Why Windows 11 Won't Work on Your PC
What is TPM 2.0 and why does Windows 11 not work on your computer?
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  • Damian Roblox
    Damian Roblox

    Not really I had all of it without any help and things like a TMP2.0 I didn't even know I had a TMP2.0 and I'm a windows insider

  • smievil

    taskbar stuff is not to the left, don't want...

  • smievil

    can connect almost anything to usb, maybe it's a security reason

  • Lazartazer

    im chillin with a 2080ti with 11th gen intel chip lol

  • Just a dude
    Just a dude

    It really is crazy to see that Microsoft isn't budging on TPM requirements even a month or two before official release. I really enjoy it so far but they are really shooting themselves in the foot with this one.

  • Michael Fissel
    Michael Fissel

    Ya know, there is a bright side to Windows 11's shit requirements. I finally have a reason to learn Linux. (Literally none my PCs can run Windows 11, officially.) Manjaro, here I come!!!

  • Simon

    Liar, my 12 year old laptop works on win 11.

  • Terry.

    Oop 😳

  • Mateusz Krytyk
    Mateusz Krytyk

    So you are fine when apple smacks you in the face, but you won't stand Microsoft doing it ?

  • Shahabuddin khaja
    Shahabuddin khaja

    it works on my laptop

  • Rainbow Dash
    Rainbow Dash

    My computer only has TPM 1.2 and it installed windows 11 perfect

  • Rainbow Dash
    Rainbow Dash

    Good thing mines installed and it’s one year old and I’m I like Windows 11

  • hossammoah Gaming & More!
    hossammoah Gaming & More!

    My laptop is 2 years old. See you guys at Windows 11!

  • Scott Doane
    Scott Doane

    this is funny, these two guys are wearing apple watches? F, it I`m switching to APPLE.

  • Riley Swatridge
    Riley Swatridge

    Download it off the internet if you dont have the supported cpu, processor!!! I did it and it works amazingly

  • Alexandru Pașol
    Alexandru Pașol

    Everybody gangsta until you you realize that your laptop is 9 years old

  • Hyper#Skull

    I'm running windows 11 on i3 7th gen no tpm and secure boot on a gt 710 4 gb ram

  • Preston Wood
    Preston Wood

    I really hope they make it compatible on all windows devices. Yeah I get that some people don’t have the most expensive setups (I certainly don’t) but this is just kinda weird. I don’t want to buy a new laptop just for one update. I can’t afford it right now, and my laptop runs great for being 3 years old. And to add insult to injury, they had to do it at a time like this with the chip shortage. And honestly, I think apple has it good right now with the MacBooks because I have a 2011 or so MacBook Pro and it runs just fine on high Sierra(I believe is what it’s on) and I’d rather just get a patcher for it than buy a new laptop. And to make it better, MacBooks from 2015 are still supported I believe and I think they will be for a bit longer and apple is now making their own chips so they don’t have to worry about support issues right now.

  • Resto Ron
    Resto Ron

    Ran WIN 11 on a test drive for about 45 days. Hate it put my old NVME back in and will go to Ubuntu when WIN 10 is no longer supported. Tired of MS acting like Appel and controlling what I can and can't do with my own property.

  • Geri Reyes
    Geri Reyes

    Windows 11 works on my 12 year old Sony Vaio Laptop... With 4gb ram and ah core 2 duo cpu

  • Ghost_Emre_A

    Sike. I already have. But don't complain too much about it since it's still in development/beta.

  • George Tsonev
    George Tsonev

    Windows 11 Shit edition (I mean poo edition) 😄

  • A+ Gaming Channel
    A+ Gaming Channel

    My 5 Year Old Laptop Is Just Not Compatible :(

  • the normal guy
    the normal guy

    I miss the old times where OSs didn't ask for anything but only a pentium processor

  • Lavie Gamer
    Lavie Gamer

    No I can't run it because 8 got Intel Core i3

  • BaconDrip

    no im gonna get a new pc and install it btw im 10

  • Lorieum

    I have parts from 2012 but it still runs good, but I will probably run Linux in 2025

  • Robert Howell
    Robert Howell

    Think of all the older computers government employees use. So Microsoft is telling them to go and buy all new computers just to stay up to date with windows 11. I don’t think so.

