iPhone 13 Pro - Let's Talk
Austin Evans
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Why I love the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3: itmores.info/player/video/onOFx6popceEfrw

The 2021 Apple iPhone 13 Pro is a really excellent phone.

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  • Austin Evans
    Austin Evans

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    • Justin Parrish
      Justin Parrish

      What external mic setup and apps do you use to video on the iPhone 13 pro? Thanks 🙏

    • Normal Guy
      Normal Guy

      Did you just say iWatch?

    • Cricket England
      Cricket England

      @Phillip Wilkie no you don’t say…

    • Phillip Wilkie
      Phillip Wilkie

      @Cricket England Every Phone manuafacture wants you to upgrade for the same reason

    • Mr.1-UP

      @Funnydog 123 yes, even a headphone Jack

  • BassAnup xStringer
    BassAnup xStringer

    Austin is one friendly ITmoresr who never hasitates wearing other similar channel's merchandise.... never seen anyone else doind it.

    • Paul Regener
      Paul Regener

      @sbeezynukka Oh fuck ALREADY DID!!

    • sorrai

      @Graeme Johnson cool? idk how you want me to respond to that

    • BassAnup xStringer
      BassAnup xStringer

      @hey its Jordan they sure do... only, I haven't seen them (my bad)...

    • hey its Jordan
      hey its Jordan

      Tylertube does too

    • goofy dood
      goofy dood

      They have a not so secret friendship/business partnership

  • MrKiller

    The fact that this video was shot on the 13 makes me even more hyped!!

    • TheCk20100

      @HYPER Ꝋ i know this is late but it’s mentioned in the video that it’s shot in 4k 24 fps while youtube vids play only at 30. i’m guessing youtube extrapolated those 6 frames per second by playing a few frames twice which is probably the “dropped” frames u see. the frames weren’t dropped, they just never existed. i question why it wasn’t just recorded in 4k 30 fps, memory limitation maybe?

    • Freddy Jason
      Freddy Jason

      It’s definitely not perfect but you won’t get better video from any other phone and that’s a fact, Apple has always been ahead when it comes to video

    • ridge

      its interesting cuz usually phones have good photography and mediocre or good enough video but this year i'd say the video on the iphone is more impressive than the photography which is weird given the computational power needed to make good video in comparison to a good picture...i could still notice some grain and imperfections in the video but overall its pretty good

    • a cat on the internet
      a cat on the internet

      @Abeer Thayani it looks terrible in low light. outside it's pretty good

    • Itz Abstract
      Itz Abstract

      @HYPER Ꝋ well it was shot in 4K 30 fps just imagine 1080P and 120Hz recording

  • Maxidex

    Austin wearing a LTT shirt is literally the best thing ever😂

    • EYO ThirdEH
      EYO ThirdEH

      Was looking for this comment

    • omgitssean

      Lol true

  • Daniel

    It would be perfect if it had a type C so moving big files to edit on a computer would fast

    • NuSpirit

      Or at least Lighting 2.0 with USB 3 speeds if they are so hell bent on keeping it.

    • Carter York
      Carter York

      @Gainastyle but you half to understand that for the same reason for apple to switch over to usb type c, there is a reason to stay with lightning, that’s what apple users have been using for like 10 years, that’s the chargers they have, they would half to go out and buy totally new chargers which ruins apples agenda to remove there carbon footprint, it is doing no one harm to have lighting, your just being petty at that point.

    • superfragilisticatexpialidoshmur

      @Willem If you have sufficient upload or download speed. What would be *even* better would be a NAS, no?

    • Willem

      @superfragilisticatexpialidoshmur Yes I understand that point :P what I ment to say that in functionality iCloud is often faster and easier.

    • superfragilisticatexpialidoshmur

      @Willem So you agree, not uploading to iCloud is faster. Wired or direct network access is faster. That's been my point, thank you for acknowledging it. If you want something on multiple devices, iCloud would be faster, but if you're trying to get a file from one device to another, uploading to a cloud storage and then downloading it on the other device (again, like I said in my first comment in this thread, is limited by your ISP download and upload speed) will take longer. "Uploading to iCloud" means uploading to the internet, which is what I've been arguing against.

  • Tia's Joy
    Tia's Joy

    Upgraded to the 13 pro from having my 7 plus for over 4 years. Definitely worth it!! And definitely feels like a massive upgrade!

    • Alan Crome
      Alan Crome

      jesus man... The 7plus sucked 0.0 it's what made me switch to android. dunno how you did it! But congrats, the newer iphones are nice lol

    • Whatsapp plus ❶❸⓿❷❺❻❽❹❼❽❹
      Whatsapp plus ❶❸⓿❷❺❻❽❹❼❽❹

      +❶❸⓿❷❺❻❽❹❼❽❹ ☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️ congratulations you just won an iPhone

  • Skitz

    I really love that Austin is wearing a Linus tech tips shirt for most of the video

    • Neville Littlejohns
      Neville Littlejohns

      @Mr Knight the IT guy oh right my bad

    • Mr Knight the IT guy
      Mr Knight the IT guy

      @Neville Littlejohns I was being sarcastic

    • Neville Littlejohns
      Neville Littlejohns

      @Mr Knight the IT guy ITmores him,was one of the first tech reviewers i watched.

