This is the PS5 Controller...
Austin Evans
The PlayStation 5 DualSense controller for PS5 is...unique. 🙃
Hands on with the Xbox Series X

More on the DualSense for PS5:

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  • Austin Evans
    Austin Evans

    ok I lied the controller has already grown on me

    • Za_cel Gaming
      Za_cel Gaming

      Playstation is better

    • Codemanmodz 921
      Codemanmodz 921

      Can I send a controller in for review this is Cody with Codemanmodz

    • The Dislike Button
      The Dislike Button

      Playstation and Nintendo are the best

    • Lex

      @Saavy there both as good

    • Matthew Tuber
      Matthew Tuber


  • TampaTec

    3:50 the light on the controller is functional for VR.

    • Yoda

      @David Ricardo You can turn down the brightness...

    • Mr. K
      Mr. K

      Tampatec Exactly.

    • David Ricardo
      David Ricardo

      you can track the controller position with an infrared dot like the Xbox One did, we don't need a huge light bar that drains your battery for motion tracking.

    • eez


    • TampaTec

      @Mr Salty can you imagine ps5 VR headset 🤯. I'll never coming out of quarantine ever again. You should try pinball fx2 in VR it feels very realistic.

  • no

    Stop commenting he's a Microsoft simp... I'm having trouble liking them all.

    • no

      @jason theperson k

    • no

      @Brutal Surfer ikr I’m so funny

    • jason theperson
      jason theperson


    • no

      Dude relax...

    • Derek otero
      Derek otero


  • Adam Durkee
    Adam Durkee

    Only an Xbox person says a PlayStation controller has “grown on them”. A PlayStation person would never say that about a shitbox controller.

    • zetshio

      yep 👌

    • ThatOne Guy
      ThatOne Guy

      Adam Durkee he isn’t really an xbox person. Microsoft paid him hundreds of thousand ps of dollars to promote their xbox series x

    • Tina Love
      Tina Love


  • R W
    R W

    I’m slowly realizing he hates PlayStation

    • Monix

      he likes it and hes trying to hate it

  • David

    Bruhh!!!! The PS5 controller looks 1000x better than the series x controller

  • KeefKatcher

    I like how he made us think he had it in his possession

    • Nekiplex

      I knew he clearly didn't. The analogues dont light up god damn it

    • EmeraldEye9

      THE T R I C K S T E R

    • Remy Boi Boi
      Remy Boi Boi


    • A Gamer
      A Gamer

      I call it false advertising.

    • Aaron Seet
      Aaron Seet

      I dislike that.

  • teddy

    Did you believe there’s going to be really low graphics hell no the goin to be so powerful companies making the same part on the Xbox one Serious X They going to be so similar Look Call of Duty The game looks way better on the PlayStation Pro On the Xbox one x Screen tearing Horrible The power of Xbox I don’t think Microsoft know how to make consoles they always make it so hard to develop games


    You can tell this guy grew up with a xbox360

  • Omar Akhras
    Omar Akhras

    Yo I came here for the ps5 not the xbox

  • Planes and Stuff
    Planes and Stuff

    I only have one question. What gamer doesn't like light bars? Are you crazy?

  • TampaTec

    It's not ugly, reminds me a cool space age controller like mass effect or Star wars themed.

    • Merkurii & Pluuto
      Merkurii & Pluuto

      @Jit At least you own a PlayStation. Most XBOX Fanboys are butthurt and have never tried a PlayStation, yet go to the conclusion and say XBOX is so much better than PlayStation.

    • Merkurii & Pluuto
      Merkurii & Pluuto

      @yy rr same thing to be honest

    • Remku

      You guys got paid to say this

    • Jit

      belairbrandon PS exclusives are not even that good. They’re extremely overrated and i own both consoles. Xbox just feels and works better

    • Edgar U
      Edgar U

      Tampatec who asked nigga?

  • Fabiano Peres
    Fabiano Peres

    If you are a playstation hater, WHY do you keep making videos about it? No, you cannot hide this. Just for the views? This is lame.

