I Wasted $200 on Wish...
Austin Evans
In a stunning turn, I took over Mystery Tech to buy some questionable tech from Wish.
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  • vitotheo

    Discounted price: $20 Original price: $600 *Yeah, totally.*

    • Jason M
      Jason M

      Original Price: $600 Shit low-quality Chinese fake: $10

    • cujero

      What about the shoes? lol

    • shaheer nawaz
      shaheer nawaz

      vitotheo I’m lafd

    • O k
      O k

      @matthew I saw a Samsung galaxy s10 for £100

    • matthew

      Discounted price: 20.99 Original price: 1,299

  • Fernando

    "I wasted 200$ on wish..." *Wish ad plays before the video*

    • DivineJoeVEVO


    • Oats

      @ibr4h1m3 ikr

    • ibr4h1m3

      @Oats its 2021

    • RememberBlussin

      @Oats I use vanced

    • CoolPlayer2056

      @Robin Sinniah pro tip: watch movies at flixzone

  • Clubbed Sandwich
    Clubbed Sandwich

    It's cool to see this channel grow so much. Austin's PC building tutorials helped me out tremendously back in 2012 when I first got into PC's.

  • Atlas

    I love how on the switch pro controllers it says "For NINTEND SWITCH" haha, love it.

    • amdboywonder shorts
      amdboywonder shorts

      Friend: hey what console do you have? Me: Nintend switch bro

    • chris bhag
      chris bhag

      good comment probaby mad cat controller will die less then 2 days damn lol

    • kayeazikidd ENT
      kayeazikidd ENT

      They just NINTEND you to use it on the switch

    • mrplumpkin

      @Retrovirus I nintenDONT recommend wish

    • Voidzy

      it says nintend instead of nintendo because they are legally not allow to sell things that have nintendo on them but also isn’t made by nintendo do they put nintend as a loop hole type thing

  • Luigi Maria Bertoldo
    Luigi Maria Bertoldo

    Wastes 200 $ on wish Then earns 20000 $ with the video’s views *Stonks*

    • Arwin


    • RyanicalGames


    • e


    • IceCreamJunkie

      That's how his business works. He's an entrepreneur. You make a small investment ($200) and gain large revenue ($20,000).

    • Santhosh R
      Santhosh R

      Senho hahahah idk guess i started a chain

  • Zaydan Dessibourg
    Zaydan Dessibourg

    wish be like actual price: $60 HUGE DISCOUNT FROM $500 to $100

    • M

      They said that Versace t shirt is 6000$😂😂😂

    • Noah Luppe
      Noah Luppe

      @Zackary Rethati it's not necessarily wish that uses these scam tactics but the sellers on their site, they don't sell products on their own. They just make the scam possible.

    • Exil Desert
      Exil Desert

      @OtakuSanel in certain areas its illegal to forge a "fake sale" e.g. make it sound like its on sale even though its the original price from day 1

    • The Chucken Noris
      The Chucken Noris

      I also noticed that, glam I'm not alone

    • OtakuSanel

      @A Frog i wish that us companies had to do the same. it's soo frustrating when you see sale signs all year long, when something is on sale literally all year long the original price is a pure fabrication

  • Nocturnal RS
    Nocturnal RS

    It just goes to show u in this day and age even dodgy sites with questionable items that are deceptive can be usually trusted to give you some value for your dollar.

  • Jeffrey Dow
    Jeffrey Dow

    I've gotten a few of those bootleg micro SDs, the problem I always had was using them as integrated storage in a smart phone. They won't take the formatting right, and show up as "corrupted".

  • RobbyRobbs

    Hello Austin, I just love your hanging leaves with the lights in the background. Did you make it? Thanks for sharing the video!

