I tried the Leaked Windows 11...
No I'm not linking you to a leaked copy of Windows 11
I'll link a video about gaming PC myths people believe though itmores.info/player/video/tZaZt5-Hq8qDe9I
Or how I built an Xbox inside a PS5 itmores.info/player/video/rJCduYJ9brh-h9Y

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  • Austin Evans
    Austin Evans

    I DIDN'T DOWNLOAD ANYTHING FOR THE RECORD I only use fully licensed copies of Windows Vista

    • Ingledued


    • Zarraq

      don't worry u can update it i did once i finished installing i hate the taskbar revert to win7 and when i clicked on upgrade it took me toi win 10 Pro "free" not sure why

    • Akshaib. Rao
      Akshaib. Rao

      My pc is gigabyte H81m-s can it support tpm 2 It's specifications are Processor Intelยฎ Pentiumยฎ Processor G3240 Intel HD graphics 620 4gb Ram Directx 12 Old pc can I run win 11๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ˜ฅ

    • Arthur Durand
      Arthur Durand

      Please warn you audience with a disclaimer: Note that this is a developer build which means that it will have an expiration date! If you use this dev build, you will have to reset your Windows installation to opt out of developer builds, or you'll have to perform a clean install of the final release when it releases! To reiterate: You WON'T be able to perform an in-place-upgrade keeping your apps, files and settings when the final releases! You WILL be stuck on a developer build that will have expired by the time the final releses! The only way to resolve this is to backup your data and to reset Windows OR to perform a CLEAN install of the final release!

    • stevin47

      wont get to install windows 11 with my ryzen 3600 my motherboard thats AMDS and asus latest and greatest the "'TUF GAMING X570 PLUS WIFI " does not support features no tpm 2.0 just build this pc nov 2019

  • AvroJX

    0:17 Bruh windows 10 has better gaming performance than 11

  • Computer X Red Pill Or Blue Pill
    Computer X Red Pill Or Blue Pill

    Windows 11 is coming out soon and it spies on you just like windows 10. We know how to shut down the telemetry they use to spy on us.

  • Michael Misa
    Michael Misa

    it looks like the MacOS ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Itโ€™s Mod
    Itโ€™s Mod


  • Uthman Baksh
    Uthman Baksh

    You can get the Emoji menu in Windows 10. All you have to do is when you're typing, hit Win + .

  • Gym Motivation Music
    Gym Motivation Music

    Which laptop is in the beginning of the video please tell its model and specifications with price๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜

  • Windows11Fix

    If the drag & drop for the taskbar still doesn't work for you, we have the solution on our channel.

  • Garrett B
    Garrett B

    Windows 11 will be a charged update if you have an older computer.

  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke

    It looks like a Chromebook, it's to narrowed? As in everything is more centered to the middle a bit? I don't know I just don't like how it looks for the same reason i don't like 10. It's User interface is bland, there's no colour or charm to it. THIS is due to the management of the team that does the UI being small brained. I grew up with XP at school and 7 at home. I miss those days, I miss 2014 and further, I liked how Vista/7 was Vibrant and not bright but like it just rained in windows land and it made 7 shine; I liked how XP was so colourful and how they went together. Not to mention XP and 7 had the best games. XP, space cadet pinball 7, purble place, chess titans and the seasons of earth card design for solitare. What are your opinions on how 11 looks?

  • NoGoat

    12:35 Looks like Austin was already dropping us hints that he's gonna be a Dad soon.

  • Tucker Jensen
    Tucker Jensen

    The Windows UI I always wanted.

  • Hunyar Shadman
    Hunyar Shadman

    Yeah 2:00 is better

  • Hunyar Shadman
    Hunyar Shadman

    And also 2:00

  • Hunyar Shadman
    Hunyar Shadman

    Bruh 1:59 is so relaxing that startup sound Like bruh. Microsoft Nailed it! With the startup sound

  • Moose


  • MrVidification

    I almost believed this, what version of linux is it?

  • Deck Str
    Deck Str

    I am now making the switch to PC from Mac after 15 years, due to the need for more powerful hardware. But it must be blatantly obvious to everyone at this point that Mac OS is both aesthetically stunning and easy to use. Windows seems a bit more clunky and just bland in comparison. Mac OS is like a luxury vehicle while windows is like a modded pickup truck.

