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  • Bland64

    we NEED to see auston evans vs linus tech tips

  • Meme In One
    Meme In One

    imagine seeing alienware on an asus pc. that is so pathetic

  • Harish kresiv
    Harish kresiv

    Who won

  • JCraft

    How much would you sell one of your older builds?

  • Kapi

    16:53 Word of the Sage Austin

  • Kapi

    i like the chill music when austin groans

  • Irfaan Win
    Irfaan Win

    What were you the ITmoresr who was doing a animated story in story booth

  • Keith Steven
    Keith Steven

    nice video. that gpu extension ken using is sick. is there any link to its?

  • Singularity

    4:20 that’s pathetic... I got an i5 10400 and gtx 1650 oc and 16gb 3600 MHz ram, 1tb ssd for $800

  • Blake Bistowski
    Blake Bistowski

    In this market its literally cheaper to buy a pre-built.

  • EpicViper757

    What kind of Corsair fans are they?

  • AuzzieMazy

    I would rather be a broke pc gamer because all I need is a ryzen 5 3600 overclocked edition and a Rx 580 and 1440p gaming is good enough for me

  • jay d
    jay d

    6:20 is that

    • jay d
      jay d


  • AidedPepper

    shoots car " oh yeah lets go"

  • Glazedounut

    If you guys have seen oversimplified when he was sponsoring the honey ad it looks like he used the oversimplified character I'm not calling you out here but did you use the over simplified character

  • Lenn

    Why he look like 👁👄👁

  • Panda _yt
    Panda _yt

    Wait the alain ware is 2600

  • Jonti and Bella
    Jonti and Bella

    I have no idea what I’m doing

  • Jonti and Bella
    Jonti and Bella

    Hey I’m trying to get a pc for Christmas what won should I get no more than £500 really

  • AimbotUzi

    whats the anime display screen thing called on the “pro” pc build.

  • Caleb Geers
    Caleb Geers

    It really only matters if ur a gamer or not

  • Uthman Baksh
    Uthman Baksh

    The True Pro setup will be just buying the prebuilt!

  • Sid

    Do you guys give these rigs away?

  • EntainGaming

    He's saying 70 fps is potato pc, but potato's don't run new gen gamez 😂

  • Adrian Coanda
    Adrian Coanda

    Amd do a Intel® Xeon® W-3375 Processor (57M Cache, up to 4.00 GHz) system

  • neil

    if i were ken i would have built a pc with a thread ripper 3990x and two 3090s in sli

  • Ricardo Natera
    Ricardo Natera

    What electric screwdriver is Austin using?

  • CallMeVid

    Something about Austin drawing with sharpie on some cables while talking about how much of a genius he is is just great

  • Menagerie_OS

    Do you atleast give away or sell the PCs you don't need? If not that's not okay at all.

    • Ryan Murray
      Ryan Murray

      Why? He buys the parts for them all with his money

  • Wannes

    suck vidiogujhujvuyv .

  • Mr pcvirus
    Mr pcvirus


  • Abdul Ahad
    Abdul Ahad

    I hate it when austin is broke in broke vs pro

  • Lamar brooks
    Lamar brooks

    i am new to the pc world and i seem to like this channel.

  • Abhiyan Azad
    Abhiyan Azad

    Whoever out there who sells digital prints of gpu(s), they shouldn't deserve to own a computer

  • floss man1 floss
    floss man1 floss

    Who won?

  • crimson riot
    crimson riot

    i love when he saw how much ken spent denis's intro was playing

  • Kev the creator
    Kev the creator

    @23:31 how is split screen possible on one display????

  • delim

    my gtx 650 ti is smiling in the corner

  • Popcoolboi


  • P0larB34r

    Absolutly nothing is in stock right now :(

  • Vincent B
    Vincent B

    That "Broke" system is basically the same as my computer, though I have a X570 chipset motherboard and a GeForce 1660 instead of a 980Ti. Built it December of 2019 and it's been going strong since.

  • Buddy Holly
    Buddy Holly

    you earned a sub

  • Felipe Morales
    Felipe Morales

    How the hell did these two noobs get 2nd place?! 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • AmigoMichael

    Austin evans: 300 fps and best graphics card and cpu's Me: lagging with a trash cpu and 40 frames

  • Sagnik Chatterjee
    Sagnik Chatterjee

    Prebuilts with modular designs are so cool

  • David Shreve
    David Shreve

    what was the cooler ken used? i need a new one and love that you can add the little icons too it

  • Kafrina Hindley
    Kafrina Hindley

    Please i really need a pc for school work i feel left out because i my work is never up to date and i dont have a pc to publish my work on the group and we are very poor i really need a pc for my school work. Please will u donate me one of your bulids .

  • Ethan Bengson
    Ethan Bengson


  • ShadowCobra YT
    ShadowCobra YT

    When you wish you wasnt poor 🤣

  • Boss Sotelo
    Boss Sotelo

    Build the portable PS5

  • Fullestbeet

    can i get a free pc 😂

  • Peach city
    Peach city

    Broke vs no

  • Tekkamekka

    Austin : 720p is trash Me : watching him say that in 200p

  • irn chicken
    irn chicken

    Please start showing the frames cuz then we acc know the difference in performance in broke vs pro

  • Transcendent RBLX
    Transcendent RBLX

    I’m about to build my first gaming pc tmr for $1100

  • CodyModyPlay

    You guys should make a gaming channel

  • Commxn

    1:20 Why does Ken look like an esports gamer here?