  • BossBrownsugar

    Then I’ll wait until 2025 lol. Next.

  • GirvinG

    Me with a 14 years old pc😶

  • AndrewYT

    Me with my LAPTOP that has an intel core i7 10750K CPU, an nvidia gtx 1650 GPU, 16GB RAM but no actual TPM 2.0: -_-

  • Windows 8.1
    Windows 8.1

    my pc being from 2021: yeeeeeee boiiiiiii me having 8gigs of ram: close but i can still run it! me realizing that i have the 5th gen intel cpu: fuk whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy windows ten got boring

  • Invalid-user

    sooo basically we should use Linux now.

  • Nash_YT

    I'm probably switching to Mac.

  • DreadPirate Flappy
    DreadPirate Flappy

    my brand new ryzen 3070 pc with a 3080 can't even install windows 11... keeps saying I haven't got a TPM 2.0 even though I have it enabled in bios (I have no module, but have the firmware tpm enabled)

  • StormzFNM

    Well I'm upgrading before 2025 so I'm goof

  • Bjorn Dreuten van
    Bjorn Dreuten van

    I have a intel pentium silver and i got windows 11

  • Waisemthecrab

    Why do they pretend like they didn’t see the leaked spec of windows 😂

  • Etherie

    Updated my PC to windows 11. Took 3 hours to finally figure everything out. I had to enable TPM2.0 in my bios and then I had to turn secure boot but my PC was running legacy instead of UEFI. Absolute pain in the ass but it was extremely worth it. Windows 11 is a great experience

    • Just a dude
      Just a dude

      Gotta agree here. Was not expecting it to run as well as it has. I have had ZERO problems with it so far. Looks great too!

    • optical

      how’d you go from legacy to uefi?

    • Shaik Zaid
      Shaik Zaid

      everyone please disable legacy rom option under advanced booting and after that enable tpm/ptt do not waste your time searching it on yourself

    • George Tsonev
      George Tsonev

      Yeah, like what? Expect probably the Visuals? 🤔

  • Hybrid 225
    Hybrid 225

    A 6 year old MacBook can run new new Mac OS

  • nico- nii!
    nico- nii!

    Damn, i was so excited to update to windows 11 then my pc tells me it isnt compatible on it-

  • Coolzy

    Now i have a difficult decision whether i should buy my PC on 2022 or wait till 2025. I mean who would want to wait that long.

  • lostname 4030
    lostname 4030

    I Got A Gaming PC 1 Year Ago...So...I Have 2 Years Left? I Feel Like I'll NEVER Get Windows 11 Regardless...Cuz Of The Damn Error It Got.

  • hatom _gx
    hatom _gx

    nevermind i use windows 7

  • General-von-Jerry

    Microsoft fix this! And let reare meak a real game!

  • TH - 03CJ 887205 Ellengale PS
    TH - 03CJ 887205 Ellengale PS

    My pc is 7 years

  • Andrive

    Bullshit because they'll remove this requirement on the official release

    • Andrive

      They've officially confirmed it

  • Roxane Radulescu
    Roxane Radulescu

    Same as android does. Old phone? No android upgrade. I still use win 7 and for me is okay.

  • Niketton

    i use windows on mac for gaming, even though i dont have a good gpu (good cpu though) i was so scared it wouldnt be able to run windows 11 but i saw a website that sed my mac is the first mini mac to have a tpm 2.0 chip so ima party rn

  • Red Sauron
    Red Sauron

    In the old days when we want to buy a new PC we ask .... can it run Crysis ! 🤔 now we are ask in the store ... can it run Windows 11 ! 😉😆😂

  • Luz Maria Angulo
    Luz Maria Angulo

    So basically you need new parts but not good ones, alright makes total sense :)

  • Rafael Vila
    Rafael Vila

    I built a computer back in 2009, granted, I bought the best of the best components for the built at the time, and I upgraded what was able to update last year, max memory, SSD and such, but the motherboard can't be updated with a CPU older than 3rd Gen. This computer game better than any gaming laptop today, handles HDR beautifully, and if I get an RTX pretty sure I can make it work as well, right now only have a GTX 1060. I won't throw my baby away just because of an operating system. On 2025, if it is required or when my computer die, then I might get a Mac Desktop instead and put Ubuntu on this built. Sorry, this is a very stupid move from Microsoft. I don't care of what Microsoft thinks is safer for me, that's my choice, not them.