  • JinMori

    Xbox:We good We Good PC:We good to PlayStation:😖😖😖 Nintendo:I Don’t really care so we’re good


    It sucks

  • 94HRS

    lol i love paper

  • Phyiir

    Can we all confirm that the dislikes on this video is not because of the ps5 controller but it's because of this guy...

    • John Gat
      John Gat

      @Arunesh yeah because xbox is trash

    • Arunesh

      @John Gathe’s better nowadays lmaoo

    • Whoopty Scoopty Poop
      Whoopty Scoopty Poop


    • Marc Walta
      Marc Walta

      Joel Miller if you don’t like it why are you watching the video

    • TropiccsYT

      Johnny Gat You do know that Microsoft will always have more money like always

  • DumboMcJumbo

    It looks like one of those fake concept designs

  • Geo Met
    Geo Met

    wait a minute if i were to buy a digital edition what do i do if there is no CD drive?

    • Geo Met
      Geo Met

      but how to get codes from other retailers?

    • Cali King
      Cali King

      Haha. Digital edition has no cd drive so all your games will be digital and have to be purchased from the psn store or buy digital codes of games you want from other retailers.

  • Kartike Sharan
    Kartike Sharan

    Does it work with PS4 ?

    • aaalenTV


  • Peyman Rstg
    Peyman Rstg

    Loved your video ...nice

  • Ethan Heiskell
    Ethan Heiskell

    I actually like this controller a lot. Can’t wait to get my hands on it

    • FG 11GG
      FG 11GG

      i dont get why ppl say the other console is gay, ye its funny but im confused


      Ethan Heiskell me too it is going to be iconic for me

    • Minnijaws x
      Minnijaws x

      Yeah it looks super cool

    • Tina Love
      Tina Love

      Dogity Sandwich This is a PLAYSTATION video. You’re a clown for bringing up something that isn’t about the topic

    • Dre2timezz

      @AnssHD so you have rona virus now?? rip medical bills

  • Chris Morrison
    Chris Morrison

    You really downplayed the ps5 machine itself, 20% is too high a number it's more powerful than that, raw hardware isn't the only factor when it comes to game performance

  • Chunky Monkey
    Chunky Monkey

    I was always an Xbox person I’m making the switch to PlayStation

  • Nevaeyah Manierre
    Nevaeyah Manierre

    The console it's self look s good I have the ps4 and that even l poke good

  • Ed Findlay
    Ed Findlay

    Too bad you didn't have the controller.

  • tulkaskiki25

    love the looks of the dualsense. fun fact: a group of ps5 controllers went back in time to stop Thanos.

    • um AppaL
      um AppaL

      tulkaskiki25 If it was red instead of the blue then it would be perfect lol. Personally, I’d prefer if it was just all white or all black. I love the buttons though. Can’t get over them.

    • Aarav

      Lol yeah. Avengers suit looked like that

    • Bub 74sc
      Bub 74sc

      tulkaskiki25 i get that reference

  • Juuzou R
    Juuzou R

    And the game in the xbox ?🤣😂🤣

  • Slip Knot
    Slip Knot

    sir, if ps5 will reveal their price or come out in the market, will the ps4 low its price??

  • Nico 0509
    Nico 0509

    I'm getting the ps5

  • Jaqueezy

    i like both, but I'm definitely getting the ps5, because of the new games its coming out with and the fast loading time

  • DarKatana

    When you think 2020 can’t get worse And then Austin forgets to say “hey guys this is Austin!”

    • gabriel h
      gabriel h

      kiki the gerbil Bruh what? No he isn’t. He’s straight💀💀💀💀

    • KillEmCarlos

      It's cringey when he says that

    • gabriel h
      gabriel h

      tom wikwayer No don’t. He makes good content

    • The Smash God
      The Smash God

      I just unsubbed

    • H E R O S I N E
      H E R O S I N E

      Oh Shit !!!!!!

  • YoSexy Gamer
    YoSexy Gamer

    Yes I love the light bar makes it dope

  • The Phantum Mask
    The Phantum Mask

    No the Xbox has rechargeable batteries

  • rey

    I'm so confused, this deformed poor guy thinks the Series X looks better than the PS5? Literally one of the biggest bruh moments...

