Is Razer Worth It?
Austin Evans
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Razer makes a lot of gaming gear but it it really worth the money?

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  • Isaiah Marmol
    Isaiah Marmol

    When using Razer, it's important to remember that the majority of the cost comes from the brand name... Although it may have quality, one does not get as much for their money as with other brands.

    • Lucas York
      Lucas York

      @Jaden Murray gigabyte for sure

    • Jack Moxley
      Jack Moxley

      Depends on price, the Acer spin I bought for my 7 year old has lasted 5 years and is now in the hands of another 7 yr old. Shockingly resliant considering the abuse it has received. Will never go with razer again, the machines look nice, but the moment it goes wrong you are stuck, personal experience! If you are going for top of the line, always go with one that does on prem repair!

    • Facesofevildead

      Gaming laptop vs a pc? I'm really looking into getting into pc gaming and I'd like some recommendations for a computer/ laptop , reccomend a graphics card. something for gaming obviously but if I want to check email and online shopping Facebook if I wanted to I have the option type of thing.. and... go.... What should I look for?

    • Shameer Khan
      Shameer Khan


    • Jack Moxley
      Jack Moxley

      @Jaden Murray Asus, although I would go with Alien, Razer post sales support is terrible.

  • MonsterSteve

    "People want a macbook on the windows side, let's be real". Yep. That's why I got the Razer Blade 14. It feels like a Macbook with windows and a 3070 inside of it. It's insane.

    • Kuro

      @Arktiix I have the razer blade 14 aswell, My laptop lasts all day at school and when my classes end it is still at around 70 percent. So yeah the battery life is fine, And I also don't think anything is running faulty because I checked my laptops health.

    • Lincoln Lim
      Lincoln Lim

      And here I am, with a Asus Zephyrus G15

    • Arktiix

      Do u think that it’s running faulty or anything and do u think that the battery would last a school day doing school work

  • alex t
    alex t

    I've had several Razer mice and from experience, they're really good products, currently rocking the Orochi v2 and I love it. I wouldn't recommend buying Razer products on launch though, the price can sometimes just be ridiculous. Always wait for a sale as most of the time as their products age, a sale is bound to happen in different retailers.

    • JD i guess
      JD i guess

      @chiehlt same ive used razor and logitech and razor just feels like that cheap "gaming mouse" you get on amazon except its has the logo on it and that's pretty much it I really don't know why people what they sell literally look somewhere else and you'll get better for cheaper.

    • Imran A
      Imran A

      Especially with the laptops, yeah I'd wait until buying them. Their sale and 3rd party prices are insanely discounted

    • PuddW

      @bmxscape "the mice are fine" proven multiple times they're the best

    • bmxscape

      @PuddW the mice are fine the keyboards, headsets, laptops and probably everything else have issues

    • DragonX2X7

      @JME Hmmm, I had a copperhead and spoiled within a month after 1 year of daily use (left mouse click problem, double clicking when I click once), gave Razer another shot and bought Deathadder 2013 version. After about 10-11 months of daily use, same problem with the left mouse key, while it was still within the 1 year warranty, I was in a different country and there was no way I'm going to pay for a plane ticket and fly 8+ hours to get it fixed (besides warranty was only about 1 month left and I was quite busy then). Now I'm not so sure about their products even though I'm still a fan of their innovation. Optical Switches should be more durable but.......

  • Martin Drkoš
    Martin Drkoš

    Will they ever bring out a Razer razer? Also, I miss the gaming laptops that looked like they should be making supercar engine noises.

    • Jake S
      Jake S

      @Cricket England You mean you have to add punctuation to the first letter, dummy.

    • DragoNate

      @IcyB2012 well, of COURSE they'll have a CHROMA version & a non-chroma version... but don't forget, the Chroma version can be plugged into your PC (and needs to for the chroma to work) and can also be used a powerbank for your phone/razer laptop.

    • bmxscape

      some of those laptops do sound like a supercar when the fan kicks in lol

    • Martin Drkoš
      Martin Drkoš

      @Cricket England I guess?

    • ISKILZ

      @Cricket England actually u king of got r/wooosh 'ed but i won't complain

  • Michael Hickman
    Michael Hickman

    Razed feels like Apple with how their products are priced, and the site looking just like there’s. Razer is gamer version of Apple.

    • Jack Moxley
      Jack Moxley

      If my apple product fails, I know it will be fixed and promptly. If my razer product fails, I have to send it away for 3 weeks and there is a high chance it will come back worse. Buying a mouse or keyboard is one thing, less to go wrong and less to lose. But a laptop? Not making that mistake again.

    • sls12III

      @qu peter bro Sennheiser and Bose are leagues above every other competitor.

    • Pranjal Mishra
      Pranjal Mishra

      Except Apple is actually good, overpriced but good. Razer on the other hand not as much.

