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  • Switch and Click
    Switch and Click

    THIS WAS SO MUCH FUN. Thanks for having me on and I'm glad you liked the keyboard! If you ever want to collab again, let me know and I'll fly out to California!

    • Chiggen Finger
      Chiggen Finger

      @Chickyblade omg u Commented 4 months ago

    • Knox Gaming
      Knox Gaming

      @XPGamerBruh Austin replied when she done video of the keyboard on her channel. Check out that video. They both mentioned each other in each of their videos.

    • Knox Gaming
      Knox Gaming

      @Omabat they both featured in each of their Channels video about the keyboard.

    • Ahmed Shady
      Ahmed Shady

      Omg im subscribed i love your vids

    • Κωστας Ψηλοπαναγιωτης
      Κωστας Ψηλοπαναγιωτης


  • Shraf2k

    Okay, you should just let Matt do complete episodes of stuff like this.

    • Puff Puff Pass
      Puff Puff Pass


    • Lou Standards
      Lou Standards

      100% I would love to see all the footage from Matt's Lego NES mod that wound up being cut.

    • Shraf2k

      Cut the guy a break, got a newborn at home.

    • Jobin Thomas
      Jobin Thomas

      @Alson Tang ya that’s what I was wondering… there has been no uploads there for 5 months. I remembering watching an episode where he and Matt were kind of arguing and Austin being rude. Did they drop that channel after that?

    • Alson Tang
      Alson Tang

      Remember This Is?

  • SilverStormShadow

    Little did we know, but this would be the closest we would ever get to hearing "Hey Guys, This is Austin" again

    • Nathan Brinkerhoff
      Nathan Brinkerhoff

      I saw this comment coming.

    • Cricket England
      Cricket England

      Well it’s seems the “This is” channel is dead seeing Austin haven’t uploaded for several months

    • Late Show
      Late Show


    • Nikko Duno
      Nikko Duno

      Best cameo of 2021.

  • theramman528

    Yo my JAW DROPPED with Matt's LEGO build. Please let him have a series... Also, we NEED a community edition of Mystery Tech....

    • Geth

      @Puff Puff Pass Yeah you're right, I can not do it, couse I don't have Austin's credit card like he does and the LEGO set costs more then a real thing.

    • Puff Puff Pass
      Puff Puff Pass

      @Geth you can’t do that shit that was cool as fuck

    • Meek Mizzle
      Meek Mizzle

      If not a series could you drop the parts used? I’d like to make one myself please!

    • Nathan Glancy
      Nathan Glancy

      Was dope as s***. Would love to see more stuff like it.

    • Geth

      It wasn't that impressive lol, it's not like he came up with the design him self, he just put a screen and a pi in an existing design. It's cool but I wouldn't call it jaw-dropping.

  • darkinertia2

    to be honest, i think matts build deserves a separate video because that might be the coolest shit ive ever seen on this series

    • sulaiman khan
      sulaiman khan

      im 14 and i still play with it

    • sulaiman khan
      sulaiman khan

      @Ryan true it is sick as hell

    • Ryan

      @Amanda Jonas Lego is sick as fuck

    • Amanda Jonas
      Amanda Jonas

      Matt builds with LEGO.

  • Livia Holm
    Livia Holm

    Holy shit, Austin featuring a PSP debug kit, which is legally considered stolen property from Sony now that it isn't in their hands, is wild. Love that you're taking these risks about sponsors etc. to give us actually interesting things people might not know about!

    • alfie gordon
      alfie gordon

      @# Rptr7 a psp with extra hardware for readouts of stuff, used for development purposes

    • # Rptr7
      # Rptr7

      Sorry but what Is a debug kit?

    • ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻


    • East DallasKick’s
      East DallasKick’s

      Its not that deep bro, lots of builds have already been published.

  • Starman

    the psp is "technically" stolen since 99.9% of the time companies like Sony & Nintendo are just "lending" you the dev kit and you are meant to return them when you are done

    • Clay3613

      They no longer care.

