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Nintendo Switch OLED unboxing, comparison, and teardown.

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  • Gamers Nexus
    Gamers Nexus

    This came out great! Video has a good flow to it -- editing came together really well. Nice work. Thanks for including us, Austin! Looking forward to testing it. I think it actually just arrived!

    • Alex Bolt
      Alex Bolt

      @Jay Jay My guess this has to do with the much smaller heatpipe the way the vents are positioned way at the bottom on the switch and the weird vent cut outs on the new dock all in all giving the switch a bit of a harder time to breath

    • Lionelle Richee
      Lionelle Richee

      @TEcho I think it was a scam for Gamers Nexus to get more subs

    • TEcho

      Is the video out yet or did I miss it?

    • Lionelle Richee
      Lionelle Richee

      @Gamers Nexus What ever happened to that teardown? It's been weeks since we were promised this. What happened?

    • Jay Jay
      Jay Jay

      When is gamers Nexus going to do a thermal test on the switch? Lmao as far as I can tell from having had the V2 before OLED. The OLED being brand new gets hot alot faster on games that aren't as demanding as top games out there like Zelda , for example playing farming games the OLED gets HOT in hand or docked. I never had this problem with my V2 and it's 2 years old.

  • Cody Cline
    Cody Cline

    It's wierd seeing Austin not wear a tight fitting shirt.

    • Mashy

      It’s weird seeing Austin not saying “Hey Guys, This is Austin”

    • AJ Idle
      AJ Idle

      @Caleb Sills 11

    • Roland Reichenbach
      Roland Reichenbach

      best multiplayergames: mario kart 8, hot wheels unleashed, nfs hot pursuit, crash drive 3, splatoon 2, worms rumble, warface

    • Click

      He looks like the nerd in a teen school movie .

    • Symbiote Toast
      Symbiote Toast

      @Caleb Sills how did he already get a switch OLED

  • Alias Bam
    Alias Bam

    I love how ever since the Wii U sales, Nintendo just names everything exactly what it is. "New 3ds, Nintendo switch Lite, switch Oled.."

    • TLD Mimikyu
      TLD Mimikyu

      @Niop Tres LMAO but why in the world would you have a Switch but no a 4k TV, if you dont have enough money for both things then its a really dumb move to Buy a switch. Here in México a switch OLED cost almost the same as a cheap 4k TV

    • Lone Wanderer 99
      Lone Wanderer 99

      @Ahmad Melhem That's what they should name haptic feedback joycon upgrade would be hilarious.

    • Roland Reichenbach
      Roland Reichenbach

      best multiplayergames: mario kart 8, hot wheels unleashed, nfs hot pursuit, worms rumble, splatoon 2, worms rumble, warface

    • Niop Tres
      Niop Tres

      @Hunter Borman Common for people with a good income in a more economically developed country

    • Vendetta Worldwide
      Vendetta Worldwide

      Lol yes just keep shit simple

  • Iceberg Tech
    Iceberg Tech

    “For our thermal testing this time… fuck it, let’s just send it to Steve, let him take the blame”

    • Roland Reichenbach
      Roland Reichenbach

      best multiplayergames: mario kart 8, hot wheels unleashed, nfs hot pursuit, crash drive 3, splatoon 2, worms rumble, warface

    • Vendetta Worldwide
      Vendetta Worldwide

      @gamechamp Spawn Wave enters the chat

    • Marky_Muk

      The new switch is worse

    • coolguyjoel1017

      @gamechamp it should had never been a lose. But I see what you mean.

    • gamechamp

      If Steve can't give it a proper analysis, nobody can. Plus while playing it safe here, it also gives him the chance to collaborate with other youtubers to promote their content. Win-win.

  • TheraPuttyDave

    I love how you are having fun with the recent drama and bringing out that temp gun. You are a real sport Austin, love you guys!

    • TheraPuttyDave

      @Roland Reichenbach and mario party soon :')

    • Roland Reichenbach
      Roland Reichenbach

      best multiplayergames: mario kart 8, hot wheels unleashed, nfs hot pursuit, crash drive 3, splatoon 2, worms rumble, warface

    • TheraPuttyDave

      @Jason Reyes that Osama drama

    • Billy Gil Music
      Billy Gil Music

      spill the tea don't be shy

    • Jason Reyes
      Jason Reyes

      @TheraPuttyDave what drama bro

  • Uchiha Silver
    Uchiha Silver

    Austin: “the cooling is different” Austin’s team: “ABORT ABORT”

    • Tuxum

      I find a Joker after viewing an SMT related video. *nice*

  • Hampsterblade

    Austin coming out hot with his cooling knowledge after the PS5 craziness. I love it.

