Microsoft FIXED* Windows 11!
Austin Evans
Microsoft released Windows 11 & Surface Laptop Studio along with Surface Pro 8...but should you upgrade?
Have you checked out Opera?

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  • I_am_ENSanity

    Personally, I think I'll stick with 10 for a year then see if 11 is worth it at that point.

    • chimneys are cool
      chimneys are cool

      same but 11 will not be better probably

    • Abu Khair
      Abu Khair

      Can anyone know Dell Alienware 17 R5 can update windows 11 ?

    • lenny108

      Microsoft realized that their initial goal to lift humanity out of poverty and to empower women in developing countries went up in flames. So they update their whole computer technology towards gaming - war games, simulation, adventure, role-play, strategy. That's why they want you to buy powerful hardware. So this is all bluff and creating an illusion especially for poor children that they will have a fulfilled life when playing computer games. Another evil mischief of Microsoft.

    • Jib_32

      idk if its stable but ill wat until about may 2022 to try a stable build

    • Mikkel Breiler
      Mikkel Breiler

      My upgrade path is a well lit superhighway from Windows 7 to Linux. This windows 11 still appears to be that dark alley you thought was a short cut to keep using Windows past 7.

  • Cyborg

    My laptop met all the requirements apart from the processor. I created a bootable USB wiped my drive and installed windows 11 with no problems so far. I've even received and installed updates.

    • LukeHDPlays

      same thing

    • PaulGamerPro 2018
      PaulGamerPro 2018

      My PC met the system requirements, but it didn't have the TPM Chip activated. So i activated it, installed it and so far, it's working fine!

    • Testimony

      But I have the 7100U tho

    • Testimony

      @ASaintInWaiting just upgrade to it don’t worry about the updates it will work exactly like windows 10 been using it for more than a week no issues I hope it stays that way

    • ASaintInWaiting

      @Testimony That is my situation, also... my processor *exceeds* MS minimum specs for Win 11, so I am at a loss as to why they are not allowing me to upgrade. Arrogant BS on the part of MS!

  • JessicaFEREM

    Firefox doesn't force you to go through that rigamarol of clicking a dosen association prompts, they reverse engineered the same default setter that edge uses, so it's on opera and every other browser maker to put in that feature. repeat: you can click set as default once on firefox.

    • Bear

      Firefox is crap. Always crashing with office 365 admin center.

    • Mario Roy
      Mario Roy

      @rjrex8 Firefox as a daily driver and opera for chromium exclusive tasks

    • peamut

      No, it was shown that firefox replaces MOST, but not all of the them

    • Bunta Fujiwara
      Bunta Fujiwara


    • rjrex8

      Firefox is the best browser

  • Spinnaker

    Opera vs. Firefox? While you may be confused about which bro is better, the fact is both of them are good in their area and cannot be judged based on one aspect! It depends upon the user requirements and mindset. What I believe is they both are equally efficient to fulfil your purpose.

    • Ronnie Radon
      Ronnie Radon

      @Jm Games and games and games I haven’t used chrome since 2017

    • Ronnie Radon
      Ronnie Radon

      @Quentin Zusatz why do you Brave nerds always shove your browser in everyone’s face

    • William-Albert Suiogan
      William-Albert Suiogan

      I switched to firefox yesterday because chrome made my laptop fly like an airplane (if you don't understand, my fan sounded like an airplane.)

    • R9026 Gaming tube
      R9026 Gaming tube

      Ms Edge!!!!

    • Azer zahirli
      Azer zahirli

      Microsoft edge is the best one because of the ram usage and speed and so on.

  • AppleWasMyIdea

    I absolutely love the design and engineering behind Microsoft's products, especially after having my Surface Book for the past four years. That being said, it's so disappointing that despite their amazing designs, they're let down by disappointing specs, especially for the price tag. Not to mention how expensive it is when converted to the Australian dollar.

    • Nethir

      @Estiennè Taylor m1?

    • ripon rip
      ripon rip

      Macs are so better

    • Estiennè Taylor
      Estiennè Taylor

      @AppleWasMyIdea It runs well on "selective" programs. Everything else is unnoticeable if not mediocre.

    • AppleWasMyIdea

      @Estiennè Taylor Can't lie though. The M1X MacBook Pro actually looks good for heavy video editing if the specs turn out as the rumours have suggested.

    • Estiennè Taylor
      Estiennè Taylor

      @AppleWasMyIdea You get less with a mac with a hefty price tag.

  • DeepStater

    Opera looks towards a future where more users are installing its browser! Let's see what they do in 2022!


      @KOSHABI Creations yeah and he made vivaldi 4 that money from the China-guys! ;-) ironic

  • kingphiltheill

    Since it's basically Chrome and supports all of chrome's extentions, I use Edge. It's absolutely fine, everything works just as expected. No need for me to switch to a different browser.