  • SAB3RTOOTH5151 PS4
    SAB3RTOOTH5151 PS4

    4:19 Austin the left fake joy-con actually has a d-pad instead of directional buttons

  • Snowy

    It's called wish for a reason You *WISH* it was true

    • deutsch amogus
      deutsch amogus

      @yoda on crack old thread using gay piece of shit

    • Snowy

      @LOOK HERE LOOK LISTEN yh I bought something from it and it's honestly ok ig the technology there is shit


      Snowy well the cloths are fine, I never had problems with it

    • EinEnno

      Snowy that was so bad

    • Azure

      /b/ vs le reddit on ITmores? Yikes

  • DeathnoteBB

    “The only logo on Lakers’ jerseys is Wish” Video: _shows two photos with the Lakers’ jerseys having a Nike and Wish logo_

    • Dylan Walker
      Dylan Walker

      The Nike logo doesn’t count because they make all the NBA jerseys and don’t sponsor a single team...

    • Hector Rodriguez
      Hector Rodriguez

      @chilly willy i legit was just gonna say that

    • Flavio Kalinin
      Flavio Kalinin

      Lucretius l

    • DeathnoteBB

      1000 subs with bad videos challenge You don’t have to be rude

    • DeathnoteBB

      DisorentedFrog Did you just woosh them for explaining something? I wasn’t even making a joke...

  • Qingdao Explorer
    Qingdao Explorer

    The 400 in 1 Gameboy is actually pretty awesome, not just because of the wacky emu games, but because the screen is backlit and it can be used as a portable battery to charge your other devices.

  • TheShortBoi

    ITmores reccomendations: I wasted $200 on wish Also ITmores: *Gives me a Wish ad.*

    • Pingu Alt.
      Pingu Alt.


    • ﱞ ﱞ ﱞ
      ﱞ ﱞ ﱞ

      I have premium so no ads

    • Billey Holloway
      Billey Holloway

      Bro, ADGUARD for Windows and Android, maybe IOS too, but not sure about that.

    • AJ's Wonderful World
      AJ's Wonderful World

      JamJamAnimates I didn’t get any ads. But I have adblockers on

  • Mr. Potatoes Head
    Mr. Potatoes Head

    this is why i just buy stuff online from Amazon with the "Amazon's choice", "Amazon's Best Seller" and "Amazon prime" tags on them.

  • LazyTechNerd

    I have to say, Matt’s Frenchy accent is spot on! You got yourself a like and a new subscriber for that!

  • Knute Storm
    Knute Storm

    Basically a tutorial on how to shop poorly 😂

  • Kit Man
    Kit Man

    I had a similar micro SD Card, accept it was a 16GB card with an SD Card Adapter. And also it came from Dollarama.

  • Mark C
    Mark C

    All that garbage being sold on "Wish" is stuff that's also being sold on "AliExpress" especially at a cheaper price than sold at Wish.

  • Deveede021

    Austin: spends thousands of dollars every day Also Austin: i LOsT twO HuNDreD dolLars

    • Hugppyz

      Jonathan Cox most of the things he reviews and has are sent to him by companies he doesn’t buy them he isn’t as rich as he seems

    • Hugppyz

      Deveede021 i doubt he spends that much he ain’t like a rapper

  • SuperGamingAliYT

    If you could buy your own stuff on this series, is it Evan called Mystery Tech?

  • Zykor music
    Zykor music

    I had a Gameboy almost identical to that one from ebay, the screen brightness thing is because the battery is dying I think.

  • Nerdiac

    The Chinese go by the saying, 'you get what you pay for' when doing business with others. If something is really cheap and sounds too good to be true - it's because it is.

  • ILM

    I’m trying to play Super Mario right now, what are you doing throwing a gameboy at me! -Austin Evans, 2019

  • zachiii

    reminds me of the time my mom bought some Pokemon plushie some time ago from Wish and turns out it was a bootleg because it just had weird colors and the head was shaped pretty weirdly, and then she got another one and for some reason it was a actual official one. so that was pretty interesting.