    • Roland Reichenbach
      Roland Reichenbach

      best multiplayergames: mario kart 8, hot wheels unleashed, nfs hot pursuit, crash drive 3, splatoon 2, worms rumble, warface

    • Chris

      @Mr Popo It does run more hot but the performance is not affected. However the vram modules run cooler. So theres trade offs, but its not "literally the same".

    • Mr Popo
      Mr Popo

      @Super Mega PowerG he did though. Which is why his dumb ass got called out by other tech people. Also no, it’s not slightly worse at all. It literally the same

    • K1NG_VIC

      @Master Ace ikr that’s the least he can do 😂

    • Master Ace
      Master Ace

      @Super Mega PowerG why are you repeating the same comment, can't find the time make it simpler, or was copying & pasting more convenient, especially with the obv grammar error my god 🤣

  • Alexander Matthew's
    Alexander Matthew's

    I just picked up the last White OLED Nintendo Switch at Target on October 15th the screen is so much better. I know the graphics are the same as the original Switch but the OLED seems to make the graphics look a little bit better. 👍👍

  • Thibaut M̵̺̍ȧ̸̮h̴͓̉r̷͖̋ī̵̖n̵̜̍ǵ̷̝ĕ̴̘r̷̤͆
    Thibaut M̵̺̍ȧ̸̮h̴͓̉r̷͖̋ī̵̖n̵̜̍ǵ̷̝ĕ̴̘r̷̤͆

    The smaller heatpipe and fan make sense here. The Switch V2 have a 16nm SoC but use the same cooling system as the Switch V1 which have a 20nm chip. A 16nm SoC produce less heat than a 20nm one. Which means the cooling of Switch V2 is "kinda" overdone. While nice to have, it's not necessary, that's why they reduced it on the Switch OLED. Which also use that 16nm SoC.

  • Jackruby22

    In terms of repairability and case mods, I wonder if Nintendo are still gluing down the front screen panel to the housing, needing a heat gun to separate!

  • JackBauer137

    Switch OLED costs $540 in Australia, what a joke

    • Lizzofan69

      @JackBauer137 no because in Australia we already have tax included in the amount and in the USA they do the tax after. So if you subtracted the gst and converted in it would be the same. Or you could add the tax to the American price

    • JackBauer137

      @Lizzofan69 incorrect. As someone said in the comments, if it was a direct translation of $350 USD to AUD, it would be $470 AUD

    • Rawnak Damnati
      Rawnak Damnati

      $450 in Morocco

    • Lizzofan69

      You do realise it costs the same as in the us it’s just aud is worth less than usd.

    • Yaj Pillay
      Yaj Pillay

      Hopefully boxing day sales will give us a good deal.

  • Chris Hadley
    Chris Hadley

    Wow, that PWM backlight flicker is real on the panel they used. Thank you for doing the slow motion shots that clearly showed it. I get headaches from that so this is a no go for me.

  • Confused Samurai
    Confused Samurai

    the switch now having LAN would have been huge whilst I was at university. Getting an adapter for it was a pain and the wifi filters wouldnt let me play without wired connection

  • Kyle Walker
    Kyle Walker

    Why not take apart the docks to see if there are any major differences since we know there is the ability to update the docks now with firmware 13. No one has compared them yet to see if the dock may be able to make the switch closer to the switch pro stuff.

    • Jerad Berry
      Jerad Berry

      this ^^^

  • Graphics Card
    Graphics Card

    “See if there is a fan inside, and if it spins” -Austin Evan’s 2021

    • Ethan

      Can you get inside my pc I can't afford a graphics card

  • Spanktastic

    I have been considering a Switch, but i would use it pretty much exclusively in docked mode if i do.