    • Shay

      fr, edge uses less ram too

    • Mr Brad
      Mr Brad

      Yep, I finally switched over to edge.. it's all you need without stealing gigs of ram

  • shotarcherZ

    They had us in the first half. The second half is like so basically… laptops

  • Collin

    I've been running Windows 11 for a few months now and its been great in my experience, haven't had any bad issues or anything. Looks nice too.

  • Dipanjan Mazumder
    Dipanjan Mazumder

    It's actually weird but windows 11 seems more snappy for me and even consumes less ram. Quite like it even though it's just reskinned 10.

    • PC JUNK
      PC JUNK

      Can you give us an update?

    • Namex

      @Dominus i can't update too it says it's not out yr

    • Makise Kurisu
      Makise Kurisu

      @culture *update* Just installed it on an unsupported surface pro 4. It's taking updates just fine so far.

    • Pentaxel

      @PotentialCarrot3 an i5 of some sort

    • PotentialCarrot3

      @Pentaxel whats your spec?

  • Electric Covers With Adam
    Electric Covers With Adam

    I installed this morning and love it. My favorite so far is the new theme with the sunrise. Also I like how there are little status bars underneath the taskbar icons so you know when your download is almost done.

    • Estiennè Taylor
      Estiennè Taylor

      Me too when I heard there's a official Windows Media Creation tool available for those that wants to do a clean install without having to wait.

  • samtherat6

    I think the taskbar issue was brought up because you can no longer put it on the sides or top.

    • mazombieme

      Which sucks for convertible users with pens, not wanting to open settings all the time

    • Estiennè Taylor
      Estiennè Taylor

      Start11 enables taskbar alignments.

    • Kucing Umbah2x
      Kucing Umbah2x


    • Gavin The Crafter
      Gavin The Crafter

      Team side taskbar will find a way!

    • HexaGone

      rip team top taskbar

  • sopcannon

    Why did this go from Windows 11 to a laptop review?

    • Danny Nilsson
      Danny Nilsson

      @SurpriseBlue Viana yeah you are right. i was trying to rewind and see if i could see any promotion, but it seems it only shows once if you don't refresh youtube

    • SurpriseBlue Viana
      SurpriseBlue Viana

      In the introdution he put in top bar that this is a suponsor video.

    • Danny Nilsson
      Danny Nilsson

      i think it has to do with hidden promotion to make more money


      @Klayman Polywog It's a disadvantage for him. He could have made more money if he had made it to two videos. But he didn't

    • BlackReaper

      Yeah it was weird. I ended the video there.


    4:58 I believe he meant like making the taskbar go on the left/right/top of the screen not just changing where the icons are on the bottom. I prefer my taskbar on the left and from all that I have heard it is currently not supported on Windows 11.

    • Mr Brad
      Mr Brad

      @Prince Daniel same here it's too big by default I feel.. otherwise i like the new look

    • Prince Daniel
      Prince Daniel

      What I don't like is I can't figure out how to make it less tall!

  • Aseem

    Got the update about 3 hours ago. I'm loving it so far! No problems or bugs.

    • Blue-Eyed Vibe Checker
      Blue-Eyed Vibe Checker

      @Gopi Only took me 8 minutes, but I updated around the third major build, so it may take longer now.

    • Estiennè Taylor
      Estiennè Taylor

      I did a clean install of Windows 11 using Windows Media Creation on my Surface Book without having to manually wait for the update.

    • Gopi

      How long did it take you to update?

    • Blue-Eyed Vibe Checker
      Blue-Eyed Vibe Checker

      @Techtrollia I am (unsupported Ryzen 3 2200G) and mine is running the latest Dev preview no prob.

    • Techtrollia

      Are you on unsupported pc?

  • Chris Hernandez
    Chris Hernandez

    Been running Windows 11 since beta and it's been great. If you have a relatively recent build it should go smooth. I think the saltiness is coming from older hardware setups.

    • Raningo

      does it delete any of your files?? i read on other sites that says they do and some dont so idkk

  • ᚱᛁᚠᚢᚱ ᛚᛅᚾᛏᚴᚢᚦᛁ
    ᚱᛁᚠᚢᚱ ᛚᛅᚾᛏᚴᚢᚦᛁ

    I just want to move my task bar to the top and as far as the intense security measure requirements, I think it's dumb you have to fresh install 11 to bypass the requirements, not a HUGE deal but it's definitely inconvenient, then the possible lack of updates, wow, thank you so much Microsoft, you're going to produce so much e-waste......

