Xbox Series S Blind Test
Austin Evans
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  • Jonah Flint
    Jonah Flint

    The more realistic test would have been a $500 entry level 55” 4k TV from a couch distance away

    • Aj Eagles
      Aj Eagles

      @D3ATHWILL COM3 yeah rs6 has a good fps on console to other fps on console lol i play pubg and its only 60fps locked but the gfx aint as good as the series x but runs alot smoother than xbox x on it lol....


      @Aj Eagles latency is solid. Haven’t don’t any sort of slow-mo test but I’ve noticed the difference in games. Siege was the first game I played with 120fps and I was pulling off shots that would’ve been impossible at 60fps.

    • Aj Eagles
      Aj Eagles

      @D3ATHWILL COM3 yeah what the latency like on it thats half the problems from tvs

    • Ratticus Maximus III
      Ratticus Maximus III

      100% agree


      @Aj Eagles I snagged a 4K 120hz tv with VRR support and I can say it’s great. If you take the time to find a good tv with the features it’s worth it. I also get playing on a monitor especially when it comes to where you play.

  • alex455

    I bought an Xbox Series S about a month ago. I regret nothing. Went to a shop before the Black Friday, took it out of the shelf and paid for it. Now I can play games I couldn't because my PC hardware couldn't handle it. Worth every penny.

    • Bloke


    • Bloke


    • Ej9 Jay
      Ej9 Jay

      @Deadsea 1993 pc will always be better mate it’s a fact,as long as you have the hardware it’ll be better,a console is a console it’s designed to play games and that’s it hence why it’s optimised for gaming and can sometimes look better than a pc in certain regards but no it’ll never be as good as a pc. Iv been an Xbox player ever since day 1 of the original Xbox launch but changed to pc last year

    • Deadsea 1993
      Deadsea 1993

      @Ej9 Jay . Actually the Series runs games at Ultra high with all shaders maxed. They have been benchmarked by places like digital foundry and other places. Side by side comparisons with stuff like Forza Horizon. "PC will always be better". Was that really necessary ? Like why make this a war over gaming in this day and age ? Cause there's actual bullshit involved with PC gaming and I left it after a number of years as a result. I like how Xbox is PC meets console. Features like Smart Delivery, free updates to very old games and One games, and Quick Resume have been fantastic

    • east10th

      @ankh what are you talking about you must have watched the wrong video or read the wrong comment. I thought this was about the x and the s

  • Ben M
    Ben M

    Even on a 4K tv or monitor, the series S provides OUTSTANDING value while still looking DAMN good for the price! Zero regrets at all 👌🏼

    • Steamed Devito
      Steamed Devito

      Here lemme let you borrow this disc

    • Just Saying
      Just Saying

      @Hail Odin what are you talking about? I play on consoles lmao. My switch, series x and ps5 combined isn’t even 2k 😅

    • Just Saying
      Just Saying

      @Ben M honestly with fast paced multiplayer games like COD, I’ve played on 4K monitors, TVs, and 1080p monitors and TVs but in games like that you’re not gonna really pay attention to higher resolution. Different story for single player games where they’re slower paced and you get time to take in the environment

    • James

      The issues for me isn't the performance, mainly the storage and no disc drive. That's why I got the x

    • Hail Odin
      Hail Odin

      @Just Saying ya bro drop 3,000$ vs the 300$ we spent for some native 4k Brodie

  • Sam Clark
    Sam Clark

    Couple things with this test. On a 1080p monitor or TV the Series S is absolutely fine. I think if you are playing on a 4K tv or monitor that is where you would notice the big differences between the two consoles. Regardless the Series S is a great value and there is nothing wrong with selecting that console. Games still look good on it. Also Ori runs native 4K on the Series S so that is one game that would be very difficult to spot the differences.

    • DOH!

      My LG 65 CX OLED says otherwise.

    • Sella Huncho
      Sella Huncho

      Im playing on a 1440p monotor thats where the series s shines the most

    • @Telegram +❶ ❼❼Ѳ ❹Ѳ➄ ➈❻8➀
      @Telegram +❶ ❼❼Ѳ ❹Ѳ➄ ➈❻8➀

      @Timo Börm What's me

    • Timo Börm
      Timo Börm

      I play 4k on series s its very nice

    • @Telegram +❶ ❼❼Ѳ ❹Ѳ➄ ➈❻8➀
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  • John Ventrillo
    John Ventrillo

    I think that the differences are going to be MUCH more noticeable later on in the current gen's lifespan. The games that we have now are still early on and developers need to get used to the new hardware before they can really get everything out of it. Give it another year and I'm fairly certain that new games will start to look significantly better on the Series X but will stay about the same on the S as it is now.

    • Lum1n Otryc
      Lum1n Otryc

      Lol, other away around bud, specially with things like fidelity fx


      If that were true the the unreal engine 5 matrix demo would show this but it doesn't

    • 2 Players
      2 Players

      "Give it another year..." it is a wrong assumption. SX and SS share the same architecture, SX has more power but has to deliver higher resolution too (and that is pretty resources consuming); in other words both the systems are tangled, there is a very strong connection between what they can deliver. There is only one (horrible) scenario, where the SX in a few years will be only capable of running 1080p/30fps games... in that case, sure on SS the same game will not look good.

    • Jacob.


