Why OnePlus Lost
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OnePlus has settled. 😢

Anandtech on OnePlus 9 throttling: www.anandtech.com/show/16794/...
Android Authority on Oppo vs OnePlus phones: www.androidauthority.com/onep...
@evleaks OnePlus/Oppo merger memo: twitter.com/evleaks/status/14...
OxygenOS and Color OS merging: forums.oneplus.com/threads/up...

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  • Rahul Shenoy
    Rahul Shenoy

    Much needed video imo. OnePlus prides on good word of mouth and tech influencer support. This will serve as a much needed wake up call to the brand which we all once loved. GG Austin!

    • JuanC17 Playz
      JuanC17 Playz

      My dad used to have a oneplus phone

    • Rahul Shenoy
      Rahul Shenoy

      @Vaibhav Shinde XD was supposed to be sarcastic, you donut. Forgot to read English as well? Or is English too cool for your ass?

    • Vaibhav Shinde
      Vaibhav Shinde

      @Rahul Shenoy what is so sarcastic in calling someone GG after praising them? Do you even know what does sarcasm mean?

    • Rahul Shenoy
      Rahul Shenoy

      @Vaibhav Shinde aww 😂😂 did I hurt the cool boys feelings? Go hide in whatever cave you crawled out of cool boy.

    • Vaibhav Shinde
      Vaibhav Shinde

      @Rahul Shenoy well congrats! Be happy with the "engagement" your comment got or shall I say GG! OP comment. Dumbass.

  • Johnathon Tang
    Johnathon Tang

    nooooo, you got the wrong guy, the photo you showed is Andy Lau (an extremely famous Hong Kong celebrity)

  • tobityp dertobi
    tobityp dertobi

    I Had the oneplus one 64gb Sandstone, best Phone i ever Had for the time. Now i have the OP 6 128gb frosted Glass, a little Boring but also fine. The price difference between the two was extreme, op 6 double the price..., in Future i will Look for a Other Brand. Maybe there is one outside that offeres 4-500€ flagship Killer reloaded ^^ i Hope so

  • Steponas Vaišnora
    Steponas Vaišnora

    sad true

  • Carlmiguel Paraiso
    Carlmiguel Paraiso

    The soul was transferred to realme

  • 4km4L Z!kRi
    4km4L Z!kRi

    When their own co founder Carl Pei literally left the company. We all know something fishy happenin. 😌😌😌😌

  • TNTspaz

    Trusting any Chinese company when it's basically well known that the ccp owns any company in china that makes even a small profit seems like your own fault than anything Basically anything out of china is a ticking time bomb

  • Roy Liber
    Roy Liber

    As a OnePlus 7T owner I had to see this video. And I gotta say... My next phone probably won't be from the brand. I bought the device around 2 years and the only thing that kinda went wrong is the fast charge (still charges slow fine) which is kinda annoying and probably has to do with the fact I didn't clean the port as often... And it definitely held better than any Samsung device I had in the past... However, it did kinda felt there was lack of performance compared to my friends' phones for examples even tho some of them ran the same CPU... And the 7T was a bit pricey two years ago, definitely can find something better from different companies for the same price and even lower... I do hope that the other brands that under BBK don't suffer from the same thing, because my next plan was getting a realme...

  • Sheeeit Mayn
    Sheeeit Mayn

    They also have a bunch of shifty bugs on their software now. Google Chrome has a bunch of features that just won't work, there are issues with wifi connectivity, things the company refuses to fix no matter how many people complain. I used the silk white oneplus 6 for years and now they suddenly suck ass and I had to get a Samsung galaxy s9+

  • Ricco Stewart
    Ricco Stewart

    OnePlus is still the cheapest in the market with the highest specs so I wish everyone would shut the fuck up My phone works well with no issues so idk why you guys are complaining

  • Janos Coquyt
    Janos Coquyt

    I completely agree with the video but i still just bought the 8T because i just like the OnePlus design, software and great specs. Far from as cool as when i bought my OnePlus 3 back in the day but i'm sure i'll be happy with the device.

  • Top X
    Top X

    The used to make budget phone killing premium devices ! But now they're making premium devices n killing themselves

  • I am 1
    I am 1

    OnePlus is a company that needs money. What did you expect?

  • Ishtiaq Eifty Ahmed
    Ishtiaq Eifty Ahmed

    The battery statement is a good thing. I don't need full performance just to scroll through Instagram.

