What Apple Isn't Telling You
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  • Daniel Rhodes
    Daniel Rhodes

    I am not thrilled with the a or m chips. Mainly because there is no choice for a video card. I enjoy my g3, g4, and g5 computers where I could chose the video card.

  • Kwirk

    Austin: "Apple can make the mac cheaper." Apple: "Awwww but then we have to remove our last usb port :("

  • Ben Stenson
    Ben Stenson

    I like Samsung I don't like Apple there's a lot of stuff you could do on Samsung instead that you can't do on Apple especially on a PC there's a lot of stuff to MacBook cannot do because Apple won't allow it

  • Zach

    Samsung & budget dont go together either not anymore :'D, samsung is becoming like apple.

  • Dhvanit Prajapati
    Dhvanit Prajapati

    When is the wwdc?

  • Strangermoon

    they working for your secret to monitor or share. the people using apple paying apple for more tho share them self when they needed. when they needed politicaly use them info. when they needed sexually use them info if some one pay them enough. its disgusting the people paying more to ipod music complany to share themselfs. even goverments leaders enemy of usa who know usa is true evil and monitoring all over the world still using iphone.

  • Abdulrahman ALSHEIKH ALI
    Abdulrahman ALSHEIKH ALI

    I think you should do research and make better videos

  • Eric Espiritusanto
    Eric Espiritusanto

    Apple removes a feature so that when they unveil a new computer, they bring back the same feature they once removed with a higher price tag.

  • Uthman Baksh
    Uthman Baksh

    I can't wait to see a Mac Book Pro 16" with an M1 chip!

  • B S
    B S

    An apple a day keeps inteligence away.

  • TVperson1

    I don't think I've seen anyone use an *Apple* product in 4 years, do people besides youtubers still use them?

  • PYRO

    haha no

  • Susan Tuna
    Susan Tuna

    As I always would say if you have the money for an apple product you have the money for something better hahahah

  • Garbo

    I want the yellow one

  • AKIS

    Apple propaganda on all it's glory.

  • EagleT Vlogs
    EagleT Vlogs


  • this channel gone
    this channel gone

    apple scammed me with the 24" imac we brought the best model and it only sent us 4 usb c ports at the back

  • this channel gone
    this channel gone

    apple scammed me with the 24" imac we brought the best model and it only sent us 4 usb c ports at the back

  • Sabitos Tech Hub
    Sabitos Tech Hub

    I broke my iPhone 6s watching this video lmao. I got a new better phone now so it worked out for me.

  • Skywolf750

    "Apple has an advantage" What?

  • Matyáš Musela
    Matyáš Musela

    4:05 I use it with mouse 😂

  • Gru

    I’m the real Gru

  • kippie80

    Man, how many different sets does this guy have

  • Exploring with Brody JW
    Exploring with Brody JW

    But yet I still choose Microsoft

  • Blametc153

    Roses are red Violets are blue Using a logitech means a dumb you

  • Mr.Dominator Pro
    Mr.Dominator Pro

    I have galaxy a51 i think an 2020 phone with big bezels shoudn't be that expensive

  • Just a Flamingo
    Just a Flamingo

    I would love a Sony brand PC with their own OS and everything


    So glad to one of my last comments he stopped her , even tho hes gay, he dropped the "HEEEEEY GUUUUUUUUUYS THIS IS GAYSON". I remember he had his dad on the show and the dad looked disgusted at him

  • Bream

    1:25 the frames it is from new episode of mystery tech

  • []

    Apple has the power to push Adobe (a company notoriously annoying to work with) to do something very quick and correctly the first time.

