The Biggest vs Smallest Laptop?
Austin Evans
A giant, expensive laptop meets one of the smallest laptops in the world.
Acer Predator 21x Unboxing:
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  • Matthew Fischer
    Matthew Fischer

    Buys $9,000 laptop, games with the trackpad

    • Supra

      @Erik Isip so he cant afford a 20$ mouse??

    • AJ

      Your missing the point if you buy THAT laptop and use the trackpad lol

    • Megan

      Did you guys talk about the eye tracking feature?

    • Thuggee

      minecraft would look good on that :D

    • Ogeenock

      Matthew Fischer I know right

  • Longshot4300

    That tiny laptop is more powerful than my normal sized laptop 😭

    • Rubber ducks
      Rubber ducks


    • Urlocalinternetenjoyer

      @Dead Soul cap

    • Dead Soul
      Dead Soul

      @Urlocalinternetenjoyer I got 16 with a RTX 3060 and 5800X

    • SabreCorner 👑
      SabreCorner 👑

      Same my very first laptop sucks it only had 2 cores and 4 gigs of ram ;-; and a pentium silver cpu intel

    • LLLexen

      Specs matter bro its not the size that defines the performance…

  • TheMadLad_

    If I had the money to only be able to get one of them, I would go for the gpd because I prefer portability when it comes to my laptop, overkill is saved for the desktop.

  • Žan Mravljak
    Žan Mravljak

    2:27 "Can this one run Crysis?" Lmaooo

  • Princearthur Louis Pagan
    Princearthur Louis Pagan

    You guys are amazing! Love your work!

  • Cee Cypher Punk
    Cee Cypher Punk

    That's no laptop, that's a space station.

    • I'm bored.
      I'm bored.

      Its gut the usa launch code database

    • Umar

      Not a Space Station, Gaming station

    • malek sadek
      malek sadek


    • Bacon Boi games
      Bacon Boi games


    • Fighter Lm
      Fighter Lm


  • Adnan

    "But can it run Crysis" Best comment.

  • TypicalErrors

    I would take the smallest laptop, It seems really good for a portable device

  • Martin Aurik
    Martin Aurik

    Nice to see part 2,funny to😂.I Recently bought myself a Desktop and I’m stick with that.That Big Laptop Looks almost Like a Mini version of the Delorian from back to the Future😳

  • alpitu21

    Wtf i just can't imagine this is 3 years old and i was so hyped to see these videos...

  • Jay Trockeneis
    Jay Trockeneis

    When you have 4GB RAM laptop and the smallest laptop have 8GB RAM... Okay...

    • Darwin Looez
      Darwin Looez


    • Wadi

      @Cheese Now ur just cappin right there

    • BonnieVFX

      @DonkeyFucker3000 me to lmao 2 years later

    • Galaxy

      when the small guy defeats Ram:

    • TheDarkGamerz


  • Shreds

    You know, this "overkill" could be really useful, like if you're traveling to a different country or something

  • Jackson Roche
    Jackson Roche

    That laptop costs like $800?!? You could build a pretty insane gaming pc for that money.

  • Bruh cow
    Bruh cow

    That mini laptop is actually very impressive

  • Michelle Choy
    Michelle Choy

    I’d honestly rather save $1000 more and get that the predator chair setup that Linus reviewed

  • DavidzPrime

    "20 pound laptop" United Kingdom: How to buy

    • BionicIsMyFavYoutuber


    • VxciousOnStrucidLmao

      Best comment

    • AJ-FN16

      That’s funny

    • Fearless Legend
      Fearless Legend

      @AxeledRed not if you live in USA like me

    • Dhanu_Ko

      20 pounds omg so expensive

  • Cpmp3ツ

    When I first saw the thumbnail I thought they were roasting Lamar by calling him big and calling Austin small

    • Bert Beumer
      Bert Beumer


  • Isaac Terrazas
    Isaac Terrazas

    I like how the tiny laptop can run csgo and my laptop can’t even open it

  • JoJoVR

    “Today we’re gonna find out how a 1 pound laptop compares to a 20 pound laptop” My English self: that’s cheap!

