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  • jackHead

    those are my pc specs

  • Achie Uchiha
    Achie Uchiha


  • The Pigs Are Rebelling
    The Pigs Are Rebelling

    My school had those dell pcs years ago.

  • HuskyM

    i think they have those dell computers at my school

  • Avix

    today we realize a school pc is better than a gaming pc BRUH

  • Corey Rogers
    Corey Rogers

    Me who knows nothing about PCs thinking the numbers are good🤣

  • banana

    I play on gameing laptop

  • Jax M
    Jax M


  • Kanishq Quotes
    Kanishq Quotes

    The dell one doesn't sound bad for home use. I could buy this one

  • John Keith
    John Keith

    If I were someone watching this video I would just buy the dell PC, go onto Newegg, buy an Asus Cerberus GTX 1050 and an EVGA 400 watt power supply and call it a day.

  • ツNote

    i wish i had a dell computer in like 2004 to play gmod

  • Andrew Baker
    Andrew Baker

    Funny thing, I know someone who actually bought that first Amazon PC, but actually had a different power supply in it funny enough. Lol. It ran just as crappy as in the vid. HOWEVER, that same person then saved their pennies for a few weeks, got a used Ryzen 3 3100, another 8gb stick of ram, and a used RX 570 4gb, and a 2tb hard drive and now has a halfway capable PC for gaming. The problem with the Dell, literally your only upgrade path is the gpu which your extremely limited in as the power supply that comes with it most likely won't have an extra connector for gpu power. You'd have to buy a power supply as well. Both PC's can be capable with proper upgrades.

  • Skyleer_

    I think I used to have that dell desktop at my school for lab

  • Dylan

    My teaches straight up have gaming PCs

  • Juraj Klobučar
    Juraj Klobučar

    you can buy the cheapest gaming pc for 450$ or ps5 for 500$ what will you buy

  • Lemozer

    i was gonna buy this untill i saw this

  • Zai 11
    Zai 11

    Didn't realize that this video was first recorded the first week of Feb. 😂 That's pretty cool actually

  • Tobe Heltroy
    Tobe Heltroy


  • derpnomaly

    In Sweden you can litteraly get a pc with a gtx 970 for half the price

  • Exo_

    I got an allied pc but I got a more expensive one and it’s actually pretty good for the amount

  • Morgan Spinks
    Morgan Spinks

    My English teacher has that dell pc

  • Your local postman
    Your local postman

    these processors are better than mine at least, got an intel core i2 dual core lmfaos

  • Kawaii sora
    Kawaii sora

    15:00 lol

  • rain drop
    rain drop

    I like that they used a keyboard half the price as the “gaming pc” 9:40 the keyboard is the drop ctrl

  • Billy bob booty Lol
    Billy bob booty Lol

    My man’s over here spending about $800 on the cheapest PCs when I can’t even get one of those PCs

  • K9 Shadow Fordy
    K9 Shadow Fordy


  • Hakanokjo

    06:22 Sounds like the old google translator xD

  • Gaming With Cian
    Gaming With Cian

    holy crap this is literally my pc 3:48 edit: not the exact same one but same specs, it runs way better and can actually boot and it did not have any problems


    Ok, i have cheeper pc than amazon's cheapest pc.

  • Kory Drake
    Kory Drake

    Just the fact that the Dell PC came with a somewhat capable graphics card made it worth it lmao

  • JayyBoi

    I still use Windows 7 xD


    paid for rgb lmao

  • RK3 Senna
    RK3 Senna

    Lol my ipad runs fortnite better than that allied pc😂

  • dark matter
    dark matter

    Intel's first win of 2021

  • dark matter
    dark matter

    GT1030 is worse then intel graphics.

  • Reynaldo Sandoval
    Reynaldo Sandoval

    Just bought a Acer Predator Helios 300 Gaming Laptop, Intel Core i7-9750H, GeForce GTX 1660 Ti, 15.6" Full HD 144Hz Display, 3ms Response Time, 16GB DDR4, 512GB PCIe NVMe SSD for my first ever gaming laptop...hopefully I made a good choice to have fun and enjoy gaming 🤓

  • Lost_ Gamer
    Lost_ Gamer

    Me: using an ancient iPhone 7 as my gaming computer Also me: *sees this video* sad broke man noises

  • Gonzalo Torres
    Gonzalo Torres

    4:46 oh no i have to turn on my power supply

  • Reagan97

    I have the computer....

  • Zest Owl
    Zest Owl

    Ah Best buy already lost half of their customers saying RTX CARDS SOLD OUT

  • Wickem

    So is no one going to mention that the allied pc has no graphic card whatsoever?

  • anderson smith
    anderson smith

    i have always dreamed of having a pc I would love if you guys can make me a custom pc


    That "Allied Gaming PC" is the exact same PC i had a year ago and a gtx 1050 on it so i dont use the vega gpu. But this pc at least looks nice and has rgb unlike the one that i had. :)

  • Jaxon Gabriel
    Jaxon Gabriel


  • Ryan Padula
    Ryan Padula


  • Kai Gaming
    Kai Gaming

    I found a 100 dollar pc

  • webbigamer

    Ok put a 100 or a 50 on the components of the 400$ pc because its already been made for you but still it's a RIP off

  • Nickname s
    Nickname s

    Another Linus Tech Tips remake? Can't we get something that isn't ripped from other tech channels

  • XD Aahil
    XD Aahil

    Who else got this in suggestion now watches every video this man upload

  • Yt2xNoMercy

    My pc is actually having that issue after ive had it for months i have no clue why do you know how to fix it?

