Top 5 Gaming Life Hacks!
Austin Evans

My top 5 gaming life hacks! What are yours?

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  • TechSmartt

    I enjoy hacking life. Great video!

    • TThomas939

      I love your videos!

  • Dvrkon

    Austin, you and your channel has grown so far! Congrats!

  • Z0MG H4X
    Z0MG H4X

    Why did the console peasant cross the road? To render the buildings on the other side. This is a joke, consoles are still great for gaming.

    • elliot_is_the_president

      @Kevin H my pc costs $750 and sucks ass

    • rrektless

      @nyχ No, rethink your fucking comment

    • Mico is bad.
      Mico is bad.

      @nyχ rethink your comment crying also this is true consoles are shit

    • yes

      Got offended until I pressed Read more

    • Slurp Derp
      Slurp Derp

      Rainbow Six Doggo really I play on console and when i tried with mouse and key board I found it better than the controller and did not piss salt.

  • soulofglebb

    comments: 76% = butthurt PC master race. 24% = this is not hacks

    • Alric Chan
      Alric Chan

      Ur all idiots...

    • mmmmm

      @Neek are the idiots you? Cuz it seems like it.

    • Billybobbannana

      SemiDecent ppp

    • Billybobbannana

      SemiDecent Iiii6iii

    • Necromantic Plague Doctor
      Necromantic Plague Doctor

      SemiDecent you can do math

  • Bechen

    the wifi part does depend on your wifi card, 2.4ghz is much slower than a 5ghz network. 5ghz is almost compareable to wired aka lan

  • Alternative EFG
    Alternative EFG

    So, common sense is considered a life hack nowadays? We are doomed as a species.

    • That Telstra bro
      That Telstra bro

      OMG, XD!

    • That Telstra bro
      That Telstra bro

      We’re SO, DOOMED!

    • DetectiveDiwaka

      We got kids licking poles now

    • Theironminer2721

      @productionbrothers Well I mean His House DID burn Down

    • Ali Zgheib
      Ali Zgheib


  • ThunderFlash Gaming
    ThunderFlash Gaming

    for number 1 I agree about keeping your controller plugged in but not having all the wires every where I prefer wireless I never really had problems with it before but that's my opinion he has a good point

  • kirdle.

    I would also like to tell people that there is a way to view your fps through a steam setting. It's fairly accurate and does not lag the game like fraps does.

  • Jayy98

    I would recommend players use lower sensitivity while playing shooters such as cod because I feel like i'm more accurate with my shots for mid to long range. It may just be a personal preference though but it doesn't hurt to try

  • Thehamsammies

    Don't put your sensitivity up if it's already working for you. It can mess your aim up in fps games and you'll need to ajust

  • Emil xWeeze Svantesson
    Emil xWeeze Svantesson

    For PC games like Counter Strike, a low sensitivity helps. A lot. If you're used to a high sensitivity, learning how to use a low sensitivity pays off. Get an accurate mouse, a big mousemat and it shouldn't be much of a problem. For Counter Strike, I would recommend, if you were normally on a very high sensitivity, to go to 500 DPI and an in-game sensitivity of 3.5-ish, and then maybe move down to 2.5 or something like that. Another thing that I've realized, that might be more useful in competitive games where you need to be focused at all times, is to eat before you play since if you're hungry, it's harder to stay focused. (welp, for me atleast~) (I wrote "a high sensitivity helps" instead of low. I fixed it. I'm incredibly sorry and I want to apologize. This will never happen again, so please don't be mad at me.)

    • Just Lewis
      Just Lewis


    • Just Lewis
      Just Lewis

      Emil Romeo

    • Ben Meyer
      Ben Meyer

      I'm on 400 dpi with 1.42 sens, and ,1024 x 768 and I'm Esea A-

    • Viesta2015

      @Sauron not me because im too busy eating

    • Cella Dorrn
      Cella Dorrn

      you even could train your muscle memmory for mouse acceleration.. but.. dont do it because you will end up trainig twice of the time -.-

  • Alan Franco López Rivarola
    Alan Franco López Rivarola

    You should change the last tip for PC, in which low sens is better for better accuracy, you do need a bigger mousepad though for it to work.