    • Mr Knight the IT guy
      Mr Knight the IT guy


    • Neville Littlejohns
      Neville Littlejohns

      Should be wearing a Ty moss bracelet though.

  • Michael

    The natural depth of field is actually so nuts, personally I think it's the biggest camera upgrade an iPhone has ever had.

    • Kaif

      @lesley haan The video on iphone is awesome, not gonna deny. Let's see what Samsung and google does now

    • cooper23231

      @lesley haan so basically it's a bad implementation and they could work around for some optimisation to fix that issue? Sounds like software based issue (as it always was with android cams), so what does that have to do with you claiming that it's only a gimmick? They have a dev team working on the cams (took a bit time before they released the first good patch tho) and optimise it as much as they can so i really don't get where you're going regarding them selling it as a gimmick. You could say it's not well implemented, and that it needs polish but it looks like you're trying to paint a picture so i'll just let you do that 👍🏾. And your camera exemple doesn't really apply since it's only an issue when shooting videos in 8k which is not what most would do and not what these cameras shoot at, the A7S III shoots at 4k 120. And a bit off subject but i hope that if you have a PC you're not running a RTX20xx, would be pretty ironic imo.

    • lesley haan
      lesley haan

      @cooper23231 yes and the reason that Samsungs galaxy s21 does so bad in lowlight is because of the 108mp sensor more megapixels means less low light sensitivity when you take pictures Samsung takes 9 pixels and make one large pixel to collect more light. but in video mode that will not work more megapixels doesn't always mean better pictures that's why Sony released the Sony A7siii in 2020 for 3000 dollars and yes it only has a 12 megapixel just like my sony a7sii from 2015 that's also why most professional cameras only go up to 50 mp more megapixels doesn't mean better pictures

    • cooper23231

      @lesley haan how does the video being shoot on the phone make a difference? Being 100% objective you're comparing an older phone with one that just came out and make statements unrelated to what's being touched. Slow mo and dimmer environnements are the only place where Samsung really falls behind (quality degrading) your statement about 8k had nothing to do with what was said in the video you mention as a source.

    • lesley haan
      lesley haan

      @cooper23231 yes in the Mrwhosetheboss iPhone 13 pro vs galaxy s21 ultra video the fact that this whole video is recorded on the iPhone says enough. there is one thing ware the is really good and that is video

  • Tony De Sousa
    Tony De Sousa

    Wondering if they will do Pro model but at the size of the Mini !

  • Scott Casner
    Scott Casner

    It’s missing USB-C. Once they have that… they’re essentially perfect, and unbeatable. 👍🏻

    • wyatt

      Only other thing I can think I'd wish for is a hole punch camera and under glass fingerprint reader

  • Shoib Khan
    Shoib Khan

    i just love how austin always supports his fellow youtubers.... nd i knw he's in love with linus

    • Ynze

      @Bleezy D. His wife. (this is satire) (hopefully)

    • Bleezy D.
      Bleezy D.

      Who isnt in love with Linus though??

    • VORTEX

      @Subscribepleasethanks Lets see how many hate comments u can get in this reply section currently: 2

  • Justin

    I love how you actually talk about how these phones are way more upgrades than we give credit for. All the other videos I’ve seen have ITmoresrs being super scared of saying anything good about the phones. Everyone is being *safe* and it is super annoying. So I definitely appreciate your take here

  • Kevin Cuellar
    Kevin Cuellar

    Okay I didn’t realize the 13 pro would be this smooth… but I’m definitely glad I bought it!!

    • Cricket England
      Cricket England

      @AndyZULUL sumn new

    • AndyZULUL

      @Cricket England say sumn new

    • AndyZULUL

      @iFenom_z im guessing hes talking about 128gb only has 1080p ProRes, while 256gb and above gets 4k

    • iFenom_z

      @Kevin Cuellar how does a 256gb allow you to unlock full potential of camera? How does storage affect camera?

    • mike hill
      mike hill

      @Cricket England i feel you.. I’m tryna hold onto my X but now my charger port doesn’t work.. I have to charge it wireless but it’s all good

  • Pere Ruaix
    Pere Ruaix

    THANK YOU! The first reviewer that I hear talking about what matters actually matters. The iPhone 13 pro is a bigger jump from the 12 Pro than the 12 Pro was over the 11 Pro. The shape might be the same, but what matters is what has actually been changed, huge camera improvements, a better screen with a smaller notch, and improved battery life. Honestly, people need to stop obsessing over the shape of the corners of the device and start thinking on what actually matters on a smartphone

    • Tony Greco
      Tony Greco

      @Male Sensitivity So is the screen not better ? 120 hz and 1000 nits , thats a good upgrade

    • Nick Armenta
      Nick Armenta

      The increase in battery life is partially due to the fact that the battery in the 12 pro was worse than the 11 pro, so in part they simply made up for lost ground. Its cool they added support for ProRes but they still kept usb 2.0 speeds? Why tf would they not swap the lightning port for a proper usb c so we can get high speed data transfer, and this feature matters. Why can't I charge my phone faster than 20W? Why would they sell an iphone 13 pro that cant even fully support the ProRes feature (128gb), they shouldve made the base model 256 gb. And where are any of the extra little goodies for the price? Reverse wireless charging, adding a touch ID sensor to the power button. The upgrades were just lack luster for all but those with a XS or older.