  • Daniel Stoyanov
    Daniel Stoyanov

    After sticking with Chrome and Firefox for a long time, from one year I'm with opera and i really like it with all this special features which makes life easier. That's it.

  • Pau Gironès
    Pau Gironès

    My laptop is actually on the very limit of not being able to have Windows 11. I bought it in 2018, so it sucks that it's almost considered too old for a new OS version.

    • Estiennè Taylor
      Estiennè Taylor

      @Houyhnhnm Microsoft has made the TPM bypass official to allow users that wants to download Windows 11 at their own risk.

    • Houyhnhnm

      there's a tool on git that bypasses hardware check during installation. MS was a bit sketchy regarding updates. the type of updates being blocked are for TPM vulnerabilities and patches, that's all, otherwise you'll still continue to get regular OS level updates. if you want these TPM updates, the git based installer bypasses the hardware check and the OS will allow you to get the TPM based updates. this is only useful for CPUs that are not on the compatibility list, but still qualify for TPM 2.0 for those who want to run the OS on something like an i7 920 (which I think is TPM 1.x), they won't need the git tool because there would be no reason for them to get TPM based updates since they won't do anything. they will be able to install win11 on it normally and just click "OK" on the warning/waiver that they are using incompatible hardware and that they should expect no support from MS team regarding any issues. these users will still get OS level updates as we are now on Win10, no difference. that's pretty much 99.9% of us anyway :P

    • Roberto Gómez
      Roberto Gómez

      I have an old laptop no tpm, no secure boot, i7 first generation, nVidia gt425m. I managed to install the official image this morning. Works like a charm. Not sure why so many requirements.

    • Blue-Eyed Vibe Checker
      Blue-Eyed Vibe Checker

      @Jake The 1060 can handle it fine.(GPU right?) Because I have a 4GB GTX 960 and I'm running the latest dev build with it, so assuming your CPU is eligible, you should be able to run it just fine.

    • Jake

      Pretend 11 doesn't exist... It truly doesn't matter. My 2018 predator 300 has a 1060, not gonna be replacing it or upgrading to 11.

  • Danuki L
    Danuki L

    Question: what kinds of SSDs will fit in that expandable SSD slot, where previous Surfaces used to have that microSD slot? Can you buy the SSDs third-party, or are they some kind of special SSDs only sold by Microsoft?

  • Andrew Gutierrez
    Andrew Gutierrez

    I'm an illustrator, so the Studio looks like a great option for me. It has loads of storage & memory, so I can work with my large files without brushing up against the device's limitations. The graphics should also make rendering simple pose models & images faster. I'd love to use this with a beefy desktop-dock & plug it into my Wacom & monitors. I could relegate my old potato desktop to server-duty. When I'm done at the drafting table, I could take my sketching with me, & still have a decent drawing pad. The price is pretty painful, but all these fancy new laptops are out of my wallet's range anyways, so it's all window-shopping in the end.

  • Randi Poling
    Randi Poling

    I havent had any issues with Windows 11, having installed it on a first gen i5 CPU on my old Alienware m11x R2, HP Elitebook 8560w, and an i7 4790 desktop and its worked fine, I just noticed some issues with frame rates in a couple of games on the i74790 machine. I havent tried a CLEAN install on it yet, but i will try that at a later date.

  • Seth Pinnock
    Seth Pinnock

    Microsoft OS is missing out on optimizing cord for its hardware and I think this would have been a perfect opportunity to work with AMD optimize the OS for their surface devices and have special edition surface with AMD processors with the integrated graphics for the normal persons, use extremely competitive prices

  • rjrex8

    Windows 11 brings slick new looks, useful new tools, updated default apps, extra capabilities, and performance advances.

  • Christian Van Iten
    Christian Van Iten

    Daily drove Windows 11 on a Core 2 Duo which scored 99 on Cinebench. Usability was fine and no driver issues at all.

