Use a Keyboard and Mouse on PS4 & Xbox One!
Austin Evans
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Ever wanted to use a mouse/keyboard with PS4 and Xbox One?
Keymander Update:

While the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 controllers are as good as it gets for consoles sometimes you just want to use a mouse and keyboard. With the Keymander you can even with a PS3 or Xbox 360.



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  • efwefwef frwfef
    efwefwef frwfef

    using a mouse and keyboard on a console for multiplayer games is like using a gun in a sword fight

    • Hello Goodbye
      Hello Goodbye

      Both lethal in good hands

    • Dabbi GX
      Dabbi GX

      @tigerbeer74 Yeal but it gets pay to win not everyone has better controls unless you are a pro

    • George Hargreaves
      George Hargreaves

      @Mudassar unless it's fortnite

    • Henrique Reis
      Henrique Reis

      Unless you are playing fortnite against nickmercs

    • Gfjfj Ufidi
      Gfjfj Ufidi

      efwefwef frwfef exactly. So it's smart. If I could, I would always use a gun in a swordfight

  • Rubin Rajput
    Rubin Rajput

    Connects mouse and keyboard- " *Plays Minecraft* "

    • Melk8

      I'm doing dat rn

    • Cherries 87
      Cherries 87

      Lmao the only reason I am watching this, because playing Minecraft on a controller is weird for me lol

    • HH garcia
      HH garcia

      LIme Juice You just didn’t connect right

    • ッstrope

      Not work :(

    • Branch Massey
      Branch Massey


  • Verssten

    I think it will work with the highest game sensivity so you can go really fast o really low speed by your mouse without in game limitations

  • GenericYoutuber

    I bought this second hand and its a beast! For me it never got laggy but there is a 1 day learning curve, I got 4 wins on fortnite right away. There is a input lag but it is the same as the input lag you get by using a controller, absolutely worth it.

  • Innocent Citizen of New Jersey
    Innocent Citizen of New Jersey

    I can just plug in my keyboard and mouse directly. Way less delay and works amazing.

    • IOGEAR

      Only a handful of games support K&M. The KeyMander supports them all. They delay issue was fixed years ago with a firmware update.

  • Riley Rook
    Riley Rook

    Now I know why I'm getting destroyed in Rainbow Six Siege....

    • TRUCKS

      @BingityBong y

    • TRUCKS


    • I'm a chicken
      I'm a chicken

      Cuz you bad 😂😂😂

    • BingityBong

      Report them

    • Mikey Colon
      Mikey Colon

      Riley Rook for real

  • RedSkeleton_

    But imagine how difficult it must be to go through the settings on these games with the mouse and keyboard if you don’t have a cursor

  • Matt Von Nerf
    Matt Von Nerf

    That looks pretty cool, I hope it still works on the Xbox One X, I see no reason why it wouldn't.

  • H3xu55

    are there any videos that explain how the firmware works?

  • BismoGlungis

    Just turn up the mouse dpi and game sensitivity and it will feel amazing

  • Señor Steffan
    Señor Steffan

    I play on PC, for first person shooters mouse and keyboard is king. For some games like Batman Arkham City you can use either a controller or mouse and keyboard but for games you need a controller. Not necessarily to play the whole game, but flying in GTA 5 with a controller is far better than with a keyboard.

    • Trenzinho da Alegria
      Trenzinho da Alegria

      I overall prefer mouse for shooting, looking around, grabbing virtual objects. And controller for driving vehicles.

    • Ryan Curnow
      Ryan Curnow

      @GhostlyPoison Yeah, the stains are bad too.

    • GhostlyPoison

      The reply section turned to a shitstorm real quick.

    • Ryan Curnow
      Ryan Curnow

      @TheOpelkoenjas It's a mod that a lot of people use.

    • TheOpelkoenjas

      @***** Oh damn, we have a modder in our mids. Oh boy.............

  • Kim Jong 005
    Kim Jong 005

    I wish that you can make your pc recognize your controller as a keyboard so we can play emulated games

  • ByeHai

    I do not agree with the idea of KB&M on console. It makes aiming it have an unfair advantage against people with controllers. You can aim at a precise pixel on a mouse, but with a controller, you skip a few pixels (especially on high sensitivity).

