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  • Samuel Vemavarapu
    Samuel Vemavarapu

    i love how austin completely forgets about the wooden calculator

  • flareon 2095
    flareon 2095

    I would love a swap mystery tec where Ken is the host and Austin is behind the camera

  • Prothom Anjum
    Prothom Anjum

    That keyboard actually had windows 7/vista logo on it!

  • Seema Dhiman
    Seema Dhiman

    Bro you are super rich so please give me a gaming PC 😭

  • BoneSawArm

    COVID mystery tech

  • Christian Diaz
    Christian Diaz

    The PSone wow I had the OG one my first game was Crash Bandicoot I miss does days nostalgic

  • YycatS

    need for speed underground 2 was the best nfs game.

  • Solomon Streit
    Solomon Streit

    I would like your help putting together a budget gaming desktop for me and my wife... I am 5 years out of date

  • Dasherman

    U can buy a fucking a guy that sits on a chair for 5 fucking minutes 😂

  • Hortinger

    Those are not joints from differen pieces in the wood/bamboo keyboard. They are natural segmentations in the wood.


    Just gotta say the PS2 start up is better😂 PS1 is a close second place tho

  • KaMi~desu

    11:17 no need to thank me

  • Larry Ganz
    Larry Ganz

    I love my Grado HF-2 LE and Grado 420 headphones. Also have the SR-60 and MS-1 budget ones for tossing around. I really love my modded SR-60 with doped driver, all wood cups, leather headband, and dead soft pure silver cable done by ALO Audio - these sound close to an RS-1. I doo miss my RS-1 and HP-1000 that I sold during hard times, but they were not hugely better than what I have now.

  • Alucard58

    i had a ps one with the screen used to take it to high school but the screen broke sadly

  • Joshua Wilson
    Joshua Wilson

    I got a PSOne in box at my local shop for $30 a year ago.

  • CaptainWolfsAlot

    I WOODn't own a keyboard like that.

  • Nabil Bari
    Nabil Bari

    Harry Potter on the PlayStation brings back so many childhood memories 🥲

  • Ele Gato
    Ele Gato

    Nobody: Austin when being pleasured aurally: 14:55

  • the wolf studio
    the wolf studio

    19:34 you know what they say... The bigger the head, the bigger the brain.

  • colin grummons
    colin grummons

    kin is better LOL XD

    • colin grummons
      colin grummons


  • Tafhim Tanjil
    Tafhim Tanjil

    Is this guy cringe

  • Motivational Grapefruit
    Motivational Grapefruit

    PsOne on ebay uk with screen $125

  • Freshavocado

    Does it bother anyone else that his Apple Watch is upside-down?

  • PandaPro Gaming
    PandaPro Gaming

    6:09 Yes

  • Absentnobel7

    I have the Everest Max and it’s honestly the best keyboard I’ve ever used

  • Menagerie_OS

    Studio monitoring headphones aren't SUPPOSED to be "great" the purpose for them is to produce exactly what the track you're working on sounds like. No extra highs, no extra lows, or mids.

  • TheDirtyyBubble

    definitely should check out the hifiman sundara, best planar magnetic headphones out there for the price point

  • SogwartsSchool

    11:19 Aural Blissssss...

  • Its Lickety
    Its Lickety

    I like how they went to the packing house in Claremont :)

  • Itsjosephboy

    You guys should try the RedThunder 60% Wired Gaming Keyboard, RGB Backlit Ultra-Compact Mini Keyboard, Quiet Ergonomic Water-Resistant Mechanical Feeling Keyboard for PC, MAC, PS4, Xbox ONE Gamer it’s like the best keyboard hope you see this

  • Kush Patel
    Kush Patel

    To whoever does the color grading in these videos, you are a very talented person


    Your overreacting it’s just a startup

  • Cody

    When the PSone booted, I felt it in my toes.

  • bruhster

    spining disk cool 😄 13:45

  • Uthman Baksh
    Uthman Baksh

    That PS One intro, right in the nostalgia!

  • Daniel Lin
    Daniel Lin

    I died a little when Austin said Euler.

  • Glenn James Sephton
    Glenn James Sephton

    I haven't seen that HP game In years

  • Christian Añasco
    Christian Añasco

    You were handmade in Brooklyn 🤭

  • brittney soberanis
    brittney soberanis

    i love watching mystery tech to guess the prices of the tech!!

  • Mohammed Saad
    Mohammed Saad

    Ya we like ken more boo austin

  • Ian Miller
    Ian Miller

    its true, we love ken

  • Marcus Daniel
    Marcus Daniel

    These guys are really cool and they’re just happy and positive love the builds they make these fuckers better not stop making videos

  • Alpha Wehrmacht
    Alpha Wehrmacht

    300$ FOR A PSX??? DAMN

  • Cameron Bernier
    Cameron Bernier

    i just came 3 times listening to that PS One intro.

