The Ultimate PlayStation Comparison
Austin Evans
After over 20 years, how does the PS4 console stack up with the PS1, PS2 and PS3 in the ultimate Sony PlayStation gameplay comparison?

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  • Austin Evans
    Austin Evans

    Hope you got your 🍿

    • Elli Maher Maynard
      Elli Maher Maynard

      @Nikos Gourbatsis thats rude

    • evan mata
      evan mata

      I have a ps4 ye

    • Panda Land
      Panda Land

      Yea I did

    • R Butler
      R Butler

      @OmegaEnvych wtf

    • R Butler
      R Butler


  • Amer Bazdar
    Amer Bazdar

    I wonder how many kids lied to their parents that this is just a dvd player

    • Jimmy Kingz
      Jimmy Kingz

      @Jarred the hero we didn't need but deserved

    • nightgamer

      @lexiolvsu psx was something for a ps2

    • Bit

      @lexiolvsu only in Japan BTW. And was super expensive and now rare, and it wasn't meant for a DVD player rather a whole media hub with addition of recording films from TV to hard drive

    • Bit

      @faxetube kiddo, in 2000s and 2006 it was different and PS2 was one of the best options for a DVD player it was all expensive , and PS3 as a Blu Ray player, so they might fall for that back then

    • zlkjsfhgjki as dkjfa;l
      zlkjsfhgjki as dkjfa;l

      @TL1882 Do not underestimate the boomer hatred of anything that requires a wall outlet.

  • DellJake

    Nintendo: sorry I’m out Sony: I’m about to end this mans whole career

    • Toe toe toe Nose nose nose
      Toe toe toe Nose nose nose

      Pc will always be the best

    • sakuraistrashcan

      @Et Teri switch v ps5

    • Et Teri
      Et Teri

      @Sasuke Shippuden 3ds is good but not better then ps4

    • Ꭲ Ꮋ Ꮎ Ꭱ
      Ꭲ Ꮋ Ꮎ Ꭱ

      Bkzy _ You did come here triggered after all ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • Ꭲ Ꮋ Ꮎ Ꭱ
      Ꭲ Ꮋ Ꮎ Ꭱ

      Bkzy _ You hurt kid? Go play with your amibos lol

  • Lulu The Hungry Gamer
    Lulu The Hungry Gamer

    Me: puts scratched disk into ps2 Sony: so you have chosen DEATH

    • JetsFan68

      pLeAse InSeRt A pLaYsTaTiOn Or PlAyStAtIoN 2 oR forMaT dIsC

    • nightgamer

      @insert name here i did that with the old NFS Most wanted And it worked And when i Turned it of i got the red screen of dead

    • Jetix Europe - Offical
      Jetix Europe - Offical


    • Hank

      As well as any disc for the GameCube, Xbox, and Dreamcast

    • Fahmid Sadat
      Fahmid Sadat

      I remember putting my ben 10 alien force disk and losing my shit at that screen

  • The Mariocrafter
    The Mariocrafter

    While I was watching this, my mom was watching Netflix on the PS3. By the way, one of the most overlooked ps3 features is the PS3 Photo Gallery. It was a biiiig bummer that the PS4 removed such an incredible app. What it does is you connect your camera, pop in a flash drive, , slap in a SD or CF and the weird M card or put in a CD or DVD rom with pics, and view em’ in 3D. It’s sad that such a great app got overlooked. Hope they re add it to the PS5 and make it WAAAAAY better. Btw my mom is still watching NetFlix on my PS3.

  • eshaan Bidarakoppa
    eshaan Bidarakoppa

    I played Uncharted on a ps3 in 2018 and it genuinely held up extremely well

  • chadbailey30

    I convinced my mom to buy me the PS2 due to it being a DVD player.... Thank you Sony!!!!

