iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S5 Speed Test!
Austin Evans
iPhone 6 vs Galaxy S6: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ifOlL...
iPhone 6 vs Galaxy S5: What's your pick?
Huge shoutout to Jonathan and Judner for the help with the video!

With the all new Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus launching this weekend a speed test vs the Samsung Galaxy S5 had to happen. Doesn't mean we couldn't have a little fun with it.

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  • UrAvgConsumer

    This should be the new standard for all phone comparisons.

    • Ronamie Cantiller
      Ronamie Cantiller

      2020 watching

    • atl3630

      I agree

    • leinaddf

      I think this video was made just for fun or to make loads of hits. If u took this seriously ur just simply a fandroid or an isheep.

    • Nyle S.
      Nyle S.

      What the ill spin move slow mo test? Lol

    • Kilonzo Mwania
      Kilonzo Mwania

      I agree. That's taking it to the next level

  • Juicy

    0:33 that really shouldn't count. It's not the phones fault he couldn't take it out, lol.

    • Theo willis
      Theo willis

      Juicy k

    • Nathan Games
      Nathan Games

      Doge Wow hey dude I agree because I am am on Samsung Galaxy S5 right know

    • IRNatman

      jeans benchmark lmao

    • Fanny Soedjahdjo
      Fanny Soedjahdjo

      thats the jeans 😂

    • Thunder-Fire Digital
      Thunder-Fire Digital

      It was a joke..

  • Raket

    I thought I was going to see a real test, not how quick you can pull out your phone out of your pocket...

    • Dobby The Elf
      Dobby The Elf

      Its also to test how fast the camera works and how easy it is to take it out

  • Read my ABOUT section PLEASE
    Read my ABOUT section PLEASE

    Had an S5 and it was great. If it wasnt stolen couple of months ago, bet it would still be running smoothly until now

  • laranepurp

    Reading android vs ios wars in the comments is pretty fun ^_^

  • Myles Welsh
    Myles Welsh

    A few months ago I upgraded my Iphone 4S to a Galaxy S5. I left the comfort of my Iphone because the Galaxy S5 had a 16 Megapixel camera, which is amazing when what you're shooting is properly lit (I've taken my best photos from a phone with this camera), but when its not you can definitely tell that the photo came from an Android devices camera. At times I find it almost impossible to take a picture thats not blurry. When it comes to the touch screens responsiveness I feel as though the Iphone wins there as well. Sometimes I'll have to touch an app icon multiple times in order to get it open, which I never remember having to do on my Iphone 4S. Smaller things like looking through my photos felt simpler on my Iphone compared to my Galaxy. I think both phones are excellent phones, but I think they totally depend on the individuals preference on what they are looking for in a phone. Androids offer a lot more options, but Iphones feel a lot more refined and simplistic. I've already started looking into getting a new Iphone in the coming months.

  • Ethan Roberts
    Ethan Roberts

    The iphone did have a better slow motion, the clarity was awesome :)

  • Azfar [あずふぁー]
    Azfar [あずふぁー]

    I rather have the S5 now cos it has high end features for a low,low price

  • david lees
    david lees

    the only reason i would go for the iphone is cause the headphone output is so much more defined and clearer than the android phones (well so far)

  • Chelsea Bianco
    Chelsea Bianco

    Nice vid, informative & fun! I still love my S5 in all its Androidy glory but the iphone has an admittedly faster amd smoother run. Just another challenge for competitors to reach and hopefully succeed next round!

  • Ashton Leo
    Ashton Leo

    If anything, we now know how much honesty and fairness to expect from tech vloggers

  • siddhesh dighe
    siddhesh dighe

    4:53 that impression of Bucky from Newboston was Awesome 😂

  • SaufiADVentures

    great video. but what about the quality of the pictures both of you've taken earlier... yeah... fastest snap don't means clear pictures... thanks guys

  • Vivi harris
    Vivi harris

    This whole video is super awesome hahaha i love it

  • DownTheSidelineFor6

    Always a good day when an Austin video is in my sub box. Really appreciate the quality content.

    • Tim G
      Tim G

      wow he replied :D Austin that was a great video :)

    • Alberto Yanez
      Alberto Yanez

      I get it, since he uploads monthly (for me)

    • Austin Evans
      Austin Evans

      @DownTheSidelineFor6 Appreciate you watching!

  • Mohit Sukhija
    Mohit Sukhija

    Hey what is the slow motion app you used on the galaxy s5? Great video by the way.

