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  • Vegas Sims
    Vegas Sims

    Best thing you can do with an Alienware is strip it for some good parts, and build a rig that really works.

  • Gatoulis27

    can i have the cooler that Ken put in the pc pls

  • Devin Watson
    Devin Watson

    When did logic start building computers?

  • Dillon the Kid
    Dillon the Kid

    I love these videos!

  • Boosted

    Did he really use the oversimplified clip for the honey ad??


    why don’t people just consider a prebuilt? if you can’t afford to build one then get a prebuilt

  • Wagaye Mogess
    Wagaye Mogess

    4:44 he used an oversimplified clip

  • Free Flying Gamer
    Free Flying Gamer

    Can you donate me any old powerfull pc for me for my channel.❤️

  • Davis H
    Davis H

    Lol I legit have that case for my pc bruh 0:55

  • tom mele
    tom mele

    i feel like it depends on your skill of gaming not your pc

  • Faith in Christ
    Faith in Christ

    Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners; and purify your hearts, you double-minded. James 4:8 WEB

  • Quivzplays

    Such a nerd

  • DeadlyWolverine

    im watching this and wanting to cry I want a good pc so bad im so tired of playing games of my hp laptop

  • Gabriel Song
    Gabriel Song

    Has anybody realised that in the honey sponsor, they used Oversimplified’s sponsor?

  • Aidan Garvey
    Aidan Garvey

    What is the thing ken had with the character in his pc called?

  • Beanie 123
    Beanie 123

    Kens just a scammer

  • dragon demon999
    dragon demon999

    I myself am perfectly content with my current build that I got in the early days of the gpu shortage. I9-10850K 32 GB RAM 1 TB SSD and a 2 TB HDD RTX 3070

  • dragon demon999
    dragon demon999

    This market is very weird that entire prebuilt systems cost only slightly more than stand alone resold gpus. I'd imagine that many people, if they already have a very powerful cpu and everything, would buy a prebuilt just to get the gpu.

  • Adam Murray
    Adam Murray

    The flippant balloon extremely bury because venezuelan accidentally wink minus a well-made sister-in-law. abnormal, combative may

  • Stankoman

    "Broke." I'm not broke and can't even afford a normal pc

  • Milan Lilić
    Milan Lilić

    austin if you need a new recording friend who gets to keep the computers I'm up for it fyi

  • Milan Lilić
    Milan Lilić


  • Sebastian Nguyen
    Sebastian Nguyen

    i can see them in the gulag and dying over and over again

  • short circuit
    short circuit

    Hey Austin I have problem with my pc. I want to rebuild with my dad but we have no clue on what parts to get



  • Hamza Ihsan
    Hamza Ihsan

    i love ken more than austin in these series of broke vs Pro as ken is more creative and smart with it.

  • Grimmer YouTube
    Grimmer YouTube

    I’m confused why there using Xbox controllers on PC contest... ITS NOT A I CAN BEAT YOU ON XBOX CONTEST!!!!

  • Valkcher


  • Spyder

    2:39 sus

  • PandaBearMC

    Me the actual broke dude getting a full pc and monitor for $400

  • Zhuo Liu
    Zhuo Liu

    The intelligent friday disappointingly screw because tugboat conformably travel across a somber list. savory, scandalous inventory

  • Zest Owl
    Zest Owl

    i mean i saw someone saying "CHEAT RTX 3090 For 4000$" And His Reason Was YOU CAN EARN MORE AFTER MINING FROM THIS And I was like wtf I mean Mining is great and all but What will be the fucking profit if I spend that much for a s single gpu

  • Smith Kenny
    Smith Kenny

    The superb mosquito laparoscopically appear because propane spectacularly steer times a used twist. dramatic, condemned side

  • Mr. Secret-boomin
    Mr. Secret-boomin

    can somebody list what austin bought

  • FrizzVictor

    4:42 This is the closest I’ll ever get to a Austin Evans x Oversimplified crossover

  • DTL529

    Segotep does make great Power Supplies that last for 4 years

  • Berwin Cardozo
    Berwin Cardozo

    Yall saying yall dont like playing valo on 60 and im here playing on 30 fps 😢

  • screet.7

    vid idea build a fan me lol a gaming pc i wish a had a computer soo bad😭

  • Smith Kenny
    Smith Kenny

    The second-hand cd architecturally advise because celsius psychophysically polish beside a guarded stamp. imperfect, obnoxious rest

  • Pourple_Grape

    Are u oversplified

  • Gregg Greyley
    Gregg Greyley

    music at 2:02?

  • Dr Smartson
    Dr Smartson

    4:44 why does oversimplified come

  • Storm Veradea
    Storm Veradea

    Here I am just sitting here using a computer I spent $800 on that I have no issues with lol. It has an i7 7700k, an rx 590 8gb, and 16gbs of ram.... ad it does anything I need it to lol

  • Weird Commenter
    Weird Commenter

    16:39 how can you spend 56 billion dollars on a gaming pc lmao

  • Lightless-Wolf

    Man paid like 1k for a pc with a 980 mine literally same price and I have a rtx 2060 ryzen 5 3600x 16gigs of ram 3600mhz

  • Lysandro

    can't believe this was 10 yrs ago 👀

  • Taylor

    You should make a pc in a ps5 case

  • JIK

    Wait....who won?

  • 20134 Khizar Rehman
    20134 Khizar Rehman

    Austin: buys a $3000 gaming pc from etsy Ken: gives Austin a lesson that you can buy 2 iphones blah blah Also Ken: Buys a $2300 USED Rtx 3080 and buys a $2600 pc for a graphics card. No offence literally Ken no offence only wrote this comment for fun.

