Top 5 Worst Phones Ever!
Austin Evans
My choices for the worst phones ever! What's your pick?

Since smartphones really started taking off there have been many excellent innovations and awesome phones and there have been an equal amount of massive failures that tried too hard, didn't try hard enough or gambled on a new way of doing things that didn't quite work out so here are my top 5 worst phones ever!

Top 5 Worst Laptops Ever!

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  • LaDeX

    N-Gage was one of the best smartphones of it's time. It was a full Symbian phone at a fairly cheap price (around 300€). All the games were possible to be put on the same memory card (no copy protection of any kind) so no card switching.

  • FBJ 122
    FBJ 122

    4.7 inch tablet...oh the good old days now thats small for phones!!

    • chinø

      FBJ 122 I have a 6.1 inch.. dick.

    • Trish Gupta
      Trish Gupta

      It was the breadth

    • volkswagen polo gameing
      volkswagen polo gameing

      he meant 7" inch tablet

    • DR Blazic
      DR Blazic

      FBJ 122 I have a 6.2 Samsung galaxy 8 note

    • Fearsin

      Pat Plasmius that's one of the best iPhones ever

  • Justin Angelo Villegas
    Justin Angelo Villegas

    can I just say the kin was one of my all time favorite phones. it was fun. it was beyond portable and it always got attention

  • Makenzie E
    Makenzie E

    I used the first LG ever, my mom had it, then she bought an i phone and gave the LG to me... luckly, her i phone broke, so i got it (for some reason) so i fixed it (all i had to do is turn it off then back on again) so i got the i phone and she got her old LG back. 😂😂😂😂😂

    • proelitjump 13
      proelitjump 13

      Makenzie E poor guy...

    • Alexis Bierque de Birka de Fauville
      Alexis Bierque de Birka de Fauville

      Tech With Kenzie lmao lucky guy xD

    • ummmconangrayjelicnobaskul47

      i have LG Spirit,one word...terrible!i mean only at first because theres that much to set up you will wish you die

    • Troy

      How Come Alpacas Are Fluffy Savage😂😂

  • Cody McAleer
    Cody McAleer

    The echo phone reminds me of the Nintendo 3DS xl

    • Noob peashooter
      Noob peashooter


    • Princess Waves And Diamond Shine
      Princess Waves And Diamond Shine

      Or dsi xl

    • hoeist

      TheDankDude 21 yeah

    • Saad Rehman
      Saad Rehman

      TheDankDude 21 totally

    • gamer cow
      gamer cow


  • Robloxwarrior

    This guy’s been making great content for over 6 years!

  • voteDC

    Watching this, it's amazing how much more energetic you've got with the "Hey guys" opening line over the years.

  • Chewi

    My first phone was pretty garbage. It was one of those ones with a slide out keyboard. The screen was a pretty unresponsive touch display. But by far the worst part about it was that it didn't connect to wifi! Yet they decided to put like 5 keys on the keyboard that would launch the Internet to different webpages. But the Internet only worked on data. It was so annoying. But I loved the actual physical keyboard. At the time touch screens on phones were still pretty new. And full qwerty keyboards were becoming increasingly less expensive.

    • Beware the Lily of the Valley
      Beware the Lily of the Valley

      Chewi My first phone that I bought myself was the original LG Rumor, which had a slide-out keyboard. The moment I saw it, I was in love and HAD to get the one in white, no questions about it (though there was a lime green one that was also cool). My second phone I upgraded to was the LG Rumor 2, which worked exactly how you described your phone, a touch screen and slide-out keyboard but no wifi. In my eyes, I hated full touchscreen phones and thought those with physical keyboards were superior. Whoa boy, lol. I think I was also still trying to do whatever I could to get a bit of the long-past awesomeness of the Sidekick, the phone that flipped the screen when you opened it. I thought that phone was the most amazing thing since sliced bread, but my family definitely couldn't afford it at the time, XD. this day, I actually still have both of my Rumor phones and even used my Rumor 2 in 2015 for a few months as my Galaxy S4 was having some issues.