  • Ulysses Lopez
    Ulysses Lopez

    Honestly I have had both and they are great, it's honestly your preference.I have an iPhone 6 plus and that really helps when I need to type for class and then I can transfer easily to make iMac computer at home with no problem. They are both awesome for different reasons :)

  • tjrsasea

    more like these please!!!!!

  • Claudio Soriano
    Claudio Soriano

    veamos cual se rompe más rápido :)

  • Bluurie

    I can really appreciate the amount science that went into this video.

    • NZR

      @Awse Noori um...no sorry...it doesn't run in my country....i'm sorry for rudeness...as long as it wasnt a insult to Austin,i'm cool

    • chillidari -
      chillidari -

      @Nazar Brar you ever watched breaking bad?

    • NZR

      why did you say austin bitch than?i'm sorry if that wern't what you meant

    • chillidari -
      chillidari -

      @Nazar Brar are you that much f a brainless ignorant idiot?

    • HackerX4G

      @Nazar Brar what the hell man

  • Terence Tim Telajan
    Terence Tim Telajan

    It has been 6 years i left my iPhone 6 behind.. 2021 still watching it, i miss those iPhone 6 era

  • C R
    C R

    Pretty sure if the iPhone 6 had a 1080p screen and as much as bloatware it'd be a lot slower

  • manals

    I was watching the new iPhone 7 vs S7 video, and I got nostalgic of this one.

  • Jason Manyeeto
    Jason Manyeeto

    There is still a difference between which one of them has better skills instead of the phones themselves.

  • James Royce-Dawson
    James Royce-Dawson

    Personally, I think benchmarks for phones are pretty useless at this point. If your spending any kind of money, it'll be able to do everything you want it to do with maybe only a second or so difference in terms of speed. Samsung, HTC, apple, they're all good phones. The only differences are user experience, design and feature set. Those are really the deciding factors for a phone.

    • nerdglider

      I agree it comes down to usage, ecosystem and budget.

  • Zaira Clifford
    Zaira Clifford

    I lauged so hard at the benchmark part. lol

  • Anshul Singh
    Anshul Singh

    how about a video like this with the current flagships. This video was fun

  • Drox

    I like them both :)

  • Gerrard Centeno
    Gerrard Centeno

    can the iphone 6 run a live wallpaper?

  • Tiberiu Axinte
    Tiberiu Axinte

    Unfortunatly this is the first time I dislike a video of Austin.. In terms of hardware S5 is way ahead of iPhone 6 but well, Apple optimizes iOS for their own phone, that's why it is much faster, like the RAM which usualy cache very fast into memory because in 1GB RAM there's no way to be such fast with a Dual-Core CPU... 2° The screen is more detailed for S5 1080p vs 750p... 1080p@120FPS video vs 4k @30FPS video recording but lowring the recording resolution to S5 should get more FPS record and better slow montion... Even S5 is a little bit "slower" is because the deails are much better, and well, wait for S6 to kick iPhone's 6 ass completly.. ;)

    • skifree

      @SolidSnake well one thing the gs5 known for about color, is how incredibly over saturated it is. As for super amoled, it is NOT known for being the brightest screen. its LCDs that typically are brighter, (since there is a backlight) from The measurements I saw the Gs5 has a max brightness of 491 nits. Which is decent but hardly the brightest just for comparison, the iphone 6 plus with an equal resolution panel than gs5, has a brightness of 574 nits, and the iphone 6 has 606 nits of brightness. I don't actually know what you mean that gs5 has better color. On C1E color space measurements, the gs5 is extremely oversaturated beyond srgb (this is what we aim for since all content is created on this spectrum) and has a severely green shifted white point.

    • Naked Snake
      Naked Snake

      @Eddy Amasifuen are you kidding me, the gs5 has a more detailed screen1080p, producing better color(one thing the phone is known for) and has the super amoled screen which is known for being the brightest screen on any phone. If resolution doesn't mean shit, than make the phone 144p. Then say resolution doesn't mean shit. Ridiculous.

    • skifree

      @Mindbulletz ironically, the majority of consumers don't even know what android is let alone flashing roms, and customization. the skins are so deeply integrated and different from each other, most people just assume its the OEMS' operating system.