  • Phúc Nguyễn
    Phúc Nguyễn

    A few lines from myself (using the Insider Preview release, with some updates then it should be pretty much the same as the official version anyway) 1. Hate how they prevent changing the default web browser, and yes Firefox somehow reverse-engineered that process which is really cool. I love Edge, it's pretty impressive - but please, no brute force. I have seen people losing their mind seeing the introduction screen of Edge and can't even close it back when it starts rolling out on W10. 2. Drivers seem to be fine and are the same from Windows Update as Windows 10 (for my own Acer gaming laptop at least). 3. I did catch the multiple Explorer memory leak issue - not a huge deal for me personally, but it should be fixed soon. 4. Updates seem to be faster (should be the same for most new systems). 5. C drive size still shrinks down quickly, haven't tried to clean stuff up or just analyze the space usage - because I just got back to my normal office work schedule again. (It's a 256GB SSD drive so I am not too worried, even with a ton of programs for coding and game launchers) 6. Gaming is good, I can still run older NFS games w/ mods as well as recent games. 7. Don't really know why but - if you use Rufus to create a USB drive of Windows 11 installation, it will still report the same UEFI:NTFS bootloader and disabling Secure Boot thingy - and Windows 11 requires Secure Boot ... Confusing for me. I don't know if it's fine with using the Media Creation Tool from Microsoft directly, would love to know it works for others. 8. Again, please don't force people to use a Microsoft Account with the Home edition - it's great to upsell other services like Office or OneDrive and stuff, and yes it makes sense because it will do good for some people according to their use case, I don't see most people needing that. 9. PIN is just a password, and without the thing of password tends to worry people. Maybe calling a security method "PIN" while allowing it to be somewhat similar to a traditional password will ease people out? I don't know, I kinda get that idea but it's kinda meh anyway.

  • Mystic Star
    Mystic Star

    Really unhappy with the new UI changes such as not allowing labels to be set to never combine but it does feel a lot more stable in some aspects but worse in others

  • Team Adore
    Team Adore

    Can we all agree that when He uploads our day gets better! 💖

    • Tupher

      Your life must suck

  • macoud12

    The reason Twitter for Windows uses Edge to open links is because it is a PWA running within Edge.

    • Dominick Skinner
      Dominick Skinner

      @Menphy that's all well and good, and we can discuss where to draw lines in app development, when we're discussing that. But, to put a cap on this conversation, everyone involved is now aware that the comment we reacted to is correct. Have a nice day

    • Menphy

      ​@Dominick Skinner As a developer myself, I argue they should try and think about the user experience.. ^^

    • Dominick Skinner
      Dominick Skinner

      @Menphy I didn't say it made sense from the user perspective, I insinuated it makes sense from the developers perspective.

    • Menphy

      ​@Dominick Skinner I'm on linux now, so I can't check. But if I remember correctly you could do this on windows 10? And from my experience, excuses on the veins of "it can't be done because tech" are just that, excuses. And I disagree it makes sense from a users perspective. If it's opening on a separate browser window, I want it to open in the browser I'm used to, and that I configured to my liking.

    • Dominick Skinner
      Dominick Skinner

      @Menphy edge isn't going to open links outside of edge, same way if you have a different default browser on your phone and a link from a PWA will take you to chrome. Sticking within the browser makes sense


    Opera wins with Vivaldi, Chrome, FF or Edge when it comes to features and ease of use...

  • William Winner
    William Winner

    I've been running Windows 11 on my Zen 2 Ryzen 5 for weeks now and it's so much better than Windows 10. But I can't upgrade to 11 on my Intel machine because it doesn't have TPM 2.0. doesn't really bother me though...

  • nugget boi
    nugget boi

    if youre looking for a performance boost on win 11 especially on low ram laptops and rigs i would like to report that my ram usage increased on idle from, 3.5gb to 4.1gb with the same background apps running

  • Testoh Toby
    Testoh Toby

    I've installed W11 (without even the need to wipe anything) on my Surface Go 1 (8/128) with a Pentium Gold 4415Y even if the supported cpu is the one on the Go2 (4424y which is just 100mhz faster). To this day it runs very well 👌

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  • Robert Olivier
    Robert Olivier

    Windows 11 is the new Windows 8. I had been running it for a while, but in the end decided to reinstall Windows 10. Maybe one day I'll have a look at it again.

  • Puish

    Windows 11 runs great on my Rtx 2080 i9-10850k 16gb ram while my new laptop with an Rtx 3050 ryzen 5 5600h 8gb of ram got reduced performance in games with 11. In battlefield 2042 I had 11 frames on 11 and then 40 on 10. 30-40 frames on new world on windows 11 to 60 on 10.

  • Lars Hoving
    Lars Hoving

    I don't know if Windows 11 is going to be a succes. It has dropped support for many devices. I prefer Fedora Linux since the launch of Windows 10

  • Seth Pinnock
    Seth Pinnock

    I have always advocated for Windows to have two distinct versions of its operating system one that is optimized for his surface devices and one for other general devices that would include a strip down version for ultra low in PCs running edge as an alternative to the Chrome OS.

    • Drew Naylor
      Drew Naylor

      Kinda reminds me of the canceled Windows 10X.

  • TheCloop123

    does windows 11 still have the "automatically hide taskbar in desktop mode" option? this is a must have if you really want to prevent static image burn ins on certain displays :)

    • D3NN15x

      it has this option to automatically hide the task bar like in windows10

  • Osha 1
    Osha 1

    I’ve been using opera for over a decade and can confirm that it’s one of the best browsers

    • Commodorefan64

      It WAS one of the best till it got bought by a company in China. Which is why some of the old Opera team developed Vivaldi as a replacement.

