Let's Talk About The New PS5
Austin Evans
The original PS5 video: itmores.info/player/video/1ZKBrI50jdSAnco
Xbox Series X overheating: itmores.info/player/video/z2abua9_esZogNI
Digital Foundry's excellent PS5 CFI-1100 article: www.eurogamer.net/articles/di...

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  • This is Tech Today
    This is Tech Today

    So sorry that you're experiencing such toxicity and doxxing from a community.... Over a video game console. How ridiculous. Edit: Just to clarify, there's a difference between criticism and doxxing, attacking him and his close friends. That gets into illegal and potentially personal life threatening situations.

    • Reckle games
      Reckle games

      @Monte Raid shut up fan boy. 🤦‍♂️

    • Jason Hovarter
      Jason Hovarter

      @kato093 bro it’s not the level of threat, it’s the fact that someone would send a death threat over something so petty and unimportant such as a literal video game console. Like that’s super unnecessary

    • kato093

      Ppffttt cry me a river. "Life threatening " HAHAHAHAHAH. It doesnt take a genius to get his adress, knowing where he is and what his name is. Nobody is calling his manager to get him fired just because of attrition, the sheer amount of calls that result in more headaches than getting him fired.

    • Jason Hovarter
      Jason Hovarter

      @Pat Fury ok, then do it.

    • Jason Hovarter
      Jason Hovarter

      @tommy Bull I mean, not really but ok.

  • ThaChazo

    Keep doing what you're doing. It's really good to expose huge companies when they offer a product. And if they're passing off the Same product for an inferior one, that should be called out for it

  • Juan Loera
    Juan Loera

    Keep doing what you're doing. Great work and loved that Playstation 5 old vs new video. Big companies are always trying to make big profit with very little resources. I will always be a playstation fan. I just have to be more a smarter consumer now a days. You sir help me make those choices with knowledge and science and tests. Thank you!

    • Hosaka Blood
      Hosaka Blood

      @Junior Lopez there’s many deep review on the new ps5 is actually better

    • Junior Lopez
      Junior Lopez

      @Johnathan Smith tell me moreee, I have one coming and hope it’s everything I ask for and more

    • Johnathan Smith
      Johnathan Smith

      Just an FYI, the differences have been tested way deeper than checking exhaust heat. The new models actually drop memory temperatures as well as the SOC by -10c! So, to sum it up, it would be better to get the newer redesigned unit. The bigger heatsink also restricted airflow, this is one of the reasons it was revised.

  • Tucco

    Waiting for part three of this series “Let’s talk about the difference between being informative and being entertaining “.

    • ShireZ

      @Jason Hovarter bro.. Austin legit pointed a thermal gun to the exhaust of the ps5.. and compared the temperature.. THATS WRONG. He didn't test it right either. Prob the apu of the ps5 and then you'll get accurate temperatures. Not the exhaust. He has no idea how to test properly. And this video shows even more how he doesnt care about being wrong. The new ps5, runs cooler by 3 degrees. Makes no difference and it's cheaper to make. Stop being a fan boy, and use your brain. No to mention he didn't run a demanding game to push the console to max.

    • Nate

      @haseo boi why you hating when he’s right

    • Nate

      @V8Supercar1 cap

    • J423

      @V8Supercar1 yeah i agree im a long time austin fan, and he first of all shouldnt of jumped to conclusions, but even when he did, he should have owned up to it, but he still hasnt

    • Reckle games
      Reckle games

      @I'm the IC1010 your sentence didn't make sense 🤦‍♂️

  • Anime and Lifting
    Anime and Lifting

    The goal is to get the heat leaving higher . This is the wrong way of thinking about it . As more heat you transfer the hotter the exhaust so exit temp means very little . Example if you used liquid metal you'd expect the sink to get warmer due to extra transfer. Nexus probs did the best to check this properly

  • Retali8

    Imagine people getting that triggered about a PS5 teardown😂 isn’t there more important things to worry about?

    • Alexander

      He's making money your a fool either eay.

    • N Extends
      N Extends

      @Kirby :/

    • Antphoneigh

      yeah, like getting one in the first place.

    • Retali8

      ​@FDAL00709 lI just think doxing is a little too far, maybe in your world it's not, sorry

    • FDAL00709 l
      FDAL00709 l

      What a terrible argument to stop the conversation. So people cant be invested in things because they arent "important"?

  • Brand mars
    Brand mars

    Actually I'm glad you made that video! Thanks to you now I know that my money won't be wasted on a cheaper version and have to be careful on getting the original one! I appreciate that!