    • Mindbulletz

      @Hans Flores That's why large portion of the Android user base runs custom operating systems on their device. Factory ones are filled with bloat and are not optimized to the preferences of the individual buyer. Android devices won't appear to be as amazing the minute you get them out of the box, but with a small amount of effort put into customization they can be pushed to greater heights than an Apple device while including more features. Potential is why someone buys an Android. If a buyer doesn't want to put any effort into taking advantage of that, then they should definitely go with an Apple device. It will serve them better without their effort, provided they can afford it.

    • Tiberiu Axinte
      Tiberiu Axinte

      @Hans Flores What can you do with a iPhone beside calling, taking pics, listening to music and playing a few games? Beside the screen that it is NOT 1080p already is a shame, and that they invest money for a 64bit CPU is insane.. Infact try to jailbreak the phone, since it is not an Apple software it will lag after a few weeks... Why? Because iPhone is optimized only for their software you can escape from that..

  • Hexxoid

    2:13 Anyone else see the upcoming frame on the camera?

  • itz jennii
    itz jennii

    well we know the iphone 6 is freaking fast

  • Sam

    i love it when tld calls you a fanboy

  • SD

    iPhone definitely I have had both and the s5 gets a 6.5/10 and the iPhone gets 9/10

  • JayD

    if you want to compare Do it with iPhone and OnePlus 2 👍

  • Elu

    so much butthurt dislikes lmao...

  • Rox Esq
    Rox Esq

    Now they know what it feels to compare an Older phone to a Newer phone (S7 V.S 6S)

  • Pranay Sharma
    Pranay Sharma

    I used to love iPhones. I broke my iPhone 5s and got an Android phone the lg g5. I didn't want it because I didn't know how to use android. Once I learned how to use Android I didn't want to go back to apple. Android has way more apps and better customization.

  • Apollo

    I don't understand all the hate between iphone and android users, cant people just be happy with the phone they have and let others be happy with theirs?

    • Amaan Bari
      Amaan Bari

      Good for you, oh wait, opinions and freedom of speech isn't aloud on ITmores...we must now start a stupidly useless argument about android and apple making everyone angry ;p

    • leehonghui

      It's tech war. World war 3 is called the tech war. The social media is the guns. The thinking and comments are the bullets and the rivals are the enemy.

  • Varun Narain
    Varun Narain

    Skinless releasing a new album this year (which I pre-ordered), could've used that for the music bit. Great song nonetheless Elric, just really stoked about Skinless after 9 years.

  • Alex

    Jeez Austin has changed alot.

    • DaffodilHen1179 -canal inactiv-
      DaffodilHen1179 -canal inactiv-

      @RAY NL What?!

  • Thomas Huntley
    Thomas Huntley

    The I phone 6 has a bit of a faster operating system because its simple the Android operating system is a bit more changeable

  • Zyrados

    Do an upgraded version of this

  • RemixPicture

    Now imagine Apple's software speed with an Android phone's hardware specs... YUMMY!

    • RemixPicture

      @I Addictionz Just hearing that name makes me want one (As long as Samsung can't fill it with shit software). :P

    • Sunset Autumn
      Sunset Autumn

      :O the iGalaxy

    • GeeGne

      Haha indeed lol!!!

  • Wealthy Engineer
    Wealthy Engineer

    Hello.. I hope you are well. By the way, I am a fan of your videos. They are awesome!

  • poo poo licker234
    poo poo licker234

    haven't you seen the Samsung Galaxy s7 edge it's like practicly the same hight water proof and good camera well honestly I think the galaxy s7 active has the best camera so ya

  • KaiZen

    Is it just me that the iphone 6 records more frames in slow mo than s5?

  • Billy K
    Billy K

    Can you do another comparison like this once the Samsung Galaxy S6 is available?

  • Voxel8or

    The S5 is cheaper, has an open source operating system, and it came out in April. Why does the iPhone 6 even exist? Surely most consumers would have the common sense to educate themselves on what's currently on the market and how it compares to other devices.

    • Voxel8or

      @Miguel Sotto That makes you ignorant and uninformed.

    • Miguel Sotto
      Miguel Sotto

      Well there's this thing called consumer preferences. Not all people only look at what's on paper.

    • X

      @Parker Ahmed It's faster because Apple just uses iPhone optimized iOS. The Samsung Galaxy S5 uses it's own skin on TOP of a OS. Therefore making it even faster if the benchmarks higher than the iPhone. People need to learn about this. They just think that the heavy variables in the Android are same on iOS.

    • Lecrackin

      It exists because of fanboys and it's simpler os. Plus it is true that it will run smoother.

