INCREDIBLE. The 2022 Toyota Tundra.
Austin Evans
The 2022 Toyota Tundra TRD PRO is absolutely loaded with tech.
Microsoft FIXED* Windows 11:
The NEW Nintendo Switch OLED:

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  • A.J. Haverkamp
    A.J. Haverkamp

    Austin makes that truck look absolutely massive.

    • Willon120

      @TheWretchedWorld its not

    • Willon120

      @kane its small dude.

    • dan b
      dan b

      @kane do you want a smaller Tacoma or do you want a Ford ranger?

    • Lev Adrenalin
      Lev Adrenalin


    • TheWretchedWorld

      That’s because it’s huge

  • JT Suarez
    JT Suarez

    Toyota really stepped up a notch with this Tundra, a great contender for the new pick ups

    • TheTruthBeTold

      @Elchanan Geller Might be the only good thing about them but only time will tell.

    • Elchanan Geller
      Elchanan Geller

      Do you not understand the term V6?

    • Elchanan Geller
      Elchanan Geller

      @TheTruthBeTold nissan isnt bad, especially with the cummins.

    • TheTruthBeTold

      For gm and it's nasty ass trucks and Nissan maybe, because Ford and now Dodge are beyond this level.

  • Enzomidge

    Doug DeMuro is probably watching this with pride in his heart. Now, the icing on the cake would be if he introduces his next video as "Hey Guys, this is Doug DeMuro."

  • Adam

    Damn, Toyota hooked this car up with a TV, lol. Jokes aside, I look forward to seeing you review the upcoming Toyota BZX. Beautiful EV car from our reliable friends at Toyota. Exciting times.

  • buzuki

    It's looks like it's your first time outside lol 😂

    • Tonto Bong Ronto
      Tonto Bong Ronto

      You really gotta do him like that hahaha? Definitely deserves it. These hipsters going to be buying this shit up. Trash ass truck. The camera stuff is the only thing I like better than current gen for real

    • cjchico

      Lots of biden voters still haven't left their basements.

    • Kyle RittenHouse 🥶
      Kyle RittenHouse 🥶

      When im not watching this channel I’m watching Seven Hunnid on ITmores ,,.

    • yLACs

      First time being in and around a truck more like

    • LOLCATpl

      @Don't READ Profile PiCC i did and disliked yo vid 😋💅🥰

  • Leo the cat
    Leo the cat

    I guess toyota is now integrating the "smart" system in this one. Very impressed with the specs. I would definitely add a solar panel on the roof and some other places in the truck to help ease on energy consumption.

  • Corey Sherman
    Corey Sherman

    Ironic that we can’t be on our phones while we drive, yet we can have a full on laptop screen right in our face at all times when driving.

    • Cody Phalen
      Cody Phalen

      @Kenneth Wong you can call and text through it and still has media services to distract you, so yeah I think it’s ironic. But idc it’s a badass vehicle and it’s a Toyota so you know it’s safe.

    • Kenneth Wong
      Kenneth Wong

      Not that ironic since that screen does not function like a phone

    • Andre

      Not that ironic

  • Fares Djebbar
    Fares Djebbar

    That Trailer reverse assist feature is a big deal! Literally a game changer! I'm impressed!

  • k man
    k man

    I like that Austin is getting into vehicles more.

    • k man
      k man

      @Mirza Munif Yeah, your probably right.

    • Mirza Munif
      Mirza Munif

      Sorry to disappoint you but he probably got paid to review this

  • Nihal S
    Nihal S

    I really wished we had these in Australia. We can only get them as a grey import, with approval from the government and converted to right hand drive. Which doubles the price.

  • Jacob Wood
    Jacob Wood

    Love the inspiration from Doug DeMuro!

  • Darkmoon

    My father used to have a 2007 Toyota Tundra. Compared to this, so much has changed. He got rid since it was expensive to maintain; settled with a 1995 ford ranger xlt

  • ED Cave
    ED Cave

    I don't know if anyone else picked up on this but it felt like an ad for Toyota. I would have liked to see some points that the truck could improve on too.

    • jaee hovaa
      jaee hovaa

      @Cxdy Dxniel not really. Because he's focusing on the tech not the driving, motor, suspension etc.