  • Kled

    On ps4 you just plug the mouse and keyboard in and your all good. You really don’t need that, I tried it and it works fine

  • King Conker
    King Conker

    The xim4 is good also. I use mine for my Xbox and I love it.

  • Mason E
    Mason E

    I just connect a mouse and keyboard(wired) and i just plug them in right in the 2 slots on the PS4. It works perfectly during games. I have t tried it on the PS4 menu, but ik Minecraft works. Also I used to play Fortnite with it perfectly.

  • Titan11

    I've never really been able to get into PC gaming because I've never had a computer that could run any decent games but I'm still thinking I might get this and learn to play keyboard and mouse because I feel like I'll have a certain edge in combat once I get used to it.

  • The man-ager
    The man-ager

    Thank you so much for the help now I can play on the xbox with my keyboard lol

  • Crew Productions
    Crew Productions

    Or you can just plug in the usb from the keyboard and mouse into the USB ports into the ps4 and connect it from the settings in the ps4

  • Mr Awesomeous
    Mr Awesomeous

    What keyboard and mouse are you using in this video?

    • 反击

      +Mr Awesomeous It looks like he is using a corsair strafe keyboard.

    • Moto2stroke trails
      Moto2stroke trails

      +Manatee Master i still have a R.A.T 3 from like 6 years ago

    • Pun S
      Pun S

      +Mr Awesomeous keyboard: (im planning to upgrade to k70) mous: (the red one)

    • mineturte

      +Beast Mode xddd razer sucks

    • arvind ganesh
      arvind ganesh

      +Manatee Master same.

  • Gamepad 31
    Gamepad 31

    I'll have to try this when I go to play Star wars Squadrons as I wanna use a logitech Wingman extreme joystick so this would be perfect.

  • X- Centriks
    X- Centriks

    You can use mouse and keyboard on PS4 because it has two usb imports on the front so you can plug in your keyboard and mouse

  • jaredNater

    *INPORTANT* this is for most of the games. But games like fortnite will run if you plug in a mouse or keyboard into the usb slots on front of the console so try that on a game before you buy this! :works for ps4 only sorry xbox users:

    • AccurateMrStuff

      It works on Xbox, I use it on Xbox and it works fine

    • dogehops

      jaredNater works on xbox lol

    • Vasil Iliev
      Vasil Iliev

      fortnite is for gay babies

    • Jack Pittman
      Jack Pittman

      But @jArEDnAtEr WhAt ABoUt mInECrAfT?!1?!11!?1?1!1?1?1

    • breeeeee110

      It worked for me on xbox

  • Shawn

    I heard you mentioned that there will be delay time when playing 1st person shooter game with this gear? How long is that delay?

  • Jolly Cooperation
    Jolly Cooperation

    It should be as easy as plugging it into the console with usb port. But no. We need to get all complex and buy extra stuff.

    • Unfunny

      Kenny Omega yeah I use a keyboard and mouse on fortnite it supports it

    • Kenny Omega
      Kenny Omega

      SunBro's \[T]/ I seen this thing on ps4 that said devises and it had keyboard and mouse, can u use it that way

    • LurkerDood

      Neon 25 Why would Nintendo have no use for the mouse? Their FPS games that get released would need it

    • Sippin Tea IV
      Sippin Tea IV

      LurkerDood nintendo has no use for the mouse. They only really need the keyboard

    • The Lost Atom
      The Lost Atom

      DrowsyEel well let's look at it with in a different way. When you plug in a keyboard do you just suddenly expect it to know all the commands? No, and there's no app on PS4 that allows you to set commands for keyboards. It's not as simple as putting it in and it suddenly thinks WASD are the L stuck and the mouse is the R stick.

  • Kat's Kitchen
    Kat's Kitchen

    Wondering if there’s another option for Mac users? I’m hoping to use it for Sims in controller

  • SoFloShinoni

    Wow so many steps. I just buy a usb extender and plug it in my xb1 and use my mouse and keyboard. it works

    • Gamepad 31
      Gamepad 31

      for me I just use a USB hub and plug my keyboard into that.