  • jowge

    As if Samsung has made 2 phones since the launch of the iPhone 6. Proves that they are willing to innovate to improve.

  • Tomek Tabaka
    Tomek Tabaka

    Back at a time when galaxy were just really plasticky and tacky lol

  • KingChooêt

    The samsung is much much better.

    • Adrian Pamintuan
      Adrian Pamintuan

      No it’s not.

    • Khaled B
      Khaled B

      KingChooêt shut up samsung sucks

    • Abdullah Rashid
      Abdullah Rashid

      you people just say that because you can't own one

    • Ϫ

      @NikolaJXPL Are you that blind? "Us android users don't need powerbanks"?! I have seen a lot of people especially with those sling bags that they are charging their device while heading to their workplace. How do I know this? I ride on trains and even bus everyday. And I have seen a lot of people playing games on android devices. Units like the iphone, asus, samsung, sony, lg, acer, and local phone providers are being widely used. Now, I've seen a lot of them playing games like CoC, or other simple games while their unit is charging. While others watch movies on the go. So its common to have a powerbank. Even if its an android or an iphone. If not. You're sure to have problems with battery,

    • ٴ

      +Foxtrot November Well, us android users don't need powerbanks :)

  • Vortex

    I think the independent and dependent variables are in balanced which I think it should have had the same person and the same cloths to balance it out

  • Felipe Magalhaes
    Felipe Magalhaes

    Tinha que comparar com o S6

  • NFS Lunatic
    NFS Lunatic

    You can capture and record in 4k on a Samsung Galaxy S5

  • johan

    I dont get it why people fight so much over which phone is the best... What is so much better with the Iphone? Samsung is way better

  • E K
    E K

    iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S5 Popularity Test. Gee, I wonder which phone would win. Such a big mystery.

  • Evan Lulek
    Evan Lulek

    I have an iPhone only because I'm more comfortable with the software. But to be honest, I really don't care at all about a .012 speed difference.

  • Capt Lazy
    Capt Lazy

    the galaxy s5 looks more like the note 3 or 4

  • Rivvy

    this is actually unfair because you are comparing the 6th generation IPhone with the 5th generation Galaxy

  • mohammad ghassan
    mohammad ghassan

    Recommended in may 2019 ITmores .. well I'm not even upset .. watching Austin when he was a kid is something 😂😂

  • masomaf

    i have the iphone 5 , maybe i go for the 6 next year. The iphone 5 was my first iphone and it suprised me how fast every app and software and safar are. Great even with 10 apps opened at the same time, it does not struggle or give me a hard time it remains fast. I have the phone for a couple of months and still no crashes. And ehm: yes the phone calling also works fine ;)

  • Orphée OxiMuS
    Orphée OxiMuS

    With which application Did you slow down with the Galaxy S5?

  • Ano Yuru
    Ano Yuru

    If galaxy make a commercial like apple's style, i'm sure samsung veats apple very easily. Galaxy is great phone but too old aged commercial style. I'm using iphone5s and galaxy s5 :)

  • Trusty Vault 13 Canteen
    Trusty Vault 13 Canteen

    My brain melts seeing the iPhone right in the thumbnail, but left in the video title. (and vice versa with the galaxy)

  • grace calis
    grace calis

    Well, the iPhone is lighter and slightly more aerodynamic so it would win the speed part however, the s5 is more heavy so it would be harder to slow it down and more durable to falls making it able to slide farther so it would win distance. 0/10 would not play

  • Tech of Tomorrow
    Tech of Tomorrow

    Wow thanks you guys so appreciate that, thanks for filming with me yesterday. You Rock!!!!!

    • Rik Tudds
      Rik Tudds

      Any news on these liquid hard drives yet ? The one you mentioned on you're ITmores channel pls

    • Tech of Tomorrow
      Tech of Tomorrow

      @scott wood Thank you very much indeed Sir!!!

    • smokey 336
      smokey 336

      Between Tech of Tomorrow and MKBD reviews are going main stream 😀... Glad to see... You're one of the better ones

    • Tech of Tomorrow
      Tech of Tomorrow

      They Rock Out To The Benchmark song!!!

  • Matias Merif
    Matias Merif

    When you took the selfie with the Galaxy s5 it was slow because you had the beauty mode ON. Put the camera on automatic mode and it will be fast like the Iphone 6 or even more.

  • Dwichakra (द्विचक्रा)
    Dwichakra (द्विचक्रा)

    Video for S6 vs Iphone 6 like this would be awesome!