    • Male Sensitivity
      Male Sensitivity

      I was with you until your last sentence. The only feature you mentioned that really matters to me is improved battery life. The other features you mentioned are subjective.

    • Unboxing Angel
      Unboxing Angel

      Right, the 12 wasn't even that much of an upgrade from the 11 so people said the 13 would be better. Now they say the 13 isn't any better than 12. We can't satisfy everyone honestly. Just buy what you need 😆

    • Clifford Movies4u
      Clifford Movies4u

      Yeah exactly i remember the 12 pro apparently being a big upgrade just cause of the new design and 5g but the camera setup was the same as the 11 pro hence I’ve stuck with that but now I’m considering the 13 pro because of the big camera jump just not sure if I like the look of the huge camera lenses.

  • dnegel

    I agree this is a huge upgrade. I just wish the 13mini had a 120hz screen.

  • Max McClelland
    Max McClelland

    Thank you so much for expressing my exact thoughts on this year's iPhones!

    • Giooo

      @Cricket England that is THE dumbest thing i’ve heard in a while

    • Hom Tolland
      Hom Tolland

      @Cricket England exactly! That’s what I’m telling people on iPhone 13 reviews

    • Cricket England
      Cricket England

      If you still have the iPhone 10, 11, 12 or SE2 don’t bother wasting your money on the iPhone 13 because your current phone will still get Apple updates and take just as good pictures for the next 5-7 years at least Apple only want you to upgrade so they can get your money

  • The Happy Buddhist
    The Happy Buddhist

    iPhone will be perfect if it comes with USB C. Even the new iPad Mini has made that transition, hope iPhone will switch in coming years.

    • Shadow Realm Duelists
      Shadow Realm Duelists

      @Apfel kuchen3000 there more likely to go MagSafe charging only than usb c

    • Lol

      @Apfel kuchen3000 yeah but it hasn’t passed yet

    • rpstforhire

      @Apfel kuchen3000 I don't think it passed yet tho. And also I don't think it forces all phones to have type-c, it just requires the port to be type-c if there is going to be one so if you decide not to put a port at all you can do it fine. Also just my personal opinion, apple would rather go cordless on iphones.

    • The Unknown
      The Unknown

      @KrispyHD EU has just changed that so your point?

    • Kaif

      @KrispyHD that's where you're wrong. They will introduce it when they don't have anything else to brag about.

  • CFA

    Apart from the fact that I think that Apple should’ve also doubled the base storage of the pros to 256Gb as 128Gb is not “Pro” at all, I do agree…. These are quite perfect..

  • Hugh G. Bussy
    Hugh G. Bussy

    Honestly I think the regular camera without Cinematic Mode looks extremely pleasing on its own. It has a decent amount of real background blur

  • Curtis Harrington
    Curtis Harrington

    It would be great to see an always on display. I miss that on my £350 pixel 3a I moved from.

  • WakeUpCall

    Right, first time I came across your content, and I must say: Wow! Excellent! You guys rock. The script is well balanced, pointing out the relevant features. I suppose there are great Android phones out there, but I just cannot go back. My iPhone 13 Pro Max 256 GB is ordered. I probably start taking more photos and videos. My current iPhone 12 does some really good shots, so I am looking forward to what the upgrade is capable of. Thanks for the entertaining video.

  • Earl

    Got my 13 pro earlier today. Hell of an upgrade from my X

    • mike hill
      mike hill

      I’m still tryna hold on to my X 😂

    • Earl

      @Oblivious Penguin Battery life and charge time is absolutely amazing. The 120hz screen is incredible. Only thing is it doesn’t seem as bright as my X

    • SDMN Humberto
      SDMN Humberto

      That much of an upgrade over the x lol I’m getting a 13 pro max and upgrading from a 6 plus so I should be mind blown from my upgrade.

    • Oblivious Penguin
      Oblivious Penguin

      @Kade Bolen I’m upgrading from XR also, what’s your opinion so far?

    • Kade Bolen
      Kade Bolen

      Same here I had an xr. Much better phone.

  • Pranav Pradeep
    Pranav Pradeep

    iPhone 12 line ups can easily have the cinematic mode since it is more of a software feature rather than hardware. But apple didn’t do it because its one of the selling points they have for 13 line ups🤔

  • Novak R
    Novak R

    I would love an always on display option for the iPhone

    • Santiago

      Same actually, I'm holding back from switching my note 9 to an iPhone just because of that

  • Tixelpip

    I'm loving my 13 Pro Max so far, literally 0 complaints so far.

  • Yongky Siaw
    Yongky Siaw

    You're right Austin. The pro is definitely the first time that's well... basically perfect for everything.

    • Gainastyle

      @Yongky Siaw Yeah, well that and not being able to sideload apps. As there is an app i need thats not on any appstore

    • Yongky Siaw
      Yongky Siaw

      @Gainastyle this would be the only thing holding me back.

    • Gainastyle

      Except its still lightning and not type c

    • Snowfox

      I’m honestly considering selling my second phone which is an Android off because of this. Everything on one phone would be awesome.

  • burns0100

    My one gripe is that even now with a 120hz display and better battery life Apple still wont let us use custom live wallpapers. I just want to nerd out some of live anime wallpaper on my display and Apple still won't let me. Otherwise it's a great phone. So glad I got it.

