Razer Just Made The Best Gaming Keyboard...
Austin Evans
With the Razer Huntsman Elite gaming RGB mechanical keyboard PC gaming is pretty overkill...
Razer Huntsman: austin.tech/razerhuntsman
My cheap mechanical keyboard on Amazon: austin.tech/tomokokeyboard

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  • TheDingo 579
    TheDingo 579

    I need a whole keyboard made out of the giant keys

    • Sc00ps01


    • Vibez FN
      Vibez FN

      Well someone made one

    • ZXGamer

      Loool same

    • that one kid who watches anime
      that one kid who watches anime

      Ah yes. THE REDRAGON ALIEN. dont thank me

    • Kaybl

      redragon alien is like very big

  • Zane Meyer
    Zane Meyer

    “I gotta say, this feels pretty decent” Keyboard is $200 Ya don’t say!

    • ToxicTurkeyy

      @Nick Gouda building your own costs way more than it's worth, also, razer synapse > 3 billion different rgb applications.

    • Sakamoto

      @nope nah , get somethin cheap off of amazon, buying a razer keeb was a big regret for me. I could have saved so much money ;-;

    • you Take L
      you Take L

      PewDiePie keyboard:...

    • Devansh Mathur
      Devansh Mathur

      @Naud van Dalen yes you are

    • Naud van Dalen
      Naud van Dalen

      @HotBowl $1000 keyboards are totally worth it, but $150 Razer keyboards are sooooooo overpriced am I right?

  • LookItsLucas

    0:00 he was typing in "hey guys this is austin"

    • pandxz

      @Foogi ? I dont get it

    • dj35tunes

      @Chara Choco sorry my bad

    • Chara Choco
      Chara Choco

      @dj35tunes he literally does wdym

    • Yuk Yuk
      Yuk Yuk

      @PCLoser this aged extremely well *sus* tin

    • wolfie RBLX
      wolfie RBLX

      you have eyes

  • 3ternal.

    I love how he tests a gaming keyboard by typing

    • Projectile

      Getting triggered non an 2 year comment get new pants I think you pissed yours

    • BLDJLN

      That’s what you do on a keyboard, dumbass.

    • xCat

      If u want to type please don't get this.

    • Rafael Mozart
      Rafael Mozart

      @IronIsKing depends.. if the person is a 5yo fortnite kid who never finish any of his homework and type with 1 finger, they probably game more but if the person is a student and a gamer at the same time, obviously you will type more-

    • IronIsKing

      @Esteban Outeiral Dias Nice job comparing driving a ferrari to using a gaming keyboard, you missed the mark, try again.

  • Protecturneck _
    Protecturneck _

    Has 300 dollar keyboard Austin: *it feel alright*

    • Its not a mistake, its a 💫MASTERPIECE💫
      Its not a mistake, its a 💫MASTERPIECE💫

      @Protecturneck _ dont be rude

    • Tenho Andersson
      Tenho Andersson

      @E I never said it's small money, and it isn't, just that things related to custom keebs are expensive

    • E

      @hollowknight like there’s no reason to be toxic just cuz somebody dosnt know how or what a word means just correct them lol

    • E

      @hollowknight man why u so toxic lol

    • E

      @Tenho Andersson dude are u dumb with money prices like have u not learned money because 200$ is a lot and 400$ is double 200 and that’s like a lot

  • pasta warrior
    pasta warrior

    I would like a keyboard with all of it keys being "F" keys

    • Jouster

      Its called the "respect keyboard"

    • Pl0w

      @tweeleaf Oh okay, totally feel you. Also I like how you still responded even tho the comment was from a year ago lol

    • tweeleaf

      @Pl0w I like to do it the “making yourself broke af” way

    • Pl0w

      @tweeleaf or just buy F keycaps lol?

    • Dovahkiin

      Ff fff

  • GhQst -_-
    GhQst -_-

    When he made this video I bought it, after two years it’s a great keyboard, it’s just wayyy too loud and big for me, other than that this is an amazing keyboard

  • Dank Memes
    Dank Memes

    Thanks for the review I bought this thing 3 years ago it lasted longer than my pc lol It is my favorite keyboard it is so nice thanks

  • Ela Nesh
    Ela Nesh

    1:00 It's actually the other way round, normally, the switch is cutting off the beam of light, then when you press it, the beam of light goes across and sends the signal to the computer.