  • Nathen Vaughn
    Nathen Vaughn

    How lazy can you be just plug your phone in why do we need air drop

  • Nathen Vaughn
    Nathen Vaughn

    Windows 11 still garbage.

  • Craig's channel
    Craig's channel

    oh thats not bad. windows 11 killed my computer๐Ÿ˜” it says secure boot violation and then I click ok then it says no os found

  • Danijel Merkaลก
    Danijel Merkaลก

    And no more internet explorer๐Ÿ˜

    • Chris21Boi

      Internet explorer is the best

  • Tanner A.
    Tanner A.

    I canโ€™t be the only one who thinks win11 looks disgusting and will probably run like shit.

  • Justin

    When he said no cap, he sent shivers down my spine

  • Matej Rolih
    Matej Rolih

    Am.. how is onedrive different from airdrop?

  • BlazrPlayz

    not me watching this on macbook air bigsur m1

  • Pato L
    Pato L

    I have Windows 8

  • NoobDoge โœ”
    NoobDoge โœ”

    there is a way you can use windows 11 buT find it in another comment Iโ€™m to lazy

  • WiscoThrills

    I hate that all of the task bar items are in the middle

  • Salvator Merrifield
    Salvator Merrifield

    Lol there's a windows 10 file explorer?!?! And it doesn't work? SHOCKING! I hate to say it, but I miss Windows XP's file search thing. I used to use it all the time! The stupid search thing windows 10 gives you is, as far as I can tell nearly completely useless.

  • Phoenix Nicholson
    Phoenix Nicholson

    What is a soruce

  • FDC gaming
    FDC gaming

    dam i got the newest version of windows 10 and i got my new pc 3 months ago now that sucks

    • NoGoat

      @MUSTASHEO lll Ooh. Nice. There will be a backdoor since Microsoft is gonna allow OEM builders to bypass the TPM requirments. And since it's Microsoft, we know all about how you can break their products. So you will be able to install it eventually.

    • MUSTASHEO lll
      MUSTASHEO lll

      @NoGoat You may not be able to bypass the system requirements on the RTM version, but time will have to tell us the answer. Btw, I do have the dev build running on my computer from 2011.

    • NoGoat

      @MUSTASHEO lll I was waiting for it to move to Beta. And from my experience, it's actually fine. Works as expected, runs as expected. Just need to relearn a little bit of my muscle memory that I developed by using Windows for a decade. And you might be able to install it on your machine. The tweaks don't seem too hard so you should be able to do that.

    • MUSTASHEO lll
      MUSTASHEO lll

      @NoGoat Personally Iโ€™d wait till OS is released to actually use it as a main OS. And I might not till 2024 or so. But I do want Windows 11 laptop for basic things. Yeah, my main rig is from 2011 so probably wonโ€™t run 11 but idk if 11 will run on unsupported hardware (with tweaking).

    • NoGoat

      I moved to Windows 11 via the Insider and it just activated itself with the same Windows 10 Key I was already using. So, you won't have any issues.

  • Run

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    • Chris21Boi

      Your a bot

    • MUSTASHEO lll
      MUSTASHEO lll


    • Sleeolo

      my watch is out of batteries

  • memeleeks


  • LL C
    LL C

    Is this dude paid by Microsoft?

  • Online Chatter
    Online Chatter

    Looks like my file will soon encounter another Exodus!!! from win10->Win11, and catalina-> Big Sur!!!!

  • Cjon wickham
    Cjon wickham

    Windows needs more like android...more organized simplified...also reset clean tools like cache ram tasks backups system backup ... also tablet mode for 2 in 1 laptops. MS Word simplified...stupid tabs...go back to menu drop. Go old with new. It should skip 11 to windows 12 name.

    • Chris21Boi

      Yea but not with Google play and stuff like that

  • WillTheMemeHunter

    watching this on windows 11


    Gonna have to dislike ๐Ÿ‘Ž this after hearing โ€˜no cap`

  • BustdaRPG

    "We've rounded the corners". No no no no. Don't do that. Please. Windows 10 looks functional and rounded windows looks sh1t and old fashioned.

  • ฮ” L D O ะ˜
    ฮ” L D O ะ˜

    0:20 soruce

  • lucy eliana
    lucy eliana

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  • Don Goliath
    Don Goliath

    New Steppers Dubs are up in my chan now. Check them out and leave me a comment.