  • cynetiac

    Not meant as an insult - Insulting strangers bring me nothing. But as a man whose job it is to broadcast news… I’m surprised to find that you slur your words a lot! Please put more effort into your enunciation and properly articulate your words… your speech sounds like the hurried speech on a hyper teenager. Please breathe properly and talk clearly. I’m writing this and I’ve just reach the first quarter of the video. Please think about it. I wish you well in your endeavours.

  • Rolando Colon
    Rolando Colon

    Austin: “Does anyone really care about the light bar?” Me: “Does anyone really care about RGB lights on their keyboard? On their Tower PC? Behind their home entertainment system?”

    • Mark George
      Mark George


    • Lòng Nguyễn
      Lòng Nguyễn

      Apothicca yeah. In case the player forgets what nummbaa he is

    • CoolTheFool

      Everyone carea

    • Sushi Midnight
      Sushi Midnight

      @xX1NORM1Xx you can turn off the dualshock light you dimwhit

    • Sushi Midnight
      Sushi Midnight

      @Hammodi Alshallawee lol THE CONSOLES ARENT OUT HOW WOULD YOU KNOW

  • Cheeseburger

    I am the cheeseburger

  • EJ

    Looks is subjective but I can never say it's Ugly

  • De Nacht Conducteur
    De Nacht Conducteur

    Try not to talk so loud the next time. I know you're American and all. But still, just pls

  • The Rich Guy
    The Rich Guy

    Will this work on ps4??

  • Zypher

    Am I weird because my favourite part of new console generations is seeing how different the new controllers are ?

    • septillion2501

      Then you must've not enjoyed the last four Sony consoles since all their controllers basically looked exactly alike.

    • Zypher

      BigBoss7777777 excuse me ? First of all. It’s just a revision that has a different shape and a new button. And nobody said anything about it not being the same.

    • Jack McClelland
      Jack McClelland

      Statefarmjakey why reinvent the wheel, Xbox knows what its player base like and are wise to leave it the same. I respect Microsoft for that.

    • High Hat
      High Hat

      I’m excited for the technology. Specifically graphics for the next gen console games

    • Valid II
      Valid II

      Zypher no I just want to see the layout of the home screens

  • Jaxon

    It should be all white other than the buttons like the glacier white ps4 controllers or xbox one s controller

  • Dope'd Furry
    Dope'd Furry

    The xbox controller has the mentality of "if it ain't broke dont fix it". Its a very nice controller and anything other than very minor tweaks might throw off the feel.

  • Matthew Kinsella
    Matthew Kinsella

    Like I wish he could actually have an hounest opinion and not just on Xboxes side cause it just makes the whole video bias

  • Rob Banta
    Rob Banta

    as long as there is no stick drift it’s good with me

  • J M
    J M

    Looks like something we thought the ps4 controller look like back in 08’ ... We finally got to the future

    • iCommandYew

      So true

    • кเภو ς๏๒гค
      кเภو ς๏๒гค

      I think I understand what he tryna say

    • Ricardo SV
      Ricardo SV

      @Kiwi Well you cared enough to read it 3 times

    • Bruno

      Click L in chat bois

    • Daniel Gómez
      Daniel Gómez

      Most PS4 gamepad concepts had a screen or glass.

  • DGK Wigga
    DGK Wigga

    Imagine still hating on consoles in the comment section of youtube videos in 2020. True gamers play on every platform or they at least dont diss other platforms. YALL ARE FAKE GAMERS.

  • Toby Temple
    Toby Temple

    Yuk is all I’m gonna say.