  • Lukas Karpovičius
    Lukas Karpovičius

    i love when sensitivity is low on pc, because for me, its so hard to move mouse and aim to target.

  • AlexDjents

    Top tip on console put the sensitivity to one above default on an fps it helped me lots

  • Eduard Sans Newman
    Eduard Sans Newman

    I agree with the 4 first life hacks, but, i disagree with the last one. You might be faster with higher sensitivity, BUT, you'll have less aim, because it'll be more difficult to aim. If you have a lower sensitivity, you will have more control when aiming

  • Moosh

    Hello Austin. I recently discovered this "all in one computer" computer. It is called Raspberry Pi. It is said to do everything a desktop can do. Browse the internet, program, and play games. And the board itself is only supposed to be $35. If you could, I'd like to hear your input on it. Thanks for reading.

    • Clay Norris
      Clay Norris

      @***** Oh I get that, I was just pointing out that for those small projects, no point in getting a full fledged pc, when you can use a $35 SoC

    • Clay Norris
      Clay Norris

      @***** Nonsense. It is good for plenty of small projects. It's not intended as a full desktop environment, but can be used for many other purposes, such as a home NAS, an emulator, for XBMC, robotics, for controlling lighting, and so on.

    • Mirrored

      I have 1 it's kinda slow but you might like ti

    • Ninclemdo

      It depends on what you plan to do with it. A lot of people like to make mini projects like emulators. Looking at your avatar, you seem to like minecraft, which is available for it. It runs on linux, and the only real gaming you can do is emulate old games and try games people have made for it (like the minecraft I mentioned before). If your not very good at programming/tech I recommend learning first.

    • Clay Norris
      Clay Norris

      @TheSimpsonsLover The Brix Pro looks cool as hell, too bad it isn't widely known as the Raspberry Pi.

  • Que3n-

    Whenever you're not playing, plug your controller and let it charge. It's that simple. Imagine you have your gaming setup in your living room and you have space that you use to walk through the couch and TV and if you're plugged in while playing, you'll just be blocking the way for your peeps.

    • BdTzz4life Top 10
      BdTzz4life Top 10

      Que3n- I

    • Aaron Purewal
      Aaron Purewal

      Get a longer cable

    • Viking 2121
      Viking 2121

      +Rohan Sharma Yeah, I use the xbox one controller on a few games on my PC, I like wireless even though Im right next to the USB's I tend to bring my hands and controller on my lap and under the desk for some reason, I broke 1 controllers micro USB doing that before the wireless thing cam out for it. I also use my PC as my TV in my room and I use a program where I can use my controller as a mouse and keyboard, so when I go to bed I like to watch a stream or a movie or even youtube till I fall as sleep without touch the keyboard or mouse.

  • Ayrton Ottoni
    Ayrton Ottoni

    I have a "life hack". (Especially on PC) Always keep the same control set up. So, if you have shift as sprint in BioShock, then change shift to sprint in Far Cry.

    • Dr Bright
      Dr Bright

      I have a life hack for gamers in some games this gives you an extra life. ⬆ ⬆ ⬇ ⬇ ⬅ ➡ ⬅ ➡A B start

    • Mrdeadguy34

      @TheFallenMuffin you commander cheeky

    • Apollo316

      +Mrdeadguy34 you Sargent sarcasm

    • Mrdeadguy34

      You captain obvious

  • George Mendoza
    George Mendoza

    I believe it's best to turn off your tv if stepping out for a bit to a spare few minutes on minor suffs. (best on old consoles) and put it on rest mode if you can on new consoles. Leave your wires place in a good spot of where it won't get in the way, and make sure there're connected probably & have a spot to put your controls on the side.

  • Root0x

    High sensitivity in Cs = dead

    • a .
      a .

      Root0x Low sensitivity in Overwatch = Dead

    • Rin


    • Raging Dragon II
      Raging Dragon II

      true story

    • Alex May
      Alex May


    • Mathew Prince
      Mathew Prince

      2.05 sens and like 400 dpi=LE

  • Micropela

    Don't know what to say so I'll give a tutorial on how to drink water from a glass 1) Get glass 2) Fill with water 3) Drink Hope this helps.