    • Chris21Boi


  • Brandan Fiederlein
    Brandan Fiederlein

    Rip to everyone who activated windows 10 recently

  • Unknown User
    Unknown User

    Windows 11 reskin nty, macos pls


    12:30 made me laugh nice joke ๐Ÿ‘


    My main is windows 10, by from time to time i like to take my Wvista laptop with me :D

  • Zarraq

    it can't run Xbox because the design the physical one won't allow it they need to make changes to win and how it work

  • Bubberiffic

    I donโ€™t know about you, but Iโ€™m sticking with Windows 10.

  • Sushweta Dasgupta
    Sushweta Dasgupta

    Ok guys we made windows release windows 11 now let's cry about when they're gonna release windows 12

  • Robert Mendez
    Robert Mendez

    NO CAP is NY slang, not Tik tok!! ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  • Dr D Scott
    Dr D Scott

    All Microsoft did was copy most of Mac OS, thatโ€™s not to say that Apple has never copied. But does look a little more appealingโ€ฆ

  • lramage

    I'm 59 years old and not a big fan of learning a new way to do what I already know how to do, just for new eye candy and a front. Will Windows 11 be worth the pain in the a$$ Windows upgrading seems to be each time?

  • ok bhai โ€ข 12 years ago
    ok bhai โ€ข 12 years ago

    0:25 soruce


    I actually have widows 11 no cap

  • goodiesguy

    SORUCE: Tom Warren. Yeah, I saw that spelling mistake.

  • Yashas Tarikere
    Yashas Tarikere

    They should make windows 9 a light windows 10 or light windows 7 that can be run on extremely bad devices

  • Teephop Disawas
    Teephop Disawas

    2020:move windows 7 to 10 2021:move windows 10 to 11

  • Arthur Durand
    Arthur Durand

    Note that this is a developer build which means that it will have an expiration date! If you use this dev build, you will have to reset your Windows installation to opt out of developer builds, or you'll have to perform a clean install of the final release when it releases! To reiterate: You WON'T be able to perform an in-place-upgrade keeping your apps, files and settings when the final releases! You WILL be stuck on a developer build that will have expired by the time the final releses! The only way to resolve this is to backup your data and to reset Windows OR to perform a CLEAN install of the final release!

  • Josue Ochoa
    Josue Ochoa

    You disliked windows 10x that was more mobile friendly and yet have a concern with the new mobile features that wonโ€™t necessarily integrate with the usual windows OS. ? I feel like Microsoft is missing out so much since itโ€™s an open OS. They canโ€™t focus on one thing. Why not go touchscreen all the way. Tablets are replacing PCs anyways.

  • Empire of E
    Empire of E

    What next, they rebrand as Apple 2.0

  • mrtwinky2007

    0:00 "I tried the Leaked Windows 11..." ... It sucks right, Competely awful, and that woke Microsoft presentation, just awful too.

  • wardope

    Windows 11 Are actually good!

  • Bonkmaster97

    Im going to miss windows 10. One day my windows 10 will be gone because windows sometimes forces you to update your windows, I dont want my windows 10 to be gone :(.

  • Serg L
    Serg L

    Microsoft & Apple do not get along at all. it was always a battle for me to transfer my Iphone photos & videos to Windows 10. Windows tech support told me that if I want this to move smooth, I need a Mac for my Iphone or get a Android for Windows 10. Google & Microsoft have a better relationship & thats why I got a Galaxy S20. for the record that was a mistake so Im gonna get the next Pixal.

  • Haroo

    I have the feeling that this windows will be like windows 8 was for desktop users. I mean the focus here seems to be on mobile devices. right?

  • KraToast

    Windows 11......insert hand slapping forehead noise

  • George Ogrady
    George Ogrady

    How do they know if computer going to run it as different mother board

  • George Ogrady
    George Ogrady

    Not better camera

  • George Ogrady
    George Ogrady

    Windows 10 up grade

  • Yay boi
    Yay boi

    So when can we get it officially

  • Jace Henderson
    Jace Henderson

    Anyone else kinda miss the windows XP days? I remember being in kindergarten living in my home state and just seeing that sky blue color with the old windows logo on my grand and great grandparents computers and the chimes and tunes, kids nowadays probably canโ€™t even say that simple things like an OS could be staples and parts of their childhood.