    • Twixx

      @vaguedreams Thats a great point man lol

  • Algimantas Jukna
    Algimantas Jukna

    My last console before xbox series S was a PS1. Was never a gamer, and it looked really expensive (consoles cost a lot + 60€ per game sounded stupid to me personaly) so I skiped a bunch of console gens. My girlfriend and I decided to jump into gaming during covid, so we picked up the series S for 299€ + game pass. Dude, I'm having the time of my life, for 10€ per month 👍🏻 I never imagined, that gaming would ever reach the value for money stage.

    • KillaSin515

      And honestly you are who Microsoft is targeting with the Series S.

    • A B
      A B

      Just a tip for people wanting ultimate game pass. You can add up to 3yrs of game pass then convert the lot to ultimate for $1. You can also buy the game pass vouchers online much cheaper. Instead of $15 a month. Cost $6.6 in my country.

    • Justin

      Oh man you missed a loooot. Bioshock should be your first priority!

    • Toni Ivanov
      Toni Ivanov

      "consoles cost a lot" ?? Its like a few hundred $, not thousands...

    • Black man in the garden
      Black man in the garden

      man i’m rocking a 2070 super with steamunlocked i’m living it well

  • JAT

    The "we have digital foundry at home" comment by Ken was passed over way too quickly. Incredible joke.

  • Jeversons

    The series S is an amazing console if you like digital only, plus it's the only new console that's in stock everywhere. I just got mine for Christmas and I have 0 complaints, every game looks and feels amazing especially at 2k res

    • I’ll Troll You
      I’ll Troll You

      Got the Series S with two controllers and battery packs for $250! The market price for these is around $385 plus tax. I've saved over $100 and enjoying my console! Can't wait to get the PS5 and Switch OLED next👍

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  • Bearded Techie
    Bearded Techie

    I bought the series s because I didn't want disc. I thought I would regret it but I regret nothing. Love the small form factor as well as not having disc.

    • Hero

      @oali 24 well now I have a ps5 lol and I returned my series s

    • oali 24
      oali 24

      @Hero But maybe I don't want to pay Microsoft/Sony a certain amount of money every month to play a certain game even though I already paid for the console, If you only might play a few different games in a year the costs would probably add up quite quickly. I also might prefer supporting retailers who bring in at least some jobs rather than have every single last penny of profit go straight back to Microsoft. I'm not saying that I would never consider it or that there aren't valid reasons to go digital, but I don't think removing options is good for the consumer when those options are still commonly used.

    • oali 24
      oali 24

      @Bearded Techie Yeah, it could happen but optical drives are very reliable, you're probably more likely to have the console overheat or dust get into fans before the optical drive shows problems.

    • Bearded Techie
      Bearded Techie

      @jwalkrr or get an SSD and add storage to it. It's pretty easy honestly. I also play like 5 games and they are all on there no problem.

    • Hero

      @jwalkrr you can buy a hard drive and transfer the games you want and offload the games you want to play later

  • Graphics Card
    Graphics Card

    Almost everyone in here already has an invisible ps5, and Xbox series x/s!

    • ZinoAmare

      Oh yes I have 100's of them, too bad I can't show them too you! xD

    • lkrx

      @Instagram User didn’t ask stfu 🤫

    • Sheddy's Gaming and Tech
      Sheddy's Gaming and Tech

      I have everything but a series S.. and I kind of want one of those for travelling. It's such a cool machine for the $

    • Graphics Card
      Graphics Card

      @Chopped Cheese jokes on you, already have a real ps5

    • Platinum99

      @Chopped Cheese also, people can’t just get money off trees. And no one wants to pay 1k+ for a 500$ console

  • Fart Zilla
    Fart Zilla

    I switched the tags on 4k and 1080p screens while waiting at the store and just watched people go on how how much better the 4 k (actually 1080p) was. Only a few would actually notice the difference when they got a foot away from the 60" screens. I swear it was in the name of science and not because I was left unattended.

    • EpicBunty

      Yea cool story bro but even blind people will know the difference between 1080p and 4k on a 60" screen.

    • Fart Zilla
      Fart Zilla

      @EM Tactics that's almost exactly what most of the people said about the 4k(actual 1080p). I do use one on my professional rig because I don't have to zoom in as much to see defects. From the couch distance I notice a higher contrast ratio far more. For the average consumer I expect the placebo effect to make the most difference

    • Sam Maynard
      Sam Maynard

      @EM Tactics depends on how big/how far you sit from your tv. Also never underestimate people being... Not bright... Don't get me wrong people aren't generally stupid but sometimes when shopping people just switch off... Myself included😅

    • Finn Tomasso
      Finn Tomasso

      You mad man 🤣 love that and very interesting

    • EM Tactics
      EM Tactics

      Sure bro, if you ever see a 4K display you’ll notice the difference buddy

  • Yassir AlSaffar
    Yassir AlSaffar

    I was surprised to find the Series S available in Iraq market for only $305.00 Great budget console, does the job.

    • I’ll Troll You
      I’ll Troll You

      Got the Series S with two controllers and battery packs for $250! The market price for these is around $385 plus tax. I've saved over $100 and enjoying my console! Can't wait to get the PS5 and Switch OLED next👍

  • Marques Brownlee
    Marques Brownlee

    I'm sorry I couldn't pay attention through the whole video, I was too distracted by that shirt and how incredible it makes your biceps look.

