Let's Talk About The New PS5
The original PS5 video: itmores.info/player/video/1ZKBrI50jdSAnco
Xbox Series X overheating: itmores.info/player/video/z2abua9_esZogNI
Digital Foundry's excellent PS5 CFI-1100 article: www.eurogamer.net/articles/di...

  • Tha Likely Lad
    Tha Likely Lad

    Pony's are pathetic 😄

  • Philosopher Stoned
    Philosopher Stoned

    Came here from Griffin Gaming. Sorry that you got criticized for telling the objective truth.

  • Yung Doritos
    Yung Doritos

    I love you bro ❤️‍🔥

  • RandomBlake

    I agree with you Austin 🤙🏻

  • Goose Da Playmaker
    Goose Da Playmaker

    Austin Evans analyzing heat dissipation in consoles is as credible as The Verge building a PC. Classy.

  • Kintah

    Clearly wrong from the start, gets called out and then proceeds to essentially stir up a mob against people that called him out. Good fucking job. Such an irresponsible video considering the number of subscriber the channel has.

  • Pedro Rivera
    Pedro Rivera

    Ponies got their feelings hurted and spanked at the same time lol

  • King Of Dust
    King Of Dust

    I hate humanity. Worthless.

  • The Crystal Wyvern
    The Crystal Wyvern

    Hey Austin I love your videos, they are funny and informative. Keep it up and I'll always be looking to your next video. I'm just shocked at how many toxic Sony people there are. I've had the PS5 since day one and I thought there were more toxic angry people at Xbox, guess I was wrong.

  • Sahriar Onjon
    Sahriar Onjon

    Apologise now properly.

    • Kverto


  • JackyV

    Man you were very wrong on this subject, opinion doesn't even matter anymore when the facts are solid.and you're still persistent about it too, sorry you got doxxed tho

  • j duron
    j duron

    about that gamers nexus vid, so no reaction?

  • Snuckles

    Ps5 runs hotter therefore, it is an inferior version to the previous model, fanboyism is literally a disease

  • Dedsecgaming0915

    Wtf just because you are spitting facts people want to take this that far thats unacceptable 😤

    • Paweł Sobkowiak
      Paweł Sobkowiak

      "Facts" 😂🤣

  • アルル ネコ
    アルル ネコ

    DreamcastGuy needs to stop!

  • splashyDIAMONDus

    If you didn't know anything about it, why make a video mr sellout?

  • Nick J
    Nick J

    Never really watched his content before this but now after this little media stunt I’m def not watching him 😂 And for his fanboys that wanna come at me, cry too, boy 🤣

    • The One
      The One


  • The Lazy Gamer
    The Lazy Gamer


  • Zanforce

    I am a Sony playstation person and I think the downgrade is bull crap especially if we have to pay that price and especially if it has shorten its lifespan. it would be more sense for me to wait for the Slim version down the road or get the original disc version people wanna get mad over this haha go ahead buy it up. I made that mistake a long time ago with the fat ps3 when it burned up and died I should of waited for the slim model. and the xbox fans made a mistake of buying the 360 with the RROD people have either gotten smart with their purchases or dumber and just keep pouring money into another system soon as theirs busted. its funny I wait and get best possible product now and my systems last I waited for Pro lasted. I wanted a ps5 but I couldn't get one will I get newer model hmmm depends I will wait to see if it crashes and burns on full release to everyone then I will not get it i'll wait till they hammer out the problems but I am not gonna attack someone for their comments going bit overboard there.

    • Zanforce

      @Paweł Sobkowiak You're right but it's not like they want to, they get pressured they want it can't get their hands on one they buckle. While some of us will not buckle because you can get same experience with a ps4 pro just not fast load times and I mean I am not a graphics whore but a little speed would be nice but am I going to pay 300 more on top of that price just for some extra speed no I am not. sooner or later I'll get the system and it ain't like I am getting left out either cause well I don't have it I can always add psn Plus games for ps5 from their website.