    • Ulku Aydin
      Ulku Aydin

      I didn't know that

    • ScorpionRose ローズ
      ScorpionRose ローズ

      Bro it’s works so well I didn’t think it would work!!!

    • MLGPikachu_

      thank you so much now i dont have to die off dehydration!

    • rippetoe 38
      rippetoe 38


    • imanidiot

      Did it got patched?

  • Frankie Polyak
    Frankie Polyak

    I know this video is only 6 years old, but it really feels like a video from the ‘80s 😂

  • Jonathan Bonilla
    Jonathan Bonilla

    Thanks for the tips man. You have a new suscriber, like and fav. Keep on the good job.

  • BoussIRL

    So, does keeping my controller hooked into my PS4 help with anything besides keeping it fully charged, like, input latency?

  • Steeg

    Ah! Back when Austin had an intro

  • Berk Dogan
    Berk Dogan

    For the Counter Strike series (Cs, Cs:cz, cs:s and cs:go) Its good to put your sensitivity low. Having high sensitivity makes shots incredibly inaccurate and can really stress the player. Even for doing tasks that require skill (Photo Editing) you should turn your sensitivity down and try to smooth it out.

    • Berk Dogan
      Berk Dogan

      I personally use a standard desktop mouse and I can smash silver 1 players. Just by altering the mouse sensitivity.

    • Zachary Gillenwater
      Zachary Gillenwater

      Find out what's best for you. You'll notice right away which is a better option, it's generally a pretty subjective area of gaming.

    • Inseperable Generation
      Inseperable Generation

      @***** I have a razer DA 2013 and immediately set it down to 900dpi. Tbh you don't even need higher than 1800dpi if you playing on 1080p

    • Berk Dogan
      Berk Dogan

      @Quinten Derpington Maybe. But it also how precise it is. Higher the DPI, generally means more precise.

    • Berk Dogan
      Berk Dogan


  • Major Moron
    Major Moron

    I love you Austin, but higher sensitivity in any fps is laughable. But you do you man, to each their own.

  • Shocks

    a good thing to do is use a power bank on your wireless controller if you want to extend battery life

  • Bord

    Don't raise your sensitivity on pc if you are playing an fps. Thats just not how it works.

    • kk Dias
      kk Dias

      Viking 2121 I agree with you totally.

    • Tomas Bermudas
      Tomas Bermudas

      Bord that depends on the person.. Im perfectly fine with a high sensitivity. Its just better for me. Both controller and mouse

    • Darth Potato
      Darth Potato

      I play CSGO at 2400dpi and 2.4 in-game sensitivity probably high for some people but I am a wrist player u don't like to move my hands alot :P

    • Caleb

      I'm a PC gamer, and I play with my sensitivity pretty low, but I've heard this isn't always the best idea on consoles. On PC, you can still manage to turn around reasonably fast by moving the mouse father, lifting it if need be. On consoles though, you're stuck turning at that rate, and if you need to do a 180 quickly you're screwed if it's too low.

    • Viking 2121
      Viking 2121

      @TrainableKnave9 To slow sure, but too fast, your over aiming most of the time, then you have to fight to get the sights back on target.

  • ad

    This really helped me with my gaming! Thanks! Left a like and sibscribed!

  • Beau HD
    Beau HD

    This video motivated me to finally setup a wired connection for my Xbox One... I've been putting it off for a while now so thanks! haha

    • Carlo

      Darude - Sandstorm

    • williamsvpro

      I try to use a wired connection as often as possible, but it's a bit limited right now considering that I keep my PC in my bedroom and our router in in the living room. Right now my only used LAN- cable is about 10 meters long. :).

    • TrapSquatch

      Mrxgamer your my hero

    • Brian Utne
      Brian Utne

      Haha I have the same chair for my PC

    • Elevated

      @slickman130 He should set it up to whatever the fuck he enjoys playing =D

  • HolyTrauma

    i'd have to say that on pc turning sens high is most of the time not a good idea. max 360 rotation with one flick of a mouse should be the best option to go.