  • Fukkatsu

    Switch OLED is actually a little bit longer than the regular Switch so some accessories won't work with it (Certain grips and tight cases)

    • Roland Reichenbach
      Roland Reichenbach

      best multiplayergames: mario kart 8, hot wheels unleashed, nfs hot pursuit, crash drive 3, splatoon 2, worms rumble, warface

    • wolfpacak47

      yea I got a skull n co case on mine sux that it probably won't fit the OLED

    • W Lucky
      W Lucky

      @Mark6O9 go watch kevin kenson's, he compared the oled and the normal version, he even stated he wouldnt put his oled switch in satisfye grip because he's afraid it will scratch the joycon

    • Mark6O9

      Nah it still looks the same

    • Tazmily Boy
      Tazmily Boy

      @iWin Rar you know who else is a tight case

  • Wayner !
    Wayner !

    Much respect earned for the collaboration with GN. Great video Austin

  • Jared Hernandez
    Jared Hernandez

    I've been thinking, is the backplate on the switch oled as easily swappable like in the of switch to have other themed ones? It's mainly because of the new hinge

  • ScarfFox and Friends
    ScarfFox and Friends

    9:20 Wasn't the multilayer to reduce the amount of heat transfer as you go the whole point. Cause you know, they where trying to avoid over heating the LCD screen itself.

  • Erik Ziss
    Erik Ziss

    Great video 👍 this is the switch they should have come out with from the beginning, but we all know with gaming companies that's a fairy tail.

  • Neil N
    Neil N

    Great content like always. I still havent pulled the trigger from my 2ds xl. Why do you opt for the switch lite > OLED/dual purpose switch?

  • Bamboozaler

    the loose joycon has an easy fix. you just put small slivers of tape on the little square space on the bottom of the rails. You easily get very tight joycon.

  • Mr. Yeet
    Mr. Yeet

    I have the Red Box Switch, and especially given my recent phone upgrade, I wasn't too sure on whether or not I was going to upgrade. After seeing this, I'm more tempted to upgrade if I can get a good price for my current Switch through GameStop or OfferUp or whatnot. Not necessarily a priority, but something I'll keep my eye on in the near future.

    • Flaim

      @ChallengerDrakava lmfaoo look at this clown

    • Martijn

      @ChallengerDrakava how is the screen worse? Its only a little bit bigger which doesnt influence the pixel density thst much. The optimal viewing distance is only like an inch further. No big deal. The better colours and bigger screen more then make up for it

    • ChallengerDrakava

      The OLED switch has no upgrades tho…. It’s the same switch just with a worse screen. 😮‍💨

  • My Channel
    My Channel

    Looks like Austin learned his lesson when it comes to cooling, lol.

  • Jovy Ryan Rivera
    Jovy Ryan Rivera

    I'm really curious about the battery life, since it is an oled, should it use less battery when you are playing games with darker backgrounds?

  • Įšåïåh

    Dang, I forgot that the Switch Lite even existed until you whipped it out. A Switch Lite OLED model would be so badass. I was planning on picking up a Switch Lite when they came out but never did. Now I am planning on getting a Switch OLED. But if Nintendo released a Switch Lite OLED I would 150% buy that over a normal Switch OLED. I much prefer the form factor of the Switch Lite. I never liked playing with the joy-cons detached in handheld mode and never really docked it that much. So a Switch Lite with a bigger OLED screen would be soooooo nice. Plus they added 0.8 inches to the screen size of the normal Switch OLED. So if they made an OLED Switch Lite with a 6.2-inch screen instead of the original 5.5-inch it would be as big as the original Switch model but much brighter and more vibrant. Literally a no-brainer for Nintendo. But when has Nintendo ever done anything that makes sense.

    • EZ4U2Say11

      Yea but when the sticks wear out your switch lite it’s much harder to fix

    • Chris

      lol nobody is gonna read all that shit

  • Jerone Gomez
    Jerone Gomez

    I like the idea but so into the OLED thing for now. I hope they make a switch lite but with a larger body, kinda like the v1.

  • Se7enthson

    It's honestly only worth picking up if you play in handheld mode a lot, 99.8% of the time my Switch is docked and I'm playing with a pro controller.


    I'm surprised how similar the internals are with the redbox switch and with the switch oled

  • Nicholas Weiss
    Nicholas Weiss

    Well, the new 2019 SOC uses less power, so it makes sense to implement a smaller cooling system to save weight and space...

  • Illindi

    Hehe well... Austin, I do like these crossovers because with LTTs Tech Challenge, Jays RTFM show and now this... might actually watch some in the future. Nice work 😀

  • Bullet Punch
    Bullet Punch

    Dont forget to check the exhaust temps for oled vs the old one.