    • valentin oger
      valentin oger

      @epicgamerCool2012 Gamer nan mec j'en ai une aussi de Playstation 2 c'est la meilleur Playstation du monde frr

    • Simpson

      @Krykun we can tell you are like 12, even today I would be happy with a ps2 because of the call of duty games they they had, it was also the first console I played a gta game on, and all the amazing racing games I played with my friends.

    • Pineapple Juice
      Pineapple Juice

      @epicgamerCool2012 Gamer no because people aren't rich

    • BLS

      @Krykun he’s clearly talking about back when the ps2 was the current console

    • tanbir hossain
      tanbir hossain

      @Krykun get a ps3 you said its same so ps3 is cheaper

  • austin

    Austin: plays on ps1 Also Austin: HAS 240 HZ MONITOR

  • Creatな

    Me waiting for him to show the PS5 But then realizing that the video was uploaded 2 years ago.

    • Airplane36

      Lol same

    • X-Raudy Ortiz
      X-Raudy Ortiz

      Yoooo i really got loss with you're nametag xD

    • SirNokiaDaBrick

      Can agree

    • Unc126


  • its just luke Revive
    its just luke Revive

    His voice has this effect of believing whatever he says

    • luong

      Just like Morgan Freeman:)

    • Pranav M
      Pranav M

      @asdf g ?

    • asdf g
      asdf g

      Bro my name is Nixon and when you were playing Gt 6. I saw my name 🤣🤣🤣

  • 19sert 19sert
    19sert 19sert

    Please do this for the Xbox version! It was a really interested and informative video. Thanks

  • Daleo

    Someone in the future will say: "OMG GTA5 graphics sucks"

    • TheOfficial Conflict_YT
      TheOfficial Conflict_YT

      @ITALIANdomain1 expanded and enhanced still looks shit

    • Staringcorgi6

      They don't look well but that was because it was the magnum opus of the 7th gen it's like expecting a late gcn era game to have timeless graphics

    • hungrynapps

      Someone in the future is gonna say when is GTA 6 gonna launch

    • It's just a burning memory
      It's just a burning memory

      @ITALIANdomain1 have you played cyberpunk or marvels spiderman? Yeah its amazing

    • X-Raudy Ortiz
      X-Raudy Ortiz

      2 years later and yes it happened since cyberpunk came out

  • NoruBR

    Congratulations for your videos! They're very well produced and with bunch of interesting info!

  • Fallen Official
    Fallen Official

    Thanks Austin. I have always loved this video. This video is the reason that I now want to buy every console ever!

  • Cornermercury 77
    Cornermercury 77

    Man, the playstation 2 startup screen brings back memories. Even though it bit the dust a month ago.

  • Armando Torrez
    Armando Torrez

    My first experience of GTA was on ps1 it was amazing then but looking back now I’m so grateful for how far PlayStation and graphic design has come 😂😂😂 💙

  • TheOneAndOnlyET

    I loved playing the PS2 it was my first gaming console and had some of the best games ever made

  • Nolan

    It’s also very interesting and important to know that some of the newer fat ps3 models didn’t have ps2 backwards compatibility.

  • IvanDC20

    I always loved the design of the original PS3. Glossy black colored with chrome letters and trims. In my opinion it's one of the best looking consoles ever

  • Silent Hill Fan
    Silent Hill Fan

    I love ps2! Its my favorite because of the best vintage horror game selection ever created to this day like the silent hill series 2 3 and 4 and clocktower 3, haunting ground, rule of rose ect:)

  • GamerboyAli

    My first console was the PS2 slim. *I still play it because I love it.*

    • Mon Calimari Mon Calimari
      Mon Calimari Mon Calimari

      My first console was a PS3. I actually had a fully backwards compatible PS3, which was actually pretty amazing.

    • Cams Magnet Adventures
      Cams Magnet Adventures

      Mine was the ps3 super slim

    • JetsFan68

      I bought the ps2 slim EXCLUSIVELY for NFL 2k5. Got a HDMI adapter and it blew me away

    • _drippyboy

      Or because your poor

    • Kenan Lipovec Omanovic
      Kenan Lipovec Omanovic

      I can proudly say same

  • RIOT2Live

    I'm planning on getting all the PlayStations when I get older.