  • iRaccoon

    USE WISH WITH CAUTION!!!! My debit card was recently hacked while purchasing items on Wish. The items are extremely low-priced, which is great. The quality isn’t the best, but you get what you pay for. Shipping also takes around a month so don’t expect much.

    • Dory Fin
      Dory Fin

      I would use gift cards

    • gordon thickman plays
      gordon thickman plays

      Use PayPal

    • 061Hitachi

      I bought phones and expensive fishing poles on aliexpress, also everything on wish is already on ebay and aliexpress but much cheaper.

    • Fadjan

      iRaccoon ali express

  • Perfectly Sliced Egg
    Perfectly Sliced Egg

    I Wasted $200 on Wish but I've actually made a hell of a lot more than that on Revenue from this video. Meaning I have no longer wasted $200 but ended up profiting a ton. You're welcome.

  • Sampsonite 999
    Sampsonite 999

    Its literally like saying I just looked inside a trash can and found trash !@$#%... who would have thought lol. It would have been a much greater surprise saying I just bought 200$ of quality products, then I would be like WTFBBQ! WISH??? No.......

  • Devon Crain
    Devon Crain

    "This works" You clearly didn't actually watch and digest the video you referenced about fake SD cards...

    • Modded Tom
      Modded Tom

      I love how everyone in here just became an instant expert probably without having any kind of actual studies. Being an expert isnt knowing 100% of something is knowing 10 things and knowing them well.

    • Ornatetooth0475

      Adventist iuiuiml

    • Ripjawfang20

      Rhino Thunder I read the whole paragraph, and you’re basically just saying to buy SD or microSD cards from reliable sources

    • Sean Stevenson
      Sean Stevenson

      @MasterLeoBlue these types of videos arent made for any other reason than profit. Also, this is what happens when everything becomes available to everyone. Oversaturation of pseudo-experts. What about those "how to make _____" where they're just telling you to buy something, then vocalize what is written in the manual as a "diy"? Hard finding any useful info when you have to weed through the drivel.

    • #

      He is an idiot, so stupid and annoying and has no idea what he is doing

  • Levi

    i love how he genuinely did'nt waste his money, seeing this video i think wish is amazing. yea it can feel cheap but its far from a scam

  • OutlawPredator

    I love that part “now we just wait like three months” 😂😂🤷🏻‍♂️

  • The Legend
    The Legend

    I just remembered I bought a desktop pc off wish for like 4 bucks like 3 months ago. Yeah I really wasn’t expecting much out of it

  • f_ joyce
    f_ joyce

    Hey guys! This is Austin and today we're gonna buy *highly suspicious* and *possibly illegal* items from Wish!

  • Akotski1338

    You played the same line twice at about 9:38 if you keep watching you’ll hear Austin say the same thing twice

    • Joey Hillers
      Joey Hillers

      I have a feeling it's a ITmores error.

    • Monkizaki

      I find fake laughs so cringy

    • Overbear

      lowkey thought i was crazy

    • Leaf Chill
      Leaf Chill

      It’s not the real one

    • Leaf Chill
      Leaf Chill

      Oh yeah yeah I noticed that

  • Milos Miric
    Milos Miric

    Linus straight up punching that screen with his finger. 😂

  • Blaike Summers
    Blaike Summers

    The SD card lies about what the file sizes are once they've been transferred onto it, nothing will actually be functional after it's hit like 8-16GB.

  • Little Oreo
    Little Oreo

    I can't believe that mini PS vita bootleg actually works and the gameplay itself seems pretty legit. Yet I already have myself a legit PS vita.