    • Carter Harris
      Carter Harris

      It’s secretly just Apple but rebranded to be gamer. They are probably going to make a Razer phoen

    • Iplayrandomgamesosendmesome

      @René Domínguez no one buys dell

  • Dejoowie

    I recently used the Black friday sales to upgrade some of my gear. I already had a Razer Blackwidow from last year's sale which (I feel) is amazing, and was a definite upgrade from the mem-chanical piece of junk I had before. Someone who's built their own keyboard to perfection and knows every in and out of it will probably throw up trying to type on it. But for me, it's been nothing but amazing. And after upgrading my mouse as well, mostly because I already had the keyboard and was tired of having 25 different manufaturers' software installed, I've been nothing but happy with the experience. It is in a sense like apple in that way, in that you buy into the brand, and into the 'ecosystem', at least for the whole chroma-shabang. To use the words of our soon-to-be-overlord God Howard; ''It just works'', and that's what the majority of the consumer market wants it to do.

  • Garrett Johnsen
    Garrett Johnsen

    I’ve had two Razer products ever. One was a mouse that I had to replace after six months. The other is a keyboard I’ve had for about four years or so. Very happy with the keyboard. The mouse.. not so much.

    • saeed488

      I've had both a razer keyboard and mouse die on me

    • Norton Luna
      Norton Luna

      I know, my razer mouse works but kinda lags when the batttery is slow

    • Vinay Pullakhandam
      Vinay Pullakhandam

      Chiming in. Have a razer keyboard and mouse for almost 2 years now. Never gave me issues but when researching, i did bump into this feedback a lot about this being hit or miss

    • Chubsed

      @EMberwell, theres quality control for you. thing is, when they do well, razer is really good, never understand why people crap on it. but i’ve had over 5 razer products in the past, 3 of them mice, and i’ve had a problem, always worked fine. maybe its just from region to region.

    • Garrett Johnsen
      Garrett Johnsen

      @Big nis True! I just didn’t follow through so that’s on me.

  • Joel Cortes
    Joel Cortes

    Really really hard not to like my Razer blade 14, the experience of day to day use is like nothing else. Sure similar hardware can be found for cheaper, but it will also feel cheaper. To me that part matters. I buy to have a premium device inside and out.

  • OutRunner

    From my experience with razer products I must say they are good, expensive but worth the money, get them at a sale if you can. I use the Basilisk x hyperspeed mouse and the huntsman elite keyboard, purchased on sale, of course and I am very pleased with the ergonomics, build quality, performance, the battery life on the mouse is 3 months on 2.4 ghz mode with medium to heavy gaming sesions daily, and the keyboard has nice tactile feedback, good volume & multimedia buttons, removable wrist rest and nice lighting, it feels very solid and well made. The only other razer product I had was the kynossa mouse & membrane keyboard bundle which was cheap but felt just like any other product at that price point, only with a razer logo on it, nothing special. I do like how their laptops look, heards bad things about kraken headphones and I'm not interested in the whacky products like rgb masks, straw and finger grips, just stick to their proven gaming peripherials and you'd be good. Not sure on the headphones tho' like I said, I use the HyperX Cloud 2 Pro and I am absolutely in love with everything about them.

    • Zach Lehnherr
      Zach Lehnherr

      @HorisonSkies works fine on PC, it's a ps5 problem, I've tried each of the USB ports on my ps5, I guess I could try a USB c adapter and see if that port works

    • HorisonSkies

      @Zach Lehnherr It could POSSIBLY the port your using not having enough power, always try and try again, it could be a headset problem or a PS5 Problem, try a different port on it or maybe try plugging it into a PC and seeing if the problem persists, if it does, it's a headphone problem, in which you must get them returned.

    • Zach Lehnherr
      Zach Lehnherr

      @HorisonSkies that hasn't worked for me, I'll give it another try but this is a wireless USB headset. Not sure if there's interference in the room my ps5 is in or if it's something with the ps5

    • HorisonSkies

      @Zach Lehnherr Ah yeah, static is a WEIRD bug on must USB headsets. It happens to me too, but I don't see it as an issue. People normally point out when it happens so I then take the USB of the headphones out, then plug it back in and it works just good as new again.

    • Zach Lehnherr
      Zach Lehnherr

      @HorisonSkies I have the v3 pro, but on my ps5 they have static as I speak, on PC, there's barely any, it's a weird issue, contacted support and they did a replacement but same issue. Sound quality is super good though and they are extremely comfortable

  • Luke Mocherman
    Luke Mocherman

    I had my deathadder and blackwidow elite for YEARS before upgrading to a huntsman mini and a basilisk v3. They're solid products and definitely recommendable. Expensive, but well-done.

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      ⤴️⤴️ congratulations you won hit me up for INTERACTION on claming prize.

  • sinnohen

    A long as you like the brand. My experience with Razer has been pretty hit or miss, but I still end up coming back to them for aesthetic or convenience. for example, I main the Razer Turret as my mouse and keyboard for PC and Xbox gaming. There are no other wireless mouse and keyboard combos like this one on the market right now.

