This Will Kill Your Computer
Austin Evans
Is the 2016 MacBook Pro Worth It?
The USB Killer will destroy nearly anything you plug it into. Don't try this at home.
USB Port Blocker on Amazon:
Electronic Frontier Foundation:


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  • eythyy

    My laptop is so slow if I plug that USB on my laptop It will be the fastest thing my computer has ever done

    • Dayne Bresson
      Dayne Bresson


    • COOL RON
      COOL RON

      Good one

    • GamerDragon


    • Ryan R
      Ryan R

      @That Non-Vegan Student lol man I don’t even remember commenting that

    • That Non-Vegan Student
      That Non-Vegan Student

      @Ryan R the laptop wanted to commit un alive

  • IBN

    “I have an old PC, what should I do with it?” Google: Sell it. Bing:

    • EpicGamer141

      Kill it and then sell it so you can scam people

    • Officially Numberblocks UwU
      Officially Numberblocks UwU

      You can make it new and good if you restart and erase the data (Only if you have an old pc or laptop)

    • Magic Lab
      Magic Lab

      Donate It

    • BadBoyHalo fan
      BadBoyHalo fan


    • Curry Channel
      Curry Channel

      End it’s misery

  • Nefarious Lucas
    Nefarious Lucas

    “Don’t try this at home” “It not only kills electronics but it is dangerous” *He didn’t say I can’t swap it with my teachers USB*

    • Jaden  lala #ameal
      Jaden lala #ameal


    • Keshav Jha Coding Official
      Keshav Jha Coding Official

      El pepe

    • badpiggies_cakerace playz
      badpiggies_cakerace playz

      i do it with my cromebook (super help) dint die/brake

    • Nefarious Lucas
      Nefarious Lucas

      @Master Steve One of my teachers is probably dumb enough to ignore it.

    • Nefarious Lucas
      Nefarious Lucas

      @G.S You can say that again.

  • Kane Bobier
    Kane Bobier

    *Hacker tries to kill Macbook* Hacker: “aw fuck I forgot my adapter” *MISSION ABORT*

    • mako

      @One Cheed take a "fucking" joke

    • Skittle :)
      Skittle :)


    • Angela Frye
      Angela Frye


    • Master chief
      Master chief

      @notnicknamed *puhpoos*

    • notnicknamed

      @Catseye Unfortunately, not everything on this internet we have welcomed each other too, is a joke.

  • Amirul Gaming
    Amirul Gaming

    Laptop: “we need to cover the motherboard to protect” Phone: *ReBoOtInG*

    • Administrator


    • Damir Kalaz
      Damir Kalaz

      @JX5 People like you are just sad.

    • siker010

      More like the motherland

    • linus sus tips
      linus sus tips

      @Linus Mech Tips god yes

    • Linus Mech Tips
      Linus Mech Tips

      @linus sus tips You want mech tips?

  • Daniele Bitta
    Daniele Bitta

    "Do not try this at home" "Proceeds to kill school's computers"

    • osc-omb

      It ain't home, no issue

    • Shlok Parab
      Shlok Parab

      @DJInferno you need to ON a PC becaus it first needs to draw the current from the device first.

    • Bool.

      @Dead Meat Clone they must be potato PCs

    • Seiba

      Atleast not at home.

    • Cosmo


  • flomine

    "don't let random people plug things in" Sounds like a good advice

    • Bafil Mohammed
      Bafil Mohammed

      I first read this than he said don't let ...

    • Let's Get 100K Subs!
      Let's Get 100K Subs!

      @random people lol

    • random people
      random people

      that's a bit mean

    • flomine

      @Abhinav Shrivastava it was 😉

    • Abhinav Shrivastava
      Abhinav Shrivastava

      Now , that can definitely be a nice double meaning joke ..

  • Gaming_3461 YT
    Gaming_3461 YT

    Austin: do not try this at home Also austin: doesn't wear protective gear

  • Anna Nimmous
    Anna Nimmous

    By the way, they’ve now released the USBKill 4.0, which now allows you to destroy a PC remotely. It also supposedly works though USB-C and Thunderbolt now.

    • Hamburger HamburgerV2
      Hamburger HamburgerV2

      USBKill 5.0 will probably be able to destroy any device remotely and with Bluetooth instead of connections

    • Hamburger HamburgerV2
      Hamburger HamburgerV2

      Oh NO


    the real question is, what if you plugged this into a USB charger plug in a wall socket?

