Trying The Cheapest Keyboards on Amazon...
Austin Evans
The cheapest keyboards available on Amazon: are they worth it?
Updated version of the cheap RGB keyboard on Amazon:
Verbatim Slimline keyboard on Amazon:
JETech Bluetooth keyboard on Amazon:
AmazonBasics keyboard on Amazon:

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  • Orangepaprika 67
    Orangepaprika 67

    I am using a Rii keyboard for almost 4 years now, and some of the letters (especially WASD) have gotten extremely worn off, but the keyboard is still great!

    • arsh kazi
      arsh kazi

      Bedlles noob pfp noice

    • Krunos


    • bell

      ok sub bot

    • Ivan Pekic
      Ivan Pekic

      @lalee You can buy keycaps for membrane keyboards

    • YM

      I had one, but after a few weeks, the wasd keys stopped working and the usb is absolutely garbage if it gets knocked at all

  • spooderman

    Me over here with my laptop keyboard

    • Fxded Pxths
      Fxded Pxths

      I feel you bro

    • Stano Pano
      Stano Pano

      Phone keyboard

    • bootafly_z

      $500+ worth keyboard is garbage

    • Creppyhero

      Me over here with my phone keyboard

    • IDontKnowHowToLive

      I play on a mac I feel your pain

  • SirCheeseMan

    Thank you for actually giving a HONEST review instead of just saying that everything is just pure trash because of the price. I just feel like most people would just automatically assume that its garbage just because of the price.

  • Machai Birks
    Machai Birks

    I want a set up so bad I got myself watching this and being jealous

    • ZexorVVS

      @Some Internet Box No they don’t lmao. Intel processors that end in “F” or “KF” don’t have integrated graphics and amd processors that don’t end with “G” also aren’t APUs. You clearly don’t know what you’re talking about and you could lead this guy into believing that and buying a random cpu for no reason expecting integrated graphics. 🤦‍♂️

    • ZexorVVS

      @Ivan Tube That shit will not run anything with good performance you must not have any experience with apu processors lmao

    • fancy octopus
      fancy octopus

      I mean all you need a a laptop that has good specs a decent mouse nothing expensive a office mouse will do, and a smaller keyboard to keep it clean. The laptop is like 400-600 and the mouse would be like 20 and keyboard 50. It could cost in total 470-670.

    • Fercholon

      @Ale i have Ryder 5 with red 3060 ti and it works pretty well and is cheap

    • Txco

      @Some Internet Box bruh i cant even play csgo that smooth with a pc worth 650$ i think i got scammed

  • Ski

    Austin should have done the cheapest Mechanical Keyboard

    • BW

      @Austin Evans video idea but the 15 $ E-YOOSO k-620 keyboard

    • the

      @Judo A keyboard that uses a mechanical switch to actuate instead of a rubber dome that most cheap keyboards have. Mechanical keyboards generally feel nicer to type on than rubber domes and there are a lot of mechanical switch options.

    • squiddart

      @the crab empire Brat srbin

    • Matsudaira

      Chyrosran22 : i got them at the recycling centre, 50 pence apiece

    • Hollywood Gaming
      Hollywood Gaming

      DarksideOrbit is never use browns lol I think I have reds

  • Gladius Editors
    Gladius Editors

    Love how he’s not biased on the price and actually gives the best feedback we can get

  • Greg Heffley
    Greg Heffley

    You know it’s a gaming keyboard when there is rgb

    • Darth Vader
      Darth Vader


    • Big Bertha
      Big Bertha

      @i like deadrising wait i thought it was bingo (his imaginary friend)

    • i like deadrising
      i like deadrising

      @Big Bertha I killed him

    • apethegrape83

      Greg, in your opinion is ur mom a karen? (edit : What is wrong with me)

    • CwableK

      @brownboi🥷🏽 lol yes but actually if you think about it greg should be on his last year i think after the deep end