    • Benjamin McKittrick
      Benjamin McKittrick

      @Blueberry it won’t cost that much to get the ps1 to the PS4. Ps5 is a bit dodgy tho

    • Marius Boss
      Marius Boss

      I'll get a PS2 Slim when i get a lot older. Plus PS1 games. I haven't played the Resident Evil games so if i get a PS2 i can finally play those games.

    • janX9

      @Dominique Cevat good to know.

    • Dominique Cevat
      Dominique Cevat

      @janX9 ps 1 and 2 games don't have installation files, only thing you need is a few MB for the virtual memory card, for the playstation 3 i have 63 games and i'm good here, and you can alway's uninstall, as long as you keep your save files, the max size is as far as i know 1 TB max, beyond that you can run into isseus.

    • janX9

      @Dominique Cevat 500 GB is too small. I wonder what capacity HDD a PS3 will support.

  • just some minced garlic
    just some minced garlic

    Back in the day, my parents bought a ps2 as a DVD player and considered the fact that it played games as kind of a bonus gimmick. I was one happy kid when they brought it home with 007 night fire and tony hawk pro skater.

  • Azooz Majki
    Azooz Majki

    I loved the PS2 games the most but I really miss the PS3 era where you would be excited for every new game and get mind blown to how much better it looked compared to the PS2 like my first games I got on my PS3 back in 2007-2008 was assassin's Creed 1 and uncharted it was miles ahead anything I played on the PS2 and I really miss that feeling

  • Marios-

    I love the PS3, not as good as PS2 but underrated for sure especially since the slim was a lot cheaper.


    PS1: mom dad how was I born ? Sony and Nintendo: you were an accident

    • Gone for food
      Gone for food


    • Marleen Tamme
      Marleen Tamme

      My first choice playstation was ps3

    • Marleen Tamme
      Marleen Tamme

      Whatever you decide well you wanted to stay there forever but you will be

    • Zaidu9

      Sony and Nintendo married had some fun 😏(uk what I mean ) they divorced and he was born

    • Matt Walker
      Matt Walker

      A successful accident

  • Theamazingspiderguy 99
    Theamazingspiderguy 99

    PS3 is my favourite. It’s ambition and how crazy the Cell, was is easily the most interesting console ever made in my opinion.

  • Kirb

    Ah the ps2, my favorite console ever and I still play it to this day :)

  • Ace Solomon
    Ace Solomon

    Spyro was pretty open world for the ps1. Honestly one of the best open world experiences the ps1 had to offer.

  • Ronniejames

    I still think PS3‘s Technology was far advanced for its time especially when developers used it’s Full potential as it did in The last of us.

  • JoEYEleven *
    JoEYEleven *

    There is something that has always felt special about that PS boot up audio...👍

  • Dark Samurai
    Dark Samurai

    I played on alot of consoles but my favorite is the N64 and PS1 cuz they both had really good games

  • ThawingPlace Gaming
    ThawingPlace Gaming

    I still have my PS2 Slim, And it still works and it's one of the best consoles of all time, And I bought my PS2 Slim 3 years ago. And I played the PS3 at my cousins house, So many fun memories 😁.

  • Tony Vongthong
    Tony Vongthong

    To me personally, I like the PlayStation 2 better because I grew up with it, I played games on it with my friends, and I liked the nostalgia of it.

  • Other User
    Other User

    10:55 - "What you're not going to find is a giant leap in graphics" 11:17 - "First of all, this had much more powerful graphics"

    • Super Mario Caspian
      Super Mario Caspian

      Other User oh hi Sammy classic sonic fan

    • Asmit Basu.
      Asmit Basu.

      @SpookyScooty Trust me I own both and Ps4 had a huge graphical leap.. you can really see the difference in jagged edges, lighting etc.

