Ultimate Halo Infinite Gaming PC Build!
Austin Evans
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Halo Infinite Gaming PC Build for George Kittle
The ultimate Forza Horizon 5 build for Sergio Perez: www.youtube.com/watch?v=pY-T8...
The 24 hour Back 4 Blood PC build challenge: itmores.info/player/video/0JB4sWmBcN9ogqg

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  • NoRcAl23

    The fact that George Kittle is a Halo fan, makes me like him even more. Not only one of the best Tight Ends in the NFL he also loves a game that I have loved for years. This is awesome.

    • Xtra9th

      @ItsMeZeke no he’s not

    • pig benis
      pig benis

      @dellors forehead a better receiver? Maybe not, by a slight margin. Better Tight End? I.e catching the ball AND blocking? Yes by a wide gulf. Kelce is essentially a super big WR being underpaid as a TE, he’s not the complete package you want from a true TE like Kittle is.

    • The bozo club
      The bozo club

      Can u build me a pc

    • Smart Gaming Networks
      Smart Gaming Networks

      More like Open Start

    • kadhu

      @undefined cry

  • sunpi

    Halo is INSANE I’m enjoying it so much & I’m new to it really enjoying it!

    • BaconAdventure

      @Saurabh Pathare boi go play your kids Fortnite game

    • Flikr

      @Saurabh Pathare yo wtf, that's just blatantly sexist

    • Collinsmellsbad

      @Saurabh Pathare oh lord another one stuck in the 1900s

    • fard


    • tama tama
      tama tama

      @Saurabh Pathare good lord is this 50s?

  • GraveyPool

    I love how Austin is usually dressed rather normal or semi nerdy and Ken is always just as extra as he can be. Love the energy dynamic.

    • xxzaine-_-

      @Jamz Tiberius ong

    • Jamz Tiberius
      Jamz Tiberius

      Ken has drip

  • AviatorTN83

    “I’ve played every Halo campaign 20-30 times” “How do I get in the warthog?”

    • Omar Sanchez
      Omar Sanchez

      Yeah tbh, maybe is his first time on pc

    • quadbecky14

      It is on a keyboard though

    • -

      To be fair he's playing in a room full of people watching him, I could have 3,000 hours in a game and suddenly forget how to move if I'm put in that scenario

    • Vorog


    • David Mulder
      David Mulder

      Strange guy, “oh no I just got run over by the car!”

  • Sagnik sen
    Sagnik sen

    You could even help Henry Cavill upgrade his PC, a true gaming freak.

    • Spider Mercenary
      Spider Mercenary

      YESS.. He already has a 3090, but he should upgrade his pc with the 3090ti and Intel core i9 12900k. Make a Witcher themed case and get a Witcher backplate for the gpu

    • iWin Rar
      iWin Rar

      I think Superman would rather build his own like he did

    • Padlock Steve
      Padlock Steve

      @Andres Cetina nah he no life's wow

    • Sagnik sen
      Sagnik sen

      Having such a huge star would actually help the channel as well as the other gaming friends all around the globe and get more inspired.

    • vin Air
      vin Air

      I think henry is a bit too big for like austin, but its dooable tho

  • Carroll Captures
    Carroll Captures

    That is genuinely the coolest PC I have ever, ever seen. God I wish I could afford that.

    • Carroll Captures
      Carroll Captures

      @SneakyLuigi14 holy crap that's amazing, thank you for leaving it!

    • SneakyLuigi14

      I would like your comment but I want to leave it at 117

    • Carroll Captures
      Carroll Captures

      @llorTA toN about 15 years. Lemme guess, here comes the obligatory "well if you were as well versed in PC as me this wouldn't look good"

    • sen razor
      sen razor

      Pretty long

    • llorTA toN
      llorTA toN

      how long have you been into PC?

  • Ara~Ara~ ASid-kun
    Ara~Ara~ ASid-kun

    Halo's coming out on top again, Infinite, the TV series, and now Halo-themed builds

    • Milan Pullapalli
      Milan Pullapalli

      @The tricky tick there's only like a few places that needs tweak compared to vanguard or BF 2042 and they're literally improving and adding stuff as time passes

    • Truxej

      @CHIEFISREAL you don’t have ears


      @Truxej it sounds and looks like an SMG when firing not a needler. In reach they sounded and looked like needles.

    • Truxej

      @CHIEFISREAL wym needlers straight up broken

    • vipertt100

      Now if we could actually buy a physical copy of the game.

  • Robert Hendricks
    Robert Hendricks

    Seeing a very rich person excited about something like that just shows his true love for Halo. Hard to impress someone that can basically purchase anything tech they want at any given moment.

