Steam Deck vs Nintendo Switch OLED!
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The Valve Steam Deck vs Nintendo Switch OLED. 🙃
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  • Jacob Cordell
    Jacob Cordell

    I don't like the back triggers

  • Jerry So Cal
    Jerry So Cal

    4k gaming just won it for me 4k gaming on switch coming 2030 🤣

  • GamingTherapy75

    I will be selling my switch for a steam deck . Fed up of their pricing for old hat games. Expensive console and expensive games most of the time . I've had it it since day one but bored of it now

  • Bubba Vas Xbox
    Bubba Vas Xbox

    Nintendo Has Better Exclusive. I dont Believe the Steam Deck Has No Advantages Over .. and that makes me Feel Playstation Will Stop Releasing games for Steam because of this... Steam Deck will Be King of Indie Games .. but have no interest in playing AAA games ...Because if it's really as Great as it Looks Why Buy Xbox ..Buy this for 400 And play 4k 120fps And get Gamepass .. Doesn't sound realistic

  • CaptainN209

    Austin needs to do a review of the Backbone iOS controller and how you can play Xbox game pass

  • clay

    Can you review aya neo console

  • SparkZ

    The steam deck is the switch I've always wanted just without the exclusives

  • drminecff animatons and games
    drminecff animatons and games

    Mr Arnaldo in Jurassic park : Hold on to your butts Austin: hold on to your butts Me : Mr Arnaldo in Jurassic park says it better

  • Potatical

    Big difference one has Pokemon and one doesn't (Legally)

  • Safwan Shadab Chowdhury
    Safwan Shadab Chowdhury

    It doesn't matter how powerful the switch is, the games are the main selling point of switch

  • X unbekannt
    X unbekannt

    Steamdeck will sell good but it won't surpass the Switch in sales numbers!! Absolutley sure about that! 1.) No physical games 2.) No exclusives These are the main reasons why it won't catch the switch! There will be (as it was in gen 7 with wii vs PS3/360) 7 levels of denying that Nintendo will win: 1.) Steamdeck will trounce everything - Steamdeck sells much less launch alligned- some call it a flop! 2.) Ah... just wait- the thing is too expensive. - Price drops maybe sales increase but nowhere at Switch level 3.) You need to wait for *game x/y"! - *Game x/y* releases but still the switch leads. 4.) Don't forget the turtle and the rabbit- slow and steady wins the race. - But the "rabbit" has Mario Kart, Zelda, Pokemon, Metroid... games. 5.) Oh dear but you cannot compare the 2 as there are (suddenly) different target groups. - Most Switch costumers are in fact grown ups! 6.) But they only buy for their children (as we know children are evil and no humans with no rights and do not count as costumers according to teenagers who bring up this bullshit). - Many costumers are around 25 and rarely have children in the age where they play video games. 7.) Ah fuck that shit leave me alone!!

  • Tiky and Honk
    Tiky and Honk

    Fun fact: steam deck might add PS5 games

  • azim2k10

    Steam deck if it has windows, pretty much a switch emulator will work lol

  • Barry Klinedinst
    Barry Klinedinst

    Why compare the 2 units? The steamdeck is awesome . The switch is awesome. But the steamdeck top model is much more expensive than switch. The switch has Nintendo games that steamdeck will never have. So buy both. The bottom end steamdeck isn't a bad deal but I will bet that the biggest seller will be the top end unit. I'm buying the 512 model. But it needs at least a terabyte ssd. No company will ever beat Nintendo at handheld. So buy both

  • skyn3t 3
    skyn3t 3

    Nintendo is for kids tbh with its low specs and cartoony games steam deck kills Nintendo easy

  • Jon Docherty
    Jon Docherty

    Switch can be played between friends

  • Berk Can
    Berk Can

    go buy gpd win 3 it is full-fledged PC you a$$holes steam deck is stupid

  • rugga

    Dude going into battle for the steamdeck lol

  • Rhys D
    Rhys D

    There's no way the Switch Pro we was all even hoping for would be as powerful as the Steam Deck, forget about the Oled this is all I need till the Switch 2 comes out in 2025 😂

  • RetroQuest

    I'll wait a few more years, till all the unlocking tutorials come out, and the roms become available, before I purchase either. 🤪

  • Dagwood Chat
    Dagwood Chat

    I'm definitely interested in the steam deck.. excited..