  • EckBoi

    It would be nice... But it would put multiplayer at a huge advantage and disadvantage

  • Archie

    You can just plug a mouse and keyboard into a PS4 and it works in most games (MP) rainbow six siege , Fortnite

  • Valumiini

    I literally yesterday thought about having a keyboard and a mouse for my ps4 and today this was in my recommended 🤤

  • will crowland
    will crowland

    I just plugged my mouse and keyboard into the USB ports on the front of the console and it worked just fine

  • deathly

    How do you get the keyboard to work with bo3? It will give me a big advantage. Or is there no way to make it support mouse n keys

  • Fletcher Rose
    Fletcher Rose

    You can just plug a keyboard into the front usb ports and use it on game that let you use keyboard and mouse like fortnite

  • stubbk3

    you should be able to simply plug any mouse and keyboard into the consoles just like a pc . money is the only reason the companies won't allow it which is wrong

    • Canlis

      Gamealicious Turtle2 You dont need the best...

    • bef jelgum
      bef jelgum

      stubbk3 yup money is the only reason not like some games dont want cheating cancer cells to ruin the game for others.

    • Chip

      stubbk3 it's also wrong if people can't afford the best mouse and keyboard for their consoles

    • Lorenzo Munisami
      Lorenzo Munisami

      the only reason they don't allow key boards and mice to be used in console games is because obviously it gives the player an unfair advantage over everyone else!no shit sherlock

    • Andrew Terry
      Andrew Terry

      any news on this? i cant find any updates. really cant wait!!!

  • dedes

    On ps4 you can just plug in your USB into the port on the front

  • Unlostmaniac

    It does work out of the box and the imput lag comes from using the software

  • aPx-

    You could just plug the mouse and keyboard in the PS4 and it works PS4 allows it but for Xbox then that's when you would use this

  • Maksim Solomakhin
    Maksim Solomakhin

    Hey Austin, just a quick question... Will that thing work with a nvidia shield?

  • Kola

    I went from console to PC this year and ill have to say i prefer the console experience. I prefer playing my games laid back with a controller in my hand rather than sitting up bending over a mouse and keyboard. PC gaming is too hardcore for me.

    • Lockerd

      @Definatelykola get an NVIDIA shield and a GTX card. best thing I've ever done in my gaming life. you can stream your pc to the shield and hook it up to your TV while using a bluetooth controller. or you can treat it as the most badass handheld ever and use the NVIDIA GRID to stream free full games like SR3, Overlord 2, GRID 1, Witcher 2, etc and dozen more. not to mention it's great as a multimedia device.

    • TheGoldenEagleEye

      @Definatelykola Ok then

    • Kola

      @TheGoldenEagleEye the TV is in a different room from my PC so that's not possible,the console is pretty much a must. Plus I'm a huge uncharted fan so I was always gonna get a ps4 anyways.

    • TheGoldenEagleEye

      @Definatelykola TV for gaming and essays for monitor DONE

    • Pietari

      You can always unplug the tv and use your normal monitor

  • Blackbird 黒い鳥
    Blackbird 黒い鳥

    hey austin i would appreciate it much if you can tell me if the keymander will work with the Logitech G310 keyboard?

  • Taye Walls
    Taye Walls

    Or you can just plug in a keyboard and mouse to the PS4. You could use an adapter if you don’t have enough USB ports.

  • MathiHamDer 05
    MathiHamDer 05

    I like the fact that you just can use the 2 USB poets in yhe front of the ps4 for your mouse and keyboard

  • Kacper Hałatek
    Kacper Hałatek

    Thank you, nice video

  • mark jones
    mark jones

    why does the xbox one say it supports mouse and keyboard if it doesn't the only thing you can do on a keyboard is type a message and the mouse does absolutely nothing

    • Wys

      mark jones badger?

    • Brad Boswell
      Brad Boswell

      I'm this is old but u can use a normal keyboard and mouse on Fortnite Xbox one

    • Randi Mott
      Randi Mott

      Minecraft works just try it

    • Tek

      DaFlyKiwiz should've upgraded PC instead

    • DaFlyKiwiz

      I have a crap pc, so I turn to console

  • Lil Ounce
    Lil Ounce

    On some games you can just plug in the kb and mouse to the ps4 and it works

    • Toxic Hyperz
      Toxic Hyperz

      LiL Ounce this was made in 2014

  • Corrupted Software
    Corrupted Software

    U just need the mouse and keyboard and plug it in where u usually plug your wired Xbox one controller

  • nico

    I would use it for Rocket League I always wanted to try that!

