I put Windows 365 on Xbox Series X
I legit can't believe most of this works 😂
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  • real0arman

    Hmm how about buy 10 windows365 acc and clouding on clouding on clouding you get me right that is maybe sound crazy and stupid at the same time but i think it is cool

  • Fish Taco
    Fish Taco

    Me an Australian that can only get 40Mb download to my house = big sad.

  • Brian Obey
    Brian Obey

    Are you SteveO's younger brother?

  • Tommy Paris
    Tommy Paris

    Very good think to install windows on a Mac, especially if a tower Macintosh working and run right drivers for graphics card, i believe, on screen give more speed on games graphics and more balance static to fps! The best way would, a Mac PC works with Apple OS, and run all games for pc without problems, i think this if happen, games on pc slide normal like console without stuck and bugs, because Dos maded for this machine Mac, not for microsoft windows, on Windows works like imitation, this problems never will stop on windows!

  • Jason Hughes
    Jason Hughes

    I realize the whole video was really about RDP / Desktop steaming but the whole opening line of "Today We're Running Windows 10 One things you should not Run Windows 10 on!" Is very misleading. Windows 365 does't really net you much. I'd rather install Parsec on my gaming desktop and grab my ultrabook than spend that kind of money MONTHLY with a low-spec Microsoft provisioned machine. Plus.. Parsec probably would have run on that Raspberry Pi as there's windows, mac, linux, and R-pi native clients. AND you can still web browser it for your chrome books. A better Free way versus even 25 a month "Meh" way? Hmm...


    inception box

  • Veeti Olin
    Veeti Olin

    i got the exact same thinkpad also it died when i tried to download windows

  • VirusBitts

    If austin is donating himself, it clearly means he's not worth much if he's still asking us.

  • Tyrankoos

    bye bye ios. i mac. android . chrome os . windows 365 is hear and just wait till we get a consumer version let alone with a AR glasses version .

  • Brock Powell
    Brock Powell

    I'd love to see this done on a Windows RT device or a Windows Phone.

  • Ryan Dowling
    Ryan Dowling

    but why not play station now instead of x cloud?

  • Voiler

    If you're streaming the xbox couldnt you stream the microsoft edge app and open windows 365 inside of windows 365?


    This guy is the new king of click baits. 😂😂

  • Troy Simonds
    Troy Simonds

    everyone behind me in school: wtf dumbass shit are you watching

  • Razer Swagerz
    Razer Swagerz

    austin just changed the name from "I ran Windows on an Xbox." to "I ran Windows 365 on an Xbox Series X"

  • Telaxtra

    what wifi is microsoft using cause i want that

  • Jay M
    Jay M

    Bro your series x is upside-down

  • Avery Mitchell
    Avery Mitchell

    I am legitimately so surprised that Microsoft didn't launch the xbox series x with like a lightweight, stripped down Windows branch that was catered specifically to gaming but had some advanced functionality as well (multitasking, web browsing, full keyboard / mouse support, limited functionality with 3rd party software). It could have been like a first party entry-level "gaming PC" that would cater to both the console market as well as the really entry-level PC gamer market that would just end up buying a system from a 3rd party instead of directly from Microsoft. Add the ability for users to use steam and BOOM suddenly you have a system that would absorb a healthy chunk of the market who just builds their PC for gaming, not really for anything else. It would be perfect for like, kid's first computer

  • Craimbow

    I heard ya liked cloud so I put cloud on your cloud on your cloud

  • Big Yeet
    Big Yeet

    should of done ps4/ps5 remote play on the xbox

  • André Jaccon
    André Jaccon

    what ?

  • SJ-Omar

    But for real what kinda internet does Austin use cause I want that gigabit speed

  • Hamoods Stinky Mess
    Hamoods Stinky Mess

    I was watching and i just got an about an remote desktop app

  • Tommy

    scientist: pushing limits of technologies through quantum computers Austin: pushing limits of technologies by running xbox on windows on an xbox

  • Grayson Mndeme
    Grayson Mndeme

    This sounds like chrome os

  • Retro World
    Retro World

    Im pretty sure that macbook could run macOS Big Sur without any problems

  • Benjamin Lasses
    Benjamin Lasses

    Windows 10 not 11 make sens 11 is not relesed

  • Bryce-1842 Gaming and Ect.
    Bryce-1842 Gaming and Ect.