  • Karlis VETRA
    Karlis VETRA

    Wish - Drop shipping ( look at Wikipedia what is this 😁 ) Everything from AliExpress just twice expensive 😂👍

  • Martin Aurik
    Martin Aurik

    Nice finds on wish🤗

  • Error null
    Error null

    I’ve bought so much fake money and left it around the city accidentally ;)

  • Daytonaz

    AirPods on wish be like: $1 AirPods $159 shipping


    I been buying cloth in wish for months now, the cloths are totally fine and I never had problems with it, now I never buy items I just buy clothing

  • Timbir Middlebrooks
    Timbir Middlebrooks

    they had the fake gameboys at my work as "games" we could play in between calls. once they realized it was fake we never saw them again. lol

  • NoGoat

    Remember when Austin had a moustache and Linus didn't? Yeah, good ol' times.

  • Haroon

    I had that same gameboy thing but mine was really good quality I got it on Ebay

  • The Institute
    The Institute

    I had a fake PSP type thing like that way back when, It was one of the few versions that had WiFi at the time and it had like Android 4 or some shit. It was actually a really solid little dude and being loaded with emulators was pretty sick, played a lot of castlevania on it

  • Kushal Modi
    Kushal Modi

    Your mystery tech videos are amazing! You should make more!

  • Isaac Milbourn
    Isaac Milbourn

    I just watched a Live PD clip where they arrest somebody for having that same fake money thinking it was just counterfeit bills.

  • Heilo

    I'd had a like 50 dollar tablet and it was actually pretty good I had it for 5 years and it had 720p and it was running great it was pretty smooth but it had 4gb of memory

  • Mosy Mosahima
    Mosy Mosahima

    watching this a 2nd time make me realise that even In western countries people buy knock-offs

  • Pickle Bug
    Pickle Bug

    You need to try to run the files on the SD card to test it.

  • Marcos

    thank you for being one of the first youtubers to make a wish video and not saying “stay tuned for the video when this stuff arrives!”

  • aidan bae
    aidan bae

    10:50 I have that same one my dad’s friend gave me. It had the same mario 14.

    • Millky Shakey
      Millky Shakey

      Same, have it red

  • Reuben Wilkinson
    Reuben Wilkinson

    We just gonna ignore how counterfeit currency is a felony

  • Michael Lauzon
    Michael Lauzon

    Don't you ever order from AliExpress and/or Joom, how about the online stores that advertise on Facebook..?!

  • BlueHero

    I have the same pro controller it’s really good for the price

  • Jonathan T
    Jonathan T

    Austin: Hey guys! We waste $200! Austin (under his breath): Wait only $200?! *Hell yeah* *Oh and no beard! Double hell yeah*

    • Micheal Bay
      Micheal Bay

      Beta males have no beards

  • tz

    0:01 Ken Throws The Money On The Laptop Calmingly

    • demys08 _
      demys08 _

      underrated comment

  • KG7YTS

    I always put new flash drives and sd cards in my Linux box to format them.

  • Danboy37

    Ashens has reviewed some of those products before you, you really need to watch his videos, they are HILARIOUS!

  • Congour

    Wish is a scam, and yet the Lakers are sponsored by them

    • Fadjan

      Congour I think it’s just Wish not regulating their shit

    • ImWolfpup

      @St T. actually sooo wrong. Wish itself is just a middleman. The sellers are illegal Wish is just an outlet for the sellers. Wish is 100% legal

    • NamesNot Joe
      NamesNot Joe

      Ahh, people who call other people retarded on the Internet without any basis, I see the human species has truly peaked toxicity.

    • FlamingGameFilms

      James and I got mine for $700

    • alizeh Karachi special
      alizeh Karachi special

      @Time to harass minorities let's just stop the conversation and yeah *FUCK* Wish

  • Vitaliy Konyukhov
    Vitaliy Konyukhov

    Come on, man. You haven't even checked if the sdcard actually stored the information.

    • LittleSkyful

      But he checked in the end?!