  • Chad Cat
    Chad Cat

    I love how some of your vids show how no matter the price you can still have fun and can still be good.:)

  • Brandon Song
    Brandon Song

    Thank you austin for this video i was wondering wether i should get the more expesive ones or if the cheaper ones arent acctully too bad quality

  • BinZc

    He makes anything cheap sound expensive

    • Ayush Adiga
      Ayush Adiga


    • arleyM


    • Hvrst

      @Shihab Ahmed mine was 4 years cheap logitech keyboard (for working) but the back space and enter broke :(. So sometimes i type something and delete it, boom all deleted

    • Vibin Koala
      Vibin Koala


    • Natalie Smith
      Natalie Smith


  • Ritsuki~Chan♡

    I have the last one and u completely agree! While the price has gone up since when this video came it its actually a really useful keyboard!

  • User 5748
    User 5748

    None of them are bad and that last one actually impressed me. Nice.

    • Fast Fatty
      Fast Fatty

      The reason none of them are bad is because a lot of 'good' keyboards are just good sounding.

    • little0rphan

      its $125 now :I

  • dogtruck

    i recommend TopMate KM12 it’s pretty cheap and works alright. It’s enough for gaming, typing and such. It’s mechanical with Cherry Blue switches.

  • Happy banana
    Happy banana

    I like how they managed to make a 5$ keyboard look sick

  • Tanzy

    I've been using something like an iBuyPower keyboard for about a year. It's a great keyboard. RBG, big layout, shortcuts for apps, and some other things. The only problem I have with it is that it's keys are really, really clicky.

  • Kay Skywalker
    Kay Skywalker

    First keyboard you reviewed: We bought these at work last year and if I could burn them I would. They are so cheaply made it doesn't take much to destroy the housing. And when attempting to boot into bios, the computer fails to detect the keyboard right away. It fails the most basic of features. Save your money and buy something better for 10 dollars more.

  • Bjdodo64

    In case you were wondering, yes, you can still buy the original version of that rgb keyboard on Amazon.

  • Toy Bonnie SFM
    Toy Bonnie SFM

    The rgb keyboard is prob my fav and the white back plate thingy helps with showing off the lights unlike the h huntsman and black widow v3 (yes I like razer) the back plate thingy looks amazing

  • firstworldbrat

    yes, there are aggressive typers! I knew a guy that went through a keyboard a week! he had a collection of them in his cubical ! he was given a gel keyboard and within a day the gel was leaking all over his desk

  • bonnie bonnie
    bonnie bonnie

    for my recommended type of keyboard you should use skytech. it has a extra key that switches modes or if you hold fn and the key itll go by itself.

  • Uthman Baksh
    Uthman Baksh

    Back in 2018, I needed a keyboard to use with an old laptop because the built in keyboard was unresponsive. That's how I got that Amazon Basics keyboard. I wish I still kept it though.

  • Jundesite

    when i was on a budget, i got an Rii keyboard. i don’t like it anymore because it slides around on my desk, responds late, and the keys wobble a lot. but for a budget, it’s nice and the rgb is a nice set of colours too.

  • Audrey Shotland
    Audrey Shotland

    I think the first keyboard were the ones they used at my old school lol.

  • Diana Almanza
    Diana Almanza

    i’ve always wanted a computer to play games. but it’s so expensive hahaha so i’m just trying to look for all the cheapest things

  • Daniel Delos Reyes
    Daniel Delos Reyes

    Austin: They're AAA's Also Austin: *still tries to put in AA*

  • The_D0C70R

    I never really cared about RGB, the Huntsman Elite just happened to have it. I was more interested in the Opto-Mechanical switches. I never really understood the whole RGB trend, it just seems overrated and overhyped. It's cool and all but it's not too special. My $5 mouse is also RGB lol.

  • GWM-BTD Battles, Agar.Io and more!
    GWM-BTD Battles, Agar.Io and more!