  • Phil Lawson
    Phil Lawson

    That was a fantastic video…..informative, collaborative, and funny.

  • Absolutely Android
    Absolutely Android

    I would like to see if you can swap the internals of the original switch into this and see what happens

  • JayDen Ray
    JayDen Ray

    I'm glad these guys can joke at their past mistakes. Instead of covering it up they learn and move on.

    • Roland Reichenbach
      Roland Reichenbach

      best multiplayergames: mario kart 8, hot wheels unleashed, nfs hot pursuit, crash drive 3, splatoon 2, worms rumble, warface

    • james w
      james w

      @Weaver Quest Hahaha the temp on the memory only dropped 1° if I remember right so no they haven't fixed tat issue and according to gamer nexus the soc is 4/6° hotter so I'm kinda lost as to what your whole point is

    • Weaver Quest
      Weaver Quest

      @james w Stop misinforming people dude. The new PS5 is better because it is lighter and likely have better longevity because they fixed the only problem with PS5 cooling which was a very hot memory chip in the older PS5 version. You and Austin are allowed to have your "opinion" but Gamer's Nexus has facts based on empirical data.

    • KTK :O
      KTK :O

      Well he said the new ps5 was inferior which is technically not true and he definitely should have done a better analysis like the DF x GamwrsNexus indepth analysis. However, the toxic fanbois did go too far with the doxxing and stuff.

    • Wilibaldo Lagos
      Wilibaldo Lagos

      There's no mistake, it's a fact.

  • Randa Ranatunga
    Randa Ranatunga

    Austin Attempting to hum the Wii shop music was the best thing I’ve seen today😂

    • Aeron Tehan
      Aeron Tehan

      Hi, fellow Sri lankan !

  • John Gomez
    John Gomez

    Enjoying the bit with the heatsink got me laughing. Good on you guys.

  • Jadduck

    Apparently the joycons ARE different to the previous ones, so it would be worthwhile to open them up as well.

  • Chimecho Espinoza
    Chimecho Espinoza

    Also don't leave the rails hanging like that, you are gonna rip the flex cables. You don't need to remove all of the screws to open it.

  • Gamepenguim

    2:26 I saw the back of the dock and was like “that’s gonna break if he tries to open it.” After about 5 seconds I was right to be worried. 😅

  • NinetyFour

    Props to all the collabs in here. All y'all are my OG YT

  • 1403 gavin
    1403 gavin

    Time passes quick October felt so far away when this was announced.

  • Boba Fett
    Boba Fett

    1:11 Best 2021 Nintendo Review I’ve ever seen so fulfilling and interesting gets right to the topic, and is very detailed.

  • josiasnds

    I just have a Switch lite so, for me it could be a nice upgrade, but for the moment i'm okay with my switch lite, i like it a lot.

  • matthew smith
    matthew smith

    i like this really shows the growth that Austin chose to take. There was no reason for the reaction of many during his ps5 video but being able to grow like this and seek the support and knowledge of Jesus is amazing. thanks for the great content as always Austin

  • Mahootis Sherlockis
    Mahootis Sherlockis

    The OLED has a smaller cooling system likely because they ported the SOC from 14nm to 12nm

  • Itz Ibad
    Itz Ibad

    Now that you got the OLED, could you try doing a comparison video on Nintendo consoles? It would be pretty interesting.

  • Zack Miller
    Zack Miller

    If only I could get my hands on one when it comes out.

  • Jeremiah Leaman
    Jeremiah Leaman

    Austin: Introduces the switch OLED model Also Austin: Sings Wii shop channel theme

  • TCC Gator
    TCC Gator

    Seems good. I just wish it had more upgrades

  • Thomas Bogaerts
    Thomas Bogaerts

    Another great video upload from Austin , keep up the good work, love you're uploads 😎👍👌

  • Louis Subearth
    Louis Subearth

    Shoutout to Austin for showing good old Astral Chain some love.

    • Master Ace
      Master Ace

      Hopefully after bayo release we can see about a sequel in development

  • Keyblade Master#1
    Keyblade Master#1

    I wish Nintendo got rid of the back flap on the dock. When it's closed its harder for the switch to vent on dock, which lead to more overheating issues

  • uRiBiTo666

    I hope someone manages to install cfw on it. The screen on the old Switch is my biggest issue; it's the size of a phone screen!