  • César Navarro
    César Navarro

    I love razer, and I have pretty much all the peripherals besides the monitor and speakers. But I really love the brand, I love the ecosystem that integrates really well. I always said Razer is the Apple of gamers, more or less and they have been working on that for years. Maybe not all the products are good or worth it, But I could say the same about Apple and their prices for some things they offer.

  • SaberKyo

    Razer also has quite nice customer service imo, they replaced my whole motherboard from warranty and they even somehow handled all the shipping costs and so on. All I had to do was contact them and within a week and a half I had my blade 15 back with new internals.

  • Gregor Šajn
    Gregor Šajn

    I bought several Razer products through the years and I was always very satisfied with what I got. Good build quality, you feel like you're getting little more than just buying normal mouse or let's say laptop. I don't think it's for everyone, but for someone who appreciates those things, Razer is an easy recomendation.

  • Ethan Massey
    Ethan Massey

    As someone with the sealth 13, it’s well worth the price, as I’m proud to have it out in public all the while knowing I can dock it and play games when I get home. Great combination of Mac and gaming ultrabook.

    • Rochit Gurung
      Rochit Gurung

      @Andrew razer can replace too but okay

    • Kuro

      @Andrew I had the g14 but it isn't as reliable as the razer blade 14, and the g14 doesn't have a gaming macbook vibe at all.

    • Banana gun
      Banana gun

      @Tradeka420 can you tell me the specs of that 2500$ razer laptop? cuz I have a 1000$ TUF and I whould like to compare them.Mine is gtx 1650, i7 10th gen, 1TB SSD, 60 hrtz monitor

    • Khang Hy Võ
      Khang Hy Võ

      @Andrew the G15 is a great gaming laptop, but it is not a gaming Macbook.

    • Tradeka420

      @Andrew I just looked and the only comparable blade to the laptop she has is $2500 and has an older and worse cpu and a worse display. 1000 more dollars for a worse computer. Wow, really worth it

  • Stormrage Gaming
    Stormrage Gaming

    I had my PSU die on my 3090 rig, so I got a Blade 17 with a 11th gen i7/3070(130w) to use while waiting for upgrades and the new PSU to come in; and it kind of surprised me. The noise, cooling, performance (within reason, mind you!)-- much better than the alienware and the MSI I tried out. It was just under 2600 US, and as a temp desktop replacement for streaming FFXIV? I honestly have no real complaints other than abysmal battery life-- but you don't buy a machine like this for that lmao. Backlight bleed on the 1440p screen is kind of bad, but that's just IPS display lottery for you. Yeah, if you can justify the Razer price hike (the MSI similarly spec'd was ~$500 cheaper, but less sturdy feeling & much louder) its worth it. If not, there are plenty of good options. ^^

  • Blargh McBlarghson
    Blargh McBlarghson

    I have a Razer Tartarus V2, I like its layout compared to other gaming keypads, but my experience with their ecosystem has made me swear off all their other products. There's no reason Razer Central can't store profiles locally, yet I _have_ to be signed in and online for that feature to work, and for all the updates it doesn't reliably recognize which program is in focus.

  • Mystical_Zeus

    I actually have that Razer Straw. It's very nice. Comes with that cleaning tool and a silicone carrying case. Using it right now as a matter of fact.

  • Vellweb

    Most of my experience with razer is with various headphones, and I can't say I'm too happy. Yeah I really enjoyed the Tiamat 7.1, and the haptic feedback on the Nari Ultimate literally gave me shivers with certain songs, but the plastic headsets would just break far too soon, usually around the hinge at the cup.

    • SP1TFIRE _
      SP1TFIRE _

      Same thing happened to my kraken. decided to switch to Steelseries and had a better experience.

    • ToughLuck Gaming
      ToughLuck Gaming

      The same happened to my nari and karken. i've gone through warranty 5 times for my nari

  • P S
    P S

    I love Razer

  • Vladyslav Krasivskyi
    Vladyslav Krasivskyi

    I've had like 5 razer products in a different periods of time from 2012 to 2021, every device had some sort of defect and died after 2 months max. Since then, I've left Razer and never coming back unless their products will go up in quality control.

    • Nik Layfer
      Nik Layfer

      Razer is overpriced garbage my $3000 laptop died after like 13 months razer would not give me any help or anything I would never buy razer again

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  • Se7enthson

    I've always used Razer peripherals like M&K, As far as they go I've never had one die on me. In 10 years I'm on KB #3 and mouse #2, the old ones are working fine still I just wanted to switch from an all black to a white one, than from full size to 60% and mouse I just went from Wired to Wireless so maybe their laptops are less reliable but when it comes to peripherals I will prob always just stick with Razer.

  • brandon navin
    brandon navin

    I’m a fan of their mice, my razer taipan has been going strong for over a DECADE now with more than average daily use.