    • Walter Clements
      Walter Clements


    • GimmeTheSucc


    • pollumG


    • GnoClaude


    • Ameen Ashraf
      Ameen Ashraf


  • Tate DeHaan Music
    Tate DeHaan Music

    I'd love to see a video breaking down all the different services in cloud gaming - knocking out the need to buy a console altogether.

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  • Flannels and Gaming
    Flannels and Gaming

    As a Series X owner, I am so glad for Series S owners who love it, it's nice to see their perspective of a digital lifestyle and with the size and an option to add a third party screen, it has me thinking of getting a Series S when it goes on sale in the far future

    • Event Horizon
      Event Horizon

      As a homosexual, I am also so glad for Series S owners who love it and I agree it is nice to see their perspective of a digital lifestyle.

    • Pixbie

      I bought a series s as my second console and im gonna get a ps5 so i can play both exclusives

  • CaptainCinnabar

    I wish you guys had done a play test on a larger tv, perhaps a 65” lg oled tv. It seems practical for those that play casually on a larger screen at a larger distance, and I feel that the differences will reveal themselves more.

  • Bert_actual

    I've had my S for about 4 months and I have ZERO complaints. A 1080p console paired with a 1080p TV, paired with the 3080 tier on GeForce NOW (via Edge, paired with an excellent net connection - your mileage may vary), paired with Game Pass = the best console experience I've ever had, hands down. What a great little (heavy -- SOLIDLY packed with tech) box. I love my S.

    • Hero

      @Bert_actual it's faster than re-downloading the game

    • Hero

      @Bert_actual I heard you can buy a hard drive then transfer the games you want back and forward from it

    • Bert_actual

      @Simon Bauer I'm so sorry to hear that. I'm lucky to have a pretty sweet net connection (450+Mbps/17-24ms ping to Nvidia/Microsoft servers) so my streaming experience has been... honestly quite amazing. I Beta tested Stadia ("Project Stream" at the time), XCloud ("Xbox Cloud Gaming", is it now?) and GeForce NOW and was not super impressed. I'm happy to report that in 3 years all three services have come A LONG WAY. Streaming (if you've got the right pipe) is amazing now. I'm playing Guardians of the galaxy with settings maxed (including ray tracing) through my Series S. It's like my Series S gets an RTX 3080 upgrade for some games. I hope everyone gets this tech in their home soon. It's VERY cool -- and getting better and better VERY quickly.

    • Bert_actual

      @Hero Yeah, I used to play 480/720p games with my 360 on a 1080p TV and had no complaints. Heck, I've still got my 360 hooked up. But I don't need it anymore because all my 360 games are on my S now. Speaking of which: my only (very minor) complaint is the storage on the S. 300+ GB of usable space is a bit low. Again, a minor gripe now that you can stream before you download (or just steam).

    • Simon Bauer
      Simon Bauer

      and then the garbage german internet kicks in. id rather play at 720p 30fps than to have an input lag of two hours

  • Amahl Sultan
    Amahl Sultan

    keep up the interesting and amazing content Austin!


      @Instagram User bot, btw you don't have any content literally you probably asked some friends to subscribe and then use that sub bot software wich you get 50 subs for free and get banned lmao

    • Instagram User
      Instagram User

      Austin Evans is Gay Evans, My content is better!

  • Aefzhe Valai
    Aefzhe Valai

    Got my Series S because I wanted to play Forza Horizon 5. I quite literally drool at the graphics and beauty of the game. You will not regret the Series S if you’re still rocking a 1080p monitor like me.

    • FireMrshlBill

      @MmM. Ya, my only complaint with the S on a 1440p monitor is playing XB1 games where you get the regular XB1 version and not the 1X enhanced. Some games you are playing 720p or lower and is much more noticeable at 1440p than 1080p. But for X/S enhanced games or 360/OG Xbox backwards compatible games that get 2x or 3x to 1440p + AA, it is great.

    • MmM.

      Even rocking a 1440p monitor is fine tbh, especially playing at a distance which most people do since not all games support M/K

  • Tim K
    Tim K

    While I have not played on a Series X or PS5 yet, I own a Series S. I am a casual gamer and the Series S is perfectly fine for me. Especially considering the difference in price.

    • Telegram +❶ ❼❼Ѳ ❹Ѳ➄ ➈❻8➀
      Telegram +❶ ❼❼Ѳ ❹Ѳ➄ ➈❻8➀

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  • Cubsfan122112

    keep an eye on in store availability. that's going to be your best bet at getting one. even it's a bundled version at gamestop, you can always sell or giveaway to the extra accessories if you don't need them. i got my series x over the summer when gamestop had 6 in store.

    • Montell Bolling
      Montell Bolling

      I got my Series X at Target who at the time had 17 of them

  • Yannick Orounla
    Yannick Orounla

    The test would have been more console realistic if you were using a fairly large TV away from you sitting on a couch. On a matte monitor, which almost no one is going to use with a console, it's easy to guess.

    • Ultimate Gohan
      Ultimate Gohan

      If anything its harder to tell since its such a small monitor. On 50+ inch tv the increased sharpness is way more noticeable (1080p vs 4k).

