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  • iTz Jizmak
    iTz Jizmak

    I play on an azeron every day it's amazing

  • Weston Bryan
    Weston Bryan

    Is the sun on a contract for all his videos? Lighting is always consistent and natural looking 💯

  • Armarti

    My only question is: Where do these items go after this video is made?

  • Drebin2293

    Don't buy oled for a pc monitor. Image burn in is a thing.

  • Lammiwinks

    God Austin has gotten annoying. I used to love his channel when he did proper reviews without being super hyped up annoying guy.

  • bigddynamite200

    I love how nice they where with the Pokemon

  • bigddynamite200

    By better host then another better host do you mean mat then ken

  • noretailforme

    Oled is screen burn in

  • Legend Washburn
    Legend Washburn

    The fact that my phone has better qualit's Then an Oled Amazes me

  • Pabo

    your sponsor montage littarly could'nt be more scripted. and the fact that you put tape over the other monitor like no one would notice kinda makes me sad lol.

  • DataCymru1701

    Hi, hope you're doing well! What is the giant red ball behind you?

  • blade

    Me watching this knowing i could have spent the money on a gpu😢😭😭😭

  • Edgar Lester
    Edgar Lester

    This guy always will live in shadow of Linus

  • Quietus Plus
    Quietus Plus

    17:00 Please stop spreading these myths about charging a battery to 100 percent damaging it. Not only have batteries improved, there's built-in protection nowadays, just like there is for undercharge (hence your device shutting down before actually being drained). It's like I'm talking to my father, except I'm 30 years old and this hasn't been an issue for a long time.

  • Quietus Plus
    Quietus Plus

    2:20 That's not alright Austin, saying that word in public! I mean, for fucks sake.

  • The Stitch Guy
    The Stitch Guy

    The lg display is now Austin's sponsor

  • paul mcclung
    paul mcclung

    👽 👽👽 👽 👽👽 👽

  • TheeWaxMan

    My C1 slaps, it's sooo good. I've had it for about 2 months. I use it with my 3090 and i9.

  • nathan0401


  • Phillip Salas
    Phillip Salas

    I actually really love my Azeron, it’s much more comfortable imo, and I love that it’s 3D printed

  • Heavy Metal EMS
    Heavy Metal EMS

    That racing accident was Bottas vs Russell recreated lmao!

  • Ahmad Zulfiqar
    Ahmad Zulfiqar

    austin was too convince with the idea of magsafe battery bank unless he finds the charging capacity of it i mean for real less than 1500mah is this a joke where you can easily buy a decent battery bank that can charge a phone 4-5 times on a single charge

  • Caleb Bolton
    Caleb Bolton

    bro you look like logic

  • Garbo

    That case thin tho may get

  • Miro Rommelaere
    Miro Rommelaere

    69% battery on his phone :)

  • the overseer knows all
    the overseer knows all

    Pay your rent instead of wasting money smfh

  • Animated86

    Could someone please make a deck out of those giant Pokémon cards and go to a tournament with it

  • Shamiko xFour2Zero
    Shamiko xFour2Zero

    Austin you crack me up haha keep up the great work brother

  • RimoCreedeZzzz

    I just noticed,,, Ken kinda looks like that judge on Master chef Australia, he could be his son haha 😂

  • Rides Latinos
    Rides Latinos

    Build ultimate ps Vita

  • Israel Aviles
    Israel Aviles

    I love the animation of those cartoon of you! 🥺😭 I wish I could learn how to do that in premiere! 😭😭😭

  • Imoneforsanity

    Can you pin this comment?

  • Brandonvo

    Lol Austin gets a nuc and his whole team is like: “THEY JUST GAVE US A GPU?????” This shows how desperate we are getting lol

  • Caleb Benson
    Caleb Benson

    I am more than willing to take one of your gpu’s

  • Hard4WeedGamer

    I love how most of the time mystery tech has nothing to do with tech

  • Henry Z
    Henry Z

    Dude whoever works on the background music man. That person is a g.