    • Daniel Kotlyar
      Daniel Kotlyar

      Chewi ya same I had an iPhone

  • Joshua Wedekind
    Joshua Wedekind

    The Motorola Q. The concept was so amazing (Windows on a phone?!), I bought it the day it came out. But the device was too underpowered. None of its advertised capabilities really worked because the hardware could not satisfy OS and app demand. Then they kept on having black screens of death. I think Verizon replaced my Q like 5 times under warranty before finally asking me if I'd just like a different phone.

  • marcfromyoutube

    Omg Austin’s old accent 😂😂😂

    • Graphics Card
      Graphics Card

      @LewisLabbettFlips oof roasted

    • LewisLabbettFlips

      TheEpicDiamondMiner your name is epic diamonds miner and your like 9 😂

    • RenegadeCF

      TheEpicDiamondMiner he has a southern accent that isn’t noticeable in newer videos smartass

    • TheEpicDiamondMiner

      It's called a voice

  • BizWiz

    I like how you plug in a little something positive about each one and what they intended. I appreciated that :-) Great review, great delivery! Subscribing.

  • J Mae Music
    J Mae Music

    I had a Microsoft kin and it was actually working amazing for me, its not a bad phone at all, saved space in my pocket, it was a good alarm, it just worked very well for me in general. I think its hard to have an opinion on a phone until you've used it in your daily life for a month at least. The phone did what it was supposed to do

  • Aravind Padmanabhan
    Aravind Padmanabhan

    Most of the shortcomings of the N-Gage was rectified in the N-Gage QD (which was actually shown in this video). The QD featured hot-swap game cards, and the speakers were faced the right way and was a very cool phone. I really enjoyed the QD

  • Dev Shah
    Dev Shah

    It's so weird how we are still chasing dual screen phones !!!

  • Red Red
    Red Red

    I had the Blackberry Storm on At&t and my wifi worked great. Even browsing without wifi was fast. My only issue was texting on the touch screen wasn't easy. But if you slid the phone open, the keyboard underneath made typing really quick.

  • Matthew Stone
    Matthew Stone

    not gonna lie, I had a Kin and it was one of my favorite pre-smart phone cell phones I ever had.

  • Renatra Abdel
    Renatra Abdel

    Ahhh, good ol' days where 4.7" screen counts as a tablet. Now the average smartphone screen size is 5.5" -_-

  • TheGoldenAge

    When the Kin came out I wanted it SOOO badly...I even begged my parents to buy me a case for it before I bought the phone. Thank god I never got the phone but that case still sits in one of my parent's kitchen drawers

    • David hunter
      David hunter

      Lol good story

  • houssam badrane
    houssam badrane

    had the bb storm in 2010 , i loved it it was so amazing i still have it even if im not using it

  • Karol Babinski
    Karol Babinski

    4.7" tablet? I'm rockin' 6.3" smartphone lol

    • Oscar D.
      Oscar D.

      @h lg g8 here

    • pablesm

      999999999999999999999999999999.9" microscopic phone

    • h

      Lg stylo 6 here lol

  • Darth Dogoz
    Darth Dogoz

    when I was 5 my dad had a phone that was like a smartphone but not touchscreen....there was a pullout keyboard+navigator like.....i thought it was pretty cool but that was the time when everyone had a flip phone or te easy phones

  • 7teenageSmokers

    I remember a lot of these phones and I remember wanting almost all of them. Haha. My parents have always been on US Cellular though, so a lot of these if not all of these phones were never on that cell service.

  • Vincent D
    Vincent D

    I had a Samsung Glyde back in 2008. I went through at least 4 Glydes due to the elusive unresponsive touch screen and finally got Verizon to let me get a new phone early.