    • SleepOk


  • Anonymous

    5:11 that’s like the easiest question in the whole world!

    • Szabolcs Kárteszi
      Szabolcs Kárteszi

      Ill get the small one :D its so cute and its a size of a phone. Its like a 3ds

  • The Rish
    The Rish

    Lets not call that thing a laptop. That's a wireless Desktop PC..

    • Doubledekercouch - games & whatever -
      Doubledekercouch - games & whatever -

      Rishabh Kumar no, a NASA supercomputer

    • Wacypro_gamez

      more like a TV

    • Hamm Khan
      Hamm Khan

      No. It's the Compaq Portable of 2017-2018.

    • Cam Lau
      Cam Lau

      Pocketdesktopbutnotreallyapocketsizebuteverythingisstillthesamebutyoucanfolditsoitcountsasalaptop tru to read that

    • Yamil Rodrigo Quintana Benitez
      Yamil Rodrigo Quintana Benitez

      Not wireless at all you have to plug it to use its full power. But imagine using it for a lan party, you tell people wait i forgot my pc ill take my laptop and you arrive with that monster, wordless experience

  • MohamedElsayed75

    that moment when you realize the smallest laptop has almost double the specs of yours

  • Obai Alashkar
    Obai Alashkar

    1:10 I like how he instantly says the small one wins

  • mariofan VIDEOS
    mariofan VIDEOS

    That moment when the tiny laptop has more ram than your medium size laptop. I have 4 gigs of ram

  • Zefyrr

    I've never seen something so overkill in my entire life

  • Robert Driszko
    Robert Driszko

    This small laptop looks like a nintendo 3ds.

    • Princess Jana
      Princess Jana




    • Will W
      Will W

      Get this g to 1k likes lol

    • NootGood

      but smaller

    • M4RT1NS 22
      M4RT1NS 22

      😂🤣"O.M.G, impressive!" Davie 504 lol kskkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • TheRealRB3902

    When you realise the small one has more RAM than your own pc...

  • Editor Eddy
    Editor Eddy

    I'd have to go with the small laptop because of portability. My parent's move alot and go on all sorts of road trips, so I'd have to pick the small laptop. (Also because it plays CS:GO and its windows 10)

  • Para

    I will never find out why he never had the worse side of the tech in videos feel like he always needs the little flex

  • Gacha Trivago
    Gacha Trivago

    This is the only good laptop I’ve seen Acer ever make

  • Albion Cala
    Albion Cala

    In 6 years the predator's specs will be budget specs

    • fahim 2012 unedited
      fahim 2012 unedited

      Its 1 year in

    • Captima

      @Coffin Dancer no.1 “12 years ago”

    • eggz


    • MasonBTW


    • ImNotJason1


  • Pikmar16

    The fact that u can buy a chromebook cheaper than the small laptop and a desktop pc cheaper (and it looks better) tells me that these dont get sold much

  • Vihan

    When the small laptop is faster than your gaming pc 😂😂😂

  • Quavolaz

    I would have bought the small one for 2 reasons 1. The small one is so good to have in your pocket, like the better version of nintendo 3ds 2. I could just buy a desktop instead of that gaint laptop. (It was still cool though)

  • Aarushi Gupta
    Aarushi Gupta

    the big laptop is so awesome its crazy man

  • TaPaK

    "I have an Atom prossesor that runs, euh, stuff" Lamarr, 2017

    • Julian Johnson
      Julian Johnson


    • RIVAL HD
      RIVAL HD


  • Jackstez Savage
    Jackstez Savage

    I actually thought the small laptop was a phone with a case that has a keyboard on it

  • manjula gamage
    manjula gamage

    I would pick the mini laptop it’s really cool.