    • Favour Jegede
      Favour Jegede

      If I had a tech channel and Toyota came to me I would review their truck. I like cars that's my reason. However, I'll consider reviewing other things if i get paid for it cause its a job.

    • Cxdy Dxniel
      Cxdy Dxniel

      Nimish M Biju and you don’t find it weird that a tech channel is reviewing cars out of the blue for money?

    • Nimish M Biju
      Nimish M Biju

      It's a sponsorship and he made it clear at the beginning

    • Cxdy Dxniel
      Cxdy Dxniel

      It was an ad. He was paid money for the content and given the truck for the day for free for filming.

  • ChimiChain

    Nice truck and video! It can have a Turbo and be a hybrid, top notch stuff.

  • Jackal Matlou
    Jackal Matlou

    Can you do more car reviews, please? Maybe a road trip?


    Looks awesome. Nice features. Nice size screen. Laggy UI and OS

  • Quamsi

    So excited to see Toyota start dropping EVs

  • ClassicRides13

    This is just Austin doing a doug de muro impression and I love it

  • Brian Rosie
    Brian Rosie

    That trailer technology I think would be a great thing for boat launching

  • Oscar Medina
    Oscar Medina

    They showed the truck guys/channels this pickup first. Good call on Toyota to show the tech channels/people the tech of it afterwards, smart move

  • Ezra Fox
    Ezra Fox

    I never thought I’d see Austin evans review a full sized pickup

  • TimEntity

    Man, that truck looks FIRE 🔥 🔥 🔥

  • Destructor

    Employee: This is a 2022 toyota tundra Austin: ok so how much RAM does it have

    • RoboticDragon0708


    • Keiko the dog
      Keiko the dog

      @uhh 1500*

    • uhh

      512 MB

    • Powerfulshammy


    • chocolatedaddydestroyer69


  • Simalacrum

    As a European, that car just looks comically big… 😅

    • Schneeball 238
      Schneeball 238

      @VintageRKO good idea for his building the ultimate Toyota tundra video

    • VintageRKO

      You can literally put a Smart Fortwo on the truck bed

    • Robert P
      Robert P

      @Elchanan Geller They are smaller because fuel costs more and cities aren't so spread out like they are in the US.

    • Elchanan Geller
      Elchanan Geller

      We laugh at your golf carts too

  • HAGMarx

    I’m ordering one of these trucks. Great that I got an Austin Evans review before I do. Didn’t expect that 🤷‍♂️

  • Milton Blanchard
    Milton Blanchard

    Hey Austin, glad you liked it. I’ve been working on this for almost 4 years now..

    • zain choudhry
      zain choudhry

      Dang man big ups to u and ur team for this truck great work

  • BiggieSmallNut

    I got my first pc three months ago and love it this channel and amazing and I love learning about PCs thank you Austin also I’m a car guy but trucks are cool too

    • Bob Monkeypimp
      Bob Monkeypimp

      You'd learn more about PCs from a dead, mute & blind goat than you'd ever learn from Austin.

  • Kenneth Wong
    Kenneth Wong

    I think its just funny how Austin got into the car review game

  • Tony Rivera
    Tony Rivera

    So now instead of looking at your phone while driving , you are staring at a TV instead

  • Scuderia Vedang
    Scuderia Vedang

    I've seen so much Toyota x Austin content that I really think that in the next vid, Toyota will sign him for their Le Mans 2022 lineup lol

  • Adrian Cepeda
    Adrian Cepeda

    I'm convinced now that my next car will be a Toyota!

  • Devanshu Shah
    Devanshu Shah

    I liked the orange that the straight pipes had in their review!

  • Frank Thompson
    Frank Thompson

    Not that I don't appreciate the competition, but the 2015 f150s could do all this and more (i.e. trailer assist). The only improvement is the screen size Again I'm glad to see Toyota did this refresh but none of this is new in the market.

    • Frank Thompson
      Frank Thompson

      Ok, it didn't have the Google maps (it did have navigation though), apple or Amazon music (why limit it to those 2!?!? No ITmores music, Spotify or Pandora?), But they had android auto and carplay (I think the wireless for both were introduced in the 2018 refresh of the f150)

  • Tim Poortinga
    Tim Poortinga

    Do you get heated and cooled seats in the rear on the TD pro?