  • HybrydATP64

    If Austin doesn’t have the patience to build a Lego set imagine him trying to build a Gundam

    • Kyle Morales
      Kyle Morales

      @HybrydATP64 yep

    • HybrydATP64

      @Kyle Morales unless you have no idea how to maneuver the RG frame and end up breaking it

    • ☆ S K Y ☆
      ☆ S K Y ☆


    • Kyle Morales
      Kyle Morales

      @HadesTheGod keyboards are easier to build. Just buy the parts, put the switches on the plate (if the board has one), put in the stabilizers, assemble the case put the keycaps and you're golden! If your board needs soldering or you're gonna lube the switches and tune the stabilizers, thats a different story.

    • Kyle Morales
      Kyle Morales

      @HybrydATP64 Its kinda easier than MGs cause the endoskeleton is prebuilt, just clip it out. The most infuriating part is when you have to put on the stickers. Oh how I wish I still had my tweezers.

  • ʀ ᴏ ꜱ ᴇe-Vlog Go to My Channel
    ʀ ᴏ ꜱ ᴇe-Vlog Go to My Channel

    I love how good of a boss Austin is the create content and Austin let's them keep it

  • CodeRedCody

    That Lego NES was some seriously next level creativity! I absolutely love how it turned out

  • 關諾謙

    Love the keyboard from Betty - looking forward to another collab with Switch and Click asap!!! :D

  • SMG101 2: Electric Boogaloo
    SMG101 2: Electric Boogaloo

    Keeping this for future reference: “He ULTIMATE Keyboard Mystery Tech”

  • ChimiChain

    This episode was one for the books. Everything was a nice surprise. Good job everyone! 😸

  • Michael Bertolino
    Michael Bertolino

    Matt needs to be in front of the camera more. He’s really good already! Also, more Legos, please! 😤

  • Aazfan Mohseu
    Aazfan Mohseu

    This show always makes my day, thanks guys :')

  • Dr Koneko
    Dr Koneko

    I have been working on the nes idea for about 2 months but never figured it out. I'm so glad someone did!

  • Cubulation

    That Lego NES mod is genuinely impressive, love that he did it fully legit with no modded pieces

  • X Blocky
    X Blocky

    Matt come in clutch with that emulator build.

  • Linux Streamer
    Linux Streamer

    the dev kits can be also very good for emulation because of the extra memory

  • Itachi0609

    Just started watching the channel this past week, super excited to catch a new mystery tech. Love the channel.

  • Jezy

    That Lego Mini Retro PC is absolutely amazing! Love to see how it was done

  • Acepilot8 gaming
    Acepilot8 gaming

    When matt took out that lego nes excitedly, I knew he was my kind of guy for sure

  • Saint Eagle
    Saint Eagle

    Ok that Lego NES was freaking amazing! Great job Matt!

  • ViennaGamer

    that rasperry pi lego holder was goddamn amazing! not to mention the emulator was amazing as well! I'd love more content in that direction from you Matt! and spend Austin's money to do it! (of course)

  • WhileNickSleeps

    Dev kit is perfectly acceptable to call it. I worked in QA so used these a lot and we called them Dev kits.

  • Shawn Loves Horses & More.161
    Shawn Loves Horses & More.161

    Always love your channel Austin!! Keep it up :)

  • Jeradiah Williams
    Jeradiah Williams

    This was one of the more informative "Mystery Tech" segments Ive seen so far. Im currently using the Buds 2 and they are great! Ive played with the Fold 3 and is the best Android device on the market right now!! Im going to buy that speaker that looks like art work

  • Jacob Fanzini
    Jacob Fanzini

    I feel like a tool like that could still be utilized by developers

  • DctrGizmo

    I'm actually impressed with Matt's mod to the Lego SNES! I'm looking forward to more Lego builds!

  • Farhan

    wow, just awesome work Matt. Also great custom keyboard Betty!!

  • Michael Kyle
    Michael Kyle

    That Lego NES custom build is amazing. Big up for that one 🙏

  • inkmaster2010

    best part of this video was that custom lego build that was insane. i hope to see more custom things made.

  • Angel Aponte
    Angel Aponte

    I love how good of a boss Austin is the create content and Austin let's them keep it

  • krishgamez and mishvplays
    krishgamez and mishvplays

    THIS WAS SO MUCH FUN. Thanks for having me on and I'm glad you liked the keyboard! If you ever want to collab with me

  • Dorky

    the closest thing we got from "hey guys, this is Austin" *0:10*

    • Ryan

      Wow, if he said that my life would he impacted

    • Nick Miller
      Nick Miller

      @Øystein 😢

    • Øystein

      Oh, cry me a river...🙄🤦‍♂️

  • LeJunny

    I used to have Boba U4T on my keyboard, they were lubed with TriboSys 3203, Krytox 205g0 is a bit too thick to use on a tactile switch. to each their own however! I used to be a tactile fan but now i’m team linear!