  • Pds

    The physical dimensions are near identical but they're not. There's like a couple millimeters extra on the body of the OLED that fucks up all the cases you would have used for the original switch.

    • Miguel Angel Aviles Manrique
      Miguel Angel Aviles Manrique

      That and the burn in are the things that make me stay away from buying this... But that kickstand and 7" screen tho...

    • ༺Metą༻

      @Paul I can already tell you so much of what's wrong with the Oled Switch.

    • Young Jacuzzi
      Young Jacuzzi

      That’s how they get u while seeming like a improvement. Smh

    • Joe schmoe
      Joe schmoe

      3 mm, damn you nintendo!

  • Theaddie27

    LOL i'm kind of surprised Austin played Astral Chain on this switch but it looks really cool!

    • Jake Simm
      Jake Simm

      A sex bot got more upvotes than a real person. The internet does not contain smart people. Take my like sir!

  • Edgar Patlan
    Edgar Patlan

    The wobble on the joysticks are definetly not the same. My OG switch feels like they would snap off. The OLED one is super sturdy.

  • California Life Tv
    California Life Tv

    You’re videos never fail my friend 🔥

  • Christian Añasco
    Christian Añasco

    I really liked how late Austin just realized that what he said about the Switch OLED is the exact same thing as with the new PS5s 😂

    • ThatKidMingMing

      Bro ps5 fanboys screamed tf out like he made shure to take it easy now and no Nintendo switch fanboys are here

    • Arthur Semeghini Gallo
      Arthur Semeghini Gallo

      What?That's worse than the original?🤣🤣

  • Bakelit Suisse
    Bakelit Suisse

    Great video folks! What about the dock? Any revisions there apart from the LAN port? Thank you!

  • Francesco_E97

    I really hoped you could try and transfer the screen or the backplate with the stand on the old model, to see if they fits

    • James Lewis
      James Lewis

      I doubt it

  • Temoana D.
    Temoana D.

    You killed me at the temp thing... "we gotta blur this"... AHAHA, good one. I need to clean my screen now with all the spit that came out while laughing xD

  • Big E
    Big E

    The one thing I miss about the OLED switch is no gray joycons

  • MoonDog

    Keep in mind, new owners; OLED screens have a huge risk of burn-in. You do not want to leave this on for a long time.

  • DctrGizmo

    Having Steve on was amazing! I can’t wait for his deep dive!

  • Rafael Gutierrez
    Rafael Gutierrez

    So happy for SuperSwitchGo she's deserves this spotlight hope her channel blows up

  • Joshua Brown
    Joshua Brown

    So is it actually worth the upgrade? I'm visually disabled and I think the oled screen would definitely be an improvement.

    • ༺Metą༻


  • Sir Charles
    Sir Charles

    Playing it ultra super duper safe with this one lol. No chance of controversy whatsoever!

  • Dejée Du-Pont
    Dejée Du-Pont

    As an Xbox guy that switch looks so nice. That screen makes it desirable BIGTIME!

  • Grobfoot

    I've been waiting for a good time to get a switch, I really hope I can get one of these!

  • J P
    J P

    Are you going to take apart the dock? I think people would be curious to know if it has the chips to upscale to 4K since it can be firmware updated.

    • Kirayne

      The dock is just a few plugs. They would never put upscaling technology into it just for a possibility of a future firmware update. They've already said there is no power difference.

    • Super Mega PowerG
      Super Mega PowerG

      lol no it won't be doing 4k it just too little requirment for new old oled model the text on the box litreally say 18k ultra setting any game at minimum only any lower graphical visual might the cause the device to freeze like ice and run over 3000 fps which is almost slowmotion for eyes not great for gaming so no 4k.

    • Thibaut M̵̺̍ȧ̸̮h̴͓̉r̷͖̋ī̵̖n̵̜̍ǵ̷̝ĕ̴̘r̷̤͆
      Thibaut M̵̺̍ȧ̸̮h̴͓̉r̷͖̋ī̵̖n̵̜̍ǵ̷̝ĕ̴̘r̷̤͆

      I think it's just to update the lan port driver



  • jack skywalker
    jack skywalker

    I kinda agree with Austin's take kinda don't. Yes it might be worth it if you don't have a switch or you play in handheld. But if your someone *like me* who never plays in handheld mode, that extra $50 isn't gonna be worth it.