    • F. A.
      F. A.


    • Elia Bonfardeci
      Elia Bonfardeci

      Good content for a new video I guess

    • Epiclel

      @Sir Rivet lol

    • Sir Rivet
      Sir Rivet

      House fire

  • Star Wars Hype
    Star Wars Hype

    4:02 I loved how Austin in the video cheered when it survived lol

  • WhatAreYouBuyen

    does it just kill the hardware or does the data get wiped as well? (For example on an SSD, probably not a HDD)

  • Huey Freeman
    Huey Freeman

    For anyone who didn't know, just, you know, not doing this will keep your computer/laptop alive

  • abdou DZ
    abdou DZ

    **Do not try this at home** *Takes pc outside*

    • BGBratya

      ur god

    • Agomus


    • Iplayfnf’nstuff

      @KyleHere r/woosh

    • Than_5562

      It should be fixed to: do not try this on your personal devices

    • cutie budgie
      cutie budgie


  • NightShade Gamer
    NightShade Gamer

    Motherboard:The day has come... Programs:THE END IS NEAR RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! that's all I could come up with lol

    • PiFre

      that's all I could come up with lol

  • TheBlueDinosaur

    him: don't try this at home me: *go to starbucks* also me: now I'm good now, let's tru this usb

  • h2rra_paimets

    Short, interesting and well done video! Thank you mate

  • Alberto Gomes
    Alberto Gomes

    Question: will you be covered by warranty? 🤔

  • Cydotsha

    *DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME* me = right. let me try this in school

    • Star Studio
      Star Studio

      @Trevor Phillips bruh you destroyed your friends laptop?Thats just being a douche

    • Verbinski

      I'm buying one right now

    • Brighton Dutson
      Brighton Dutson

      i am going to put this in the Chromebook my school gave me

    • Or vio
      Or vio

      same lol

    • 체크표시 가지고싶다 ᨆ
      체크표시 가지고싶다 ᨆ


  • TheGoldNShadow

    “Do not try this at home!” My school: **nervous sweating**

  • Dyn0

    Kids: Let’s try this Austin: Do no try this at home Kids: Alright let’s pretend u didn’t heard

  • Tarks cuz
    Tarks cuz

    so my friend actually bought one of these around 2016-2017 and we went through the IT room to the old dell desk top school computers and no shit we plugged it into the first one we walked up to and boom this thing shot out sparks and one decent enough smoke cloud. honestly fun to have one

  • bezbotek

    Problem is that USB connector is usually connected directly to the (cpu) chipset, therefore it kills chipset and maybe cpu and rams too.

  • Heavenly

    I can't wait to try this when I get home

    • mako

      Heavenly what are you doing here

    • ꧁JSE NM꧂
      ꧁JSE NM꧂


    • akward smile
      akward smile


    • PiFre

      You are alive, I see. The time difference to this Earth won't be much, 5 years is like 1 hour to you, to us. Remember me? What do you think of which is the opposite of "Heavenly"? Helly, hell. You will.

  • Stephen Salmeri
    Stephen Salmeri

    I think it just drained the battery... (try plugging it in) and maybe (21%) it will work or it will just explode your computer (so if you do this do it outside)

  • pariksha rajput
    pariksha rajput

    Will this damage be found in laptop logs?

  • Syed Sabbir
    Syed Sabbir

    Top mysteries that science can't even solve:- One of 'em:-What files does actually the usb killer contain?

  • Crackzy

    Well, TVs have huge motherboards so it probably couldn’t fry a whole tv

  • Read my ABOUT section PLEASE
    Read my ABOUT section PLEASE

    I cant bear seeing a computer being destroyed 😢

  • Nikku Doelpawirro
    Nikku Doelpawirro

    how long would it take to kill the most best computer/laptop with this USB?

  • Qserfworks tech
    Qserfworks tech

    when I looked up what I should do with my old pc I saw this and "Below are recommendations of what you can do with your older computer. Use the computer for other things. Give to kids or relatives. Use it for spare parts or cannibalize it. Sell it. Donate your computer. Recycle your computer."