    • Bill A
      Bill A

      Right, so google and potentially the entire worldcan see your info... heck no it's always safer an a local sd storage at least more private. Course gotta get a decent SanDisk not these Wish garbage trinkets. It just baffles me how people are so eager to give up their personal info online without even thinking about the ramifications... but hey, to each their own. ;D

    • Nicholas A
      Nicholas A

      @Flαre damn dude I'm sorry for that. Shit blows. Guess you truly do get what you pay for sometimes.

    • Flαre

      They don't work, I got one for my phone and 80% of my photos corrupted after a couple weeks. I was fuming

    • Caffe

      That's not how it works the files were just saving one into another and got corrupted

  • Lucas H.
    Lucas H.

    4:08 The symbol that is under the Joy-Cons on the pairing screen is something you will never see if you have the real Joy-Cons

  • Efrain G
    Efrain G

    Ken: how many 3 button shirts do you want? Austin: yes

  • Bernardo Morillo
    Bernardo Morillo

    I love it when he said ''Oh look, the stupid fake joy cons''

  • RyanicalGames

    I’m very interested in that pro controller...

  • Outlandish Oof
    Outlandish Oof

    This is not “waste” I call it a great deal on paperweights.

    • Madhav Basu
      Madhav Basu


  • DaisyPhoxtrot

    Tetris Clone plays and Austin is like "IS THAT DR MARIO?!"

  • Braiden Goff
    Braiden Goff

    The game boy you reviewed my mom had bought the same thing on Facebook and I thought it was kinda funny you reviewed it

  • bruh momento
    bruh momento

    “I’m trying to play Mario, why the heck are you throwing a GameBoy at me” -Austin Evans 2019

  • Alex Sse
    Alex Sse

    Did the 20 items you ordered were free? or did you pay for them?

  • Dyslexic Mitochondria
    Dyslexic Mitochondria

    The quality of products sold by wish is terrible! I bought a mic for recording my videos and all i could record was crackling noise. Then i switched to amazon basics and it turned out to be awesome.

    • third eye
      third eye

      STS Tech dude i hope you know that 90% of shit you have probably comes from chinese sweatshops.

    • third eye
      third eye

      Tong Zou sweatshops lol

    • Commodorefan64

      @黒い楓 Agreed, just make sure the seller just like on eBay has a decent feedback score, and with 98% or better rating.

    • 黒い楓

      You're better off ordering from Aliexpress.

    • Link Freeman
      Link Freeman

      he said the tablet wasn't bad in the first 10 seconds before he used it... then clearly said that it wasn't good after he loaded up youtube and it played back 480p with issues... don't know how you missed that part

  • Elijah Vincent
    Elijah Vincent

    Solved 11:25 for ya. The battery needed charging. I managed to get this for Christmas as a stocking stuffer. My screen was back to normal after a full night of charging.

    • Sir bossyyy poooo
      Sir bossyyy poooo


  • シモモ

    You’ve clearly never heard the word “Famiclone” before, my friend.

  • joseph kony
    joseph kony

    i think those joy cons are great cuz the normal joy cons are too small

  • Grace Nicodemus
    Grace Nicodemus

    Austin when he was looking for stuff to buy:this is nice Austin when the items arrived:Oh this stupid thing

  • Anay Maheshwari
    Anay Maheshwari

    You didn’t review the fake smartwatch

    • 13fam

      or the shoes

    • Commodorefan64

      @burned frys like I said always check seller feedback. I've found things on Aliexpress and Banggood I've not seen for sale other places, and have never not had a product show up sometimes you just need to be patient with shipping from China/Hong Kong. I've had more items not show up from eBay than Aliexpress and Banggood. don't get me wrong though, I check eBay first then Amazon when I need something fast, then the Aliexpress then Banggood if I can't find it elsewhere.

    • burned frys
      burned frys

      @Commodorefan64 ive heard banggoodm is a scam too and im not sure if its true or not

    • Tales Grimm
      Tales Grimm

      @Javis Gan lmaoooooo ask Austin 😂

    • Javis Gan
      Javis Gan

      @Tales Grimm lol I saw that u commented 7 months ago and now is it delivered? 😂😂😂

  • FrancisM

    Holy shit they are counterfeiting Chinese brands... No one is safe, and now I am convinced we have reached deep bottom.