  • Rainingblood180

    Just recently switched from the 5s to the 6. I absolutely love my iPhone 6 and how smoothly it runs, bigger screen, etc etc, I could go on. When I was deciding on a new phone at futureshop I played with a lot of phones on display including the S5. The S5 felt really cheap and plastic like. And for the fucktards saying "at least samsungs don't bend" The videos you've watched are videos of other people forcefully attempting to bend the phone, and pretty much people that sit on it etc.

  • NJB Prime
    NJB Prime

    honestly this should be a who can pull there phone out faster and tap the screen 1st, this was hardly a phone speed test

  • Ramon McNally
    Ramon McNally

    I wanna see them do this again with the new Moto X.

    • jes.

      @***** Never.

    • The Marvin
      The Marvin

      @***** the iwatch is ugly tho

    • jes.

      @Rob Watkins There will NEVER be an iThing in my pocket. Ever.

    • Rob W
      Rob W

      @James Edward Sved - Is that an iPhone in your pocket or are you glad to see me?

    • Rob W
      Rob W

      Nice job guys!


    Very cool, but I like the Samsung iPhone. I tested Samsung to develop faster and can be used anywhere, even in the 2G can also use the Internet to quickly lose 3G. IPhone is not available in 2G Internet is not available.

  • Leonardo briceño
    Leonardo briceño

    Family remember that the iOS system asks for much less resources at the time of running, that test should not be done by your child different operating systems different motherboards ...

  • Jax Pin
    Jax Pin

    Apple iPhone has quality SoC while Samsung are just adding a bunch more cpu just to make it look and seem faster. It's basically quality vs quantity type battle.

    • Jax Pin
      Jax Pin

      +Jacobo Blandón Pineda i think there's a difference where Apple designs the SoC while Samsung just manufactures said design.

    • Jacobo Blandón Pineda
      Jacobo Blandón Pineda

      Which is ironic because it's Samsung itself who manufactures the SoC of the iPhone.

  • Alfie

    I've got galaxy s5 rn and I'm getting a iphone 6!

  • Rob W
    Rob W

    That was a cool fun video! I like the way you guys think.

    • 陈永超

      Amusing yet informative...

    • Dr Roberts
      Dr Roberts

      Although I think the iPhone 6 is probably better than the S5 overall (except for Google Now), it seemed to me that the dude with the hat was just a bit slower than his pal, so that seriously influenced the results....hope they do one with the Moto X (2nd gen)!

    • James M
      James M


  • Sidik

    as for your 2nd test I can see your an apple fan boy both devices did what their were design to do that is slow motion you can't say apple did anything better

  • Whit

    I feel like S6 vs 6 or 6S has a pretty clear winner.

  • Sam Sidley
    Sam Sidley

    I prefer the s5

  • Mahin Ahmed
    Mahin Ahmed

    how about doing the same with iphone6s vs S6..???

  • Steve Cristian
    Steve Cristian

    If you work as security at Samsung, does that make you Guardian of the Galaxy?

    • theblademaster

      If that joke sucks dick, does that mean it's gay?

    • Brad Jackson
      Brad Jackson


    • Alexandru Timbus
      Alexandru Timbus

      Unde-i Elodia ?

    • Симеон Николов
      Симеон Николов

      The first man who obviosly does not think about samsung vs apple battle. salute o7

    • Steve Cristian
      Steve Cristian

      @pleHrueyoV yes

  • Zayd Abbas
    Zayd Abbas

    Wtf? This Was so unfair on so many ways!

    • Sir Media
      Sir Media

      i honestly don't think it is

    • Ryzer

      +zayd abbas lol it was a joke

  • haley03kaufmann

    austin is one of the best tech revewers

    • haley03kaufmann

      @Sam Gaming HD you don't??

    • Oudomsambat Chorn
      Oudomsambat Chorn

      cause you love him 😂

  • Tash Kash
    Tash Kash

    I was on Team Samsung for a few years til I realized how shit the phones were. Now a proud owner of the iPhone 6 and never going back

  • Skye H
    Skye H

    Well at the first part he reached a little too early for the phone. Just saying to be technical.