  • The Cleverly Named Person
    The Cleverly Named Person

    I’m a simple man: I see good Toyota content, I click like

  • ItsFree Willly
    ItsFree Willly

    Looks like im trading in my 2019 Tundra trd pro for this one…. Leg room in the back is massiveeee

  • Rob Black
    Rob Black

    I just bought a new Supra, and no watching this video makes me want a Tundra! 🤣

  • Toyota4Life

    All upcoming Toyota interiors need to look and be like this. Epic truck

    • Trent

      Toyota eww I like bmw x5 m 200 mph-

  • Luke Glover
    Luke Glover

    HOLY SHIT. That display lol. Awesome looking truck, I'm not a pickup guy though.

    • Daniel Carranza
      Daniel Carranza

      Would of been more awesome if it had the good old 5.7 V8

  • Tim Mug
    Tim Mug

    I'm happy more tech is coming to cars n trucks to make them worth taking a look at. On top of it, the video itself looks very good. Very nice

  • sagelight7777

    There is going to be a revised version of this in 6 months with a smaller cooling system that is better on gas but Austin will say its inferior

    • Tsaini

      It would be inferior

  • nom nom
    nom nom

    Wow. What a year. Tech reviewers are reviewing cars.

  • theKuɴ

    ah yes, when a tech ITmoresr reviews an automobile

  • ControlFreak 14
    ControlFreak 14

    You’re content is amazing Best of luck in future Awesome videos 🙌

  • I edited my name
    I edited my name

    This is a seriously good car.

  • Patrick Turner
    Patrick Turner

    Color me surprised there’s a truck review on from this channel. Definitely not expected.

  • Nate Cortese
    Nate Cortese

    still proudly rocking a 2001 toyota tundra🥲

  • AztecFlameGod13

    Damn, not bad looks nice af. I definitely could use it just for straightening out my trailer lmfao.

  • HesitationVR

    Trailer needs connectable cameras so it can then also turn and reverse for you

  • Elliot Kwilinski
    Elliot Kwilinski

    Seeing all these techtubers review cars and trucks is very interesting lol

  • thebaum64

    Damn thats a clean truck

  • Trav S
    Trav S

    It's so beautiful. The only.problem I see is it doesn't have the v8 anymore.

    • Suemason

      Agreed, that gay little v6 dual turbo isn’t good for longevity which Toyota has been so famous for in their tundras,

    • Tonto Bong Ronto
      Tonto Bong Ronto

      Daul exhaust off the driver side looks like so much trash

  • Junior Nguyen
    Junior Nguyen

    My dream truck 😍😍😍😍

  • Crowne Animations
    Crowne Animations

    Can you do a long term review of the Switch Lite? Been considering getting one finally but i don't know if it'd be good or not and i know you said you said drive the yellow lite

  • Master Bait
    Master Bait

    I am getting Doug DeMuro vibes 😂🔥 Do the Supra next!⚡

  • QaharNetic

    Its so nice wish i could afford one

  • Awwad02

    You should do more car videos!!!!!!!!

  • jrmop 09
    jrmop 09

    I wish they imported these to New Zealand

  • Flo m00n
    Flo m00n

    Wish there was a v8 option.

  • MarkFromYT

    That's one of the best trucks. I have seen

  • Yg Reez
    Yg Reez

    Austin I’ve been trying to save up some money so I can start building a pc to record game play and stream. It’s really hard to get parts so could you make a video of a good pc build for starters with the parts available?

  • Nightowl358

    Likely replacing my 2012 Tundra with one of these.

  • Kia- T{αα}P Me!! To F.C.K W!th Me
    Kia- T{αα}P Me!! To F.C.K W!th Me

    Love the inspiration from Doug DeMuro!

  • Grumpy Wolf Gaming
    Grumpy Wolf Gaming

    gawd I wish I could afford this xD

  • Dorian Simon
    Dorian Simon

    Me counting the number of times Austin says 'not only do we...': 😱

  • Help me Reach 10k Subs
    Help me Reach 10k Subs

    Austin went into next year to buy a car so he can review it.