  • Uthman Baksh
    Uthman Baksh

    When I interviewed for a job at the Apple Store a few weeks ago, I actually asked because I was curious if there were any issues with chip shortages affecting products being sold and they said they haven't had any such issue yet. Somehow Apple is not affected by the global chip shortages as much, which in a weird way makes sense because most of the chips Apple uses are apple branded. It's good in a way that Apple isn't using a chip shortage to hike prices, compared to getting a graphics card the places that have stock have way over inflated prices.

    • Shuvo

      not everyone needs an iPhone to own a good phone but almost everyone who needs a good enough computer, needs a graphics card

  • Stefan Li
    Stefan Li

    My main complaint about the iPhone is that it charges so slowly, especially compared to my Xiaomi Mix 4, who gets 100W wireless charging. The experience is just night and day.

    • Caleb Niederhofer
      Caleb Niederhofer

      @Rami Fouad Not true. The batteries are designed for fast charging. This , and the lightning are the only negatives on the 13 Pro models. I am Android guy, and getting the 13 pro

    • Lol

      @Mohammad Malik batteries also degrade overtime Incase you didn’t know that even while not in use. Lithium ion tbh and it’s not just for smartphones

    • Marko McLane
      Marko McLane

      @TheWretchedWorld ive noticed the note10+ battery degrades really fast for some reason

    • TheWretchedWorld

      @Mohammad Malik when you are fast charging a battery it produces a lot more heat, there are tactics you can use to mitigate this but the truth is any form of energy conversion there is loss and that loss is heat. Apple are extremely conservative with their charging and battery health and want a good experience for the user for 2 years, unlike me with a galaxy note 10+ which would die at 12-15% battery after just a year of use. Where as my iPhone 12 Pro Max still maintains 96 percent battery health and consistent battery life after 10 months of daily use.

    • Mohammad Malik
      Mohammad Malik

      @Rami Fouad that’s not how lithium batteries work. Batteries degrade depending on heat and cycles, not on how fast the charging is. If the battery is handling both it’s not a problem whatsoever.

  • Big Bullet
    Big Bullet

    Love the review you make the buy feel great brother coming from a big tech guy like you means something

  • CallMeVid

    I love how he wears LTT merch for the video talking about how good an Apple product is

    • Cricket England
      Cricket England

      Why not it’s free advertising for LTT

  • Sai Sibi
    Sai Sibi

    I knew early on in the video that it is being shot on an iPhone. You can just tell. But props to apple. It is an amazing video machine. Iphone's video capabilities is gonna destroy mirrorless camera vlogging in the future. It's just a matter of time.

  • John Mejia
    John Mejia

    This iPhone is great, EXCEPT for usb c, and maybe an updated design. literally the 13 pro is just the x but essentially perfectified.

  • Sam Steel
    Sam Steel

    Watching on my 13 pro 😂 first time with a smaller phone and i'm loving it. Had an 11 pro max tried to go back to Samsung recently but i just couldn't so i returned it and got this :) going pro max was usually for the best phone with the best specs now the pro is basically the same as the pro max minus size and battery.

    • Young Jacuzzi
      Young Jacuzzi

      What was wrong with Samsung? (Genuine question)

  • Shi

    Apple should’ve launched Cinematic Mode as beta like they did with portrait mode. It really doesn’t look great.

    • Nick Armenta
      Nick Armenta

      @Raul Perez he was chill?

    • Dawg

      Same thoughts. But I think software updates will gradually improve it.

    • Mohammad Malik
      Mohammad Malik

      It’s obviously not great just yet, the phone isn’t even in people’s hands yet.

    • Raul Perez
      Raul Perez

      Bruh chill

  • BuzzFish

    The pro max has almost 10hrs of battery life im very impressed

    • Jonathan Prescott
      Jonathan Prescott

      Mrwhostheboss video? 😉

  • MrSamPhoenix

    Wow the video looks incredible, I didn’t even realize this video was shot entirely on the iPhone 13 Pro series.

  • VinoDeRio

    I just got my iPhone 13 pro delivered today and am loving the 120hz refresh rate :D My only nitpicks so far is the weight because I had the iPhone 12 before and I miss the aluminum body/weight AND I also wish there was USB-C port but I know it wont happen yet haha

  • Maximus' Media
    Maximus' Media

    I wish I would have waited for the 13 Pro Max instead of upgrading last year from the Xr to the 12 Pro Max just for the camera features alone. But I cannot complain too much as the 12 Pro Max does what I need it to do for now.

    • Whatsapp plus ❶❸⓿❷❺❻❽❹❼❽❹
      Whatsapp plus ❶❸⓿❷❺❻❽❹❼❽❹

      ☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️ congratulations you just won an iPhone 13...

  • anguyen280

    Personally, I wanted this year's iPhones to have Touch ID. Once they have this, then it's the perfect phone

    • The Observer
      The Observer

      Having both would be great.

    • Lol

      @xSpitz and since now people still wear masks, Touch ID is just something that can be great

    • Lol

      @xSpitz I love Face ID but Touch ID is easily better. Sure Face ID is more secure than Touch ID but how many times is someone gonna unlock your phone if it’s stolen thru Touch ID? Still pretty rare. Touch ID is more convenient if you put ur finger on the display or if it’s on the power button it’s even easier to unlock the phone like the iPad Air and the iPad mini

    • MikeF

      @xSpitz lol wow faceid is terrible. Nothing beats an under display fingerprint scanner.. maybe in 3 years apple will implement it.

