Is a $100 Game Console Worth It?
Austin Evans
AT&T Hackathon Video!
PlayStation TV vs Nexus Player vs Fire TV, what's your pick?

With $100 set top boxes like the Sony PlayStation TV offering serious gaming cred, is it actually worth it to buy one of these 'consoles' like the Amazon Fire TV, Asus / Google Nexus Player?

Being able to play PS Vita games along with PS1 Classics, PSP titles and PS3 and PS4 games via PlayStation Now and PS4 Link streaming is a huge plus for the PlayStation TV but with both the Fire TV and Nexus Player running a version of Android it's not as simple as how many games you've got.


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  • ProtoMario

    Cool review man, I gotta say one of the annoying things about the PS TV is the whole game cart thing, putting into such a small console it always moves around a lot for me. Really annoying since I like to use all kinds of games on cart.

    • Skypetroller


    • Jasper van Loo
      Jasper van Loo

      BUT PROTO why would they sell it if nobody is interested in it

  • Amino

    Back when "Hey guys, this is Austin" still existed. Good ol' times.

    • WSP_DS12

      And also actual content

    • Lightning


    • žęřëf đŕağøñ
      žęřëf đŕağøñ

      I always laughed because in my mind it registers as" Hey guys this is exhausting"

  • Joel Bates
    Joel Bates

    Or just get a used PS3/360

    • Red

      We almost had the same pfp

    • “Football Grab The Pixels”
      “Football Grab The Pixels”

      @Miso Streams I got a new Xbox series x on release day

    • Matti Ape
      Matti Ape

      Wii am i a joke to you?

    • “Football Grab The Pixels”
      “Football Grab The Pixels”

      That’ll be more than $100. They’re really rare nowadays.

    • Cj

      @SolidZone 26 yeah you can find one's

  • GenjiBone

    stuff: when a console is new: BOI DIS EXPENSIVE when a console is old: yay it’s cheaper now when a console gets even older: boi why is it back to being expensive again? AND it’s even more expensive

    • Psykiky

      @Cardboard you piss off why are you being an asshole?

    • Exo


    • Mr. Piccolo
      Mr. Piccolo

      @Cardboard calm down...

    • Cardboard

      @J. Herrera piss off

    • J. Herrera
      J. Herrera

      Well one of the reasons is limited supply and in the case of the Vita TV has a lot of cool stuff people have managed to add in.

  • Master Jedi Sam
    Master Jedi Sam

    I've been using my PSTV for a couple years and I've really enjoyed it. It was well worth the $25 I paid for it and I have zero regrets. Even paid for a high storage memory card. I have a solid library of PS1 games I like. From what I understand I can also use it as a remote play device for PS4 so we'll see how that works.


    *Congrats Austin!* Definitely one of your best videos yet! Also, 60FPS looks absolutely stunning! Curious on how you managed to keep the C100 so stable

    • Technological Elite
      Technological Elite

      Holy shit, this video is 6 YEARS AGO? Just popped up on my reccomend!

    • LucaWeatherDude _
      LucaWeatherDude _

      @UCPmDjM8f1dDNCcwhf1oGU5A you suck you got me lmao

    • Ilan Yusuf
      Ilan Yusuf

      Hmm ..Read more

    • I

      @Austin Evans Austin

    • Joe Kaya
      Joe Kaya

      what are you talking about

  • TheDeathmail

    You know... if I could go back in time, I'd tell Sony to use the same chips for the Vita into the original PSP so that PS Vita would be backwards compatible. i'd also tell them to not use proprietary memory chips or charging port. It'd have saved them a LOT of trouble. Heck, making it have online texting and emergency calling for parents and it'd have been perfect.

  • LL5

    *watches video* *about to buy* *ps4 barges in* Ps4: WHAT ARE YOU GETTING Me: UH... UH..... I CAN EXPLAIN


      @Mild Misanthrope you lost

    • Abdulmohsen Behbehani
      Abdulmohsen Behbehani


    • Deecoded9957

      @Aditya Chakrabarti they do >:(((

    • Deecoded9957

      @Aditya Chakrabarti yes

    • Deecoded9957


  • DaMightyBenStein

    I managed to find a PlayStation TV on clearance at a local retail outlet for only $30! I definitely don't regret that particular purchase.

  • Pineapple_416

    NFS:MW 2012 was one of my favorites in the whole NFS franchise, if the PS5 is backwards compatible with PS3 games that's gonna be the first I play.