  • Theresa Andrade
    Theresa Andrade

    Nokia 635, The first smartphones I had didn't work right, around 2012 or so. Later they all worked right. This one was my only phone that just completely crashed on me. I bought it new and payed good money for it. That's why I never paid a lot for a phone again. I even had better luck with refurbishef and used phones than that one.

  • Rove Plant Eater
    Rove Plant Eater

    hands down the LG EnV was the best phone ever. I remember everyone being in awe with all the colours it came in and the fact the back looked like a real camera. Mine was my eldest sisters, then my middle, then mine ans still to this day works brilliant with a battery that lasts a month. Try that on for size, iphones.

  • 365Tech

    I wanted the echo so bad when it was first announced 😂

  • Edski’s Workshop
    Edski’s Workshop

    TracFone UMX, hands down, to put this into perspective, my iPod touch 4 beat this phone, and this phone has double the ram and a dual core 1.2 Ghz processer, and it doesn't even come close to the speed of an iPod from 2010. (This phone is a 2014 phone)

  • Hannah McCormick
    Hannah McCormick

    The worst phone I ever had was an Alcatel phone (not a smart phone) that had a slide out keyboard. The shittiest stand alone memory of that phone would be the difficulty surrounding changing the volume. You had to navigate through several menus in the settings to simply turn the volume up or down. There were no physical volume buttons.

  • Bryce Foster
    Bryce Foster

    I loved my kin. So compact and a pretty decent camera

  • Johnny Partain
    Johnny Partain

    I came for the phone in the thumbnail

    • Unknow Wolf 🐺 🐺
      Unknow Wolf 🐺 🐺

      @kippi I remember watching back in 2013 when I had Hughesnet Sattilite internet now I have 4G router

    • TomStar 123
      TomStar 123


    • Agressive Storm 2
      Agressive Storm 2

      Ur weird

    • Adamender909


    • Blabla Bla
      Blabla Bla

      Johnny Partain it's a hp phone with Vodafone collaboration.

  • Delta Eevee
    Delta Eevee

    I owned a Moto G3 for all but four days, then promptly returned it. The thing kept freezing and required a hard reboot several times a day. This goes to show that editor reviews have about as much weight as a feather.

  • Sameer Paranjape
    Sameer Paranjape

    Hey Austin! This is guys. You were holding an N-Gage QD which fixed both of the problems you mentioned about the original N-Gage. It has a game card slot at the top (or the bottom), allowing you to swap out games on the fly and can be held like a normal phone during a call. But unfortunately, thanks to the shambolic piece of hardware that was the original N-Gage, the damage was already done.

  • Mostlyjoe

    The Motorola Razr (1st gen). I was a phone tech and those were basically the worst phones ever. They broke just by looking at them and had to be replaced almost every time someone came in with them. These days there aren't really any more Phone techs, but if you find any of us out in the do we have stories.

  • luhmow

    going from a current video of yours to this is very weird from the table where you build the ultimate consoles to just seeing your face and background instead of all the other camera angles but still a great quality video

    • luhmow

      i know i was just saying im used to seeing the newer videos because 5 years ago i didnt watch this channel or really watch youtube

    • Oblivion5367

      This video was 5 years ago dude

  • Beware the Lily of the Valley
    Beware the Lily of the Valley

    I actually worked in online webchat at Verizon when the Kin2 was out, which your thumbnail made me click this video. People wanted an easy phone for their kids yet with a few minimal smartphone specs and that was the closest thing Verizon had at the time. The phone sucked and I hated recommending it to them. I was pretty relieved when I moved to the customer service half of the company instead of sales so I wouldn't have to feel bad for recommending crappy phones just to get a sale.

  • HayDee Moreno
    HayDee Moreno

    I had the BB Storm 1 and 2 and I must say, they actually weren't bad phones. No one else I knew ever had it so it made it easier for me to have a phone no one knew how to use. Ha. 😁 I also had the Kin, small and cute but you're right, useless. 😞 So far, the worst phone I've ever had was probably the Sidekick. I couldn't do much with that, except text.

  • Velo1010

    I remember some of those. And sadly I miss the good old days...sometimes.

