Is PlayStation VR Worth It?
Austin Evans
Top 5 PlayStation VR Games:
The PSVR is here for the Sony PlayStation 4 but is it worth it?
PlayStation VR vs Oculus Rift vs HTC Vive:


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  • Yougot Soul
    Yougot Soul

    That feeling of playing VR for the first time and that big stupid smile you have across your face.

    • Sultan Zaal
      Sultan Zaal


    • Lord Voltagonist
      Lord Voltagonist

      Yougot Soul jfjejdjsjdjj there’s one without wire and stuff ahahahkfjdjdd

    • Alien Extraterrestrial
      Alien Extraterrestrial

      No gaming experience beats it. It's like being a kid on Christmas.

    • TheGMarleey

      asunday the oculus go is crap

    • KillerSKULL Games
      KillerSKULL Games

      I'm getting it so I'm happy

  • Vicki Ross Tudor
    Vicki Ross Tudor

    I’m sold. Excellent review. I’ve been debating for weeks between this, the rift and the vive. I’m a ps4 gamer so I’m naturally biased but wanted to keep my options open. But this clearly makes sense if you already are used to the ps4 interface. Plus the quality is just as good. I’m super excited! Finally, a way to escape reality without resorting to hard drugs & liquor.


      so hows the vr??

  • Ryan Gorman
    Ryan Gorman

    Just got this and I'm here to say yes... it is worth it. Some really cool experiences

    • Shmackabitch on SoundCloud
      Shmackabitch on SoundCloud

      thank you ryan

  • Waste of Time Studios
    Waste of Time Studios

    “I thought the future was wireless” oculus: challenge accepted


    Those controllers look like the ones in my sisters drawer!

    • Chronicles of Andrea
      Chronicles of Andrea


    • kysonsaysgg


    • VELpopcorn

      My sister has those in her drawer too, she likes to make funny noises when she turns them on though, she always tells me to get out when she uses them

    • Jaz*_*


    • enchanted frog
      enchanted frog


  • Alan Haggarty
    Alan Haggarty

    I was very sceptical and waited for a price drop. I’ve got to say, on the whole, it’s absolutely outstanding and so much fun when guests come over. I really recommend it. 👍😎

  • DaRussianBear

    my mom is buying me a ps vr for Christmas and she is really working hard and I love her for doing that

    • Nate o mate o
      Nate o mate o


    • Chronicles of Andrea
      Chronicles of Andrea


    • Platinum99

      Play help wanted.

    • Ifyouleavenow

      Dude. Love her forever. Please.

    • Kidmusic1


  • Phiusmes

    The best way I can explain it, is that it's one of those things that changed everything. The internet in the mid 90s changed everything, then smartphones in 2007 changed everything again, then nothing happened for ten years until VR and yes -- it completely changed your perspective on what gaming is and should be.

  • ValorsGaming Page
    ValorsGaming Page

    Tbh, now that we're in 2019, the PSVR Headset has come a long way, the price for it did go down as well. The motion controllers are still weird to handle, but the aim controller does very well. As a current PSVR Headset owner, this is still the best compact Headset you can own.

    • Oscar Jiménez Garrido
      Oscar Jiménez Garrido

      @Volsavious 23 And the Quest 2 after that. Still, being as unbiased and honest as possible, PSVR's oled screen keeps offering a good image with vivid colors and pure blacks, its average FOV is still higher than the Quest's and any games available on both headsets running on each's native hardware, like, say, Sniper Elite - for fair assessment, let's put aside the PC link for the Quest or hooking the PSVR to a desktop to run Steam games - don't look dramatically better on the Quest than they do on PSVR. If anything, after weighing each system's pros and cons, it might be argued that they look roughly the same, generally speaking.

    • Volsavious 23
      Volsavious 23

      *Oculus quest has entered the chat*

  • Ben Rajan
    Ben Rajan

    I actually bought it. It was fun but it was too bulky for me. Also the mask got uncomfortably warm really fast. I ended up returning it. Looking forward to when they make a more compact version of it, hopefully wireless. Also updated controllers wouldn't be bad either.


    3:21 "Oh look, I'm in the future. The future's very dark" I felt that...

