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  • HaloGamingX

    "It's a big chungus like the kids say"

  • TrebzStudio

    I wanna see the new steelseries In-ear earphones vs the adx mic and sound qual

  • kevin george
    kevin george

    noooooooo not drip its thiccccccccccccccccccccck!

  • Devil

    Who tf gets hyped for a deconstructed phone 💀

  • ArtiimusPlays

    Austin... You're so hip with your new shoes.

  • _S_W_A_S_K_

    That was not the Halo theme 16:45

  • daniel Reinninger
    daniel Reinninger

    austin check out the turtle beach battle buds they're gaming earbuds with a boom mic and sound wayyy better

  • Alex Babyak
    Alex Babyak

    hmm the mic is... ok

  • The Swiss Guy
    The Swiss Guy

    Ken really doin‘ those femboy moans.

  • 24H Media Lounge
    24H Media Lounge

    how much for the jays

  • Sikla Games
    Sikla Games

    How does the boom mic sound so good tho?

  • Jamie Aubrey
    Jamie Aubrey

    Those iPhone broken down are cool, only time an iPhone is cool

  • Matewoosh

    About the beef jerky. Love’s have the best jerky out of all truck stops. The end of the story

  • B Dre
    B Dre

    All iPhones are inferior, Samsung Galaxy is King

  • SFM Playz
    SFM Playz

    could literally rip apart an old iphone and stick it in a frame for about £30

  • Electro Gamer
    Electro Gamer

    That mic sounds good

  • Arthur Chickenman
    Arthur Chickenman

    I wouldn't be surprised if people bought those ripped apart phones and then just put them together

  • Oronno Azad
    Oronno Azad

    man I am firing like popcorn poping how are you so lucky

  • Neko-chan


  • yeetmaster the III
    yeetmaster the III

    omAk sus

  • jaee hovaa
    jaee hovaa

    "I got a mouth full of meat" - Austin Evans.


    That mic made you sound like you we're sick and had so much snot

  • DashingLucario

    Dat Keyboard Is POG

  • Joshua Upham
    Joshua Upham

    30 pair? really? 30? High maintenance Ken....

  • xd_hawk

    whats the point in a SPLIT gaming keyboard.... if its for gaming you need to reach all the keys with one hand dont you??

  • Joe Nutz Vr
    Joe Nutz Vr

    my favourite buff nerd

  • Jonathan Zepeda JZ
    Jonathan Zepeda JZ


  • HWTV

    Did Austin say he’s gay at 18:17 ?😂😂

  • Cameron Johnson
    Cameron Johnson

    That no for not packing it that way sounded like the computer text to speech back in 2000s.

  • OnlyLuciousss


  • Biggi Joe
    Biggi Joe

    Good day sir Sir please I have no money to get any of the oculus quest headset Sir please I beg of you to buy 1 for me sir Sir please you can give me the 1 you are using and buy a new 1 for your self Sir I would appreciate Sir please find a place in your heart to accept my request thank you sir

  • NRGSnaz

    11:41 thats what she said

  • Popcoolboi


  • Uthman Baksh
    Uthman Baksh


  • Mikey Atwell
    Mikey Atwell

    I love the hat, wish there was a beanie version 😀

  • The Bearded Lady [TBL]
    The Bearded Lady [TBL]

    Definetly wan buccees now

  • David Dela Cruz
    David Dela Cruz

    Jacques couldn't have sent a pair of highs at least, dope custom but eeeeeeee mids..

  • James Nadua
    James Nadua

    Man, those kicks are fire!!!

  • Hector Rodriguez
    Hector Rodriguez

    Didn't y'all have glasses that worked like the hat on mystery tech like 2 years ago

  • Hector Rodriguez
    Hector Rodriguez

    Anybody notice the continuity errors especially with the shirts

  • Crystal Warner
    Crystal Warner

    its decent a little bit muddy to say

  • Surge

    Please review jabra 75t elite :)

  • Diego Mateo
    Diego Mateo

    Too easy

  • Dan Moreno
    Dan Moreno

    no lie i have the same d brand skin for my airpods pro.. nice

  • xXx-DΞΛDSH0T-xXx

    The mic sounds like the 6 year old kids on fortnite

  • Nirmala


  • Eusha Pokemon
    Eusha Pokemon

    Me with my Girlfriend on Date Night 4:18

  • It’s Jaden
    It’s Jaden


  • Croppieguy

    Austin isn't using the Fiverr intro

  • Ixngx3xv

    big chungus

  • Rafiul Hoque
    Rafiul Hoque

    Hey Austin, could you please please kick this KEN guy out! He literally ruins your videos! Weird vibes! 🤮🤢

  • DeadHelper23


  • DeadHelper23

    Anyone else gonna acknowledge Austin getting swoll

  • happyquails

    You like the click sound?? Not a huge fan myself... like quiet keys

  • Liam Kennedy
    Liam Kennedy

    When the drip is responsabile 🥶

  • Game-n-Play

    the boom mic is good


    Heyy guys this is austin

  • Gregory Spivey
    Gregory Spivey

    wow what a waist of money on pure junk.