  • Big Gunz Mike
    Big Gunz Mike

    You were never wrong, great informative vids! Love the content

  • Hayabusa09

    Aged like a fine wine. “Laws of physics” and “common sense” got me 😂

    • Antonino Cataldo
      Antonino Cataldo

      @Take Your Heart CV is wrong. They didn't prove Austin wrong

    • Take Your Heart
      Take Your Heart

      @Notpoop Okay you can’t have different conclusions from the exact same video. One of you is wrong.

    • Notpoop

      @C V nope it showcased that Austin was right and it runs hotter than the old model. Nice try, though

    • C V
      C V

      @Koby Lynn The Digital Foundry video that showcases that Austin jumped into conclusions and made a clown of himself. That one. There are other sources now proving how the new model either runs cooler or on pair with the original. So yeah, Austin was wrong by calling it worse. And he hasn't had the balls to accept it.

    • C V
      C V

      @Bryan Holmes Yes, watch the digital foundry video.

  • Daniel Mancera
    Daniel Mancera

    Thank you for making great fun tech vids! Your wish vids make me laugh every time! Looking forward to the next!

  • Víctor

    Much love Austin. Nobody deserves being doxed by a console… Internet is getting out of hand. People can’t withdraw criticism or empathy. It’s sad and dangerous.

  • Raiko Ris
    Raiko Ris

    This really is a prime definition of "Haste makes waste"!

  • Kaleef Muhammad
    Kaleef Muhammad

    I saw the video in question and I'm going to check the article by digital foundry. I want both consoles and your video is only going to make me a better consumer by doing more research. please keep doing what your doing and stay safe.

  • Black Panther
    Black Panther

    Ive seen a few of your videos 👍👌 and yep im sony all the way I dont see the issue in finding engineering faults. I agree with you, runs hotter no bueno. Its common sense in my view high to execssive heat around processors/memory will take proformance and life away from the ps5, come after me people 😅🤣 do your research first though build a few 100 gaming pc's first too.

  • Techie Rules
    Techie Rules

    Love from India ❤️, You've done nothing wrong and criticism is part of your job. So enjoy it let people voice their opinion 😉 You keep doing your things ❤️

  • Snowy Cane
    Snowy Cane

    You know it’s serious when he doesn’t start a video with “hey guys, this is Austin”

    • Snowy Cane
      Snowy Cane

      @Godd Howard yeah I know it was a joke now he starts every video with the word today

    • Godd Howard
      Godd Howard

      He hasn't said that for years.

  • habibi 4u
    habibi 4u

    I find ALL your videos to be very informative. Keep it up with the great work!

  • Keven Harvey
    Keven Harvey

    All high exhaust air temperature tells you is that the heat is getting out, it tells you nothing about the temperature of the internal components, unless the exhaust air is actually hotter than the components should be, until then it is useless to know.

    • Keven Harvey
      Keven Harvey

      @kriptic22 Neither version of the PS5 are particularly prone to overheating issues that I'm aware of.

    • kriptic22

      @Keven Harvey - The original ps5 has over heating issues correct? So your saying by downsizing the heat sink and not changing any other aspect of the cooling design, the new one will run cooler? That's a tough pill to swallow. What I will say though is more testing should have been done. Testing exhaust temp doesn't reflect internal temperature. I think that was his biggest flaw here. But death threats over something this? That's ridiculous.

    • Keven Harvey
      Keven Harvey

      @Wyatt Scheerer lol, no it doesn't have to be hotter, a smaller heatsink can dissipate as much as a bigger one if it is hotter or if it has more airflow... And it's actually been tested and the temperatures aren't significantly different.

    • Wyatt Scheerer
      Wyatt Scheerer

      He took it apart it had a smaller heat sync so it had to be hotter and he showed with the thermal cam the side and it was hotter there is no doubt the new runs hotter

  • Goldenchil9_Alfa media
    Goldenchil9_Alfa media

    Dude you got this I watch the breakdown of that video in question an I wanted to learn more about my PS5 so much so that I bought a tool kit to do my own breakdown. I glad you made this and helped me understand that my fan is not the original fan or that I got one of the original pS5 with second Gen fans and I see why I got a good machine that works n runs well under load and idling 😍👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿


    What about the reliability? Soldered SSD on PS5 tells me that in the case of malfunctioning, PS5 is dead totally. I think additional M.2 storage cannot be used as a system memory.

  • CH Neev
    CH Neev

    I love how Austin took this hate and came out with a explanation. I hope ur situation gets better. Stay strong, ur fans are with u!

    • undefined

      NSW Operator and a fan here. I’ll donate my time if needed. Stay safe bro BZ.

  • The Review Board with Ryan Ferguson
    The Review Board with Ryan Ferguson

    Keep up the Good Work Austin. Your videos are fun and informative.