  • C-ris

    Best build to this date, another great idea you guys could've done is design that 1st part to look like Master Chiefs cryo pod from the 1st game and give the glass like a frosted tint that then faded into the Chief's green on the rest of the PC

  • SmithBeatZ1

    I love how you can tell Austin has no idea what sport Kittle plays.

    • Gurveer Khangoora
      Gurveer Khangoora

      Kittle play in the NFL he is a Tight End for the San Francisco 49ers

    • Blind Valkyrie
      Blind Valkyrie

      Neither do I

  • The Chicken Ninja
    The Chicken Ninja

    I have not experience what so ever with PC's, but even I know when looking at this that it's a great build.

  • Dark

    I've always believed in George Kittle, and kudos to him for his game selection.

    • Spookeii

      What happened in the dark always come to the light

    • Kyleson Cool
      Kyleson Cool

      What happened in the dark always come to the light

  • Big Nicholas
    Big Nicholas

    I've always thought that was weird, pairing a blue cpu, with a red gpu. It's like putting rivalries together. But it turned out real nice. Nice work!

  • David Rakes
    David Rakes

    I just started playing halo infinite today. Great game, takes me back to when I was a kid playing the original. Best thing about game pass is that I can play it on my phone!


      Streaming? Beating intergalactic villains 1 crap at a time.

  • zelia442

    Couldnt ask for a better reaction from a genuine fan

  • Ian Fullen
    Ian Fullen

    I gotta say, I'm really enjoying the stars of entertainment getting in touch with these creators. Makes them seem way more down to Earth.

  • Alec Shern
    Alec Shern

    I always believed in George Kittle, good on him for having good taste in games

  • Ray Ray
    Ray Ray

    This was a sick episode. I am jealous of Kittle right now.

  • Fern

    So awesome to see that pro football player be such a genuine fan of Halo. His reaction was so wholesome

  • Tattooing21

    I love that you’re going to make this for George!!!! I’ve been a niners fan my whole life and this just makes me love you guys even more.

  • DctrGizmo

    This build is so cool! I was downloading the campaign on my PC while I was watching so I can't wait to play it!

  • Frank Gaitan
    Frank Gaitan

    You guys did an amazing job. Congrats!

  • TechDove

    George Kittle is genuinely an awesome dude it seems. Wish he played for my Ravens 😂

  • Allen Uchiha
    Allen Uchiha

    With how expensive these things are getting, we can only dream about getting a PC at this point.

  • BeryyJams

    Yknow, i get they are trying to take it back to its more vivid roots, but man can I just say, the deep green they had for halo 3 was magnificent.

  • Gary Wright
    Gary Wright

    That Cortona animation on the processor cooler. Priceless!

  • Mister Dragzon
    Mister Dragzon

    Hell yeah! Go Niners! He deserves that PC after his last performance 👏 you know the love is real when you get the Chief tatted on your forearm.

  • Ghostcatcher64

    So damn cool looking, though 12:41 hurt my feelings "all the engravings, USNC logo" ouch xD Amazing job though, the case's stock design fits the build so well.

  • Buddy305luv

    GK is a geek like all of us. WOW! Love this. You guys should do more videos like this. I enjoy them.

  • I suck at Gaming
    I suck at Gaming

    This dude is huge!!! It's really cool, it's feel like he is genuinely excited about the PC.. It's not like it's another collab cash grab that he have to do..

  • Shafiq Ramli
    Shafiq Ramli

    This is by far the nicest PC build I have ever see! Good job guys. Do you sell it anywhere?

  • Orson C. Badger
    Orson C. Badger

    Wow, I love this Halo Documentary style build!

  • chris desir
    chris desir

    I love living my pc life through this channel lol. This console gotta go

  • Peon

    When I first saw the build, it reminded me of a halo pelican. It looks good at the end and I'm glad George liked it

  • Holy Hearts
    Holy Hearts

    Amazing build ☺️

  • Kemaro

    You never know, George might not show up to a game or two when he gets this 😂

  • Stephen Shinn
    Stephen Shinn

    This guy is awesome and an absolute Halo God!

  • Glory Hold
    Glory Hold

    But also halo is amazing just finished the first couple campaign missions love how they blended the halo wars story with the regular halo story and sort of rebooted the story right in the middle of halo wars 2

  • JuiceInTheAttic

    My respect for George Kittle goin way up

  • jose perez
    jose perez

    Great looking 👌 👍 build! Love 💘 ❤ all of the green 😍 ❤!