  • Adonai

    I'd say it depends on the product. I've been using their mice (Viper, Deathadder) and a Blackwidow or Huntsman for a long time and liked them a lot (although I've moved on to other products) I can still recommend them to someone. However I think most of their headsets are hideous (besides the new Blackshark) and would not touch something like their Raptor display. It just varies on the product line in my opinion.

    • Danyll Eusof
      Danyll Eusof

      Great mice, good keyboards, mediocre headphones

  • Matthew Jacobs
    Matthew Jacobs

    It’s important to note that a lot of razer laptops have battery issues and its widely documented and they haven’t done anything about it for years.

    • Kuro

      I've never had any battery issues with my razer laptops

    • David The Awesome One!
      David The Awesome One!

      @Matthew Jacobs well other manufactures don't have the design constraints that razer does, and along with those design constraints the user base. If people cycled their batteries a LOT more, and razer kept the temps down it would help a lot. Even just cycling the battery more would greatly improve batt life.

    • Matthew Jacobs
      Matthew Jacobs

      @David The Awesome One! You're fortunate to have laptops that last long. It just seems weird that razer sells a significantly smaller volume compared to other manufacturers and yet we don't hear about battery issues with other manufacturers laptops.

    • David The Awesome One!
      David The Awesome One!

      @Matthew Jacobs all i mean is that with creating that much heat, and the aluminum chassis transferring that waste heat to the battery speeds up swelling. And it dosent always go bad. One major reason for them to die so quick is most razer gamers, well don't travel for shit, and leave their laptops plugged in 24/7. When you rarely cycle your battery like that and the heat that's put into the battery, well it wears it out quite quickly. My blade from 2016is still going with its original batt just fine, and if I am doing light loads I can even get it to 6 hours. Same with my 2017 blade stealth, original battery and no swelling and great battery life still. Its not always the case, and sometimes it does swell even with proper care, but again, Razer can only do so much.

    • Matthew Jacobs
      Matthew Jacobs

      @David The Awesome One! Having a 3080 doesn't mean much. The 3080 and 3070 both run at 100W. That's what's important, they should out put very similar levels of heat. My point is that these are known for battery swelling. I get batteries swell but I haven't seen it at a rate like this. And for these devices to carry a premium and require a new battery after a year is unacceptable.

  • RazeR8023

    Razer are seriously good stuff and lasts long if you take care of the stuff, but it's also the stuff you wanna buy when it's on sale.

  • 🎸String Breaker
    🎸String Breaker

    I like razer, but I don't dig the black/green, though the white and grey editions of the laptops are sexy AF. Otherwise, yes Razer laptops and peripherals are worth it. The company is still kind of new, maybe in the far future they will afford to hire engineers to design chips and buy a spot in TSMCs factory, and maybe a team to work on a Razer/user friendly distro of Linux.

  • Jimmy Richards
    Jimmy Richards

    Just want to say that I love my Early 2020 Razer Blade 15(Base model i7-10750H & RTX 2060) Laptop, and my Razer Huntsman and Huntsman Elite Keyboards. I think they are really awesome and I have gotten a helluva lot of enjoyment using them!

  • Axiom

    Wouldn't mind having a used one to use as a Linux laptop. Would be a great contrast to my 15" MacBook Pro!

  • Norton Luna
    Norton Luna

    Razer is awesome, it feels premium and it kinda has an ecosystem when you combine all products with Razer Synapse🐍🐍🐍

  • Greyson

    I love the Razer mice, but the Blade 15” 2019 was arguably my worst hardware purchase, Evan after a $500 discount. There was a lot of hassle dealing with RMA over a dead GPU, and a LOT of really strange hardware quirks.

  • oh geez
    oh geez

    I have the Razer leviathan surround sound bar for PC and it's been insane ... I also got the Razer enki chair a few weeks ago and it's really a fantastic chair.

  • Lord Booyah
    Lord Booyah

    In my experience, my Razer Kraken wire connection started being unreliable after a week. After returning it, it happened again in a few days. I've never had this happen with a headset before.

  • Gabriel Valdillez
    Gabriel Valdillez

    My favorite color combination is black and green and I love to be able to connect all my rgb into one program, so I choose razer. I have a razer mouse pad, speakers, keyboard, mouse, headset, headset stand and wireless charger all synced in chroma. It makes my setup feel like a unit instead of just scattered parts.

  • Saianeesh Vinmani
    Saianeesh Vinmani

    I’m a student and I have a blade 14 with an rtx 3060. It’s absolutely amazing for what I need, rarely unreliable, but a restart usually fixes most issues, and I get a whopping 12-14 hours of battery life on things like chrome or coding. A pleased customer if you will, all my peripherals are now razed too, except an asus monitor which I use as a second display

    • Saianeesh Vinmani
      Saianeesh Vinmani

      @ToughLuck Gaming yeah I’ve heard that the swell is annoying

    • ToughLuck Gaming
      ToughLuck Gaming

      i like their laptops but seriously watch out for the battery i have not owned a razer laptop that the battery hasn't expanded on me.