    "Do not try this at home" me: *tries it in my school computer*

  • mxchaeldiazVFX

    *when you forget about the project due tomorrow and you have to hand in your usb*

    • SFS Atlas
      SFS Atlas

      Only time that I had to hand in work on a usb was when my internet was down because coffee spill

    • Cool Bean
      Cool Bean

      this is full proof

    • Sarahplays Roblox
      Sarahplays Roblox

      Andrew'sComputerChannel my teacher will kill me

    • Slidy Octane
      Slidy Octane

      @andrew982 and u could just tell her prolly it had a virus

    • matthew

      Offlin3 Tictacs nah. The terrorists won cuz the bomb went BOOM

  • Roblox Guest
    Roblox Guest

    Austin: Dont Try This At Home Smarties: Okay I'll Try It At A Factory

  • Wsss

    Austin:Do not try this at home Also Austin: Tries this at home

  • Robert  Soger
    Robert Soger

    For my calculations with that USB it turns off and on for zero and a half seconds and after it's dead it took 0.4 seconds for them to unplug the USB and it took it 0.6 seconds for it to turn off or mainly not work anymore

  • Purple Lightning
    Purple Lightning

    The infamous USB killer. A quiet deadly an interesting piece of hardware and Tech

  • Rafael Pasion
    Rafael Pasion

    We need more people like this guy.... he donates money after breaking expensive stuff :D

    • Svennerdesven

      @ItzSuperking reported lol

    • YeetyMcSkeetMeat

      i like plain rock better

    • Labeeb

      "I totally *disagree*"

    • Last Shadow
      Last Shadow

      Fuck You

    • SoraDoesGaming

      plainrock is funny tho lol

  • Iyeet Security
    Iyeet Security

    I love mine! Works great when your snooty corporate boss takes advantage of you.

  • Striker Toast
    Striker Toast

    “Do not try this at home” Me trying this at school: 😈

  • Colton Wilson
    Colton Wilson

    Imagine bringing that thing into an empty computer lab

  • Tyler Hawkins
    Tyler Hawkins

    Kind of waiting for someone to realise the nintendo switch on the dock has a usb port or could just get the correct adaptor.

  • Bobby Jay
    Bobby Jay

    A great Christmas gift for your enemies.

    • 10000 subs without any vids
      10000 subs without any vids

      And tell then to check it out

    • xyzzy51273

      unless they are smart enough to use it on your PC

    • Jakub Prokopec
      Jakub Prokopec

      Cover it with a sticker saying: GTA V Full Unlocked

    • S9 Gamer
      S9 Gamer


    • Enhanced

      Yoi have just gave me a opertunity to put this in a girl's computer at school because she is in my grade which is 4th grade and she acts like a baby and yells at me >:)

  • Life lessons with Mr. Nigga
    Life lessons with Mr. Nigga

    As a tech lover, it hurts seeing tech die literally😔😔

  • Myrockyninja

    DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME Me: says the one doing it even when he heard that warning before lol

  • NoqC

    The chromebook still works😂 You need to open it up and unplug stuff.

  • Nicks Tabz
    Nicks Tabz

    Imagine an idiot doing this on a virtual machine, R.I.P for both systems 😂

  • namanienie 123
    namanienie 123

    austin: dont try this at home me: trys it at my friends and on his pc

  • tredI9100

    Put a Starforce installer on a regular USB to achieve a similar effect.

  • Ravenous Basilisk
    Ravenous Basilisk

    Device, that's used to test hardware .. by killing it in most scenarios, and is readily available on the market to anyone ... this raises few questions.

  • Hxna_Army

    "DONT TRY THIS AT HOME" Ok ill just go outside and do it

  • Arlo Anderson
    Arlo Anderson

    what happens if u put it in a usb type c adapter and plug it into a newer Mac

  • Dominic Matos
    Dominic Matos

    Me: downloads virtual box Me again: plugs in usb Me: try’s to turn off virtual box Me: oh shit...

  • blorp burnday
    blorp burnday

    The usb killer sends power through the data pins. Thats why the drive didnt work on the macbook.

  • WWE Gamer
    WWE Gamer

    you shouldve plugged in a monitor on the chromebook it maybe wouldve worked

  • BrightWolfMaster

    I mean for a macbook you’ll need a dongle soo... safety I guess?

  • Serpent

    Nobody: Really nobody: Me wanting to see the predator laptop and this usb...

  • thapaliya

    Destroyed a decent laptop in less than a second.