    • Paweł Sobkowiak
      Paweł Sobkowiak

      @Zanforce you can thank to people who buys from scalper's , and distributors , shop's that push everything through online sell so its out of stock in seconds ,they don't give a shit if you will buy it or some dude will buy 100pcs

    • Zanforce

      ​@Paweł SobkowiakIf you believe you will get it for 499 when the scalpers DDOS the online stores and buy out the inventory before anyone gets one. Because if they aren't putting them in stores it's DOA trust me. you don't think scalpers saved up the money they earned from original they are biding their time waiting. also about the selling below market value they always make back the money if they didn't they had stopped because there is no money in it.

    • Paweł Sobkowiak
      Paweł Sobkowiak

      Dude this hardware is selling at a loss at the start , 499$ is not that much , check the prices of laptops at similar specs , remember how much did cost ps2 , ps3 , xb360 ?

  • Hotshot

    I have a reason why i don't want to Buying *PS5* this early yet

  • The CM Punk Chant
    The CM Punk Chant

    Sorry you’ve had to deal with the drecks of ITmores, however because of that I’ve discovered your channel and am now a subscriber and viewer. Keep up the good work.

    • Paweł Sobkowiak
      Paweł Sobkowiak

      "Bad" work you mean

  • david bae
    david bae

    so I understand your initial thoughts process, but now it has been proven your conclusions were wrong, in that case you should make a follow up video to say, " hey this is what I thought before but now due to testing it has been proven false." but it seems like you havent therefore now you are misleading people with false information which isnt good.

  • Chance Coffey
    Chance Coffey

    Don't ever explain yourself to mouth breathers. If they're wrong, their video numbers will show it.

  • Michael Garcia
    Michael Garcia

    All the people talking crap about you, just want views. Pathetic fan boy shills.

  • Kingdom of Gamers
    Kingdom of Gamers

    Sony needs to fix this problem otherwise their going to have a bigger uproar from the community.

  • GRAstroskopia. Pl
    GRAstroskopia. Pl

    Xbot Evans

  • Jeffrey Lambert
    Jeffrey Lambert

    Sony fans for ya

  • James Matias
    James Matias

    Bro people are dumb, everything you said on the video was supported by your findings, and anyone with a basic understaing of how hardware technology works would have not have a problem with it.

  • Ryan Leonard
    Ryan Leonard

    Prepare for the dreamcast guy retards

  • Salvador Rodriguez
    Salvador Rodriguez


  • Aura Drifter
    Aura Drifter

    Gamers nexus thanks you for the views

  • Josh Williamson
    Josh Williamson

    Your channel is amazing buddy💯👍 don’t let these 40 yr old virgins and kids get to you. Thanks for what you and the crew do and all your hard work 👊

  • Schmitty Werben Jaegermanjensen
    Schmitty Werben Jaegermanjensen

    Though I agree that people were out of line to dox you, I believe that in labeling the PlayStation 5 revision is worse, you opened up a new realm of criticism. You have millions of people watching you, so you best believe that from here on out, people will go through your content with a fine tooth comb.

  • Stryker 34
    Stryker 34

    Your "opinion" means nothing in science. Gamers nexus tested it. Total noob. Measuring exhaust Temps means nothing. Tells you nothing about how much heat is actually in the SOC/Dye


    Thanks for the research you do, people will always argue against what they dont agree with, but part of the internet will continue to do justice

  • Gondala Satvarsh
    Gondala Satvarsh

    Dude your analysis is shit. At least admit it now instead of using the victim card.

  • Karol Tomczyk
    Karol Tomczyk

    can someone tell me if the new one is better or worse because i am hella confused

  • Bryan Steele
    Bryan Steele

    Everytime someone starts a video with "this not a video I wanted to make". I'm like STFU. Yes you did and you know why ($) you did. Quit being a "youtube" and just be genuine.

  • Mr Outcast
    Mr Outcast

    Dude, you know shit about testing and understanding what what in technology. At least have balls to admit you're completely WRONG on this, instead of shitting on people who called you out. Stick to tech entertainment - that's the only thing you decent at, not on objective tech reviews when you have no damn clue how to even test things properly.