  • Swarming1092

    I can understand why so many people are hyped about the Deck but man it looks enormous. I'm way more excited about the Switch OLED tbh. No the games won't look as good or run at 120fps, but the screen is better, the battery life will be much better, and it's smaller, lighter, and more portable. No i don't get my entire Steam library, but I don't use Steam that much anyway - I realistically mostly switch between about 6-10 games at most. I'll take the 10/10 Nintendo exclusives personally.

  • BusPenguin

    It’s amazing that we can now choose between a switch in which you can obviously switch to tv, play portably, and remove joycons (and play Nintendo games) or the steam deck which you can play Xbox games.

  • K.B. R
    K.B. R

    GPD WIN 3 Is Real Nintendo Switch Pro

  • neef beef
    neef beef

    This is going to be my Macbook companion

  • Andrew Hoskins
    Andrew Hoskins

    So what you're telling me is that not only am I getting a powerful portable gaming PC, with a massive screen, but also that it can be plugged in, and uprezzed to 4k 120fps, AND 8k 60fps? Can anybody explain to me why this isn't a better investment of the same dollar price as an equally expensive gaming PC, cause Idk why on Earth, based on the analyses I've seen of the Steam Deck, why anyone in my position (needing an upgrade to a newer PC, as mine was built in 2016, and has never been upgraded) would EVER choose to build a gaming PC over buying this portable gaming PC. I am the type of PC gamer that only upgrades in totality every 4-6 years, due to my immense hatred of PC upkeep chores. Anyone?


    I call BullShit!!! 4K Ok Right!!!

  • The Masked Mutant
    The Masked Mutant

    way too fucking loud what the fuck

  • Stanley Roark
    Stanley Roark

    Hori pad in my switch and best thing ever!

  • RGBtrashcan

    With modern games 64 gigs of storage isn’t anything. Are games smaller sizes for handheld consoles??

  • Jenalyn Bustaliño Paderes
    Jenalyn Bustaliño Paderes

    Switch is still the best.

  • Andre Robinson
    Andre Robinson

    The deck reminds me of the game gear and that was a nightmare

  • Mr Quagmire
    Mr Quagmire

    🙄 Me waiting for all the PC fanboys to start complaining about the Decks battery life... Priceless 👌 😂🤦‍♂️

  • Arthur Erby
    Arthur Erby

    Honestly the two things I personally need from. This is ability to connect to a projector or tv and to have Netflix or Hulu or basically the show selection of an Xbox store otherwise I'll still have to have a switch

  • The Morris Channel
    The Morris Channel

    I will give credit that Nintendo kept the low profile tablet design, but really hoped the oled was a step up, oled model is pretty much a refresh of the switch

  • The Morris Channel
    The Morris Channel

    8k at 60fps? I am very skeptical 🧐, unless thats games that are not as extreme on the GPU, i would totally understand games would be 8k 30fps with some, then again im very sceptical on this

  • clement verstraete
    clement verstraete

    Can u make another video about the steam deck pls.

  • Steve Zep
    Steve Zep

    Just load up windows and pirate games. This is what I call a win win.

  • IDO Adnan
    IDO Adnan

    Nintendo is the best

  • Menagerie_OS

    720p 60fps max settings 😬😬

  • younggatorade

    Austin is my favorite tech ITmores no 🧢

  • ilovehotdogs125790

    The steam deck is incredibly niche. It’s for people that need portability, but can’t use a laptop, and need to play steam games. The switch offers a entire ecosystem of Nintendo games, get a pc for steam games. Easy, no point in having another device that can play the games you already have. As for emulation.. at it’s current stage it just isn’t as good as running native (for switch games), other retro systems work fine. As good as yuzu emulator is.. the switch runs better (i have a good pc, so there is no chance the steam deck will smoothly run switch emulation). For for the new nintendo games.. get a switch. Buy a system for the games you can play, not the specs of the system.

