Wish vs eBay Gaming PC CHALLENGE
Austin Evans
Don't buy either of these gaming PCs just build it yourself lol
How to cook a meal using a Ryzen processor: itmores.info/player/video/zqdjsXChi8yLhMo
I found the PERFECT (almost) keyboard: itmores.info/player/video/y5evtI-ee5uMlJs
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  • Kortex

    Comparing eBay to Wish is like comparing Microcenter to the dumpster behind an NCIX store. I think eBay and Aliexpress would've been better lol.

  • samtherat6

    Technically Austin's PC would be much cheaper because he can chargeback Wish because so many of his parts were broken or inaccurate.

  • The big Nut
    The big Nut

    People who actually use wish be like: “everything is so cheap and you only get scammed 80% of the time and the shipping takes a few months but I love it bro you should use it too”

  • Phoenix Gaming
    Phoenix Gaming

    “We have a graphics card at home”😂😂😂

  • Ewicu

    Now thinking about it, Austin's smile does look like a kid.

  • Jaeden K
    Jaeden K

    "cheapest pc"

  • Abdo51


  • SUBU _
    SUBU _


  • Squink

    Austin: “I’m gonna use Linux”

  • CreeperTheKing Creeper
    CreeperTheKing Creeper


  • dipshit5000

    All memes aside, I appreciate that Ken has been used as a serious voice a bit more frequently on the channel as of late, he's very knowledgable and adds a fresh personality to the mix even when he's not being a weeb

  • Brytex

    I’m addicted to videos with Austin and Ken in it. (Mostly competition)

  • Riael Kratek
    Riael Kratek

    "The other thing you forgot to buy was windows"

  • Jason West
    Jason West

    Loving the banter and the content! Always a fun and informative watch, however! It would be cool to see a video on one handed gaming keyboards. You've covered lots of standards, RGB and your favorite Razer ones! But not seen any mini or one handed ones?

  • Umer Farooq
    Umer Farooq

    Kinda wish they showed more of Austin's nvidia gpu. Maybe load GPU-Z to check what the core is, and run a benchmark to see how it performs.

  • sumduks ?
    sumduks ?

    I loved it when Ken started laughing historically when Austin said he will use Linux

  • FlipBoyLarry

    Matt’s laugh after Ken sees his Geekbench scores hahaha hilarious lmao!

  • Stephen Eads
    Stephen Eads

    I wish Ken would actually BUILD a PC like Austin so we can get some ACTUAL competition! Still love the channel, that’s my only suggestion!

  • Brian Mazique
    Brian Mazique

    Ken looks like he's about to host Tool Time...


    I really enjoy when ken and Austin are together.