  • D AVIL
    D AVIL

    스마트 TV에 키보드가 된다는걸 처음 알았다..ㄷㄷ

  • farmerboy777

    Respect killing a Chromebook rather than a decent computer

    • ꧁JSE NM꧂
      ꧁JSE NM꧂

      Dead of killing ×_×

    • Microsoft account
      Microsoft account

      @Mathisbuilder they are

    • Mathisbuilder

      @osc-omb They aren't epic, expect maybe for the M1 ones

    • osc-omb

      @Mathisbuilder first one, I are like epic macintosh

    • Mathisbuilder

      @osc-omb Which comment? Because my first one is from more than a year ago, when M1 macs did not exist.

  • Clark Kent
    Clark Kent

    As long as computers exist there will always be a USB Killer.

  • Tech Wizard
    Tech Wizard

    what if you plug it into an outlet?

  • All in One Tech
    All in One Tech

    What will happen If I plug it into a USB Power Adapter?? Does it blows out my whole house's electronics??

  • Brian Barcus
    Brian Barcus

    You failed to explain the actual purpose of the USB device - I'm sure it's purpose is not to destroy laptops.

  • Arbiter Sux
    Arbiter Sux

    Plug this into a portable USB phone charger.



    • Unspeci

      rip your power company

    • TheGoldenMinecart // JCTGM
      TheGoldenMinecart // JCTGM

      Arbiter Sux I'll Destroy your City Power

    • T. Lee
      T. Lee


    • Bird Daddy Detta
      Bird Daddy Detta

      Our buses have got charging ports ... 😈

  • P43L0N1X

    The reason why it didn’t kill the MacBook because it already killed the USB

  • Plazaduck

    The creepy coincidence. When he attatched the pen drive to the mav book my battery just went low and the popup came. goddamit Austin youre killing my pc as well.

  • SolidSableye

    So wait... 240 Volts that charge into a computer. A lot of outdoor warning sirens run on 240 Volts Add a usb port to a siren and use the usb killer It will rev up the siren. No, let's not do that.

  • zanguusu

    who in the world thought this should have been called the "USB Killer" instead of the "Killer USB"?

  • Fluster

    Austin: This is a regular USB but it can kill your device. Me: What’s that skull head on the USB?

    • WesleyRaine_Ang3

      @Noname yes sub me

    • Noname

      @WesleyRaine_Ang3 it would've been cool if they used it

    • PBM

      @PATTY PERRY someone's gonna get laid in college

    • BigTimeAze - Aze Ramos
      BigTimeAze - Aze Ramos

      @PATTY PERRY r/woooooosh

    • WesleyRaine_Ang3

      creeper head

  • Judith Cachero
    Judith Cachero

    Austin: Do not try this at home Me: Do not try this anywhere and do not even try this at all.

  • Snakeroo

    Alright so my cousin just discovered what is a vm and he also watched this video, and guess what. He tried inserting the usb to his pc while vm is open, and you know what happened after that. (My cousin doesn't know about computers)

  • Youmu Konpaku
    Youmu Konpaku

    Me: plugs USB killer "Unrecognized USB device": You gonna have a bad time. Computer: dies.

  • WeeAdam08

    I made a DIY usb killer with a 3.6GB flash drive that uses a duplicating virus that erases everything and heats the device up fast to permanently overheat

  • Xrim

    Teacher: give me your USB stick with your school project on it please. Student: **gives Killer USB** Teacher: LIFELONG DETENTION

    • Andi Merkle
      Andi Merkle

      Here in Germany you will be in a "criminal age" when you are 18 and over. If you're not doing an armed robbery, but just destroying the school PC out of nonsense and then pretending to be ignorant (Oh, how could that happen? I am sorry), then nothing will happen to you

    • Mad Plays
      Mad Plays

      I wanna do that

    • dh4

      @allsan no like 2015 or 2016 or something

    • allsan

      oh no i did this in the media center where all the macs are

    • dh4

      @allsan like when they gave the macbooks

  • James Jamias
    James Jamias

    Can this thing kill a M1 Mac Mini or Macbook?

  • Cycro the large planet / Windows 11
    Cycro the large planet / Windows 11

    Him: *Plugs it into the phone*ㅤ Phone: Time to reboot!

  • David Plantiko
    David Plantiko

    I want to try this at home!!