  • TJ _
    TJ _

    Nope Austin is 100 times better than anyone else on this channel and Ken sucks by the way. 😁

  • Ayaan Syed
    Ayaan Syed

    2:23 I like

  • Ayaan Syed
    Ayaan Syed


  • DeadHelper23

    Harry Potter ft. Dumble sloth

  • DeadHelper23

    I would have would you my Psone with two controllers with 9 games for a hundred and let you say four haha

  • Christopher Fitzpatrick
    Christopher Fitzpatrick

    Can I have a pc for no reason

  • Brian Miller
    Brian Miller

    Oh I've got the bamboo keyboard and mouse at work, it's a great hit. Not a super excellent keyboard but it's useable. I paired it with a bamboo themed mouse pad.

  • clint cole
    clint cole

    The original PlayStation controller sucks lol no sticks

  • Pablo and the Bucketeers
    Pablo and the Bucketeers

    11:25 You can hear Austin cream himself. Also had this for ps1, spent plenty of days on it

  • Rick Liebenthal
    Rick Liebenthal your vids man...can i work for you?

  • jack 82
    jack 82


  • Andrew Io
    Andrew Io

    10:08 That always happens, you try to support your local businesses and they always try to gouge you

  • Saurav Chakravarty
    Saurav Chakravarty

    Austin's personality is the perfect combination of humor, humbleness and fun. Subbed to you since your "Hey guys, this is Austin" days, lol. All the best bruh.

  • EDWARD Gaming
    EDWARD Gaming

    Let's save nature, let's buy wooden computer peripherals.

  • Grant

    My goodness that Playstation startup is so incredible 😍

  • Briantherunner1247

    17:40 YYYOOOOOOO

  • Potato McGee
    Potato McGee

    Brooklyn Asian Austin is better kekw

  • Steffen

    Gets STUDIO headphones: „ThEy sOuNd FlAt“ ????

  • MlgDriver

    9:40 PC gamers when they mention consoles.

  • Mike Afton
    Mike Afton

    I challenge you to build the ultimate ps vita

  • FatheredPuma81

    WARNING: This video contains high pitched earrape. You have been warned. Recommendation: Dislike the video because this channel makes more than enough to justify removing it in post.

  • Poke Gang
    Poke Gang

    Review the glorious module o wireless

  • NeoArashi

    8:47 Where's Jimmy?

  • NeoArashi

    I like that Pink Hoody, Austin.

  • cwuzii

    Wait, since when did things on fiverr cost more than a fiver?? That’s the whole point of the name! I obviously haven’t been on there for years, I can see why they’re advertising on ITmores 🤣

  • RubyWolf

    Anyone else realize this was filmed after the most recent mystery tech because of the Mewtwo figure in the background

  • MCsheepy

    1:06 so I've done some investigating and it looks like it's from the video I bought every samsung product.

  • nathan0401


  • Ethan King
    Ethan King

    "Pleasure me Aurally" Austin needs to get a Bible now.

  • Andrew Mitchell
    Andrew Mitchell

    What I wouldn't do for the ability to carry around a console like that.

  • Julien B
    Julien B

    Amazon music unlimited HD lmao😂😂😂

  • Fast and Steady
    Fast and Steady

    I miss "Hey Guys This is Austin"

  • Suhan DaTanker
    Suhan DaTanker

    Austin: you don't have a screen for a ps2 Me with one of those clip on screens for the ps2:

  • Geek Nerd
    Geek Nerd

    down with Austin and long live Ken

  • SeanBerdin

    The way he said Euler shattered my heart

  • Acknologia

    I like ken better because he spends more money 🤑

  • Kelvin Torres
    Kelvin Torres

    whats the music Wait wait for the person maid in brooklyn to say "Heey guys, its Ken Bol-"

  • Rebecca Hetrick
    Rebecca Hetrick

    "aurally........" This is why I love this channel

  • Edwin Melendez
    Edwin Melendez

    Ken is the goat period

  • Panos Gkoro
    Panos Gkoro

    i'm disgusted by all the fiverr references

  • Anurag kumar gupta
    Anurag kumar gupta

    Hey Austin, this is guys

  • Ollie Mcleod Music
    Ollie Mcleod Music

    imagine austine evans without austin

  • Theostillplays

    I have the original PS1

  • Dax Lasley
    Dax Lasley

    Hey Austin can yoy make me a pc for free please.

  • Ganesan G
    Ganesan G

    0:18 eehhh???

  • Braeden Bett
    Braeden Bett

    Plz never do this fiver shit again I will un sub

  • Nahum Solomon
    Nahum Solomon

    The bamboo keyboard would be PERFECT for a minimal setup (if the setup has a theme of wood) Like wooden table - fake plant on the table - wooden keyboard and mouse and so on

  • BeanSproot

    I'm really glad Austin decided to show off grado headphones They don't advertise (they just use word of mouth) so it's great to see someone shouting them out.

  • Watermelon man
    Watermelon man

    can someone remind me in like 10 years to buy that customizable keyboard in the beginning

  • TenzTsep

    Can u plz give one gaming PC?

  • チュimoc

    LOL Dope transition 🤣

  • barrie venter
    barrie venter


  • Zappy_YT1394

    POG new upload

  • Chemicalstar_

    GTA 5

  • sliccs

    I got a PS1. And It is the only Playstation I have.

  • armia salama
    armia salama

    Austin , I like you and have been watching you forever but it's getting really silly and stupid. It's not about strange and unknown tech anymore. Sorry man

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