  • bkbgb vhiuyu
    bkbgb vhiuyu

    Dude! You did great!!! Dont stop doing what you do!

  • The Crystal Wyvern
    The Crystal Wyvern

    Hey Austin I love your videos, they are funny and informative. Keep it up and I'll always be looking to your next video. I'm just shocked at how many toxic Sony people there are. I've had the PS5 since day one and I thought there were more toxic angry people at Xbox, guess I was wrong.

    • Michael

      No you're not, there are far more toxic xbox fanboys than playstation fans

  • Khem1kal

    Well...this is the first video of yours i've watched and my heart goes out to you, Man. I dropped you a like and subscribe - small compensation for the hate you seem to have been getting, but every little helps, right? For context, I managed to get my hands on a PS5 today...my wife is holding it until Christmas, so I was just rabbit-holing YT to feed my shinyitis (yes, I have a new version...I imagine it's the only choice by now) and I cannot believe you were doxxed over a damn games console! Did perspective just up and leave the building over the last few years? Anyway, better days, Dude.

  • Mrwhosetheboss

    We gotchu 🙌

    • Fred Stead
      Fred Stead

      @Alexander What the hell are you talking about?

    • Alexander

      Not really open you mouth someone needs to put you in your place you making money we are not.

    • Fred Stead
      Fred Stead


    • Day poe
      Day poe


    • vextxres

      I just love it when the notification pops up "You got a new subscriber" it makes me so happy 🏝🛑❣💯🔓🔓

  • luis cortazar
    luis cortazar

    I remember when I got my PS5 someone made a joke about me getting the worse one cuz of the heatsink. He was doing it as a troll, because It was the original run. But it's a ps5. I've been waiting for a year to get one. I'm glad I got the earlier run but I'd be happy to have any version so long as I get to play the games I want.

  • Adjudicata

    This opinion, to quote 'based on the laws of physics' or 'what I consider to be common sense', has now been proven wrong by the experts at Digital Foundry and Gamers Nexus

    • DR Duck E.
      DR Duck E.

      @Nihad Ahmed like im just here thinking. Why are you so stuck in this. My mans got doxxed. And your still tryna fight. Fuck being right someone literally put his location on the internet and youn people find a way ti cram the kast word in

    • Take Your Heart
      Take Your Heart

      @High Supply He clearly doesn’t based on the way he took heat readings for the consoles.

    • Mohammed Ghanem
      Mohammed Ghanem

      @Nihad Ahmed he talked about the console being warmer that's it, but yall mentioning cpus etc which he didn't even talk about, but he just said in his opinion the new one runs warmer which is worse in his eyes, but yall so childish

    • High Supply
      High Supply

      @ɴᴏʀᴛʜᴇʀɴ ʀɪᴠᴇʀ he has worked with tech over 12 years, he obviously knows what he saying

    • Gerardo

      @Chrone Nojysk now that it is new. Down the line, with accumulated dust, the lack of copper will make it run hotter and perform bad

  • jermy cabrera guerrero
    jermy cabrera guerrero

    You don’t have to apologize for saying what you think, and you did it for the people to be aware of what is happening. In fact, thanks a lot for making that video!

  • Steven Garver
    Steven Garver

    Although people who are actually measuring internal temps are finding that the new ps5 is running cooler so the new heat sink is dispersing the heat more efficiently

  • XM855

    The fact that someone would send someone a DEATH threat over the fact that someone pointed out 1 video game console is a few degrees hotter than the older version is literally insane. The fact that someone could get that angry and then attack someone to that level(which is a felony) over something g that doesn’t even matter is crazy. Keep up the great videos Austin, don’t let the crazy people speak for everyone

    • TOXIC

      Thats sony fan Boys for you

    • GaMeStuH The Return Of Toxicity
      GaMeStuH The Return Of Toxicity

      @themasons215 PS5 is trash with no games fanboys go cry in a river

    • Bad_Robot

      @St4r Xbox fans recently sent a female games journalist in Brazil death threats until she quit her job.

    • Bad_Robot

      @themasons215 Same with the xbox. Xbox fans recently sent a female game journalist in Brazil death threats until she quit her job.

    • themasons215

      @PortfolioPL thank you! I say that so much. It’s so unintuitive and clunky. I don’t get the fawning over it. The biggest peeve for me is how they handle power, for generations you had hold the home button down to bring up the menu. I mess it up all the time

  • Jeremy

    Agreed, The many also need to take into account that anything mass produced will have scattered results in many of the testing. So it is hard to really say. My suggestion is If u have to system just enjoy it Play it, love it and appreciate the fun of it Live and move on ;)

  • WiruZ

    Good video! It's good some actually do this kind of comparison like you did. Better to have someone telling the truth than someone who say what people want to hear. And as said, this is your opinion.