  • 15plus2isnot39

    I lucked into a Series X by just checking on Gamestop's site randomly one day, but if I hadn't I would not be upset about a Series S by any means.

    • Mr Smore
      Mr Smore

      Same except I got lucky at target

  • carl Dale
    carl Dale

    Enjoying my series S for casual gaming. Good media machine too.

    • ChrisBTW

      @FiniteRich they said that they used it for casual gaming, not that it's only intended for that

    • FiniteRich

      its a far more powerful console than the ps4, was that just for casual players? lol


    I agree with what you said at the end! As much as I wish I had the X and a 4K TV, I do enjoy playing on the S and opening up my palette to cloud gaming and Game Pass!

  • EJP

    I guess this is where the Xbox “wins” over the PlayStation. Xbox has the cheaper version which was “untouched” by scalpers while PlayStation only has “one version” which is the “more expensive” version only. Not saying Xbox will outsell PS but lowkey Xbox becomes a viable option for budget gamers wanting to play the latest and greatest (but probably just limited to the Xbox and PC environment).

    • Deadsea 1993
      Deadsea 1993

      @ToxicTurkeyy . It also is a regular Ps5 without a disc drive. I prefer the look and size of the Series S. It is a completely different design. It wasn't like Microsoft made another Series X and removed the disc drive slot. In my opinion, the Ps5 and Series X look ugly, but the Series S looks beautiful and futuristic. I look forward to seeing what the Ps5 Slim and Xbox Series X Slim will look like down the road. I found One and One S to look ugly, but Microsoft got it right with One X. I thought Ps4 and Ps4 Pro looked ugly, but Ps4 Slim was the sweet spot

    • Ganymede Hedgehog
      Ganymede Hedgehog

      @ToxicTurkeyy for a lot of people $100 is a big difference

    • CynSnow

      @ToxicTurkeyy true

    • ToxicTurkeyy

      Eh, there is the ps5 digital, which has an msrp of 400$, only 100$ more than the series s and it has the same power as the normal ps5 which is almost at the same level of the series x.

    • Joel Hawkins
      Joel Hawkins

      @EJP for sure, the PS5 is better but currently I’m not a massive gamer so the PS4 has everything I want to play on it, maybe slightly longer loading screens and no 4K but I saved a ton of money

  • Manas Choudhary
    Manas Choudhary

    Series S and Game Pass is an incredible combo for casual gamers and kids. I personally bought a Series X even though I have a 1080p monitor because I like to play Halo Infinite Ranked and the 12TFLOPS do help in pushing higher resolution and consistent frame rates.

    • Deadsea 1993
      Deadsea 1993

      Series S isn't just for casuals or kids. I've expanded on mine with 4TB external hard drive and it has 600 GB left. I got it cause I prefer the size, my collection is digital anyway, and I prefer the design. The other reason is that I couldn't find a Series X anywhere and I'm not paying $800+ for it. At $1,000, I could have gotten Series X and Ps5. Series S has been in many stores that I've seen and I got mine by walking into the store on an average day.

    • Lum1n Otryc
      Lum1n Otryc

      Enough of the "for casual gamers" bs. As far as I've seen it does 60 and 120fps in like 95% of the games series X does it, and for those with 1080/1440p tvs or monitors its more then good enough

    • Jude Price
      Jude Price

      @swiftae for me in fortnite. at 120fps mode it just looks like im playing on an rx 580 8gb pc or something. very impressed

    • Luke Morris
      Luke Morris

      @ASUKA if your on a 1080p screen then fair enough but when you hook a series s up to a 50 inch qled it's a much different story .... I can honestly say iv never noticed the series x dropping on halo 🤷‍♂️ not sure if that's the vrr but ye give me series x anyday.

    • ASUKA

      @Luke Morris Frames are more important than resolution in Halo especially competitively and the current best way to play Halo competitively is with a Series S.

  • R Melo
    R Melo

    Enjoyable and informative video. What it confirmed in my mind is that specs look great on paper but don't necessarily translate to a better user experience with the average, everyday gamer. It reminds me of some tech reviewers slamming a smartphone with a 90hz display because it is not a 120hz display. To the average user, the difference is not at all noticable unless you are peering at the screen inches from your face looking for the difference. So, tldr: the higher specs and much higher price difference of the Series X is not worth it to the average, casual gamer. Save your money and pick up the Series S.

  • Leo Lopez
    Leo Lopez

    Wow, this came out just as i was deciding which one to get! Awesome, going for the series S now

    • Telegram +❶ ❼❼Ѳ ❹Ѳ➄ ➈❻8➀
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  • Samuel Benson
    Samuel Benson

    I love my Series S. Paired with Gamepass, it's a monster.

  • Xilousuchus

    I play the series s on a 4k hdr10 tv and after a while you get used to its graphics and its just fine since you’re not side by side comparing it to anything else

  • saad sohail
    saad sohail

    Bought my series s a couple of months back and its totally worth it next gen gaming in super affordable price.

  • Michael S
    Michael S

    Series s is cool but one of my reasons for going with the x is having a drive. I like having the option of playing my old games and borrowing from the library and friends.

  • AlwaysTheKop

    I love my Series S! I got this to keep me going until the day a PS5 Slim is released, and I regret nothing, Series S and Game Pass is a steal!

