I wasted $3000 on an Etsy Gaming PC!
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Buying a gaming PC on eBay and Etsy is...an adventure. 😅
Last time we bought eBay vs Wish gaming PCs www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXCe_...

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  • Atypical Male
    Atypical Male

    A 1650 is $250 right now. Lol

  • Mohamed Humaid
    Mohamed Humaid

    I'm still laughing from the Etsy key board and tearing up.

  • Mark Bean
    Mark Bean

    Next, do a build using Mercari.

  • Lost_ Gamer
    Lost_ Gamer

    Me: has a 300dollar gaming ish laptop I bought with my own money I saved for a couple years *sees this* Also me: 😔😣


    I bought one and got a new case and i litterally did the exact same thing

  • Nick Ts
    Nick Ts

    16:31 you can hear Austin dying inside

  • Gaming With Cian
    Gaming With Cian

    the etsy pc is like the 500$ pc without a graphics card that my mom bought me. (it runs better)

  • t.h.at.s.p.o.g.g.e.r.s

    I thought I would never see wasted and gaming pc in the same sentence.

  • Shawn Brok
    Shawn Brok

    Take a moment to appreciate Austin’s arms at 1:26 🥵

  • Johnd116

    18:42 ken it's called views

  • Zach Kemp
    Zach Kemp

    Wow. watching this in june and completely forgot Fall Guys ever existed

  • Colin Sickels
    Colin Sickels

    Please tell me you guys cleaned the crap out of that case


    Who wold pay 400 pound for a gameing pc with only 50 FPS when you can jjst bye a ps4 for cheeper😂😂

  • Justin Edge
    Justin Edge

    Thats a rip off

  • Duluxgamer 12
    Duluxgamer 12

    It’s funny how Austin builds an entire eBay pc and I’m getting 120fps on a 500£ laptop

  • Flare 3500
    Flare 3500

    My guy really loves charmander

  • darkangelxtian

    Etsy's motto: *There's a sucker born every minute*

  • Bumper rest-4
    Bumper rest-4

    I'll buy it

  • Quft

    I rewatch all of your vids

  • gen_angry

    I love how everyone's bagging so much on the price throughout, lol.

  • H0nest

    How he just randomly send pictures of pokemon

  • derekhammon

    You’re a pc guy and would sell the scam youd make fun of lmao

  • 魔鬼Melanaki

    I wanna buy it

  • Elephantgaming

    Are you playing beat saber

  • JDogJunior

    0:24 true facts man

  • Mexx

    I use the exact eBay pc but with 8x2 16gb ram gt710 power supply and ssd upgrade and I’m getting a new gpu soon

  • Olle Jardbrink
    Olle Jardbrink

    Whoever built that Etsy PC is low-key just scamming people..

  • Moon Presence
    Moon Presence

    The cable management is atrocious

  • Thomas Hoekstra
    Thomas Hoekstra

    Ebay good website but not for computers

  • Jacob Huppertz
    Jacob Huppertz

    Gonna be honest. That charmander case is dope and I would so use it

  • Daddy421

    I don't understand how etsy even exists. Literally everyone on there is a scalper looking to make 500 bucks off actual trash lol.

  • xxmxarioxx _
    xxmxarioxx _

    I got that vr lol it’s amazing I recommend itttt amazing love it

  • Chrone Nojysk
    Chrone Nojysk

    1:11 Wait, I know this seller. I wanted to buy a $400 PC of him, but canceled it because it would be too expensive to ship it here.

  • IntricaciesRus

    Austin evens- the ITmoresr you watch when you wanna feel like you know more then the actual ITmoresr!

  • Hornetzboy playz
    Hornetzboy playz

    7:34 for me

  • Thunder_Arch

    You tested a 1650 on fall guys, okeh Also, did you consider PayPal fees too, if you got pair with it?

  • Simon T
    Simon T

    Angriest Ive been at a ITmores video in a long time. Almost sacked it off two times before forcing myself to watch to the end. I hope you left a comment on the sale page on how the buyer scammed you up by costing components after a sale price was agreed.

  • IcarusTheHonda21


  • Jaron Listenbee
    Jaron Listenbee

    gotta do a fb marketplace ep

  • Stavros K
    Stavros K

    That is what happens when your art teacher tells you, "you are an awesome artist" so he doesn't feel like a crappy art teacher.

  • Syn1c K1ller
    Syn1c K1ller

    I made a pc from ebay for 500 from value crunching and made a 58.24 dollar profit

  • Gaming Arachnid
    Gaming Arachnid

    Like how he threw the iPhone down like it plays fortnite and it doesn’t anymore 😂

  • Dread

    A low-end GPU can be better than no GPU right? I mean I have internal graphics and can run Black Ops 2 at 100 FPS with low settings so I’m fine with it lol

  • The Indian Colorist
    The Indian Colorist

    Such a dumb video

  • UnfinishedSentenc

    Damn these scammers are charging $3000 for this garbage PC!!! holy shit this is even worse than what the scalpers are doing.

  • Rafael Braggs
    Rafael Braggs

    Austin you gotta do something with that hair bro you look like a mortician

  • UtahR4ptor

    Hello! Can I have some of your opinion on selling my gaming pc for £300 is this a good deal for what my specs are. Cpu (+cooler) - ryzen 3 2200g Motherboard - a320-r Graphics card - vaga 8 integrated graphics Ram - 2x4gb at 2400mhz Power supply - 500watts Case - very cheep one No HDD or SSD No monitor Comes with a keyboard, mouse and headphones. If you think 300 is too much please say how much I should sell it for. Thanks :)

  • Adam Zawadzki
    Adam Zawadzki

    i have hooked up the power and other stuff using a dell motherboard you just have to find out the right pins

  • Mohammed Hussain
    Mohammed Hussain

    He is nearly at 5m subs!! He is currently at 4.99m!