    • Jooplin

      You know.. he wasn’t lying he just wasn‘t qualified for making this assessment, factually came to the wrong conclusion and therefore didn’t tell the truth, of course not intentionally.

  • TwoStroke

    Look man, I don't have a PS5 yet and I watched your video so that I can see your expert opinion is. I won't not buy one, when and if it's actually available for msrp. I'm mechanic and when I saw the heatsync I was shocked on the difference in the thermal mass. Mass matters. Yes smaller more efficient radiators can work, but the materials matters. Copper is better then aluminum at thermal transfer, but aluminum is lighter and cheaper. You'll need more aluminum to get the same.


    Thanks for the research you do, people will always argue against what they dont agree with, but part of the internet will continue to do justice

  • Dram

    The real scandal is that we're almost a year from launch and most people still can't just go buy a "Current gen" console.

    • Andi Baquerizo
      Andi Baquerizo

      @Your Uncle John .... I own a switch. It's the only 9th gen console I have. What r u even talking about?

    • Your Uncle John
      Your Uncle John

      @Andi Baquerizo The switch is great, and one of the best selling and best received consoles of all time. Stay salty you can’t play Mario kid

    • Your Uncle John
      Your Uncle John

      @Isaac Rodriguez it’s a result of unreal levels of scalping and a lower resource count

    • ThaliaCrafts

      I'm just hoping and praying my PS4 doesn't crap out

    • BeyondTrash

      Yeah, the only one that you could realistically get your hands on without buying from a scalper is the Xbox Series S. It's crazy that xbox and playstation's flagship consoles are practically unavailable.

  • Kwon Ja
    Kwon Ja

    To tell you the truth Austin, I think most of us don't really care about the new or old version. Successfully getting 1 with a normal price is already a blessing no matter it's the new one or the old one IMO.

  • Sean Coley
    Sean Coley

    I support you and know you act with integrity when creating videos. There are a lot of toxic people in this world. Just ignore them. They're lesser beings.

  • Ben Wade
    Ben Wade

    If you watch the video, Austin, was holding back from saying negative things; when they found out the new heat sink was reduced.

  • JustyChaos Gaming
    JustyChaos Gaming

    It seems that EVERYONE has forgotten the reports during development, that Sony had problems cooling the PS5. So I think you’re conclusion is correct!

  • Toxicgamer412

    This makes me feel weird seeing Austin uncomfortable and upset in a video, I’m so used to his bubbly and fun charm in every video he post, he shouldn’t have gone through something this stupid and being doxed out of all things, most of these people that are acting like this bashing him don’t even got the launch PS5 lol this is sad and crazy, you do you Austin !

    • Alexander

      He's make money he needs to work for it buddy.

    • Roland Kovacs
      Roland Kovacs

      @Rami Yohay Oh no he criticised your plastic box boo fucking hoo

    • Light Yagami
      Light Yagami

      lol you hv "toxic" in your username .No offence or anything , its just funny that this video was about toxicity

    • saiftakrim10101

      @Rami Yohay he doesn't tho

    • Rami Yohay
      Rami Yohay

      @Gavin Soliz What does fan boy got anything to do with him doing tests wrong you idiot? I agree that there is less weight ,less copper ,smaller heat sink. No argue there. But this tests do not show if the system is hotter or performs any less. He was already called out by other tech guys on tweeter? Maybe they are psfanboys too? What a sheep

  • Thomas Sill
    Thomas Sill

    I was very happy to watch that video seeing as I have an original P5, lol, you spit nothing but facts man anybody that can use logic can see that

  • tantuni

    Well, since every company tries to reduce production cost of their new product in the months/years after the initial release, of course it will be a downgrade.

    • NOST

      It's not a downgrade, the cooling is even a little better.

  • Sef Eiba
    Sef Eiba

    heat-sync is supposed to be hot, you need to take cpu temp from the cpu itself

  • CMC

    it's sad that statements you said loud and clear have to be explained because these KIDS need to make something out of everything. Keep up the good work my man.

  • C J
    C J

    I'm a PS fan and I'm thankful for your video. I'm glad you're doing this and providing valuable info for consumers to make an informed decision about making a purchase. I always want to know what changes are made to each console generation to determine whether or not it's worth buying. Keep up the great work. I'll still be gaming on my PC and PS4👍

  • Conviction

    It's just crazy how much of a following you have and your job is to talk about tech and the people jump down your throat on that. Screw them man. Seriously you're a smart guy. You know what the hell you're talking about. Some don't.