    • Anonymous

      @AlwaysTheKop same sold my ps4 and games to buy the series s so far no regret at all it’s an amazing machine especially with game pass. And by the way it’s working perfectly on my 4K 120gz tv I’m playing in 4K 120 ghz much better than ps4

    • AlwaysTheKop

      @memotheleftie sold my PS4 too and the controllers and all the games and it pretty much paid for my Series S. Since then I’ve saved up enough for a PS5 retail price not having to buy games etc because of Game Pass, although I think I’m going to hang on for now like I said and wait for a Slim.

    • memotheleftie

      The ridiculous scalping situation made me buy a seriesS, will sell my ps4 to feel the obligation to buy a ps5 when they are easy to get

  • Corey Jackson
    Corey Jackson

    My biggest problem with the series s or any console that lacks a disk drive honestly. I like having my physical copies, and only being able to have a digital collection of games just puts me off, especially when it comes to the idea that you usually have to be connected online to install them in the first place, sort of gets rid of the physical freedom of a console.

    • Kubeanie Gaming
      Kubeanie Gaming

      Yes but the disc just has a digital code that starts it download. There's actually nothing on the disk. It's basically a QR code to start the automatic download from the web

    • Sante

      the disk - less option is the whole purpose of the lower price, and the console's form factor

    • Psyko Robot
      Psyko Robot

      If it had a disc dive it definitely wouldn't be $299 and that would defeat the purpose of a cheap option and also a good casual users GP machine. Discless is what these companies want. We know it. Just cutting out the middleman's (the store's) 15%+ take on physical sales alone could net them a billion a year more in profits. So that future is inevitable. Unfortunately for them they still need to provide a disc option. And the difference price on the manufacturing end isn't that much less over the disc version so they have to make the value of the price difference far exceed the cost they have. Even though Sony wants an all digital world (as does MS) there is a reason Sony only puts out 1 PS5 AD for every 4 PS5 base units and that is because the PS5 takes a heavy loss on an AD (with the PS base now, according to Sony, being sold at cost - that means the AD with $100 price diff is taking around $70 loss = that drive is about $30 cost at best). But as soon as Sony can get the PS5 AD down to cost is the day you will see the manufacturing scenario flip and Sony will put out 10 PS5 AD for ever 1 PS5 base made. I personally am all in on digital (I haven't bought physical since the start of the last gen). But I definitely don't want that option to go away. By the way, pretty much any game (minus the small Indies) now requires you to access online to install. Whether that is physical disc or pre-loaded. Usually, it is that day one patch needed but, companies are using it as another form of DRM as well.

    • Jon

      That and sometimes the physical version of a game will be on sale while the digital is full price

    • Ben

      Yeah if it had a disc drive I'd have bought one by now.

  • Nikolaus Fonseca
    Nikolaus Fonseca

    I was so close to getting a series s, I lover the specs and was ok with digital only, but then I found out about target and how good they are at restocking series x early so I went early called and they had one left, super happy I was able to get one and also it makes fable 3 look so good especially reflections in water and fps 💯💯💯

    • Telegram +❶ ❼❼Ѳ ❹Ѳ➄ ➈❻8➀
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  • TayloredArt 01
    TayloredArt 01

    I remember when in order for games to look amazing, you had to imagine them that way. Graphics aren't important.

    • Ganymede Hedgehog
      Ganymede Hedgehog

      Yeah graphics have pretty much plateaued at this point too. I do remember playing halo 2 anniversary for the first time and realizing that’s what I imagined it to be when it came out.

    • Telegram +❶ ❼❼Ѳ ❹Ѳ➄ ➈❻8➀
      Telegram +❶ ❼❼Ѳ ❹Ѳ➄ ➈❻8➀

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  • Mark P
    Mark P

    I have a Series S connected to a 65” 4K TV. I sit around 7 to 8 feet sway. Games looks clean, Halo Infinte looks great and no aliasing during gameplay. Unless your sitting somewhere in the 4 foot range you can’t see the extra resolution of 4K.

  • Russ Clarke
    Russ Clarke

    I returned my series S as I managed to get an X. Honestly it was great but you could see the res drop on my TV (65” 4K). I’d imagine playing on a monitor would be completely fine though

  • Shawn Cecil
    Shawn Cecil

    I say for the most part I’m happy with my series s. I got my series s at the beginning of 2021. With game pass it’s not a bad console. If the series x was actually available at msrp maybe I’d have considered it. But the series s is good enough and runs pretty smoothly with good graphics if staying on 1080p.

    • Fatics

      @Bert_actual You can literally buy all games online.

    • Bert_actual

      I really wish they'd drop the BlueRay drive (and price) and toss us a "Series X All Digital Edition". The only point of failure I'ver ever had in my MS consoles (OG and 360) was the optical drive (dead after a year+ on both consoles), so I'd be very cool with a cheaper, tiny-bit-smaller(?), 4K black box so I can move my little, white 1080p (FINE! 1440p... jeez; ) box into my bedroom.

  • BearTackle

    I love my Xbox Series S. A great value! Now to play more Halo and Forza.

    • Telegram +❶ ❼❼Ѳ ❹Ѳ➄ ➈❻8➀
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  • Knight Lillian
    Knight Lillian

    I've been playing on my Series X next to my dad on his Series S, both on 1080p screens, and the little guy has really been impressing me, espesially running Flight Simulator

  • DiamondDepth YT
    DiamondDepth YT

    The Series S fits my needs fine considering I'm used to playing 720p-1080p anyways and the higher resolutions don't make too much of a big difference in my eyes

  • Totoro -san
    Totoro -san

    PS5 will be available by the time "next gen" consoles are released.