  • Charizardy360

    Better battery life than gaming laptops

  • MeSaDrums

    Nintendo has needed a fire lit under their ass for years. Maybe now they’ll actually put in some effort.

  • Mr. Rich B.O.B
    Mr. Rich B.O.B

    7:00 - No. All games will work on Linux. For all intents and purposes. You just have to enable Steam Play. There is no need to install Windows, though you can, and you would most likely see decreased performance.

  • ROYALRAGE1088 gaming
    ROYALRAGE1088 gaming

    I wonder If in-game PC game mods would work on the steam deck🤔🤔🤔🤔👀👀

  • gamerke X
    gamerke X

    It's nice to see there is finally competition for Nintendo's Switch. I just hope Valve delivers a hit to Nintendo.

  • Joshua Wilson
    Joshua Wilson

    I'll pass on Steam Deck. I'm sure it'll be amazing but I use Steam for RTSs (which I don't want on a smaller screen). So. Not for me even though it looks great. Switch for most of my games. PS5 for my big ones. And my Note 10+ for emulating older ones.

  • Juan Aguilar
    Juan Aguilar

    Good think I didn't get the switch. I've been waiting for something like this. 👍

  • chiefomegaps3

    I think the Steam Deck is really cool, but it’s honestly ugly in design. Very bulky and the screen to controls ratio just looks weird. Definitely a gen 1 experience and I’ll wait for a second version.

  • Sky

    The new wii u gamepad looks good

  • Megamind

    This video just made it even harder for me to choose which one i should get. Steam deck, nintendo switch or oculus quest 2

  • Literally A Frog
    Literally A Frog

    This will definitely force Nintendo to stop the whole deluxe/port/"they'll buy it because we're nintendo and they want to collect everything we make no matter what" mindset.

  • BigMovieGamer

    Xbox portable was exactly what I was thinking when the steam deck was announced. I scrapped my plans on getting an xbox series x and will be getting this instead. Great observation.

  • John Tdc
    John Tdc

    Did you know: valve is making every single game on steam linux compatible using proton?

  • supernova

    Can't wait for the steam deck I'll order is i'll order it first day

  • Kamui and Rasengan spammer
    Kamui and Rasengan spammer

    I think the steam deck is just a copy of the switch

  • Robert Campbell
    Robert Campbell



    I'll save y'all the trouble and advice on the deck instead. If ya want a Switch, get any of it's previous iterations. Hell this may be a long shot, but I'm hoping the deck would sell more than the Olitch. Nintendo really need to get their priorities together. And no, I'm not overly unrealistic, I'm not wishing for a "beefy" upgrade for the Switch (hence many people hoping for a Pro), but any upgrade that's adding more to it's performance (and subsequently ease devs on porting more games to it). But will that happen? I sincerely doubt it, since even till now Ninty's done little to nothing even in upgdating their eshop and Switch OS, and when "unpaid" fans can do more to it than the actual makers themself, (themes, music and video player, browser, etc.) then I'm sorry, at that point they're just making excuses (hell, even the one that "fixed" the dreaded joycon drift is not one of Nintendo themself).

  • M

    4:30 yes, but steam and Nintendo have totally different types of games. You don’t need extremely good performance for Mario games

    • Epicwaverider Gaming
      Epicwaverider Gaming

      @lonewolf972 yup sarcasm you should try it 😁👍

    • lonewolf972

      @Epicwaverider Gaming haha thank for the I have no proof and like to get out of this... Also... HAHA! Thank you for the essay of self created facts.