  • Bankai _13
    Bankai _13

    There's always a bit of room for improvement when it comes to "Facts". Unless you're experiencing a full-on cognitive dissonance.

  • Vikramaditya Singh
    Vikramaditya Singh

    For increasing supply you need to reduce the cost.

  • Desmond

    I've saw the video you did and frankly if I every and I really mean ever get my hands on a ps5 I hope the disc version is still the same if not I won't complain I'll just keep her in a cooler place so she doesn't over heat.

  • bassmasterbeatbox

    You showed consumers what they wanted to know about a console update! Im a Sony head and i enjoyed knowing that the console had changes. You’ve been my top tech youtuber for all 12 years!

  • Orpheus

    I remember when I devoted hours of my time to find a PS5 at launch, there was an army of dudes on social media saying "lol, thanks for beta testing. I'm just gonna wait for the PS5 Pro". Well, there's your PS5 Pro.

  • Gab Inidal
    Gab Inidal

    This dude should be a pro journalist... as long as his content comes early, the facts wont matter 😆

    • Alexander Pierre
      Alexander Pierre

      @SKI ik

    • SKI

      damn nice joke -_-

  • Aidan Hamblin
    Aidan Hamblin

    I watch both videos and he is right he put a old ps5 up against the new ps5 the new one can over heat faster but that dose not mean it will he was just showing you what your buying and what’s your getting but let’s complain about everything

  • ntr DVNEB
    ntr DVNEB

    Have this been done with the xbox series x ? I so appreciated this video and it gave me so much massive info that im so willing to paying that lil extra .. Just go 2 emails on 2 accounts that Microsoft has Serie x bundles back up compare to when i got mine thru one email bundle and this only mean one thing i hope massive production but will it be original internals Im looking to get another Series x and just need to know

  • Corput

    Huge props. You pointed something out, gave your educated opinion, and when haters started hating, you stuck to your guns and told it like it was! Great video!

    • Alec

      This sure aged well

    • Censored Quotes
      Censored Quotes

      Lol “educated opinion”

    • Bradley Conner
      Bradley Conner

      Couldn't agree more!

  • Alfredo Contreras
    Alfredo Contreras

    You said what had to be said and that's facts love your content

  • Reinzz Chat Trap
    Reinzz Chat Trap

    yea thanks to austin, i took his word for it and assumed it would overheat and sent it back, now i am out a ps5, ty so much austin, i saved for my ps5 cuz i'm disability but you made it sound as the revision would overheat so i sent it back, then find out it is actually better, now i'm stuck with a ps4

    • Tekey six
      Tekey six

      @Increase Peace yes he is not pro. did he absolve a master in this field? did he worked in a computer hardware oriented job for a quite some time while gaining experience and skills, before starting with ITmores?

    • Increase Peace
      Increase Peace

      @Tekey six he's not a pro? What does that mean? He's out here conducting tests on consoles and he isn't even qualified?

    • Tekey six
      Tekey six

      say sike. please don't tell me that you actually sent it back because a youtuber who isn't a pro in this topic said it so. please tell me you're joking.

  • Buckeye Jo
    Buckeye Jo

    I just viewed the other video as I already days before, pulled the triggered and ordered the PS5 digital. Not sure which version though I guess I'll be ordering a fan kit anyway. I did enjoy the video, it was very informative don't know why you got so much hate.

  • Grey Fox
    Grey Fox

    Glad I got one either way. Got the first one. And also it's seems like there 4 different fans from what I've seen. STEVE from GN says they are pretty close from his testing.

  • Quero jogar um Jogo
    Quero jogar um Jogo

    There's something about being behind a screen that makes people feel like they are entitled to "justice", even on the smallest subjects. What is happening to Austin and his crew are just another example on how ridiculous this white knightin' on the internet has become. Even if you disagree with Austin's take, ultimately he is just sharing his thoughts about what he saw. You have the same right as him to talk about anything, yes, but going around personally trying to ruin the guy's career over an opinion he had... Take a moment to ask yourself who is the real bad person on this situation.

    • Melody

      Arent that this is what you doing here ? Judging everyone an define what "justice" is ?

    • Dreams R Lies
      Dreams R Lies

      @Austen Powers I do, so that’s not true.

    • Austen Powers
      Austen Powers

      Nobody cares

    • Dreams R Lies
      Dreams R Lies

      @Charmsly doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be said or that they’re wrong in any way, shape or form, however. I get your point: idiots don’t read even IF they can. I just think that sticking up for people who deserve it should be the norm and that opinions should be taken with a grain of salt, and idiots need to realize this, somehow.

    • Charmsly

      You do realize that like half of the community probably can't even read this

  • Dan neD
    Dan neD

    Somethings made those temps rise a fraction instead of reducing them. May be it was my excessive flatulence!