    • Hero

      @Mohammad Malik no its not?

  • HarbingerOfTears

    Want to know what it's missing? 3DTouch. That was the best thing for typing and editing text on a phone. And no, haptic touch is trash compared to 3DTouch. Apple, please bring back 3DTouch, at least for 'Pro' phones...

  • ObscureOnLaptop

    I love rhino shield cases I've used it on my iPhone Xs Max and now I'm gonna use it on my iPhone 13 Pro Max

  • Matheus M Cirino
    Matheus M Cirino

    I bought my S20 fe snapragon 865 here in Brazil for around $400 (usa), i think that the problem for me with iphones is not the smartphone itself, but the price (and not be able to download apps outside app store), since the announced price for the 13 pro max here is around $3000 (usa).

    • Omar

      Personally for people in Brazil Android would be the best ,u don’t need an iPhone if it cost that much ,I think is the shipping tax that is really high in Brazil that’s why iPhone cost that much in Brazil ,however for people that pay around $1200,the iPhone seem really a good phone this year .

    • Matheus M Cirino
      Matheus M Cirino

      @Midleno man, in my country it is

    • Midleno

      What the hell do you mean the 13 pro max is 3000, last I checked it was around 1200 something?

    • celi Garcia27
      celi Garcia27

      @BRO KHAN loved your comment

    • BRO KHAN
      BRO KHAN

      The guy who’s driving a Toyota wants to be the guy driving the Ferrari 🏎 The guy walking wants to be the guy in the Toyota 🚶‍♂️ The guy who can’t walk wants to be the guy who is walking………… 👨‍🦽

  • mtb0x

    What were the other bits you had connected to the iPhone for recording this video - the mounts and the mic set ups. Could you list them please and thank you 😃

  • Samuel Oen
    Samuel Oen

    Even as an apple hater, the only minor criticism I have for their lineup this year is the 20w charging. Besides that, well done apple

    • Atis Basak
      Atis Basak

      iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max can charge at up to 27w with a compatible charger.

    • God’s Strength
      God’s Strength

      Im an apple fan and everything about iPhone 13 series is perfect, but Im still angry with notch, lightning port, 12 mp wide, no periscope lens and missing of in screen touch ID. gonna wait 1 or 2 more years to upgrade my 11 pro max

    • MrDexterSr

      It’s actually a little faster this year, around 24w with a compatible charger 👍🏾

  • Kaif

    An iPhone with full-screen display and usb c might be my first one

  • Wolfen Her
    Wolfen Her

    Honestly I do like the phone and how great it is, but I’m still here using my iPhone XR that I bought 3 years ago and it’s still keeping up with the new iPhones today and still accept updates like iOS 15 which is crazy consider the iPhone XR came out like 4-5 years ago, but the iPhone 13 Pro, I’ll consider thinking of getting one soon in the future when my XR gives up on updates.

  • Brian

    gonna be honest I did check the video quality at the start of the video as I thought YT was showing it lower however its never going to compete with the big boy cameras but does do a good job . I still think it could do with less saturation but apple have always been heavy on that

  • Caleb Short
    Caleb Short

    I feel like this is a direct reflection of the pandemic. Apple couldn’t get all crazy with their designs like they normally do. And because of that they just had to go back and fix all the crap that was wrong with the iPhone 12. In a lot of ways this is an iPhone 12 S but that’s not a bad thing. Apple a lot of times Kinda outsmart your common sense initially they couldn’t do that. They just had to take what they already had and go crap how do we make this platform better because we can’t make the tooling for a new side panel or a new back plate or new whatever you know a camera Bump that’s .2 mm thinner. They just had to go back into the R&D room and fix what was wrong with the iPhone 12. Personally I think that’s a great thing and I wish Apple did that more often I wish they spent more time developing the second GEN of a product. Then moving onto the next iPhone or the next product.

  • DangleRoot

    Been using the iPhone 11 waiting for a real upgrade so the 13 pro will probably be my upgrade

    • Maximumboolin700

      I got the 11 pro, I’m thinking about it lol

  • kinofrohan

    I think the one thing holding me back from the 13 Pro is seeing how the Pixel 6 performs. It has a genuine chance of knocking Apple off as the best all round phone. I'll be interested to see how they compare when it drops.

  • reklaw198

    But, It would be great to see comparisons between a Z fold 3 & the flip. Because I have seen reviews on them and they are awesome

    • SupertoastGT

      I think those hinges will be toast.

  • Anguawolf007

    For video and display, this is great! My biggest issue that keeps me away is how iPhone and Apple restrict what I can do with MY device. I like having a micro SD slot. I like having a headphone jack. I like being able to have more freedom with the software. I like being able to easily connect Bluetooth controllers for games. I used to love Apple, but once I learned Android, it's hard to go back.

    • Lew_W

      Of course you can compare, but stating that “android” gives far more options is just far to vague as most of the mobile market is andoid, but they differ through many brands and price categories, so it makes much more sense to compare current flagship to flagship which are in the same price category, and in terms of having expandable storage and a headphone jack in 2021 is few if any (bar some “gaming” phones)

    • Anguawolf007

      @Colin Santos only certain ones. I know about iphones. I used to swear by them. Unless you jailbreak them, they don't do what I expect it to be able to do.