  • Becky Staggs
    Becky Staggs

    bought a ps3 for $50 2 controllers 26 games, beat that

    • adventuregamer64


    • Psykiky

      Damn your lucky to get such a deal

    • Ali Abbas
      Ali Abbas


    • MR DOH
      MR DOH

      I got wii with 5 games for 28$


      @uncertainreminder 400th like

  • hbarudi

    Good comparison for 3 competing products, but while they serve their tv related purpose, for the sony, would prefer the vita itself, and the other 2 are not different given that the amazon one has all amazon store items available on blackberry devices, and the google items can be played on any android device that you can get. They all have the ability to plug into the tv one way or another.

  • serkseees

    I got a backwards compatible ps3 60gb with GtaV, gtaIV and a controller for$70. Opened it up cleaned all the dust an shined it up, looks real nice

  • Video Game Sanctuary
    Video Game Sanctuary

    I'm liking the PS tv now that I've seen more of it. Good video and I'll be keeping an eye out for a used one now.

  • DeegoL9

    Using a PSTV for streaming, connect it to link the ps4 and stream that way. Though it does limit the resolution to 720p

  • Aizaz Rehman
    Aizaz Rehman

    Back when there was no war of notches and bezeless screens

  • 808Savarious

    I got my Xbox one for $60 at a local pawn shop. Have had 0 problems with it so far so it was a pretty good deal

  • Davis Lawrence
    Davis Lawrence

    I got a psvita tv new from my Walmart for like $25. Went straight to GameStop and bought persona 4 golden. It's the only game I ever played in this thing but it was so so worth it.

  • Oussama Elbaz
    Oussama Elbaz


  • purplequi

    The PSTV is literally $4 at EB Games in Australia. Holy hell that's a deal, even in 2017.

    • Randy B.
      Randy B.

      Too bad they don’t serve a purpose anymore

    • Edmund

      the fuck? i would buy all of them and sell the controllers.

    • Scratches Gaming and Musics Brother
      Scratches Gaming and Musics Brother

      Holy fuck your right!

    • Chompy Chomps
      Chompy Chomps

      Lol we live in Australia

    • ZeldaLord

      Get like 10 keep it in the box then wait for it to go up in value and profit

  • Driver-1000

    Your videos are the best for starters and I have learned alot from them

  • Emily Campbell
    Emily Campbell

    I like how two of these devices are obselete and the PSTV is now worth more than when it was new...

  • EdTheOldTechGuy

    Austin, I wish you would have included the Nvidia shield it is still sold today. You can get it for nearly $100 on sale, In my opinion it blows all of those systems away I have 2 of them and I would buy another.

  • Hoop God
    Hoop God

    The PS3 and Xbox 360 are 100$ now so just get it has all you need

    • AliMery

      In Canada it’s for $50 now

    • Nicholas Abbott
      Nicholas Abbott

      AR_15 YT it that shit broke

    • Don’t read my profile Picture
      Don’t read my profile Picture

      AR_15 YT what games

    • E

      I saw used ps3 for 65€ (70$??) And it had 23games and 2 controllers

  • Phoenix phx
    Phoenix phx

    I already have an Amazon fire stick TV 😃and it is pretty cool 😎

  • Red Crimson
    Red Crimson

    Do a sequel but with small versions of retro consoles

  • El vato
    El vato

    back when he reviewed actual tech

  • Daisy Morocho
    Daisy Morocho

    I am giving this to my family and one of my friends because I feel like they would like these things.

  • Austin Evans
    Austin Evans

    What do you think about the 60p? It's actually a mix of on camera stuff being in 30p (like I've always done) along with the on screen gameplay and video running at 60p.

    • Hussain Touhid Siddiquee
      Hussain Touhid Siddiquee

      Plz bring it back

    • Innocent Citizen of New Jersey
      Innocent Citizen of New Jersey

      Do all 60fps

    • Comet7008

      Where did you get it

    • Comet7008

      Where did you get the small ps2 or ps3. I want one

    • Logan Pennington
      Logan Pennington

      Keep 60fps

  • AdvancedBretty

    As long as everyone had good internet, or really companies could direct towards cheap people and just use something like a Geforce Now experience on a cheap console like that.

  • Wokja66

    Not sure if Nvidia was out. I have it and it's very easy. You can have movies and games, as well as other apps. Also comes with a controller,

  • TheIM

    My family got a fire TV, and I'm glad because they have fun games, youtube, etc. Its just great.

  • NashW_

    2015 was the best year ever! I was 10 back then.

  • mrblackrock555

    a PS2 with a ton of games would be possible for that price, thats my opinion though

    • Veloh

      ARAMGAMING121 I have 2 PS2's lol

    • mrblackrock555

      @***** at least you can do 4 player or lan games now

    • mrblackrock555

      @***** what model ps2 is it?