  • Frank G
    Frank G

    Can't speak for oneplus from previous years but I like my N10 5G 🤷‍♂️

  • Jose Romero
    Jose Romero

    I had a One Plus 5, great phone for the price, last year when I have to replace my old phone my first option was to look for the One Plus 9.... To my surprise the One Plus 9 at that moment was more expensive than the Samsung Galaxy.... So if One Plus doesn't give me the best value for my money U looked for another options....my choice was a Xiaomi Mi 11

  • LaidBackDeveloper

    I LOVE how you made the joke "They settled"

  • James Bartlett
    James Bartlett

    Well i have faith in Oneplus, i like it. My next phone is gonna be the Oneplus nord

  • SAGHW Team
    SAGHW Team

    "I don't think the soul of OnePlus coming back" I went through this too years ago, but with Nokia and HMD. It was painful yuh

  • Rogeh

    I know a guy who still runs a 3T today. According to him, it just won't die

  • MJ DGI
    MJ DGI

    Dieselgate but with cell phones lol

  • Thokchom Bidyabuson Singh
    Thokchom Bidyabuson Singh

    OnePlus should produce mid range budget smartphone. Even they had produced, the price are quite aggressive and there are some who can't afford that much price

  • Idky

    I’m getting VW PTSD from the OnePlus allegations…

  • Christopher Steinhauer
    Christopher Steinhauer

    Idk I have the oneplus 9 and I love it

  • Niel Magat
    Niel Magat

    After the OnePlus 6 series, all of their phones flopped so hard.

  • Mayank Maximum
    Mayank Maximum

    I liked one plus for McLean and at the time I loved 720s and senna

  • DubD

    literally was just looking at the oneplus 9 on ebay to purchase and the one i was looking at its total was 666 and thought i should check out 1 more review for it before i made the purchase and this video popped up lol i think it might of been a sign that they're doing some evil practices lol might stick with my original choice and go with the 8t i dont want to spend 100s more for a throttled down phone heck maybe i should grab a oneplus 7 pro or just grab the weaker chip set and go with the sd card having samsung 20 plus and steer completely away from one plus im undecided i just want something with 5g and a high refresh rate so i can play xbox remote play on the go im not trying to get ripped off and buy junk

  • k richards
    k richards

    I cant agree to this atall.yall seriously think they would be stuck making 200$ phones ooo please.keep buying the iPhone clearly yall love that.

  • A7X 9
    A7X 9

    onePlus died, and so did LG(mobile). All in the same year...

  • Rax TheMemeGod
    Rax TheMemeGod

    The thing with appealing to enthusiasts is that it's a very small market which is also the hardest to please. Appealing to enthusiasts will make headlines about your company and spread your name but eventually every enthusiast company must become mainstream, therefore OnePlus is becoming another generic smartphone company. I like my 7T Pro a lot but I'm not attached to the brand and I'd gladly switch when I eventually start looking for a new phone. I like products, not brands

  • TFG2

    I still use my one as my secondary phone, it's absolutely amazing

  • Spidoc

    2:27 when you get lazy and dont track the last few frames

  • W210 Black
    W210 Black

    Watching this on a n110 5g

  • Simon Phung
    Simon Phung

    7:52 mentioned Pete Lau, but shown an image of Andy Lau. Lmaooo

  • John Magon
    John Magon

    Bring back Google Nexus

  • Legitti

    Unpopular opinion: I love my OP9 Pro

  • Adrián Lugo
    Adrián Lugo

    the last true oneplus phone was the oneplus 6t

  • uwot Games
    uwot Games

    s21 sucks for eu ppl cuz of exynos portable egg scrabler

  • That's Interesting.
    That's Interesting.

    A lot of tech companies are dying for various reasons. Apple probably will soon be included with the over-priced wired stuff they are doing to their machines especially now Microsoft are trying to get more Developers on their app store and they are making windows 11 more secure I feel like they could make a phone sooner or later.

  • jetgames22

    One plus 2 one of my favorite phones of all time I still have it and it still works

  • Joe Lombardi
    Joe Lombardi

    Samsung has been accused of doing this for years with different chip sets, so surprised it wasn't mentioned in the video (at least I don't remember it in the video). One Plus may be just "rebranded" Oppo's, but for me I couldn't ever get an Oppo. The Oppo's don't have enough of the 4G or 5G bands to work well on T-Mobile. I just don't want to take the chance. One Plus includes every 3G, 4G, or 5G band under the sun, so I can be assured it will work great.

  • M W S
    M W S

    Every phone company has its issues and all of them do shady things, but I will not buy a phone from a company that is based in China.

  • Carlo Carnevali
    Carlo Carnevali

    The Google Pixel is the only logical answer to the iPhones.