    • Estiennè Taylor
      Estiennè Taylor

      @Saianeesh Vinmani Extraordinary 2-4 hours of extra battery life running on a phone processor. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Estiennè Taylor
      Estiennè Taylor

      @Saianeesh Vinmani They'll brag about battery life and efficiency for few years then stagger afterwards.

    • Saianeesh Vinmani
      Saianeesh Vinmani

      @Estiennè Taylor exactly, I’m taking it over the MacBooks any day the only reason I can see people taking the macs over them are for specific workloads or macOS. The only other thing macs have over it is battery life, and I’m not sacrificing all that power an extra 2-4 hours of battery life

  • Tom Pike
    Tom Pike

    Razer builds some of my favorite PC peripherals. I have the Mamba Elite Mouse, Huntsman Elite Keyboard, the Iskur chair, and the Blackshark V2 pro wireless headset. Some of their products are just silly and/or gimmicks and I am not the biggest fan of their laptops.

  • BananaPlanet666

    I have the new blade 14. It's my first razer product and it is by far my favorite laptop yet.

  • Josh Smyth
    Josh Smyth

    As someone who had 2 razer phones, i was so disappointed when they didn't release a 3rd edition. the square shape, smaller footprint and the screen was amazing ( esp for the time). if my dog hadn't chewed the speaker grills id still be using it, but id still be waiting for that android 10 update lol.

  • Bearded Techie
    Bearded Techie

    I would love the Razer huntsman tournament edition, but for what it is, it's pretty expensive so I'll probably not have a Razer product in the near future.

  • everlasts

    I was tempted to get the Razer gaming laptop, but after my Razer mouse left button went crazy double/ triple click randomly just after 4 months of use, it drive me insane and destroy all my trust with this brand.

  • Kona

    I built my desktop myself but everything surrounding it is razer. Something is so satisfying about opening a razer box, and using a razer product then other companies. It'd be crazy to see what they could do if they had the money apple does

  • Luis Quintero
    Luis Quintero

    Cool video. I do plan on getting one, saving up for it. when I finally get one I'll tell how I feel about it since it'll be my first gaming laptop.

  • Trap1234

    I've been rocking the same Razer 2013 Deathadder and Blackwidow Ultimate 2014 for some time now. I definitely love them and my setup which is becoming Sneki Snek themed also loves it.

  • Slist

    From the experience of friends and one mouse i bought some time ago, you get rng with the longevity of a razer product, they either last for a few weeks or a few years.

    • ToughLuck Gaming
      ToughLuck Gaming

      there is definitely no in-between with razer, I still gamble with the mice but sworn off everything else after countless times being burned by them.

  • Valerie Series
    Valerie Series

    I was soo curious to have and feel one of these, since there are none on my country (Perú, South America). When I was on the states for a short visit I had to buy one, since people had been talking for ages about the quality feel. I bought a Razer Blade Advanced 2020, which indeed felt nice. But at the end I stayed with my Zephyrus g14 I had home a sold the Razer... It is a fingerprint magnet and the keyboard didn't felt as nice as the Zephyrus, and I type a lot... I rather have a more portable machine for my use case... and my zephyrus had way better speakers!

  • Jules Glendenning
    Jules Glendenning

    There's only a few Razer products I can full say that I really like and would switch my current setup for. The Razer Deathadder and the DeathStalker. I could not tell you what versions, but they were before RGB so..... there you go. I would switch out my corsair stuff in a heartbeat

  • Mawsiee

    I like controlling everything with 1 software for my peripherals so everything I have are from Razer. I did try using others like logitech and steelseries but they just don’t cut it for me. Yeah, there’s quite a bit of premium with their products but they so deliver. My devices are still working from 2014 even from heavy usage

  • offswitch43

    I am a total razer fan my whole setup is razer I actually just had 2 of their monitors come in 2 days ago which I ordered for Black Friday

    • BananaPlanet666

      I like your mirror. If you do a video of your razer setup I'll subscribe 😊


    My Blade Advanced (2018) has been a mixed bag. The system fans grinded plus the speakers were shoddy. I can't buy replacement parts directly from them or an authorized seller. I had to buy them on Amazon, then hope it wasn't a rock in a box. I'd love Framework to sell a model with a beefier GPU.

  • Ben

    I bought all my razer stuff on sale(blade 15, seiren elite and abyssus 1800) only problem ive had is the cable for the seiren elite caused weird disconnects

  • toyodota

    Yes I can honestly say Evan that all my razor products are amazing I've had some of them for 2 years now and there still there working hard for me and my xbox and my go 2 is razor idk if anyone will see this but I hope this helps you get on to the razor team 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Deivid Patrick
    Deivid Patrick

    I had a Razer Hex V2 (lots of connection problems even for a wired mouse), changed to Corsair Dark Core and for now and so on I will avoid Razer products.