  • Electric Scorpion
    Electric Scorpion

    This intro is hilarious compared to now 😂

  • Dino Prašo
    Dino Prašo

    0:55 I use my DS4 on my PC all the time... And Exclusively wireless... The latency over Bluetooth is around 0.7ms to 1ms, while using a USB cable results in a rock solid 4ms latency. So yeah, I'll stick to wireless.

  • David Ciuculescu
    David Ciuculescu

    where do you get all those awesome pc wallpapers

  • Eren Polat
    Eren Polat

    To turn on the sensitivity is jist stupid... In games like CS you should aim well with really low sensitivity like ALL pro players do.

    • Lil Rake
      Lil Rake

      @music blaster No....

    • music blaster
      music blaster

      @Jesus Christ like i said , you use low sens if you cant keep up with higher ones , if you can aim with the same precision but faster you should do it

    • Lil Rake
      Lil Rake

      @music blaster Pro FPS players play on PC, not console LMAO They use low sens.

    • Gary Janney
      Gary Janney

      I think that higher sense is easier lower ur more accurate. I play at 1.8 sens and then 1600 dpi. Judge me if u will but its just funny if u do

    • Ethan Evenson
      Ethan Evenson

      @music blaster ...nope

  • Tommo

    I'm using a 24" monitor for ps4 gaming. It's amazing.

  • Calvin Barker
    Calvin Barker

    Am I the only one who loves it when he says hey guys this is Austin! Lol😄

  • Console GameR
    Console GameR

    All Hacks Working Awesome Video Man Really Awesome

  • Spooky Boi
    Spooky Boi

    While having higher sensitivity makes you a "better" gamer, I feel like I play games better with lower sensitivity. Then again, that's just me.

  • Austin Evans
    Austin Evans

    So this is my list but what about you guys? What are your favorite gaming life hacks?

    • Darealgamer563

      Use dish soap to claen game disc it works

    • Kasper Sobczyk
      Kasper Sobczyk

      not gaming

    • DreD_DreamR

      This is kinda stupid but if u have a Xbox buy an elite controller, it is great for loads of games and it's improved my win-steaks on fortnite a lot! Being able to touch a paddle on the back and instantly be transported into build mode and onto the object you want is very useful, and it has loads of uses on other games too

    • quvix ?
      quvix ?

      Austin Evans iii

    • pc gamer
      pc gamer

      Austin Evans why not saying for 1 day hey guys this is Austin. I mean change the style . we know you are Austin

  • VelezXI _
    VelezXI _

    I have both Xbox and PS4 and I think the PS4 coming with the wire is amazing

  • nerfblastergaming !!!
    nerfblastergaming !!!

    Hi Austin I love your channel and your advice, you are really awesome. If u are reading this please reply.

  • Oxnard

    SOCOM 2 PS2; ramp up both the ingame as the TV's brightness to actually see something. I even had a setting on my TV just for this game. Everyone did it, not just for the dark levels, even the bright ones, as this was the only way to have the characters pop out, both allies as enemies.

  • Shrikant Raut
    Shrikant Raut

    nostalgic intro. my mind still plays that track when you start your videos.

  • Michael Lieberman
    Michael Lieberman

    I also loved Ender's Game, favorite book I read in 2014

  • Adnan Hamad
    Adnan Hamad

    the "Game mode" hack was a great hack !!

  • Ali

    Damn Austin has changed so much in four years except commentary is the exact same

  • Maui Time
    Maui Time

    Ah, the good old days when Austin's voice inflection sounded weird as hell.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My games were sooo blurry until I changed it to game mode.

  • C.A.Z.R

    when austin had a actual intro

  • Majors TV
    Majors TV

    This really helped me slot, thanks Austin

  • Nathan Wilson
    Nathan Wilson

    30fps is totally fine for me as I play on Xbox one so I'm used to it


    Keeping a controller plugged in, or anything really, will burn out the battery; killing it's battery life span and eventually have to always keep it plugged in.