    • Anguawolf007

      @Lew_W I can compare what the company provides to what I want in a device. It is a phone that plays video and music to me. If I want all the camera stuff, I buy a camera.

    • Anguawolf007

      @owolyse thats the reason I still have an S9.

    • Colin Santos
      Colin Santos

      You can connect controllers through Bluetooth on iPhone…

  • Glitch Addiction
    Glitch Addiction

    I love my iphone 13 pro max 1 tb only thing I wish is that it had usb-c port other than that the phone has been great

  • Jarred

    Fingerprint sensor (optical or ultrasonic idm which), USB Type C, and customization are the last 3 things which the iPhone is missing that I feel android has a huge advantage over them with. I still think it would have been really cool if like with the iPhone X they included the fingerprint sensor on the back of the phone inside the apple logo (same placement as the pixel phones). Truly a missed opportunity, but at this point I will gladly take any finger print sensor. USB Type C would just be nice since that is the general direction most chargers are heading towards, and the customization is something which isn't necessarily the biggest thing, but having the small things such as setting a custom ringtone for a friend and not having to spend money on it would be nice.

    • Lol

      It’ll probably get customization but not in a way where it’s harder to use and shit. They wanna make it easy to use that’s how they’ve always been. I see them bringing back Touch ID tho that’s fs Idk about usb c tho

    • Mohammad Malik
      Mohammad Malik

      I agree on the first two. Customisation is just something Apple does not care about at all. They’ve always been the company to go “we made it we know it best”.

  • Huang Tairan
    Huang Tairan

    I've used my 13 Pro for two days now, I totally agree your point made in the video, this is THE most complete phone they did in a long time. However I wish they can give us 8gb of ram since I still have some ram management issues.

  • Cruz Allen
    Cruz Allen

    I will say that the modular rhinoshield case saved my iPhone 12 from falling out of my pocket on a roller coaster at silver dollar city about 60ft in the air around 50mph…. Not even a scratch

  • Male Sensitivity
    Male Sensitivity

    I agree with Austin's point about the refresh rate. I am coming back to Apple from a $500 Android phone with a 144hz refresh rate. I'm already thinking about returning my iPhone :)

  • Tonmoy Kabiraj
    Tonmoy Kabiraj

    I agree. This is THE complete iPhone to date! Previously, iPhones had been always plagued with some sort of compromises; like the lack of a high refresh display on iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max. This year, I think Apple got everything right. iPhone 13 IS a no compromise phone. The BEST phone in my opinion.

    • Whatsapp plus ❶❸⓿❷❺❻❽❹❼❽❹
      Whatsapp plus ❶❸⓿❷❺❻❽❹❼❽❹

      ☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️ congratulations you just won an iPhone 13

  • Jose Garcia
    Jose Garcia

    If they had given the 13 series with thunderbolt 4, literally all of their iPhone stonks will go to the moon for properly going eco friendly while still having ultra instinct data transfer

    • TheWretchedWorld


  • Mark Loertscher
    Mark Loertscher

    I love every feature on the 13 pro Max except the fact that photos are still 12 megapixels. Ridiculous.

    • Mohammad Malik
      Mohammad Malik

      The fact is Apple isn’t really going to bother upping that just yet. Most phones already only use more than 12 for downscaling to get a little more detail in, but iPhones were always about photos looking natural and pleasing to the eye, not about detail.

  • Craig Zemek
    Craig Zemek

    They didn't raise their prices, because they did that years ago. Also this would be a good phone if it had android. Have they implemented t9 dialing yet on iPhone.

  • Jacob Galvan
    Jacob Galvan

    Great phone but hate the size of the camera modules! It’s definitely the trend right now to have big stovetops on your phone but I’m here wondering if the they could achieve similar results with smaller camera bumps.

  • Astorete

    Just got mine today. 120hz is incredible!

  • Spaceboi Scapahandre
    Spaceboi Scapahandre

    It would truly be perfect if it had USB-C

  • Tim Smith
    Tim Smith

    usb c and fast charge is all thats missing for me, however I just ordered the 13 pro

  • Andrew Kimani
    Andrew Kimani

    Why can't IPhone just have USB-C charging😭Lord knows how painful it is to find one outside the house.

    • Gainastyle

      Yeah, that is my biggest reason to not get an iphone, and right behind it is not being able to sideload apps


    I remember when your house burned down and you lost everything but the community helped you. Look how far you’ve come

    • The Observer
      The Observer

      Still remember that

    • Musa Butt
      Musa Butt

      @Caiden 7 to 8

    • NitrousGranola

      Oh man, I forgot all about that. If you carry yourself you really can go far.

    • Med

      @Caiden that ipad carried his career😂

    • FAHOOD2044

      When is that?

  • Paydro Hella Wave
    Paydro Hella Wave

    I wanna upgrade from 11 pro to the 13 pro max! But money is holding me back 😭 in love with the 13 pro max already

    • Paydro Hella Wave
      Paydro Hella Wave

      Is it worth upgrading?? 11 pro -> 13 pro?

  • Gainastyle

    They look really nice and the apps are optimized for them, but i wont buy one until i can sideload apps, apply themes and it uses usb-c. If those things changed, i would probably go over to apple for the looks now that they have 120hz finally.