  • Eugene Shcherbakov
    Eugene Shcherbakov

    I want oled 120hz vrr too...

  • Eugene Shcherbakov
    Eugene Shcherbakov

    Magsafe battery pack isn't 1460 mAh - it's like 2920 mAh 1460mAh at 7.4V - there literally two 1460 mAh at 3.7V and capacity qual at 2920 mAh 3.7V Really nica and handy powerbank, but overpriced

  • Seen Mess
    Seen Mess

    I only have a laptop meanwhile they just get new setups on a whim huhu

  • Kayne Tatiyamaneekul
    Kayne Tatiyamaneekul

    There was an insanely good fortnite player who used that mouse but i dont remember his name because i havent played fortnite in like 3 years

  • Officer Beepsky
    Officer Beepsky

    I feel like the gaming claw would be good for gamers who only have one hand. Use the thumbstick to emulate mouse movement.

  • iRDude

    5:51 that sync tho lol

  • Unknownlegend

    They wastin money like nothing like bro I need vc how about u give me that money

  • Biggie Laws
    Biggie Laws

    I think the Azeron keyboard thing could've actually been a pretty revolutionary keyboard for gaming. There's a guy on youtube that goes by Beaks who used one early for Fortnite, and this guy did some ridiculous building techniques using it that wasn't common to see from modern keyboard players or controller players. I think the thing that dissuades people from getting one is the uncertainty and price point of the product.

  • jorge tinoco
    jorge tinoco


  • adamthestonerful may
    adamthestonerful may

    You mean wisely spent money on mystery Tech.

  • Somehow Surviving
    Somehow Surviving

    Or iphones could just be better and have better batteries. My phone lasts 3 days on one charge.

  • Ultralagger R.E.V
    Ultralagger R.E.V

    Samsung has TVs with self-proclaimed “quantum” technology

  • Elijah Stapleton
    Elijah Stapleton

    Frick! 1400mAh?! For a 100 bucks!? Useless Apple My portable Anker battery bank has 10,000mAh, and I paid $40 for, 4 years ago And you of course can ONLY use this on a new iphone! In all reality that is literally made to be thrown away in ~3 years, just unnecessary e-waste

  • pingleymyjingley

    it looks like the terminator's hand

  • Magnum

    the first item was initially popularized by the fortnite community. that thing is NUTS for that game, but I believe (I don't play Fortnite anymore) Epic Games found a way to ban it or something? not sure

  • Seddiki O
    Seddiki O

    Glad to see cheerful austin again after all the new ps thing. Glad to have you back boii

  • Jeradiah Williams
    Jeradiah Williams

    $300 for that robot hand?!?!? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Sweaty Agent
    Sweaty Agent

    God and Jesus Christ are AMAZING!!!!!😇😇😊😊❤️❤️😍😍🙏🙏🥰🥰🤗🤗AMEN!!!!!🥰🥰😍😍❤️❤️😇😇🤗🤗🙏🙏😊😊

  • TJ Huffman
    TJ Huffman


  • Ronald Blake
    Ronald Blake

    Where can I buy the pokemon card or at least something like that?

  • Gökberk Çeviker
    Gökberk Çeviker

    austin: *shows the difference between oled and led monitor me on my 10 y.o. monitor: yeah it 'sounds' good

  • jonmapa007

    Doing what to a 6 year old

  • KiritZz

    Dude got afk warning :)))

  • Kirk Shelton
    Kirk Shelton

    I hate that the Kenmoji K E N letters are backwards.

  • PolowBornFly

    Can I have that pc lol

  • Abraham Ortiz
    Abraham Ortiz

    That Charizard card is exactly what I need to spend my money on

  • Platinum

    everyone likes OLED till it burns*

  • arcadianspider

    does anyone know the name of that keyboard at 3:30?

  • westtell4

    can it run LoL at 120 FPS

  • Just Jason
    Just Jason

    No way he wasted 1700+ $ on this. I guarantee they return all of it , or mostly , or at the very least resell it. I’m 💯 % wish dosent care if he returns it all because of the publicity this brings them. Same for Alibaba or whatever.