    • Alpha Game chain
      Alpha Game chain


    • faxetube

      It's still not THAT big of a revolutionary leap like Steve Jobs gave in 2007

    • Alanneedsmilk


  • Kyle

    PlayStation 2 is my absolute favorite. The fact you could just pop a disk in and play right away is a luxury I want back. No more waiting for days to play a game.

  • Jose Luis Hernandez
    Jose Luis Hernandez

    I literally have a full collection of the PlayStations , but PS3 will always be in my heart, plus I grew up with it

  • Yellow Evo
    Yellow Evo

    Happy to see Austin playing Gran Turismo on every PlayStation

  • connor hetherington
    connor hetherington

    For me the PlayStation 3 had the biggest jump in technology with online play graphics and gameplay from the PS2 generation but the PS2 generation was the best without a doubt, The best games because most of them are based from films and usually when you watch a film you would then go and buy the game. PlayStation 4 as he mentioned wasn’t a big jump from PlayStation 3

  • Knave Jesus
    Knave Jesus

    My personal pick is the PS3. To me it was absolutely mind blowing the fact that I could play PS1 and PS2 games, especially being able to play them online over WiFi. Also I loved how it had a Blue-Ray player and the ability to download Linux into it. You could also remote play with the PSP, download music, photos, movies heck you could even save all your saves from your PS1, PS2, and PSP games! The Xbox 360 was a great console but there is no denying how loaded with features the PS3 was. 🤘🤘

    • ChromeMan04

      It was also my favourite

    • gx-sander

      Knave Jesus It was a nice consome but the new models ruined it. No backwards compadibility and no linux

  • xXNeroXx X
    xXNeroXx X

    My favorite is and will always be ps3 it opened my eyes to what gaming is capable of

  • grimSleeper59

    Is it just me who actually really liked the sliding door on the PS3 super slim? I used to find it so cool as a kid.

  • Canyon Palmer
    Canyon Palmer

    I've had all three versions of the PS3 and still have two. I started out with the slim when I was really young and it came with a ratchet and clank game I never played. Then my brother broke it a few years later and we got the super slim off eBay. Then after another couple years my dad came home with a fat ps3 because he thought it was early enough to play ps2 games but it wasn't so now we have two. Still miss my og PS3 though

  • oleg

    My first Console was the PSVITA. It was worth it!

  • Angel Isaac Castillo de los Santos
    Angel Isaac Castillo de los Santos

    I am a huge fan of PlayStation consoles, I stopped buying them after the PS2 due to college responsibilities and now after seeing this video I feel that the console could be called the Double and Triple Dip Station with all the remakes they made.

  • Arthur Massaini de Santana
    Arthur Massaini de Santana

    My firsts consoles were a ps1 and a nintendo 64. Good times.

  • Ahmad Hamzah
    Ahmad Hamzah

    Ah the PS1, all my memories of playing the original Crash Bandicoot, so nostalgic

  • S Assell
    S Assell

    I played the last of us about a month ago and it is one of my favorite games of all time

  • Yefry Pena
    Yefry Pena

    Ps2 era was everything i remember waking up at 6am to play a little bit before going to school

    • The wise Banana
      The wise Banana

      Ayo same bruh the memories 😭😭😭

    • Bilal Afzal
      Bilal Afzal

      I remember waking up early in the morning and start thinking what should i do so that i can make a leave from school and will play ps1 all day... But, my granny comes in the way and i have to go school bcz of that.... By the way, shes no more... May her soul rest in peace ....i miss her.. So much. And those golden days too. .

    • Thunder Jay23
      Thunder Jay23

      @DIYAZ - Gaming xbone

    • Romie Tha Homie
      Romie Tha Homie

      Papi Memes lol me too

    • Israel J. Walker
      Israel J. Walker

      I do the exact same thing with my penis

  • Bada Bing888
    Bada Bing888

    Ps1 because it really blew my mind when it came out and PES really got me and my housemates through University at the time. PS4 now I am older.