  • Divexi

    Somewhere on the internet A giant Razer key exists And I need it. Edit: 2 years have passed and I still want one.

    • • Kiethy Boi •
      • Kiethy Boi •

      @Thomas R hire somebody to make it*

    • Thomas R
      Thomas R

      Any luck? Could probably hire a maker.

    • I Draw and Stuff
      I Draw and Stuff

      *i N E E D i t*

    • • Kiethy Boi •
      • Kiethy Boi •

      yo 3d print one

    • Jack DuBois
      Jack DuBois

      Edit: 2 years has passed

  • Adolf Shitler
    Adolf Shitler

    Only had my razer turret for a month now and I love the optical switches on the keys

  • Andrew Anguiano
    Andrew Anguiano

    I confirm, it’s absolutely amazing

  • Steezyy

    they should've made the giant switch like the enter key pillow, where you can map it to a key and use that instead

  • Dinky Virgin
    Dinky Virgin

    It’s (on amazon uk) £85 for the standard and £144 for elite

  • Read more
    Read more

    It's $200. Saved you a click

    • Fluffy

      Keep in mind your shredding 200$ right into a blender

    • Overseer Games
      Overseer Games

      I already have it

    • wolfie RBLX
      wolfie RBLX

      Thanks dude

    • 1p_champwinner

      Djdjf fuck

    • FrEEzy

      @Melon Boy that’s the joke…

  • deepestfried

    I use this keyboard every day! I completely recomend it, when it's on sale. I got it for 90$ on sale!

  • Elusive Cal
    Elusive Cal

    Omg I love how it comes with a case and makes me feel like I'm opening a apple product

  • one.masquerade

    by the way, you can actually buy a very nice mechanical rgb keyboard called a tecware phantom, just for those of you who think all nice keyboards cost a fortune

  • Ultimate V1.0
    Ultimate V1.0

    That fast response time with the keyboard is really great for me because I can play games like FNF or FNF Mods

  • David Doperoy
    David Doperoy

    I’m more excited about that case than the keyboard! Damn! That thing looks like you’re about to buy nuclear launch codes

    • Random person
      Random person

      @Slavoj Žižek 😃😂😂😂

    • Goose

      @Trey Fazbear f*ck off fortnite virgin

    • Nicholas101

      Dapper Dop I was thinking about that same thing

    • IIuselessII

      @TheRedGamerFPV no

    • Trey Fazbear
      Trey Fazbear

      Stop saying bad words

  • Ryan_

    I got the regular huntsman brand new for $70 off Amazon, it’s great.

  • Orbit

    On behalf of all the other 99 percents out there I just want to say thanks for linking the cheap keyboard as well in the description

  • Segazi

    I love rgb and wrist rests I think this is the perfect one for me

  • Tippy Mantella
    Tippy Mantella

    I still use the Raze huntsman elite, and it's still the best keyboard made by razer, in my opinion

  • Taikamuna

    Any mechanical keyboard is just fine.

    • Good

      Cherry MX Blues Go Brrr

    • Maple!


    • Azoth

      @Play3r That whole sentence hurt me emotionally and physically.

    • Shadow


    • Play3r

      @CaptainCumExplosion wtf why cherry mix browns or razed switches if you want tactical switches just use zealios or holy panda not a fricking cherry brown

  • adrw

    Still have that Tomoko keyboard from the $700 setup video almost four years later, thanks Austin!

  • Watermelon Arangas
    Watermelon Arangas

    I love how extra razer is

  • Bautista Orfila
    Bautista Orfila

    I wish I could afford something like that

  • Helicopter Rides For Communists
    Helicopter Rides For Communists

    Gotta love Razer. I never like their logo, in fact I really dislike it, but I do love their products and software.

  • Doomcalk

    4:50 “wireless mouse pad”

    • hello this is me
      hello this is me

      @Mystic i can see your eyeballs popping out of your head

    • SupersonicDumpster

      @unnamed peasant. I have an rgb coffin. Lmao

    • Vexitity

      wireless mouse uh pad

    • AndrewDotCom

      Reminds me of boneless pizza

    • Aiden Whitlock
      Aiden Whitlock

      In theory, you wouldn’t need a dongle. The mouse pad IS the dongle. + the wireless charging, that would be really cool.