  • Scott Wallace
    Scott Wallace

    The lego tv actually turned out very good, well done!

  • Paul Potter
    Paul Potter

    The debug kit it awesome. Very cool keyboard. I knew somebody would put a Raspberry Pi in the Lego NES the moment I saw one, but I didn't think about putting it all in the TV.

  • Cheng Cheng
    Cheng Cheng

    the Lego NES ❤ Can you guys post instructions on how to do that? Would love to make one for my desk as well! Please publish the instructions! Pretty please 🙏

  • PATH of the UKNOWN
    PATH of the UKNOWN

    That retropie that was built out of legos was awesome 🤟😎 well done first time I seen legos used for making a real game console

  • Vice

    Okay, Matt surprised me there. That was genuinely impressive.

  • Importslife

    Ok question! With the PSP "debug kit". Could you possibly run Real engine 4 to design games and run them? Or is it just another tool to refine the game for consumers end?

    • alfie gordon
      alfie gordon

      Lmao unreal tournament from 2004 would struggle on a psp

  • Austin M
    Austin M

    That psp debug kit would be perfect for anyone wanting to record psp games. You got a separate video out good to go to record.

  • Riz Zen
    Riz Zen

    that lego set with the custom screen is wild! Mad props to matt building that thing

  • Eremon1

    The Lego Nintendo is pretty cool, especially with the Raspberry Pi and screen mod.

  • Conor O 'Regan
    Conor O 'Regan

    Mystery tech is one of the best tech shows on the internet

  • kingrusty1st

    I love mystery tech. It's almost like a ITmores religion for me

  • SCOOTER Summers
    SCOOTER Summers

    LET MATT DO WHAT HE WANTS!!! nothing beats that dudes smile when he is into something

  • super10nano1

    That Lego was insane! Need more of that or a separate channel 😁

  • Tanner Lange
    Tanner Lange

    Austin, with the galaxy buds did you go to the galaxy wearable app and set the sound quality to clear? That made my first gen ones sound better

  • huantian

    Wow finally an actually good keyboard on mystery tech!

  • humbdedumb

    Austin you're so unbearable. I love it.

  • skamone1214

    I always look forward to mystery tech


    That's pretty cool to have PSP is one of my favorite systems.

  • Asternshelf24

    That PSP video has me wishing my PSP was still working and if I buy one, it'll be costly so honestly it's nice to see anything PSP even in videos it's wasn't intentionally meant to be in.

  • JRebel325

    I agree with everyone let Matt have episodic videos of him doing modifications on things like that and showing us!

  • Vaporizer_

    Man, developing on PSP with one of those looks cool.

  • King

    i love how all of the big tech tubers r now enterin the keeb rabbit hole, cant wait to see what everyone cooks up!

  • Nick Forrest
    Nick Forrest

    Alright seeing that z fold 3 in Austin's hands made me think of one thing. We need to see a z fold 3 review for sure

  • benderbi

    Man, that lego thing at the end was prety awesome 👌🏼🙌🏼

  • 山乇丂ᑎIᑕᕼOᒪ

    that's a sick idea Matt, such a cool emulator!!!

  • AK4710

    Austin your vids are amazing I will sit through hours of ads to watch this.

  • jj chin
    jj chin

    The lego raspberry pi project was awesome, possibly to guide on what equipment to buy and setting up would be great help and to own one.

  • Joshua

    Honestly that keyboard and Lego NES blew my mind. Instant like! Also where do I get one of those keyboards? ❤️

  • LittleGhost

    i have so much more respect for matt now

  • Mike King of kings
    Mike King of kings

    Really good episode! That Lego NES wow!!!

  • Diyu

    Didn't expect to see Switch and Click on here, the keyboard turned out really nice.

  • Ross McCarthy
    Ross McCarthy

    I bought the Buds 2, and immediately knew I didn't like them. They constantly wiggled out of my ears, were too small so I constantly had accidental touches, and I agree with Austin, they didn't even sound that good. Bought the Buds Pro instead and love them.