  • Ty

    Austin is literally suffering a curse to always have awkward introductions

  • Jorge Mendoza
    Jorge Mendoza

    Austin taking the "once bitten twice shy" phrase to a whole new level

    • sussy

      We have been trying to reach you about your car's extended warranty.

  • FiftyFive

    Thank you, I was waiting for a look at the internals.

  • Kevin Mena
    Kevin Mena

    Nicole is up from 2.1 to 7.7k in subs. in just 4 days. POWER of colabs. Awesome work to you all!

  • DarkRanger919

    Wait the switch oled has a glass display? Okay wow this really was the switch thag should have been

  • TheDeathmail

    Note: If you are a parent, it might be a good idea to stick with the original model switch. The plastic screen is less likely to shatter and you can add a screen protector to protect from scratches... When it comes to kids, durability is more important than better screen...

    • TCC Gator
      TCC Gator


    • Niop Tres
      Niop Tres

      @Chris L That aint gonna prevent the screen from cracking from a good hit. Been there

    • Chris L
      Chris L

      You can still buy a tempered glass tho

  • zues121510

    My question is whether you can put an OLED screen or kickstand on a normal switch?

  • Frosch 2
    Frosch 2

    the only thing for me i would see this improving is bluetooth because i play on docked 90% of the time

    • Frosch 2
      Frosch 2

      @Candbot Chan i play with headphones connected via the headphone jack, or the speakers from the television or i can use one of those switch to bluetooth things

    • Candbot Chan
      Candbot Chan

      “Screw you, two BT devices only when connected to BT headphones and enjoy iPod earphones sound quality”

  • Demeter

    Perfect game choice, Astral Chain is so good.

  • Jack Amick
    Jack Amick

    Is the screen cover actually glass? Or is it the same or a different type of plastic from the original?

  • Adrian

    Please don’t touch cooling 👌🏻 Love the joke with it 😂

  • Eibetobi

    Is it worth to save for the OLED model? I wanted to buy a normal switch end of next month so i dont know know if i should save more money for the OLED model

  • Tyler Furrison
    Tyler Furrison

    Should I get this for at-home play? I already have a Lite but I might get this so I could play on TV and stream

  • Ralphda_beast 1
    Ralphda_beast 1

    Looks cool wish I could afford 😅

  • Peppa Peng
    Peppa Peng

    HDR/Dolby Vision Support would be intresting

  • Corbett

    Entertaining video. I'm still wondering how all of these TechTubers are getting them before release. It's not like Nintendo sent out press units.

    • Oliver Stemp
      Oliver Stemp

      Well they did

  • 3AMLostBoy

    Lol I honestly wouldn't trust Austin with taking apart my switch I'd be freaking out like she said if you were in the car with a bad driver. Haha

  • Spaceface gaming
    Spaceface gaming

    This is a good video I would recommend for the new switch fans to get the oled not the original 👍 btw this was a good review

  • Andreas Bråten Skjøldt
    Andreas Bråten Skjøldt

    Great video. Keep up the good work

  • HashiraGaming

    Does the oled switch have the battery life of the 2nd "gen" switch? Or the battery life of the original "gen" 1 switch?

  • Mopantsu

    I am so glad you are collaborating with Gamers Nexus after the PS5 debacle. Good call.

  • IsaacDDestroy

    Honestly I’d buy the hell out of a $250 Switch Lite OLED with less bezel

  • 「ΗΣΧS」

    I have the switch oled it feels amazing playing games 😆

  • JDI's Lair
    JDI's Lair

    Glad you're working with Steve on the more in-depth temp testing this time instead of the half assed "It's just science" that got debunked everywhere else. You got a lot more hate than you deserved, definitely, but your follow-up video that doubled down without a second follow-up to take that back is still going to rub everyone the wrong way until you do. Maybe its time.

  • craig tenorio
    craig tenorio

    Great video Austin Evans love your videos its great I like this one cuase I like the Nintendo switch and the new Nintendo switch oled too

  • duby149

    I was really looking forward to the new switch but I hate that it has an OLED screen, I have had horrible experiences with image burn in with OLED screen on my phones and tablet. I can't help but feel like in a few months to a year, we will heard alot of people complaining about image burn in problems with the new switch.

  • llorTA toN
    llorTA toN

    Austin is THE BEST professional toy reviewer