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Austin Evans
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  • John Smith
    John Smith

    When Amazon claimed it had everything, they never specified if it was good.

  • Confusername

    I find that “8gb is the bare minimum” is hilarious. I remember being impressed getting a cheap laptop in 2016 with 4gb RAM, dual core Celeron and intel HD integrated graphics. and being ecstatic to finally run Source games at a good res/framerate, really puts into perspective how low the bar is that I’ve set PC specs for myself.

  • chicano

    At this point I won’t be surprised he does a Dumpster diving PC build

  • Mannequin

    The Dell pc was literally my old pc I used for 7 years before I upgraded this year, it has honestly served me really well up until my upgrade, a few ups and downs more recently, but nothing that a factory reset couldn’t handle

  • J MuGurr
    J MuGurr

    Having dual channel ram would have been much better for the Athlon system, also can overclock. Would be a big help to the graphics portion, up to 20% better. Probably still sucks, but not as much.

  • Billy bob booty Lol
    Billy bob booty Lol

    My man’s over here spending about $800 on the cheapest PCs when I can’t even get one of those PCs

  • GJerald H
    GJerald H

    POV(ERTY): the cheapest PC still outperforms mine.

  • Johnny Swagett
    Johnny Swagett

    I love forgetting about Austin’s videos for about a month or two and then coming back and binge watching EVERY single video lmao!! I’ve done this about 10 times since 2013

  • Joel Deskin
    Joel Deskin

    If Austin had a swear jar for every time he said "actually", it would have to be a giant Sparkletts water keg, and it would be full every day.

  • njitram2000


  • MirraKirra

    That dell is still a pretty good deal today! If I needed a pc, and for only $400, it's so much better than most $500 or $600 laptops.

  • Blue Wolf
    Blue Wolf

    Lol the dell pc is literally the one the teachers at my school use (btw i mean the case) (edit)

  • Kaegan Thornhill
    Kaegan Thornhill

    Nexted Up: "The Most Expensive Amazon Gaming PC"

  • Grilled Cheeto
    Grilled Cheeto

    As someone who built a PC during the increase in card prices, I can say that the gt 1030 is a pretty decent card for what it's worth... At least the six gb version

  • TrS

    The way this channel brands itself, I almost always forget that these are very appreciably knowledgeable people putting these videos together and there's a lot of knowledge and work that goes into these videos of sucky computers behind the scenes.

  • Incumbent Vinyl
    Incumbent Vinyl

    That Dell is a steal to be honest. Even has an optical drive and came with a mouse and keyboard. Also, 16GB of RAM means that you don't need to upgrade that anytime soon.

  • Collin Austin
    Collin Austin

    I can definitely vouch for the i5 4570. I have one in my Hewlett-Packard system, and it runs games like a charm.

  • Jonah

    "i dont think this would run 4k, i'll expect at least 30fps"

  • TylerThePro

    When it’s “cheap” to him but expensive to you...

  • Bradley Cope
    Bradley Cope

    I'd love to see that athlon pc run in dual channel, seeing as the vega 3 uses system memory as its vram. I don't think it'd be groundbreaking, but I think it would fix the stuttering issue!