  • Da Ben
    Da Ben

    I believe many disillusioned Windows users will leave Windows at the end of Windows 10 life as gaming and ease of usage with programs on Linux is in ever increasing, if Microsoft has any brains they will lower their restrictions on TPM or face loss of users/revenue,. When their forced user cost factor is so high at present, to update their systems just to run Windows 11 their users may just migrate to Linux!

  • Randominator

    Their new spyware OS requires high-end hardware

  • Randominator

    I still use Windows 7. It's the same shite

  • NotNathanMC

    Me that bypassed it without a TPM: "Oh No...." "Anyways"

    • ConnorXcrash // #PixelCXC
      ConnorXcrash // #PixelCXC

      Same dude! I bypassed that requirement just bc of how unnecessary it is 😂😎

  • sandro gamer 123
    sandro gamer 123

    I have windows 11 soo

  • Mitchel Bont
    Mitchel Bont

    i hope they just let you download it on the older systems... like they always have done

  • J McC
    J McC

    My Razer Blade Stealth has tpm 2.0 but is 7th gen 🥲

  • Norman F Birnberg
    Norman F Birnberg

    The processor is the least pressing issue. You can bypass an incompatible processor but the other requirements are essential to get Windows 11 successfully installed and up and running. You need UEFI, TPM 2.0 and secure boot. The Windows 11 installer will stop you if you don’t have those features enabled. Microsoft has relented on what kind of processor can be unofficially accommodated but the main requirements are set in stone. You can have an old processor but if you lack the rest of the things Windows 11 wants, stay on Windows 10. That much is now clear.

  • Deirdre Lynn Hughes-Evans
    Deirdre Lynn Hughes-Evans

    Goodness! It makes no since to roll out a program that's incompatible with most computers! What is Microsoft thinking!!!

  • Batfan1939

    Microsoft has been getting more and more oppressive with their systems. It's gotten to the point where I can't choose certain color combinations, because they don't gel with Microsoft's tastes. As difficult as Linux can be to learn, I keep coming back to the idea of just switching to Ubuntu or Mint.

    • CoasterMan13 Official
      CoasterMan13 Official

      @Batfan1939 manjaro, Arch, and Ubuntu just to name a few.

    • Batfan1939

      @CoasterMan13 Official Any recommended distro's?

    • CoasterMan13 Official
      CoasterMan13 Official

      Do it, my friend. Do it.

  • ItsYellowSteve

    What Whyyy Laptops

  • Real Oz
    Real Oz

    Not a tech guy but fuk it im buying apple. Never used mac/apple before but sick of microsoft bs.

    • Roja s
      Roja s

      Try linux

  • 6fj2c,kr

    But can it run Windows 11?

  • Elactic Animations / Mapping
    Elactic Animations / Mapping

    Should we just bring Apple into argument on Microsoft? (For no reasons)

  • 100 years ago
    100 years ago

    Lol I got a i-7 10th gen so I’m fine and an Rtx 2080 super with 16 gb of ram and a 5 tb

  • RTX on
    RTX on

    Hey I am from future , TPM 2.0 modules just got hacked by some computer scientists in Japan.

  • Bill Bo
    Bill Bo

    15.98% of windows users are still in Win 7. WIN 10 Is around 78%, i don't see Win 11 getting close to Windows 10 years after it has expired.

  • kaka v69
    kaka v69

    Great Microsoft made a fucking windows vista 2

  • Your title here
    Your title here

    my sister rn who has an HP Stream: LETS GOOOO

  • AsaGaming666

    That feeling that your 4000$ computer can't run Windows anymore

  • AbdulMajeed Saad
    AbdulMajeed Saad

    it is like having a quantum computer but can not run Crysis or Minecraft

  • Lars Breidenbach
    Lars Breidenbach

    My somewhat old i5 6400 has Intel PTT support and thus can run W11. Do I want to, however? Just give all the features from the W10 taskbar, and reimplement folders into the start menu. Gonna be a hell to find anything without app organizing and forced taskbar button combining.

