This Mystery Tech Goes TOO Far.
Austin Evans
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  • Lamarr Wilson
    Lamarr Wilson

    Wow they actually let this get ads?! 😅🤣

    • GregInTechnicolor

      "As the kids say 'Homie dope to the end zone yo'." I'm stealing this.

    • Jakob bogomol🅥
      Jakob bogomol🅥

      @tylerdropemoff _ I am 13

    • tylerdropemoff _
      tylerdropemoff _

      @Jakob bogomol🅥 get a job 🙏🏾

    • KodaiRyu

      Fancy to see you here too :P

    • Foxy

      ITmores will ad every single video regardless of content tbh

  • Cy

    You know that this episode is special when Austin brings back a buddy we all haven't seen in this channel for 2 years. Keep it up ya'll!

    • BearTackle

      He seems really nice, but really quiet and monotone for Austin. Really nice, though!

    • Uncrustable

      @clash re playz more like stole some good life from us

    • clash re playz
      clash re playz

      Covid stole some good content from us that's fs buddy.

    • King Hart
      King Hart

      Yeah covid 👍

    • hmm

      duncan33303 throwback

  • Joseph Sakata
    Joseph Sakata

    Lamar: "...And I hate this place" Austin: Yea. I do too. Not gonna lie. Ken: That makes five of us. Ausin: Hahaha... (slowly dies inside)

    • MrJ0mmy

      It doesn't stay up you should be used to that

    • É Mexendo que se Aprende - #ChegaYoutube
      É Mexendo que se Aprende - #ChegaYoutube

      @KingMOMO Legends what

    • Skuge


    • ElsieGaming

      Ausin = pog

    • KingMOMO Legends
      KingMOMO Legends

      No comments, that is sus

  • Sam Peiffer
    Sam Peiffer

    This is probably the funniest episode of mystery tech yet. 😂 Such a treat to see Lamarr collab with you guys again!

    • Nick Miller
      Nick Miller

      It's nice to see big creators supporting smaller ones

  • Gambit500

    This episode was one of the funnys yet. Laughing my ass off from start to finsh.

    • KingDragon38

      lamar is great

  • gtaguy

    Austin: "Would you like to give me the oral bliss that I've been waiting for?" Lamarr: *Starts getting on knees instead of saying something like hell no*

    • MacBack


    • shejan0

      @RuanauR 16:50

    • RuanauR

      Time stamp?

    • mad576

      finally someone did it

    • Dean Franz
      Dean Franz

      ...and he was right there, like he was, bruh.

  • Ian Mercaldi
    Ian Mercaldi

    Lamarr is a riot. It’s like layers of subtle jokes the entire episode. Love seeing collabs like this 👍

  • Eli

    "You can't just review the tech you need to be the tech"- austin

  • Jonathan Patten
    Jonathan Patten

    Lamar is fucking hilarious and you need to feature him more often. I loved this episode so much.

  • Akerzy

    All my homies love mystery tech 🙏

    • Mark gaming
      Mark gaming

      Imagine buying an acc for clout 💀

    • EightFifty

      Yes the sakurasou pfp, now Lamar won’t have to resort to plan c

    • Rafael

      @xTemperszz yup

    • xTemperszz

      dead channel

    • NaturalTCN


  • プロゲーマー

    I love Lamar being in Austin’s videos especially when Ken trolls them

  • Bryce

    This was one of the funniest Mystery Techs for sure! 😂🤣

  • MCarnifex

    These Lamarr collabs are always such a blast! Love the way you all vibe together!

  • DigitalPhantasm

    That vest thing seems PERFECT for VR, but I'd wait for the technology to get better. Right now it seems more like a gimmic and less like something that could create a genuine experience. But the idea itself is nice, just needs evolved more.

    • DigitalPhantasm

      @Robert Aguilar then I will say that I've never heard of that in my life and I'll have to look it up

    • Robert Aguilar
      Robert Aguilar

      What if I told you there was one of these almost 30 years ago for the super Nintendo and Sega genesis called the Aura Interactor...

  • Stackali

    i actually like mini usb compared to micro. its stronger and easier to locate which orientation to plug it in

  • Paife Mweshixwa
    Paife Mweshixwa

    Lamarr and Austin back at it again, never a dull moment with Lamarr around 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Chris Frizzell
    Chris Frizzell

    The Ergodox EZ has been replaced by the newer Moonlander, which is USB C, and you can even use the left half on its own as a gamepad-type of thing without the right half even plugged in. Learning the keys in the thumbclusters does take time, no two ways about it, but if you've ever used a split keyboard, it's a great but admittedly niche product.

    • huantian

      @The Grey One nah just someone who cares about not killing their wrists

    • The Grey One
      The Grey One

      Nerd alert!

  • Travis Sutton
    Travis Sutton

    we love lamarr. this is the only time we can see him in his natural state! lol

  • ChaiTrappuccino

    It's been a long, long time since we've seen Lamarr Wilson. This is how you know it's going to be a good mystery tech.