    • Just Jason
      Just Jason

      Grown men arguing about kid collectables. It’s really cringy fellas. Not really masculine!!! Screams I’m a virgin.

  • Ruel Almodovar
    Ruel Almodovar

    5:52 Austin got an almost identical gesture on the monitor.

  • Shxdxw

    raider464 used that

  • SoftMuffinzSmh

    i’m kinda only here for valorant.

  • Camryn Hamme
    Camryn Hamme

    The hand keyboard would be perfect for stenographers who wanted to get into gaming

  • Camel0116

    i saw that queue dodge offense, austin.

  • Loweflyer

    The battery case at the end is a little different that it seems. Its a 1400mah battery, but its a 2 cell, which means the voltage should be around 7 volts instead of 3 IIRC. This means that theoretically it could charge the iPhone 12 mini more than once, but due to all the charging inefficiency that goes with wireless charging, that's recued to around 70% for the mini, and even less on the other phones. still terrible if you for the money if you ask me. Just get a wired powerbank for half the cost that could charge your phone from 0-100 like 5 times.

  • Amir Ashraf
    Amir Ashraf

    Ma man getting roast from cam guy

  • Phil Zero
    Phil Zero

    As a six year old? what, fifteen years ago?

  • KingdomGaming

    education is never a waste

  • Ex3LTheRaPiD

    9:17 this is what?! 👀

  • #1 In Your Hearts
    #1 In Your Hearts

    Duncan 33303 looks different

  • lofi_raven

    An I have one of those pcsssss😭😭😭😭

  • Arcanum

    That first hand keyboard thing was insanely popular for a while a couple of years ago, with the fortnite craze, due to the joystick and ease of use.

  • Daniel Sozio
    Daniel Sozio

    it lets un have a jostic to move and use mouse to aim so it is way better than wasd

  • dopestar1975

    The keyboard glove was developed for the one handed

  • Waffles - Game Development
    Waffles - Game Development

    I can’t put notifications on

  • Danny Gómez
    Danny Gómez

    Nadie habla del cumbión del inicio ???

  • Sean Holiday
    Sean Holiday

    I've been saving up to get a pc and I don't think I can by now I can just give up on my dream I'm a kid

  • Reerik

    this review is fake. I have used the azeron keypad before and it did so well. Way to slander small brands. "it feels like it was 3d printed with melted nails" what the fuck man. That is literally a flat out lie. The fact I listened to your reviews before.

  • ZICRON tech
    ZICRON tech

    did anyone notice the mkbhds ball in the coner of his rack

  • Vaibhav Shewale
    Vaibhav Shewale

    the best way of using extra cash

  • zxydaa

    why did u dodged a valorant game haha

  • Prodgy Gaming
    Prodgy Gaming

    Austin - can't have your cake and eat it to Actual saying - you can't have Kate and Edith too lol 🤣

  • Ryan Wyngaard
    Ryan Wyngaard

    How does Logic have time to make all this content? Lol Keep up the good work man!

  • Houman N
    Houman N

    4:12 some Chinese made electronic looks super cheap

  • Houman N
    Houman N

    lol 😂

  • IWantBasterds

    I bought the Azeron. Im paralyzed on my right side and hope I can finally use wasd+analog stick again. (It is still shipping)

  • TheOnlyBverse


  • Brady McDaniel
    Brady McDaniel

    No surprise

  • MI kid05
    MI kid05

    Sadly not even mystery tech can help heartbreaking news

  • Paul Bryant
    Paul Bryant

    Why at times when josh gets over excited does he turn into gene from bobs burgers 😆 🤣

  • Raymx slapped y'all
    Raymx slapped y'all

    didn't they have that for psx in 97?

  • jemand


  • Aiman Azmi
    Aiman Azmi

    I have changed to lenovo legion pro by Android and i absolutely don't need power bank at all. My phone last long enough and can charge extremely fast. Plus you can drop a lot of dollars for other expensive things.