  • The Driper
    The Driper

    Its funny how youtubers make questions to us to answer on the comment section but we never answer it

  • Little Wolf
    Little Wolf

    I think we all feel in love when we saw the PlayStation for the first Time 💙

  • TomahawkObeseGorilla

    My first console was the OG PS3. Also known as the uncle's grill. The PS3 will always be remembered. It taught me how to play BO1 and BO2. And it let me play with the boys.

  • Fesskey

    I didn't own a PS one but my parents always bought PS one games for my PS2 games because they were cheaper and they didn't know the difference 🤦

    • Francisco Ortiz
      Francisco Ortiz

      GTA 2 was pretty fun graphics sucked ass but I enjoyed it

    • Q

      hainedubstep if you actually grew up with GTA 2 back in 1999 like I did , you would know it was one of the most fun games you could play , most people didn’t even get GTA 3 never mind GTA 2 lol people always be sucking on San Andreas dick

    • hainedubstep

      @PixarMan2001 imagine getting GTA2 instead of GTA-SA, that wouldn't be fun :D

    • D4NIEL.

      @PixarMan2001 Aye

    • PixarMan2001

      At least they worked and were fun games.

  • passion for art
    passion for art

    Ohh man i remember my old days with ps2 and gta lol 😆 those were fun still got ps2 and ps3 also ps4 slim and yes legendary sega

  • Anders Robertsen
    Anders Robertsen

    I love the ps 3 slim, it's really a great console n I just love too play GRID on it but I feel ps2, ps3 n ps4 has small controllers, I like a ps3 controller witch look like a xbox controller so the joystick have some more space between them

  • Doom250

    The PS3 is of my time, when I got it my Sega was in the dust and I played the PS3 all the time now i still play it even though I have a PC , sometimes I come back to play my Sega to have those Alex Kidd memories

  • Buster Hoodstar
    Buster Hoodstar

    I have 1 modded PS2 Slim. 4 modded PS3 OG first generation models. I can't let them go. The entertainment they provide is priceless.

  • Vecopotryx

    Oh wow, I didn't expect this. But this is the kind of videos I absolutely just love :)

    • -*XHyperkill*- *Singh*
      -*XHyperkill*- *Singh*


    • Mxstafa

      Vecopotryx same

  • Soltz

    You definitely need to do this again for the ps5 😩

  • UltimatePSGaming

    It feels so weird when it switches from the low res game to his face in hd

  • Avi Chetri
    Avi Chetri

    1:13 OMG same. My brother, cousin and I used to play Gran-Turismo 2 all the time! My uncle-in-law purchased the cheapest car and won a vital race, he was so happy when he did. RIP Mick!

  • JellyDoge

    My fav is ps3 and PS4 I love ps3 cause it was my first console even though I wanted a PS4 I got a ps3 and it didn’t fell any different from the PS4 so I loved it until I got tired of it

  • Thegrimminerfx

    Can we just acknowledge that he didn't play the legendary PS2 Startup sound?

    • Magst3r


    • Saiker

      PS2 startup was sound was pretty boring to me, especially compared to PS1, which was much more complex and kind of exciting.

    • JN Balundo
      JN Balundo

      It's not legendary

    • V PeRK V
      V PeRK V

      @Pakiso Mbanga nah, "YOU'VE GOT MAIL" Is mkre legendary

    • V PeRK V
      V PeRK V

      Copyright issues, fck youtube. They are fcking the people tht make them money. TALK ABOUT GREED

  • J2gross

    silent hills 2 was a game that really looked good on the ps2

  • ShaiikoOnSticks

    Love naughty dog games E.g Uncharted 1-4 and last legacy, last of us, last of us remastered, last of us part 2. They are by far the best games ever in the history of video games

  • RevanJager Gaming
    RevanJager Gaming

    Love those headphones, best price to sound quality ive seen personally

  • SRJplayGAMES

    My first console ever was Gamecube but I grew up with PS2 as in those days the family used it for the DVD feature and the games I played was GTA San Andreas and, Ratchet And Clank

  • Akmak

    People still banging out PS3 till to this day 🤯

    • Wolfstar

      I still have my PS3 Slim.