  • Andrew L incitti
    Andrew L incitti

    My first real cellphone was a at&t flip phone and it was the best cellphone i ever had good battery and I had it for almost 7 years with no problems.

  • Objective Ninja
    Objective Ninja

    Before watching the video, I thought Samsung's bada platform would make it to the list. Now, though, that phone seems like an actual smartphone in comparison.

  • Samantha Berne
    Samantha Berne

    Too bad #1 failed. It looks pretty cool in the photos. If it was like a normal smartphone I'm sure it would have sold well.

  • Rodrigue Estime
    Rodrigue Estime

    If you worked for Verizon when this phone came out then you know. Samsung glyde = worst phone ever. This phone was unusable and was the only phone that I know of that had to have 8 software updates to try to fix the touch screen.

  • compactc9

    My brother had one of those Ken phones, he actually really liked it, but the reason he didn't have it very long is that it had some reliability issue, and he had 2-3 of them in that short time they were out, all just up and died on him and were replaced by Verizon. The last one he had got replace by something else, as you couldn't get them anymore.

  • Teresa

    Worst phone I ever used:Vodafone 858 Smart: 1GB of storage 150MB of ram And android 2.2.1 LIKE A BOSS

    • MrSupercar55

      I had one of those in another lifetime. It was an absolute dog’s dinner of a phone with those specs. Now I’ve got a Motorola Moto G5, and it’s getting on a bit. The only updates I get are for apps from Google Play, and even then, they’re like London buses. I wait ages for one update and I get loads of updates at once. Plus it lags all the time, and the battery heats up to a million degrees Celsius. Some time in the not too distant future its goose will be cooked and I’ll have to upgrade.

    • Baldi 2
      Baldi 2

      Galaxy y was worse

    • Ritzzy

      Worst android phone I ever was used Vodafone 875 2gb of storage 512mb of ram 1ghz processer 4.1.0 upgraded to 4.1.1 lol 2mp camera no front

  • MarcXW

    The blackberry storm's screen was capacitive, not resistive, although I guess surepress might've made it feel resistive somehow, but it was capacitive. And having owned it, it might not have sold well but it wasn't disastrous for the time to be honest.

  • tali koyu
    tali koyu

    i owned a blackberry storm.. i liked it, liked the screen press feature to, it helped accidentally pressing the wrong button

  • BioRokus

    I'd say the worst phone I've ever had was the Optimus S... I literally only bought it for the non-capacitive buttons. It was scary, too. I had it freeze completely, so I tried to force-shut down but it didn't respond. I took out the battery and the screen stayed on for a good 30 seconds after. After a while I switched to an iPhone 4, then 4s and haven't had a "bad" phone since.

  • OutdoorsUnlimited 101
    OutdoorsUnlimited 101

    My dad loved all of his blackberry's but he never had the storm. His favorite one was one of the ones that had the keyboard. Then he was forced to upgrade to a iPhone.

  • R.O.T.C SEEM
    R.O.T.C SEEM

    the storm was one of my favorite phones before android

  • David Henry Posadas
    David Henry Posadas

    DON'T Judge me, but I love the Blackberry Storm. That was my first smartphone.

  • Hideika

    My first android phone was the HTC Wildfire S and that thing was *atrocious* ever since then I've been using an iPhone and never went back to android since.

  • rayman

    lg viewty, remember? the k990 model =)) having a rezistive touch screen you had to press, for swiping you had to scratch the screen =))

    • rayman

      and ks360, but you have to give the credit to lg for trying to inovate, i mean even these days, through modularity with g5 or courved panels with gflex 1 and 2 and also the g4

  • Anton

    2:02 One does not simply make a DS

    • Bruh

      xiHydro lol u got that profile picture from the HiveMC website

  • DWalker89

    bruh i owned a blackberry storm, at the time that shit was so dope!! it didnt have wifi but wifi wasnt really a big deal at that time for me. an i bought the kin 1. i liked it. it was only 50 bux, oh and i remember wanting to have the ngage haha

  • The247

    Long time ago, I knew of a douche bag at work that bought the n gage.. he thought he was the shit for owning that phone. Well it still rings true..