  • Raghav's Channel
    Raghav's Channel

    This video went from Windows 11 to opera to Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio review very quick. I was left very confused once they just went hard on the laptop review 🙃

  • K T
    K T

    I was using the dev first and there were a lot of issues, outlook frequently going to not responding state and then one or two time the system froze completely. I then formatted and installed the beta version and all good, outlook crashes but not as frequently but apart from that all good.

  • Roberto Gómez
    Roberto Gómez

    I installed it on an old XPS L401X from 10 years ago. Going well so far.

  • MarekSinister

    You don't have to wipe your drive. I just manually upgraded to Win 11 using a registry modification so it skips the TPM check. It's running on my 4790k just as well as Win 10 did.

    • Seiba

      Oh god damn! My system is running Windows 11, with a 4670.

    • Saba

      i did the same thing with my amd fx6300 and i also get updates.

    • RandomUploads HD
      RandomUploads HD

      Do you have a guide? I would like to do the same on my dell xps with a i7 6500U

  • John Nguyen
    John Nguyen

    Staying on Windows 10 for at least six months (or to until near end of support, for myself) to have the bugs / glitches ironed out.

    • Cosmic Hideout
      Cosmic Hideout

      Good idea

  • VELI

    I can't imagine liking how Windows 10 looks over Windows 11 lol. Specifically because Windows 10 doesn't really have a "look". It's a combination of legacy UI and icons from 7 and newer tile icons from 8. 10 had some changes like the Star Menu but like it didn't really overhaul anything, it's just a combination of a bunch of UI that's doesn't go together.

    • Simon Bauer
      Simon Bauer

      meh for me it is reversed i cant like the look of windows 11

  • The Eyles
    The Eyles

    You can put the taskbar on any edge of the screen in Windows 10. Top, bottom, left or right.

  • NotApproved

    Earlier this morning, I got a notification to upgrade to windows 11, at first I didnt really like it, it looked off, after spending a few hours using it, getting used to the new layout, its not as bad as it seems.

  • Mike

    Thanks Microsoft for making Windows 11 just the way it is. Encouraging me to switch to Linux for my gaming pc and Mac for my laptop.

    • CDAGaming

      @Farhad Gaming This also extends to other software not working. msoffice, older workflows, Adobe products, etc. When that works, then id be down to give it a better opinion

    • SNES Nes
      SNES Nes

      @liviu P no Linux is a way better thing to run on high end hardware

    • SNES Nes
      SNES Nes

      @CDAGaming lol that’s about to be fixed you’ll run your fortnut soon enough

    • Farhad Gaming
      Farhad Gaming

      @liviu P ok but why not?

    • liviu P
      liviu P

      @Farhad Gaming simply will not work properly man.been there ,done that! No thx

  • sjith28

    I am really excited about the launch of Windows 12!

  • Edward Elric
    Edward Elric

    Windows 11 Fixes: -Added Widgets -Removed Everything else -Removed Herobrine

    • Rocco Ciccone
      Rocco Ciccone

      Yup basically they added ways to collect data and removed actual functionality..

    • Vainglory

      I like the anime that the guy in your profile picture is from

    • Ency

      Me : _"Wait, Its All Minecraft?"_ Microsoft : *"Always Has Been"*

    • Davi the Human
      Davi the Human


    • Utkarsh Seth
      Utkarsh Seth


  • LizterZapZap

    The fact that they call Windows 11 "the safest Windows ever", then 'unsupported' users get no updates.

    • SupremeCody

      Yeh that's why they are "unsupported". If they get a virus, it's isn't Microsofts responsibility.

    • Azure

      Can't get viruses if no one uses it

  • Aaron Sutton
    Aaron Sutton

    I still use RocketDock with Windows 10. I use the hide setting. Pops out on the left side when needed. Looks better and cleaner. I hate pins on the taskbar.

    • Brahmin hu Sale
      Brahmin hu Sale

      Well if you are casual one thats okay but someone like me who usages multiple editing software and constantly watching task manager pin to taskbar is very important

  • Empyrean

    My laptop is already a decade old from windows 7, 8, 8.1 all the way to 10, I don't expect it to handle 11 but if does then great.

  • Mark Mayhew
    Mark Mayhew

    While the studio laptop might not be for every one it must be said that it's leaps above the surface book. While it looks like an Acer R7 it will perform the task of a "laptop" much better then the surface book did and the surface pro.

  • Lashawn 3O4
    Lashawn 3O4

    The design director was inspired by the cereal Cheerios, from its bland taste to its bland look. Also my games took massive FPS drops. I personally lock my frames at 60 for a smooth consistent gameplay with a 1660 super. When windows 11 came along my frames dropped to 40-50fps.