  • Husky Busky
    Husky Busky

    FYI if ya wanna cheap mechanical keyboard use the one Austin used in the intro its called the PIKTEK TKL Mechanical Keyboard Its $23-$35 on amazon

  • Velcro

    I still prefer my built-in Macbook pro keyboard. Still, Im probably gonna try pick one of them up.

  • Okin Nivlek
    Okin Nivlek

    Step one, disable rgb. I like razer and use a couple mouse models, but the rgb is distracting. I'd still like to try this keyboard but will be hard to give up my cherries.

  • Aaron 2k
    Aaron 2k

    Most satisfied I have ever been while watching the intro

  • Plexiate

    So if hairs get into your keyboard it breaks it? What about vaping. I've been known to blow phat clouds. Would that just press all my keys?

    • SnugPug

      S t o p v a p i n g

    • That OneDude
      That OneDude

      Plexiate i vape iny mechanical keyboard all the time, should be fine.

    • A1XLY

      the fucking laser is inside the switch

    • Zenin

      Holy shit, nice to see you've grown haha. I played MC 2 years ago with you. Keep it up!

    • tatzecom

      Nah, but you know, the vape is heavier than air so it eventually settels down on your desk/keyboard. Also, I am using a straw so the smoke aint too hot and If i am bored, I channel the vape directly onto the keyboard. Why am i even doing this?

  • Luffy and Goku Skits
    Luffy and Goku Skits

    I love the giant switch😂 and the huntsman elite is my dream keyboard it’s coool

  • J Dub
    J Dub

    Austin:you gotta wait for the switch to depress itself. Switch: no one love’s me

    • Beastace

      @6325 Abhijay Agarwal haha! Big sad, I’ll spoil Harry Potter wait JK already did that!

    • 6325 Abhijay Agarwal
      6325 Abhijay Agarwal


  • TheBarox24

    My toughts about this keyboard : Its really expensive Switches are so loud and comofortable at the same time Design is really cool (huntsman elite) Final toughts : its cool but there are better and cheaper keyboards

  • Khushpreet Kaur
    Khushpreet Kaur

    Or u can just buy the dk61 for 49.99 but wireless one is 59.99

  • CreeperTech

    We still need the Razer toaster

    • zNotNinja

      Razer mac and chess

    • mynt

      what the fuck bro you forgot the razer rgb wireless toilet elite god dammit

    • Leo

      RGB Toaster pls

    • mo dzn
      mo dzn


    • nicklaus gabuya
      nicklaus gabuya

      xD ofc this is the first comment i see

  • drunken assassin
    drunken assassin

    i like the idea of this keyboard but there is 2 issues i have and that is well will those beams ever burn out or how fast will they burn out and will dust trip those beams

  • KingPotato

    When you look like a nerd but you bully everyone in your school:

    • ZeenXdownz


    • TheMealManX

      @Thor I can vouch

    • Z 1
      Z 1

      rare insults

    • Niksusa

      @Jindu Piano ?

    • Jindu Piano
      Jindu Piano

      @Niksusa ja

  • TV MB
    TV MB

    You planning on doing more keyboard reviews soon? Would love to see you check out the Corsair K100 and Mountain Everest Max.

    • Redstacks

      I hope he never gets to touch another keyboard after this trash review


    Now I know what keyboards will look like if we ever had giant hands 🤚

  • Ben Drury
    Ben Drury

    "When you press a key it is right there" - yeah i think thats pretty normal

  • Apple Pie
    Apple Pie

    I have the huntsman elite and its amazing

  • Alpha Male
    Alpha Male

    *types with blue switches* Austin: "The wonderful, wonderful sound of a mechanical keyboard" Every switch that actually sounds good: *allow us to introduce ourselves*

  • Jerrymon d
    Jerrymon d

    It may be over the top but it's still super damn cool

  • Lol

    I bought the keyboard and it’s amazing

  • Daiigus

    I knew it! The game lagging was not my overdue internet bill's fault.

    • Keister00

      @soap this is coming from a dumbass 8 year old who doesn't know what the fuck a pc is

    • Techyy.