  • Sam Squids
    Sam Squids

    1:36 The Kyocera Echo was the first foldable smartphone, suck it Samsung!

  • Cory Mckeel
    Cory Mckeel

    I had a kin 1 & 2, i liked the shape of the first one, thats it though...

  • Marco Huijskes
    Marco Huijskes

    HTC wildfire, android 2.3.3 and 512MHz processor. it was lagging very very hard in its own launcher

    • Nick Versteeg
      Nick Versteeg

      Add the Galaxy Ace to that list then. 128mb RAM chewed up 1/2 by Android and its own bloatware.

  • rayman

    challenge: what's your most favored phone that you couldn't afford it? mine was Motorola Milestone

  • Étourdie

    1:44 Basically Nintendo's thought process - just replace phone with portable game console. The difference? The DS sold well.

  • 973 CASH
    973 CASH

    The energy in his old vids are completely different from his new ones

  • kamdabest2003

    2:00 that phone was ahead of its time.

  • ohjasry

    2 screens on a phone? what a weird concept, I'm sure no one will try it again...

  • Aidan

    I thought a flip phone would be bad until I actually got one, they are actually pretty good! Apart from the whole minutes thing...

  • Maxwell pants
    Maxwell pants

    The phone with two screens is kind of like a 3DS

  • Jagjit Dusanjh
    Jagjit Dusanjh

    The infamous Nokia 7600. Google it and you'll see what I mean. One of my friends had one. We used to laugh at him.

  • SymbolX

    The Palm Pre was promising but sadly bad… It was innovative but easy to break. Plus HP buying Palm was the "coup de grâce". HP sucks at pretty much everything…

    • tayler warden
      tayler warden

      i got a palm pixi and the back rubber came all the way off and was just a shitty phone all together. so i put it in a sink full of water for about 5 hours... and it turned back on.. sigh.

    • jam

      My dad had a Palm Pre. To tell you the truth, I really liked that phone. Sometimes it got on my freaking nerves but I still liked it. But I was younger and my favorite thing about is was when I could download games lol. Don't judge me though, I was young.

    • SymbolX

      @TheSinep999 The bad app support is mainly due to the iPhone eclipsing any competition at this time, then to HP buying Palm… But the OS and some of the features of the Palm Pre and the TouchPad were very innovative! The main problems were the hardware quality (It broke easily) and the specs… If Apple had never invented the iPhone, Palm would probably be the top mobile phone seller… If Apple had never invented the iPhone, Google would have never produced Android since Android is the result of Google spying on Apple while being partners…

    • TheSinep999

      I had the palm pre plus. I hated it. The 5 minute loadup, bad app support, and awful battery life makes me wonder why hp even wanted to buy it

    • SymbolX

      @Heywood Jablowme When they did Pocket PCs, yes…

  • Riley Tranquillow
    Riley Tranquillow

    i used a blackberry storm but "now" batery life is a nightmare. i plugged in the noon and evening... well, out of charge :D

  • Computer Guy 99
    Computer Guy 99

    I have a blackberry storm which I saved from the dumpster an year ago. I always wondered my the screen would move whenever I pressed it. I thought the phone just used older touchscreen technology. After seeing this video I guess I now know why someone threw that phone away. At least I scored a 8GB micro SD card from it and the phone works so I added it to my collection. However the blackberry storm I have to say is better than this horrible new interface that youtube has. Good thing I found a way to turn it off.

  • Edgars Pavlovičs
    Edgars Pavlovičs

    Idk, I used to love my n-gage back in the day

  • Kellee Duff
    Kellee Duff

    You need to include the Super Umi, most fragile screen ever made. Advertising is full of fraud videos bragging about durability, unbreakable.

