We Should Stick to Tech...
Between the Toyota GR 86, bZ4X and Teammate we got to have some serious fun.
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  • Austin Evans
    Austin Evans

    We shot this video last week and in the meantime Ken liked the Supra so much he bought one 😂 CAR REVIEW TIME LET'S GO KEN

    • Mayank Maximum
      Mayank Maximum

      * z4 * I will buy a me and me

    • 360ModsandHacks

      Hey Austin, is the highway at the beginning of this video in north Dallas, at Dallas North Tollway and 121 Sam Rayburn? Haha!

    • Amaan Abbasi
      Amaan Abbasi

      Uhmmm austin there are slef driving teslas

    • cwuzii

      Of course he did, he’s a massive weeaboo 🤣

    • Ferry Muhammad Nur
      Ferry Muhammad Nur

      No, how about a drag race review, that sounds fun

  • Connor Fitzgerald
    Connor Fitzgerald

    Is that a Supra

  • yren11

    The intro sounds like a Top Gear intro

  • Ayaya

    The question is will it survive the USB Killer

  • Blueryx Falls
    Blueryx Falls


  • Knoles CoolStuff
    Knoles CoolStuff

    This is for drunk people. No officer I wasn't driving it was my smart car driving. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • ToyYoda

    You are welcome for the car

  • Teni Das
    Teni Das

    Why does the intro sound like top gear?

  • 360ModsandHacks

    Hey Austin, is the highway at the beginning of this video in north Dallas, at Dallas North Tollway and 121 Sam Rayburn? Haha!

  • yoshi meal 5.95
    yoshi meal 5.95

    This is a good combo austin Evans and toyotas

  • Rockstar Raheem
    Rockstar Raheem

    Lexus and Toyota are the best cars made 🔥

  • ImPhantom 122
    ImPhantom 122

    I love how he went for the grand tour intro....

  • iSuckGaming

    Subaru brz

  • Kelrex


  • Rafty Crafty
    Rafty Crafty

    imagine austin trying the 2jz i mean its not tech

  • tkohl _
    tkohl _

    Bruh mans got a whole as car company sponsering hin props lol

  • AdelTDX

    Bro stop cringe please

  • Furious BearGaming
    Furious BearGaming

    Austin’s head in the helmet makes him look like a potato so he really lives to be potato Austin

  • Joshua Knighten
    Joshua Knighten

    Austin Evans talking about cars. What's next, Hoovie's Garage building PC's? Doug Demuro doing a Quirks and Features Mystery Tech? ... Admittedly, I would love to see this!

  • Jimbo Jak
    Jimbo Jak

    I love this. More off road videos and track day videos would be sweet.

  • preston haha
    preston haha

    Try a Tesla

  • FTW Tech
    FTW Tech


  • FTW Tech
    FTW Tech

    COVID exists BTW.

  • Spam Ansh
    Spam Ansh

    The new Mercedes S-class has level 3 autonomy

  • The Gaming Bunny
    The Gaming Bunny

    Yo Austin you know Toyota puts fake car sounds in the speaker so it sound insane just a tip btw.

  • Grizzley Gaming
    Grizzley Gaming

    Hey Is that a supra at 2:56

  • pingleymyjingley

    lol Austin said rad

  • Daniel Walsh
    Daniel Walsh


  • Maybe Gamer
    Maybe Gamer

    The front end of the gr86 looks like a Ferrari made car

  • gelly gello
    gelly gello

    big company

  • John David
    John David

    This is nothing compared to the huge 2018 Tacoma advertising in the Sonic movie.

  • Konlazbricks


  • Roger Cote
    Roger Cote

    Growing up in the country, the off-road segment of this video was an everyday occurrence just to get to my house.

  • Bronze RL
    Bronze RL

    Gt86 / Brz / Frs slash subaru first idea of brz hashtag they are all the same

  • Ray's Boom Boom Room
    Ray's Boom Boom Room

    Linus is so cringe on cars but his camera crew is big I'd rather see this than the EV only crap Linus does

  • Draven Owen
    Draven Owen

    Yo, IS THAT A SUPRA!!????

  • Tasnim Mohmmed Boriyawala
    Tasnim Mohmmed Boriyawala

    You should call a person called carwow

  • Horizon _mf
    Horizon _mf

    Remember when austin play any racing game? Kinda scared when he was driving a real car 😂

  • UnsyncedData

    Fuck self driving cars

  • Jose Perez
    Jose Perez

    Mystery Tech idea: dash cams. Please!

  • Business Bro
    Business Bro

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    • Jason Allen
      Jason Allen

      Very helpful, I needed to hear this today.

    • Crypto batman
      Crypto batman

      Hey this is a computer age, peeps who aren't even trader's make money from the crypto and forex markets, how many millionaires do you know who have become wealthy by Investing in savings accounts? I rest my case.

    • Marvin Carolina
      Marvin Carolina

      @Business Bro I understand the Facts that tomorrow isn't promised to anyone, but Investing today is a hard thing to do because i have no idea of how and where to invest in these?

    • Non conflict Dad
      Non conflict Dad

      Great facts 👏👏

  • Ducky_Playxz

    Is this the first video without a sponsor from the micro center?

  • Arnav Dadarya
    Arnav Dadarya

    This is just a giant advertisement of Toyota. Also The new supra is just a bmw that Toyota ripper off

  • tRigeL

    One day Apple is gonna sponsor you

  • Omkar Kulkarni
    Omkar Kulkarni

    Nice shirt Ken


    Nice 🚙

  • C. L.
    C. L.

    Why, shouldn't you stick something you know about?