    • Fatics

      Literally 1 Year after release still no chance of seing the ps5 at retail price in a store.

  • zerosub

    I have to say after owning a series X for over a year with game pass ultimate . Series X hands down the best ever console made so far in my opinion. I wonder how history gonna judge it .

    • Telegram +❶ ❼❼Ѳ ❹Ѳ➄ ➈❻8➀
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  • mad576

    this is one of the best testing videos i've seen from austin, it really shows that all this "The X is superior by so much" isn't true, and one can game comfortably on a bit of a budget

    • mad576

      @@Telegram +❶ ❼❼Ѳ ❹Ѳ➄ ➈❻8➀ haha lol no

    • @Telegram +❶ ❼❼Ѳ ❹Ѳ➄ ➈❻8➀
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  • Jacob Kirch
    Jacob Kirch

    I finally figured out what is so unique about Austin’s voice! His inflections are random! Normally people talk with a repetitive flow, but Austin’s inflections strike randomly almost jolting the ear each time it hits.

  • Jacquline 🔞 T[A]P ON [M][Y] PlcTuRE
    Jacquline 🔞 T[A]P ON [M][Y] PlcTuRE

    Couple things with this test. On a 1080p monitor or TV the Series S is absolutely fine. I think if you are playing on a 4K tv or monitor that is where you would notice the big differences between the two consoles. Regardless the Series S is a great value and there is nothing wrong with selecting that console. Games still look good on it. Also Ori runs native 4K on the Series S so that is one game that would be very difficult to spot the differences.

    • Telegram +❶ ❼❼Ѳ ❹Ѳ➄ ➈❻8➀
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  • Brandon

    My issue with the series s isn't the performance, I'm more of a 1080p, or 1440p at higher refresh rate kind of guy anyways. The issue is the 512GB of storage, which is really more like 375GB or something because of the OS. That just isn't enough now for more than like 3 recent games, and expanding it to 1TB would cost almost as much as just buying series x anyways!

  • Noodleツ

    Got mine on christmas loving it for load times and casual gaming!

  • BushDoesMinecraft

    love the videos, keep it up!

  • Özil

    incredible test, i guess every gamer plays their game like 5cm away from the monitor 😃


    keep up the interesting and amazing content Austin!

  • NikumbaUK

    Would have been interesting to have done this test in a couch gaming setup with a 4K screen as I would think that is most setup that gamers would have, rather than sitting 3 foot from a monitor

    • @Telegram +❶ ❼❼Ѳ ❹Ѳ➄ ➈❻8➀
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  • TheloniousWolf

    Still think one of my biggest regrets was selling my series s. Now I don't have a console and I worked hard for it. At 24 it was the first console I ever bought....😭

    • jwalkrr

      Save up and buy it back bro

  • Dude2469

    I have a PS5 and my younger brother has a PS4 and we both play Dark Souls 3, I probably couldn't find a difference in the graphics but you can definitely tell the frame rate difference and that the PS4 is slower to process things

    • Mario Baker
      Mario Baker

      U should it’s no ps5 version

  • Jon Mather
    Jon Mather

    24" monitor versus 4k 85" TV would also notice the difference, which for me is why a have the X.

  • Joshua o'malley
    Joshua o'malley

    Having a series s is really just good to have if you cant spend over 1000$ on a scalper console i was SUPER lucky to get a ps5 myself but im still glad i have that little series s

  • Son Goku
    Son Goku

    You know, i wonder how long it will take until theres a surplus of ps5's

  • ChrisT

    I completely agree with everything in this video from a graphics perspective. I'm an series x owner myself so may be biased but still despite this video still would choose the x over the s for that quality difference (bearing in mind I do have a 4k 120hz TV which is where you really see a difference) and for the future. The series s has a very limited storage space at about 360 gb, I understand the x is not much better at around 800gb, but non the less that really makes a difference. Also if you look at every console that's been released it took a while for game developers to really get to grips with the power the consoles have and the next year to 2 years is really gonna see a level up from where we are now in my opinion. I'm never gonna tell someone they made a mistake with the s cause I've seen it and it is a great system I'm just really looking forward to the future and how these systems are going to be utilised and I think the s will see a much greater difference I also just wanted to note the digital only while it allows for a smaller console and the cheaper price, I think all xbox owners know the pain of seeing the same game years on still sold at the same price on the Microsoft store. Microsoft definitely need to fix this for digital only users but for now disc will always be the king for me cause I can go down to a local games store and buy games when they start to decrease in price or straight off the preowned sections. Thanks to anyone that reads this hope it gives some clarity to the differences not spoken about in this video. Please comment I want to know what you all think

    • ChrisT

      @Fuze you also have to look at the future series x/s games are gonna be the normal games for release and yes maybe they will still allow you to play them on the xbox one but how is the performance gonna be impacted. All I'm saying is that right now for some maybe the upgrade isn't worth it but the games that will soon be out will definitely warrant this extra power

    • ChrisT

      @Fuze that's where I see a difference I am someone who can really tell the difference in video quality and often set up monitors and TV for people cause I am known to notice slight things that need to be sorted. Also your storage device won't work on either of the new xbox consoles, the storage must be the ssd sold by Microsoft at the moment

    • Fuze

      @ChrisT well storage aint a problem for me i got a 4.5 tb storage unit attached to my XB1 and currently have 108 games installed so ill just bring that to the new console, but its a 500$ difference, so im just saying they run the same games while almost looking the same to the untrained eye. And quick resume is a little faster on the S. So is a few textures and 15 or so disc games worth spending almost 3 times the price?