    • Epicwaverider Gaming
      Epicwaverider Gaming

      @lonewolf972 haha thank for the essay of self created facts

    • lonewolf972

      @Epicwaverider Gaming OMG! NES AND SNES GAMES ARE BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE?!! I know those are backwards compatible, but I am talking about "full backwards compatibility". I can play Freedom Fighters, The Thing, Medal of Honor, CoD, Half Life, System Shock 2, Blood Rayne, Hitman etc... all on the same platform. Old games that don't charge me outrage's prices because they release it on a "new platform". 60$ may not be the full price for most games, but Nintendo games are still expensive. 10$ or 30$ more than other platforms... Burnout Paradise Remastered is 30$ on Switch while PC is 20$, probably less if you find the original Star Wars Republic Commandos starting price is 15$ while PC is 10$. Skyrim is 60$ on Switch while PC is 40$, and the original being 20$

    • Epicwaverider Gaming
      Epicwaverider Gaming

      @lonewolf972 hmm last i checked the switch had backwards compatibility to nes and snes so i dont know what your saying there also most games are even more than 60 dollars i dont want to hear it

  • WertyTT

    switch oled: trash steam deck: better

  • Russell Fulmer
    Russell Fulmer

    The Switch is so successful because of its game library, which to me is mostly catered to kids and the casual gamer. I'll be picking up a steamdeck eventually I'm sure, but in my house we have 3 switches and probably more when the Oled and the eventual "Pro" model comes out.

  • R!o$

    Whats mics are you using ?

  • BusPenguin

    This guy is clearly on the terrible steam decks side but I disagree

    • BusPenguin

      @M64bros yes very true

    • M64bros

      @BusPenguin True. Our side we care and respect the developers manners.

    • BusPenguin

      @M64bros no problem. I am just happy to have someone on our side

    • M64bros

      @BusPenguin thanks

    • BusPenguin

      @M64bros me too, trust me, I know how you feel

  • BusPenguin

    I am sorry, but the switch just rules over the steam deck! I mean you can’t even take the controllers of the steam deck. Plus, I don’t think we needed ANOTHER hand-held console that is to big for your pockets. The switch rules

    • BusPenguin

      @Wyvern . thank you I agree

    • Wyvern .
      Wyvern .

      @BusPenguin Those are sentiments I can agree with. While the Switch may have not met my gaming requirements, that's not to say that others aren't happy with Nintendo's device. I may not care for most Nintendo exclusives, though I do recognize the impact that they have on the gaming industry. Here's to happy gaming for everyone.

    • BusPenguin

      @Wyvern . the switch is good how it is. It’s time for steam to now try something knew. I think Nintendo wanted to stick with what they have because it seems to be quite good. Now that steam is here, we finally have another option. I will personally stick to the switch because I prefer their games and the company, but you are mostly likely going to switch to the steam deck, because it’s what you wanted. The reason why I am happy that the OLED came out is because I didn’t want too many improvements. However, I am not everyone, and that’s why I am happy that the steam deck came out. It’s for people like you friend

    • Wyvern .
      Wyvern .

      @BusPenguin I don't see anyone asking for improvements every week. The Switch has been out for almost five years and it still hasn't had any significant hardware improvements. So the people who are asking for a better handheld are well within being reasonable. If Nintendo had made a better Switch by now, then maybe the Steam Deck wouldn't be as popular as it is now.

    • BusPenguin

      @Wyvern . I agree that it is perfectly right to want improvements, but everyone wants them every week

  • Tariq Mohammad
    Tariq Mohammad

    Steam deck is a copy of a switch

    • AppleCrackle

      But better.. and can run good games

  • The Gastewaste
    The Gastewaste


  • Kazukiyo Meyer
    Kazukiyo Meyer

    I don't care which is better, they both don't fit in my pocket, and I still love my Nintendo 3DS.

  • Nikon

    悪いが比較対象にならんよ。 あんまりにもターゲット層が違い過ぎる。

  • H G
    H G

    Biggest problem is you play with the PC lobby on a handheld PC and that sucks! You can play cross play but there is just a limited amount of games and all games for pc are not optimized for such a low powered hardware on the portable! THIS WILL NEVER BE AN OPTION FOR ME!

    • AppleCrackle

      U trynna to play like fortnite comp or smth lol?

  • James Abanes
    James Abanes

    Steam deck has hentai games

  • Brajan Lazaj
    Brajan Lazaj

    Modern games like cyberpunk, like anyone with a brain would want to play that garbage

  • Eric Jackson
    Eric Jackson

    I really just wanna play nier on the go

  • ThunderGamer955

    why so many dislikes?