  • win10 kimo
    win10 kimo

    I have all maximum requirments!!!

  • Leo

    my laptop is not a year old and windows 11 will not work :(

  • Joshua Gosling Catchpole
    Joshua Gosling Catchpole

    Looks a lot like MacOS

  • ViciousDave4Life

    Don't have a TPM in your computer? Can't get Windows 11. Have Intel core 7th gen or earlier? Can't get windows 11. Install with USB, won't get updates. BUY a MAC. Macs need to be trashed basically every 5 to 6 years. Than buy a new Mac. That's the same case with Windows right now.

  • Aminadab Moralez
    Aminadab Moralez

    I don't mind the exclusivity.....

  • Chris B
    Chris B

    I got tpm2.0 on my pc I’m lucky as hell

  • Partha

    My ThinkPad laptop bought a year ago won't support 11 because of TPM .. it's a cruel joke on Microsoft s part .. I am not going to buy a new hardware .. Microsoft you moron

  • zeko hafz
    zeko hafz

    i have tpm 2.0 my cpu is i7 7700 hq but windows 11 doesn't support this cpu

  • Sneaky Savage yt
    Sneaky Savage yt

    My PC running 11 just fine

  • William Garcia
    William Garcia

    Spyware telemetry will still be in Windows 11, pass.

  • ConnorXcrash // #PixelCXC
    ConnorXcrash // #PixelCXC

    *Me actually watching this on Windows 11...*

  • LCZmateyyante

    i have a 3 year old computer, i5-6600T, TPM 2.0,16 GB DDR4 and still can run windows 11 :(

  • Michelle Anderson
    Michelle Anderson

    I just saw this video, but humble opinion, I've working on pc's & mac's since the 1998 ish. And every other version of the home windows is flop. At least back to 98 Windows 98 - awesome Windows ME - tanked Windows XP -awesome Windows vista -tanked Windows 7 - great Windows 8-8.1 - tanked Windows 10- great Windows 11 -(humble opinion) i believe its going to tank

  • iambic pentameter
    iambic pentameter

    Aight me and my 2017 laptop are gonna cry in the corner Edit imma be upgrading soon anyway to a ryzen 3 with a gtx 1650 and a B460M motherboard You can use linux lmao

  • Tabs

    Nothing ever goes well for me, but somehow windows 11 worked on my pc


    We can bypass that during the iso download..its coplicated but u can use cmd to bypass it

  • Ralph Maichail Nueno Trinidad
    Ralph Maichail Nueno Trinidad

    I installed windows 11 on win 10

    • Ralph Maichail Nueno Trinidad
      Ralph Maichail Nueno Trinidad

      And my pc 3 years old

  • Kyo

    Me here with a laptop that can hardly run Minecraft

  • Mieczysław Szczepański
    Mieczysław Szczepański

    These days everyone needs a NASA super computer to run an operating system

  • Fumpity

    Yet I am using windows 11 on a crappy thinkpad

  • Giorno Giovanna
    Giorno Giovanna

    Bruh you look like a cheap version of Ed Helm

  • Lucas Honz
    Lucas Honz

    that is why you would go to LINUX!!!!!!!!!!

  • goodfokes

    Well i wanted windows 11 my core intell I3 7th gen

  • Liam's Media Team
    Liam's Media Team

    People r probably just gonna stick with windows 10 then go to windows 12

  • michflr acount
    michflr acount

    i cant get windows 11

    • michflr acount
      michflr acount

      long live windows 7

  • Tomasz Miłoś
    Tomasz Miłoś

    I heard in some ITmores video that the TPM requirement is dictated by securing the system boot procedure in such a way that the system was loaded based on the keys stored in tpm by secure boot to prevent the system from loading malware that would try to hide from the anti-virus scanner - for security reasons it is good, but in my case updade do windows 11 is too "much fun", forcing me to replace all my good computers with new ones due to the tpm requirement, which these computers do not have because they are older than 3 years - for me it is absurd to pull on cash to buy a new - meeting the requirements - computer - maybe there is some conspiracy behind it - dill M $ with computer equipment manufacturers to drive them more sales? or something like that ..

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