    Why are youtubers so perfect when you need them? Legit I'm getting my first budget gaming setup and I was on a search for keyboards and then Austin uploads a video about keyboards. Love you. 😍

    • Charles .H
      Charles .H

      All these keyboards are lightweight, and unless your getting a gaming laptop which I doubt you are because you are staying on a budget, heavier keyboards are generally better because it doesn't slide around as much and usually means better quality plastic. You can get the cheaper ones, but I wouldn't recommend it. No shame to austin evans.

    • Matthew Jeppe
      Matthew Jeppe

      Yo look up henchmen keyboards they are cheap and mechanical and very good

    • Sebfofun

      Dont get any of these. Get a Red Dragon keyboard, they are mechanicals.

    • KikoTs

      Searching for cheap and good keyboard try Motospeed CK888 combo with mouse, for 50$ they are soo same good

    • Lethiwe

      Same here!


    I'm Using the Amazon Basics Keyboard Right now..... Had it for over a year work really smooth no damage... u can use it for gaming i guess to some extent.... but for productivity the best one so far....

  • NotFaze Playz
    NotFaze Playz

    I had the Amazon basics keyboard before switching to the Roccat magnum. (This dramatic switch was due to my transition from controller to keyboard).

  • Sea Wead
    Sea Wead

    When I got my first 300 dollar computer, it came with a rubber keyboard, the type of rubber that can easily be bent

  • JingXuan Ge
    JingXuan Ge

    I bought the third one about two months ago and it worked really well. But typing on it is a torture when you have to type three thousand words per day. I developed carpal tunnel from that.

  • verystrange

    Austin: *literally has hundreds of videos* Also Austin: *plays Linus tech tips*

    • seb g
      seb g

      lmao i had to do CTRL+F to find this comment 😂😂😂

  • Mondo playzzz
    Mondo playzzz

    dude that RGB keyboard would match my RGB gaming PC so well, i already have an RGB keyboard but it looks terrible, although it is reliable it looks bad

  • kaashkat

    i literally got a gaming keyboard that has RGB led backlighting for 5 bucks on amazon and it types so nicely im- the keycaps are also illuminated what a deal

  • my_negative_world

    2:02 Yes it is going to last a shit load of time. More than most mechanical keyboards. Is it worth it? No

  • Gl1tch

    You should try the hyperx alloy core rgb keyboard for 50$, i use it and it is amazing :D

  • shortstitch

    My school: "Ill take your whole stock"

    • Rhea Shetty
      Rhea Shetty


    • user not found
      user not found

      @Titanium Falcon KEYBOARD IS KEYBOARD

    • lumy

      How do you fuck up that meme

    • Titanium Falcon
      Titanium Falcon

      My school: I don't care if it doesnt work A KEYBOARD IS A KEYBOARD

  • Kyruzen

    6 years ago i brought a 3$ keyboard which i used for 4 years and it still works. Yes i changed it cuz im playing games a lot but if ever my gaming keyboard fails im going back to it in need KEKW

  • yehdoteen

    "This is as slim as a keyboard can get" My keyboard: You dare challenge me mortal?!?

  • JMSMusic

    I came back to this video 2 years later just to hear Austin non-ironically say, “I like the RGB for gaming”.

  • Cross

    Austin: "Shouldn't be a big deal unless you're very aggressive typer. Are there aggressive typers?" Me: "Allow me to introduce myself that has wrecked countless keyboards..."

  • Ghastly ID
    Ghastly ID

    6:58 That is the exact keyboard I bought a few months ago... I will say I am very disappointed it does not have backlights.

  • StraySM _
    StraySM _

    Logitech MK335 Wireless Is very good but it is a little bit more expensive. My dad has used it for many years and it works like it just came out of the box.