    • Eli Van Winkle
      Eli Van Winkle

      Get rid of the no offense and this comment gets a bit funnier

  • Dragnify MC
    Dragnify MC

    Do you think the prizes of gpus will drop?

  • WolfGaming

    anyone know what cooler the broke system has?

  • xd P4X
    xd P4X

    What do you guys do with the extra PCs?

  • Ryan Harris
    Ryan Harris

    Another one of these popped up and Jesus. Ken is like that thief at Best Buy only Austin doesn’t care because I guess he’s used to getting bent over the gaming desks.... I don’t know

  • Christian

    sharpie on end 20+4 cable - i done that in my actual build before i got nice cable extensions

  • Fade

    Austin you should of got the 1050ti from Msi for $427.00

  • Brian Quintero
    Brian Quintero

    Now tesla tequila time

  • Shahzam___

    i don’t like ken i don’t know what it is about him, he just doesn’t even try for austin always done sus shi


    Surprisingly I got a prebuilt pc from sky tech with a rtx 2060 Ryzen 5 3600 all really good for only 950! And I thought that was very expensive. However, it was Black Friday.

  • Qubo

    Psalm 27:12 “The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The LORD is the stronghold of my life; of whom shall I be afraid? God gave you life” Jesus died for you God bless you and your family

  • meme.abstract

    whats the music from 5:55 - 6:17

  • Rayxsoul gg
    Rayxsoul gg

    Funfact: this comment has more likes than this video

    • Littl Dicky
      Littl Dicky


  • Ralphcalibud Gaming
    Ralphcalibud Gaming

    I hope I can get that kinda pc cause mine can't even run call of duty mw2... Can you do a giveaway for me? hahaha

  • FancyLais

    Every time he says *Dont do it* 5 days later *Does it*

  • K12RM FF
    K12RM FF

    If that money is cheap then Im homeless ;(

  • Nino Piccininni
    Nino Piccininni

    The jobless elephant amazingly tickle because nylon july unfasten along a heavenly heavy hellish sturgeon. chemical, lethal click

  • niceu

    Who else remember the times when we can actually try to build the broke build?🥺

    • Ethan5182

      Well, despite the current mining craze and gpu shortage, there would be a chance.

  • Arindam Choudhury
    Arindam Choudhury

    PS 5 on steroids

  • gamesgonewrong

    A question for the pc people should i upgrade my pc parts? I have a ryzen 3 3200g ,16gb ram drr4, 1 tb ssd and a gtx 1050 ti

  • Zayaan Shahid
    Zayaan Shahid

    Austin evans you should tune your aim setting because I got much better at warzon because I changed my aim settings

  • David Bzhikyan
    David Bzhikyan

    lol my pc is 1000

  • Magnet Typer
    Magnet Typer

    Imagine using honey ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Barry Goen
    Barry Goen

    I have a spare RX 550 I would sell you. lol

  • boybomber

    i wish i have a pc i dont even have a phone

  • SuperJulianAnt

    You should try komplett next time it's an Norwegian site

  • Roryisit?

    I cant afford a pc lol so me watching this is like hell

  • VC Flare
    VC Flare


  • Derek Nycum
    Derek Nycum

    That Pre Build is UGLY

  • Assault ClxpZ
    Assault ClxpZ

    Day 1 of asking for a really good pc

  • Kanth Bros
    Kanth Bros

    Austin and Ken you just played my favourite shooter game valorant , and nice game play

  • Julian Terlecki
    Julian Terlecki

    I love looking at someone who builds pc’s from parts that i cannot afford

  • Stickman Guy I don’t know his name
    Stickman Guy I don’t know his name

    where flame

  • TocyBlox

    Facebook market place and offerup and my local craiglist has 2070 and 2080 for sale at around 400-500 bucks. Really want one, but money is tight...

  • collin huffman
    collin huffman

    Me who has a 730 gt

  • Thomas Hoekstra
    Thomas Hoekstra

    Everyone hase a cheap screen and cheap pc and cheap mouse and keyboard or a expensive pc and expensive screen and a expensive mouse and keyboard me:expensive pc with cheapest screen and mouse and keyboard

  • Skulli

    me when one of the parts for their pc cost more than my entire setup

  • Jack World
    Jack World

    Austin can you do the pro setup next

  • Booty Warrior
    Booty Warrior

    Bro Austin’s forehead is so big ken can build a 5k pc on it

  • Vishal Sarkari
    Vishal Sarkari

    I got 3600 and it hurts!! :(

  • Ismail Abedin
    Ismail Abedin

    Ken looks like a 17 year old kid ngl

  • Drip Who
    Drip Who

    ken be like : lol i bought an whole pc for an rtx 3080

  • Sven Manimala
    Sven Manimala

    9:54 the motherboard doesn't wanna go in

  • Exille

    Ken has 100 hours in valorant and i have over 700 hours on paladins but i still suck at the game

  • Kado Mauldin
    Kado Mauldin

    How did you get an icon on the nzxt.

  • GuCcI ReKzZ
    GuCcI ReKzZ

    Do they ever do giveaways or do they sell them do they burn them what do they do with all of it 😂

  • That1GuyLuke

    Did ken take the pc home

  • zetix

    23:56 I was actually laughing so hard

  • Kris Deng
    Kris Deng

    Try craigslist

  • Maybe Gamer
    Maybe Gamer

    Poor ken had to go like that 23:45

  • Aaron Taylor
    Aaron Taylor

    Hey Austin do you think a RTX 2070 super is good?

  • NachoGaming YT
    NachoGaming YT

    why did he us oversimplefies for sponcer