  • Stomio

    Or there's a simpler way, your keyboard come with a USB cord connected to it, plug it into the USB port in the the console and buy a wireless mouse, you can plug that chip into the console too. My ps4 has 2 USB ports. Don't they all?

  • Nicolton

    *fails to mention that it's $80 on Amazon

    • Kotazzztheseal

      Bet u didn’t expect me to comment on you 2 YEARS later

    • Grayson B
      Grayson B

      LOL 227 is more than the console???? why would someone do that...

    • Lawrenzooo

      $80 is pretty cheap... I paid $235 for an XIM 4 on Amazon and it was completely worth it

    • Neil Teje
      Neil Teje


    • Mikail 035
      Mikail 035

      Nicolton dude idk but people that are normally pc gamers and like some games more on console or like to play with theyre friends would buy and use a keyboard and mouse just because they are used to that

  • Keff Japlan
    Keff Japlan

    Thanks Austin!!! Now I am being destroyed left and right on Overwatch comp and QP

  • Yohance Samuel
    Yohance Samuel

    Mouse and keyboard essential but a controller is useful if want to get in precise or specific coordinates while your playing

  • M. j
    M. j

    Wow this is a lot of steps I just plugged them into my Ps4 I will make a vid on how to do it

  • Vaughn Miller
    Vaughn Miller

    I had a widow on my team last night who got Play Of The Game, and after seeing her clip that was the first time I ever for sure knew someone was using mouse and keyboard. The movement was just not something a controller would do. Its honestly a shame to know that people are doing this on console. It is blatant cheating.

  • Nathaniel Hartley
    Nathaniel Hartley

    So overall, even with mouse lag, would the kbm beat the controller

    • Cairo M
      Cairo M

      @NonsensicalVids Yea they do drop to that every so often but most of the time it's 60.

    • NonsensicalVids

      @Cairo Murphy most fps games on consoles are about 50fps

    • Cairo M
      Cairo M

      People that buy this will only be playing fps games that run in 60fps so that isn't a problem.

    • NonsensicalVids

      no. as you're still restricted by framerate and well framerate hurts keyboard and mouse

  • Bjørn Koala
    Bjørn Koala

    I've got an ADX firefight A03 and a Logitech G502, and have already used like a 100$ on that. So another 70$ is a bit over my budget.

  • NotTorii

    What is that keyboard? It looks amazing

  • Gheddo Halawani
    Gheddo Halawani

    I use my gaming keyboard on the ps4 with out adapters and the keyboard work on the ps4 but I prefer the gamepad

  • Lanz Regonas
    Lanz Regonas

    Or you could just plug the USB cords in the console :)

  • gabenz

    I used my jeyboard and mouse on my ps4 by just plugging it in and it worked perfectly fine i didnt have to use any adapters

    • Owen Williams
      Owen Williams

      Only on basic games like fortnite

    • Joek Baron
      Joek Baron

      Skoot Skoot i am not using wireless keyboard and mouse and i dont have a pc, i just want to connect my keyboard and mouse to my ps4 and play bf1, how do you do that

    • Skoot Skoot
      Skoot Skoot

      I think u need the xim adapter if your using wireless M and KB

    • Fazor Z
      Fazor Z

      gabenz same

    • Gabryel Paillé
      Gabryel Paillé

      @Drvwz ahahah nos xbox is better

  • Mindy Brown
    Mindy Brown

    Some gamers like myself can find a controller difficult to manage as we get older (you'll all get there someday too, lol). Your fingers start feeling a bit stiff and achy, gripping the controller for long periods of time, making gameplay not as much fun as you'd like. For that reason, I've chosen more PC games lately, but I'd love to be able to use my console more often and I think this could do it!

  • dFUNKmizzle

    All I did was hook up my mouse and keyboard to my Playstation 4 and it worked perfectly fine without the keymander

  • Epic Squad Gaming
    Epic Squad Gaming

    Definitely, the mouse and keyboard are best for FPS and other games that need shooting accuracy

  • BestPantsEver! 07
    BestPantsEver! 07

    You can just plug in your keyboard and mouse in a ps4 and done, although it works on some games, it works on Fortnite which is good enough

  • Steven Gloria
    Steven Gloria

    Time to redo this video Microsoft is adding support for keyboards and mice

  • yanglue611

    This is where we get sensitivity that goes beyond insane.