  • Vedanta Bhattacharya
    Vedanta Bhattacharya

    Sad to see that my favourite smartphone company has turned into a bland corporate company/ just another Smartphone brand. Probably will consider buying a samsung next time:(

  • Rajesh Lourembam
    Rajesh Lourembam

    Funny, m watching this from OnePlus 7

  • It's D
    It's D

    They settled 🤣🤣

  • Ahmed sha Ug
    Ahmed sha Ug

    wateva U say Means Alot to Us The Users N M starting To Love OnePlus Mo N Mo Take Ur Shit 😏 😂😂😂😂

  • Ja Lee
    Ja Lee

    You excuse apple for throttling old iPhones. So 1 year old is an old phone which the battery cannot support anymore. Bullshiz

  • Arjun

    I'm moving from my OnePlus in a couple of days. Using it for 5 years now. Had a good run. I never felt I should get the new OnePlus 9. It just failed to impress

    • salferaih1984

      I have OP6 and thinking about upgrade to OP9 . what issues did you had with your phone ?

  • YuXuan

    It is time for Google Pixel! Should not support China products. Remember how coronavirus is Made in China.

  • siriuslim22

    Simple, android market just way too competitive now. Bbk and xiaomi basically dominating the mid range Market

  • Marang Perapu
    Marang Perapu

    So, what's OnePlus alternatives that's not a Samsung or Apple?

  • Luca Brasi
    Luca Brasi

    I'm still rocking my oneplus 7 pro, haven't been able to upgrade because I love the camera less screen and it still runs smooth, I also have a thousand dollars moto edge plus as my 2nd phone but only use it when I need to charge my oneplus

  • Danish Malik
    Danish Malik

    You can tell Austin doesn't want to make this video. RIP Oneplus

  • Thamindu kavinda
    Thamindu kavinda

    Yeah one plus officially became a disappointment

  • Devmanus __
    Devmanus __

    As soon as I buy Nord 2. World; RIP oneplus

  • E. Deborah
    E. Deborah

    Look... I've just been managing my OnePlus 7 (not pro!) that I had delivered from China to US. Imagine having to deal with not being able to find accessories for my phone online and only seeing stuff for the Pro version. Lol. I'm just happy to keep getting Android and Oxygen updates continually. They should never stop the updates because that's my bottom line.

  • Lycan Thorpe
    Lycan Thorpe

    watching this on my oneplus

    • R.B

      Same :/

  • Aiki

    Sharp a Japanese brand also makes phones with near stock Android, I'm using the sharp Aquos V, sure it isn't a flagship killer, nor best price to performance. But with it's near stock Android, decent camera, and decent spec, it's a very good choice for me. Also fun fact, in my country if you buy a Sharp phone, you get a tv for free

  • chimeto

    I won't guy OnePlus 9. Why putting cheap plastic frame?????

  • LG

    I can't stop staring at your undershirt singlet

  • Floris Klaver
    Floris Klaver

    I think a lot of OG OP fans are very naive, the sole purpose for any business is to grow. It is impossible for a tech brand to grow and be a sustainable business catering to that extremely small portion of the market.

  • Keith Howard
    Keith Howard

    Sorry I don't want to give a thousand dollars to a country committing genocide. A country threatening democracies with nuclear war and invasion. I'll stick with a S. Korean product. On that note (LOL) I am sad to see LG go away from the smart phone business. I am enjoying my velvet phone. Great stereo speakers and sound. Something your commie phone cheaped out on.

  • Illaoi Bo
    Illaoi Bo

    One plus 7 pro users wya 😔

  • Buzz Lightyear
    Buzz Lightyear

    Bro you showed a picture of Andy Lau instead of Pete Lau Lmao 😂

  • Willian

    My phone is the same as yours.

  • Kyle Norton
    Kyle Norton

    That's sad, I was considering getting one of their phones; but thanks for the info.


      You can still get them, they are not bad at all infact I have been using OP 9 from last 3 months and its absolutely awesome.

  • themusic09

    They didn't

  • RS232

    "OppoPlus" There said it for yah

  • Well

    RIP Oneplus

  • Ben Kuyt
    Ben Kuyt

    Last major phone company that was taking it to Samsung and Apple that I remember was HTC. I remember all sorts of talk about HTC back from 2013-2015. Now they're just ass.

  • Diana Hibbert
    Diana Hibbert

    Samsung forever

  • Prateek Chaudhary
    Prateek Chaudhary

    One plus got offtrack

  • Marek Iwaszkiewicz Music
    Marek Iwaszkiewicz Music

    After two+ years I still love my Oneplus 7pro. I love hidden camera feature and full screen experience with 90hz. Probably will upgrade it in few years because for now it's just perfect 👌

  • Sam P.
    Sam P.