  • The Toy Room
    The Toy Room

    It's so good seeing Lamar back on ITmores! I've missed seeing his videos since he moved over to Tik Tok

  • Angel Merus
    Angel Merus

    Austin: "eww who uses edge?!" Austin's video 9 months ago on This Is: "Why you should switch to edge"

  • Leo

    3:46 “let’s go with the brighter shirt part” LMAOOOO I’m dying Lamar is hilarious

  • Berry Mckockiner
    Berry Mckockiner

    The on camera chemistry between you two was absolutely impeccable

  • Captain Keyes
    Captain Keyes

    Definitely one of the funniest mystery tech vids you guys ever posted 😂

  • extreme8808

    You and Lamarr are a great combo. More of that, please 😊

  • Jamie Aubrey
    Jamie Aubrey

    Need more of Lamarr, just dropping jokes left right and centre

  • george christodoulou
    george christodoulou

    DEFINITELY the best episode of mystery tech!

  • Nick S.
    Nick S.

    I discovered Lamarr from the first mystery tech and he's so entertaining, I'm glad to see him back for round two!

  • Kris Hitchy
    Kris Hitchy

    This is hands down my favourite mystery tech!

  • DonnyIsAwesome

    The dynamic here is fantastic, would subscribe for an entire channel of you boys working together

  • Mighty Mushroom
    Mighty Mushroom

    Definitely need Lamarr on more often, this is pure gold 😂

  • Captain Canada
    Captain Canada

    loved the video. lamarr adds a different type of energy that makes the videos very enjoyable

  • Angel Playz
    Angel Playz

    This episode made me laugh waaay to damn much 😂😂😂😂😂

  • James Fox Podcast
    James Fox Podcast

    You two need to permanently Host this together. Austin is great on his own. But Lamar adds a laugh out loud Factor that was much appreciated.

  • misteridiot

    “It doesn’t stay up!” “Aren’t you used to that?” Whoa. Lamar is *brutal*

  • Gabe_VA

    The watch camera would work for bringing it on rides/rollercoasters. I’d love that tbh

  • Brett Bee
    Brett Bee

    I want this Collab is every video of mystery tech for now on lmao you guys are a a perfect duo 😂

  • bnb toys
    bnb toys

    You guys are pretty damn funny lol just ran into one of your episodes yesterday and I’m maybe 12 videos in now lol good content!

  • TanukiDash64

    I love how every video with Lamar has to be “family friendly”. Lol

  • EppyTheThird

    What if Austin did an ultimate build off, with a raspberry pi?

    • J.J.

      I would hands down see that

  • Dalkra99

    You know it’s gonna be good when Lamarr is in it

  • Jack Cutler Jr
    Jack Cutler Jr

    Man I am sooooo happy to see Lamar doing a video instead of just shorts! Missed you my guy!!

  • TenCoNesnasiGoogl

    More episodes like this, please. Lamar deserves to get all that he can carry and still be smiling while doing so :)

  • shasler

    Best episode yet!!! Austin and Lamar were funnier than ever.

  • Astedroid

    Lamarr & the friends absolutely roasting the heck out of Austin = best content

  • TimeForJodacy

    Cant believe I've been watching since the 2013 PC builds, i actually still have the $1000 budget PC build from then in storage. And the memory of him saying "Hey guys this is Austin" Singed into the darkest parts of my brain. Love the videos cant wait to watch them for years to come!

  • Original Phanta
    Original Phanta

    You two together are hilarious 😂

  • GPUtest

    Austin: It doesn't stay up! It doesn't stay up! Lamar: You should be used to this... made my day😂

  • michael hartman
    michael hartman

    since when does Mystery Tech go too far? i feel like Mystery Tech ALWAYS goes too far lol

  • Naruto Uzumaki Genin
    Naruto Uzumaki Genin

    That scene where Lamarr started taking stuff when Austin and Ken were talking got me.


    It’s been soooooo long since we saw lamar with Austin I still remember their largest vs smallest laptop

  • peter obermuller
    peter obermuller

    Ohh,, Lamarr, missed having him in these.. :) Time to get a new smart toilet for the next mystery tech.. :D

  • Loo902

    Needs more Lamar Wilson as guest!!! We love Lamar!!!

  • Harry Houdini
    Harry Houdini

    I just discovered this channel the other day and I must say I love it really entertaining with that being said I have a question I have now been scammed twice trying to get an Xbox series x where can I get one legitimately

  • Retro Game Reviews
    Retro Game Reviews

    I missed you @Lamarr Wilson! Great to see you back!

  • Azfar Hasan
    Azfar Hasan

    Lamar is so jokes😂. Great to have him on the show. He lowkey carried the reactions.

  • Larz Veld
    Larz Veld

    Lamar Wilson has always been the king of unboxings since the day his channel first started 😎❤️

  • Camerxn

    Great episodes. Lots of laughs. Definitely needed that while I'm sick in bed with covid

    • Bekrox64

      Get well soon

    • Gfreak250

      @Camerxn Good to see you found them again 😁

    • Camerxn

      @ThisJustAThinghere Yep yeah I've been sick for the past few days and went and got the rapid test done. Found out in 30 minutes that I have it lol. But thank you and I hope you feel better too!