    • 死MadZbae死

      Especially right now

    • Flakey_Finn

      I literally got goosebumps

  • Bennett Harlor
    Bennett Harlor

    I’ve been playing ps vr for a while, it was really good for the first year. it made me have a good time experiencing vr for the first time. However once a reached that 1 year point the whole thing was on life support. There were dozens of dead pixels, The wires were BADLY twisted up to the point where if I try to straighten it out it would not work, and the headset was losing tracking of the controllers, afterwards my mom got me a oculus quest 2 for Christmas and it felt like I had for more freedom. I do agree everything in this video tho.

  • booldawg

    I've been gaming since 1980 and this is the revolution I have been waiting for. Bought one second hand off a mate last Friday and it was better than I expected. Spent £20 on paranormal activity but have to keep taking the headset off, far too scary! Have Skyrim on order but hoping I can work through the motion sickness as have to play in half hour stints.

  • Olivier Mairesse
    Olivier Mairesse

    Never played OR or VIVE, so I cannot compare and that's maybe for the best. Just bought my PSVR a couple of months ago, and never played on TV anymore since then. I play around 2 hours of PSVR each day. My personal experience is that it took several days to adjust to the lower resolution. Kinda going from an iPad retina to a first gen iPad. Motion "sickness" -which I actually enjoyed in the beginning- went away after 10-20 min into each playing session. Now, it never shows up again. I am totally adjusted to the VR environment, even when playing the 2050 league of WipEout. I think playing in VR is one of the few defining moments in gaming I had in the last 30+ years, including my getting my first home console (NES) and playing SF2 for the first time as a kid.

  • Too young to be old
    Too young to be old

    The first game I ever played on a gaming platform was Resident Evil Vll VR on the Sony system. Very sharp graphics, very scary, for me, anyway. I have also played Farpoint, Robinson and a few others. Great fun. Some people get dizzy and fall over.

  • Jesse

    Austin, were you using a regular PS4 or a PS4 Pro for this demo ? I hear the PS4 Pro really sharpens the visuals with the VR due to the higher processing power of the graphics card on the PS4 Pro which may bridge the gap between it's competitors.

  • MercuryXD

    It’s totally worth it, I have it so I know. There are so many games for car and I’ve only ever had one bad ripoff game ( not that I looked for any other signs of that game). But most games really do surprise me, it is a bit buggy with the move controls where if you turn around your hands go flying away and of course the graphics

  • sherman4970

    This is absolutely the best gaming experience ever. When you go back to normal after playing VR,,it’s shown up so bad. I would play every game VR!!!!

  • 1111AM meds
    1111AM meds

    this video is great but it would be good to have a update against the quests (not that there isn't tons of stuff comparing the two)

  • 005 AGIMA
    005 AGIMA

    You guys in the USA have no idea how lucky you were with your launch pack. Here in Australia, we paid the same just for the headset, as you guys paid for a pack that included the headset, Camera, and Move controllers. I've only recently jumped on board with PSVR with the Mega Bundle, and while it came with the camera and 5 games, it still didn't come with the Move controllers.

  • Lloyd Appleby
    Lloyd Appleby

    Played with it for the first time today. It's worth it, absolutely.

    • KTGames

      Well not currently but it was worth it back in the day

  • Gibby Winkle
    Gibby Winkle

    I'm watching this video because I am greatly confused on what PSVR bundle to purchase. I really want the headset, the move controllers, the camera, and some games for at least $300.. But there haven't been any eye-catching bundles that have necessarily caught me by surprise. I'm willing to purchase it for Christmas this year at a greatly reduced price, but I generally need help with this decision.

  • Bonzi Buddy
    Bonzi Buddy

    It should be a rule that all VR let’s plays must have a face cam.

  • SeRangGas

    hi, cool video 👍, can you advice me for psvr new edition. its still worthed? for PSvr the frame image when we use it still have a border frame? ( not full frame ) and what about the resolution? still down grade in 720? tq for your advice 🙏🏻

  • mo fun VR
    mo fun VR

    with VR Dreams become true...and it´s still awesome after 2 1/2 years ...... love my PSVR

  • Hijynx87

    Astro Bot is the most unique platformer I've ever played. It's so awesome, everyone needs to try it.