  • Kwright02

    10:30 Im really surprised that he forgot that the MacBook existed for a few years. And it was exactly what he described. An 800$ one port striped down MacBook Air. Almost everyone forgot about it

  • Jay Houston
    Jay Houston

    And yet they had to shut down most of their physical stores😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • link195

    okay i have a 2 thousand dollar pc that runs at extremely high speeds and at the same time i have a 1.5 thousand dollar macbook that is worst at running terraria at max graphics then a 2007 HP laptop playing cyberpunk 2077 edit: is this just me or anyone else

  • clouds5

    I really feel like there isn't enough competition going in the PC OS/Software space. Microsoft really doesn't have to innovate anything because they basically own the market. I mean who likes windows? It's quite a mess, but we all put up with it because it's the only system with wide compatibility. If there was another OS with similar software support, games etc. like windows I'd say a lot of people wouldn't use it.

  • Fyretnt Videos
    Fyretnt Videos

    I buy iPhones but I dislike macs because repairability, upgradability, and durability

  • Leo N
    Leo N

    Other companies need to step up and offer iOS in their devices.

  • A_Dyslexic_Padna

    apple bad

  • Ashish Sharma
    Ashish Sharma

    So my friend can you gift me some money to buy some apple products 😜

  • Wo wo boy
    Wo wo boy


  • Médy HOTIN
    Médy HOTIN

    They will juste make an other canned Mac

  • TwstedTV

    Sorry to break it to you, but Fortune 500 and other sources report that Android is the most used cell phone & tablet device in the world. Android takes up 79.9% of the population usage. I would post the youtube as well as website links, But Google these days new rules, deletes any posts that includes links. So you're gonna have to do your home work 😜

  • TheEpisode

    Apple is making over 8 billion on air pods more then amd he says maybe because apple and Samsung are the only main phone brand people use

  • Captain Yeet Animations
    Captain Yeet Animations

    6:48, Austin: Nobody in space is ready to take on Apple Some advanced alien civilisation: Hold me UFO

  • Sean Kandie
    Sean Kandie

    you’re video are amazing

  • Edumacation

    Always loved apple. Just a nice working system without worrisome problems like my childhood experiences with windows

    • Edumacation

      @Juicy Polar Bear respectably I do have a windows PC to run anything my Mac cannot. It is indeed preference. At least in 2021, most operating systems can do generally everything. Exceptions become visible if you depend on your device to do specific task X

    • Juicy Polar Bear
      Juicy Polar Bear

      @Edumacation ohh okay, I personally prefer windows but everyone has their preferences :)

    • Edumacation

      @Juicy Polar Bear no...”my childhood experiences” Just implies I had a lot of problems with it as a kid. And thus moved me away from windows. Haven’t had any problems with macOS so I never feel the need to go back :)

    • Juicy Polar Bear
      Juicy Polar Bear

      U think windows is the same now 🤣

  • RuthenicTable

    Why do I have to broke and use the hp stream everyday

  • KraToast

    Austin.....why? Why 😭😂😭 don't feed the gremlin that is apple

  • ray larry
    ray larry

    trevor wallace is such a funny guy

  • Saeed Ahmed40
    Saeed Ahmed40

    12" MacBook M1 for £500

  • Train Marster
    Train Marster

    Surface: am i a joke to you?

  • Endrit Murati
    Endrit Murati

    Damn Austin, is that the shoes from Wish…..? 😩😩

  • TheRealVolk

    He was right about the last thing. 😜

  • The Shadow Man
    The Shadow Man

    Apple computers have become ewaste. Nothing can be replaced / upgraded

  • SlayerFN

    $1700 imac $1700 gaming pc Which one would you pic

    • Juicy Polar Bear
      Juicy Polar Bear

      That's just a stupid question 🤣

  • Smart Person
    Smart Person

    All I’m keeping up on apple related news is the apple vs epic lol

  • Guythree

    I have a MacBook with a m1 chip and is pretty good but I just installed windows because for some reason when I play games there is less hot

    • Myname_is Shriyan
      Myname_is Shriyan

      No offence I don't think it is possible


    I honestly love apple compatibility for work, it's nice, clean and manages all my applications beautifully. Unfortunately I am not gonna pay money for something like the IMacs when they are non modular other than VRam upgradeable when I can build my own Windows or Linux system for half the price.