    • ChrisT

      @Fuze I really do think it is I've gone back to playing some games i used to play such as Ark survival evolved and the gameplay is so much better, games load faster and quick resume has been amazing cause I'm the kind to want to play on game for like 30 mins then switch. You are gonna have to accept that you will not get 20 games on the storage however I have about 11 albeit some large games but it isn't much but for the trade off of the speed and power of the series x it is so worth it.

    • Fuze

      What do you think? Is upgrading from an original Xbox one from 2013 on a 4k 120hz tv worth to pay the 500$ extra dollars for a few extra details? Note i do have 20 or so disc games that id like to play so a disc drive is welcome. But is it worth the money? Either console would be a huge leap over what I have now.

  • Bavari90

    I 💚 my Series S...I don't care about graphics, as long as this console can run Next-Gen. Games at a very cheap price...and with Game Pass, I can't refuse a good deal.

  • Alice Fox
    Alice Fox

    Picked up an S in June and honestly couldn’t be happier. I mean you get to play all the same games and at a fraction of the cost. I also upgraded from the VCR XB1.

  • Mohammed Bilal
    Mohammed Bilal

    I still use a One S on a 4K TV. And i think even One S is fantastic even after these many years of release

  • André Malerba
    André Malerba

    TBH the main difference between those two are the QTY of games that can run at 60fps versus those that got locked at 30fps. That alone makes the more expensive one worth it.

  • Ryan Sumner
    Ryan Sumner

    Love my series s. Best purchase decision I made. I don’t have a 4k TV and love how 1080p looks.

    • Telegram +❶ ❼❼Ѳ ❹Ѳ➄ ➈❻8➀
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  • Ecks Gaming Benchmark
    Ecks Gaming Benchmark

    Thing is now for the Xbox systems for their edge browser it now supports Geforce Now so people can also play their PC games on a Series S which is a nice option to have if you don't have a lot of games for the system itself already.

  • Ivan Castaneda
    Ivan Castaneda

    Ok .you've convinced me. I'm getting the s series for the casual gaming that I can get in 😆

  • Ryan Ewen
    Ryan Ewen

    Half of the difference is in frame rate of which the X offers double in many cases. Also, on a 1080p monitor they're going to look a lot more similar than on a 4K. Super weird experiment to me.

    • Fatics

      @Lord Minecraft Thank you for the nice comment.

    • Lord Minecraft
      Lord Minecraft

      @Fatics There is no "main difference." Every game developer chooses to utilize the power of the X differently. Some would decide to use it to push higher graphics than the S, while others would use it to provide a more fluid gameplay experience with higher framerates. It all depends on the specific game you're focusing on. Try watching LTT's video about this if you'd like.

    • Fatics

      Main difference is by far the graphics not the fps.

  • Manny L
    Manny L

    I have the Series X for my main gaming and a series S for my room tv and they are both great. There is a difference but it’s not as big as I thought it would be.

    • Telegram +❶ ❼❼Ѳ ❹Ѳ➄ ➈❻8➀
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  • Michael Hickman
    Michael Hickman

    It's nice to think about how far consoles have came in the past few years.

    • Fatics

      @Simon Bauer indeed

    • Simon Bauer
      Simon Bauer

      given consoles are pcs with a locked down os you can just look at pc hardware progress to get an estimate of how the next console gen will be

  • Dinomikeus

    I feel like the spec difference is about future proofing vs current state playability, right?

  • Vic

    I would expect on a 1080p Monitor, that the differences are negligible or Minimal between the 2 consoles. On a 4K TV I feel like you would really see more of a Difference. Nonetheless the Series S is a Great value console that I recommend to everyone even if you’re waiting on more PS5’s & Series X’s to become widely available at MSRP.

  • Slytherin Reviews
    Slytherin Reviews

    I have an Xbox Series X and I love the detail on my 1080p TV because I don't have to worry about pixels dropping out

  • Tomo Kaneko
    Tomo Kaneko

    i had my xbox series s and its pretty good but I do want to take advantage of the 1440p (I got a 1080p)

  • Rhenux

    I bought the Series S on Release and I am still extremely happy with it. :D

    • Telegram +❶ ❼❼Ѳ ❹Ѳ➄ ➈❻8➀
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  • Samuel Franco
    Samuel Franco

    Actually xbox one x is between both new xbox series. In terms of performance Series S < One X < Series X Linus covered this already if you want to know why the one x is better than the series S.

  • Joherick Burgos
    Joherick Burgos

    I’ve had my ps5 since day one 🔥 period it speaks for itself

  • Kaneki Joestar
    Kaneki Joestar

    I think the dealbreaker for me is the fps boost which the series X does much better. More games support it on the X compared to the S.