    • GunsOfSteel67

      @not truant on the ps4 it doesn't send power through it

    • Robert D-Reyn
      Robert D-Reyn

      @***** a more specific answer to what you said would be: a battery must be regularly emptied to prevent crystallization of the acids, if a battery stays at 100% then the whole amount of acids and plates are always charged which feeds the crystallization process eventually creating a wall of crystals that cuts off power to a section of a battery(causing notifications to say battery 100% when in reality it's at 60%ish). The most evident example of this would be a cell phone: when you bought it it would last days without a charge, but it seems to charge less and less, so you wind up keeping it plugged in more and more until the battery only lasts a few hours or even minutes even though you just unplugged it at 100%?

    • Curtis Appleby
      Curtis Appleby

      @GunsOfSteel67 Xbox one sends power when it's off. you can charge your controller and it also powers the kinect, that's how you can use it to turn on the xbox

    • productionbrothers

      @MixavitaPlus But what you aren't understanding is once it hits below 100% it will commence the charging again.. And yes i'm familiar with a rechargeable battery the playstation 4's controller comes stock with it

    • Mixa

      @***** I have nokia e7 that is a 2010 device and it stops charging when it hits 100%, and I recently bought a battery for my flashlight that has a protection circuit for avoiding unsafe conditions. Here's one for xbone controller:

  • Cash_Bannoca

    This might be small but get a desk lamp it helps for night gaming and It strangely feels comfortable.

  • Beatbox Gamer
    Beatbox Gamer

    Hi Austin! This vid really helped me! I also wanted to say that I have that same Heisenberg shirt you were wearing... Lol thx man

  • The Default Trash Bag
    The Default Trash Bag

    don't use fraps for measuring fps it affects proformance if you have an NVidia card use GeForce experience or if you have an amd card use amd equivalent equivalent

  • Darwin Vidallo
    Darwin Vidallo

    actually, lowering your mouse sensitivity is recommended than increasing it. i don't know if its the same for the controller, but the life hack for the mouse is false

  • My Names Tommy
    My Names Tommy

    "Top 5 Gaming Common Sense"

    • jaden smit
      jaden smit

      My Names Tommy dont go wired I did it and my controller overheated inside and it smoked

    • Harsh Upadhyay
      Harsh Upadhyay

      LtMoto my friend does it

    • Swuf

      jacob bartlett call of duty sucks nobody plays it

    • muhammad amirrul
      muhammad amirrul

      +jacob bartlett bruh cod is death

    • fth c
      fth c

      +jacob bartlett your the most stupid person I ever met

  • Madejenskey Philippe
    Madejenskey Philippe

    this helped me so so so so so so. much i got no lag now

  • Chunky Lee Chong
    Chunky Lee Chong

    Interesting topic with the monitor. Please if possible can you a video testing gaming consoles on a freesync monitor. Thanks in advance 👍👍

  • Name

    I know a other life hack. If you want to play on the PC and the XBOX/PS4 or 3, you need to buy two TV's. So you can play it both👍

  • Nightfountain11

    For the Xbox, if you are using the right trigger for a long period of time, put a rubber band on it. You won't have to hold it down

  • TheGamingGhost!!

    Keeping a Garbage Bag in your Game Satchel to keep your gadgets dry when its raining, this is one of my favorite Gaming Hacks.

  • Jackson Toth
    Jackson Toth

    Life hack: always have a snack next to you (not anything with powder so that you don't make your controller dirty)

  • Nika Sharvashidze
    Nika Sharvashidze

    I personally disagree with the wireless part but all the other things are good. btw keep up making the gaming life hack videos they are very interesting for me and for the audience too

  • Wil van Balen
    Wil van Balen

    For tip 2 i think with the fps if you have nvidea u also can turn it on there, fps turn on

    • Wil van Balen
      Wil van Balen

      maybe this is said in the vid that i didnt watched the whole vid XD

  • Klonoa

    Plug a controller into your phone or tablet using a Micro USB host adapter, so you can see the entire screen and have a little bit more control.

    • Klonoa

      @blenderpics i had no idea they called those that

    • blenderpics

      @Thomas Toumazou It's actually called USB OTG cable, but whatever

    • Thomas Toumazou
      Thomas Toumazou

      YEAH i finaly got the name of this usb thing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jesse

    Always plugging in controllers while playing? A better idea is to have another ready on the console (for easy switching). YAY no inconveniences about cables hanging out in the middle of the room.