  • EcKo Nightmare
    EcKo Nightmare

    the man cry over people who talk shit about sony.

  • Kyle

    What's with all this cope about the ps5

  • Red Nova
    Red Nova

    Y'all so damn stupid Austin is honest and doesn't sugar coat sh*t, anyone who says otherwise obviously hasn't watched any of his other countless videos

  • Drebin2293

    I don't think you're a liar Austin. I just think you just aren't educated enough to know better one way or another.

  • Lazy Islander
    Lazy Islander

    Digital Foundry and GN have millions less subs and thats sad becuase you Austin have more reach and the resources to do proper due diligence and testing , you were just pumping out content as fast as you could instead of actually going through proper process of testing , Millions of people look to you for "expertise" , people should start looking elsewhere, own your mistake and move on , for now you have lost me as a sub untill you do better!

  • Ramdas Devadiga
    Ramdas Devadiga

    Don't be sorry, be better. -Kratos.

  • Mark Ryan
    Mark Ryan

    Why can't we all get along. Grow up peopel and get a life.

  • ZippoBone

    Anytime it gets hotter then to me it's not good. It should not get any hotter and people are being fan boys for being on Sony side.

  • Abyss Shadows
    Abyss Shadows

    Ah yes another day of having a personal opinion turns out to be a hate crime to the eyes of crazy fanboys

  • arenkai

    Let's look at it this way: even if you were right, you would have been for bad reasons

  • nrencoret

    You are no hero and you didn't call out Sony. I know it's just a ps5 but "just for the clicks" you keep digging a deeper hole. The internet is over sensitive and pissed, but you are pouring gasoline on fire when even GN told you what was flawed in a respectable way (have never seen a kinder Steve with someone so fundamentally wrong). Please don't contribute to a more disinformed planet and kill both this and the original video. And for the haters, humbly accept you were wrong...twice.

    • Kverto

      imagine being angry at pixels.

    • King Of Dust
      King Of Dust

      Shut up. Seriously.


    Sony fanboys leave this man alone who cares I thought people had freedom of speech? I guess when it comes to someone talking about sony they loss there freedom of speech he's human he had feeling 98% of all of sony fanboys don't even have a ps5 so you can't say he's wrong when you can't buy one

    • silver max
      silver max

      tbf, he was wrong but that doesn't justify death threats but criticism is absolutely ok and we know he is wrong because of the more comprehensive testing done by gamer nexus and digital foundry

  • A B
    A B

    Anything for money plain n simple.

  • Marc Nappier
    Marc Nappier

    We need a “Part 3: My laws of physics were wrong”

    • mutalix


  • Bosko Jal
    Bosko Jal

    3:35 Would really love to see you study the properties of copper and aluminium then re-think about this statement

  • ilikeitalot29

    The first thing you should have said in this video was i was wrong

  • Peace Frog
    Peace Frog

    Just take down the video you were proved wrong by ENGINEERS stop spreading miss information to people who don't look in the comments. But no you won't you just have to keep racking in that money. Look I don't agree or condone the death threats or any of that bullshit that was too far, but don't use those for your defense.

  • k00LGuY671

    The ps5 doesn’t run hotter because the rear exhaust is hotter. Gamers nexus proved that it runs cooler and expels heat better. You were wrong and you should just humble yourself that you were wrong. lol

    • Evan Stenger
      Evan Stenger

      What on earth are you talking about?? GN proved in his testing that the SOC ran HOTTER not cooler...

  • hesketh7085

    Keep it up Austin. Haters gonna hate!

    • hesketh7085

      @Paweł Sobkowiak Got a link? Not sure what qualifies as a real test if not holding a thermometer to the exhaust?

    • Paweł Sobkowiak
      Paweł Sobkowiak

      @hesketh7085 watch real tests, it doesn't run hotter

    • hesketh7085

      @Paweł Sobkowiak He opened both models. One model had less heatsink, and that model ran slightly hotter. What's false? What's missinformation?