  • thecreatorj

    i had the 2020 Razer Blade for when i was in my military training and lived in dorms but still wanted to play with my buddies back home at night and i loved it, never had a single issue with it (no performance, screen issues, over heating etc) it gamed awesome on new triple A games on high settings - felt and looked amazing. it's not one of the laptops that you're almost embarrassed to take out like others on the market cause of how over the top "gamer" it is with the aesthetic, logo'ing/lighting, weird shaped bodies. i say that cause i'm a minimalistic guy when it comes to appearance - It's clean and simple and has the quality feel close to a Macbook Pro (also owned one of those) - suppose that's for anyone looking for a good gaming laptop but want more of the feel of a Macbook laptop (also comes with that Macbook price tag so that is a downfall, you're paying for the build quality and look of it for sure)

  • Allen

    Imagine if Razer had something to compete with the Nitro laptops, same clean design with plastic instead of unibody aluminum? Would be cool.

  • AyySørento

    Back in like 2012, I really liked Razer. Over time, I've slowly convinced myself that Razer products are junk... Don't get me wrong. For most people, their products are great. But if you spend enough time researching products, there is more for your money out there already. I like the Razer laptops but besides those, I will probably never own anything Razer in my life unless something drastically changes.

    • UNRΞAL Tyrannical
      UNRΞAL Tyrannical

      @Andrew yeah asus laptops are pretty good the laptops also go for surprisingly great prices on best buy

    • Andrew

      Honestly, ASUS Zephyrus G15 is the gaming macbook. I recommend ASUS over Razer because ASUS has excellent quality (ASUS actually honors warranties unlike Razer). I would NEVER recommend Razer.

    • UNRΞAL Tyrannical
      UNRΞAL Tyrannical

      The shameless youtube bot in the public replies.

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  • trg7843

    Razer had quality back in year 2000 and I loved them. Now everything is overpriced.

  • EmoGamingXD

    I love razer. I own so much of their products. I hope someday I can afford a quartz razer laptop.

    • ToughLuck Gaming
      ToughLuck Gaming

      they aren't bad but from owning a razer 15 the battery will bulge and explode if not removed so just something to look out for. and when dealing with warranty for the laptop be very careful what you say it's definitely different than their peripherals warranty.

    • Yert

      @EmoGamingXD oh ok my bad

    • EmoGamingXD

      @Yert I do own a pc, and it's okay.

    • Yert

      Not trying to be a asshole or anything bit a pc would be alot better for gaming

  • Qweet Qci
    Qweet Qci

    I've always had problems with gaming mice dying every 2 weeks-2months and it was annoying and i got the cheapest razor mouse i could find and yeah it's still clicking after nearly 2 years of owning it

  • Mario Ray Mahardhika
    Mario Ray Mahardhika

    The last list of questions remind me of Xiaomi instead, which seems to be more successful than Razer in becoming an all you can buy company.

  • Daniel Acosta
    Daniel Acosta

    I had bought the 4k OLED 2070 version of the monitor and I have to say, the quality of the build was there. But then battery life(which I know sucks for gaming laptops), weird wifi issues, loud fans, extremely hot, etc turned me off. Within the 3rd month I sold it away because it was just not delivering for me.

  • Logan Johnson
    Logan Johnson

    I think Corsair is the real gaming version of apple but Razer is well their way to getting there

  • DigitalPhantasm

    i never had interest in a razer product tbh. i almost got the deathadder v2 mouse but ended up getting the corsair nightsword rgb and i enjoy that mouse a lot more.

  • OPKillerOfAll

    Austin: I feel like I could make an entire video just on razer stuff Also Austin in this video:

  • chrisdotdash

    I got the Razer Book 13, it is an amazing ultra book. I already have a beefy desktop for gaming and 3D modeling at home, so I didn't want a gaming laptop. The book 13 is built really really well, it has solid port selection, the screen looks amazing, and the battery life lasts all day. The keyboard is great, but I really wish that the trackpad was haptic. But otherwise, it is a solid machine. 8/10 for me.

    • Logan Cap
      Logan Cap

      I just got a Razer Blade 14 2022 model. It should be coming very soon. I think Razer gets too much shit. I've owned multiple products from them and they're good quality. My mouse has lasted years, same with my headset.

  • rugubear

    I have gotten many razer products over the years, I've liked all of them and never could really complain. However I heard razer has laptop issues. I think the worst brands in terms of quality is Corsair.

  • Leslie Moore
    Leslie Moore

    I bought a Blade Stealth 13 while it was on sale last year, and in general, it's nice. I also bought a Nari Ultimate headset last month, and the left side was quieter than the right when the volume dial on the earcup was set at less than 100%. I had it replaced - exactly the same issue with the replacement. Whenever I hear from others of products failing, invariably they're made by Razer. I won't be buying any of their stuff again any time soon.

