Small Gaming PC Build!
Get a Free Pair of Wireless Bluetooth Headphones at Micro Center:
Back to School with Micro Center - Win a $500 Gift Card:
Micro Center Custom PC Builder:

AMD Ryzen 5 5600X :
Gigabyte B550I AORUS Pro AX Mini-ITX Motherboard:
MSI GeForce RTX 3060 Ti Ventus 2X Graphics Card:
G.Skill Trident Z Neo Series RGB 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-3600 PC4-28800 CL16:
Samsung 980 SSD 1TB M.2 NVMe:
NZXT C650 80 Plus Gold ATX Full Modular Power Supply:
NZXT H210i Tempered Glass Mini-ITX Mini-Tower Computer Case - Black:
Cooler Master Hyper 212 RGB Black Universal CPU Cooler:

AOC 24G2 23.8" 144Hz FreeSync IPS LED Gaming Monitor:
HyperX Alloy Origins 60 Ultra Compact 60% Red Switch (Linear) Keyboard:
HyperX Pulsefire Haste - Gaming Mouse:
HyperX Cloud II Wired Gaming Headset w/ 7.1 Virtual surround sound:
Inland PSU Sleeved Cable Extension Kit - Black/ White:
CableMod Widebeam Hybrid LED Light Kit:

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  • LikeSlap

    honestly the hardest part about building a pc is affording it

  • Jonathan Brito
    Jonathan Brito

    I know nothing about pc's so I need help or ill end up building something that doesn't work!!

  • huhuhu

    Ya a 3060 is definitely mid range

  • Troves

    Crazy how people say a 1060 is out dated while im sittin with a 650 gtx

  • swet pro gaming 67
    swet pro gaming 67


  • swet pro gaming 67
    swet pro gaming 67

    Give pls

  • swet pro gaming 67
    swet pro gaming 67

    Pls give

  • swet pro gaming 67
    swet pro gaming 67


  • Mal

    Bro ur sucha a nerd

  • BigDiesel

    Austin forgot how to build a pc???

  • Fortnite

    I’m straight up listening to this video on the headphones that are linked in the discription

  • green sketchers
    green sketchers

    back to school pc sounds right no you would be getting of your pc and put it in a backpack to show it can go to school and learn

  • Darius foof
    Darius foof

    Hm, Austin, I think you own that micro centre

  • Jake Houston Outlaws
    Jake Houston Outlaws

    Honestly I love building smalls PCs because it actually gives u a challenge, and because u can't just cram cable in, u actually have somewhat cable manage so u can fit everything

  • MrPenguin

    11:57 white case, 12:00 black case

  • Waqas ALi
    Waqas ALi

    why Ken always triggers Austin???? 🤣

  • Ayden Young
    Ayden Young

    Im litteraly way better Than Austin on F1 2021 My best time on the track he was running in the rain is a 1:44:009 his is a 2:00:200






    your phone was higher quality than the camera

  • Nostrasimpus

    Ken really is spoiled af. “If I have to hold the camera 10 minutes longer than I have to… wah wah wah” lol. It’s almost annoying tbh but then I remember idc about how others carry themselves and finish my pb&j and shrug it off 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Josh Hunks
    Josh Hunks

    can i have an old bill i got a 100 used laptop cant even play roblox or valorent or apex please

  • Jordon Meadows
    Jordon Meadows

    The only thing I would have done differently, if you're going for a 60% keyboard to save space and want to keep your rgb software to a minimum. The razer huntsman mini paired with the naga x. That way you get the numpad still just on the mouse. Just what I would have done myself.

  • PKID

    Ah yes you need a 3060 for school

  • Popcoolboi


  • Brandon's big dawgs
    Brandon's big dawgs


  • Eyosias Tadesse
    Eyosias Tadesse

    I have no idea what he says

  • Syapiks

    it's take me a long time to realise that ken is from podtaku with garnt

  • iSplxzhGreen

    can you try the bugha setup its at the five below store

  • iMoistCookie
    iMoistCookie I could find a graphic card that’s available at all

  • Keitaro Herbert
    Keitaro Herbert

    I wish I could have a PC like that but My country PC course like 4,000 :( and I play Minecraft bedrock and I lag like all the time

  • Aztraly

    bro when he went to a slighty higher end camera that camera sucked

  • X X X
    X X X

    bro that staff seems really nice to be honest good service ong

  • RGBtrashcan

    The spinner hat really gives credibility to your pc building skills, Austin

  • Lindsay Groeneveld
    Lindsay Groeneveld

    I have that case, and you usually have to watch the GPU thermals with it being so close to the PSU shroud.

  • bubun Pal
    bubun Pal

    Love from India

  • A 28 Mantra Chhaya
    A 28 Mantra Chhaya

    6:06 austin : im gonna throw this gpu out of my window Poor me in my hd graphics : (dying noises) 🙄🙄

  • Jp Abrahams
    Jp Abrahams

    Why not do a back to school give away pc

  • Jp Abrahams
    Jp Abrahams

    Can I get the headphones if I'm in another country?

  • The Bedrock Player
    The Bedrock Player

    I just wanted to say I love your videos... thats it

  • Spencer Morgan
    Spencer Morgan

    This is really off topic, but could you do a review on the Windows 11 beta?