    • bindu shyam
      bindu shyam

      Hey pottanmare

    • bindu shyam
      bindu shyam

      Did you connect the HDMI cable

    • syrus watson
      syrus watson

      @CasualGamer thats a good console

    • BeeHive

      PS3 I LOVED COD ZOMBIES so bad i got zombie chronicles xD

  • janX9

    And here I am. PS2 being the last console I ever bought LOL I'm happy enough with a good PC and emulators. I sold all my retro consoles almost a decade ago. Granted, there is a better feel with the real thing, but 8bitdo controllers help. And all the classic minis.

  • Dynamac mc
    Dynamac mc

    It’s crazy how the PS5 looks so different

  • Iam Boltzmann
    Iam Boltzmann

    I had to sell my ps2 to get ps4, and I honesty miss the great times I had.😢

  • Argely Ayala
    Argely Ayala

    See now this is one thing I noticed with the whole ps3 that u missed the model u have rn in particular is backwards compatible and u can tell by the 4 USB ports but there’s other ps3’s that are the same size and same housing as the backwards compatible but without the actual backwards compatibility

  • NinjaSkyborg

    *Let's not forget that Playstations are way easier to fix! Replacing my PS3 hard drive (or anything else in it) wasn't too difficult. On a Xbox 360, getting in it was like cracking a safe. Side note : inFamous and inFamous 2 don't get enough love. Those titles, together with Little Big Planet, made the PS3 an amazing experience.*

    • Matija Potočnik
      Matija Potočnik


    • DankErikk

      To remove an xbox 360 harddrive all you had to do was push a button lmao, if anything, the ps3 was more complex, you even needed a screwdriver 😂

    • Gameboy9917

      Little Big Planet was great

    • Timothy

      the real thing is why console

    • Jordan Russell
      Jordan Russell

      Yeah, they made an infamous first/last light aswell. I have enjoyed all of them.

  • River

    I have the PS4 slim and it is amazing, just lags occasionally

  • Korkikika

    I grew up with xbox my 1st video game console that I've ever owned was the Xbox 360 But A game I rather enjoy was only available on available on playstation 3 and 4 so imma go 3

  • Antoan Arnaudov
    Antoan Arnaudov

    I didn't have a PS1 but a cousin did and I remeber spending a whole simmer playing Harry Potter on it and its was astonishing back in the days. Thanks for bringing that memory back!

  • Richard Anderson Music
    Richard Anderson Music

    I still find it upsetting that the PSP, PS Vita, and the 2008 PS3 model (the one that's shaped like the 2006 PS3 model, but has a dull, silver frontal plating, only two USB ports [not four], and no [panel-hidden] external memory-card-readers), never made it into this video. Hopefully, those things will be included if Mr. Evans even bothers to make an updated PS-console-comparing video, sometime after acquiring a PS5.

  • Skyward Strider
    Skyward Strider

    Man, Sony has some great consoles ( mine is a ps4 pro)

  • Rainbow Girl
    Rainbow Girl

    The PlayStation 3 is awesome it can play DVDs and tons of stuff and also thank you Sony

  • Board Game Knights
    Board Game Knights

    3:56 People talk about this all the time about how the PS2 was the first system to go backwards however Nintendo was doing this with all of their different game boys; The game boy color supported original game boy games, the game boy advanced SP while it was one of the last if not the last iteration of the game boy advance it supported original and color and advanced, the DS light supported game boy advance, and now the 3DS supports all DS games I don’t care what anyone says the Nintendo DS Is just an expensive game boy with a touchscreen

  • Narutorasengan Sasukechidori
    Narutorasengan Sasukechidori

    Wow the graphics from 180p to 1080p to 4k is incredible ps3 made a big jump but ps4 wow

  • Tino Lucas Valença Fernandes
    Tino Lucas Valença Fernandes

    I realised now that Austin moves a lot when he is explaining something. He is almost dancing

    • EcoHobo

      He's like Harry potter. Magically appearing everywhere. Silent reference .