  • Legitti

    Have been running the preview version for months without an issue on my gaming laptop from 2018.

  • Spacellary

    Not being able to just drag a file to an open program in the task bar makes W11 unusable for me. It really doesn't have any feature I'd consider switching for that I can't already get on Windows 10

  • madrexer the boredTM
    madrexer the boredTM

    One of the many reasons i still want to stay with windows 10

  • Paul the CEO
    Paul the CEO

    im pretty sure they are also trying to get other devices compatible with windows 11 like mine does not only because of my intel i5 processor but i think they will start enrolling more devices compatible with windows 11 i hope they start doing it soon

  • chilsie

    I’m running it, and I think it looks and runs fine! No issues for me so far.

    • J Pavey
      J Pavey

      I’ve noticed unlocking my laptop with fingerprint is much faster and file explorer launches quicker

    • Snowy / سنوي
      Snowy / سنوي

      Does it ban u in games cause I wanna upgrade

    • Estiennè Taylor
      Estiennè Taylor

      @FolkGarlic Ch. The only issue with running Windows 11 is for people with ancient hardware that's over 6-10 years old without TPM embedded. Even a Asus L210 running Celeron 4020 can run Windows 11 just fine.

    • FolkGarlic Ch.
      FolkGarlic Ch.

      Same, this pc of mine on celeron can run win 11

    • Estiennè Taylor
      Estiennè Taylor

      No complaints so far on my Surface Book running Windows 11.

  • Kevin Cantillo
    Kevin Cantillo

    Huge fan of the new sounds from Windows

  • lycanfox

    Just got a surface pro 6 a couple months ago and updated it to the insider build of windows 11 pretty much as soon as I could, I have the lower tier model so things aren't as snappy as I'd like, but for my purposes (which is digital art and occasional web browsing) it works very well. I am having an issue where I can't access its home network folders from my windows 10 desktop tho.

  • BlackBruceLee

    Definitely waiting about a year before I upgrade to 11 lol I own a ryzen 5950x that is running flawlessly right now so I want to keep it that way

  • LukeJuke

    Im just gonna wait a year or two to see how windows 11 is gonna go. I'd rather let people who can replace their hardware go first than me who can't afford to buy new hardware due to money and stuff. Windows 10 still has a few more years until it isnt getting updates anymore. So i still have time to use win10.

  • DctrGizmo

    When I eventually get a tablet, it will most likely be the Surface Pro. I just can’t stand iPadOS.

  • Snekky

    Reasons why I'm loving Windows 11 as a "techy user" 1. I already used a third-party app to center my taskbar, now it's a default feature 2. I use a 2 in 1 laptop, the OS not minimizing what I'm working on when switching to tablet mode is a god-send 4. the new animations look great 5. the new right-click menu is very clean and honestly is quicker once you get used to it 6. the new start menu is the perfect middle ground between the aesthetic based one from windows 10 and the function from the older versions of windows 7. As a tech-savvy user I appreciate the beginner-friendly settings as I can see how much simpler it would be for someone less experience and I'm sure there are other reasons that I'll figure out as I use it and get to know it

    • MaZEEZaM

      I agree for the most part but I much prefer the tile system on the start menu as I had apps I frequently used set in there own sections which made viewing and selecting them really quick and easy. Its also been buggy for a few apps like the Netflix app where the screen would flash multiple times when starting a video.

  • dave Ask
    dave Ask

    From what I hear Windows 11 will do updates patches once a year Windows 10 gives you 2 update patches a year

  • Aiden Wilson
    Aiden Wilson

    I have been very sad and stressed lately but thanks to your videos happy thank you so much keep up the amazing work this world needs better people to make others happy.,😭😔🙂

  • An Nov
    An Nov

    I'm using Edge for the last year and it is good imo. It is running on the same engine as chrome anyway.

    • Kabakura-

      I'm about to jumpship to edge, I hate when Chrome wants to use Yahoo as a search engine even though I delete every time.

  • Uthman Baksh
    Uthman Baksh

    I would probably dual boot into Windows 11 to see if it's really worth upgrading my unsupported PC to it. I mean if the experience sucks I should be allowed to roll back to Windows 10, right?

  • benjanomé Denverstone
    benjanomé Denverstone

    I took a look at the CPUs that can be used and my Intel i3 processor was in the list.

  • MR D
    MR D

    Im still on a system from 2016 (6700K,980ti). This kinda software forces consumers to update their hardware... which is annoying. Think I will stick with win10 until i get my system upgrade next year

  • Fat Puppy
    Fat Puppy

    I still remember how I was one click away from buying a full spec ipad in March but at the last minute I decided to browse for laptops with rtx 3000s cards.