  • dariosoccer34

    The last android i had was, was the original HTC Evo 4G and i loved that phone. sadly i downgraded to an iPhone 4 after that... thanks obama.

    • BLOOWOLF4562

      May I ask what does Obama have to do with your phone?

    • cw capes
      cw capes


    • dariosoccer34

      @***** I have an iPhone 5 and my plan ends this november or december. I might go to the htc evo lte but might look around if any new phones are coming out.

  • Hi

    I tried a flip phone a month ago thinking it would be better, now I want to throw it in the trash can.

  • Peter Hindes
    Peter Hindes

    The kycera echo seemed like a rely cool idea, basically a Nintendo ds, but a phone

  • Matthew Valadez
    Matthew Valadez

    sprint rumor touch. i went through 8 of them since they kept malfunctioning

  • OmegaWolf747

    My worst phone ever was the Metro PCS Samsung Code, which would keep disconnecting from the Internet, requiring a reboot to reconnect. It also lacked the basic ability to keep an app running in the background, which was inconvenient for AIM users.

  • Heywood Jablowme
    Heywood Jablowme

    The game slot on the N-Gage was under the battery, so you had to shut it off and disassemble every time you wanted to switch games. The only way they could have made it more inconvenient is if they required you to use a screwdriver...

  • Isaac Davanzo
    Isaac Davanzo

    I used to have the phone in the thumbnail, I lost the damn thing like 50 times

  • Nick Manning
    Nick Manning

    I had the Microsoft kin when I was younger, well actually I still have it in the drawer somewhere

  • Per Olav Hairstead
    Per Olav Hairstead

    Lol i had the N-gage.. people were laughing their ases off 😂

  • Zoner

    2008> phones. Oh, come one, old technology had a lot of flaws, even modern technology has them

  • TurboPikachuX

    Worst phone I've ever used is the 2012 Samsung Dart. Had less power than a Nintendo DS, and with only 16MB system memory for apps, it is undeniably the worst phone I've had the misfortune of using. My upgrade was a 2013 16GB iPhone 5C. Perks this phone brought were the 16GB storage, near-HD retina resolution, 10-hour battery life, current-generation OS (with continuing support) and compatibility with the Apple Watch I just got recently, and more power than a Nintendo Wii. The only downside to an iPhone versus any budget phone is lack of a micro-SD slot. I personally would prefer to have all my music on the card, not the internal storage.

    • matt

      ha ha, I forgot this existed.

    • nope!!!1

      Sky Blue I know this is old.. but your comments make me want to hang myself. "WE LOST ANOTHER ANDROID USER" is something I'd hear from an 11 year old who is jealous of his friends and their new iPhones or something, convincing himself that he got the better end of the deal, when in fact, he didn't.

    • GamerMGO

      You know the wii might be an engineering failure(which i personally dont agree with), but it EASILY won the last console generation by targeting an audience that everything else was ignoring, as well as making the system easy enough that a grandmother could use it.

    • TurboPikachuX

      +ToxicCaves64 Wii = engineering failure. It's a GameCube with a clock rate boost and motion control Also I need specs on the entry-level phone if you say it's on par with iPhone 6. Lastly, while the specs of the Dart are enough to support Android, it is too weak to run even Flappy Bird smoothly. DSi may have 'lower specs', but its web browser runs faster and has enough internal storage for you to download more than just a handful of apps. And comparing 3DS to Dart, the 3DS' ITmores app is far less prone to freezing/crashing.

    • TC64

      +TurboPikachuX If the Dart had less power than a DS, then it wouldn't even run Android, it would run a Java-based dumb phone operating system. I think it has probably as much power as an original 3DS. But you might be thinking, "But the 3DS was fast and good!" Well if you actually think about it (or go and try to use it's Internet browser), you'll see it's REALLY slow. It seemed fast because it was optimized for games (I'm not hating on the 3DS here, I'm just making a comparison)

  • michaelottinger

    DUDE! I totally had a Ken! And yeah, the interface just screamed, "Hey youths! Look how hip and with-it we are! Texting!" I got it because it was the only phone at the time that could access the internet without a data plan. (Although the video said it required one. I think some of them did.) I finally gave mine up when the screen spontaneously died at Universal Orlando after just owning it for 3 months.