  • not-someone-shady

    Wow, Man! Great vid! You just gained a sub.

  • Harp

    U can just connect a wired keyboard and mouse to the pa4 and it will work


    Or you could just plug a keyboard and mouse to your ps4 using the two ports on the front of the console

  • Donald Biden
    Donald Biden

    I just wanna increase my rank from copper to gold

    • Mo Haroon
      Mo Haroon

      Hillary Trump and me Gold to Diamond

  • James Stauffer
    James Stauffer

    Austin do you need one of these if you just want to use it for typing and looking in store etc not gaming because the keyboards when trying on a console are slow

  • Sahil Gujral
    Sahil Gujral

    You can directly plug your mouse and keyboard in the usb slot of ps4

  • hind:0 aldhaheri
    hind:0 aldhaheri

    Hey if u have Xbox one x just buy amazon usb hub 3.0 then plug then keybored and mouse (the better choice is getting razer keybored and razer mouse)

  • a Big man
    a Big man

    Does anyone know what the name of the mouse is(the mouse that Austin used in his video)

  • wot

    99% of try hard rainbow six siege console players have watched and executed this

    • hanchonteh

      Honestly I'd rather play on pc but I don't have the money to get one so I can only stick to the ps4 controller :(

    • Blake Antenucci
      Blake Antenucci

      Me right now Hahahaha

    • Tyler Jordan
      Tyler Jordan

      me 😂😂

    • Ümit Hadi Karakaş
      Ümit Hadi Karakaş

      git gud

    • Owen Mikucki
      Owen Mikucki

      Sledges Hammer this is very true

  • gamer 2.0
    gamer 2.0

    However there is one tiny draw back to doing it on ps4 but in my opinion it not tht bad for some reason the keyboard won't work unless ps4 remote Is turned on but to me that is not a bad price to pay for getting to use mouse and keyboard on console

  • Usaya

    ok so it does work right out of the box for those who are wondering

  • Zilla Playz
    Zilla Playz

    Omg thank you so much😄

  • NightFury173

    There's no way to disable acceleration, or make the sensitivity as high as needed for the task as far as I know, since it's only emulating the controller. I might as well try to adjust myself over a flimsy gamepad if I want to play console exclusives... Which there are not many fortunately, otherwise I think it is a better idea to just play on the PC rather than adding 100 bucks for using my own peripherals

    • Frank Ortiz
      Frank Ortiz

      Xim4 way better then this crap look it up.

    • NightFury173

      @ItsSkitz The problem is that since it is quite literally emulating a controller, there's no way to get rid of the acceleration (Unless somehow the game implements an option to turn that off)... So yeah, a gaming mouse won't be helping much :/

    • ItsSkitz

      Buy a gaming mouse and some dont come with acceleration and have on mouse macros to change the dpi settings

    • NightFury173

      @englisheskim0 Yeah... Besides, that would be kind of cheating, and no one wants that

  • Andy Is cool 2007
    Andy Is cool 2007

    You can just connect the keyboard and mouse to the console itself

  • Torunn Røysland
    Torunn Røysland

    I just plug in the mouse and keyboard in to my ps4 and it works.


    you know you can just plug the keyboard and mouse in the ps4 dont know about xbox but as far as i know one of the only games that will work like that is fortnite but what other game would you want to play with a keyboard and mouse on a console

  • Hotdawg54

    You can just use a mouse and keyboard on ps4 by just plugging them into the console, without fancy key manders.

  • Shayaan Qazi
    Shayaan Qazi

    *You're in luck, Xbox no longer needs a adapter. Just plug in ANY keyboard and mouse and it automatically detects it.*

    • mr guy
      mr guy

      @GalaxyTacoNinja i just keep my headset in my controller while its plugged in (so i dont waste batteries) but this is from 11 months ago so it probably wont matter

    • GalaxyTacoNinja

      How do you use your headset

    • Patrick Bateman
      Patrick Bateman

      Its only for like three games

    • IOGEAR

      There are a handful of games that support K&M. The KeyMander still works with other games that do not support K&M yet. You'll also find consistency with game settings with the software and more customization for a better experience.

    • Shayaan Qazi
      Shayaan Qazi

      Fortnite too

  • Armand Du Toit
    Armand Du Toit

    How do you do this with key boards that need to have 2 usb ports

  • Jason

    U know u dont need that thing. U can just plug in the usb for the keyboard and mouse and itll work.