    • Whatsapp plus ❶❸⓿❷❺❻❽❹❼❽❹
      Whatsapp plus ❶❸⓿❷❺❻❽❹❼❽❹

      ☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️ congratulations you just won an iPhone 13

  • Matthew Wolfe
    Matthew Wolfe

    I think it’s looking for a more unique design, but seems good.

  • TenderTitty

    I could tell it was shot on an iphone, I was confused at how it said I was watching in 4k but it still looked blurry. Still great camera

  • MudSluggerBP

    Cool I’ll be picking one up when the 14 launches and my current contract on my 11 ends 👍🏻

    • Encik Demure
      Encik Demure

      hold it, there will come out with 15..16 or 17.. maybe 18, 19 20.

  • TaeKwonDonuts

    Currently have an XR, cracked back and not so amazing battery life yet idk if I should upgrade this year or not. In some ways I believe this is an "s" year for the 12 and that next year they will have something bigger but idk if I can even wait till next year.

  • Tom Scott
    Tom Scott

    Checked out the iPhone 13's. Was considering a move to the Pro Max, but I'm going to take a pass. It's improved for sure, but not enough for me to switch from my model 12. It's noticeably heavier and they have not solved the problem with the stainless steel band. It looks cheap and it still smudges and shows every fingerprint. Really disappointed.

  • Steve Matousek
    Steve Matousek

    6:00 didn’t even notice it was shot on an iPhone, that’s awesome

    • FujinShu

      What is that microphone, though? I think it might be the RODE Wireless GO (I or II), but if so, how did Ken plug it in to the phone?

    • RiceCube Tech
      RiceCube Tech

      You can notice at 2 minutes or so. Super grainy

    • Aditya Narayansreejith
      Aditya Narayansreejith

      3:03 This made me realise that it was shot on the iPhone. Even though the Bokeh was great it just didn't look perfect to me lol

    • Thinuka Wijerathne
      Thinuka Wijerathne


  • Diogo Marques
    Diogo Marques

    The only thing the 13 (and especially the Pros) are missing is USB-C so we can import those 6GB/s ProRes files at a decent speed.

  • herby

    to be honest i think it's a reach to say that this new generation of iphone now does everything(?) the 13 pro max is literally no different from a x at this point

    • Joshyg02

      I agree to some extent however battery life has been massively improved and the 120hz display is definitely needed given I own an ipad Pro but don't see why it took so long for apple to add this to the iPhone the 2017 ipad Pro has it..

  • Simon

    Currently watching on my iPhone 13 Pro, it’s amazing

  • rayaan iqbal
    rayaan iqbal

    It's a good phone but I personally dislike apples take on customisation so I always pick android

  • Thane Fenrir
    Thane Fenrir

    The only thing about the iphone 13 Pro and Pro Max is that, if you get the 128gb models you will not be able to use the Pro Rez option when it comes out. You need the 256GB and above!

  • Cristobal Garcia II
    Cristobal Garcia II

    Still missing USB C and touchID. If they add those features to the iPhone I may switch back from Android. I would love it to have in-display touchID but I'll take it on the power button to compromise lol. I never liked face ID. I went back to Android because of it. While I love Android, it's easier to communicate with family while all on the same platform.

  • KevoZebo

    I always get spigen cases. For not much money you get an insanely good case. I’ve dropped my phone dozens of times with a spigen case over the years and the phone comes without a scratch.

  • John-Michael Merced
    John-Michael Merced

    Always on displays, animated lock screens, multi-tasking, Dex, USB-C, S Pen Pro, lack of notch, not to mention experimental features like under display camera and foldable screens. iPhone has a ways to go to be considered complete.

  • King Neu
    King Neu

    I would've LOVED if it came with touch ID on the power button or even in screen tbh. My 7+ is slowly shitting the bed and I'm debating whether to get the 13 Pro or not but if it had the touch ID, it would've been a 100% definite cop. I know people have moved to Face ID but there's just something about touch ID that holds me back from upgrading lol.

    • Vayne

      I didn’t want to switch to Face ID either but it would be unfortunate if they went back to Touch ID now. Face ID is way better

    • Ahmad Graham
      Ahmad Graham

      I feel that. In using an 11 personally and 7 for work, I miss Face ID more than Touch ID as I’ve gotten used to not needing to hit a button to wake device. I miss Touch ID the most when I rarely need to unlock my phone in the car (shouldn’t be doing 😅) or using Apple Pay from phone with a mask (which I’ve gotten used to using watch).

    • Dylan Robinson
      Dylan Robinson

      @King Neu why would you miss Touch ID over Face ID. Trust me Touch ID is worse. I don’t miss it in the slightest, Face ID is SOO much faster and works everytime 95% of the time. I remember Touch ID sometimes having to press it 3 different times for it register my fuckdn finger

    • King Neu
      King Neu

      @Aryan Baweja i've heard the same elsewhere haha. I bet it is tbh just one of those things I feel like I'll miss after the switch haha.

    • King Neu
      King Neu

      @Steven Juris no fear at all just going to miss it after switching lol.

  • 1strx

    Here is what the iPhone 13 is missing as interns of software the ability to customize the length of the Flash like the vibration. This is very helpful for someone like me who has a hearing issue.