      @vtnm r/woooosh

    • CookiesAndTacos

      thundah lmao have you ever heard of a joke because this persons comment was one

    • deemonen

      i pinned the wrong dude i meant to pin the faze koala guy

    • mopar_randy49

      @deemonen it's when somebody doesnt get the joke. It flys over their head

  • Irtaza Hussain
    Irtaza Hussain

    2020 and this still the best one out there

  • iCrowxix

    6:33 "ultimate gaming keyboard" laughs in custom mech

    • Sakamoto

      custom mechs, vintage boards, topre boards, every other keyboard in existence 😐

    • Charlie Why
      Charlie Why

      Laughs in . . . . . Mx browns

    • Libelous

      Laughs on Samsung Smart fridge touch pad.

    • ninjacted 22
      ninjacted 22

      Laughs in on screen windows 10 keyboard

    • Redstacks

      *laughs in vintage keyboard*

  • Octo Airsoft
    Octo Airsoft

    To be honest in my opinion the best keyboard would be either pand or nk cream switches with a ducky 2 one mini back plate and pudding keycaps to be honest I wouldn't care about the keycaps

  • The Basement Games
    The Basement Games

    Once it starts to depress, it starts to cut off that beam of light… 🥺😢

  • DaintierFox

    Austin Just Made The Best Evans

    • I Draw and Stuff
      I Draw and Stuff


  • Leportyl Reqqwert
    Leportyl Reqqwert

    Austin: Wow Razer is much faster other mechanical keyboard brands Are we a joke to you???

  • zUltra

    In a regular switch you're not pressing a button, you're connecting 2 pieces of metal.

  • People of Dundee Society
    People of Dundee Society

    Me looking at the two switches thinking: “Don’t you talk to me or my son again!” (Aussie accent)

  • Kr1ptex

    Razer: *makes fastest keyboard* Steelseries: "hold my omnipoint switch"

    • Keerti Vallaban outlook
      Keerti Vallaban outlook

      my laptop keyboard which has a broken rubber dome: are you sure about that

  • Dabbi GX
    Dabbi GX

    I KNEW IT! They listened to the fans and made a RGB Wristrest! I was waiting for it but my wallet didnt

    • Dabbi GX
      Dabbi GX

      @GodlyPorkchop Haha yeah lol

    • GodlyPorkchop

      what is next rbg on a fucking 4head lol

    • Dabbi GX
      Dabbi GX

      GodlyPorkchop It looks cool But its only for this keyboard The keyboard looks ugly tho hate the Sound control but the switches are HELLA GOOD!

    • Twitter OG Scafe
      Twitter OG Scafe

      demonpride1975 ur opinion

    • Twitter OG Scafe
      Twitter OG Scafe

      GodlyPorkchop ur opinion

  • denn

    Me with the Razer Cynosa Chroma Pro Keyboard for my Gaming PC: "Damn.... That's dope should I get it?"

  • officialalfie

    i have the same keybaord and its so hard to keep clean from dust

  • Chris Denheijer
    Chris Denheijer

    I just ordered one of these and didn’t even know you made a video on them, ow in feeling even more excited for my new keyboard

  • Runitsacow

    So glad I got this keyboard!

  • Pyscho FN
    Pyscho FN

    Huntsman mini red linear switches are so much faster and better than they were on the TE

  • TTV_Code_real

    i wish i had a keyboard like that

  • Ly_Pixel

    Razer : we have the best keyboard! Steelseries : am I a joke to you?

  • alex Rodriguez
    alex Rodriguez

    I got this a while ago and I’m happy I did now👍

  • ArtofDylan

    I wish there’s an option to put a cover on those magnets when you don’t want to use the palm rest. Cause it will take a lot of room when I use my graphic tablet

    • The Tactician
      The Tactician

      The keyboard elite is about $200 really if you have a decent job that’s about 2-3 days if you got minimum wage that maybe about a week. Really depending on how much you use your keyboard as well as if it’s longlasting it might be pretty worth it. Granted not everyone can dish out 200 right away like that, but with some saving it’s actually not that bad price wise. Also if you just want a rainbow light keyboard like me you could actually just get one from Walmart for like 20

    • Contonio

      Miiranga If the poor die, then you will have no one to serve your food, clean your toilets, and every other job that normal people don’t want to do.

    • ArtofDylan

      lmao i do not have a cintiq. im using a cheaper version of wacom which is HUION lol

    • Jacob Dolphy
      Jacob Dolphy

      being born incorrectly is not the problem, the problem with him is that he's living under ignorance

    • cezon.