  • Rudy B
    Rudy B

    ive had a razer blade basic model for 2-3 years now and ive got to say, coming from a hp zbook and a gigabyte aero, i could not think of a moment missing them now that i have the blade, the charging port still feels like new, the screen doesnt bug or get worse, keyboard and big and good mousepad is so important and it is compact and cool enough for heavy cad work

  • Chris Clemens
    Chris Clemens

    The Razer Phone 1 was hands down THE BEST phone I've ever owned in the last 20 years. I wish I never switched to an iPhone. If they ever come out with a Razer Phone 3 I'll buy it day one.


      There already is a Razer phone 3

  • Joe schmoe
    Joe schmoe

    I remember last year i bought a 2017 razer blade on ebay because i wanted to try a razer laptop, and i remember opening it and the build quality amazed me. 3 years old and it still felt really good, and ive now had it for nearly 2 years and it still amazes me, so i know the next time i need a laptop, ill be looking at razers lineup

    • Joe schmoe
      Joe schmoe

      @Dark Scept3r o yeah? Well i wont be needing 1 in the near future, but if/when i do, ill be sure to do research

    • Dark Scept3r
      Dark Scept3r

      Razer back then was good but now razer is just terrible with all of the quality control issues

  • abel garcia
    abel garcia

    I actually got lucky and got a zephyr mask on the way from the last drop. Outside of a mouse that’s the only Razer device/product I know. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Roguewar 31
    Roguewar 31

    A razer blade 14 with 16 by 10 aspect ratio will be a buy for me… soon if they have it on the ryzen version.

  • H4n Mil
    H4n Mil

    Razer makes good products, good mouse keyboard headphones etc but some of them in my experience doesn't last very long. Especially headsets. If they can improve on the build durability it will help a lot.

  • Zach Lehnherr
    Zach Lehnherr

    I've been using razer stuff for a long time now and never run into issues. I've had the razer blade 15 advanced (mid 2019) and it's still working like new

    • Salty Lunatic
      Salty Lunatic

      @SuhasOP yea, one had short circuit in the charging board (I was playing game and it stopped charging). Another one had swollen battery and dead mic.

    • SuhasOP

      @Salty Lunatic 2 previous laptops went wrong?

    • Zach Lehnherr
      Zach Lehnherr

      @Salty Lunatic only hardware issue I had was that the lid warped a bit. Not really sure how, but the screen is perfectly fine. Other issue I had was the wifi driver getting corrupted somehow and then the Microsoft tool deleted it, but that's more than likely a windows issue

    • Salty Lunatic
      Salty Lunatic

      Good to hear, I just ordered a blade 15 lol. Hope it won't have any issues like my 2 previous blade 14


    My Blade 15 was the best investment I’ve made. I got it for college but now I’m playing switch games and halo infinite, in between studying programming haha

  • AlexTheWind

    To me Razer is Razer Deahadder. I have never been interested in anything else from them. However, Deathadder's build quality was always terrible. But I still like it a lot :)

  • Ryan Light
    Ryan Light

    Love Razer, own almost a fully razer laptop (desktop similar) setup at home. Other than my monitor (cuz razer's is literally 3x's the pricer per performance) and my headset (if its not broken, dint fix it). My only wish is that they made a thicker, better cooled, still premium looking variant of their laptops. It sucks buying a $2,700 laptop not realizing every part of it is undervolted for cooling instead of profornence. It also sucks seeing other laptops at the same price point with higher wattage or even better base components for the same price and not even running that much hotter because they are thicker with better cooling. Love razer, haven't had too many issues, but for the reason above I'm actually looking at getting a different laptop in the future because I care about performance and why get a razer when I could get possibly 10 more fps for the same exact price elsewhere. Not a bad machine and love the feeling of it, just not as good as I originally thought after being educated after the fact.

  • Murphy1138

    I own 4 razer mice, a Blade Stealth 13, a Blade 17, and a razer PC case for my main system, razer nomo chroma, Nari ultimate, with Chroma stand. They are all great quality. The laptops are brilliant, I have liquid metaled the CPu in the 17 and the fans are prettty silent, the speakers are great. The stealth is pretty silent when gaming , the speakers are ok for gaming but bad for media when you put them next to a Mac book.

  • Kiko

    I always saw razer as to making over expensive products for what you are getting, and purely paying for the brand like a Hypebeast gamer.

  • Groovey Grubworm
    Groovey Grubworm

    A long time ago when I got into playing WoW I ended up buying a razer mouse with the number pad on the side. The mouse was great for a few years but the scroll wheel broke eventually and so I bought the same mouse again..... It only lasted 1 year....

  • nathan c
    nathan c

    I think the thing is, that when it comes to peripherals, Razer is really hard to beat unless you are into customs or enthusiast stuff. I for one, love watching people build custom keyboards and review the enthusiast products. But I both don't have the money nor the time to invest in all that. So I have a "Razer setup" (headphones, keyboard, mouse). And I'm completely content with it.