  • Cactus Matt
    Cactus Matt

    Matts thing is actually super cool would love to see more:)

  • schizogony

    This channel's steppin' it up.

  • Chris B
    Chris B

    Thanks for buying this stuff so we don’t have to 👍

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name

    That Lego TV is really cool and you don't have to pay an additional $10 on top of already paying $20 just to play on it each month.

  • Shashika’s Gaming Corner
    Shashika’s Gaming Corner

    Um that lego emulation tv is awesome!!! I need to see more of that and actually I wish you guys put more of this project in this video

  • Rich Burmond
    Rich Burmond

    Running the boba u4t as well, great switches for typing / work

  • Daniel Moloney
    Daniel Moloney

    The Lego nes deserved its own video.

  • Bryant Guzman
    Bryant Guzman

    Yes! We love Matt! Custom Mods would be amazing! Like if I didn't love Mystery Tech enough! R.I.P. This Is, though 😭

  • KotuMF

    As someone who also has the U4T Bobas Switches, I can also agree that I cannot go back to any other switches after swapping to them.

  • Øystein

    FYI: ALL speakers, earbuds etc needs a little break-in time since speakers are moving parts.. So bass might become better with a little use.. That's normal. Give them a few hours on decent volume with some bass heavy tracks

  • Uthman Baksh
    Uthman Baksh

    Any day now, Sony is gonna knock on Austin's door asking for their definitely not stolen property back!

  • Grey Fox
    Grey Fox

    Betty def stepped up ur keyboard game from the pre-builts. Glad to see.

  • Sean OMik
    Sean OMik

    Debug kits are usually acquired after a game studio goes bankrupt and the office gets liquidated.

  • Leon Philip
    Leon Philip

    That LEGO set up is Dope AF. Well done Matt

  • Eddie Arafa
    Eddie Arafa


  • ohxtg

    That lego section must be a little old if the inside of the box it came in had air bubble packaging and not brown recyclable paper packaging

  • FhargaZ

    16:12 That build is so cool, but Nintendo ninja lawyers could be waiting for you in the corner 😄

  • Creetura v
    Creetura v

    Hey, thx for making my day better love ur videos ❤️

  • Matthew Czyz
    Matthew Czyz

    I love Betty's and Jake's channel and that KB rocks dude. Love your content to Austin. You have a very creative and fun channel. 🤜💥🤛

  • NE12

    Thanks for making this videos I love every video you make

  • James

    When we talk “Mystery Tech” PlayStation or Sony rather, will immediately think “the PS Vita?! What’s that?!” And yes I’m still bitter 😊

    • James

      @Hahasamian hm strange

    • Hahasamian

      @James It looks like some bot or just... really sketchy "fans only" sorta account copied your comment word for word, receiving more likes. I did my part and gave them the dislike

    • Hahasamian

      @James Don't worry, you're the better one. I will support you with like power

    • James

      @Hahasamian NO 😂

    • Hahasamian


  • Hotboi Carr
    Hotboi Carr

    Feel bad I'm just now subbing been watching mystery tech videos since I deployed last year this Channel project farm and djay ghost really helped me through my deployment thanks for the content guys

  • Alex Nano
    Alex Nano

    Watching this on a fold 3 with my galaxy buds 2 was an odd experience

  • Stillakilla

    Matt, get your own segment. Matt's Modded Mystery. And it's a mystery every week 😀

  • Lord Corgi
    Lord Corgi

    I never knew I needed a LEGO NES until today.

  • diggityhawtdawg

    "aural" bliss at the end (throwback to broke vs pro pc)

  • DoubleCTech

    Wow great job on that Lego mod!

  • Isaac James Tea
    Isaac James Tea

    Needs more shout out for Betty from Switch and Click. That was an amazing Keyboard!

  • njnj

    I look forward to the next time he buys something for himself with company money.

  • Estariol87

    Ok!The lego part was totally badass!!! :D Awesome!!!!

  • rmedoc24a

    CeraKote pronounced - "Sarah Coat" It's mainly used to coat auto parts and weapons to provide a durable oil and grease resistant finish.

  • Spencer Cowherd
    Spencer Cowherd

    I just saw this video and in my head I screamed " Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees more mystery tech 😁😆!!!!!!!!"