  • Harrison Gould
    Harrison Gould

    All the dislikes are the companies that created them

    • airdust

      @Pegasus he did fortnite cuz it's still popular and I can see some fortnite nerds in the comment anyways

    • Werr

      Cha cha not smooth

    • Suffy C
      Suffy C

      @Katt your dad

    • Katt

      @Suffy C employees

    • JosephTPG

      Pegasus makes sense. Although I don’t see why you disliked the video just because of Fortnite, you make a clear point. At least you take a chill tone to all of the buthurt fans.

  • Agrisim Farming
    Agrisim Farming

    All these keyboards suck compared to the Logitech k120 at $9. It feels really nice despite being rubber domes, better tactility than Mx brown and they are very durable too.

  • LunarDoor

    the small bluetooth keyboard has to be a 75% or around that

  • Devon

    Me: clicks on video. Also me: Wait why's my keyboard on his desk?

  • HalfNathan

    if i am correct, if you do function key + rgb light for the keyboard at 5:53 , it would fade all the keyboard in and out

  • Reckless

    Trying the tightest shirt from Amazon.

    • Hareth -2
      Hareth -2

      Huh this man always does these vids

    • BTY _Frogy
      BTY _Frogy

      No hate though L

    • valeria quezada
      valeria quezada

      Reckless LOL

    • Zipiple

      Reckless lol

    • surrep

      GameBroskii i know right

  • PG Imonkey
    PG Imonkey

    I watch a lot of your keyboard videos and I literally got one for really cheap but I think will be good

  • UwU

    austin: do you really need to spend 30, 40, 50, 60, or even 100 dollars on a keyboard? of course you dont custom enthusiasts: ...

  • Commando

    Your Channel along with Linus tech tips and techsoure inspired me to build my setup

  • Healy Hurst
    Healy Hurst

    "Do you really need to spend 30, 40, 50,60+ dollars on a keyboard?" no, because I found an old mechanical one. But do I still want to buy one for the RGB? Of course.

  • vvsvlogs

    My favorite keyboard has to be Grand. Such perfect notes and reverb, a masterpiece.

  • Nozie

    I used to use the keyboard at 6:31, pretty good aside from being membrane ngl

  • Lapasa Paul Henrich
    Lapasa Paul Henrich

    i bought my keyboard for only 10dollars and its already mechanical with cherry mx blue rgb and it still works great 1 year of use

  • Cyril Srour
    Cyril Srour

    you can get the havit kb857 for 35 dollars its mechanical blue switch and I love it (stabilizers are not the best but u can get used to it)

  • Stellaar Monkey
    Stellaar Monkey

    I have the 2nd keyboard, it lasts a VERY long time. :)

  • Not Me
    Not Me

    A buff nerdy boy. Something I've never thought existed.

    • Savvyy


    • The Weekend Warrior
      The Weekend Warrior

      He's not buff bro

    • IDontKnowAGoodName

      Hes not buff but he has an athletic, lean build.

    • Shädows


    • Mow Blow
      Mow Blow

      BUFF?! Hahahaha oh dude...

  • Hamza Mahboob
    Hamza Mahboob

    still remembering those creepy Ausin intros, Thats what makes him legend

  • Natalia Wright
    Natalia Wright

    I own the verbatim keyboard. It's really good.

  • Julle

    I have a 20$ cheap gaming keyboard with rgb, and even tho it's cheap, it's very good.

  • Epic Kylian
    Epic Kylian

    man i have an HP keyboard from 2015 and it still god damn works XD, waterproof, and much as i hold the button very strong. nothing happens to it, but its extremely dirty ofc.

  • Caleem1212

    Hey man, i just want to say that i love all you're content and when im feeling a little down and you upload my day goes from bad to amazing. Im a huge fan keep it up!

    • Black Swans
      Black Swans

      give him a heart he is begging for it

    • BizzBoom! ♪
      BizzBoom! ♪

      yeah my boring days are bieng enjoyed

  • apple noob
    apple noob

    I would go with skytouch keyboard its low in price including a rgb keyboard,a rgb mouse and also a mouse and keyboard pad

  • UnleashedCrazy

    I had a 9$ keyboard and it lasted for 4-5 years, but I replaced it with a gaming keyboard

  • Rolan

    The first keyboard had a regular enter button for UK layout - I'd thought that was the same everywhere?