  • Jace Henderson
    Jace Henderson

    The real question is, can I get the free non personally customizable version?

  • m3.fever

    Watching this on my newly installed Windows 11. I love this OS. Its so beautiful and smooth. Way better then Windows 10. ๐Ÿ˜

  • mighty kratos
    mighty kratos

    I just hope file explorer has tabs

  • Viet Le
    Viet Le

    that face makes me want to get a bat and swing at it

  • Max Meyer
    Max Meyer

    finder helps you find things, explorer helps you explore things

  • Tafadzwa Mabika
    Tafadzwa Mabika

    12:30 The explorer Joke, hahhaha

  • d4_gaming

    Yeah no cap

  • Jay Pieper
    Jay Pieper

    Its not only getting people to move to Win 11. Its all the computers that are 5 years old that wont meet the minimum requirements. Windows 11 will also only officially support AMD Ryzen 2000 and newer processors, and 2nd Gen or newer EPYC chips. Also Microsoft may be mandating TPM 2.0 It seems like a shady way to get people to buy new computers

  • Foxmcshark

    why do you wear an apple watch but use an android phone??

  • Zinx Allstar
    Zinx Allstar

    ok how do i download this ? can anybody help ?

  • Aaron Siegel
    Aaron Siegel

    Finder: Open folder and search for a filename in that folder Finder searches "This Mac" and gives your 3200 files" then you have to click the folder you initially opened a shows the file you wanted explorer: Open folder and search for a filename in that folder explorer searches the folder you opened (most likely tries to auto-complete the filename for you) and highlights the file you searched for Your definition of "Type what you want and you find it" is very different than mine.

  • Daniel Hill
    Daniel Hill

    Talk about trying to be Mac OS X

  • theo


  • Spider-man lore
    Spider-man lore

    It took that long to release a new operating system.

  • Larry

    I bet they will make Windows 11 Lite

  • disguisedwhore


  • Usman Ghani
    Usman Ghani

    I think Microsoft is slowly bringing all the Apple known aesthetics and flows into its shop, after getting their surface line up sorted for the most part, (not X). I am more happy about the multi tasking and productivity improvements, especially for organisations using Microsoft teams. Will not have to use power toys fancy zones to live and connecting the surface book 2 with a monitor hasn't been the best to offer for me till day. I have a gut feeling that Microsoft is going to figure out its store for pretty good in the next year or two. Eager to see what they have inspire 2021 for its enterprise and partners network, especially azure and AI. Microsoft did a pretty good job with the last two surface book 15 devices with performance base, except thunderbolt ๐Ÿ˜Œ๐Ÿ˜Œ. But the Windows integration was tight and I would say if someone wants to use the closest thing to Mac experience, buy surface device. While xps offers good system optimisation like many other Windows laptops, surface gets a bit favourite child treatment from Windows. So it's welcomed. Microsoft offering a lot of it Bing, which can be often not the preferred option but getting more acceptable, especially after seeing it at times on edge. They are actually trying and getting better it. I would give it to Microsoft that they are getting back at Google on Web. ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค” Looking forward to get Windows 11 on surface book 2 15" and using it the multi monitor workflow. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  • Holiday Fart Cruise
    Holiday Fart Cruise

    I hope there's an option the make it left justified again. That center screened setup is giving me AIDS.

  • Usman Ghani
    Usman Ghani

    Some guy in Australia thinking, what do you used to get with "Windows +." Scammed... ๐Ÿ˜…

  • Harry Wild
    Harry Wild

    Microsoft should go back to what they great at, MS-DOS and leave the GUI to Apple!

  • Craig Hutchinson
    Craig Hutchinson

    0:55 The sound you'll experience when 7th gen or lower Intel processors are attempting to install Windows 11

    • Craig Hutchinson
      Craig Hutchinson

      I still love win 98 should I upgrade 98 being higher than 11 seems to indicate to me that windows 11 will not be an upgrade

  • Tronzi

    if i download windows 11 will i lose all my stuff on my pc

  • Un Named Channel
    Un Named Channel

    Windows on Xbox ? Just buy a pc ffs

  • Un Named Channel
    Un Named Channel

    Could have been a good video but like every editor they insist on ruining a video with loud music over lays


    No cap lol

  • Offtense

    What about windows 9?

  • gloostatic

    when your computer can't download windows 11

  • 0cool

    Free means you are the product.