    • Camerxn

      @Gfreak250 didn't even realize the spelling mistake haha

    • ThisJustAThinghere Yep
      ThisJustAThinghere Yep

      Same, been sick since last week though. I only got my results today that I’m actually sick with Covid. Feel better Cam

  • Killershadow1996

    This episode was hilarious I love it

  • The Redneck Ram
    The Redneck Ram

    Lamar is always a funny guest to have on here.

  • Aboudi

    Austin.. always surprises us with mastery tech

  • Davi Rodrigues
    Davi Rodrigues

    Love when lamar is with us

  • Michael Hickman
    Michael Hickman

    Austin and Lame are the iconic duo we need to see more of.

  • Safwan

    Bro Lamaar is hilarious! Hope we see more of him soon

  • The Memelorian
    The Memelorian

    Lamar is S A U C Y, freaking made me LOL too many times, need him to be a regular for mystery tech

  • Lunatize

    I have never laughed this hard in an Austin video

  • Kait0s!

    Holy shit this was one of the best episodes of Mystery Tech by a longshot LMAO

  • onionsalled

    Seeing Lamar Wilson just now put the biggest nostalgic smile on my face. I used to watch him ALL THE TIME when I was like 11 man and now I'm 16 and it's like seeing your old cool uncle I guess idk lol

  • George Kungu
    George Kungu

    Did not know Lamar was this funny 🤣🤣 video made my day 💥💥💥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Zeshan Ajaib
    Zeshan Ajaib

    Haven't seen Lemar for ages. Glad to see he's doing well on TikTok!

  • Diego Beltran
    Diego Beltran

    He seems like such a cool dude but also what an absolute unit of a man, holy hell.

  • Mubeen Ahmed
    Mubeen Ahmed

    Fucking hell I laughed like hell for this video you need Lamarr more on this channel! 😂

  • DoubleCTech

    ITmores please don’t demonetize this video. It is comedy gold. 😂

  • BenTheMeme

    lamarr and austin are the best tech duo.

  • solidsnakeisme

    The vest seems just like an upgraded version of the Aura interactor.

  • Gunn3rTV

    I love Lamarr, hes so funny!

  • boki

    I absolutely loved this pls pls pls make more collabs with Lamar

  • iamaraindog

    Gah, I've been lusting over those ErgoDox but that price is steep.

  • Cc

    One of the funniest episodes of mystery tech 😇🙏🏻

  • The Death Slayer
    The Death Slayer

    we need lamar to stay here, have more video/collabs together


    I was hoping he will bring back Lamar Wilson again Now that's a show 😎

  • Juan Francisco Montalvan
    Juan Francisco Montalvan

    I feel that mystery tech hast lost it spirit is just very expensive items that they probably got to review and not stupid items to make us laugh

  • AndyAF

    Mystery tech went dirty, and I'm down with it.

  • Dennis Dobransky
    Dennis Dobransky

    a vid with lamar always makes me laugh

  • Hritik Burkule
    Hritik Burkule

    I was kinda feeling that this channel was loosing its touch for a couple videos now. Like it was getting boring to just watch them build a pc in microcentre and same old mystery tech, but thi video... IT WAS THE FUNNIEST THING i watched on this channel after a long time...

  • sinner 13 Halloween fiend
    sinner 13 Halloween fiend

    Man I love Lamarr Wilson makes me crack up all the time 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  • Billy Madison
    Billy Madison

    These two dudes filming is the most perfect example of videos you took with your friends when you were 10

  • digital_nothing

    "Aren't you married?" I feel so sorry for Lamarr's lady-friend if he hasn't been putting his wrist in compromising positions. lol

  • Mathushan Visagaratnaiyar
    Mathushan Visagaratnaiyar

    Lamar needs to be on this often 🤣🤣🤣

  • smush

    Lamarr is always on point with the comedy. NGL though tad disappointed he switched from making regular ITmores videos to short TikTok clips.

  • zipmiX

    More videos with Lamar!! :D

  • Lanvation

    You know it’s gonna be a good video when you see a weird keyboard.

  • panic!! panic!!
    panic!! panic!!

    ZSA unironically makes good keyboards. I have the updated version of that board, the Moonlander. it's extremely comfortable and I haven't had any wrist RSI flare ups since.

  • Robert Rule
    Robert Rule

    Thank you for having him on. I haven't been seeing Lamar's vids lately so I clicked on his link in the description and some how I wasn't subbed. I know I was dang YT!!

  • AlmightyWillz

    That ending genuinely killed me 🤣



  • TPK

    The man the myth the legend Lamar Wilson is back on this channel WOOOO

  • ollie

    Best mystery tech ever do more like this 😂😂

  • S-K-Y

    Ken: *you know other people pay to watch this* got me dying😂

  • Collin Friday
    Collin Friday

    Wrist cam is perfect for adventure vloggers. Allows them to record video without having to carry ANY external device, just wearing the apple watch that they would be wearing anyway. Not to mention the fact that it could probably be used underwater, considering that it is apple certified, so it's probably rated similarly to the watch itself.