  • Espy

    I had to pay extra for the move controllers, mine didn’t come with them, in my opinion they should always come with them, no matter what the game it comes with, you shouldn’t have to pay extra for something that comes in other packages for the same price

  • PantherFilms

    “Wow the future is really dark” Well now that it’s 2020 he wasn’t wrong ngl

  • MustafaPS5

    4 years later and i’m loving beat saber and astrobot ❤️

    • RandomVideoGameFan

      me too. especially Astro bot

  • Simo

    It would be nice if psvr would use 2 cameras. One in front and one in back. Then we could turn around in game without controllers glitching out when turn your back to the camera.

  • James Logan
    James Logan

    I got the PSVR just tried Batman Arkham-mind blowing! The immersion is absolutely astounding.

  • The Lob
    The Lob

    It’s worth it. You can connect it to other consoles as well and have a big display

  • WalkerAndGaming VR
    WalkerAndGaming VR

    “Everything should be WIRELESS” Oculus quest comes out 3 years later

    • Deez nuts
      Deez nuts

      With 3 hours of charge time for every 15 minutes played

    • RS gamer95
      RS gamer95

      dhhdj quest 2 take its place

    • jay

      STARDUST 1 it is but it's out of stock

    • platinum Ox
      platinum Ox

      Also oculus quest is not availbele (am not good at spelling) anymore

    • platinum Ox
      platinum Ox

      Me too

  • Sandy BoleYT
    Sandy BoleYT

    I’m surprised that the ps move still exists it’s been so long since I used one I thought they where long killed off

  • Brayden Thornton
    Brayden Thornton

    PSVR is 100% a fantastic device. It was my first VR and it was absolutely incredible. It just sucks that they simply used the Move Controllers and PS Camera rather than create something specifically for it, thus resulting in mediocre tracking that is honestly super hard to go back to after upgrading to stuff like the Vive and Quest 2. But no headset I've gotten has been as comfortable as the PSVR so that's a huge plus Might even pick up another PSVR for my PS5 (Yeah, I'm one of the 7 who got one) just because I want to revisit stuff like RE7 in VR

  • rockyramsy

    VR is absolutely awesome try a game like wipeout and you will see what VR is really capable of

  • David Toth
    David Toth

    Just a heads up, Ps4 pro does enchant the graphics more and makes vr more sharper, speaking from personal experience

  • Oh Yeah Yeah
    Oh Yeah Yeah

    I actually have the psvr it’s actually awesome but, it’s not like the vive because of the tracking the vive tracks the headset and the controllers from all sides so that makes it a lot easier unlike the psvr it only tracks the headset and the controllers from the front so in some games or actually a lot of them you have to press the circle button to move left and I think the square button to move right anyways if they made the tracking from all sides it’ll make psvr a lot easier and more comfortable to use.

  • Michael Gasca
    Michael Gasca

    The VR is futuristic has into graded lights it's small and compact didn't take much room it's color and graphics are better & motion controller didn't have much motion to them however enough to move around

  • Kristian Romu
    Kristian Romu

    If 399 was good price for psvr, then 199 for psvr is a must buy. Had my psvr for a while and still playing with it.

    • WelJamie

      Idk why but i got skyrim and its blurry

    • F W A
      F W A

      Kristian Romu alright thank you

    • Kristian Romu
      Kristian Romu

      @F W A In ps store there is psvr section. There you can buy psvr games. You can see psvr icon in your games at the bottom, If they have psvr mode. If you want to play skyrim in vr you will have to it costs 69€ at this price I wouldn't reccomend it. I would say that wait for a sale. It's a great game and a must buy, but not at the 69€ price. I bought it for 25€. You could buy beat saber it's 30€ and it's a lot of fun for a long time.

    • F W A
      F W A

      Kristian Romu how would I buy games for it and is Skyrim a choice?

  • Titmouse Distribution YBGA
    Titmouse Distribution YBGA

    The PSVR Is Awesome! I Love It! It Is A Must-Buy For Me!