    The more I watch videos about the phones I used to like, the more I'm being pushed to Apple. I don't care about raw performance numbers anymore. They're proven to mean basically nothing. I don't care about customizing a single letter's corner's pixel's colour. If you want to root your phone to be able to simulate all your deepest desires, go ahead. I don't care about that. At this point I just want a phone that I can use from day one. Not this fucking bullshit I'm dealing with S21 right now: "oh you have to give it a week or two to adjust, then the battery will wake up and not kick you in the ballsack with its crappiness", like what the fuck is that? Previous gens didn't have shit like this. Sure my OP7T improved over time, but it was good from day 1. Right now the battery life is fucking glorious for 3800mAh - 30 hour standby with 7:30h SoT, browsing Chrome, IG, what have you, watching YT, Netflix, whatever. 8 hours of podcasts at work, while also browsing if it's a slow day, no problem, I got you man, I still have 75% left in my tank! Charge me after work, sure, but you can do whatever for the rest of your day, maybe watch a video before bed, fall asleep, and I'll be there in the morning! Then you can put me in the charger in the morning, while you shower and shit, and I'll be full or damn near full! Shiiiit man, I got u. Meanwhile S21 is like, yo, dude, you just browsed Chrome for 20 minutes, so here's your bill of 20% battery life. Be sure to wipe my ass before you push that power button, or I'll keep consuming like 5% of you battery every 30-60 minutes for no reason lol. In short: What the fuck is going on?

  • ThatGuyAlpha

    OnePlus messed up after the 8th phone Just hoping that Xiaomi doesnt go down that horrendous

  • Sam P.
    Sam P.

    2:08 Shocking. Samsung S21 does this too. Is this ever going to be acknowledged? No. This comment will be buried too.

  • residentgood

    The camera is average

  • Bhuwan karki
    Bhuwan karki

    OnePlus probably think they should be having way more profit by now than they are getting, when actually they don't know Oneplus phones are being recognised slowly and steadily but reaching there. There are many people who have never heard of Oneplus. Recipe for disaster is what i say

  • Rishabh Mandloi
    Rishabh Mandloi


  • Methmal Dhananjaya
    Methmal Dhananjaya

    I always knew They gonna be Oppo's real brother eventually.

  • Doyen 86
    Doyen 86

    They can't resist the money. All of these so called grassroots startups eventually sellout and turn into astro turf.

  • Gaurav Oswal
    Gaurav Oswal

    Can someone send a oppo - oneplus same specs model comparison list?

  • The Alien_Ali
    The Alien_Ali

    I miss the one plus phones after one plus 6t the phones just went 💩

  • Aindrasis Gupta
    Aindrasis Gupta

    But, but, but Dave 2D said that .. tHis iS bUsinESs .. so we should all forgive One Plus and not critise them. Dave 2D sucks One Plus, BBK and Pete Lau's dong big time.

  • KamoGaming [ かも]
    KamoGaming [ かも]

    I'm watching this on an oppo phone... could I have a possible OnePlus phone in my hand...

  • KamoGaming [ かも]
    KamoGaming [ かも]

    should be noted about the iPhone thing is that is poorly communicated. had they at least explained before implementing the throttle then people wouldn't be so annoyed.

  • S G
    S G

    company went from one of the best to one of the worst.. absolutely garbage company now

  • Pills and pudding
    Pills and pudding

    LG is out of the game now people are starting to bash LG 🤣

  • End Mii
    End Mii

    OnePlus phones aren't sold in the uk unless your on a specific company (O2) and its somewhat annoying since i wanted one. Was after the 3T

  • Chill Ambient by Koolglazz
    Chill Ambient by Koolglazz

    7:53 I believe that is HK movie star Andy Lau, different Lau altogether. 😆

  • Priyanka Gawas
    Priyanka Gawas

    Oneplus 7 pro was my last OP phone. Had to switch to Samsung :(

  • Dan Kelly
    Dan Kelly

    The only reason I but OnePlus is the OS. If they F that up, I'll just got back to Samsung. F!!

  • ruzzell907

    It's hard for OnePlus to continue to just pander to its original fan base of tech enthusiasts where it is a niche market. The market is majority average consumer who have no idea about specs. They just want a phone they buy on-contract with a carrier and be done with it. OnePlus now in carrier stores gets lost in a sea of Samsung Galaxys in all price points. I see how enthusiasts feel that OnePlus today is like OPPO-lite now.

  • anupam surey
    anupam surey

    It is useless to pour more money into these costly smartphones. Most of the times you wont even use 60 pc. Of features.


    That's Andy Lau not Pete Lau (7:56) but that's okay.

  • Anwik Kadam
    Anwik Kadam

    OnePlus Started Settling & Started Giving Us Bad Phones Since Carl Pie Left😥💯

  • Marcelo Herrera
    Marcelo Herrera

    OnePlus One was my first "decent" phone

  • GoldenEye168

    OnePlus: It’s time to settle

  • Pav G
    Pav G

    I mean...

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