acer laptop at valorant

  • Ssteven playz
    Ssteven playz

    "Now this is a setup that you can afford" *Shows the g14* Yeah no

  • Ghastify

    I can’t afford

  • Itsnan Dhani
    Itsnan Dhani

    This video came out right after i build this kind of thing.

  • Abhiyan Azad
    Abhiyan Azad

    I feel like this is something that's practical for a majority of people out there. If you *really* want to go budget, use the integrated laptop screen and add an ext mouse and keyboard and that saves you 200 dollars for a monitor.

  • Deathcreeper Gaming
    Deathcreeper Gaming

    If you say sheath again I will unsubscribe

  • Zoggo

    "OH i don''t care a about gaming laptops" Me: but my 3 year old chromebook-

  • Anoniem Gozer2
    Anoniem Gozer2

    cheap? laptop=899 monitor=280 mousepad =45 desk=69 keyboard= 50 = monitor mount 57 laptop stand=35 (1470 is not exactly cheap

  • David Sanchez
    David Sanchez

    4:14 was sent by God

  • Ahmed Almoallemi
    Ahmed Almoallemi

    I wish I could afford a gaming pc

  • Uthman Baksh
    Uthman Baksh

    This will get me downvoted but I might do this setup but with a MacBook Pro instead of the gaming laptop!

  • Ishan Rakshit
    Ishan Rakshit

    How can you get 180fps while having a 3060

  • ReturnAlt10Playz

    4:40 Austin Is A Big Kid!

  • catplayz lazy
    catplayz lazy


  • Brigham Adamson
    Brigham Adamson

    If you don't use these after the video, you should give these away to people like me, who can't afford these.

  • Potato Dude
    Potato Dude

    This Man Could Drink Two Monster Energy Drinks And Still Not Have A Good Enough Reaction Time Not That I Drink Monster, So I Wouldn't Know..

  • Jignesh Chadha
    Jignesh Chadha

    man really bought a 2000 dollar laptop and called it affordable

  • Nico P
    Nico P

    what boom arm is that that is in the vido and can i use it for my blue snow ball ?

  • Rehan George
    Rehan George

    I cant afford rtx 2080 ti card

  • Kristijan Kovic
    Kristijan Kovic

    Now is not shesh is just shiiiiii

  • Nameless_YT

    gimme dat gaming laptop

  • Nathan Braverman
    Nathan Braverman

    Reasonable Price...**Coughs in 3 grand**

  • vodia!

    everything is better than my setup kekw



  • Reese Haddock
    Reese Haddock

    a prebuilt is a better bang for your buck than this laptop

  • Flippurr

    What boom arm is this and what are the rings on the boom arm that help with the cable management?


    Your setup looks like the inside of a burger lol

  • Mopantsu

    That monitor needs calibrating. Also don't like the curve causing a lot of uniformity problems. A 3060 in a laptop is pretty weak too.

  • Haad Chaudhry
    Haad Chaudhry

    desk link

  • DragonthegamerVR

    He probably spent 4000 dollars on this

  • Ops Movin
    Ops Movin

    can you please make a video on building a pc that’s isn’t super over the top and isn’t super cheap, something that is perfect for gaming and youtube but not super expensive

  • Jackson24k.Official

    What does a doc do

  • Jaiden Ringwald
    Jaiden Ringwald

    What is like a 3 to 6 hundred dollar gaming laptop u recommend

  • SandwichVR

    Thanks! I used the same gaming laptop in my new build cause of you!

  • HunriX

    This guy: *builds 2 gaming pcs every month because he is rich* Me after 6 months: finally! I can buy a gt 710

  • Distortion Tech
    Distortion Tech

    Has 3060 to use and is able to play some of the highest end games no problems and yet they still decide to play a shitty esports game instead that doesn’t show off the hardwares capabilities

  • Distortion Tech
    Distortion Tech

    Not gonna lie besides the software the epos microphone isn’t really worth the 200 dollar asking price when compared to the og classic blue yeti which can be had for around 100 dollars offers the same physical controls and comparable audio if a software sweet is worth an extra 100 for you then go for it but I think I’ll stick with my yeti

  • Rockstar Raheem
    Rockstar Raheem

    I built my first PC in February and I made a video on my channel lol. I live in Canada btw.

  • Jason Mederios
    Jason Mederios

    U know I lost my apartment due too a fire and lost everything and I finally got a place too live again and I wanna build another pc but I Cannt not right now and I loved streaming and playing since I lost my pc it wasn’t the best but I loved it I only had a i7 9700k or f I forgot and with a Samsung 980 and two 16gb ram I believe with a 2080 gtx and I miss it know a days u Cannt find anything for cheap anymore everyone is over pricing stuff and u know wat one day I will build my same setup again one day but love your videos

  • Nugs

    when he says a cheap setup is 1000$ but mine is 500$

  • Starscream89

    Only Austin would use earbuds for a gaming PC setup

  • Constantinos Nicolakis
    Constantinos Nicolakis


  • Young Ali
    Young Ali

    I was lmao when hit the. Sheeeeeeeesh

  • Sebastian Garcia
    Sebastian Garcia

    I saw this video and I decided to buy a g15 (3070)

  • TheEpisode

    Makes a really good build buys a laptop that has a 3060 and plays valorant THE GAME COULD RUN ON INTEL GRAPHICS

  • TheEpisode

    Even though I don’t like sheesh him saying it wrong kinda annoyed me

    • TheEpisode

      It’s just weird to me idk

  • Enviousrain Gaming
    Enviousrain Gaming

    ok guys I have a full setup custom rig made by hp with i9 10850k liquid cooling-with rgb a custom 3090 with a radiator pretty big tbh 750 watt 80 plus platinum power supply and a custom zl490 mother board I think or better 16 gb ddr4 hyperx fury with rgb and 1.5 tb in ssd, not sata but the super fast fast one and the tempuratures in this thing are ice cold and it has loads of cstom rgb everywhere and i got a gaming chair gaming headset gaming keyboard with rgb gaming mouse with rgb gaming controller a desk and a rug for the chair and a acer nitro monitor 27 inch curved monitor and a desk fan im selling as a bundle for 5,000 if any of you broke gamers want it reply to this comment if you have the money and want some more details

  • Khensani Maluleke
    Khensani Maluleke

    i was like the gringe is real when he said "sheeeesg"


    Do a PC build for Indian gamers. Use components available at Amazon India.

