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  • No Taste
    No Taste

    The thermals of MSI laptops are horrible. You can expect 90°C and more and lot of underclock...

  • Faith in Christ
    Faith in Christ

    Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners; and purify your hearts, you double-minded. James 4:8 WEB

  • Rohan

    it doesn't need a nuclear reactor to run ha

  • Bassel

    How much it for ?

  • Moretz Moreta
    Moretz Moreta

    And I’m stil using mi old Hp from 2014 to edit videos 👌😔

  • Quantum Fish
    Quantum Fish

    Next year “most powerful laptop” Threadripper 3999X Quadro RTX 8000

  • KingDarius_32

    Hey Guys THIS IS Not Austin Evans!

  • Patricio Da Silva
    Patricio Da Silva

    I don't care about gaming, I just want a fast computer

  • Etai Klein
    Etai Klein

    This is not true there is a laptop that has a nvidia 6000 that is unreleased it costs 10000 dollars Linus made a video bout it

  • Multihunter95bg

    DON'T buy this laptop, I made the mistake and I'm returning it as soon as possible and never looking at MSI products again.

  • zinmetor

    this graphics card has as much ram as i got on my pc ...


    Hey guys what do you guys like for gaming laptops between 1.AMD, NVIDIA OR Intel ? 2.1080p or 4K? 3.Linux, Mac Os or Windows? 4.Metal or Aluminium cover? 5. 8GB, 16GB OR 32GB RAM ANSWER IN THE SAME ORDER

  • iiKBii Adventures
    iiKBii Adventures

    damn me wanting a laptop like that

  • Corentine Central
    Corentine Central

    Where do I get your electric screwdriver

  • CleanMusicByWinter

    The only downside is how hot it would get. Even with the coolers, a pc would have better airflow thus not getting as hot, and for PCs you can get water cooling

  • Jst Alex
    Jst Alex

    bro please build a gaming rig with Linus

  • Moiyoo FX
    Moiyoo FX

    In 20 years: ewww that's trash

  • Soumya Ranjan Patnaik
    Soumya Ranjan Patnaik

    Try G15 😀

  • WavesFNM

    Finally Austin bought a skin

  • Noah Smith
    Noah Smith

    Who came here after watching Dave 2 D's most powerful gaming laptop right now.

  • Kohen 20
    Kohen 20

    Does anyone know the song playing in the background at 0:38?

  • Yassin Sino
    Yassin Sino

    No Minecraft 😭😭😭

  • MidCheese2

    When does this computer realese

  • ChickenChuggets

    *Ge76 raider has entered the chat*

  • YT_dandan 155
    YT_dandan 155

    Rainbow 6 on the laptop ?

  • Smifu Gamez
    Smifu Gamez

    Lol I was just finding a better laptop than my toaster and I passed by this and by the way I also wanted to have a better laptop online classes and play Roblox and Minecraft only

  • Davelle FF
    Davelle FF

    2:22 what r u talking abt🤬

  • Astra_

    Guys this isn’t Austin

  • One Pit_ZA
    One Pit_ZA

    Austen be like "did I forget how to screw"

  • Itz_Just_ Grayyy
    Itz_Just_ Grayyy

    *Pulls out a wireless G502 mouse from the drawer with the Logitech Logo* *Uses a RAZER mouse*

  • Thedemonhd

    Rip now there is a 3090

  • BigBoiFred

    Hmmmm... Impressive.

  • Imran Ward
    Imran Ward

    Lord. They are making alionware look bad

  • Cheese Productions 64
    Cheese Productions 64

    Or beeg

  • MidCheese2

    When will this laptop be open in the market?

  • rain wright
    rain wright

    Wow Jesus did u see the look in his eyes going yo why u butting in I was explaining this man why just shut up and let me do the talking and u stand there like husk watching me talk while record my God that made me aught when I saw his face lol

  • Handsome Toast
    Handsome Toast

    Does this man not know how you can screen Rec? still tho really help full video thx :D

  • sizserb22

    This vents are killing it

  • malplay

    MsI looks good


    They don't gave a battery replacement and trying to convince people that we are just protecting the environment. The more problem in environment is the increasing number of dump mobile phones because the phone has poor battery life and the batteries are not easy to replace. If they already decided not to give a charger but at least should give an extra battery instead of charger... Thank you, from: ROHAN RAHMAN.

  • Opgamer 76
    Opgamer 76

    where is austin? i havent seen him since Febuary 2020

  • Cody Scarborough
    Cody Scarborough

    Until the ultra book asus lol

  • RPD

    0:35 Austin out of context


    So, how much is it?

  • JC Wade
    JC Wade

    Is the GF75 Thin with the 3060 a good option?


    when the laptop is better than my desktop

  • Carson Fischer
    Carson Fischer

    Can someone tell me how to look it up on amazon?

  • Icyzeon

    So it’s a 3070🤦‍♂️

  • Vedant Sawale IX B 33
    Vedant Sawale IX B 33

    Imagine the combo of the best AMD CPU such as the Ryzen 9 or Threadripper plus RTX 3090.... Oh my god that may even burn your house down!!