    • nathan c
      nathan c

      @Marc Dxn I've never had a problem with quality control on any Razer product I've owned. And I just don't use the software because any software I have to install like that is useless bloat. So to each their own. I don't like the design of Corsair's products personally. Especially their mice and their keycaps (with their hideous font).

    • Marc Dxn
      Marc Dxn

      Corsairs mice, keyboards are by far better than razer's in terms of longevity and reliability - software for RGB is years ahead of what razer offers. I have a razer blade laptop, the laptop is decent but their peripherals are lacking

  • Mike

    Linus Tech Tips has bought many razer laptops and did a video on how almost all of them had issues or died.

  • Mambo Fox
    Mambo Fox

    I go through a lot of laptops, kind of like an addiction. As nice as the Blade was the thing was loud and had a lot of issues with lasting

    • AYO😳

      😔 i cant agree

  • Devro

    razer is pretty good for mice and keyboards its not that bad but I use logitech more usually

  • I Am Armando
    I Am Armando

    The Bluetooth earphones are amazing best I've heard in awhile

  • DarkneszFalls

    I have been using the "basics" (BlackWidow Keyboard, and DeathAdder mouse) from Razer for well over 10 years now. I have been through 3 sets of keyboards and mice (two of which are still in use to this day, and no set was purchased due to issues with the previous ones). Ive tried Corsair products, as well as Logitech. While I do admit Logitech makes a better mouse, the BlackWidow is just a better keyboard then anything Logitech makes. Pair that with a decent app, and the fact I can live with the DeathAdder which is still a really solid mouse, Razer is an easy choice for me.

  • Contextual_Investor

    Just picked up a Razer Blade 15 advanced. I maxed it out with 32GB of ram and a 3080 for the fun of it.

  • PuddW

    I've had a Deathadder V2 for nearly 2 years now, no problems and is amazing, Huntsman TE for over a year and absolutely no problem either, 4 months with the blackshark v2 and still, nothing, just pure solid quality

  • Vice

    I think razer devices are pretty solid. But man, they become more like Appel nowadays. Their prices were always on the higher end, but I feel like recently, they cranked up the prices with no significant upgrade.

  • Toaster The Roaster
    Toaster The Roaster

    its clear the Razer has been trying to build an eco system the same to apple for years already.

  • Brandon Encinas
    Brandon Encinas

    So far the only Razer product I have is the Headset, I think it's the Razer Nari, because it's hella comfortable for me personally. The price of some of their products like the mice and keyboards has kinda made me find other products, but those headphones are some of the most comfortable I've ever had and for me comfort is the number 1 thing I worry about when it comes to headphones.

  • Mr FirmTeacher
    Mr FirmTeacher

    Razer and NZXT both are great when it comes to aesthetic. Their products look "clean". Which we don't really get when looking for gaming products. It's why I like them. They look adult, Minus the razer logo lol

  • Samarth Khurana
    Samarth Khurana

    Austin should do more videos like this and not every video should be a dumb mystery tech video

  • Han

    i bought razer blade 17 rtx 3080 mid 2021 last november, to be honest im very happy with Their products. from laptop, i bought razer laptop stand, razer viper ultimate and headset blackshark v2 pro and then purchased huntsman keyboard tournament edition plus mouse mat strider..i have to admit, their price is expensive , but everything looks amazing and high quality

  • Saint Michael
    Saint Michael

    Always loved the Razer brand. Couldn’t afford one and still can’t but one day though. Nice video Austin 💯👍🏾

  • KazeNilrem

    I would love to see a Razer merch video similar to the Samsung one. Where you buy a ton of specific razor products to try out. Probably not every laptop but it would be cool to see all of them being purchased. Only problem would be the need for sponsorship considering the cost would be a lot.

  • Killa

    Razer's products are over priced and they come up with an incredible amount of stupid shit. Having said that, I have to admit that I love their designs. I really like thr clean look of many of their products and their RGB looks really nice.

  • Myrical Campbell
    Myrical Campbell

    On my second laptop, had 2 razer phones. Currently have most of the peripherals and building a desktop. X570 Taichi razer edition mobo.

  • Alex Laskowski
    Alex Laskowski

    I was looking for a new laptop last year and I wanted one with a 2080 super and I checked out razor and they didn't offer that great of a deal. For a 10th gen i7 with 2080s Max-Q and like 1TB of storage on a 144hz display was like 3000 bucks or somewhere close. While I looked at ROG and it was 10th gen i9, 2080s Max-P or 150W GPU, 32GB of ram, and 2TB m.2 in raid 0 for only a couple hundred bucks more and also it was a 300hz panel. The performance was also the same as the alienware A51 laptops at a lower price.

  • Suryanata Primakov
    Suryanata Primakov

    I frequently used Razer Gold for in game purchases, got a lot of deal there

  • Hatimatchi

    Razer is the closest thing we have for a gamer-esque MacBook... You know it