  • karsh tharyani
    karsh tharyani

    Oh damn! Well - we are caught up in a media age where expressing an opinion or just spreading misinformation is super easy and just a click away. I wish we could live in harmony and rationally, but we just can't. I hope this venting out did something good for your mental health and helped blow some steam, Austin. Keep being rational and scientific as always :)

    • mutalix

      Lmao did you just say rational AND scientific?! Bruh, he was plain wrong and passed his hot takes and opinions as absolute facts. And now that he was debunked like a child he refuses to take anything back. He was wrong plain and simple, still he didnt deserve to get threats and doxxed

    • MuchWhittering

      Austin didn't express an opinion. He made shit up and rightly got called out for it.

  • Hugh Green
    Hugh Green

    That 4 minute mark just proves why this test was just for clicks hot air coming out of the system doesn't mean its running hot just the heat its extracting

    • J0rdanRaY

      True also not true

  • Amin Rahbari
    Amin Rahbari

    Hey Austin you did a great analysis on the new PS5 and that comparison was the truth the new PS5 is actually hotter compared to the old one because of the smaller heat sink made inside the new one and keep it up lad your videos are great you do somethings we might never see anywhere on the Internet unless we do them ourselves anyway I'm telling you that you are doing fine keep it up 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

  • CyberHawks

    Hey Austin, sorry to hear you were doxed… over a freaking PlayStation of all things. I hope things get better and please keep up the awesome work you do!

    • Reckle games
      Reckle games

      @Godin The Killer how did he lie the ps5 is warmer less heat sink so that means in long turn the ps5 will get worse but idiots like you don't understand 😅

    • SRT Patriot
      SRT Patriot

      @Take Your Heart um okay no one asked you🤣

    • Take Your Heart
      Take Your Heart

      @SRT Patriot This is the problem right here with what he said. People making decisions based on his incorrect analysis.

    • Ultimate Zeno
      Ultimate Zeno

      @GYT Most are made in China, or assembled in. Some in orher countries.

    • GYT

      @Ultimate Zeno What products are they cause they both say made in China 🤔

  • Bobby Chakraborty
    Bobby Chakraborty

    We’re with you here, but yea ppl are mad maybe because of the previous video now the original ps5 got more expensive.

  • Mohammed Almosawy
    Mohammed Almosawy

    Keep doing what your doing man.

  • mike mike
    mike mike

    More people like you, please! Thanks for your videos 👌

    • Ets wtf
      Ets wtf

      He's lying but yeah more people like you 🤣

  • Michael Huffman
    Michael Huffman

    I’m a Sony person and I am happy you made the ps5 video and this one the Sony fanboys don’t understand what the are Blabbering about they are just blabbering because they have nothing else better to do

  • Casey

    He's just trying to help us by giving informative content, Sony has changed the ps5 and people who want to own one should know this

    • haseo boi
      haseo boi

      How can it be informative if he was proven wrong? Yong yea and others have already said it.

    • Software Update
      Software Update

      @Godin The Killer im guessing you a lil kid cause you sound goofy asf

    • Godin The Killer
      Godin The Killer

      @Bellissima2k tf is a pony

    • Bellissima2k

      @Godin The Killer Your profession is being a pony, not an engineer

    • Manuel Astoria
      Manuel Astoria

      @Godin The Killer lmao you’re a funny guy. People with money and good jobs don’t waste their time talking about it on a ITmores channel. So it’s okay you don’t have to keep pretending, loseeerrr.

  • Sim W
    Sim W

    It was a great video! Something we all needed to know! It was just being honest and giving an opinion.... how could anyone be upset over it! LOL I subscribed to you after that video,it was brilliant, if someone is upset over it.... they are either trolls or idiots. The fact you needed to do this video.... explaining to what should just be common sense after watching that first video, just shows how moronic people have become, it's just a video.... just an opinion.... it's like people need in the internet now to tell them how to think or make decisions, it's hilarious. Ive seen the world go so far down the toilet in my 45 years, and this is the perfect example of how bad it's become and how bleak the future is is 🤭 Great video man, keep it up!!!! 👍👍👍👍👍

  • Kxng Jake
    Kxng Jake

    Austin you don’t even have to defend yourself, you didn’t do anything wrong. People just look for a reason to hate on someone, all you did was state facts. Keep up the good work man and we got your back 🤞🏼

  • Jooplin

    I had some serious issues with the previous video, primarily the misuse of thermal imaging and using that corrupted data to promote an unscientific opinion and state it as factual. That’s just not in the best interest of the people. What completely flew over my head, was that people actually aggravated the console wars with it. That’s so irrelevant to this discussion it’s laughable.