  • playerjax

    As a Game Pass user, the Series S is a great console for me. I mainly use PC but I like hopping onto the Xbox every once in a while for some of those fun Game Pass games

    • Telegram +❶ ❼❼Ѳ ❹Ѳ➄ ➈❻8➀
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  • Prodigy Weeb
    Prodigy Weeb

    I got the Series S from my sister's coworker for $200. Great companion to my PS5

  • xjwigluszx

    Series X on a 50” 4K. Series S on 55” 1080. There’s a noticeable difference but it’s still amazing. Love both of them. Had the Series X first because the lack of disc drive and storage size was a deal breaker for primary console.

    • @Telegram +❶ ❼❼Ѳ ❹Ѳ➄ ➈❻8➀
      @Telegram +❶ ❼❼Ѳ ❹Ѳ➄ ➈❻8➀

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  • SaithusX

    I would of kept my Series s if I didn't need a disc drive. Other than that the series s was amazing!

  • OS Reptar Games
    OS Reptar Games

    Love my series S, but tbh waiting for the day Microsoft phases them out and makes them obsolete. It’s like 1/8th the power of the series x, are they going to make series X and series S games different in the future? I just have so many questions I suppose, but I guess only time will tell.

    • OS Reptar Games
      OS Reptar Games

      To add, I can see Microsoft phasing out the series s with a model of series x without a disc drive, just like Sony did. You know, like the smart way of making a digital only console that can hold up as well as the disc variant.

  • na0li

    Got the Series S a couple of months ago and I dont regret it.. just loved it

    • Telegram +❶ ❼❼Ѳ ❹Ѳ➄ ➈❻8➀
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  • Carroll Captures
    Carroll Captures

    For now series s is a great deal but I think you're under estimating the power difference by alot. It's not even close. 2-3 years down the line once game tech catches up to the hardware such as games using Unreal engine 5, the series x will destroy the series s especially if the series s isn't capable of even playing last gen games in 4k

  • jonathan coates
    jonathan coates

    Idunno... The thing that always brings me back to console gaming is the fact they, with a console, I put in/start up the game and it works. For 25 years, I've never had a PC experience as stable and smooth as console. On my console, I've never had to troubleshoot drivers or figure out various different settings just because I've changed which game I'm playing.

  • XboxUserInYouTube

    I mainly play siege and after have the series s for a year and a 120hz monitor it looks great and has constant frame rate it also is way faster than the old gen consoles

  • Frederich Bank-Emmanuel
    Frederich Bank-Emmanuel

    Nice video dude. Also, thanks for mech arena info. I'm literally playing it right now

  • Lunacy Phoenix
    Lunacy Phoenix

    I have a Series S, its a very nice system. But not for one SECOND would I have chosen it over an X if they were equally available, Good enough is the Death of progress. And personally the Closer consoles get to Matching the High Mid GPU/ CPU of the year it launched in the better. I want to see boxes that cost £300 - £550 that not only competes with Mid tier PC's, but openly embraces mods in all games, possibly VR Support, performance boosts to all old games ect. And if we give the message "the Series S is good enough" Then MS and Sony will be content to just sit idle for as long as possible, and we will be trapped at this level for a long LONG time. Just look at the "Jump" from 7th gen to 8th gen, Pathetic. I sure as hell don't want a repeat of that, and if your smart you don't either.

  • VForce

    i have my series s for a year now and love it totally worth it with game pass its amasing

  • Christopher Cruz
    Christopher Cruz

    I got the Series X (by some sort of miracle), but I can see why the Series S is a great value console.

    • Yvng remixer
      Yvng remixer

      @Hero im pretty sure there's those people that still want all those specs without a disc drive

    • Hero

      @Yvng remixer why would they do that lol

    • Yvng remixer
      Yvng remixer

      They should've made a series x all digital instead.

  • watercannons collaboration
    watercannons collaboration

    4:08 Ken: the higher details might give you a more competitive advantage War Thunder players: that’s where you’re wrong

    • Telegram +❶ ❼❼Ѳ ❹Ѳ➄ ➈❻8➀
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  • SkellART

    I'll tell you what, if they can release an external disc drive that will plug into it then I'll consider the Series S but untill then I'll keep waiting for the Series X

  • TrueLojic

    Biggest downside is the removal of 120fps on the Series S version of Halo Infinte

  • Star FB
    Star FB

    Microsoft needs to make an xbox laptop, with identical or similar performance to the series s and that has the same sort of chips and everything

  • Antonius

    As much as I want the xbox series X and ps5 I brought the series S a while back and up till now I have zero complaints whats so ever about my series S

  • MrSirPaul

    The thing is if you have them both connected to a 4k TV then you will start to see major differences. Not only that, but digital only on S and some games only run at 30fps where on the X they run at 60.

  • Sergio J G Silva
    Sergio J G Silva

    Series S is fantastic, specially if you pair it with a 1440p120Hz Dolby Vision TV on the living room.

  • Sheeyam Shellvacumar
    Sheeyam Shellvacumar

    Xbox Series S + Game Pass with a finance plan is A GREAT DEAL. Hands down.

  • kingcrusher

    Love my X. It's hooked to my big 4K TV. But I actually play my S more because it's hooked up where my computer is. Love them both!

    • Telegram +❶ ❼❼Ѳ ❹Ѳ➄ ➈❻8➀
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