  • Ethan

    i have a kyocera echo! (dont worry, its not my main phone; i havent used it in at least a year)

  • Ethan C
    Ethan C

    the worst phone i ever used was the TracFone Unimax 671C Prepaid Android Smartphone btw its $20.00 at walmart.

  • TheHandheldDude

    I’ve sadly owned two of these phones. I bought the Microsoft Kin Two M right on the downfall with Verizon back in probably 2011? It was offered without a data plan, for only $20. I thought it was a steal while getting an upgrade. 8mp camera, a Zune pretty much built in, and a pretty good battery life. For the most part, it made a pretty good non smart phone. Until it decided to stop working and I ripped it in half out of anger. The Blackberry was next after when I bought it off of a friend for $30. Absolutely awful. The design to actually press down got very annoying right away.

  • Voltage Digital
    Voltage Digital

    The worst phone I ever had is when I had AT&T on it.

    • sunflowerSR

      Shots FIRED

    • Voltage Digital
      Voltage Digital

      @Saturn carlover Company from HELL! It will burn your body and flush our your soul.

    • NoAwoo

      @Alex Schwartz Its just an carrier... Not a "major" phone manufacture

    • Voltage Digital
      Voltage Digital

      @Alex Schwartz InMaybe into a Nightmare.

    • Alex Schwartz
      Alex Schwartz

      Fuck you AT&T is the best!

  • notsoaddictedtoxbox

    I hated my kin, I hated the slightly bigger one...the only thing good I can remember is that It never cracked and the keyboard was fun but broke easily...

  • psychedelic oneness
    psychedelic oneness

    the galaxy s6 active was the worst phone I had, only because it never fully worked. It would have a small seizure every few months and eventually quit on me after not even having it a full year.

  • 先生CherryPepsi

    The biggest mistake in phones was the iPhone Xs

  • Destiny Swingle
    Destiny Swingle

    I had the kin 1 phone I loved until I dropped and it never turned on again. Like ever. Than I hated it..

  • Nigel Doyle
    Nigel Doyle

    Damn, I owned an Ngage - must have been one of only two people in Ireland who bought one. I shared a house with the person who owned the other one. Glad no one knows about it. . . oops!

    • ContentComedy


  • Roto Bot
    Roto Bot

    Bro I had the kin lol. I was super young though, and had a ds, so I didn't care no games were on it.

  • keeneboy7700

    I had #4. I didn't hate it. Tiny and durable, and it did play it's 100 songs well.

  • Colin

    I forgot the name, but it was a windows phone i got in 2011. I lowkey only had it for two hours then just took it back for a motorla razr

  • Different0505 Crazy
    Different0505 Crazy

    I've had android for years but now I'm tired of it that's why I'm getting an Iphone

  • Gromm99

    my worst phone was the samsung galaxy 5 i just feel so locked on it but now i have a iphone 4s and i feel more free on it

  • Christopher Johann
    Christopher Johann

    One of the worst phones I've discovered was Samsung Note 7, it is considered an explosive device because it easily catches on fire and kill its user.

  • Sandy Cheeks
    Sandy Cheeks

    The one with two screens was 3ds' inspiration

  • iPoop

    My worst phone was a nokia n810, only a few days and i got so agitated with the device i literally threw in on the floor and stomped on it... In the bus, where everybody was gawking, the busdriver was too much in awe to kick me out. My iphone 2g got stolen at the time and i was a bit hesitant to buy a new one since it was expensive ofcourse, after that obnoxious nokia n810 i was convinced. Have been an iphone user ever since.

  • Baconface McGee
    Baconface McGee

    I'm watching this on my iPhone 5S.... which wasn't released when this video was made.