I wasted $1742 on MYSTERY TECH...
Austin Evans
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SURPRISE two episodes of Mystery Tech in two days let's gooooo
The Azeron Gaming Controller...thing on Amazon: austin.tech/azeron
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  • Jordy Link
    Jordy Link

    Actually the Azeron gaming controller is something my brother uses... he only has 2 fingers on one hand and that controller makes it so much easier for him to play. i think the creator of this product actually made a customized version for my brother so it fits his hand perfectly.

    • victorrito5789


    • CJ

      Honestly I love the Azeron. Especially for reasons like this. The WASD needs to have more 360 degree true joystick replacements like this one. I don’t know why anyone would want to limit their range of motion with 4 keys that only grant 8 directions of motion at either full speed or none when you can have over 360 directions at any speed from none to full. Plus the Azeron allows for quicker, more instant, button activations with its layout.

    • Chintan

      Superb, bless your brother

    • Symphonies of the Seas
      Symphonies of the Seas

      Well, that’s quite nice of them to make that for your brother. Godspeed to you and your family!

    • moonlessdong

      This is my favorite comment

  • CocoGoat

    Honestly, mystery tech is as sketchy as it gets. Also, I love it everytime when Austin is genuinely surprised on the prices of each product that doesn't "seemingly" priced as it should be but later be amazed how it functions intuitively.

    • ElectroPika

      @Shreddedsculls thats a joke bro

    • Shreddedsculls

      @Monetary_Episode thats wrong bro

    • Monetary_Episode

      It's "Misery Tech"

  • TeeXclusive

    Whoa, Two videos in two days. Consistency Austin Evans won’t stop coming.

    • Hells Gaming
      Hells Gaming

      shame he cant shut his mouth

    • S Y M Vines
      S Y M Vines

      @Austin Evans *NEVER STOP*

    • tristman 84
      tristman 84

      @Last Rights I guess not😂

    • MaxPlayz


    • Raja's VLOGS
      Raja's VLOGS

      @Austin Evans you should watch Hardware Buster International ITmores channel who tested the new ps5 model in proper way!

  • ky jen
    ky jen

    Love my Azeron game pad. Purchased it a few months ago and for me it was worth every penny. There was a learning curve and I do spend a bit of time configuring a profile for every game but the trade off for comfort and using a thumb stick with a mouse is worth it. Definitely not for every one but if you are thinking of buying this type of game pad IMO its the best on the market. Wish it wasn't 3D printed but mine feels well build and I get why they went that route.

    • The Dragon
      The Dragon

      I started using thumbstick with mouse back on QUake 3 arena for my Dreamcast used the DC controller with the DC mouse. I had the keyboard too of course which I used depended on my mood.

    • Death Rattle
      Death Rattle

      Same here, I had the original Azeron and it got stepped on and broke. Waiting on the cyborg to come in now, and it really sucks not having one right now. The thing shaves time off of a lot of movements and weapon switching for me. I feel handicapped without it now lol.

    • Dhaydon

      @Dieter It depends on the game I prefer it in RPGs but kb in FPS.

    • TripleT219

      Same! Didn't realize how awesome it was until after about a week or so.ade games like Doom Eternal and other FPS games next level

    • Dieter

      I have the azeron, I'll never go back to kb. Cyborg already on the way!

  • The Maxident
    The Maxident

    Thank God for you guys willing to spend almost $2000 on tech I would hesitantly spend $20 on. You are the true heroes!!

    • Jack Argie
      Jack Argie

      well this video he had a sponsor

  • game_Artic

    Love the vids you and ken light up my day everyday I love coming home from a long day of tests to your funny vids I will be subbed forever!

    • hrmrmrmmr

      legit me too

    • game_Artic


    • game_Artic


    • B34r117

      Not the fortnite icon

  • Graphics Card
    Graphics Card

    That Intel nuc has to be one of the biggest PCs that Intel ever made.

    • The Dragon
      The Dragon

      @Andrew KIng THanks I almost bought it. I would think that that thing would run hot with how crammed the stuff in it is. I'm just so sick of my giant PC and my PC is from 2017 so i'ts time for an upgrade but parts aren't too easy to obtain atm.

    • The Dragon
      The Dragon

      Uhhh ok.... I want that NUC.