  • GMBoxer

    "Wow, look im in the future! And it is very dark." Austin, year 3000

  • Expo

    Mum: hey we’re going to the amusement park, wanna come? Me: I already have an amusement park *puts on the vr*

    • nonpogreyaccount

      @Star generation snowflake dont understand the concept

    • Lonewolfx


    • Sergeant Door
      Sergeant Door

      Yeah because you would get nausea in a muscle that park but so can you in PlayStation VR

    • Star

      Nah. Just from planet X-647

    • Muks

      Star Storm Comics uhh where tf are you from? Nazi Germany or something?

  • Jason Lazar
    Jason Lazar

    I think it's worth it. Got mine today and it's awesome. Playing in vr mode is more immersive.

    • melvin cool
      melvin cool

      Where do u buy it

    • livelyawesome12 online
      livelyawesome12 online

      # Justice for Real Altersoul08 you can but if it isn't vr supported it will just show a screen like it would the ps menu

    • Peter Phinney
      Peter Phinney

      no just vr titles which there are few

    • Peter Phinney
      Peter Phinney

      no its because it sucks lol

    • TheFBH

      Hey after a year, is it worth it?

  • super Jenius11
    super Jenius11

    My neighbour got one about a year ago, it works great. He just refused to use it because 1 out of the 10 VR games he owns makes him sick

  • ima beast studios
    ima beast studios

    I love how he is saying it's lower quality but laughing and having the time of his life using it

    • ima beast studios
      ima beast studios

      @BradonRay I know that's why I hate people hating on psvr

    • BradonRay

      Yeah just proves lower quality doesn't mean it's a bad experience

  • Futurenetic

    I think the PSVR is really really good! I'm going to sell mine pretty soon to get an Oculus Quest

    • Futurenetic

      @daan Oh well its your choice, im recommending Oculus Quest

    • daan

      @Futurenetic well iam from the netherlands and for me an psvr is like 300 euro (340dollar) and the quest is 450euro (500dollar i beleve. So thats for me a big money difference

    • Futurenetic

      @daan no you cant but i promise you, the tracking on the PSVR is wonky and the graphics are not good, the oculus quest is only 50 dollars more for a better VR experience. I would extremely suggest you stay away from the PSVR.

    • daan

      But can you still hook it on to a ps4 then. I mean with the oculus. Or are u just switching to pc. Just wondering. Thinking of buying one myself (the psvr) but dont know if thats still worth it.

  • jcbdiggers1 justin & carol
    jcbdiggers1 justin & carol

    Great video thanks for helping me make my mind up..think I will give it a miss untill things get better

  • Grey

    Ordered one from Best Buy this weekend for $349 (which includes Skyrim VR, the camera, and the move controllers). I actually returned my Vive, which I bought two weeks ago (in anticipation of Fallout 4 VR), because I quickly realized that gaming isn't as fun for me if I'm forced to stand up the whole time with certain games. I like that with PSVR I can choose to sit or stand, but not be forced to do one or the other. Although I am missing out on room-scale locomotion, that doesn't bother me too much because it's not really my favorite thing anyways with my chronic back and joint pain.

  • thenamesfinnley

    So what if you've never tried the hive or the Oculus, then would you recommend the psvr? especially for those who dont have a heavy duty gaming pc?

    • Skiez

      Or just get the quest..

  • Thanos Beans
    Thanos Beans

    It runs smooth and fine plus has spectacular games to play but I don't get why some people say its bad.

  • scottyGG

    "i thought the future was wireless?" if only he knew

    • Maze Bruh
      Maze Bruh

      @Mecodo Vision if only you knew

    • Mecodo Vision
      Mecodo Vision

      @Jeff Jones if only you knew I knew

    • Jeff Jones
      Jeff Jones

      @Mecodo Vision if only you knew

    • Mecodo Vision
      Mecodo Vision

      If only you knew

  • 420relly

    The v.r is EVERYTHING!!! just watching though the screen doesn't do justice u have to experience it! I love it