  • Dwayne Baker
    Dwayne Baker

    Excellent video, I own the v2 ps5, and it does run slightly hotter, my buddy has v1. We know for a fact, excellent video, they're just haters, your telling the truth, and they can't handle the truth. Lol

  • John Nguyen
    John Nguyen

    It’s really sad to see this go down because it’s unnecessary. Austin (and everyone) has the right to make a video detailing about why the “new” PS5 is worse, but that doesn’t mean you have to go out of your way to a point of sending hate and shit to him. Austin, just keep doing things you’re very passionate about which is making content to entertain us.

    • HBlatz87

      Also, "worse" does not equal "bad". The RTX 3080 is "worse" than the 3080Ti. Does that make it a piece of shit? Of course not. He did nothing but state facts. If people are upset over it he's not the one to attack. Though if we're being honest, NO ONE should be attacked over this. The new model still runs perfectly fine, the exhaust is just slightly warmer. No evidence that it's even remotely hot enough to damage the machine.

    • Ziyang Ling
      Ziyang Ling

      Are u Lisa Nguyen's brother?

  • BigJSweets

    Internet gunna internet bruh, keep doing your thing. Love your content and am a fairly new subscriber so your doing things right.

  • Ethan Servant
    Ethan Servant

    Keep up the good work

  • Uncle Charlie3
    Uncle Charlie3

    I have watched a lot of your videos and this one has convinced me to subscribe, keep up the good work. Everybody screams truth and transparency. In words of good old Jack Nick “You can’t handle the truth.”

  • Phil Morton
    Phil Morton

    So they over engineered the cooling to prevent issues, nice for the people who got one, losing 300g of heat sink means they want it to burn out so it wears out faster so you need to buy another one!

  • Destructo X-6
    Destructo X-6

    Poor dude, I don’t know why some people go that far ? Like he’s just making a fair point and if you don’t believe him then open it by yourself

    • Muhammad Anhar
      Muhammad Anhar

      Death threats is the thing dumb people use their remaining brain cells for

    • earlyriser03

      Because people are absolutely insane and can’t take any criticism of their plastic gaming love box. But really, they’re about as empty inside as the revised PS5. If I wasn’t already disgusted with them I’d almost feel pity.

    • Data Dots
      Data Dots

      Bc ppl are legit evil asf. And Stan/Super Fan culture is a hinderance on humanity and should be outlawed with the crazy nut cracks that come out of it. It’s one thing to be a normal fan and then there’s being a complete lunatic.

    • Aleksa Žunjić
      Aleksa Žunjić

      People getting mad are people with vested interests ;) In modern times it is relatively easy to gather virtual "woke" mob to threaten and bully someone on internet. Sony on the other hand is a company known for its shady dealings.

    • Omar Wen
      Omar Wen

      It's not a fair point, they insinuate several times in that video that worse cooling is going to lead to overheating and performance issues. Which are lies.

  • delane Scott
    delane Scott

    i loved your video on the ps5 being hotter, keep being true to your channel, theres just as many people that support your views just like the ones that dont, if xbox changed their console this early someone would have done the same video!!!! on xbox.

  • Flecher-Geno Dinelle
    Flecher-Geno Dinelle

    That's the ps5 series x war. I am a series x owner and when I speak to my friend who has ps5 and ps4 they all said that the series is a bad console. And then I show them love in saying whatever console you buy is for the game not the console.

  • Kulub Sub
    Kulub Sub

    Honestly whether he is right or wrong the way other people reacted to this was immature and unnecessary people have to stop being so sensitive about everything. While no I am not saying he was right about his information, there is no reason to ridicule him for this mistake. On the other hand if there was so much controversy Austin most likely should’ve deleted the video but he didn’t and that was wrong, but that never gives people the right to act the way they did putting Austin so much further down than he had deserved to be put. Another thing to say is the fact that people were saying he was biased. This is completely incorrect it had just so happened that the PlayStation rather than the Xbox had a new version that at first glance would look less powerful. I am 100% sure he would’ve done the same thing if it were an Xbox. Calling him a liar is just plain wrong he was not a liar he was misinformed, two very different things which also comes back to the idea that he was biased, which as said before he was not.

  • Jonny English
    Jonny English

    Don't listen to the naysayers Austin. You did your job, you lets us, the people, the customers, know what our money was being spent on. You did a good job, and informed us on what we needed to know. Thank you, and keep up the good work! We're behind you 100%.

  • Ocean

    Exposing Sony for changing stuff so the customers can be aware of maybe any issues is a crime now?! I would be thankful for exposing any changes on the PS5 even when it would be from Microsoft itself! As a consumer since the original PS, i'm really thankful for Videos like the one that Austin did!