  • Theycallmekingbeast The first
    Theycallmekingbeast The first

    Ok so I don’t like how ps4 hit us with the vr so ifff ifffffff they some how put vr tooo the ps5 maby I’ll get it

  • SoupExpensive

    *sees the ps5 controller with little but noticeable and game changing differences* Austin: yeah it has some great features but it’s ugly so no *sees the Xbox series x controller with no differences* Austin 10 out of 10 would recommend great job Microsoft for being creative


    That controller came straight out of Detroit Become Human

    • ErosLikesGames

      @Syahmi Norizan 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Mar Barz
      Mar Barz

      Your right 😃

    • If you see this you are not ugly
      If you see this you are not ugly

      They killed Conner and took his skin and put it on the ps5 Controller

    • Audrey Skye
      Audrey Skye

      BDTTRAS as much too buy a ps5

    • JT- GLOBAL
      JT- GLOBAL

      I was thinking the same thing 😭😭

  • Jack X
    Jack X

    Playstaion and Samsung

  • DTA

    @firebird y did u watch the video if u hate this guy so much

  • Slum_Wish Yt
    Slum_Wish Yt

    This dude definently got a sponcer from xbox

  • Rocco S3
    Rocco S3

    Best controller for Best controller for running games and call of duty, ps5 or xbox? Race games and call of duty, ps5 or xbox?

  • 808

    “this is the ps5 controller” talks about xbox more than it

    • MDUB W
      MDUB W

      @Isakay Yik no it doesn't make it better but what does make it better is the actual tech in the controller. I've played with both Xbox series x and ps5 controllers and Ps5 hands down kills the Xbox controller, it's not even a contest. The Xbox controller feels so cheap. Ps5 controller has built in haptics that make experiencing a game feel real. That's why it's better. Everything about it is better.

    • MDUB W
      MDUB W

      @Help me reach 1k subs with no videos? First off Xbox tried to sell in Japan and for no sells cuz they ain't about that. Second off PS4 was hands down better than Xbox one in every way, better games, better content, better exclusives. For real we got God of war, last of us 2, Ghost of Tsushima, Spiderman, and what y'all get? Another Forza and another halo? Boring!!! If I see another halo game imma lose it cuz that game is so played out. No one cares. Ya Xbox one may be more powerful in specs but that doesn't mean it's better. Sony proved that with less power they can still make better games and content.

    • Sir Dinzhi
      Sir Dinzhi

      @Isakay Yik that was a good arguement after all but getting mad at a year old gay joke is just stupid

    • Isakay Yik
      Isakay Yik

      @Sir Dinzhi at least i got a good argument, also why should i care? Pewdiepie also had more subs than both of us combined

    • Sir Dinzhi
      Sir Dinzhi

      @Isakay Yik gay jokes arent funny yeah but dont even get mad over that joke

  • Lymiik

    I hate the share/create buttons like at least make it customizable to where i can map a different function to it

  • Patrick's science club
    Patrick's science club

    I saw the PS5 controller at point 0:52

  • Just a normal person sayin hi!
    Just a normal person sayin hi!

    Imma be honest here guys i am from xbox and i will olways be, but this controller looks so fucking cool!

  • SkyHigh Fadedguy
    SkyHigh Fadedguy

    I like it, I prefer the xbox analog sticks though, it's weird playing with the little bumps on them imo

  • Steven

    I like how he's trying to force himself into hating the controller

    • FuTure Mighty
      FuTure Mighty

      True Xbox has exacly the same controller and it still has batteries Evans: xbox is the bestttttttttttttt

    • fruy

      @Hazza the sticks are in completely different places, the d pads look completely different, the other buttons also look different and the colors are different too so what looks similar about the two controllers?

    • fruy


    • PapaBoss

      @SirJekyllHyde yup i think so cuz in many of his videos he got some stuff from Microsoft

    • CME_Playz

      @Team ITmores exactly Microsoft copied Sony’s share button so I think it’s meant to be the other way round

  • SlimJackyChan

    I got series x add before this

  • Rredhi Lredhi
    Rredhi Lredhi

    Legit this man made it 2 months aho and now PlayStation told us how ps5 and controller looks like man here a sub from me and. A like