    • Jack Argie
      Jack Argie

      they also have a laptop

    • Andrew KIng
      Andrew KIng

      @Lloyd Ramin my brother has one, and he hates it

    • Lloyd Ramin
      Lloyd Ramin

      @Andrew KIng do you own one?

  • skipatrolslayer

    I love my Azeron keypad. I can't play PC games on keyboard anymore lol. I got it because I wanted something ergonomic and not requiring my hand to move very much.

    • Drebin2293

      Yep it works great as a keyboard substitute if you're using it in vr games. It's also only about $200, not $300.

  • The 8-Bit Nerd
    The 8-Bit Nerd

    Sure is a miracle to get Wishtery Tech and Mystery Tech back to back! 😄

  • Oni Style
    Oni Style

    The azeron is amazing been using for awhile it's mostly useful to ppl coming from controller but yes price could be alot better

  • Finn Duffy
    Finn Duffy

    As a big F1 fan and Sim racer, I love seeing Austin so interested in it too!

    • T05

      Literally same bro

  • pleox

    Thank you for this Austin and the crew, was having a shitty day.

  • Matt Taylor
    Matt Taylor

    Love seeing the F1 love lately on these episodes. George has some more actual wins in his future next year I'm sure.

  • Phillip Salas
    Phillip Salas

    I actually really love my Azeron, it’s much more comfortable imo, and I love that it’s 3D printed

  • sammyibs_

    don’t we all just love a mystery tech on a Thursday afternoon?

  • biglevian

    Love how people talk about longevity of their phones and buy new ones every year. I had my phone for 4 years, always load to a 100% and still get a day's worth out of it.

  • TripleT219

    Wish there was an update on the Azeron price, because it comes off as super niche at the doubled price. It is cheaper than many pro gamepads and other peripherals ($150-180), which should be noted.

    • Drebin2293

      It's about $200 by the time you pay taxes and/or shipping. That's still bad. You'd think they'd have their shit together. It's just unprofessional that they didn't even know the price.

  • Ben Doherty
    Ben Doherty

    Really enjoy the videos dude!! And finally decided to post to say thank you for getting me inspired in computers dude!! Keep up the great work!!🤟🏼


    Wishtery tech and Mystery tech back to back!? This is so cool!!! Hope everything's going well at the office!!

  • Jeremy

    Ken always has to get his flex moment. Guess working for Austin pays well lol

  • Luny Moony
    Luny Moony

    the most wholesome moment in all of mystery tech was them getting something for Austin ❤

  • Dr.Henry.Metzgar

    The Azeron is great, I love mine. You get the comfort of a controller and the precision of a mouse at the same time.

  • Xibalba Monster
    Xibalba Monster

    The Azeron is similar to a Razer Tartarus. I've been using a Tartarus for about a year on World of Warcraft, and will never go back to just a keyboard.

  • JamesFPS

    We all know Austin does this so he can put it through as a business expense now! 😂

  • Zer0 Zer0 VR
    Zer0 Zer0 VR

    the fact this man spent more money than I did on my laptop for mystery tech is insane

  • Tech Examined
    Tech Examined

    These keep getting more and more ridiculous... I LOVE THEM!! LOL.. Keep up the great work

  • H20-ADDICT

    i had to go the the tech store recently to get a cable and seen an oled tv for the first time in person, it was crazy how good the contrast was on it but it was 1.5k, not quite ready to spend an extra grand for some good contrast lol

  • Reepete

    Wow the internet really does spy on you, I was literally looking at this TV in this exact size last night and am going to buy one.

  • TT Farahani
    TT Farahani

    ken: Williams days are gone my friend George : gets a podium

  • just that
    just that

    Wow you have been smashing the uploads recently , great video , keep up the good work !

  • Evan Mintz
    Evan Mintz

    Back to back wishtery tech to mystery tech! 🔥

  • Kazikzz

    hey, austin, I use my azeron pretty often, and I have a profile mapped to what I need from a game, not using the analog stick if you really want it

  • Ryan Wyngaard
    Ryan Wyngaard

    How does Logic have time to make all this content? Lol Keep up the good work man!