  • Evang3lium

    As far as turning up the sensitivity goes, I'm not so sure about controllers, but I know for a fact that if you turn up the sensitivity on a mouse, you will increase the speed of your camera movement or cursor movement on screen. But there's a huge drawback in it, and its the decrease in accuracy. And in my opinion, accuracy of a mouse in most games are more important than speed. Get some slower sensitivity and swing that arm around man, and get a larger mouse pad. So I disagree ur #1 gaming life hack.

  • Flare78x

    Even when I play on console, I still use my pc monitor

  • samuelgamer lambo
    samuelgamer lambo

    This is the time in ITmores I miss

  • Adefuye

    #1 gaming life hack, eating family sized bags of chips and topping it with gatorade, or mountain dew during summer to make yourself feel like a fatass :)

    • Sal Phelixon
      Sal Phelixon

      i like mcdonalds

    • Matthew Barrett
      Matthew Barrett

      Thats my life

    • LN2233

      Doritos pope agree's with you.

    • Adefuye

      @Admiaczking just leave you scumbag any type of gamer does that because i pc/console gamer and i only do that when i play on pc because i could care less if my mouse/keyboard is dirty but if a controller is dirty, i cant stand it so just leave

    • mic_frog

      @Jarasi98 Ok then

  • aDTR_64 Gaming
    aDTR_64 Gaming

    Austin: it is important that it is height adjustable Pewdiepie : BUT CAN IT DO THIS?!!!

  • Dhruba Saha
    Dhruba Saha

    usually I use xbox controller and mouse same time in pc for gta v,mouse keyboard for aimming or fire etc. and controller for roam around!but in pubg I always use only mouse and keyboard instead of controller

  • Why is the Rum Gone?
    Why is the Rum Gone?

    You should change the title to: Top 5 things you already know even if you are not a gamer at all

    • Hunter Pyron
      Hunter Pyron

      Mai Waifu stop being​ a hater

    • Why is the Rum Gone?
      Why is the Rum Gone?

      @Youtu Watch I'm here because people like you keep commenting on a 4 months old comment.

    • Youtu Watch
      Youtu Watch

      Nana Yumi And yet you're here wasting more time spreading negetivity

    • Why is the Rum Gone?
      Why is the Rum Gone?

      @***** It doesn't work like that. I came here hoping to see something cool, but I just wasted time. And I will never have that back...

    • AJFrogMan

      Carina Nebula ikr

  • Cole The Beast
    Cole The Beast

    I hope he knows that plugging in a PS4 controller doesn't make the input faster.

  • AceRidesBikes

    I like to wear a beer helmet and fill it with mountain dew, and then I have a bowl of Doritos so that I can eat them without using my hands and getting my Xbox controller dirty.

    • Alex Cavaliere
      Alex Cavaliere

      AceRidesBikes the same

    • Holy Powerade
      Holy Powerade

      @AceRidesBikes I like to crunch up the doritos and pour them into the mountain dew.

    • Bru

      +merrick Strickland You guys forgot about the air horn :(

    • Wearyaxe

      @Dean Clarke Indeed. *tips trilby*

    • Fard McShid
      Fard McShid

      @Wearyaxe and have a sniper so you can 360 noscope anyone who disturbed you.

  • Forze

    in first person shooter games on pc its a lot better to keep on a low senstivity than higher its somuch easier to aim and hit enemys than with high sensitivity

  • SpiritStorm _
    SpiritStorm _

    i like lower sensitivity cuz its easier to aim on peoples heads if u use high sensitivity its a lot harder to aim on people because u have to use rly small movements and its harder so ye.