    • Geth

      @wyterabitt That isn't just due to difference in build between now and then (although I agree that products used to be built to last a lot more in the past...), it's a whole lot of time between 2006 and now and if you account for inflation in £ a £1000 then is about the equivelant of £1500 now, which is why there is a false perception that you used to be able to get better quality for cheaper. Also back then £ used to be worth more on the international market back then which did in fact make things cheaper, for one example £1 used to be worth between $1.85 up to even $2 at times back then, it's now worth $1.4 at a better day. Anyway, I feel like I'm going full retard going so deep into it, have nice day (or a good night I suppose).

    • wyterabitt

      @Geth I was using HP and Dell laptops for those prices. But I have been using laptops over desktops since 2006, and there is a massive difference between then and now. Cheaper laptops are not the same as back then, you can sometimes find laptops that give you the same specs from a "cheaper" brand that lasts longer and performs better, or at least matches it. But like I said, I wasn't using a cheap brand anyway so that isn't relevant. (no idea how I missed your reply, I am cleaning emails and just found this).

    • Geth

      @wyterabitt This isn't a problem of laptops being expensive but rather the iPad being overpriced but I digress. What I've been talking about are the capabilities of the device, not just price, and there is a big difference between what a laptop can be used for versus a tablet. Also just because you can get a laptop this "cheap" doesn't mean you should. Paying extra for something a bit better and from a reputable brand can cost you less in the long term. Better longetiveity of the device, better support in case of failure and better expirience for the next 3-5-7-10 years that you're gonna be using the thing for. If you buy something with a but higher specs then you need at the moment you likely won't have to upgrade for longer, if something breaks is a more expensive device from a good brand you'll have a better chance that the company will fix it for you rather then shrug you off with some excuse because they barely have profit margins on their chinesium device, if you get a device with solid componets you won't be stuck with a shitty touchpad and a weak wi-fi card for the next X years of using the device. Speaking from personal expirience, practically every time I cheaped out on something it bit me in the arse later, so I never buy the cheapest thing anymore. I don't say don't buy budget products, by all means do, but also make sure it's actually worth buying and don't be afraid to step up your budget a little if the cheaper options seem fishy.

    • wyterabitt

      @Geth I think you massively overestimate how expensive it is to get some form of gaming laptop. Which is impressive because they are expensive. A fully specd out Ipad is about £940, you can get a laptop with a 3050ti 16GB RAM, 512GB NVME, 4K Display and 11th gen I5 for less than this. And for almost the same price (£20-£40 more) you can get the same with either an i7 i7-11800H or Ryzen 7 5800H. And those laptops are from an overpriced company I used to just to get an idea, shop around and you can get even better deals with better specs.

    • Fat Puppy
      Fat Puppy

      @Yuvraj Gandhi An Asus tuf A15 with ryzen 5800 and a 3060. I was really into one of those flat, sqare edged ipads at around 930 dollars where I live, 128 gigs if I remember correctly. Then I decided to use the money for something more than just a tablet to watch netflix on so I was looking at laptops and found this one for extra 410 dollars more than that ipad. Best decision ever since my old gaming laptop was from 2015 and wasn t even supporting windows 11.

  • kilgarragh

    Can we just realize how much higher detailed, and more accessible windows 7 is compared to 11?

  • Visual UnKnown
    Visual UnKnown

    Switched to windows 11, and I love it.

  • Ignorant Reader
    Ignorant Reader

    That changing of default browser that’s right there. We call it inconsistent design

  • austinf56 __
    austinf56 __

    The biggest problem with windows 11 is the loss of performance for amd users, bc you know intel gotta win somehow

  • Akeem Kaleeb
    Akeem Kaleeb

    Can you still upgrade to an activated version if you have an OEM key of windows 10? Or would you have to purchase another key?

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      Giveaway alert💥☝☝☝☝💥

  • Antho More
    Antho More

    My laptop and built desktop are 4 years old and they work better that use to since I did few great upgrades. With the CPU and other specs it should perform well for at least 10 years.

  • Dylan

    You don't have to wipe your drive, just download the ISO, save it to your desktop and run it. You'll get asked to accept that your system doesn't fully meet the requirements and off you go, you might need to bypass the TPM but that's pretty easy to do anyway.

    • SNES Nes
      SNES Nes

      Or use a vm like I will

  • gamechamp

    Remember when Microsoft said Windows 10 would be the final version of windows? Then after announcing Windows 11 and facing backlash, they dumped some if its features into Windows 10, which suggests they don't really need to make a new version of windows?