    • Sandro

      They already showed the controller months ago

  • no body
    no body

    He's mad Sony didn't give him the real controller 😂

    • •ω•

      That is the real controller xbox is better dumbass

    • Rainbow Mustache
      Rainbow Mustache

      ItsTimeToMakeLOL he’s not but ok

    • Cyber Gaming
      Cyber Gaming


    • TheBigMck

      no body I’m sorry but do you like the controller

    • Boi Loop
      Boi Loop

      @GC If you knew how to read, I referring to the transparency of the Xbox hardware being a good thing, not the hardware itself. Do I really care about the specs or controllers for either console? No but I do know that Xbox as a company is being more available to criticism than Sony by allowing tech channels the chance to preview the console and it's peripherals. THIS is a good thing. I don't give a shit about if the consoles are good or not, I just care about the pro-consumer path that Xbox is taking this generation.

  • Susan Yates
    Susan Yates

    Ps5 is amazing!! I time traveled to use it and all I can say Is wow.

    • _Night_


    • Shiffta

      you right

    • SOLAR

      Not gonna lie. That was cringe. Edit: whoever liked this comment. Why.

  • Robert Serna
    Robert Serna

    I think the controller looks great and I’m looking forward to seeing what the console looks like as well!

    • Iori Yagami
      Iori Yagami

      @V N the XBOX is a portable speaker

    • calvin Donaghy
      calvin Donaghy

      VICIOUSuzi that’s the Xbox

    • Iori Yagami
      Iori Yagami

      A whole folder

    • xIcy LF ❄️
      xIcy LF ❄️

      Also Xbox better but the ps5 controller looks better than PS4 controllers

    • xIcy LF ❄️
      xIcy LF ❄️

      WiFi router is what it lookin like Xbox series x lookin like a pc

  • Alucard 362
    Alucard 362

    I like both consoles and i would love to posess both next gen, but i've always had a problem with PS controller: i have a bit big hands and my thumbs always bump with each other with the PS sticks , and also, the battery thing, i have bought a rechargable battery for my Xbox controller, so that's not an issue So, yeah, i think Xbox controllers are a bit more comfortable

  • Leo Telles
    Leo Telles

    This video aged incredibly well! I thought the dualsense was the ugliest controller I've seen so far but now I think is one of the best looking.

  • Trish Rolt
    Trish Rolt

    1:05 Don't know if you know already, but what the adaptive triggers do is they can provide varying levels of resistance / tension when pulled. An example of how this could be implemented is by having the tension in the triggers increase as you draw the string on a bow, or like at 1:09 have the trigger lock up because of ABS when you brake too hard.

  • Jay Parker
    Jay Parker

    I think it’s the perfect amount of redesign. I was impressed that they didn’t just rehash the same controller. Props to Sony.

    • MrFailureYEET

      Built in rechargeable battery, built in mic.... Need i say more

    • Indrx

      that guy no they used the model of their scuff vantage controller but made haptic enhancements and other things

    • itzmesoenvy

      As an xbox guy I like it it looks cool

    • Hitler Senpai
      Hitler Senpai

      @JustBeLikeBrett nice

    • Rabid

      AnotherGuy12: “Xbox will always be better” Have you seen the E3 Xbox One reveal

  • Evan Wallace
    Evan Wallace

    Bruh i love this controller it looks so good

    • JuliusKingsleyy

      @jason theperson how tell me plz how it does look like a dumb xbox controller

    • jason theperson
      jason theperson

      it is a copy of xbox controller

    • JuliusKingsleyy

      @Ivan Exell you mean poopboxs and godstation

    • ItsDinoPlays

      Its horrid

    • ItsFox

      Im more of a xbox controller lover because of my hands while sonys controller Pisses me off

  • Rob - Tools and Tech
    Rob - Tools and Tech

    Personally, I love the look of the PS5. It’s a bold look, that I think people will either love or hate. I’m in the love camp.