    • Golden Sperm
      Golden Sperm

      Nope, he already stated in his old video that he has a tic disorder, that makes him move unnecessarily

    • Cavey Möth
      Cavey Möth

      Play some dance music in the background of the reviews!

  • Anthony Gambini
    Anthony Gambini

    I still got my PS1 slim, my PS2 slim, my PS3 slim and yesterday finally got my PS4 PRO :) Looking forward to get the upcoming... PS5 PRO? Who knows, it is highly likely.

  • Ralph Valentin
    Ralph Valentin

    My favorite playstation consoles is the 2nd and 4th and the handheld what i want back in 2007 or 2006 is was the PSP

  • CopingFlower

    Man i cant wait to see the playstation 5 side by side with it predecessor consoles

  • blue blob
    blue blob

    Just imagine how Nintendo feels now after sony became the biggest game console company

  • Frostwarp

    Man so many memories on ps2...good times.

    • ᏩᎪᎷᏆΠᏩモ尺乙

      FrostWarp used to play Godhand...all day long on that....setup 😍😍😍

    • Luis JD_
      Luis JD_

      Used to love playing kingdom hearts.. man, i cri

    • Nicholas Abbott
      Nicholas Abbott

      Yeah :(

    • T0B55s

      FrostWarp yeah!

    • abvdo999

      And those 8mb memory sticks to be able to save your progress :D man i loved that console!

  • mafia catboi
    mafia catboi

    my first console to be ever used is my psp and ps3 it actually reminds me of memories but now i own the ps5


      my first console was ps3 super slim then ps vita then ps4 pro and now ps5 disc edition

    • Short Spoon
      Short Spoon



    Gt5&6 are by far the best, what ruined it for me was gt sport had to be played while online and didn't have many tracks or cars while off line.

  • Tiano Mustafa
    Tiano Mustafa

    Nothin can beat my time when i first got my PS1 & PS2


    That PlayStation Icon and sound is music to my ears , all the memories.

  • SD Media
    SD Media

    I have the PS3 Slim and PS4 Slim, and yet I am jealous. These other ones seem really cool and I wish I had replicas of them all.

    • HazardousFromage

      You can buy a PS2 for less than a PS4 game. Do it. PS2 is the best console of all time.

  • Chubby Wubbzy
    Chubby Wubbzy

    You should update this with the models of the PS5!

  • TheFantYT

    My first console was a Wii. But dont get me wrong i LOVE PS2

  • Lynx Jackson
    Lynx Jackson

    I owned a ps2 had to return it 4times because it kept breaking I switched to team Xbox when the 360 released considering switching back to team PlayStation though I really want to play all the exclusives

  • Itz_Just_Grayyy

    I absolutely love the PS3 Hands down. The games were absolutely amazing such as GT5 and my most favorite, The Motorstorm Series.

    • Areon DSLF
      Areon DSLF

      @Jax Dagger what do you mean boring we had last of us gta 5 online normal gta 5 gran turismo 5 and 6 or you know so many more i had all of these

    • Jax Dagger
      Jax Dagger

      Honestly I think the PS3 for me personally was the one sony console that had the most boring exclusive games, main reason I waited until the console was around £50 and the games where next to nothing in price, but after buying a bunch of games i think i kept playing about 3 of them, but the PS2 i played almost daily.

  • AlphaDoge

    My very first console was a ps3 slim and god I loved it, but then for my 8th birthday I got a PS4 and finally this Christmas, I got the ps5

  • Christian Blasco López
    Christian Blasco López

    I still prefer my old PlayStation 2 over the newer PS3

  • shane clay
    shane clay

    I remember talking my dad into playstation 2 because it was the cheapest dvd player on the market!