  • Spluz

    I would pick the predator, the little one is still cute tho :)

  • Yahya Mintyhh
    Yahya Mintyhh

    Imagine if the big laptop was a tv with a giant keyboard

  • Triple o seven
    Triple o seven

    I will buy this in 2025 when this is called a low end pc

    • Desmond Sky
      Desmond Sky

      In 2025 you can get the tiny one with the specs of the big one lol

    • 2000 Subs Challenge
      2000 Subs Challenge

      Triple o seven it will cost even more cuz it will be "old" and they will not sell it any more...

    • Eleych1234

      Triple o seven You mean the pocket laptop?

    • Silver Speed
      Silver Speed

      i spent less than $100 to post this comment on my 1st gen laptop.

    • Vibratoryhippo8

      it will be the low end by 2020 lol the 1060 laptops beat the best 980 laptops form 2 years ago

  • No Copyright Music - Neil
    No Copyright Music - Neil

    You gotta review the Legion Y530, literally a 1000 dollar laptop which has over 900 Gegabites and no lag

  • Polish slav
    Polish slav

    that predator is amazing my Mac Pro is good but nowhere near as powerful as the predator but I will still get a gaming pc instead of a laptop

  • Roger Fogg
    Roger Fogg

    trust me, i would love to get the acer predator 21x even if i had to do a payment plan like setting up a loan for a car kind. Yes its bigger than anyone needs, yes its outrageous, but thats why its so cool. the little one could be added for free though lol

  • A crazy cockatoo
    A crazy cockatoo

    Man the predator 21 X is the love of my life

  • Jaedyn Chilton
    Jaedyn Chilton

    You vs the guy she tells you not to worry about

    • blueGleyz14

      No no i will hurt you

    • Four420Twenty420


    • Void

      i got this recomended after watching a meme about it....... what are the ODDS

    • Asm565x

      8 Bit Adventurer wtf 😂

    • 8 Bit Adventurer
      8 Bit Adventurer

      Bigger isn’t always better

  • Pepsi Man
    Pepsi Man

    Tbh, I want the tiny laptop

  • Oddly

    Hey Austin do you mind doing an update on this tank or it vs other laptops like the macbook, Acer predator helios 300, Acer nitro 7 etc

  • Karma police
    Karma police

    The big laptop defeats the whole idea of a laptop

  • cellominork

    i would rather have the small one since i already have a gaming pc and it would be funny to have something like that

  • kris fox
    kris fox

    Wait 10 years and youll be able to have two 1080s in the 7inch laptop.

    • dnh300

      kris fox for like 10$

    • kris fox
      kris fox

      thats what i meant youd never manage to cool two 1080s in a 7inch laptop

    • Commentator

      Wait another 10 years and you'll be able to have two 7inch laptops in the 7inch laptop.

    • bikepedal

      Yeah but the newer games would run terribly

    • Kentish

      ADHDMI ADD But with innovation and all that, it could be possible in the future

  • Zekky

    how can that nearly unnoticeably small laptop run csgo better than my pc?

  • Cypherlen

    Where did you buy the smallest laptop? I want to buy it myself😂

  • Mio

    i would take the little one just so i can say "i have a laptop in my backpocket".

  • Buster

    Austin: A little bit bigger... Predator Laptop: Am I a joke to you....

  • Night Dude
    Night Dude

    1. I would take the big one 2. Sell it 3. Buy 18 mini laptops

    • paynur

      you dont need to buy the big one and then sell it if you already can buy the big one to buy all the laptops

    • Mythik Toes
      Mythik Toes

      Then sell big advestment

    • Alex . 0
      Alex . 0

      all 3

    • Ark


    • lil Potato
      lil Potato


  • Sanjeevi Kumar
    Sanjeevi Kumar

    Acer is producing world's largest laptop. But I think they even forgot the meaning for the word laptop. Laptop is made for carrying anywhere. But the carrying case of the predator laptop looks somewhat like a coffin.

  • Jelly's bodyguard!
    Jelly's bodyguard!