    • OLD CHANNEL Gocivic
      OLD CHANNEL Gocivic

      mrblackrock555 I agree

    • mrblackrock555

      @gocivic Gameing but it requires internet connection if im not mistaken so for some people with bad internet or capped internet it might not be the best solution.

  • Josh LeRose
    Josh LeRose

    I miss when Austin actually shot in a universal aspect ratio.

  • Footy Fam
    Footy Fam

    I’d go for Amazon fire TV

  • Star

    I mean Google Stadia is only $99.99 (US) and it is supposed to have like 400 games get released for it this year and it had Cyberpunk and RDR 2 and it runs Cyberpunk very well.

  • jojo

    Could you do a video about why the Nintendo 3ds still exists in 2018?

  • MSRF

    You can literally get a used PS4 for £100

    • I I
      I I

      @SJ Siemka theres really not that much difference in pounds and dollars that would be like 53 in dollars (a rough guess) but i know theres not that much difference (i may be wrong)

    • Abdu EZ
      Abdu EZ

      @Loconazo1 yep

    • Loconazo1

      Not in good conditions tho to get it usable it is at least 200$

    • Abdu EZ
      Abdu EZ


    • Nafisa A
      Nafisa A

      @MR MEME he said £100 because Msrf and i are in the uk

  • RilBitz

    God, i gotta stop watching vids like these knowing i cant ever be able to buy them

    • Luke Smeby
      Luke Smeby

      @Psykiky lol

    • Psykiky

      Just checking are you still broke?

  • RedBro123

    Im more of a PlayStation guy but my ps2 broke so I would have to go If I had to choose it would be PlaystationTV but I would like a ps4 more or even a ps3

  • theerealatm

    Price must've spiked up. The pstv NEW on Amazon is 220 dollars! Why is it so expensive? I swear the PSTV was 100 dollars AT RELEASE! WHY has it jumped up over 100% of it's primary retail price.

  • Luis Mercado
    Luis Mercado

    You can't top having the PS1 and PS2 libraries at your hand. Many of those games were masterpieces and hold up pretty good even today.

  • BigHero

    2 questions for the PSTV. How and why

  • LemonAid! Studios
    LemonAid! Studios

    Maybe I missed something in the video, but does the Dualshock 4 touchpad works as the vita Touchpad?

    • haha haha haha haha
      haha haha haha haha


  • Guandeez

    Well when you look at a pre owned Xbox, seems pretty legit


    I got my used ps4 from a friend for 120$ and im happy with it

  • Elvis Preston
    Elvis Preston

    I'd prefer that n64 controller thank you very much.

  • djn

    Or... Save 50 dollars more and buy a second hand ps4. You've got tons of great games, tons of TV and music services and a friends system where you can do all these things together.

  • Aiden Wiser
    Aiden Wiser

    I'd want the Fire TV

  • Ali Yassin
    Ali Yassin

    Please do a video about Building The Ultimate PS3, I know it sounds weird, But it might be cool.

  • Rice Chi Do
    Rice Chi Do

    Back in then when youtube wasn't a thing, gamecubes were at around for $99.

  • Nico1159

    Honestly I think a pstv would be good, for example let’s say you have a your PS4 in your living room but sometimes wana play in your bedroom, just keep a pstv in there and remote play

  • Natedog223

    I got my PS3 for $50 nzd, it came with 15 games and 2 controllers and it was in great condition. so idk why you would buy one of these.

  • Abhinav Meda
    Abhinav Meda

    Back when Austin's videos were good

  • Santino Deluca
    Santino Deluca

    I bought a 3000 dollar limmited edition console with one controller and two games. Beat that

  • Sebastian Von Kebab
    Sebastian Von Kebab

    "serious firepower" Quad core intel Atom. *Laughing so hard*

    • Amaan Siddiqui
      Amaan Siddiqui

      Austin actually said the exact words at the same time i was reading your comment it was Soo ooooooo creepy

    • shivansh gaming technical
      shivansh gaming technical


    • Cam

      I thought Apple taught us it’s not the always about the specs but what you do with them that matters .