  • Lucas Minchello
    Lucas Minchello

    We have the same keyboard but mine's just beat up

  • Razer

    Austin your making me pissed off rn 😂🖕🏻

  • Tyler Trezak
    Tyler Trezak

    3 grand for a pc that looks like that? That's nearly half the price of my damn car.

  • DemiLovatosSpoon

    the gpu wire was charmanders tail and the shit paint job is the fire at the tip

  • yet wyer the second
    yet wyer the second

    I want 3080

  • MirraKirra

    That is the worst looking pc ever!

  • Anto VH
    Anto VH

    Gaming in a pc is lame mining crypto is hot.. 🔥 this is what the kids on my neighborhood toll me plus they got hack drivers to mine on Nvidia GPU’S crazy.. but crypto is digital money now that newegg is accepting crypto 💪🏼😱 they toll me... You old Dude..get with the program..😌💯💯✌🏻

  • David Garcia
    David Garcia

    Ok, I'm paused at 15:35 to come here and say... WHAT. THE. ACTUAL. FUCK? That is all.

  • Cody Shuman
    Cody Shuman

    I can not believe they charged $3000 for that pc the wiring needs to be cleaned up and the case needs to be replaced but they tried

  • Shlu 1x
    Shlu 1x

    Do a Kegs list pc

  • Little Legger
    Little Legger

    Pov: you knew exactly what he was playing on VR

  • Wrump.R6

    He tried saying how you can get a lot with 3000 and ended up saying other overpriced things😂

  • Rahul Rajbhar
    Rahul Rajbhar

    I know they have that kind of money to waste but feel genuinely sorry for them.

  • shehzad shafaqat
    shehzad shafaqat

    Me: ooooooooooh a very decent gpu gt 630 i wish i had that Austin: literal trash

  • kyaii

    when tf did they record this , fall guys 💀

  • LerXgamer1

    It would have been way better if they did "building the ultimate quest 2" instead of a pc video (if it's possible to build the ultimate quest 2)

  • Ferndogg

    I'm planning on buying pc gamer but don't know what is good to get

    • Mr Smacks
      Mr Smacks

      if u want i could give u my build and it runs everything on ultra 120 fps

  • Dants

    This is a certified hood classic

  • Hg8132

    If only you could buy three 3080s for $3000

  • Pineapple Party
    Pineapple Party

    Can u buy me a series x 🥺🙏

  • Roger Skagerström
    Roger Skagerström

    There is some awseome stuff there - but this pile of puke kind of sums of my image of Etsy...

  • ActuallyFedora

    I like his hair style

  • gabriel isak ragnarsson
    gabriel isak ragnarsson

    Bro at 9:30 austins voice becomes robotic

  • •OfficialFM•

    What are you trying to say about word Austin?

  • Zombie

    who puked on that case??

  • TheAnimeGuy

    So what do they do with the PCs as soon as they're done modifying them ?

  • Clifton

    Great video. Anyone know the song in the background at 9:51?

  • Someone

    Him dissin the 630 when it can handle battlefield 3...Yeah, it's not /great/ but it runs.

  • you are a sock games
    you are a sock games

    I'm famous

  • maskmarble

    Austin: What all the cool guys are playing: Fall Guys!! Me: What is this like August September 2020?

  • Mad PONY Media
    Mad PONY Media

    Fortnite sucks.

  • hitmanvr6

    I still CANT believe on a $3,000 pc there's a XFX GPU in it!!!

  • SwishaMane420

    Both are absolute atrocities.

  • Ryan Syed
    Ryan Syed

    Fortnite isn't over 90 gb?

  • Zatharos

    10:54 Ken needs to stop acting. It hurts my soul

  • Justin

    Everything on etsy is trash

  • lane zay
    lane zay

    Holy shit that PC is awful

  • Xendrick

    FALL GUYS 😂😂😂😂😅

  • William earls
    William earls

    I know the cable management was bad but to be fair that case is hard to manage. I like the case but they ruined it, look how they massacred my boy. as for Ebay I usually do actually make flip money

  • Cockatiel Time
    Cockatiel Time

    U got scammed

  • iknowtray

    Im sorry Austin, but you could have built a hight end pc for that price. lmaoo

  • Jeffy

    Which monitor is that when you were testing the eBay pc.


    I thought that fire on Charmander's tail was Super Saiyan 3 Goku at first 🤔 I still kinda do

  • I Hate Communism
    I Hate Communism

    Wait, can you get a "Whole, a$$ camera," or just a "Whole a$$ camera"?

  • Omega Riddler
    Omega Riddler

    Looks like he built a half decent computer. Then shit all over it.

  • Bread

    BADBOY use wireless pc gaming oculus quest

  • McLovinnnit

    EtShit pc

  • Habanero Jones
    Habanero Jones

    This is insane... Etsy sells computers now? Dafuq?

  • dreamomega

    CAN BUY 3 3080s lmao 3 grand nowadays barely gets you that spicy 1650

  • El Bruli4s
    El Bruli4s

    I feel a little bad for the Etsy pc, although, it was really expensive

  • Hakdog

    Ken complaining of a waste of 3,000 dollars Also ken:*Spend a lot on broke vs pro*