    The super small laptop runs faster than my laptop


    Wait is it me or does the tiny computer look like a phone with a keyboard case

  • NoSkill

    That's not a laptop! It's more like a desktop "CHAIR" LOL

  • UrAvgConsumer

    1:46 😂😂😂

    • Jimorfan

      @S Z α Αά´

    • Smiley

      What'up UrAverageConsumer

    • dex

      UrAvgConsumer ii

    • Hello


    • Erik Jansen
      Erik Jansen

      Ive sene your videos they are awesome

  • xXlilshorty93Xx

    The big one for gaming and I would use the small one when I travel I would plug a mouse in both of them when I’m playing a game

  • Pog fish fruity
    Pog fish fruity

    Imagine paying 9k for this while the Ryzen ROG G15 RTX3080 exists for 2700$

  • Ask Computers OFFICIAL
    Ask Computers OFFICIAL

    People buy a gaming laptop as it looks cool, is portable (sort of) and saves spaces for small desks

  • BabaJiraiya Gaming
    BabaJiraiya Gaming

    I'll always choose Predator, atleast you can take it to the other room if you decide to move in that room for long time and play there.

  • Milad K.
    Milad K.

    That moment when that mini PC has the same amount of RAM as your $3500 top of the line iMac

    • Rafi Arya PH
      Rafi Arya PH

      Thank god that my $2000 pc have 16gb

    • Abdullah Obaid
      Abdullah Obaid

      VideoBread agreed

    • LJ

      Apple is terrible... Life lesson

    • Corey Berg
      Corey Berg

      Milad K. That's what you get for getting a mac bro

    • shut your face!
      shut your face!

      8gb is stock on all modern macs, even the dinky little 12" macbook. if this guy bought a maxed out imac and it came with 8gb of ram, its probably from 2009. modern imacs can be configured with up to 32 gigs of ram, and they support up to 64 gigs, since its upgradeable. so if youre really that concerned about 8 gigs of ram just get the 8gb model and upgrade to 64 using cheap off the shelf parts. seriously why is everyone liking this comment?

  • Calvin Taft
    Calvin Taft

    You could hollow out that big boy and build some sort of weird Micro ATX build inside it when it starts to lag I bet

  • Charmsly

    I want that beefy gaming pc- i mean laptop

  • JackspediceyClips

    I like how everything he reviews I don't have enough money to buy any of it

  • Gavin The Crafter
    Gavin The Crafter

    I would get the 9k laptop, sell it as like new for 8.5k, buy a used one for 8k, and buy the smaller laptop for 500 *S T O N K S*

  • Random7447

    Imagine sitting on the bus with the Acer Predator. The looks man

    • abad saby
      abad saby

      Will E you know that making Tesla cars damages the environment

    • RiverPhobia


    • Roberson

      max_agr sitting on the bus battery last 9 seconds

    • XenuVelo

      remember that when you need a gasmask just to breathe oxygen

    • robert van der heide
      robert van der heide

      Will E i dont care about the environment enough to buy an ugly car like that

  • Champaman

    So...if Apple builds this,would it call..Big Mac?

  • JW

    I would take the $9000 laptop and sell it, then buy 18 small laptops lol

  • Tomas, Ivan Gabriel
    Tomas, Ivan Gabriel

    Back in the day when GTX1080s were one of the best GPUs

  • Redoz

    When the "Big Guy" was holding the smallest laptop in his hands ( 2:28 ) it looked like it was a Nintendo 3DS

  • bigmankes

    4:33 you're a pro... *dies nanoseconds later*

    • Svilena Leon
      Svilena Leon


    • Robo Seal
      Robo Seal


    • Bloke Jr
      Bloke Jr

      S M O K 3 V Y P 3 R his reaction when he dies😂😂

    • owais suryo
      owais suryo

      Ok you know what

  • Applezz

    Now that's a expensive laptop that is overly priced compared to my $1000 gaming pc

  • comment inspector
    comment inspector

    The small laptop has 8 GB of ram that's enough for me

  • Mark Terrin
    Mark Terrin

    In 6 years the big one would be foldable with a size of a small laptop

  • FantasticNarwal Vids
    FantasticNarwal Vids

    The predator is my dream laptop

  • Eric Diez
    Eric Diez

    "Can this one run Crisis?"😂😂

    • ARTHUR

      Eric Diez i

    • MrSmilesCam

      Eric Diez god dammit, first comment is EXACTLY what i was gonna say LOL!