  • Rebecca Hetrick
    Rebecca Hetrick

    I love how people think an 11.6 inch tablet is large screen. It's actually completely _normal_ screen. A large screen tablet would be the 24-in Samsung tablet that I sadly had to sell 2 years ago because it was the best and biggest tablet I have ever seen in my life.

  • Dan Layton
    Dan Layton

    I had an 64GB SD and it copied all the data, but when I tried to use it, a lot of that data was damaged xD

  • Mr Everything 70
    Mr Everything 70

    I’m honestly suprised that Austin doesn’t know what a fake ripoff game collection is.

  • Dean Playsgames
    Dean Playsgames

    The tablet said it was originally 1999 dollars. Yeah right.

    • azzam_

      marketing scam.... just like fallout 76 do with their shop

    • Adriansfilms

      TGT 101 look at his profile icon

    • TGT101

      Adrian Plays ?

    • Adriansfilms

      Dean Playsgames f u too

    • UltraTech&Gaming

      Not even an iPad Pro is that much lol.

  • Lord Astral
    Lord Astral

    You gotta unplug the fake SD card, and plug it back in. There will be files missing. I know this because I bought one a few years ago

  • 9RJP6

    Best way to check if a pro controller is real, check for message on the board inside, above the right stick.

  • HumanAndroid

    Never buy memory from china sites, its great at start but than your data starts to erase itself so I think its just not worth it

  • v e g e t a
    v e g e t a

    I’ve already decided to waste $80 on Ebay

  • Ralph Hunt
    Ralph Hunt

    Wish has some pretty good stuff, but you gotta be careful with the electronics, you’re not gonna get anything real or high quality, the prices are accurate, and everything is made cheap

  • Joel Teles
    Joel Teles

    I had one of those 200 in 1 things and there were many cool romhacks and stuff like that.. for example , moon mario which was super Mario BUT mario can jump really high.

  • chris bhag
    chris bhag

    great video man you different got rip out or bootleg those are fake websites every one knows

  • Mishals Movies
    Mishals Movies

    Not very wasted, is it now? For stuff that you buy for 30 dollars per thing and in the store costs 200 dollars, it's super good! I believe we have spotted clickbait.

  • John Loren Pelayo
    John Loren Pelayo

    With the 2x sized joycon, you now have a tumor for your switch. Or it'll look like a WiiU

  • Jiren in your recommendations
    Jiren in your recommendations

    I like the way Ken yeets the electronics in the table

  • DPE Reviews
    DPE Reviews

    I'm surprised it's not hot garbage you tech reviewers make me laugh.. it's clearly a site that ships items from China and has alot of really neat things now I don't think I'd buy half of the electronics and make a video calling wish a scam because it's not but they have alot of other neat nicknacks that make great gifts and there cheep

  • Tricky

    Austin: Hey I’m trying to play Mario on a play station! Why you throwing a gameboy out at me! Everyone: visual confusion

  • SharkSapphire

    How much did Wish pay you for this?

  • Moonraker Deep
    Moonraker Deep

    currently using one of these pro controllers, works good ;]

    • Sherolox Antiqua
      Sherolox Antiqua

      I think they might actually be legit, just without the Nintendo logo. But I haven’t seen or used them in person.

  • Mikkedx

    Wait... has Austin never heard of those fake emulators? Wow.

  • Pyromancer_YT

    I have the game boy thing and had the same issue but I found a piece of tape on the lithium battery

  • Seb Hernandez
    Seb Hernandez

    just buy stuff on amazon the stuff there is actually real and yeah some stuff in wish so seem cool!

  • Gordon Schnick
    Gordon Schnick

    The phrase "you get what you pay for" has never been more relevant.