    • Paweł Sobkowiak
      Paweł Sobkowiak

      Yeah keep up the false statements and missinformation yay

  • francis yang
    francis yang

    It’s only worst because Sony didn’t pay you like Stadia ? … Go watch his stellar review of the Stadia

  • The Gaming Apprentice
    The Gaming Apprentice

    Or instead of doing half ass testing to get a video out you could do actual testing like Gamer Nexus. Legit your a Xbox fan, just admit it. All your videos have been one sided. Dude won’t even admit he’s wrong.

  • Owen

    So when are you going to make a video saying you gave incorrect information about the new revision of PS5

  • Wizord

    The internet, what a funny thing.

  • Slevin C
    Slevin C

    So are you gonna do another video, saying you were just giving out incorrect information?

    • Evan Stenger
      Evan Stenger

      He was correct though.

  • S De
    S De

    The ps5 sucks

    • Owen

      @A B Because i have both new consoles? Sounds like I’m more of a winner tbh

    • A B
      A B

      @Owen loser!

    • Owen

      Do you own one? Probably not. I own both new consoles and they’re great 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • aznbol31

    fortunately digital foundry are there...


    tyrants label criticism as toxicity so that they can stay relevant

    • Your Uncle John
      Your Uncle John

      Dude got death threats

    • Morit

      Ehhh you clearly don't know the internet. They definitely made a mistake but like as usual the internet overreacts

  • Ervi Ari
    Ervi Ari

    The PS5 Pro coming in three years will have a bigger heatsink.

  • Sarak

    humans are dumb bruh really really dumb

  • Oriahk

    his opinions... are the facts?

  • iMaajid

    Where’s the mea culpa? Just get over yourself and say you were wrong. We’ve all made mistakes, no big deal.

    • C V
      C V

      You know somebody is an egocentric when not even the obscene amount of view$ he will get by making that video were able to convince him to accept he made a mistake.

  • Darth Jarjar
    Darth Jarjar

    Clickbaiter. Am reporting your vid as misleading.


    Ask sorry. So simple. You are proven wrong.

  • Logan vgg vv
    Logan vgg vv

    Been said 100 times but ill make it 101. Aged like milk this! Really hasn't aged well.

  • Im Codeski
    Im Codeski

    People just need to pull their heads out of their asses and not get so damn butt hurt. Austin, you do you.

  • Lekzie69

    a face we can't trust 😂

  • Son Brick
    Son Brick

    *Talks about some toxicity* Welcome to the internet, my guy. You've managed to be careful not to get attacked by that, so you should be proud of yourself. That shit is everywhere, and it's even worse on twitter and in fandoms.

  • Thomas Shears
    Thomas Shears

    I'm sure you were hoping they would blow over, you have been proven wrong by digital foundry and gamers nexus, where is your retraction or apology for incorrect information? Your getting quite the track record..

  • M Habib
    M Habib

    What a disappointing and dissatisfactory response.

  • Hortinus

    This aged poorly. Again.

  • Cristian Ardila
    Cristian Ardila

    Q paso este callo la mentira de q la nueva ps5 se calentarla mas por q el disipador era más pequeño jaja zascaaa

  • Jack Sparrow
    Jack Sparrow

    Guaaaooo very professional video🙄🤮

  • rubenrar1

    when you speak in this video, I couldn't finish watching the video because you keep rerouting on what you're trying to say. Please delay the video until you're ready to speak or take a speaking class at a community college. Either or I'm not picky.

    • rubenrar1

      Actually it was pretty good. In fact it is more smooth than most comments you see on ITmores. But if you actually find that funny, your standard is very low. It's not my fault the austin keeps rerouting when he is speaking. So you're talking to the wrong individual here buddy.

  • SummerWave

    Playstation fanboys continuing to show why they are the worst of all fanboys.

    • Guy10169

      Babytendo fangirls are the worse

    • Skyler Stevens
      Skyler Stevens

      If he spreads false information, than people are gonna get upset. It was kinda over the top how people tried to dox him though.