  • Viper

    they didn't do these tests fairly... the first test they had different pants... the second, framerates and resolutions were different. iphone 6 has a 740p screen, the s5 has a 1080p screen.... there are many different s5 versions... iphone is fricken 900-1300 dollars (in AUD) the s5 is only $750. on the test with the app the s5 could of been loaded with background processes, or on power saving mode. the s5 had a fuking interactive background going, iphone didnt.... oh and iphone has 1gb of ram, s5 has 3-4. also with android you have unlimited customization, i could make my phone look and run like ios if i wanted. plus... The iphone 6 was released recently, were's the s5 was released almost 6 months ago. hardware gets and is getting cheaper and better every day. i conclude this test completely unfair...

    • TekReviews

      iPhones are always overpriced no matter what century you are in. Other Made in China products are not as bad. Most Chinese Cell Phones do not charge you an arm and a leg for the phone and they are pretty cheap. Sadly they are always GSM models and usually only 3G and work on Tmobile and ATT but not Verizon.

    • Viper

      @PermaDeathPlays didnt say iphone was slower, i said simply the test isnt fair because iphone is more expensive and newer

    • Gelodicus

      @Lucas Drew you said that it was faster because it was newer. But it actually has a slower processor. So you aren't really right

    • Viper

      @PermaDeathPlays "so your argument about being faster because newer doesn't work because its actually slower in hardware" i dont even know what you mean....

    • Gelodicus

      @Lucas Drew you are right about being newer, but it does indeed have a much slower processor. so your argument about being faster because newer doesn't work because its actually slower in hardware

  • Ryan F
    Ryan F

    The main reason the galaxy s5 was pretty slow was because touchwiz was to intergrated into the devise but with the galaxy s6 they almost completely got rid of touchwiz, do a speed comparison between the GS6 and the Iphone 6 and c who wins all of the speed tests, in the camera test the GS6 is probs gonna win cus the camera is always open in the backround and opens in a split second..

  • brentonip

    Well, the iphone 6 is way newer than the gs5...

    • loganswrld


    • Outsider Francis
      Outsider Francis

      brentonip doesn't mean it's better. Smh

    • mmm

      @Rammus I don't get your point

    • brentonip

      still better though

    • mmm

      s7 loses to 6s btw

  • Lucian

    You also have Google voice search on iOS, integrated in the Chrome browser.

  • Yamil Montes
    Yamil Montes

    Maybe if touchwiz wasn't so badly optimized back then Angry Birds would've loaded on the S5 just as fast or faster than the iphone.

  • Speed Racer
    Speed Racer

    So I just changed from my iphone 5s to a galaxy s5 and honestly galaxy feels and looks more effiecient. Its smooth, no lag and the 16 megapixels does its justice. Only complaing is s voice but I never really used siri anywahs just maybe for the first week I had ny phone. Galaxy just feels like a computer idk what it is but its fun to use and it has a heart rate sensor lol wtf the little things make this phone fun. Iphone usually changes the same things and takes about 3 phones before it adds anything so honestly I hope the iphone 7 is better and not just looks

    • Santiago

      i only use siri to ask dumb questions like "wheres the best place to hide a dead body"

    • Speed Racer
      Speed Racer

      I've had the s5 phone for a good time now, Cons would have to be, deleteing a photo and it always makes it way back into my Photos and not being able to use the internet when talking to someone. Those are my only 2 complaints, other wise the update made apps like soundcloud way better and the tv app as well.

    • The Raze
      The Raze

      +jose Rodriguez

    • Reasonable

      @***** true. the iPhone doesn't actually take photos in a resolution anywhere near the S5 with it's 16MP camera, but the iPhone takes pictures with better and more accurate colors, so it wins. Also, the pictures still look good and the resolution of the camera doesn't even differ that much from the S5, even if the S5 is double the resolution. but yes, you're right.

    • Law Zy
      Law Zy

      I've seen this comment before- nice try :D

  • Bogdan Gustav
    Bogdan Gustav

    fun video! congrats

  • Victor Regier
    Victor Regier

    0:58 thought he was gonna do a flip, instead twirls in circles.

  • Emmanuel Loudaros
    Emmanuel Loudaros

    Do this for S7 vs 6S

  • Grten3

    Apple for the win!

  • MotoGeo

    3:10 - 3:11 where i can get this live wallpaper ?? :) samsung S5 user here ;) nice video

  • Gurekam Dhillon
    Gurekam Dhillon

    Basically the Android IOS is like the "Advance" settings on a game, iPhone is is just leaving default settings because the game runs fine.

  • Murtuza Ali
    Murtuza Ali

    the camera test was more of a test of the guys who did it rather than the actual phones.

  • Margoggle YT
    Margoggle YT

    The iPhone 6 slow mo is smooth