  • MOBOX Graphics
    MOBOX Graphics

    I think the Mac Pro is dead in the water. They're going to abandon it IMO

    • Adil Atif
      Adil Atif

      No it is going to be supported for 9 years

    • Riley M.
      Riley M.

      The right way to do it just have it as a Mac Mini with a million ports to replace it

  • Terreos

    What some don’t seem to understand that the M1 isn’t a computer processor, but a phone/tablet processor. And that’s what is beating intels U series processors. Let that sink in.

  • Recommended

    i have never bought apple i bought Samsung and windows products i have used apple products but the price of apple never appalled me even though i can afford i will never waste my money on some tec that changes every year and as a developer windows are so far above apple in software flexibility only American uses apple like a cult which is stupid buy sony for music it makes apple pods looks like a 10yr old earphone in quality

  • KnurdMonkey

    WHAT IF.... they start producing M CPUs on socket and start selling it with major mobo producers support (ASUS/MSI/Gigabyte).

  • jonathan

    Apple: We offer the mac "cheaper" because of the m1 chip Also apple: 2tb upgrade costs you 900 dollars

  • Constantinos Christopher Salpadimos
    Constantinos Christopher Salpadimos

    I'm glad they're finally adding the ports back. Ever since they wen't to all USB-C I decided to stick with my Mid 2012 15" Unibody MacBook Pro just waiting for a promising update to the lineup. And the time has come I think.

  • Adam Murray
    Adam Murray

    The piquant twine currently milk because patch timely imagine up a bizarre committee. ubiquitous, witty science

  • Cursed Kirby
    Cursed Kirby

    In Kenya, there's a telecommunications provider called orange, if you use an orange sim card on an apple devices, you get a fruit salad


    Tim Cook do it


    I will love if 12 inch macbookpro come out

  • Colin Goldthorpe
    Colin Goldthorpe

    Vertical integration = All made by Apple !!!! got it .....

  • Ross Coleman
    Ross Coleman

    This is a great take, that Apple is going to try to get a lot more profit and market share in the PC space. I wonder if they'll eventually make Apple Silicon server chips, and enter the server market. Mac OS is a Unix OS, so remove the GUI, and it could make sense. However, I hope they contribute great drivers to the Linux kernel, instead.

  • Adrian Belzer
    Adrian Belzer

    Yeah but you can run win10 on computers that were made in the mid 2000s where macs drop support only after like 5 years. If macs actually kept support for older apple computers, I would think a lot more people would use Macs especially if they had better support for gaming.

  • harshad

    Okay good

  • Phos20

    Austin do you feel your vains coming out of your arms

  • Ryuk

    I have a iPhone 12

  • Kelvin Pascal
    Kelvin Pascal

    I unfollowed . I didn’t know you were an apple fan boy.

  • Kelvin Pascal
    Kelvin Pascal

    I bet sales of air pods in 2021 are way down .

    • Kelvin Pascal
      Kelvin Pascal

      Plus apple will never have my business due to thier shady dealings with the consumer

  • Al Collodi
    Al Collodi

    What about Samsung components in Apple products

  • RevanJager Gaming
    RevanJager Gaming

    The whole company if a low key scam. The end, that's my take.

  • NewRandomPerson

    Maybe I might have buy the apple cooker y'know, just maybe.

  • Only U Gaming
    Only U Gaming

    WWDC 2021

  • Ajish Bala
    Ajish Bala

    Can you review the Dell Insperion 15 5502 (2020) ???

  • Martin Believer
    Martin Believer

    I think Apple is forcing people to use more their products. Let's face it Iphone is something Wich most people consider as luxury but when you look ipad iMac only in Us is luxury rest of the world is looking for cheaper or powerful solution. This will be great for drop-down of PC parts prices and customer will be winner for sure, because it will have more products to choose in their middle budget

  • replíed by Éverythíng Mónéy
    replíed by Éverythíng Mónéy

    People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in Crypto as it's retracting....BE WISE

    • Venessa KT
      Venessa KT

      @Elvira Jason Thanks , placing my trade with Expert Anderson ASAP

    • Elvira Jason
      Elvira Jason

      Text him on Whats app👆👆

    • Elvira Jason
      Elvira Jason


    • Venessa KT
      Venessa KT

      How do I start trading with Anderson?