  • Viewer

    People who do not have VR do not understand what VR REALLY is. VR experience is unlike any game or any new version of any game you have ever experienced. It is an absolutely surreal experience, especially if you jump straight into an amazing VR game like Farpoint. You will be completely blown away, if you have not experienced VR before. I am 40, and a tech guy who stayed away from all things VR and never tried it, until... I jumped straight into VR with my first game being Farpoint. I am telling you, words cannot describe it, because even these words are on a flat screen and VR is not. You are surrounded by another world, the trauma of being attacked is real because it is true one to one scale and things jumping at your face really feel like something is attacking you, its jarring. Lie down and keep your eyes open and throw a pillow in the air and let it land on your face. Now do it again and imagine that the pillow is a dog sized spider with a mouth full of fangs and you might get just a slight idea what a VR attack in Farpoint feels like. Its an experience that you have to try directly in order to understand its potency. Its truly brilliant. You cannot buy an experience like this through regular flat screen gaming. The first time you literally walk onto an alien planet? Come on! If you have the money go get this, you will not regret it.

    • Mykl Sy
      Mykl Sy


    • D Woolaver
      D Woolaver

      Anyone that has a mind of there pwn knows vr isnt anything special yet they need more time on tec to hammer out a good vr experience.

    • Sheeki

      @JulianFlaco85 well duh all kids are until we graduate and get a good job. 😜

    • ChrisTheMexVet

      Coronavirus Alv Joe much?

    • JulianFlaco85

      I have used psvr 1 time in my live cus I’m poor

  • Bradley

    Imagine paying 500 bucks for this in 2021. VR technology has progressed so far in just a few years.

  • CrazyJay _456
    CrazyJay _456

    Is it just me or was it kinda satisfying to wach him unbox this?

  • Jesper RS
    Jesper RS

    You are making too much pressure on the difference in quality, you should put more pressure on the fact that the psvr is half the price of the vive

    • somethingsock

      Also you need a good pc for that


      Ik I'm late but who would want the vive its 1.6k pounds and it's not even good quest is better and way cheaper psvr is better and way cheaper every vr headset is cheaper

    • James Watson
      James Watson

      @Zane Meyer Whichever is the better/cheaper one. I'm going to build an i9 coffee lake pc.

    • Zane Meyer
      Zane Meyer

      @James Watson i dont like the vive, im advocating for an oculus headset

    • James Watson
      James Watson

      The vive is overpriced and you don't get everything with it.

  • Jerry Matthews
    Jerry Matthews

    PS VR looks like the thing you want and it looks so cool, but when you get it you cant put more than 10 hours in it

  • NKTlife

    they should make a glove like controller


      oculus touch controllers (yes I know what you mean)

    • Nonce Bc
      Nonce Bc

      They have

    • pabioy

      Valve index is the closest thing to that rn, as far as I’m aware

    • émçēė

      *p0wer gl0ve*

    • Waude_


  • Aussie Legend014
    Aussie Legend014

    I got my psvr basically when it came out and I’m just gonna say it I had the best time back then and it has only gotten better but if your gonna get it get the deal that comes with the move controllers otherwise your gonna be spending an extra 50 or possibly 100 extra dollars but other then that I would really recommend to get this but 1 thing that is extremely important keep the cloths that come with the box you need to wipe the lenses after use because when you put them back on later you won’t be able to see until you wipe the lenses

  • John Kenosky
    John Kenosky

    They need to start full peripheral vision in first person and vr games/gaming☺!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ivan Salcedo
    Ivan Salcedo

    I find that as Far as PSVR successfulness is Concerned, the best games you can play on VR are With the Dual Shock 4. Games like Gunjack, Archangel, Rigs, and Arena 51 to name a Few.

  • Electroctgon

    My friend has the ps VR and everytime I play a game like skyrim it's like I'm out of this world, it feels like a dream. If I were you I would buy it, 100% recommended

  • Ange Alexiel
    Ange Alexiel

    as you said, it's a good headset in terms of design , but i think i'm gonna pass , and wait for the next one that will come very soon than most ppl will think, cos the major issue of this PS VR, is the power and sound box that could be included on ps4 slim and pro like an xbox one and one S, where u have 2 HDMI , 1 in and 1 out, so less cables, and most important , the resolution, i think two times 1080p is a good compromise, but not 540p for each eye ... i'm sure that sony will released like a PS VR pro , or PS VR 2 , around end of next year when the scorpio will hit the stores...