  • Odhrán Phelan
    Odhrán Phelan

    This is when you know Ken has made him bankrupt XD

  • ProtoMario

    Verbatium used to be a great Hard drive company...

    • Just Some Guy
      Just Some Guy

      I have a 50 pack of Verbatim DVD-Rs laying around. Strategically hidden under my pile of sub $15 keyboards.

    • Squidzoid

      They also made good mice

    • zUltra


    • Sidewinder


    • Noah

      Oh, hey Proto.

  • M4Dcat

    Well I dunno what's the fuss about cheap membrane keyboards not being reliable, but I disagree with that. Yes they're mushy, but they virtually have no complex moving parts as mechanicals do, thus there's nothing to go wrong with them. Myself I am using an ancient 17 year old keyboard which was used all these years every day and still works like a charm, every multimedia button etc.

  • michael kotaridis
    michael kotaridis

    There was a keyboard on Amazon for $1 and it wasn’t on the list the things people do to make a bad keyboard omg

  • ig babattundee
    ig babattundee

    I love to watch these kinds of vids, I'm learning a lot since I'll get a pc by 2020 summers end😃

    • Raker

      @potato man depends on the prebuilt brand digital storm iBuyPower and cyberpowerpc are no but stuff like hp omen has reasonably priced stuff or neweggs abs even

    • potato man
      potato man

      Also it was a joke but still don't buy pre-built

    • potato man
      potato man

      intel i5-10400f 8gb memory -nvidia geforce gtx 1650 4gb 240gb ssd 1tb hd is my computer DO NOT BUY PREBUILT

    • ig babattundee
      ig babattundee

      @potato man idc about the keyboards lmao, but the performance, didn't buy a cheap one. Just love tech stuff

    • potato man
      potato man

      *laughs in ryzen*

  • Душан Машкарин
    Душан Машкарин

    I think the best budget gaming keyboard is Redragon Kumara K552,it like 30$ on amazon i think

  • CATaclysmic

    For those looking for a cheap mechanical keyboard, go for the TECWARE Phantom Mechanical Keyboard. It has modular outemu switches, RGB (optional), TKL or full and you can choose either a outemu blue(clicky), brown (quiet), or red (linear). I recommend this over any redragon keyboards for it's price to features. This is on Amazon.

    • Luqman Hakim
      Luqman Hakim

      @xMercyJ if u want quieter clicky sound and low actuation force, go brown.

    • xMercyJ

      Yeah deffo going for the quiet option, especially when im playing with other people. Thanks anyway :)

    • CATaclysmic

      @Miguel M Silva Agreed, cherry switches will always be a good thing to look for in a mechanical keyboard.

    • CATaclysmic

      @Miguel M Silva Redragon doesn't give you that much features compared to the price you pay for, so thats why I don't recommend them. Tecware offers software RGB customization and multiple switches to choose from on their board.

    • CATaclysmic

      @xMercyJ I personally went for the blues, they're pretty loud, but I close my door so my family doesn't hear. If you want quiet ones go for the brown, but its all up to you :)

  • Meki

    ive watched this more than 5 times. its so good

  • Jeferly Giraffe
    Jeferly Giraffe

    2nd keyboard, that can't handle my gaming rage.

    • sans


  •  Jelly Lps
    Jelly Lps

    Lol I just bought a Winx Retro Typewriter style keybord for $15 at Big lots 😂

  • Sha-Boom Crack
    Sha-Boom Crack

    $200 for a keyboard now is a budget option lol

  • Statton Family
    Statton Family

    Try the red dragon keyboard great keyboard for pretty cheap

    • Kusair [GD]
      Kusair [GD]

      Reddragon K552, amazing keyboard under 50$

    • Vabbspat


    • Oacio

      Imo if you want a cheap mechanical keyboard save up an extra $20 to get an $80 one. I bought a reddragon mechanical keyboard but it felt super flimsy and cheap. Returned it and bought the GK61 and don't regret a thing. So much better quality.