    • 张遇见

      Eric Diez hhhhh LTT

    • jokamutta

      DaMafiaGamer Battery life really depends on what u do with it. But I've managed to play on it for over 3h and got like 30 % left

    • jokamutta

      Yea I know! And with the GPD Win u got a built in controller :O

  • zerrubabbel

    For a laptop thats barely more portable than a fully customizable gaming PC, at 3x the price and still a little behind on the specs... Ill take the portable one... I think its pretty neat...

  • Lousy

    *Realizes it fits his lap* “On second of thought”

  • Azfar Hasan
    Azfar Hasan

    We literally have more powerful laptops now the size of a macbook pro. Only 3 years later

  • Turesant

    this is going to be a budget computer in the future

  • Helios

    I'd take the predator everywhere I'm not even kidding

    • TheDemoSpy 91
      TheDemoSpy 91

      I would too

    • xxpinecone

      *pulls giant laptop out of pelicon case on subway* Hey guys just need to check up on my essay

    • Txgger !
      Txgger !

      I could just imagine you pulling it out😂😂😂

    • Casper Van Grunderbeek
      Casper Van Grunderbeek

      With that case you're just begging to get robbed.

  • mmos pooi
    mmos pooi

    imagine your in class and have a student just casually bring this acer predator out of his bag lol

  • TLL Pheonix
    TLL Pheonix

    The tiny laptop is literally better then the one I have my computer has 4 memory and the tiny one has 8 ram.😢

  • Jakob D
    Jakob D

    That's no laptop, that's a space station.

  • JuuuJuu

    Who else wanted the preditor 21x way more lol

  • Burtan

    *playing with friends Friend: do you pc or laptop? Me: I have a laptop Laptop:

  • Dipak Tiwari
    Dipak Tiwari

    Small laptops will replace phones in the future.

  • Porcupine

    I already have a gaming I will go for the 1$ laptop

  • Blox Dog
    Blox Dog

    That mini laptop is about the size of my iPad mini and it has a keyboard and it looks epic

  • KingWulfgar666

    If I had these I'd use the small one for gaming and the big one for on the go

    • Arone Titong
      Arone Titong

      Eitan Gottheiner your statement is irrelevant

    • Jeohhn

      MyrohComments yea Manaf Alam is god, and he is cool

    • ooferman 9000
      ooferman 9000


    • One 2 Three
      One 2 Three


    • yak_frost

      Eitan Gottheiner your not funny

  • razeenrajaful

    I bought a pc the size of my desk for 470 and this tiny little laptop costs 500

  • Jacob Sheppard
    Jacob Sheppard

    Awesome content. Thanks

  • doctor evil
    doctor evil

    sli mobile 1080 is okay and performance is pretty good since i travel a lot and cant use my desktop everywhere. the keyboard is uncomfortable considering its fixed position and this pc is LOUD. can still hear it sometimes when gaming.

  • Hershey Squirts
    Hershey Squirts

    That laptop has more memory than my brain

  • Havoc The Purple Shit
    Havoc The Purple Shit

    That tiny laptop has more ram than my desktop.... this is depressing

    • A 17
      A 17

      Anyone has 1 TB ram or only me :)

    • Oscar klopper
      Oscar klopper

      @jroid yesh but not cheap

    • jroid

      Its not that hard to upgrade ram..

    • Oscar klopper
      Oscar klopper



      so sad