  • Clyde6790p

    Dad: son do you know what kind of usb this is it has a skull photo on it Me: DAD THATS A USB KILLER IT DETROYS STUFF WHEN YOU PLUG IT IN Dad: "throws it to the neighbors house"

  • Bee

    I bet flex tape can fix those usb ports

    • Maxdr078


    • DragonXD


    • Leoraptor21

      weird tape but okay

    • TheOmegaGamer 123
      TheOmegaGamer 123

      to show you the power of flex tape........... i FUCKED UP MY COMPUTER! *puts tape* FUCK IT DIDNT WORK

    • 10000 subs without any vids
      10000 subs without any vids

      What about flex seal

  • Zahaan papa
    Zahaan papa

    For your chromebook the on/of switch was on the side and when you put the usb you pressed the button

  • Matej V
    Matej V

    Austin: Do not try this at home. Seriously. Me: proceeds to do this at my teachers computer

  • Vergil Jerome
    Vergil Jerome

    what if the adapter died instead of the macbook? like the adapter took a bullet for the macbook

  • Aidan Kendall
    Aidan Kendall

    Him:don’t try this at home Also him:puts it in the description

  • Kirill Heart
    Kirill Heart

    Boss: you are fired. Me: ok...i ll just leave to you all my job files r-r-right on this usb, Sir

    • ItsQber

      I was the one thousanth like omg

    • Mr Adam
      Mr Adam

      @IconicIdiot3829 why

    • NoBro_Hitz

      @IconicIdiot3829 yeqh

    • Lucky Gaming
      Lucky Gaming


    • C.I.N.B The Creator
      C.I.N.B The Creator

      what if he has one of the 5% of computers that dont work with this

  • Radja Shiqnals
    Radja Shiqnals

    Parent : Dont try it at home Kid: then i will try it at school Me: ..........

  • Shreyas Alse
    Shreyas Alse

    Austin: Do not try this at home Me:Tries at school 🏫

  • Kelf [GD]
    Kelf [GD]

    Imagine if somebody Accidentally plug this thing into a tesla while it's on the highway at 120k/h

  • -Jasmine-

    the reason the macbook didnt die was cause it charges through the usbc ports lol

  • Miiramar

    Chromebook: Exists People with a USB Killer: i'm gonna end this man's whole career.

    • Game On
      Game On

      @༺༿𝕷𝖆𝖕𝖕𝖑𝖆𝖓𝖉༾༻ not really there actually useable for some games with steam and linux

    • ༺༿𝕷𝖆𝖕𝖕𝖑𝖆𝖓𝖉༾༻

      Chromebooks are garbage

    • quatrsalmuttotabreabbitlecochicarrochopotativolsis

      @Kishore Naveen you are

    • Kishore Naveen
      Kishore Naveen


    • Squid Gaming
      Squid Gaming

      I have a chromebook i use it for android and chrome

  • BigmancozmoPlayz

    rip his bank account lol he can't do this on a virtual machine since it's a USB

  • Nack Tell
    Nack Tell

    Should have tried it on an i9 900k with 32 gigs of ram

  • Joaquin Luces
    Joaquin Luces

    Austin: "Do not try this at home." Me: You mean "Do not try this anywhere around the world."

  • Jovanni Szewczyk
    Jovanni Szewczyk

    0:58 I wanna plug that thing to my chromebook but it cost $Butt

  • Harry

    The USB killer sends high voltages through the data ports, as it would make sense that the anode and cathode pins on the USB have diodes attached on the ports disallowing backflow or surges. So that's why there is no data to be accessed, you've fried the Data pins only, and not the power ones.

  • Suski Official
    Suski Official

    KIll switch be like: Windows: Death Apple: HOLD ON A MIN WE HAVE THE BEST COMPUTER SECURITY EVER!!!!

  • Dreadmania

    "Don't try this at home" Me at a hotel: My goals are beyond your understanding

  • Node

    what happens if you plug this into your home? Like a USB port that leads to your electrical systems

    • Jonathan Smith
      Jonathan Smith

      Nothing. Maybe a broken USB stick.

  • Relateable Alex
    Relateable Alex

    Google: Are Chromebooks are always secure *Chromebook dies* Apple: IM EXTRA SECURE

  • dr.p*m

    Errors are red. My screen is blue. I think I deleted System 32.

    • Lol Vivo
      Lol Vivo

      Rip windows

    • exclamination64

      @Ordinary Fellow i know its a stolen comment

    • Windows 7 (Meme Edition)
      Windows 7 (Meme Edition)


    • Windows 7 (Meme Edition)
      Windows 7 (Meme Edition)

      WINDOWS 10 BSOD?????? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • k liveevil
      k liveevil

      @Misqti system 32 is a folder with the most important fkles for a computer and without all of those files, your computer doesnt work. But windows usually doesnt let you delete the entire folder