  • TheOrisya

    'Back to school gaming pc' is just a weird thing to say. I mean, Is there a 'back to office work console'? 🤣

  • TS Clan
    TS Clan

    Mid range pc! 3060 TI WTF BRO

  • Boring Streamer
    Boring Streamer

    i would love a small build , how much to get that off u ? 😩

  • Agent Smith
    Agent Smith

    That's a regular size PC lol. I thought it was gonna be like Raspberry Pi size

  • RuinedFox

    Ah yes a pc that cost $2,137 to build perfect for college bruh ☠️☠️☠️


    i need a PC

  • aurum

    hey, that's the same case and motherboard I have! I was also planning on getting the same samsung ssd at some point

  • KingBooButt

    Shiii I'll take the 3070

  • Brian Schulz
    Brian Schulz

    What the heck? What was the price of the build? I wanted to watch a video about a budget machine but nobody mentioned the dang budget or performance

  • soundy

    chuck us a pc rq

  • shan

    warning do not follow the steps he is doing just look up a how to make a pc tutorial lmao

  • Dominik xd
    Dominik xd

    now make it miniature with rasberty pi

  • Branson Stevens
    Branson Stevens

    Watching Austin and Ken is like watching two brothers who you know love each other deep down but on the surface they bicker nonstop xD

  • josiasnds

    Man, i know we always see Austin and Ken kinda arguing but now seems like they're having trouble for real so is kinda uncomfort...

  • Grayson Welch
    Grayson Welch

    Who the fuck didn’t have wired Ethernet in their college dorm??? Wtf lmao

  • sniper monke
    sniper monke

    I have creates the perfect heist to get multiple headphones


    I wish I was rich like Austin

  • Menagerie_OS

    Theres a reason theres only few micro centers, and that reason is also sold out.

  • Gavin Yeager
    Gavin Yeager

    Daym mini ken

  • That's Interesting.
    That's Interesting.

    Austin, a "Budget PC for Dorms" does not include a fricking 3060TI During a GPU shortage.

  • Sam Am
    Sam Am

    Can i have this pc

    • RuinedFox


  • Certified

    My man just used all my pc parts and accessories and built a pc what the heck

  • Ekansh Shaloo
    Ekansh Shaloo

    at this point austin owns microcenter

  • eesa

    “Back to school budget gaming PC” *picks up a $300 CPU*

  • TOXIC NUKE 3.0
    TOXIC NUKE 3.0

    That ain’t small

  • Noah Mattingly
    Noah Mattingly

    its $2,137 for anyone wandering

  • Jamuel Carter Tidwell
    Jamuel Carter Tidwell

    he's not going back to school he's like 21

  • Ammar Ali
    Ammar Ali

    i miss the old days when austin was not owned by microcencter :c

  • M.j.Bamaniya

    Can I have the pc 😅😂

  • Welcome too YouTube folks
    Welcome too YouTube folks

    Wait your in Dallas Texas?

  • Ahmed Almoallemi
    Ahmed Almoallemi

    I wish I could afford a gaming pc

  • Inst3b

    I wish I could have the parts you don’t use 😭

  • Xander Stephenson
    Xander Stephenson

    where did the 3060 come from...

  • Joshua Matacsil
    Joshua Matacsil

    i wish i have that pc :(

  • Alex Ramsamy
    Alex Ramsamy

    I didn't know Austin got good at f1 games.

  • Naÿru

    Wish there was a shop like this in Australia

  • 144

    C1lCK B4lT

  • DuCkY-_-BrUh

    "budget" pc build

  • Tom Revill
    Tom Revill

    The shop owner and Austin looks like not identical twins!

  • Prototype Productions
    Prototype Productions

    How much did I cost bro

  • Kazuxiro

    Having all these PC and don’t sell dem 🥄

  • GHL Shadowx
    GHL Shadowx

    They need to bring microcenters to Arizona

  • noob noob
    noob noob


  • killaJSG 666
    killaJSG 666

    I didn’t even notice the first part was filmed on a phone tbh

  • crab 1
    crab 1

    “Yes mom, I need the rtx 3060 ti to run zoom with no lag”

  • pok pok
    pok pok

    I wish Microcenter is world wide I’m a viewer from thailand and rlly love ur content. (Also want a good tech store here)

  • Speed Junkie
    Speed Junkie

    Maybe i'm from different culture but I don't understand why all tech youtubers make these "back to school PC" that cost tons of money that students can't afford, and is very gaming focused that will make you fail classes making it ANTI school

  • Mad Cham
    Mad Cham

    Unfortunately, he seems to have forgotten that 30 series cards are unobtanium right now. I don't know if this is true at all Microcenters, but my local one only has 1050ti models at ~$250-$300 or high end cards over $900. The closest thing to a mid range card that's worth buying is a 1660S and that's at $450.

  • activatedsloth

    what happend to the back to school pc?

  • Kafrina Hindley
    Kafrina Hindley

    Please i really need a pc for school work i feel left out because i my work is never up to date and i dont have a pc to publish my work on the group and we are very poor i really need a pc for my school work. Please will u donate me one of your bulids .

  • Jose Diaz-Martinez
    Jose Diaz-Martinez

    Ken sounded cranky lol

  • Jose Diaz-Martinez
    Jose Diaz-Martinez

    No micro center here in El Paso tx.

  • yulianothegreat

    Where is this store and did anyone else see the ps5

  • Miquel Cosme
    Miquel Cosme

    New at pc gaming where or do I start putting this gaming pc togther

  • Joosh Kabloosh
    Joosh Kabloosh

    SO...your telling me micro center just has gpus...

  • Slam Bam Cam
    Slam Bam Cam

    Idk how I wasn’t alr subscribed, I’ve been watching you for like 2 yrs now

  • Johann Manuel
    Johann Manuel

    Austin: happiest place - microcentre Me:not happiest for my wallet

    • nandos_is_nice

      Find ur own comment

  • matin torkashvand
    matin torkashvand

    What wouldn't I do for a PC like this

  • Bluey_the birb
    Bluey_the birb

    That box looks like the mini tomahawk