  • Matthew Bissonnette
    Matthew Bissonnette

    I would say worth a buy. I got a VR rig with a playstation 4. It makes games a lot more visceral, also recommend Creed: Rise to Glory. You really feel like you are in a Rocky movie.

  • Zhong Yida
    Zhong Yida

    "The future is really dark" - Austin, 2016

  • John Michael
    John Michael

    I just bought one a week ago, love it. To the Top is the shit

  • Alberto Gonzalez
    Alberto Gonzalez

    “Woah, I’m in the future! The futures really dark...” Viewing this on May 2020, that sentence has way more sense than ever :(

    • a 3
      a 3

      and the I thought the future is wireless and then now look

    • Juan Ledesma
      Juan Ledesma

      Its still going

    • Putra Harith
      Putra Harith

      Now it is 17 October 2020 (Malaysian Time Zone) and the future is still dark,however,we only have November 2020,December 2020 and the early half of January 2021 left to deal with so hold on to your hope a little longer.

    • Spooky ZPUKY
      Spooky ZPUKY


    • Spooky ZPUKY
      Spooky ZPUKY

      MrUnboxerMan yes

  • SimplyPops

    Imagine playing NBA 2K with the PS VR or games like Uncharted or Battlefield. That would so dope.

    • Wavy Clan
      Wavy Clan

      900 IQ

    • Corey Fields
      Corey Fields

      SimplyPops I’ve played call of duty in PlayStation vr

    • Jamiehayn

      Well we have Skyrim so that’s fucking awesome

    • Galwegian youtube user
      Galwegian youtube user

      Battlefield vr would be terrifying 😂


      SimplyPops yes like the chase scene in Uncharted 4

  • Beerrunner81

    An air combat game like the one coming out next year sold me on it. If all I can do is fly airplanes I'm fine with it.

    • Dinky 32
      Dinky 32

      Beerrunner81 ace combat baby 😎

  • Short Wavelengths
    Short Wavelengths

    I’m looking into buying it but I can’t figure out where to get the move controllers for a decent price. At GAME the controlLers on their own are £250 and I’m like nah thanks

  • A Q
    A Q

    but we could be hopfull i can see that in the future people play breathtaking vr games

  • Snake Beeter
    Snake Beeter

    It would be cool if you would do this video again but with all of these new games

  • Tony Sanders
    Tony Sanders

    I Loved It!! I Had A Lot Fun Playing Playstation VR!! Needs A Lot More Games To Play!!

    • ToxicVenom3D

      The videos are good, too.

    • Соломин Егор
      Соломин Егор

      And even more now!)

    • Anonymoose

      Tony Sanders it has way more now

  • C.A.M

    The ps vr does not need any modifications the vibe does also a gaming computer does too. you want to see what VR is immediately and the playstation does that. Plus you can change vr in the settings

  • Phiusmes

    it's all about the aim controller (the gun you hold with both your hands), try farpoint. One word - Amazing.

    • Phiusmes

      @Ducky Montgoose yep

    • Ducky Montgoose
      Ducky Montgoose

      Or Doom VFR

  • XenderLord

    I have a psvr and it's great fun but the problem is that there aren't really that much games than on the vive or rift

  • dkosenko

    I don’t think you did get the FULL pack, I think you get like a VR gun controller.

  • Jarden Thomas
    Jarden Thomas

    It's kinda good for me because I can't tell the difference between other groups headsets if I've not played them

    • Aussie Legend014
      Aussie Legend014

      Cole T same

    • NoN Applicable
      NoN Applicable

      Cole T i played with my friends vive and the psvr tracking is so crap compared to vive

    • GamerGodYT

      That’s what I was thinking!

    • Sharpthings

      Lmao that’s actually some solid logic.

    • keistyn the hedgehog
      keistyn the hedgehog

      Remarkable SeiF u spoilt kid

  • Fat Boy fred
    Fat Boy fred

    Im getting the oclus quest 2 and also I would recommend the oclus quest for your first fr headset for a lot of reason one is the cord cold get anoyying and it tracks if you get hit a lot of other reason so get the oclus! It’s better and the ps4 vr you need a ps4 to do it and it’s more money even tho it’s sucks so get the oclus

  • Icealy

    I’m getting one soon this really helped out!

