Wasting $820 at a PAWN SHOP
Austin Evans
What happens when you buy Apple products, a Nintendo Switch and Xbox One at a pawn shop? 🙄
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  • twitchster77

    Fun Fact:

  • Charlie Davidson
    Charlie Davidson

    Oh, dude. The PS1 startup is so nostalgic. Right there with you.

  • Atomic Tacco
    Atomic Tacco

    Browsing my local pawnshop for tech items is actually something that I do quite often, so I love this video idea!

  • Elliot Bank
    Elliot Bank

    Him: Wasting 820$ at a pawn shop

  • Leon Fot
    Leon Fot

    Austin and the crew seem like they’d be so fun to work with and be around lol

  • armanke13

    I love getting old tech for cheap.. please do more like this Austin! 👍🏼

  • AyeItsAxi

    me: taking finals

  • Fredsinator

    Austin: All I can say about the exterior of the Switch, is that it's a little beat up here

  • crushcastles23

    Heads up on the switch. Always check the network connection and that it can connect to the Nintendo Store when in store. It's possible that it is hardware banned from Nintendo's internet stuff.

  • Amelia Starlight
    Amelia Starlight

    I'd like to see more. It's a neat idea and I like it more than just buying stuff on Amazon.

  • Jesus

    I’d love to see this turned into a series like mystery tech

  • Tamim

    Something I'd be curious about is how much would you spend to have an entire apple ecosystem but with second hand products. Because for the right people its great value for money.

  • DSG677


  • Hit-By-Bruh0_0

    Pawn shop: buys something off someone for 150 dollars


    This is literally the only tech channel that I actually watch and enjoy ._.

  • Juju Espino
    Juju Espino

    It’s always great finding dumb pawn places selling good lowkey tech items that they don’t know have more value than what they’re asking

  • Nicholas Rodriguez
    Nicholas Rodriguez

    I love your videos Austin, really inspiring to me

  • Gary Burner
    Gary Burner

    I love pawn shops! You get eBay pricing locally plus you can negotiate on the price!

  • Damjan Dumbović
    Damjan Dumbović

    me: buying tech in local store

  • James

    I don’t usually watch tech channels but something about yours is brilliant and fun to watch 😊