    • ankh

      What red dragon keyboard is being talked about here? Red dragon has a ton of different keyboards

    • Rizzy

      redragon is for poorons

  • Leonard Hamelitz
    Leonard Hamelitz

    Austin: Do you really need to spend 30, 40, 50, 60 or even 100 dollars on a keyboard Me with my 140 dollar keyboard o-o

  • UndefinedWolf ツ
    UndefinedWolf ツ

    The first isn't for gaming since it dosent have rgb, so it dosent give extra fps

  • *Clears Throat
    *Clears Throat

    I love how it says windows xp, vista,7,and 8 but he has windows 10 on that monitor

  • Benjamin Avella
    Benjamin Avella

    Bro those keyboards look great compared to mine😂

  • Avenger_J

    0:03 I thought that he will say *"ARE THEY WORTH IT?"*

    • nitroxide


    • Connor Clifton
      Connor Clifton


    • Senility

      Madhavilatha Kota No, they were right.

    • milae


    • DutchMTC

      400th like

  • RZR Jorehead
    RZR Jorehead

    Austin: It’s really weird how light it is! His arms: no

  • cherrymxblacks

    me before: this is not too bad for the cost! me after I got an ann pro 2: bruh no thanks I'm gonna stick with the 90$ price tag

  • Quchi

    I’m quite comfortable with the traditional keyboard but then again, I have my mechanical keyboard on standby incase my amigos wants to lan party.

  • FearSkar

    Im using a $15 mouse and keyboard.... $15 sum of both prices.... And its working amazing. Just that the letters on thr keycaps fade away after a while

  • Deathedell

    i use the amazon basics and ive beat the shit out of it and it still works

  • Chef

    I once bought a verbatim foldable keyboard, lol yeah i used it once

  • Electron

    Ive actually upgraded from one of these recently

  • Aneko

    Once i buy a RGB keyboard for like, 5 dollars, and it was pretty good, but in Valorant i keep using the E power and using granades in other FPS games, than i discover, if you press A and D at the same time it uses E, like an macro but, bad

  • Walrus

    I just realized that I own the first keyboard Austin opened It was fun smashing it.

    • Mboy556

      @Liammed that will be the new meme

    • Uzer gd
      Uzer gd

      Wow an original coment, congratulations!!

  • freshyt

    I have the last 1 it's actually not that bad 👍

  • Matt Sulit
    Matt Sulit

    The cheapest keyboard they found in amazon is $5,but in lazada philippines is $1 rgb keyboard with mouse

  • Huliana Invasion
    Huliana Invasion

    I can not tell you how happy I am! I didn't want to waste money and buy new things! Now I will see if they are good! (plus I'm just a 10 year old kid lol so I'm poor)

  • PrimeTF

    It hardly matters, because mechanical keyboards cost as low as $30, and I consider that a reasonable price for any kind of keyboard, unless you are really obsessed with spending less than $10 on a keyboard.

  • Timestamp Terry
    Timestamp Terry

    The second glossy keyboard reminds me of a wii u

    • Adi Dutta
      Adi Dutta

      I have one

    • Shiny _ T3
      Shiny _ T3

      Jalenn2KoolAid why did you get offended by it

    • Shyft

      Jalenn2KoolAid same but I never use it lol

    • giga_chad

      That keyboard is a rip-off

    • MoRe MrFlamingo
      MoRe MrFlamingo

      @Jalenn2KoolAid I sold mine for 250

  • NotSlury

    Austin: will it lost for a long time Me with my 1999's keyboard: yes thou will last long!

  • CreeperGaming

    Ohhh wow the second keyboard you unlocked is the one my mom has at work😂