    • Shehryaar

      @kyoto umm.. nope I don't watch the full video

    • KΛЯMΛ

      I was sure I'm not the only one who laughed at that

  • Tikk Tokk
    Tikk Tokk

    I have a PS TV. It is a vita, it plays most vita games, and it is awesome on my 65 inch tv. I recommend one to anyone, because it is like $30-$60 on ebay(i got the PS TV bundle for $60. that is the regular price). I recommend one to anyone who wants to play most vita games but can't afford a vita. Also, i disagree with him saying that it doesn't look good to go from a 5 inch screen to a TV. it looks great. i got it to play God Eater 2 Rage Burst and i platted the game on it. it works awesome for the games it plays, and there is updates to make the graphics look better on the bigger screen now. There are updates for things like Hulu also. This video should have been updated, sony did a lot to support this system for a while. And he said it is limited to 720p but it showed 1080i right above it. weird

  • Zen Zero
    Zen Zero

    For that money, I would buy an Xbox360.

  • the one you dont see
    the one you dont see

    the shield console is a bit more but its steam ready and nvidea streaming to leverage my pc witch despite the latency its still better than all the rest!

  • Weesna Orc
    Weesna Orc

    Ps5 should have a wining feater of being able to play a huge majority of disk games. Or at least all the games that ever came out for play station.


    "Sev zero, a first person shooter." - Austin 2016 Its a third person shooter come on austin you know that

  • Nate

    idk why youtube or hulu or netflix dont work on ps tv it would be easy to get it working on it

  • Sentinel

    I think it's more than odd that my Laptop: Pentium dual core Intel HD graphics 4 GB of ram Could run GTAV at 30+ fps at medium settings

    • Iron Fails
      Iron Fails

      VoiD Sentinel weird flex but ok

  • Theo Pyne
    Theo Pyne

    I got an Xbox One, boxed, with a controller for £5, about the same in $.

  • Wil Bourke
    Wil Bourke

    Bruh, i bought an original Wii with two games, cables, the balance board and wiimote with nunchuk for $30, i dare you to beat that!


    Why the hell am I watching this. I have a ps4!

    • Mad Boi
      Mad Boi

      I have a pc ;)

    • Hassan Shahid
      Hassan Shahid

      I also have but i play on it ITmores lol 😂

    • Wild Potato
      Wild Potato

      Is this an ps4 joke that i ma too ps2+ps3 user to understand

    • Dylantoosh

      Bruh the 1080 is some shit

    • GameFanatic217

      I don't... :(

  • anoname

    I bought a raspberry pi and used moonlight to gamestream from PC to my Tv in livingroom. best investment ever.

  • O J
    O J

    “Hey guys this is exhausting” poor Austin ;(

  • Jeren Drew
    Jeren Drew

    What's the best box for nes emulator ?

  • Loaded Hard Drive
    Loaded Hard Drive

    You can get a 360 and several amazing games for the same price

  • Jordan Key
    Jordan Key

    EVERYONE LISTEN UP: PS TV does not support Netflix or Hulu anymore because it can only push out a 720p resolution.

    • God Trojan
      God Trojan

      Jordan Key that's why I use the actual ps4 for Netflix or Chromcast

    • ajddavid452

      Axzolon me too, that is literally the only reason why I want a pstv, if only p4g was a ps3 game than I can just buy it because I have a ps3, I also have the ps2 classics version of p4

    • Peliccan

      I'd get it just for Persona 4 Golden

    • Roman Yemetz
      Roman Yemetz

      Jordan Key it still supports Hulu plus for some reason

    • Silica

      Not true at all, the pstv is perfectly capible of outputting 1080i and not only that netflix and hulu plus acturally do run, just use whitelister v2

  • FlowPlayz

    Did anyone see that old tutorial and just got HIT With Nostalgia

  • Zyra Tavish
    Zyra Tavish

    in 2018 the pstv is 59.99 on amazon and 30 bucks used at my local gamestop

  • TurbineSoliceGaming

    Watching this in 2020. Austin’s videos are so different

  • Daniel Loeblein
    Daniel Loeblein

    i bought one for 40$ five years ago its worth 150$ used today.

  • Viddy

    You forget about the emulators you can download on Amazon Fire TV. Worth it.

    • Danny Rutter
      Danny Rutter

      Viddy yeah, I do it my self, I get all the sky movies and foreign channels. basically. also I have access to over millions of movies and tv shows going all the way back to 1926

    • jacky yo
      jacky yo

      Viddy vita TV is now hacked, it has so many emulates and free games

  • Xylitus

    i think if it had youtube the playstation tv would be worth it, but i have a ps4 slim so its not anything i think i will get anytime soon

  • iDoujin

    Jailbreak the PSTV and it’s the greatest damn mini console ever.

  • Shipwright1918

    For $100 you could get a NES or SNES Classic and have change left over. True, you aren't gonna be playing Minecraft, but the oldies are still goodies.