  • Texzo

    I don’t know how they stand up while playing?


    Next vid:Try to pick the pc parts with blindfold on!

  • AquaFinaX

    Alienware rips you off

  • Saimon Sevcik
    Saimon Sevcik

    4:43 oversimplified

  • Miguel Stars
    Miguel Stars

    21:54 exactly my problem but when i spectate my cousin he like one shots them

  • Stormy Games
    Stormy Games

    Make a gaming pc in a air conditioner. No fan needed

  • K1D_M4N

    5:55 Anyone recognize the music?

  • damn

    Austin saying “thanks honey” looks like he’s in a tv show in the 90s

  • professor G.O.A.T321
    professor G.O.A.T321

    u guys rly are trash at those games but nowhere near as trash as me im so trash they need to make a new wrd for it

  • Nicceris

    so alienware is a good option? seems like 3x performance makes sense for 3x the price. would the alienware itself perform the same 15k?

    • Nicceris

      im new to the pc world lol

  • Ziko Riko
    Ziko Riko

    US dollars orrr AUS. Please say AUS.

  • Anderson Jacobs
    Anderson Jacobs

    I have the broke setup in my laptop From 2015

  • Proken_43 Gaming
    Proken_43 Gaming

    Wait austin that anumaion from oversimpilid

  • Harald Roman
    Harald Roman

    Why would you actually buy anything from sht dell lol

  • Jetster Gaming
    Jetster Gaming

    Can i have you pc ken?

  • Asix

    8:05 wtf was that voice crack

  • Jokerxd

    For pro you should 100% buy a ninja air58 for the mouse gl love your vids

  • toms Zvejnieks
    toms Zvejnieks

    1000 dollars isn't broke look what i found for around 1k WD GREEN m.2 240 gb ssd 50-75 1070 ti gpu 200-300$ core i5 10600kf cpu 150-200$ ROG STRIX Z490-E Gaming motherboard 300-350$ Corsair VS550 (Active PFC, 80 Plus White, 550W) psu 40-60$ Hyper 212 Black Edition cpu cooler 30-40$ NZXT H510 Midi Tower White case 75-100$ corsair vengeance rgb pro ddr4 3200mhz 75-100$ price at min - 970 price at max - 1225 this isn't including shipping but if you check benchmarks comparing the i5 10600kf to a i9 11900k it's only 4% worse in fps wise and you don't really need anything more than a 1070ti but there still is the rest of the setup like monitor and perriferals but still this is a super good pc all and all and for the price aswell

  • Hades LaD
    Hades LaD

    Where do the pc go me worid da go waste

  • xlegend_risesx

    I dont see the gpu market having shortage of anything or overpricing in india here, prices are slightly higher than the rates the 3000 series released at but not much higher, the 3080 goes for 600-700 dollars here

  • The LotusDoggo
    The LotusDoggo

    what did you do with the alienware pre-build at the end of the video when you didnt need it anymore

  • Anakin chokehold on Padme
    Anakin chokehold on Padme

    I hate this yt channel but I tolerate it more than Linus because Austin’s voice doesn’t sound like a 4 year old

  • Mini Nunbread
    Mini Nunbread

    Honey does not work not in the uk at least. All the sponsors say some coupon bs but when I'm shopping it either always says best price or doesn't even register as me on a shopping site.

  • SheWonders Why
    SheWonders Why

    The warzone gameplay was great

  • Kase Preap
    Kase Preap

    what key board are they using??

  • alex swenson
    alex swenson

    I got free gtx. Get flex on

  • ZeroFx

    I remember that a day ago or so a gtx 1650 super went for like 300 bucks at micro center

  • Ibby Days21
    Ibby Days21

    Lol rip Austin’s bank account the only reason his freind brought very expensive things is because it was for his own pc

  • IMonsterBeast64

    lol i just got a ltt honey add XD

  • Angel Yes
    Angel Yes

    Anybody knows what GPU ken used

  • Hallo Jumbo
    Hallo Jumbo

    this isnt even broke

  • KRY

    ken u said ya she did ya she did

  • Ryft_5

    For the next broke vs pro they should make Austin the pro

  • SkinnyToadd

    Nice Joker laugh

  • swag rebex gamer
    swag rebex gamer

    The "broke" setup is more expensive than my pc and monitor together

  • TE

    What do you even get from winning

  • That Guy69
    That Guy69

    Bruh I got Austin’s pc in a computer for cheaper

  • ElijahTmW


  • D Patel
    D Patel

    4:48 how did they end up using a hundred dollars for Pizza Hut

  • Jason Baudendistel
    Jason Baudendistel

    Austin, looking for product reviews for my store. What is the best way to contact you? Do you do Drone, smart watch or GPS tech reviews or know of someone you can recommend?

  • ThatOneComputerCat

    I feel like Austin should consider that i got a laptop with almost equal specs to his pc for 450$ brand new XD

  • Jignesh Chadha
    Jignesh Chadha

    I felt so offended when I realized austins build is the pc I have...

  • ATP Decalz
    ATP Decalz

    2:40 that out of context