  • Agent Of Entropy
    Agent Of Entropy

    Fortnite cringe

  • Swift

    Why am I happy that he has the same keyboard as me ( razer huntsman te)

  • Vakidis Vaselidis
    Vakidis Vaselidis

    The gaming world needs a dockable GPU.

  • Justin Elliot Daniels
    Justin Elliot Daniels

    Me: cries in RTX 2060 Max Q IN MY $3000 XPS 17!

  • SAXGaming

    And though it may not be 6 in thick or need a nuclear reactor to operate. Lol😂😂

  • Erpos _1
    Erpos _1


  • Orxnge

    Any tips to fix my new pc rattling fan noise?

  • Tom Vit
    Tom Vit

    If only i had this laptop...

  • Ahmad Fodeh
    Ahmad Fodeh

    No it's not.

  • 54_EE_Pranoy Dhar
    54_EE_Pranoy Dhar

    Rtx 3080 Mobile = Gtx 1650 super desktop

  • Sisu

    Why didn't my adblocker block this

  • Mr. Z
    Mr. Z

    MSI: "I'm the strongest gaming laptop ever !!!" Asus Zep duo 15: "Say that again !!!!"

  • ArsenalSki

    yea boi

  • Connor Aspenson
    Connor Aspenson

    imagine in 20 years how powerful these laptops will be....

  • Earthquake

    And here comes my 11 year old laptop which can't run 2 chrome tabs smoothly 480p

  • ashraf alex
    ashraf alex

    Hay this is Austin?He is out of ideas time to unsubscribe.

  • Avery Baird
    Avery Baird

    but it's not Ryzen

  • Berkant Köycü
    Berkant Köycü

    This is not the "World's fastest laptop" because it runs an Intel cpu, the new Ryzen 5000 series laptop CPUs are much better for gaming.

  • I'm Batman
    I'm Batman

    I wish they would just start going back to calling it "M" instead of "Max Q"

  • Morbamba

    “Did I forget how to screw?” *INTENSE BRAIN CALCULATIONS OCCUR*

  • Cris Dubbz
    Cris Dubbz

    Mom trust me now I can zoom at 8k

  • Tigeys

    I would like that laptop... Ik ur not gonna give it to me but it’s worth asking

  • My Self
    My Self

    I connected a 3090 to my laptop the one problem is it is high

  • YoureADuck

    What do you do with all the computers you build or receive?

  • Hockey Boss
    Hockey Boss

    What keyboard do you use

  • graham reiter
    graham reiter

    I like how when he was playing fortnite with an rtx 3080, he had his fps capped at 60.

  • Harrow

    Got traumatised after seeing this 7:35

  • Rj Lenovo
    Rj Lenovo

    and ken

  • Rj Lenovo
    Rj Lenovo

    i think that the graphics card parts is inside the laptop also hi austin

  • Carlplyss

    what about the asus tuf is that one good

  • Tee Deathly2
    Tee Deathly2

    gamer nexus approved drilling part dude drill everything

  • Amuril X
    Amuril X

    Yeah I can clearly see the ifing far away dark unclear from the side screen great view honestly

  • PotatoMan

    "World's Most Powerful Laptop" 2:45 (FPS encounter) 60

  • notizak

    how much i got 2 goldfish

  • Craig Hutchinson
    Craig Hutchinson

    5980hx laptop apu smokes Intel's desktop CPUs

  • Tindreal

    I hate it so much when an internet celeb gets a new laptop and just doesn't care (or doesn't have the skills) to load up MSI afterburner during gaming so we could see clocks and temps...really sad.


    That laptop with a 2nd flip out screen is needed lol

  • MysticMusic

    did i just see obs reporting Enconding overloaded?

  • Stream Sharkz
    Stream Sharkz

    He forgot to plug it in

  • trabuco81


  • ThisGalaxyCat

    This video is brought to you by MSI

  • Ahmed Fareed
    Ahmed Fareed

    Dont listen to this guy. The GS66 has Rtx 3080 running at only 80 watt which makes it perform almost like a Rtx 3060. Take the Gp66 costs 1500 Euro less and has 115 watt configuration

  • MekkyBTW

    this is deepfake austin

  • Russell Voeller
    Russell Voeller

    Hey Austin do u know if that has WI-fi 6 on that laptop

  • zetix

    Me over here with a gtx watching Austin holding an rtx🥺

  • Coale

    Austin Evans has become Doug DeMuro - THIS

  • I Hate Communism
    I Hate Communism

    RTX 3080: *"Come on, man..Go ahead and say it. Don't beat around the bush, just go ahead and call me fat, because I know you wanted to say it!"*

  • iCy

    Aren't Stealth Laptop is Razer's thing?

  • halo mary
    halo mary

    MSI is the WORST LAPTOP manufacturer. They have the worst quality and design - they get the prices lower by seriously cutting corners.

  • red shibe
    red shibe

    Austin didnt say "hey guys this is austin" because of capitalism

  • Coolestra

    Let's see how many subs I can get from this comment lol

    • IBullyDharMannFansSoTheyBeRichWithNoHardworkImNice


Il prossimo