  • Infern0 _
    Infern0 _

    The azeron is theoretically better then a keyboard for gaming

  • Jesse Rodriquez
    Jesse Rodriquez

    That Intel Nuc is a dope looking system honestly. A small form factor 3070 would’ve been better. Or that 3080 Ken got from the Alienware

  • samuel jimenez
    samuel jimenez

    For someone who daily drives the Z flip It's taking a while for Austin to review the z flip 3 Edit: Literally posts ZFlip 3 video the next day.

  • aMarvelFan

    I wonder if it’s still a mystery if the new ps5 with the new heat sink runs hotter then the old ps5 with the old heat sink

  • SiFire

    I actually own an Azeron (I have a video on my channel doing a review) and its frikin amazing. Honestly it’s worth the learning curve (though I’m not the best at games in general XD)

  • Saturday_13

    Mystery Tech is what I look forward to!

  • Hard4WeedGamer

    I love how most of the time mystery tech has nothing to do with tech

  • Quatre Raberba Winner
    Quatre Raberba Winner

    When are gonna people learn analog stick plus mouse is the optimal PC gaming experience

  • Levente Krisztián Büte
    Levente Krisztián Büte

    What we expected: mystery tech. What we've got for the majority of the video: LG OLED sponsorship and Intel NUC review.

  • Strict on budget
    Strict on budget

    I'm subbed to austin forever he makes my wasted day recovered


    Wow 2 days in the row for the sweet mystery shit item again . love it !! I love watching this type of content u make

  • Nathanasiel Hernandez
    Nathanasiel Hernandez

    i can totally tell the difference between the two displays through my 1080p lcd

  • Seddiki O
    Seddiki O

    Glad to see cheerful austin again after all the new ps thing. Glad to have you back boii

  • Brandonvo

    Lol Austin gets a nuc and his whole team is like: “THEY JUST GAVE US A GPU?????” This shows how desperate we are getting lol

  • Nerlen_Poi

    12:33 A 3060 is absolutely NOT the "right level of gpu performace" for $2100 lol

    • sheun shanu
      sheun shanu

      yeah i think he was talking more about the size

    • Ryan Wallace
      Ryan Wallace

      For the size…it’s really not bad

  • Magyklord

    I thought the Intel nuc needed the wooden box too but that's just the packaging

  • SNARCast

    I don't know why, but that Azeron's button mapping software reminds me of the inventory system in No Man's Sky.

  • Uthman Baksh
    Uthman Baksh

    Copmared to the other battery bank cases Apple made in the past, the MagSafe battery bank is pretty good!

  • Swift_Simmer

    For the mag safe battery pack I think you would be better off with a normal battery pack for capacity but... with the mag safe you could be cool and flex on dem haters. 💪🏻

  • Eye Ris
    Eye Ris

    I love how Austin watches himself on the OLED screens

  • whyyn0tt

    I'm honestly kinda surprised you haven't seen/heard of the Azeron. I get hit with their ads on FB and YT weekly.

  • snowhawk

    I love how Apple can get away with everything.

  • Abraham Ortiz
    Abraham Ortiz

    That Charizard card is exactly what I need to spend my money on

  • Jugal Thacker
    Jugal Thacker

    Austin: F1 2020 is an excellent game. Austin: Proceeds to show F1 2021

  • Chappy

    Has LG finally started making quality products now? I had 3 different phones and two different TVs made by them. I had problems from day 1. I’m not hating on them but my 3 Samsung TVs and iPhone have been going strong for years now!

  • James

    Is that true about charging your battery to 100? I remember MKBHD saying that was a myth. 🤔

  • ZetsabreJuno

    But Austin, how do you know the table is warm without using a thermal camera?

  • Christopher Martinez
    Christopher Martinez

    Austin you crack me up haha keep up the great work brother

  • Officer Beepsky
    Officer Beepsky

    I feel like the gaming claw would be good for gamers who only have one hand. Use the thumbstick to emulate mouse movement.

  • Blair Lohnes
    Blair Lohnes

    OLED's suffer from pretty bad burn in. I hear they aren't great for gaming as HUD's and menu's can cause pretty bad burn in. They are great, but they don't last nearly as long.