  • Vance Yootoob
    Vance Yootoob

    I never really liked Halo, grew up on PlayStation, but damn. I clocked about 7 or 8 hours the first time I loaded up Halo Infinite. Can't wait to play the Master Chief collection.

  • Scott's Photography Banzai
    Scott's Photography Banzai

    That's a nice looking build!

  • Experience

    George going to love it. The case looks like the forerunner sentinels and master chief helmet.

  • chiefmegadeth

    Kittle makes me want to get a Tattoo of Master Chief. I am also obsessed with Halo and damn that PC is insane!

  • Spontaneous Spazoid
    Spontaneous Spazoid

    I love how you can tell that he's genuinely excited about Halo, the build and corresponding keyboard

  • Michael Patterson
    Michael Patterson

    I think this video is very nice. Sincerely, I love the green jacket Ken was rocking. I especially appreciate it when very extravagant gifts are given to individuals that are already very privileged. It melts my heart (sarcasm).

  • Agent Holmes
    Agent Holmes

    When I got my first halo game I played it straight 8hrs till my dad turned off the main power switch, I enjoy everything about halo, undoubtedly one of the greatest game franchise ever

  • Jonathan MacArthur
    Jonathan MacArthur

    So excited to see this as a new part in the Ken Collection

    • Joshua Escobar
      Joshua Escobar


  • Kevin Ortiz
    Kevin Ortiz

    holy hell im incredibly jealous of that rig.

  • Mark186

    Definitely looks really cool.

  • Solar Fox
    Solar Fox

    You guys dont understand what I would do for one of these godly pcs these guys make I have a core i7 PC and 8g of ram or lower

  • Gameboy2519

    Hey Austin, is it possible if you could make a pc that runs on a quantum chip?

  • Amsterdom

    You guys nailed that build. Wow

  • ThunderLord1000

    The case shape reminds me of Chief's cryo pod Edit: Actually, nevermind. It could be a Spartan Helmet.

    • Damon Blackburn
      Damon Blackburn

      I thought for sure he was going to say the 3 windows looked like front of a pelican ship

  • joseph witherspoon
    joseph witherspoon

    Austin is always sooooo damn drippy without trying 🔥🔥

  • Scribbles297

    Austin is really taking this stuff next level

  • - [N A Y L A]- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW
    - [N A Y L A]- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW

    Halo is INSANE I’m enjoying it so much & I’m new to it really enjoying it!


    Halo is INSANE I’m enjoying it so much & I’m new to it really enjoying it!

  • Stephen Cowan
    Stephen Cowan

    Seeing the detail that went into the case I have a case build request. I’m a huge fan of negan from the walking dead and thought a pc with his leather jacket pattern, red scarf, and a miniature Lucille baseball bat inside with red lights would be perfect for me. I have no idea to talk to about it but figured I’d take a shot here

  • merikh dimla
    merikh dimla

    Ive been a big fan of you austin seeing you guys build a gaming pc makes me know more about the pc parts and when i was a kid i really wanted to play Halo but i cant cause my pc cant run the game so yeah LOVE YOUR VIDS AUSTIN!!

  • RevoRC

    George Kittle: “I’m the ultimate Halo fan” Also George Kittle: “How do I get in?”

  • Producer Evan
    Producer Evan

    Halo is awesome, this computer is awesome, George Kittle is awesome and so are you Austin 😎🙌

  • Kons37 Flyingreaper
    Kons37 Flyingreaper

    Man i never played Halo, but i love custom PC cases, so cool!

    • Angrymonkey247

      @Lukastic started with ce, then h2, then 3, then 4, then reach, then 5, then halo wars, then odst, then infinite. Worth every second I spent

    • Hero

      Try infinite or mcc, game pass for pc is 3 months for $1.

    • Lukastic

      Please give it a try you will be hooked, I started with Reach…that’s all it took

  • HouseLamp

    This makes me want to clean and repair my xbox original Halo edition like crazy

  • drbjr

    Not much of a halo fan but man that is a cool PC, and Kittle seems super awesome.

  • Hobbyist Anonymous
    Hobbyist Anonymous

    Him saying I owned all the Halo X Boxes except for the first one because I’m not old enough gutted me. I was so happy with the video until that point. Probably the first time in my life I truly felt old.

  • SoulFlowXD

    aight ive had enough ima do it for him "Hey guys this is Austin, and in today's video were gonna be build a Halo infinite pc for the one one only halo fan."

  • Yvyan

    i have this case, in white, it's giant, heavy and really cool, great build

  • Aaron Sondag
    Aaron Sondag

    I'm soooo jealous right now! I'm a huge halo fan!