  • link1v

    i play pc with a tv moniter but its not on my desk i have to have wireless for most stuff so it has ups and downs

  • Zach B
    Zach B

    Is it weird I stand up sometimes when I'm gaming😐

  • matt

    Hey Austin, I'm a huge fan and have been subscribed for years, but sadly I'm not too impressed by this video; these aren't hacks they are just tips that are kind of common sense. I appreciate your hard work and dedication that you put into your channel, but i think for the next "Hack" video, if you do indeed do another, try making a list that is dynamic and not so simple. I dont really know how to make them more dynamic, but thats not my job :P I just feel they are a little too basic. I thank you for making great videos that teach people a lot of information, just keep up the good work! Constructive criticism ; )

  • Devin R
    Devin R

    My xbox one x would get the same 150/150 wired or not. The only thing that changes is ky ping. 1-5 wired, 8-17 wireless

  • Gabriel Hernandez
    Gabriel Hernandez

    i love how the controllers off😂😂

  • Syed Apurbo
    Syed Apurbo

    hey austin, i'm a big fan .i watch all of your vids . i love gaming . n i wanna make youtube vids like u . but i need some guidence . love u bro....

  • Potassium

    Customising your settings isn't an issue with an NVIDIA graphics card, their app does it for you for a lot of games.

  • Covalence Dust
    Covalence Dust

    Turning sensitivity higher for a pc is just stupid when it comes to competitive gaming, having a high sensitivity screws up your aim, especially in games like CS:GO, it's better to have a very low sensitivity in fps games because small incorrect movements by your hand will not change the position of your cursor that much, it also helps you to get better muscle memory.

  • 21 GoatsOnABoat123
    21 GoatsOnABoat123

    Every time I get a new game I notice how low the sensitivity is when I start it and I think "holy crap this is low" and I turn it up right away

  • I1nfinityI

    Austin has changed so much

  • Wedvin [Gaming]
    Wedvin [Gaming]

    I don't know a single PC game where highering your sensitivity is beneficial in any way... Great video otherwise!

  • Azula

    My cousin got to round 40 on cod and then the controller died. So he now plugs them in

  • spook

    2:55 Well if you can't run Fallout:NV on high settings on your gaming pc you have a problem.

  • Noa15Lv

    meh..i'm pc gamer but i use tv as monitor..Finally i can cheat in dark games xD

    • Justin Y. the 2nd
      Justin Y. the 2nd

      Noa15Lv aye follow me

    • Hibbus

      me too XD

    • zelm1

      I found out my TV has game mode I did know most TVs have i but me where do you go to put it on nobody told me i had to go to Pictures ohh yah I joined the anonymous here we go Our Legion is many our limitations are few and our devotion to justice is infinite We are the eyes of the blind the voice of the silent ears of the deaf and protector of the innocent

    • JB McNasty
      JB McNasty

      +FernFox lmao

    • FernFox

      ?? All the pc monitors I've used have brightness adjustment

  • Steel

    Um... I know this is old, but the sensitivity tip only works for CONTROLLERS, NOT for mouse. For mouse it's the complete opposite. In a mouse, the only thing limiting your turning speed is your hands and the physical desk space you have, which is completely different from controllers. This is why LOWER sensitivity for more accuracy is much more preferable. NEVER use high sensitivity for gaming on a mouse!

  • Astrorobics

    Ender's Game is my favorite book too! :-)

  • prich038

    Austin you should know that the best players on PC use low sensitivity such as 400 dpi or there abouts for maximum accuracy, that way small movements is really easy, and long movements are precise, anything too high and you are inaccurate, watching what you showed with the high sensitivity proves it, you were all over the place

    • raul ferreira
      raul ferreira

      i use low sensitivity and a large mouse pad and i can very well and be very accurate with my mouse movements. way more precise this way

    • Zightz

      @slickman130 what? ahahahahah. maybe cod players

    • Zightz

      @slickman130 what? ahahahahah. maybe cod players

    • Christian Betzold
      Christian Betzold

      The most accurate PC gamers use low sensitivity and a large mousepad.

    • Steven Brian Lickman
      Steven Brian Lickman

      Mmmmm No.... He was not all over the place and Best PC gamers use High Sensitivity and higher DPI so if they were sniping lets just say and they miss a shot they can quickly bring the sniper in front of the enemy again before he fins you and shoots you

  • FC_Super ツ
    FC_Super ツ

    I have been watching your channel for 3 years now!!!

  • David Schweigert
    David Schweigert

    Another gaming trick:If you use a controller get rechargeable batteries it's way cheaper than buying batteries a lot.

  • Sam CBG
    Sam CBG

    could you make a video on handheld controllers hacks