  • George Tuckley
    George Tuckley

    you'd definitely get called a hacker if you used this in cod

    • Mannumz

      You’ll definitely be called a hacker if you play COD

    • Saffy

      Mastermind8908 It’s a fucking joke man. Stop taking it so seriously.

    • Louis_Glock

      georgetuckley0 and in rainbow six siege

    • Flow

      georgetuckley0 you get called a hacker for killing someone normally lol

    • SebasTheFish1

      i mean if you don't want it ship it to me

  • Mikledeepikle -
    Mikledeepikle -

    can you set up razer synapse or chroma for console using this?

  • Thee Terminator
    Thee Terminator

    I definitely prefer a controller over keyboard & mouse cuz it’s more simple to use, really not so many buttons in your way, you may have to sit close to the screen which I hate, plus for me a pc is so complicated to use in terms of downloading mods, games etc

    • an anon
      an anon

      pc stops being complicated after like a month (from my experience),all controllers also work naively on pc if keyboards arent your thing.

  • Ed Shaw
    Ed Shaw

    Or you can just use the USB, that works

  • Jeremiah Gray
    Jeremiah Gray

    You know you can plug them up to the game ports right

  • Polymer Clay Artist
    Polymer Clay Artist

    I started my gaming on console, been gaming since atari lol.. I hated the PC, but for no real reason other then my ignorance as to what PC even was. But one day I tried a game on PC (borderlands 2) and was utterly shocked! It's a bit weird using the keyboard part because I'm left-handed, but the aiming and shooting is STUPID easy! Now the tables have turned, I love PC and care little for console (although I don't own a next gen system) Until I get a XboxOne, if I ever do, their's no real reason to get console games (for xbox360) when my PC walks circles around it. So from a 20+ year console gamer, I can't speak enough about PC and how amazing it is.. My thoughts lol

    • followthisSWAG

      Ayy, Borderlands 2!!!

    • Oni

      Polymer Clay Artist "I can shoot good on PC, therefore, no other console is worth my time"

    • SaltyPakoda

      Polymer Clay Artist ps4 for naughty dog

    • xcen1

      I think the problem with consoles now is input lag with the wireless controllers. I grew up with ps 1 and 2 back then but also had a pc. xbox one with wireless controllers have worse input lag than older wired controllers. I played a recent game with my friend on xbox one and when you press button to jump half second later it jumps. my old ps2 didn't have this. And definitely not on keyboard and mouse.

    • Oscar

      glad for you!

  • Jack C.
    Jack C.

    what do I do if my xbox and pc are in two different rooms?

  • chadcantskate

    Just plug the keyboard and mouse via usb into the console and it works fine

    • nmwisser

      100 iq

  • Robbie W
    Robbie W

    or u could get the usb for your keyboard and mouse and plug it into your console that works ive done it

  • Tiago Villalba
    Tiago Villalba

    Now you can just connect a keyboard and mouse on ps4 and it works

  • Schtendo

    does this have a lot of input lag?

    • KnowUhh

      Response time and input lag are two different. None of my 1ms GTG monitors notify of the Input lag. How is this an argument?

    • Lennard

      They write the response time on the box. The closest thing to 1 ms input lag are CRTs. Monitors and hdtvs tho? no.

    • Lennard

      I'm not. Do your research. Input lag is what measures the delay, response time only affects the GTG time. companies unfortunately never disclose what the input lag of a certain screen is.

    • Lennard

      There's not a single monitor out there with only 1 millisecond of input lag, lol. I hope you know response time doesn't have anything to do with the delay between your screen and your console, right?

    • Cairo M
      Cairo M

      Just make sure you play with a 1ms response time monitor and it should help out.

  • H20 Cyning
    H20 Cyning

    Btw u can just put the keyboard wire on the charge place of the ps4 or xbox u don’t need to do all what u just did

  • Xuqar

    For ps4 just plug keyboard and mouse in and that’ll work well only for fortnite

  • Marcus Kane Cuber
    Marcus Kane Cuber

    or you could just plug the USBs from the mouse and keyboard into the console.

  • Brennen Snyder
    Brennen Snyder

    I have a wired keyboard and all I have to do is plug it in to my XBOX ONE S and it works fine.