  • Justin Zanders
    Justin Zanders

    This is my favorite build from this channel

  • James Gray
    James Gray

    The picture of it at the start of the youtube video has it with a better lighter green and decals. Love the way it looks from the picture when clicking to watch the video. Cool experience guys and great work.

  • Reed

    Props to microsoft's marketing team and good stuff Austin

  • Drew Bell
    Drew Bell

    I absolutely loved this


    I like this type of videos you’ve been doing more recently

  • Lucas’ Workshop
    Lucas’ Workshop

    He looked more happy with the keyboard and mouse than the PC

  • aaron elsey
    aaron elsey

    Amazing PC and build but I have to say one critique... I would have done custom gold an green cable mods.

  • Mystical_Zeus

    It didn't look like it because you were in a parking garage but generally it's good to paint away from car because the wind can carry uncured paint and it can speckle a car. You can buff it out but if the wind carries it chances are that spot is kinda big and is gonna cost the owner. Build looks awesome guys turned out amazing.

  • Gotta Be Frank
    Gotta Be Frank

    That PC is absolutely gorgeous.

  • King Artheus The 2nd
    King Artheus The 2nd

    New sub and fan here cheers from puerto rico. I confess i love your videos but i always am waiting on Linus to pop in the video 🤣 you 2 have a similar vibe in the content but ypu are much more wacky and fun. Keep the videos up bro wish you best,

  • Mini Elvis
    Mini Elvis

    Great video the pc building videos are the best

  • jet5ter gaming
    jet5ter gaming

    jared is like the guy who always ask you if he can help you in microcenter

  • NotPixelCat

    I just finished building my second pc and the first I’ve built 2 days ago! Your the reason I decided to build and I learned how from your channel! Thanks everyone!

    • NotPixelCat

      @bmxscape yes I dod

    • NotPixelCat

      @bmxscape well I had one pc that I got just over a year ago and was about 9-10 years old for only $100 then that computer gave out and I built a knew one

    • bmxscape

      if youve built 2 pcs in 2 days sounds like you fucked up pretty bad the first time

    • Light Minecraft
      Light Minecraft

      Omg so kind

  • K1ngSlayer19

    Do you all think it smart to slowly overtime build a best of a pc?

  • Gavin

    I have been lucky enough to build 2 pc's for people who couldn't get one themselves and it is a good feeling. Genuine Reaction.

  • Lean On Bryan
    Lean On Bryan

    i think the side panel should have been tinted too but still a great Halo theme build.. 👍👍👍

  • Reesham Jacobs
    Reesham Jacobs

    This is the best game pass ad I have watched without skipping😅🤣 great vid Austin

    • Reesham Jacobs
      Reesham Jacobs

      I have has game pass for ox for 8 months

  • Netherite

    I didn't know that George was a halo fan btw this amazing TE is awesome mainly because he was a HAWKEY!

  • Xander Anilavo
    Xander Anilavo

    Austin created a Forerunner artifact!!

  • stonky.snowman

    Cool pc wish I had one

  • YoungNILA420

    One day I hope I have a pc like this rn I'm running on a laptop 😂

  • RaidZeroHero

    That GPU is fire 🔥

  • Nigel Calloun
    Nigel Calloun

    The build is pretty dope, shout out to the tint and the laser printing. Only thing I wish they did differently is match the paint color to the graphics card and accessories. Not sure if it would've been possible but beautiful job nonetheless.

  • Dustin Hill
    Dustin Hill

    Ok ok ok I am late to the party, but this is incredible! As an avid Halo fan, I was able to get the Limited Edition Series X... But this is SO MUICH COOLER!! How much would all of this cost, to pay scalpers and custom builders for? Like, $8,000?!

  • Duarte Brites
    Duarte Brites

    Austin, isn't that "case" a dust magnet? Genuinely curious.

  • Adam l'Ami
    Adam l'Ami

    I love how Austin didn't like when Ken said "Master Cheifey" even though he had said it in at least 2 prior clips before Ken did.

  • jacob rowe
    jacob rowe

    if yuo guys build more stuff like this i will defs watch more content

  • Blessing Sulaiman
    Blessing Sulaiman

    2:16 Jared: Doing all the actual work Ken: Spray painting and taking the piss out of Austin Austin: doing nothing

  • GAMZ Dex
    GAMZ Dex

    hey austin i just turned 13 years old i love watching you videos keep up the good work god bless you

  • HRVX 7
    HRVX 7

    With that shape I'd have made it look Like the cryopod and have it water cooled with an icy interior but this is good.

  • Javanni Miller
    Javanni Miller

    absolutely lovely video