    • Elvira Jason
      Elvira Jason

      he's really an amazing woman with amazing skills she changed my 0.3btc to 2.1btc

  • Crazy Gamer
    Crazy Gamer

    can you make a video for my lenovo m58p office pc

  • Seraj Wahhaj
    Seraj Wahhaj

    I Think Buying Apple Is Not Worth It !! 🙄🙄

  • Abhinav Dhiman
    Abhinav Dhiman

    Linus.... Tagline..m

  • NinjaNebula

    So, what happend with the 5 million sub tesla tequila?


    Where is the Tesla Tequila at? Ur At 5mill

  • ErenXP

    collab with dhar man plz

  • fZ tekkerz
    fZ tekkerz

    It’s funny my phone is stuck on a boot loop

  • Khalil Sukraw
    Khalil Sukraw

    Can you do a review on the hp pavilion 2021 Ryzen 5

  • Code Red
    Code Red

    P.S. If this is Austin...

  • e5211

    I would love to switch to a mac. But I think the major hurdle for apple to dominate PC market, is its software compatibility. Sure, big companies like ADOBE can make software for apple friendly. But working in the medical field. So many of our more niche software just doesn't have an apple version. From radiographic imaging viewers, surgical planning software, to appointment software, patient note taking software. They just don't make apple versions for it. I imagine a lot of other industries are the same, using software that's 15 years + old in the notion. If it ain't broke. why fix. Not to mention gaming.

  • bcvbb hyui
    bcvbb hyui

    When he said OG I didn’t expect him to go back to the 3GS…

  • Goh Hao Rui
    Goh Hao Rui

    hey you know i want to stream and make video but i am using a Microsoft laptop i wish i have the money to buy it!!!

  • pccalcio

    why is Austin talking like that now ? what happened ?

  • MrBrownie

    When you realized that austin has 5M subs and promised to drink the tesla tequila and review it

  • greg B
    greg B

    whaaat make mac cheaper?? bite your tongue. the apple tax is here to stay. look at there apple desktop computer can be figured as high as 15k yes thats 15,000 dollars.

    • JG14 Gerhard_Bar
      JG14 Gerhard_Bar

      seen how expensive you can make a Dell desktop? 😂

  • Ramesh Harsha
    Ramesh Harsha

    Can you give a gaming pc which you built with kyle

    • bcvbb hyui
      bcvbb hyui

      I swear to goodness iPads better be able to be used as real computers this time.

  • Cristián Maira
    Cristián Maira

    hi duncan3303

  • A. Zayed
    A. Zayed

    Modular! Mac Pro will be a Modular AF piece of tech! +6 years ago I wrote article about that transition and how we will have an external/extended processing unites (EPU) Protocols like USB 4.+ ,TB and M.2 are paving the road for newly unified standard that even could transfer processing power from separate modules and that's the only thing that Apple is waiting for to release it's prototypes of it's Mac Pro lineup, they always either adopt new standard or wait for next gen. Standard to leverage it early so the never use for inputs or outputs anything from thier own except if it's a consortium of tech. Standard they support with mainstream tech. leaders In short...you will be able to purchase processing module and configure it's cores and assign them based on your usability just like partitions in Storage devices x cores for System those for Graphics if we've games dedicate x% for that if we render or using cg bundle use all for it etc..! And yes I said that over +6 years back before there was anything of that even thought to be existed and now only my vision made more Sense after you all saw all those potential components leading to there are real and your hands on them separately for now no new interface or protocol Ben developed yet to unify all those and motivates apple to make use of it!

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