  • Mr. Flamingoo
    Mr. Flamingoo

    He hates it yet he says it’s very similar to the Xbox controller that he loves ??😂

    • jason theperson
      jason theperson

      @John Marston are stupid i aint gonna waste my energy but compare the xbox controller to the ps5 controller and ask me how again youtubers say it heck its even in memes

    • jason theperson
      jason theperson

      @Where my moneh Boah but its a coppy

    • Toast-WithButter

      @Yoda no haptic feedback and adaptive Tigger's haven't been on for years just recently on dualsense the Xbox one controller has little motors behind the triggers that it

    • Yoda

      @Rayan Afzal You are right, haptic feedback and adaptive triggers have been on controllers for years and years. Sony used voice actuators instead of rumble motors, which are more precise and accurate than previously used. So I mean it’s a next gen console with a next gen controller. I’m not sure why Xbox didn’t improve theirs

    • Rayan Afzal
      Rayan Afzal

      Myntrix yeah, there’s 4 rumble motors on both controllers, they can turn on independently

  • Nik Nak
    Nik Nak

    I honestly love the controller, I think it looks extremely futuristic. But the console, meh, a little bit too experimental for me...

  • Simon W
    Simon W

    I really like the look of it, nice to see them bringing something different to the table.

    • Angel ᛕ
      Angel ᛕ

      Allen Danielsen no, it’s only the shape. Plus Microsoft copied the console and controller concept, Ps1 was launched in, December 3, 1994, while Xbox was made in November 15, 2001. So Microsoft copies the whole console

    • FujiwaraChika In your comments
      FujiwaraChika In your comments

      Raze Glitch why you hate PlayStation so much both are them better

    • Alien With Prax
      Alien With Prax

      Raze Glitch it’s not it looks different I have an Xbox controller and they don’t look alike it’s just the curves but the buttons and the size and the color and the inside it’s all different the curves are just better for hands

    • Raze Glitch
      Raze Glitch

      Simon W ngl it’s literally an Xbox controller


    Doesn't really matter how it looks it al about how comfortable it is and how fast it charges plus how long it lasts and if it has a build in rechargeable battery but I'm loving that they added a mic

  • Ashton Shanahan
    Ashton Shanahan

    I think they might make different colors for the console and the controller which would make it look good but I think it really acts good

  • XODanny

    as long as it comes in different colors. and of course it will. it'll be a very good looking controller

  • G7ost

    Honestly i thought it was a great balance of thick and slim when i saw it, with the ps4 and xbox you had the option of too chunky or too flimsy when it came to controllers, thats only my opinion though.

  • Faeddie Oxus
    Faeddie Oxus

    Yes, a microphone inside of a controller, brilliant, now I can stop using my headphones' microphone that makes my teammates hear themselves three times.

    • Legit Gaming
      Legit Gaming

      I can’t wait to have my headset on and speak into my mic and my controller at the same time in a party.

    • FlyJuice

      Yasuo gotchu, that’s dope tho, can’t wait to see how it performs

    • Er Zen
      Er Zen

      @raoul frasson If they develop a new controller, I think they have already tested the echo of the microphone

    • Radu F.
      Radu F.

      Your FBI agent is certainly the happiest with the controller update

    • Joelisking

      @Pop Oh ok thanks

  • Xtre4mKiLLer

    Looks nice. If the left D pad and stick were switched around, like the xbox controllers, I bet more people would switch.

  • Laurin Jorns
    Laurin Jorns

    Xbox SeriesX has more Power and PS5 has more speed. And the other major differences are of course the controllers and the user friendliness both companies provide.

  • Vinny V
    Vinny V

    I feel like the Dualshock is trying to be an Xbox controller. From PS1 to PS3, the Controller is virtually identical. But the DS4 over hauled the traditional design we've known and loved. They changed the sticks to Concave, changed the handles and changed the triggers. I don't hate Xbox or PS Controllers, but the DualShock 4 wasn't that great especially the stick shape and height.

  • Dark Horse
    Dark Horse

    I was so let down with the ps5 launch. Really expected something crazy with a huge jump into next gen gaming but didn’t get that feeling. Felt as if the only big jump we’ve ever got is from ps2 to ps3 gaming in terms of interface and gaming graphics. I wish Sony made a more powerful console which provided insane graphics and released it with a fresh new game instead of all the boring Japanese games we saw on the launch. Non the less I will still wait however right now I was hugely let down as after 7 years this is what they came up with.