  • Edgar Guillen
    Edgar Guillen

    $100 for a magnetic battery pack that doesn’t even fully charge the phone 😂…that’s Apple products for you

  • Jdorffer

    Yea I planned on upgrading then a world wide chip shortage happened, and I can't afford or understand paying 3x manufacturing prices for cpu and gpu

  • SlowMoPanda

    Good old CrApple, once again proving that being con artists to rip off their die-hards is their proud talent! 😆👍

  • Clarence Merritt
    Clarence Merritt

    Wasn't expecting another episode so soon. Awesome!

  • GiSWiG

    You cannot say you're old unless you've seen the Power Glove on the store shelf when it came out because I bet that inspired that hand thing.

  • Shannon Gottlieb
    Shannon Gottlieb


  • LordJake21

    2 mystery techs in 2 days EPIC!

  • Frightful Fest of Fears
    Frightful Fest of Fears

    Apple cutting corners in their "battery bank" phone backpack I see.

  • watercannons collaboration
    watercannons collaboration

    Another mystery tech video? This is blessed

  • KY

    The Azeron cost $150 and is amazing, I’m so glad I bought one of those, it’s mainly so you don’t have to use 3 keys for movement and you’re losing so much, instead you use your thumb for movement and 4 fingers are on 12 keys

    • KY

      It’s $150 on their website

  • dave_chats

    wish i had one of the those gaming pc's. I wonder what you do with all the pc's you get?

  • Armarti

    My only question is: Where do these items go after this video is made?

  • AlTheEngineer

    .... I can't believe Apple sells a 1400mAh battery for $100. NUTS!

  • Diyu

    Hmm, printing out huge Pokemon cards and using them as wall decor is actually a pretty dope idea.

  • lewiii

    we just had wishtery tech yesterday, now we have mystery tech YASSS❤️

  • Edgar Lester
    Edgar Lester

    This guy always will live in shadow of Linus

  • Corey Christiansen
    Corey Christiansen

    I want a dollar tree mystery tech edition.

  • Camryn Hamme
    Camryn Hamme

    The hand keyboard would be perfect for stenographers who wanted to get into gaming

  • StitchDaSavage

    1 Wishtery tech and 1 mystery tech within 24 hours. Nice.

  • Weston Bryan
    Weston Bryan

    Is the sun on a contract for all his videos? Lighting is always consistent and natural looking 💯

  • Huh?

    Finally, a Worth watching mystery tech


    I regret not buying an oled display because i was scared by burning... My LCD is great but OLED is just perfect

  • Lapis

    Thanks for immediately making my morning 10x better

  • Dean N
    Dean N

    More mystery tech please!!

  • Fish Taco
    Fish Taco

    Love my LG C1, painful buy but worth it.

  • oPlayz

    Let’s go great day when Austin uploads

  • Arcanum

    That first hand keyboard thing was insanely popular for a while a couple of years ago, with the fortnite craze, due to the joystick and ease of use.

  • MirraKirra

    Will that Apple MagSafe battery pack work for android as well?

  • Relaxation Music
    Relaxation Music

    Voltage on the battery bank is much higher than your phone. It will charge your phone several times.

  • Livewell Yourself
    Livewell Yourself

    Looking forward on NUC full review!

  • - [L A Y L A]- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW
    - [L A Y L A]- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW

    it was worth every penny. There was a learning curve and I do spend a bit of time configuring a profile for every game but the trade off for comfort and using a thumb stick with a mouse is worth it. Definitely not for every one but if you are thinking of buying this type of game pad IMO its the best on the market. Wish it wasn't 3D printed but mine feels well build and I get why they went that route.

  • SayianOver 9k
    SayianOver 9k

    I'm a simple man. I see a mystery tech video from Austin and I have to watch it.

  • DarkSoul3092

    nice to see all these youtubers buying or getting given all of these pc parts 30 series and cpus and they don't need them what so ever when there is enough shortages as it is

  • Ultralagger R.E.V
    Ultralagger R.E.V

    Samsung has TVs with self-proclaimed “quantum” technology

  • FynnKitty

    Hey Austin, the MagSafe battery can charge an iPhone multiple times, because its running at a MUCH higher voltage than normal phone batteries thus the low amp hours cancel out to a very respectable Watthour rating!

  • Comagnum

    Should have bought better thermal testing equipment, and watched some videos on the proper way to test the temperatures on hardware.

  • SoulTaker

    Hey Austin love the constant uploads