  • Tyler Garland
    Tyler Garland

    That BMW Supra is very fast lmao. Great video!

  • Lebenszerstörer420

    This video is amazing my perfect mix of everything

  • Lebenszerstörer420

    I love the GR86 so much

  • TheRealNamonid

    you should do more of these types of videos. especially with cars.

  • Jensen Marshel
    Jensen Marshel

    What is the point of self-driving if you have to pay attention and touch the wheel?

  • Robot

    Why Should Stick to Tech...?

  • Alex_gaming

    Try a Tesla

  • Ginger Studios
    Ginger Studios

    Didn’t realize you film on an iPhone. It’s genuinely impressive

  • france yoshi
    france yoshi

    Austin looks like larry from veggietales when he used a helmet

  • Kiel Enrique
    Kiel Enrique

    The fact that this video was shot on an iPhone 12 and it looked amazing is 🤯👀

  • Tony Yu
    Tony Yu

    Ah, I break the "9876 Likes" Off-roading seems fun!

  • Vihaan Mahajan
    Vihaan Mahajan

    Take a shot of water every time he says, “Not only” 😜

  • Khapple 2nd Account
    Khapple 2nd Account

    Tesla be like, did you forget me!

  • NWM Issa
    NWM Issa

    so i was on discord once and i was in the Gif sectoin and i looked up austin evans and i saw so many GIFs from discord lol

  • Majimo 2202I
    Majimo 2202I

    Great but you should try the 5.0l v8 Lexus ISF

  • TMC_MaxMode

    Austin, can u make me a pc bc it's my dream. If u can't it's good

  • Js500

    Wish mystery car!😆😂

  • Gabriel Potter
    Gabriel Potter

    Y’all should also review off road cars

  • Gabriel Potter
    Gabriel Potter

    To be honest you should review cars too

  • Ognija0987_yt

    Can you plzz do a give away for a pc plzz I really want one

  • THEmickTHEgun

    well cars are technically tech so...

  • Joey’s Chorizo Stick
    Joey’s Chorizo Stick

    Austin evans the type of guy to...

  • speedwaynutt

    Testing Car mystery tech?

  • Carlos Colocho
    Carlos Colocho

    I offroad my Mazda 3 every day. Third world common issues. c:

  • Yeyson Lopez
    Yeyson Lopez

    Yo if you send me your mass drop Ctrl with a picture of ken holding the nut pro 3 I’m going to Kms and like all your vids and I need that keyboard 💳💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥 with a picture of ken hold into the nut pro 3 💳💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥 NOW

    • Yeyson Lopez
      Yeyson Lopez

      I’m not joking I need that keyboard with the picture of ken holding the nut pro 3 😐

  • The Dave Gamer
    The Dave Gamer

    Austin can drive manual confirmed???

  • adriandotexe

    Dang it I wanted to see Austin drive that manual GR86

  • Rally_snail

    Great video! Totally would watch more car tech videos by you guys!

  • Joseph Thistle
    Joseph Thistle

    you should do car videos and tech videos

  • Eric Luu
    Eric Luu

    Could you sneak a GR86 out and deliver it to my front door please

  • Ashton Clemens
    Ashton Clemens

    Can you build me a pc

  • IQ Bloxy Games
    IQ Bloxy Games

    Austin should go back to his old home and see what it is now 7 years later

  • Cówboy Bebop
    Cówboy Bebop

    always wondered how these new tech work in places like Alaska where 70% of the year is snow/ice roads so you can't see the road lane paints etc.

  • Adrian Cepeda
    Adrian Cepeda

    Ok I'm convinced, I'm getting a Rav4 as my next car thanks to Austin & Ken :)

  • Pixel

    Supercar Austin

  • drippy monke wants a sub?
    drippy monke wants a sub?

    Yo, I don't know if anyone will see this but I want a pre-built pc but I have know idk which one. I want something that is under £800.00 and can support mfs2020. If u leave a suggestion, thanks

  • Southern Boi
    Southern Boi

    I am glad this was on my recommendations

  • Michael Linzell
    Michael Linzell

    Drink the tesla tequila

  • Archie Gee
    Archie Gee

    Still waiting for ‘hey guys this is Austin’ to come back

  • Jamie Robertson
    Jamie Robertson

    The new super bmw engine. They would have been better keep 2jz from the mk4 supra


    Lmao this is in texas XD

  • JulioTRD

    As a car guy, its nice to see cars and tech being combined. side note: those corolla hatchbacks are pretty dope lol

  • sfinksas

    Hey, i'd like to ask you Austin. Is a radeon vega pro 3. amd ryzen 5 5800, 550ssd, 8gb ram for 400bucks good deal?

  • lexus lfa
    lexus lfa

    this video should have been longer.

  • Zuhair Khokhar
    Zuhair Khokhar

    the back of the GR86 looks similar to the 2016-2017 accord coupe

  • Novo

    Austin - “I’ve never heard of a track day” Me- almost clicks off video 😑😬☹️😔😳🤭🤔

  • Keeva Grace
    Keeva Grace

    Poggers for God.

  • Mohammad Hamid
    Mohammad Hamid

    You think this is fun just come to middle east holyy it's so fun come to qatar

  • Buster Brown Sheep
    Buster Brown Sheep

    Hey is there a way to make it so your videos absolutely never show up on my feed? Thanks

  • Aditya Narayansreejith
    Aditya Narayansreejith

    Wow the new 86 looks dope🔥

  • mathelwa

    Yall forgot about the Teslaquila?

  • Cricket England
    Cricket England

    Austin stick to computers because The Stig you ain’t…

  • Ford Luiz Dela Torre
    Ford Luiz Dela Torre

    Gr86 tho