    • Dark Horse
      Dark Horse

      Ali Hadi Babar Yh man seriously if you watch it again notice how majority of the games are poor graphic Japanese games and then there’s barely any next gen game obviously it’s new but they should’ve really got a game to release with the console for more of a hype it’s been 7 years. I’m sure Sony could’ve achieved something better in terms of a larger leap.

  • BornLlama

    “I’m gonna find many ways to not call this controller ugly”. *shocked* I guess I’m the only one who thinks it looks nice and sleek

    • Yellow was An Imposter
      Yellow was An Imposter

      He gets paid by michealsoft to shit on playstation.

    • Luiz Henrique
      Luiz Henrique

      I absolutely hate this new controller design, so much better the old one

    • Rayan Afzal
      Rayan Afzal

      Jhon Marston yeah fuckin titanium diamond plated my guy

    • Rayan Afzal
      Rayan Afzal

      Jacob Baur u sure you know what edgelord means

    • Rayan Afzal
      Rayan Afzal

      Swoops name one thing that has been proved to be false

  • keeshaun baker
    keeshaun baker

    I really hope they come out with another version that’s like the ps4 version. They can market it as “classic”

  • sinchman1

    The Switch Pro controller still the best with it's Motion control and HD rumble and the 40 hour battery life.

  • Wayne Payne98
    Wayne Payne98

    It's too big for the analog placement... it works on Xbox coz you mainly use Left stick and the buttons, with the ps5 controller it's gonna be too top heavy.

  • Marius Boss
    Marius Boss

    If they let us use this on a PS4 or more likely, a PC then 10/10 for me. I care more If they let us it on a PS4 more than PC. Because there is likely to have a Touch Pad.

  • jassim javed
    jassim javed

    The ps5 controller looks so futuristic and beautiful!

    • BassBeatZ BBZ
      BassBeatZ BBZ

      @Pirate Dog why do you love the flash so badly

    • Willian Roomer
      Willian Roomer


    • Helicopter

      @Wooden Plank Accidental Insult lol

    • Helicopter

      @Wooden Plank if it had no black

    • Helicopter

      It looks like something Microsoft would Make

  • mutalix

    when your a channel that reviews tech to 4.5 million subs you have a responsibility to be objective and without bias. In the past thats what AE has done and he did it consistently, thats why he has 4.5 million subs. But ever since he was one of the first to have hands on with a XSX, hes started dropping positive videos on xsx and xss, but suspiciously negative vids on PS5 and dualsense. At first I wasn't sure if he was getting paid to be an influencer, but when he dropped a video damage controlling halo infinite's poor state I knew for sure! AE does not review games only tech, yet he and Digital Foundry rushed to halo infinite's defense. This isn't the first time Ms has paid influencers posing as independent reviewers, it also happened during Xbones launch.


    I wish microsoft thought of rechargeable controllers or at least the new xbox comes with a rechargable battery.

  • Scott Herford
    Scott Herford

    it looks good. the key will be, how does it feel and perform?

  • Ai7A

    I actually love how it looks.

  • TH3N00BK1N9

    If I’m gonna be honest I’m gonna keep calling it the DualShock 5 rather than the DualSense controller

    • G-Fit

      I'm just going out of the norm and call it JOYSTICK

    • BlueBlur86


    • Mad G
      Mad G

      PS Sense

    • кเภو ς๏๒гค
      кเภو ς๏๒гค

      Im gonna call it 5th gen playstation console remote

    • NoNameDrafter

      I’m gonna call it a remote

  • Marcos Velasco
    Marcos Velasco

    If a ps4 control cost $60 I could imagine how much this one is gonna cost I rather replace batteries than a whole controller

  • Lucifer

    PS2 will Always be my favourite controller, but PS5's controller could be the best

  • Matt Peltier
    Matt Peltier

    I really hope they have tried to do something about the controller drift

  • r0b0squid

    Lemme just clarify, if this video was sponsered by Microsoft, it would be fully ILLEGAL to not disclose having a sponsor.