  • The Simple Gaming Life
    The Simple Gaming Life

    Oh please make a part 3 stating that “In the end they are the same”.

    • motor78

      Except they're not and the new ps5 is a downgrade

  • Aksam Rafiz
    Aksam Rafiz

    Too bad ur laws of physics don't follow the actual laws.

  • Brian Hall
    Brian Hall

    Dude, don’t let it get to you. There is absolutely nothing you can do that will make ever person in the world happy with you. Some people are immature and can’t handle when others have opinions that don’t match there’s. You continue to do you and keep producing the content you enjoy making!

    • Paweł Sobkowiak
      Paweł Sobkowiak

      Opinion or statement choose one

  • Bryan Guantero
    Bryan Guantero

    Just man up and apologize properly. Your credibility is pretty much gone now.

  • Roman Kowalski
    Roman Kowalski

    Your fine, and "idiots" always want to jump on a band wagon. I am sure they are Democrat's!

  • Christopher Mann Jr.
    Christopher Mann Jr.

    Well, this is even more awkward now that Gamers Nexus and Digital Foundry proved that your presumption was completely incorrect.

    • Christopher Mann Jr.
      Christopher Mann Jr.

      @THE ONE WHO KNOCKS BEACAUSE ITS RUDE NOT TO Interesting. Thanks for the heads up. It's sad because this seriously impacts his credibility. While I understand that he isn't exactly a "journalist" in the traditional sense, he still has a responsibility to provide accurate information to his large following. These biased assumptions for the sake of a hot headline and the desire to be first to get the news out the door is a very dangerous approach. I wouldn't be surprised if Sony took action for defamation.


      he's in a undisclosed sponsorship with Microsoft, just look at the positivity of his xbox videos when compared to the ps5 videos

    • Christopher Mann Jr.
      Christopher Mann Jr.

      @1GTX1 And then he was wrong about everything else, including the primary claim that it was objectively worse than the original PS5, when it is not.

    • 1GTX1

      He was right when it comes to CPU, it is few degrees hotter


    Bruh. You people are stupid, a man just made a claim based on what he knew, when he did it there was no research that had been done, and he was making an observation based entirely upon what he had seen, what do you guys think the first dude who studied the atom did? He made observations based entirely on what he'd seen, and he was partially wrong about quite a bit. Okay, maybe Austin was wrong, but what's the point of all this toxicity just because this man did something before others did and might've been wrong about an observation he made based on his own primary knowledge. Besides, its literally a game console, what's the point of all this toxicity, if it was like a political leader I'd understand but it's a game console, do what you want with it, buy whichever one you want, dont be toxic to some dude just cause of a claim he made based on his own observations and skill set. He was wrong, he admitted it, now move on you crazy 12 year old man babies.

  • 권기용

    worse? kkkkkkkkkk

  • Brent Fox
    Brent Fox

    Let's talk about how its probably the worst and LOUDEST product The asians over at Asian-station HQ have put out (and that's saying something)

  • SiNaaN



    Get to the point

  • E.C.R

    You see he hesitated and never said he screwed up just say it man the pride on this guy is huge nothing wrong to admit faults he just said "the internet where not happy" like what dude just say you didn't do the research

  • Djole2pistolja

    So now that EVERYBODY knows you were wrong and your so called mesuremnt are amateur and unprofesional. Are you gonna make a new video and admit you were wrong?

    • Djole2pistolja

      @Evan Stenger no he was not. There is little to no difference between old and new revisions. Watch digital foundry video and gaming nexsus.

    • Evan Stenger
      Evan Stenger

      What are you talking about? He was right.

  • illogik

    I don’t believe this “ITmores algorithm” nonsense. Is there any hard evidence of this? I get recommended videos with less than 1,000 views all the time. Not only that but some you tubers literally have all of their new videos recommended to me even though I’m not subscribed. If the algorithm was really that bad what is the explanation for this?

  • Tfark

    We need a proper apology !!

  • ReelBigCohen

    What a fk up and terrible apology.