  • Clipped

    My friend wanted to buy a gaming pc but he went cheap and learned a lesson

  • awin francis
    awin francis

    my potato pc has a 1tb hdd with win 10 + ubuntu 18.04

  • Charlie Games 84
    Charlie Games 84

    Dude $500 he is saying is cheap

    • Charlie Games 84
      Charlie Games 84

      @Wickem I guess so for a gaming PC but you can just get an Xbox for $300 cheaper

    • Wickem

      For a gaming pc that is cheap.

  • Virtual Gaming
    Virtual Gaming

    Austin: we will buy both of these gaming pc’s for a little over 400 dollars Me: still saving for a 700 dollar gaming pc that i’m just hoping will even work

  • Nathan Norris
    Nathan Norris

    I found 1 for 115 i5 2400 no graphics card gt 1030 and got 300 fps in minecraft

  • creep

    can you build me a pc for 1 daller

  • Optify

    you should combine them like swapping gpu or cpu

  • TG - Tony Games
    TG - Tony Games

    There’s one on Amazon for 165$

  • ChessMaster_YT

    I got a gtx 1060 6gb i5 5460 16g ram for 550aud

  • Skurpfy

    Can anyone else here dababy music music 12:55

  • Name Flumm
    Name Flumm

    I ran Gta V with an average of 20fps with my gt 9800

  • gen_angry

    That first PC with the bad install - I wouldn't be surprised it wasn't a return that amazon repackaged and put back on the shelf. I've had that happen quite a few times.

  • Mohammad Aidh
    Mohammad Aidh

    If I have a 2 year garentre and if I bought a pc in 23 or 24 November so then when does it finish

  • Elite Chief
    Elite Chief

    On 14:20 it say's Josh's Editor Note: Oh God, please don't make me.

  • Michael Playz
    Michael Playz

    hay just a guick question was that a dell optiplex 7010? or what optiplex is that?

  • I don’t have a name yet
    I don’t have a name yet

    The rainbow rgb looked like it was lagging

  • valixd

    For 450 you can buy a series lol

  • Brodo Gaming
    Brodo Gaming

    0:46 that’s my pc it sucks but I’m getting better parts for it

  • Lunaar

    Honestly to me 40 fps is rlly good so that dell pc is a dream

  • Prateek Sahu
    Prateek Sahu

    Me watching this video on a 2009 Pentium processor😄😅😐😶

  • jayvee Robles
    jayvee Robles

    Spoiler alert N o

  • Cypro LF
    Cypro LF

    Tf is the graphics card?

  • Jinx. _
    Jinx. _

    Please USE THE Ryzen 5 3600

  • Beast Bear41
    Beast Bear41

    my gt730 runs fortnite on maximum 80 fps lol

  • lougou

    I have a i7 860 and a rtx 2070super... the i7 is still good even tho it’s 11 years Old. I mean comperd to my friend that have the same card but with a r7 3800x... in warzone i get 120-130fps on 1440p and he have 150-160fps on the sam settings so clear budget CPU first gen i7

  • T O O W E A K
    T O O W E A K

    Now you should add both pc together

  • jaco playez
    jaco playez

    Can i have the pc with the rgb

  • Wilson Ung
    Wilson Ung

    uhh if we buy the CPU in amazon it comes with a monitor too?

  • Florian Schulte Kellinghaus
    Florian Schulte Kellinghaus

    I said I feel invincible there’s a hundred ****** in the spot

  • sup man
    sup man

    I just realized that at 4:08 it says "LIED" its already hinting that its shit

  • Hydro Aqua
    Hydro Aqua

    I found a 50 pound gaming laptop

  • Enhect

    him finding a $500 and $400 pc tower me: finding a $389 pc tower Edit: he found a $379 DANGIT

  • Redneck Firewood
    Redneck Firewood

    yo i am using a dell 9010to do h=games and it is the best

  • Christine Pasatiempo
    Christine Pasatiempo

    Help me please build my own gaming computer 🥺 hope you will notice me. From Philippines .

    • Mr tt
      Mr tt

      So he's going fly there just to build pc yeah check a nearby pc builder Austin can't help you

  • Michael

    my pc is still worse tho

  • Brandson Grams
    Brandson Grams

    Me watching him say the dellmpc wont do good while playing warzone on that computer

  • Charyll Gabriel C. Aclao
    Charyll Gabriel C. Aclao

    where did you the dell i want it where buy?? the dell cost 22k in my countries currency

  • ud god
    ud god

    Bruh check indian amazon there will 100 dollars gaming pc

  • Trayn_

    Me who was genuinely gonna buy a 520 dollar pc lol not anymore I guess :(

  • Bodega

    Thanks For Warning us!

  • Scottish Ry 87
    Scottish Ry 87

    I say if your in a budget get an Xbox

  • Remy exe
    Remy exe

    lmao saw the pc imma get on there the ibuypower mini

  • Yes That Guy
    Yes That Guy

    Imagine getting 19 FPS on performance mode when I get 19 FPS on normal

  • Daisy Daysie
    Daisy Daysie

    The tacky prepared aditionally film because cross parenthetically mix at a sticky composition. exotic, aromatic windshield

  • Parallel winks ツ
    Parallel winks ツ

    Bruh my laptop with core i3 runs Fortnite 35fps

  • Sendii

    basically all good players play fortnite on performance mode with high meshes anyways so

  • eixseven

    dude that monitor is big af ofc the pc is dying lmao

  • Trickz

    me with a 61 dollar cpu on my chrome book

  • ‎


  • Arrived Knight7
    Arrived Knight7

    A 1 TB hard drive isn't bad unless it's 5400 RPM.

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