      Atitus Evans p

  • rat

    awesome! will be getting razer huntsman mini soon. :D

  • justakidontheweb

    Razor should have made a giant keycap for that giant switch

  • Canberk Baydar
    Canberk Baydar

    the amazing sound of the blackwidow elite is so amazing Edit : i dont know wtf i just write .

  • Rayyan- A
    Rayyan- A

    Make a keyboard out of the big switches

  • Christian

    now order a bunch more large switches to create 1 one true razor keyboard

  • Lemon Jooz
    Lemon Jooz

    Imagine having this keyboard and you have a pc that's $20...

  • jakke

    I've got this keyboard (Elite) and I'm hugely disappointed with the keys. They're way too loud and not enough resistance. Just putting your hand on the keyboard, like how you're getting ready to type, already presses some keys. When you're typing fast, you're also going to key a lot of double key strokes. The optical technology is OK but it's really nothing more than a gimmick. This really is the last time I buy an overpriced Razer product. I've been caught out by marketing again. From now on I'll just stick to Logitech or some other brand that cares about its users getting good price/quality.


    Me:lets see the durability Austin:only talks about light Also: ok I know

  • Comrade and cousin Lanui
    Comrade and cousin Lanui

    im useing this keyboard and i love this

  • Spitgo

    its called optical twichcht and they made the viper ultimate a 230$ mouse for only 140$

  • cool guy sam
    cool guy sam

    Pro tip: if you’re going to get a razer keyboard, just get a custom mechanical keyboard

  • Delightful Tech
    Delightful Tech

    You should review zealios v2 switches!

  • watermelon_helmet

    I have that keyboard and it is insane

  • googlewolly

    Razer has poor quality control. If you have to get one of the "big three," get Logitech. Corsair and Razer seem very overpriced.

  • DJ Lucius
    DJ Lucius

    So can you show us the next best gaming chair 🙃

  • Upnatominizer

    If your on a budget the best gaming keyboard for budget is Corsair k55 it’s only 50 dollars

  • Alan Chen
    Alan Chen

    wow three years ago? tech advanced pretty quick wooting now has the best keyboard on the non custom side

  • The Homie Biggie Cheese
    The Homie Biggie Cheese

    It would actually be pretty cool if the model also worked as a stapler

    • BrolyOnSome

      vl_juuzou_lv games Can turn himself into a pickle, can't make a stapler smh

    • Brian Murphy
      Brian Murphy

      Pickle Rick your pickle Rick Sanchez just make one

  • Doggo

    3:59 Same with my laptop keyboard that costs only 150$ more than this keyboard :/

    • Rocket Pencil
      Rocket Pencil

      @Ashwin Alagendran Ah yes. And the keyboard is 200$ lmaooo 😂

    • Ashwin Alagendran
      Ashwin Alagendran

      Your laptop also isn’t mechanical and is most definitely much lower quality than this keyboard

  • R K
    R K

    Bro I wish I even had an 40 dollar mechanical keyboard lol

  • Lorenzo Tenroller
    Lorenzo Tenroller

    "when you press a key, it's right there" oh thank god, I thought might've ran away

  • DOGGO 2.0
    DOGGO 2.0

    I’ve been thinking about buying the Huntsmen elite for a while It’s got tons rainbow RGB’S so I have too

  • TronPlays

    lights: exists austin: kill the lights. lights: *screams in uv rays*

    • Kaminome

      @Xtreme gamer 912 bruh

    • TronPlays

      @NirvanaAndChill bruh

    • NirvanaAndChill

      TronPlays I know I’m late af to this comment but holy shit it made me laugh

    • Salty 999
      Salty 999


    • Rayyan

      Original content

  • Aprixay

    So couple years later..where can I get a razer box like that xD

  • Arno

    Ah, gamer hardware, straight from Sonic 2, as always.

  • Dominator

    This keyboard is too costly in India (Rs.27000)

  • texens

    is it a sin to say that the cheap keyboard it showed sounded more clickier than the huntsman elite?

  • Ducky II
    Ducky II

    Can I buy it without the lights and just the functionality?

  • ZadeSeth

    you know they made a cheaper 60% keyboard called the razor huntsman mini

  • Inthe_ Matrix
    Inthe_ Matrix

    I’m wondering, I’m building my own pc and I’m wondering what moniter I should get,

  • Cello Malvin
    Cello Malvin

    Underglow keyboards are always the best