    • Harry OS
      Harry OS

      Good for you

  • Anthony Mohr
    Anthony Mohr

    Love it my most favorite rush of blood, batman vr, resident evil vr, paranormal activity vr

  • moose185

    I got mine over a month ago, maybe played it four times maximum. once you get over the novelty you start to realise the games aren't very good and could be played with out vr. I wouldn't buy.

  • GfuelKSI

    I have a oculus quest and in like 45 minutes it can get really uncomfortable and in a 1 hour I start to get sweaty but the ps RV looks comfortable

  • John Nowak
    John Nowak

    “I thought the future was wireless”-2016 “This battery life is only 3 hours?”-2020

  • Paradox Acres
    Paradox Acres

    I feel like the *Astro Bot* PSVR exclusive game... _might_ be worth buying a PSVR headset? It certainly sounds like a PSVR-seller, anyway.

  • Scandicraft

    Been two years now, so worth it!!

  • devil king
    devil king

    I bought an PS VR, because I wanted to try VR out. I like almost all games so it's no big deal for me. Launch games is never that good but when 2018 gets here there should be a lot of great games on VR.

    • Ash Binx
      Ash Binx

      hi ^^

    • devil king
      devil king

      I got the PS VR for the exclusives that you can't get on PC. I have the HTC Vive as well.

    • Kevin McCloy
      Kevin McCloy

      we already have better VR headsets... just only for PC

    • devil king
      devil king

      @gregg laganelli I don't think so, it takes time to make a product. I am not sure but I think the PS VR have Oled lens and that right there is the latest Tech.

    • gregg laganelli
      gregg laganelli

      devil king at that point we will have waaay better vr headsets and I cant wait


    I thought it was crap.i have the v2 version. Underwhelming and way too many cables. Used it 5 times and went back in the box.

  • Erik With A K
    Erik With A K

    I just want VR for Xbox one x, it’s more than powerful enough for it

  • Taz Rockalk
    Taz Rockalk

    My dad's has a vr and I played London heist and I loved it so I'm going to get one now


    It’s 2020 and I still think they could have made this better for the version 2 model. I’m moving to pc soon so I can get a valve index next year.

  • JesseCOD fan1
    JesseCOD fan1

    Tracking on move controllers is not good they need to come out with a new take on the move controllers once you play oculus rift then PSVR you miss oculus. Oculus was so smooth and perfect PSVR is meh

  • Bella Luberto
    Bella Luberto

    do you buy the output thing separately?

  • Draken

    "And the future is really dark" Foreshadowing at its finest

  • peabody2470

    I have PS3 along with the Move Controllers. I bought a PS4 Bundle with Uncharted 4. I didn't think the VR set was worth all of that money, especially since I already had Move Controllers. A year later, and I bought the PS VR DOOM Bundle for only $239 CAD which came with the VR camera and headset. This is a better deal than having to get the complete set worth $500+ CAD. I'm glad I waited!!!

  • Jonathan Jensen
    Jonathan Jensen

    It's the most easiest to use in limted space. I am wholeheartedly happy being immersed in a detailed another world.

  • WebCreations88

    Being very new makes it still well over priced, poorer quality and games aren’t yet able to be mega complicated. Waite a few more years and you can both save money on the gear but also get a better first experience.

  • Supreme Funkmaster
    Supreme Funkmaster

    If you ain't gaming in VR, you living in the past.

    • Whiskers

      If i bought vr-headset my wallet and eyesight would be crying even more than now. So nahh..

    • Wavy Clan
      Wavy Clan

      why you bully me

    • Soggycereal

      Or poor

    • Mark Dunbar
      Mark Dunbar

      Supreme Funkmaster iv been playing ps games all my life is vr the way to go have been tempted for a wile now ? Well not all my life but as long as ps has been out ... I'm old lol

  • My Quickjab209
    My Quickjab209

    Yes it is it's gaming on a whole nother level I stop playing for 2 years cuz it was all repetitive got a VR and I'm into gaming again