    • Whatsapp plus ❶❸⓿❷❺❻❽❹❼❽❹
      Whatsapp plus ❶❸⓿❷❺❻❽❹❼❽❹

      ☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️ congratulations you just won an iPhone 13

  • El_isPlaying

    Love how he says theres nothing to complain about, but its still using a Lightning port!

    • Cole

      65W Warp Charge on my OnePlus 7 Pro makes me realize why I can't switch to iPhone until they fix their goddamn charging speeds. Puts me back in the game so fast.

    • Crown☦︎︎erased

      @Nick Armenta “don’t fix it if it ain’t broke”

    • Crown☦︎︎erased

      @Nick Armenta get a Samsung if your impatient

    • Nick Armenta
      Nick Armenta

      @Crown☦︎︎erased alright man, if you want to be complacent and deal with things you don't and shouldn't have to, then more power to you. Ignorance truly is bliss. As for me, when I spend $1000 on a phone, I don't want to be "patient". I'll continue to ask for basic features that are staring Apple in the face.

    • Crown☦︎︎erased

      @Nick Armenta sigh* just charge the phone if you want to transfer data or things use a usb stick just be patient wait for your stuff to load.

  • Dakillmonger

    I agree mostly. I wont upgrade again ever unless the add a finger sensor or usb c. Nothing else needed. I would like true multitasking like we have on Samsung but if its added it will be on the 13 as well.

  • Petru

    Great iPhone this year! The only couple of things I could think of that it’s missing is: - USB-C (if you really want to use it professionally you NEED type c) -The powerbutton with Touch ID build in. It’s not like they can’t do it, because they have it in the iPad Air 4 and the iPad mini so yeah and in this day and age where we HAVE to wear masks everywhere Touch ID would have been a great way to unlock my phone without taking my mask off every time. -Compatibility with the Apple Pencil 2. I know that’s nitpicking but it just doesn’t make sense to me that they won’t do this because the iPad HAS type c, Apple Pencil compatibility and Touch ID in the powerbutton and it really wouldn’t be an effort for them to put it in the iPhone! I know they need some differences between the iPad and the iPhone but please at least usb type c like if I could choose just 1 thing it would have been type c 🤦🏻

    • Nick Armenta
      Nick Armenta

      literally, I was surprised Austin didnt even mention usb c. Also, i feel like everyone forgot about reverse wireless charging. Id love to charge my airpods on top of my phone!

  • Matt Z.
    Matt Z.

    The only thing is missing it's the phone itself. Literally, shipping shortage at least here in EU is so massive that now ordering an iPhone shows "Expect delivery in 4-5 weeks".

  • RedOneMonster

    How is the low-light photography? I still really love my P30 Pro as it has an android version with google services. P30 Pro shoots excellent night photos.

    • Mohammad Malik
      Mohammad Malik

      Mrwhostheboss did a video on it, it’s great if you leave it still for 10 seconds when taking night mode shots in almost pitch black but not as great if you only do it for 3-5 seconds.

    • Rahim Azam-rajabian
      Rahim Azam-rajabian

      I have the p30 pro too and the low light is garbage as well as the video! The 13 pro looks the one to get from the reviews 👍

  • Dialgavspalkia

    Currently watching on my iPhone 12 hoping to upgrade to a 13 pro max in the future 😍

    • Whatsapp plus ❶❸⓿❷❺❻❽❹❼❽❹
      Whatsapp plus ❶❸⓿❷❺❻❽❹❼❽❹

      ☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️ congratulations you just won an iPhone 13

  • Tom Pike
    Tom Pike

    You know what would make the iphone pro really pro, USB-C/Thunderbolt 4 like you have on the ipad pro. It's great being able to record high fidelity video but getting the files off of the phone is still a problem. Personally, I use iCloud and just let it sync between my phone and mac but I have to pay for at least 200GB of cloud storage for it to work.

    • Whatsapp plus ❶❸⓿❷❺❻❽❹❼❽❹
      Whatsapp plus ❶❸⓿❷❺❻❽❹❼❽❹

      ☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️ congratulations you just won an iPhone 13...

  • Angel Alfaro
    Angel Alfaro

    I love it when Matt called out Austin about using his Forearm and his definition of forearm. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Steve O
    Steve O

    Apple cheated on the screen refresh claims. At least 1 ITmoresr has directly compared to Samsung’s screens and the 13 pro is refreshing at about 90 htz.

  • Edwin Soto
    Edwin Soto

    Good video. Could you share what gadgets were used for the making of this video?

  • Ryan Golembiewski
    Ryan Golembiewski

    What case do you have on the 12 mini that you showed. Looked perfect

  • Justin Strong
    Justin Strong

    So here’s a fun fact: The iPhone 13 pro features a 6 core 3.23ghz CPU and 6GB ram while the PS4 pro features a 8 core 2.13ghz CPU and 8GB ram. Interesting, the iPhone 13 is on the heels on the Ps4 pro as both are balanced devices but iPhone 13 surpasses it in clock speed Also, iPhone 14 will surpass the PS5 and Xbox Series X/s in clock speed, which is weird

  • Rasho

    6:00 Thanks for clearing the video color, lighting and noise issues I was seeing! :D

  • Jacino77

    Luving my new gold edition iPhone 13 pro upgraded from the XS gold edition.. the XS treated me good it was just her time to go and I aint looking back.