  • Ricardo

    The mice is not bad good in fact especially for gaming.×9:33

  • Laggygamer

    The boom mic is a just like a podcast mic

  • h

    bro my guy got taste listening to kanye

  • Magikal_Oz

    Havent watched the channel in awhile but this mystery tech is so different I think ken just ran out of ridiculous shit so now it came full circle to regular tech and stuff

  • Saad Nabil
    Saad Nabil

    Unsub? Why would I unsubscribe you?

  • Von Squiggle
    Von Squiggle

    my man sounds like Bentley the turtle from sly with that boom mic lol

  • Matthew West
    Matthew West

    Boom Mac good

  • Mike

    9:19 Pov: You're training with Captain Falcon

  • HonkYGaming

    Yooo that keyboards are good ngl

  • Henry McGrath
    Henry McGrath

    What happened to the hotel california sound test

  • Brandon Otero
    Brandon Otero

    He gave me so much anxiety when he was putting on the J’s, I almost had a heart attack when he just shoved his foot in😂

  • Bronson Honeycutt
    Bronson Honeycutt

    Me watching this on a iPhone 6 😢

  • M Skallywagg
    M Skallywagg

    How is it a mystery if you know what it is

  • magic dirt
    magic dirt

    I want 2 see someone take the phone and put it back together see if they actually work 😆

  • Mernerner

    Sudden halo moment

  • Δ わるよ歩み
    Δ わるよ歩み


  • eh me
    eh me

    sometimes ken sounds like John Cena

  • Kent Wethington
    Kent Wethington

    i still say big chungus so no worries man

  • Pikaboss3444

    the dollar store sell 10 dollar headphones with mics and they are way better than this

  • pr0dead

    Flip your phone and read the price

  • kntwing.23

    i got 20-30 sneakers... hello u sound like my wife?

  • kntwing.23

    5 different colors in that jordan's sneakers.

  • kntwing.23

    those jordan's way to many colors in 1 kick..


    Austin do a Spanish dub

  • tainted flex
    tainted flex

    The most drippy episode yet 💧💧

  • C- Lab
    C- Lab

    2 pairs of shoes is enough. 20 to 30 is ridiculous

  • diego dominguez
    diego dominguez

    Did anyone see hat in the 5 mill selebrarion video the mewtwo was in the background

  • Ghost Venomous
    Ghost Venomous

    austin is now a boomer :/

  • Jackson Sam
    Jackson Sam

    i thought when he lied down there was a sponser

  • Jackson Sam
    Jackson Sam


    • Fidget Cube
      Fidget Cube

      Amogus drip music plays

  • Brawl 100%  Legends
    Brawl 100% Legends

    i got custom jordan 1s yesterday too hehe

  • DuCH

    The worst part of this is that I’m watching the video in a iPhone 6

  • Nirosh RS
    Nirosh RS

    there is a mkbhd pillow

  • Moo Boy
    Moo Boy

    can you do Boltune headphones

  • Dragon_ Fade
    Dragon_ Fade

    10:45 Thought he said something else 😲

  • Maxx Jaeger
    Maxx Jaeger

    The location access thing for the hat is an Android thing (for apps to be able to scan for bluetooth / wifi devices, they must request location access. This is how android is built.)

  • Anas Ahmed Rehan
    Anas Ahmed Rehan

    the keyboard is weard

  • Mike Afton
    Mike Afton

    I challenge you to build the ultimate ps vita!

  • Deluxe clutter
    Deluxe clutter

    Where is the Tesla tequila

  • Jakub Janicki
    Jakub Janicki

    That isnt what the numbers mean on the POP! Vinyl figures, there IS NOT 582 POP! Vinyl Pokemon Figures, i know this as i collect POP! Vinyls and i have 37 of my own and they vary in different numbers, you do not need to worry about there being over 500 POP Pokemon Figures because there isnt that much

  • Mr. E
    Mr. E

    Was anyone else shocked at the mic quality on that $30 headset?

  • Austin Koeppen
    Austin Koeppen

    Mic on the headset makes you sound like you have a cold.