  • Wirya Sumirat
    Wirya Sumirat

    Do broke vs pro gaming laptop

  • Frosno

    Video idea: What if u build a gaming pc using a laptop?

  • Snow Estheim
    Snow Estheim

    4:14 had me ded

  • KingCrusader1986

    In your opinion, what hdr gaming monitor would be appropriate with the CUK GS66 Stealth by_MSI 15 Inch Gaming Notebook (Intel Core i7, 64GB RAM, 2x2TB NVMe SSD, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Max-Q 8GB, 15.6" FHD 300Hz 3ms, Windows 10 Pro) Professional Gamer Laptop Computer?

  • Hasnatplayz

    You know shit bout to go down when he doesn’t says hey guys this is Austin

  • Flow Expoltions
    Flow Expoltions

    I'm lucky enough to have my dad support me through my ITmores journey

  • Icewolf :l
    Icewolf :l


  • JP Lenzi
    JP Lenzi

    Bonkers pc setup, tests it with toaster game. Okay austin, throw something else at us.

  • Untamed Shut3
    Untamed Shut3

    How much money would I need in total?

  • Catree

    Umm.. with that money wasted on the monitor,keyboard and desk... He could've bought a better pc with tripled parts price

  • Mj Paliza
    Mj Paliza

    Him just saying "sheeeeeeee sheeeeeeee sheeee" me dying of laughter

  • Bvcghh1 68
    Bvcghh1 68

    Should’ve gotten the gk61 with optical switches, its mechanical, optical, and only $60, yellow switches are the best, linear gang, also cherry does not make good switches, gateron and kailh are better

  • HAYAN.

    The pain in laugh when he was killed. Mhmmmm i can feel it.

  • YT Smore
    YT Smore


  • William Johnson
    William Johnson

    what screwdriver does austin use?

  • activatedsloth

    the pc is the problem not the peripherals

  • activatedsloth

    i hate miners -sent from my iphone

  • InMyOpinion...

    Sheeeeeeeeeeesh. 😅😅😅

  • GameArea⌨️🖱️

    I got a gaming laptop instead of a desktop and now I regret it. But the chip shortage makes it a different story...

  • Visualiser World
    Visualiser World

    austin is calling me poor…

  • ChikenGamer


  • Nashaun T
    Nashaun T

    i just recently got into pcs and wanted to build one after watching austin’s videos, but man oh man when it tell you it’s impossible to find any GPU remotely close to retail price


    austin u just gave me my new setup idea

  • 50GreyKitties

    I absolutely hate the legs on that table

  • Ernest Mecca
    Ernest Mecca

    I have a nearly identical setup that i've been using for a few months now and i'm perfectly happy with it and have been able to play and stream quite a few games.

  • Bambooze

    You should have gone with a red dragon for your keyboard, same price range, and it has red or blue switches

  • Totally Not Soup
    Totally Not Soup

    Why are you saying sheeeeee

  • mannes

    you linusdt de dock

  • Saad Golandaz
    Saad Golandaz

    Can u link the desk as well?

  • NL adam
    NL adam

    you could get a rk61 mechanical keyboard. for like 40-60 usd i think

  • Green Mamba Games
    Green Mamba Games

    You buy a laptop but proceed to use it as a desktop. Riiiiight.

  • lightberricsHDHD

    love the vid and prob going to get one these but ummm valerant not avery demanding game wonder how it can run warzone or something like that wish u would do a realistic test like that ik it can prob only do some modern game at like medium settings but still would like to know

  • k1llshot

    Austin:I hope like having yourself one kidney

  • k1llshot

    Austin:I hope like having yourself one kidney

  • RMPB Gamer
    RMPB Gamer

    Austin, I have a question, if i bought a new Xbox to make ITmores videos on and I don't have enough money to buy a laptop for editing,will a mini pc work,how good are mini pc's?Love your videos b.t.w♥️

  • Antonius

    Gameplay looks a bit jumpy

  • Toyo Masauce
    Toyo Masauce

    Dumbest setup dont do this

  • The Boy
    The Boy

    bro why you didnt say "hey guys this is austin !"

  • ImSizo

    the dude in the flannel was mortified when Austin started saying "sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesH" LMFAO

  • Logan Leeth
    Logan Leeth

    The best quote I have heard so far “I’m gonna throw you… sheeee”

  • Brent Holy Rider
    Brent Holy Rider

    Hey can you answer my question I'm about to go back to school but I wanted to build a gaming PC but I don't want to Fork out a lot of money at first maybe build it as I go what do you suggest

  • StealthMango

    Hey Austin what graphics card works well with a amd ryzen 7 3700X or a Amd ryzen 9 3900X

  • guy #479
    guy #479

    Ayyy linus reference

  • tyson

    How many games can it run

  • Kraven Fox Bodies
    Kraven Fox Bodies

    Makes you miss the days that Best Buy had RX 570 at MSRP

  • Squid on Fridge
    Squid on Fridge

    austin makes the kids stop doing cringy stuff

  • Jay