    • Moises Martinez Morales
      Moises Martinez Morales

      @Grendel that just means its an error not a lie lol

    • Hampus Näslund
      Hampus Näslund

      @Moises Martinez Morales Warmer exhaust air does not mean warmer internals. Just that the fan is better att evacuating heat.

    • nbttl 1
      nbttl 1

      Perfect point!

    • That Anon who lurks moar
      That Anon who lurks moar

      @Grendel the v2 PS5 has a smaller heatsink already. What makes you think it won't run hotter? If the exhaust is dispensing more heat it because it's more hotter inside because of the obvious and shown smaller heatsink. It's common sense. Otherwise it wouldn't be throwing out more heat then the original If it wasn't more hot inside.

    • That Anon who lurks moar
      That Anon who lurks moar

      @Michalis M they attack people for literally less. Yes.

  • fREAK

    all this led one of ITmores greatest crossover videos. GN and DF together

  • G_ Rey85
    G_ Rey85

    I saw the video and I thank you for showing the real side of these companies. I actually got a new ps5 but it’s not the exact model number of the one that I got( it’s also the digital version) I just haven’t opened it. Thank you for you service Austin. It’s not even a big difference lol chill people

  • mahin rahman
    mahin rahman

    This has aged. The new ps5 actually runs cooler. Funny how it caused such a commotion with big names instantly calling it out as a "downgrade"

    • mahin rahman
      mahin rahman

      @Ricky Guerrero yah ik


    I think it's good you went through ps5 people need to know

  • The Cleverly Named Person
    The Cleverly Named Person

    Hope you’re staying safe Austin. Sorry to hear you’re getting all this BS for showing and commenting on your findings. Your work should be recognized and rewarded because this is good information to know

    • Wendell Greenidge
      Wendell Greenidge

      Stop it, it’s the way he did it and for someone with his background he should have been more careful especially with no real data to back it up. Even in this video he is still speculating with no real data. It’s just what he thinks

  • papiyankee11

    Let me set this straight, you talked absolutely bs that made no sense with very little testing BUT that doesn't mean you deserved the doxxing or death threats. You deserve the hate, but we're talking about a PS5 here. Doxxing/death threats are just uncalled for.

  • Azeem Spencer
    Azeem Spencer

    I was thinking of long term base for the new heat sink. totally agree with you. if you were to think for the ssd upgrade thats coming that will add up to the heat as well. climate for different countries as well plays a role and with the new heat sink I'm considering post covid model of the PS5. mind you I've been waiting to get one since launch and still did not manage to get one.

  • gnuwaves

    DId the new Ps5s solve the inventory shortage?

  • Pascal L.
    Pascal L.

    I dont know what you might did wrong? You shared your opinion with your viewers. It was "hard" but it was honest proven by facts. I dont know what it should have been if you would have said the cooling was improved? Everybody would be disappointed when their console was louder than before. 🤷‍♂️ Iam watching your videos over 5 years now and you never disappointed.

    • Ricardo Barbosa
      Ricardo Barbosa

      The new PS5 is 11c cooler

  • Terry McShan
    Terry McShan

    Stay strong Austin. Lot of sad people out there with nothing to live for or to be grateful for. Your channel is entertaining, thanks for the good positive vibes you and your staff put out.

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    a h14

    You done nothing wrong. Internets a strange place. Keep up the videos they are really good.

  • Steel Knightz
    Steel Knightz

    To quote Neil deGrasse Tyson, "One of the great challenges in life is knowing enough about a subject to think you're right, but not enough about the subject to know you're wrong."

    • huleyn135

      @DrDidio The RAM is cooler and so are the VRM's. It's not so cut and dry.

    • DrDidio

      @Tranquility wtf is an xbot

    • DrDidio

      @Ufgbkgc Hehshid man said no it isn't.... Do u know what a hear sink is? It's 3° hotter than the CF-1000

    • Ufgbkgc Hehshid
      Ufgbkgc Hehshid

      @DrDidio no it inst if anything it runs very slightly cooler it definitely not worse

    • Tranquility

      @DrDidio xbot

  • Rocking Joe
    Rocking Joe

    Did you check the ps5 with the disc/CD drive. If you get it, can you please do the same video with for it as well.take apart the new and old one and compare video as well

  • Michael Myers
    Michael Myers

    I’m pretty sure Sony knows what they are doing and I agree with you people shouldn’t be upset at you my opinion this is probably better then the PS4 launch no one is having overheat issues yet like on the PS4 launch a bit later but I did hear that there is a brick issues with external hard drives . Idk if that is true tho