  • southseapirate1

    Remember when the OS was made so that you can manage your hardware? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

  • Jasmon2020

    Thanks Austin but I think I'm going to wait for Windows 12.

  • laplamgor

    5:08 he means the position of *taskbar*, not the icons in taskbar

    • Marvin P.
      Marvin P.

      @Christian Van Iten I'm sorry if it came across to you like that, but I am pissed (not at you, but Microsoft) and I don't think it's a great idea to recommend people to go to the Registry for that. I'm not taking it out on anyone and I definitely think Microsoft is to blame for this. Meanwhile, I tried what you suggested in a Windows 11 VM, editing the respective key in Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\StuckRects3 and restarting Explorer caused the task bar to appear glitched on the left, only showing the network and sound icons. Top and bottom works, but it's not where some of us want it.

    • Christian Van Iten
      Christian Van Iten

      @Marvin P. Hey, it's better than nothing (which is exactly what you've contributed) If you have a problem, take it out on Microsoft, not the rest of us.

    • unfunk

      @Christian Van Iten no there isn't. It only lets you move it to the top or bottom, not left or right.

    • cos

      @blank blank There is a registry hack out there to move the taskbar at the top. There isn't any solution to move it on the left or right.

    • Stephen Mocciola
      Stephen Mocciola

      Something that even windows 95 did.

  • King Vulpes
    King Vulpes

    Windows 11 came out around the same time I upgraded my processor so guess I got lucky

  • RetroGamerBB

    I wish Android would have done that instead of removing tablet mode from Android 4.3 and up. Leave the option there and let the user decide.

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  • Seth Pinnock
    Seth Pinnock

    That would fix the challenges Windows face with using different levels of hardware but expecting the same performance

  • Mike s
    Mike s

    Im running it on the i5-7200U 16gb ram and I had no performance issues and updates worked fine. I played World of warships and Skyrim with no issues.

  • Edgr

    i've been using opera GX for like 3 years, and i can recommend, its pretty good

    • ParaDrive

      Firefox doesn’t steal your info tho LOL

    • brunokmon

      @Edward Elric makes sense

    • Edward Elric
      Edward Elric

      @brunokmon I'd say firefox if you are really that paranoid, In my opinion, I dont really mind using Opera GX, Its not like Google Chrome is any safer.

    • brunokmon

      @Annoying Elitist lord, is there any other browser i can use?

    • brunokmon

      @Annoying Elitist why is it fake??

  • John Ferrier
    John Ferrier

    You know what we want, Austin... Plug that TB4 port up to an eGPU... Benchmarks show that the i7 on the Surface Studio Laptop outperforms many new gaming laptops.

  • Gennady_M

    Perhaps Intels risc-v chips coming out next year (apparently) can make these products much better.

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  • xCore0320

    Installed Windows 11 on a 2nd Gen i5 Laptop today, it downloaded updates just fine.

  • Imatoka

    One thing that was wasn't mentioned is you can always go dual boot if you want to try out Windows 11. Keep your current OS while checking out another.

    • Ken G
      Ken G

      I'm doing that now as well. My PC met all requirements except for the processor. I have a i7 6700. Not really worth the hype really but it's cool to be able to mess around with it at least.

  • Leon De Quadros
    Leon De Quadros

    I got Windows 11 earlier today. Honestly I'm really glad I did. Windows 11 is a looooot smoother on my machine

  • Virtual IT Boy
    Virtual IT Boy

    I have a laptop with a 7700HQ, 32 GB ram, 1060 6GB, TPM 2.0 module, 4K screen. I am running the beta from the beginning, everything works fine.. but of course I am not compatible … If they will block security updates then I will switch to Linux. This laptop is still to new to replace is.

  • Dennis Massegee
    Dennis Massegee

    I have a I7-6700 @ 3.4GHz and 32GB and Windows 11 can not be installed on my system. How is this processor not on the supported list? I have TPM 2.0, plenty of cores, and power. Can you ask MS "what the heck" on this? Thanks Austin! -dm

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy

    You can install it on any chip using hard Boot 😀

  • Matt Burgon
    Matt Burgon

    Windows 11 task bar is sooooooooo much easier to use with an ultra-wide monitor!

  • Korin Turner
    Korin Turner

    Maybe they’re trying to narrow down the spec requirements so when you go and buy a new windows 11 laptop or desktop, you don’t end up with complete garbage and instead get something worth your money

  • Sir Gil
    Sir Gil

    ive honestly had no complaints with windows 11 especially if your upgrading from 10 i even use opera gx and it does open edge the only real peeve not much of a complaint i have is the right click it doesnt show all option its more compact and you have to click more but that is a nice feature for the more simple people honestly windows 11 isnt drastically different from 10 but the interface is the right way for windows togo.