  • leroy Reed
    leroy Reed

    It makes more sense to pay the dollars and get the steam deck because you are getting something that's three times more powerful than the Nintendo switch

  • leroy Reed
    leroy Reed

    Nintendo need to step their game up

  • leroy Reed
    leroy Reed

    You have sold me I will be buying that instead of the OLED

  • Crimson

    Do u guys have a podcast cuz I like listening to u talk about tech 100x more than screaming at each other about who has a bigger budget

  • D2K Prime
    D2K Prime

    This is definitely selling at a loss. Gabe Newell said the the pricing for the Steam Deck was "painful." There is no reason to even suggest something at this level of power with relatively-new customer-made chip-sets selling at a profit.

  • C.Rex🦖 🦕
    C.Rex🦖 🦕

    Steam deck is a copycat

    • Dragon Mason
      Dragon Mason

      @C.Rex🦖 🦕 You don't have to. It's still the truth.

    • C.Rex🦖 🦕
      C.Rex🦖 🦕

      @Dragon Mason I don’t believe you at all

    • Dragon Mason
      Dragon Mason

      @C.Rex🦖 🦕 Switch is a copycat.

    • Dragon Mason
      Dragon Mason

      @C.Rex🦖 🦕 Nope. Not lying. Facts.

    • C.Rex🦖 🦕
      C.Rex🦖 🦕

      @Dragon Mason liar 🤥

  • Carlos Garcia
    Carlos Garcia

    Do you want a switch with 3 games or steam deck with 300 games lol

  • marksapollo

    Hmm Austin is literally dreaming if he thinks the Steam Deck will ever do 4K 60! The Switch OLED is better, has a better screen, is much easier to use, all games for it will work on it, it is t emulating games like the Deck but runs them natively, and Bethesda and Microsoft have stated all future games are Xbox and PC exclusive so it's stupid to make that argument against the Switch, and Austin is sorely mis-representing the strength Nintendo's IP has...

  • Nilgün Bozdağ
    Nilgün Bozdağ

    im all about the nintendo games austin

  • Stinky poopydoodoo
    Stinky poopydoodoo

    I don’t think this thing is going to compete with the Nintendo switch because it doesn’t focus on the same thing Nintendo does with family friendly multiplayer games, But I do think for serious gamers this will be an easy choice

  • Spreet

    Also if you're a PC gamer already, you probably already have a crazy library of stuff you can play with some exceptions. With Steam Sales and what not it's crazy what you can do on the go

  • BlazeKunaiiツ

    dude the switch and steam deck are better them my pc lol. I have 4 gigs of ram and an og core i3 and 50gigs of HDD storage. -_-

  • Caiden Sutherland
    Caiden Sutherland

    Who remembers when handhelds were powered by batteries?

  • damn cheese
    damn cheese

    I would like to play call of duty in a car and it needs to have a lot of mario games is that possible with the steam deck?


    If it has emulation support then definitely.

  • iwgl1981JMR

    With the docking station can I play it on my TV?

  • soulsilver 2135
    soulsilver 2135

    Tbh left 4 dead portable tho

  • Reaper Souls
    Reaper Souls

    Xbox is crap dont comepare

  • rabbit

    Does the steam have.....back buttons??

  • hmok hmok
    hmok hmok

    Base on what i know more games cant come to switch like when genshin impact said that the game is coming to switch but havant came yet

  • lard 66
    lard 66

    a literal portable computer vs a nintedo tablet with drifting joy sticks

  • Forgein languege
    Forgein languege

    I dont like a steam deck

  • Vince Brown
    Vince Brown

    Steam Deck is gonna kill the Switch's profits

  • CNR_07

    You don't need to install Windows to run Windows games (and you shouldn't) Linux has Windows game and application comaptibillity with minimal performance loss and in quite a few cases it has a performance gain (dont ask me how that works.)

  • Bigonrock

    im getting the steam deck loading windows 11 pro and downloading a switch emulator lmao lets gooo valve

  • Marcus Jones
    Marcus Jones

    I got my pre order first time round...