  • Yaqoob Wajdi
    Yaqoob Wajdi

    I saved my money for 3 years and bought this. Now i am going to save another 5 years for a ps3 then another 5 years for a ps4. Whooh life is hard.😌

  • movedaccount

    So in a nutshell PSTV is a port of PSVita to TV but not as good as the Vita as well as the Fire TV and Nexus Player

  • Yshonda Thomas
    Yshonda Thomas

    The 2ds is decent and its 20 dolkars less then 100

  • MerkiiFy

    I love ps vita so this is worth it for me

  • O'Fearghail the Fearless
    O'Fearghail the Fearless

    If you think about it, it uses the same interface as the PSVita and its way cheaper Edit: YOU CAN DOWNLOAD AND PLAY PS1 GAMES ON IT!?!? IM SOLD!!!!

  • CG media
    CG media

    If you want a good console for 100 get a PS3 I found a new one for like 75 and the games go for really cheap 360 is better but idk if it's under 100

  • ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

    ps tv works with only some of the ps vita games and memory cards cost a fortune only get one if its on 3.60 then it can be modded and used with a usb hdd for alot more and needed storage

  • Charlie Weeks
    Charlie Weeks

    Austin Evans Please can you do a Xbox one but in a 360 screen 😊

  • Iquill

    Fun fact you can watch stuff like youtube but only in the browser but still possible

  • baha

    I got the PS TV for $30 on a Deal. Fantastic device once hacked :)

    • Brogan Heller
      Brogan Heller

      TJ MCHPIE why would ur 4 break

    • baha

      I have both a PS4 Pro and a PS TV. I love both

    • TJ

      Daniel Bencomo seriously buy a pro i want one but wil whait until my 4 breaks or for the 5

    • Sizzlin Moe Szyslak
      Sizzlin Moe Szyslak

      I remember PSTV's going for dirt cheap a while ago because nobody was buying them.

    • baha

      Paul A I have a kodi box. It sucks in my opinion, the quality on everything is horrible (i'm a videoholic audioholic so I can't watch those movies)

  • William Go
    William Go

    Who else is watching this just now cause we found it in our recommended

    • Jesus Escobedo
      Jesus Escobedo

      Me lol

    • SpotandJake 100
      SpotandJake 100

      Lol this video is so diff than usual austin he got worse lol.

    • Sakplayz


    • Dark_Oz


    • Evan Novotny
      Evan Novotny


  • Spammerrzzz

    Does the fire tv work with a xbox one, or ps4 controller? Cause they are bluetooth

  • DirtiestHaRRy

    Where I live xbox 360 with about 5~10 used games are sold at 60~100 us dollars. But for some goddamn reason I can't understand, ps3 and 5~10 used games are sold at 150~200 us dollars.

  • merc_beneath_the_mask

    Don’t buy the pstv, buy a used psvita for slightly more money.

    • Geeta Chandan
      Geeta Chandan

      I don't like vita because it doesn't have r1, l2, r1, r2

  • Jon Kelley
    Jon Kelley

    Is a $100 console worth it? I'd say so, I usually try to spend less than $100. Even my Virtual Boy didn't cost me more than $80.

    • Cumj4r901

      josh radotich you are a fucking 10 year old why are you here do you even know half the shit theyre talking about?

    • Jon Kelley
      Jon Kelley

      @brockpaw You can find a PlayStation anywhere. The Virtual Boy was a rare breed. WAS a rare breed, that is. Now we got more virtual shit.

    • brockpaw

      Virtual boy is nothing compared to PlayStation though

    • Jon Kelley
      Jon Kelley

      @***** Yeah, I know, man. Also, I got five games for it out of the possible 14 included with it.

  • TheSuperGamer

    I remember when Austin didn't even have 1 million subscribers

  • semen ted
    semen ted

    The 3ds XL is $175. But still worth it

    • Papa_Maple

      The 2ds NSMB2 bundle is $156

  • Ayush Creative Gamezy
    Ayush Creative Gamezy

    In india a second hand PS3 slim cost 10000 that is 125$ with 10 to 20 games

  • Matt Noble
    Matt Noble

    Omg he looks so young in this compared to his newer stuff!

  • SkywardKkalox

    Back in my day you used to get a Game Boy advance SP with 100$ and that was one of the best game consoles ever made.

    • SeleDreams

      I still have one perfectly working

    • Atron _A
      Atron _A

      SkywardKkalox I still have mine, the back lighting broke and it has a lot of scratches and I used it until 2011, Now it sits I'm drawer along side my perfectly fine 2ds.

    • Ice_Kold_Sprite

      SkywardKkalox I still have my gameboy, still struggling to beat mega-man on it