  • Clapp3rOfCh33ks

    I think the real question here is when is the Tacoma gonna get a refresh? 🤔

    • MrSoiSauce

      That’s a good question. Seeing as though it got a small face lift, I wouldn’t expect 1 until at most 5 years later

  • Greeniac

    Imagine if Toyota payed Doug demuro to say good things about a truck, it would be a bad video

  • MD. Shamim Hossain
    MD. Shamim Hossain

    0:58 iOS 15 is Toyota's own software. 😅

  • Jose Acevedo
    Jose Acevedo

    I think the new tundra is having heat issues just like Sony 😆 🤣

  • Gianni Knies
    Gianni Knies

    I feel like Ken is really happy with an Japanese sponsor

  • Sokol Omuri
    Sokol Omuri

    for some reason watching this video I remembered this line from sic city ''modern cars, they all look like electric shavers''.

  • Noah Albright
    Noah Albright

    Love the Doug Demuro reference!

  • Big Man
    Big Man

    Hey one more thing. does anyone else realize that the seat color changes?

  • Kartoon Reviews
    Kartoon Reviews

    2022 Toyota Tundra TRD PRO is full with dope tech

  • Gigawatt Garage
    Gigawatt Garage

    if they put all that in a Tacoma they can have all my money

  • Willon120

    i know all the pro fisherman drive these so they must be reliable , they drive everywhere!!

  • Lord Sheldor
    Lord Sheldor

    You don't get a license for the first Tundra in Austria 😅

  • Petty Pendergrass
    Petty Pendergrass

    The display edges look dangerous in a crash, Who OK'd this?! :P

    • Proto Kille
      Proto Kille

      i mean unless your crash into a semi truck i think you’ll be fine in a crash, this pickup is big compared to majority cars on the roads aside from other pickup trucks ofc.

  • Epic Gaming Hamster
    Epic Gaming Hamster

    Sadly this truck does not have a v8 anymore

  • Divine end
    Divine end

    Love your videos

  • Red

    Big fan of these random car videos you do

  • 3rdy

    This tech channel is becoming a car review channel....

  • Ramensause

    Give it up for Austin Demuro everyone

    • Coleman Gaming
      Coleman Gaming

      Thisssss is the 2022 Toyota Tundra, and it's probably one of the craziest new pickups of the year!

  • Laptuka

    Nice car, but i suspect it costs and arm and a leg:))

  • Mishkat Tasdid
    Mishkat Tasdid

    Hey Austin which one is the best android camera app and can beat stock android camera app ,?

  • Vico Ganz
    Vico Ganz

    I want this car come to Indonesia ❤️

  • Electrodash27

    I love this car

  • Joskj j
    Joskj j

    It’s about time Toyota redesigns the Toyota Tundra

  • Ramcat Vlogs
    Ramcat Vlogs

    This isn’t suppose to be racial joke what so ever but ken looks like a Toyota person in general so he’s just loving the tech and selling us on it lol

  • Yaseen Alqallaf
    Yaseen Alqallaf

    And anther banger video love the vid keep it up 👍💙

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford

    Eh, not a fan of the V6. And that screen looks about the same size as what Ram has had.

    • Daniel Carranza
      Daniel Carranza


  • nappa0582

    Austin: LOOK AT ALL THIS TECH! Me: oh boy, I can't wait to pay all that insurance money for all that tech!

  • chicken10dys

    You're getting real performance with this thing *SCREEN LAGS*


    Gaming setup in the truck damn it

  • Robert P
    Robert P

    But does it have a new engine?

  • Sumner Hosterman
    Sumner Hosterman

    Technology is cool in trucks but it’s make them more unobtainable for average people. Thanks to higher safety regulations, emissions and technology the price increase in vehicles is vastly outpacing increase in wages. Cool truck but the 7 year finance plan is not as great.

    • ZeroTurn

      The last time that I purchased a vehicle, one would’ve been laughed out of the dealership if 5 year financing was still too expensive.

  • Rolomir Fenrir
    Rolomir Fenrir

    Hope Austin brought his SPF 150

  • bziganti

    Chip shortage so let's build every car with a screen module

    • Rohit N
      Rohit N

      Chip shortage rate drops to 0 😎

  • vista1456786

    Geeze, that is one hell of a sponsor to have........ You should've done everything you could to destroy it to see if it is stronger than the previous pick up truck the Hilux. I'm sure the Toyota would be OK with that. The previous version survived a building..... Maybe you could do the ultimate tech durability test and see if it can survive plainrock124 0__o

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