    Ive never seen anyone so exited about a camera

  • Bryson Gardner
    Bryson Gardner

    3:20 i think he turned into woody from toy story for a second

  • Tintin 92
    Tintin 92

    So, is that video from the camera going through the wire twice? From your iPad to the cloud pc for the app to process it, and then from the cloud pc back to your iPad to be displayed?

  • KillerGhost

    why wasnt this around when i made my mac into a windows

  • Roman Tikhonov
    Roman Tikhonov

    I'm running Windows on my electronic cigarette

  • Carl Johnson
    Carl Johnson

    the other guy looks like spiderman friend

  • Xeno Gamer
    Xeno Gamer


  • N. amir
    N. amir

    wow peter parker and his friend are trying out Windows 365 on Xbox Series X

  • Sujay Giritharan
    Sujay Giritharan

    Means I don't need a new laptop.

  • Dhruv Aneja
    Dhruv Aneja


  • utubestrong2

    Can you load your steam library through this method on an xbox?

  • utubestrong2

    If the switch was ever going to get a browser now… windows on a switch

  • GalaxyWolf 489
    GalaxyWolf 489

    If Chrome OS was like Samsung Dex it would actually be useful.

  • Nicholas L.
    Nicholas L.

    So it’s….. Azure….. but more expensive

  • TechCraft

    Austin: If a old macbook with a old version of safari it will work on a chromebook Ken: We can make it a actual laptop Austin: IT IS A REAL COMPUTER Me: I'm watching this on a chromebook

  • Joshua Wood
    Joshua Wood

    I have no idea why you thought this wasn't going to work? It's just a stream, its not especially complicated.

  • Abdul Aziz Shakib
    Abdul Aziz Shakib

    Imagine buying a Xbox and using Windows 365 on it and then xCloud and then in that xCloud, install Windows again and install xCloud again and so on...till Microsoft just nukes your house.

  • Brown Potato XD
    Brown Potato XD

    I just hate windows 10

  • Riyadh ul Islam
    Riyadh ul Islam

    whats the difference between windows vm over the cloud and windows 365?

  • Noah Leslie
    Noah Leslie

    hey I just got my gaming pc stolen out of my room and I am a coder and wont be able to keep coding if I cant get my pc back, does anybody know if there is any way to track it? running on windows 10

  • izurite

    can i install ps5 on my pc...

  • Powermongur

    10:25 Wich wireless keyboard does he use here.

  • utopian_ freak
    utopian_ freak

    forget downloading more ram imma stream more ram

  • pfefferbrot23

    so microsoft found apache guacamole. cool cool

  • AR-6

    Ladies and gentlemen the future is here, imagine in the future it has zero latency lol

  • Matt Symonds
    Matt Symonds

    God this guy is annoying.

  • NintendoSwitch Guy
    NintendoSwitch Guy

    Windows sucks. You are the only one stupid enough to pay that much money per month to stream windows to a device. Streaming is not impressive. Anything can be streamed with powerful enough servers. Theres nothing magical about streaming nothing magical about using windows and why would anyone want to stream an OS and put all your personal files and apps on a cloud service instead of keeping it personal on your private computer. Most people do not enjoy having to use windows yet you nerd out over being able to stream windows. Your channel is dumb people are wasting time watching your videos.

  • OwO

    This video is kinda disappointing. It's just the Remote Desktop app on a bunch of different devices

  • Ben Thomas
    Ben Thomas

    They have had this for years. They just renamed it. All local resource pass through works like before.

  • Sunil Dahima
    Sunil Dahima

    I put Austin on firing lava

  • pearce mclaughlin
    pearce mclaughlin

    i dare you to try getting 365 on ps3 or 4 or 5 or if your rill bolzy try ps2 linux

  • maksym spackman
    maksym spackman

    And window

  • maksym spackman
    maksym spackman

    Xbox is Microsoft

  • Ali

    Its a cloud thing idk did he just discover that i can do that on my galaxy s3 i dont get the idea of the video ???

  • Dave Etc.
    Dave Etc.

    Love u Austin.

  • Sandra Pineda
    Sandra Pineda

    I will try

  • Xavier Flores
    Xavier Flores

    Okay I'm here to give everybody a shout out I want to make my own video game I want to be a video game designer and I don't have a good video game designing computer or a laptop so let me know I am looking for a computer to create my own video games

  • Safe-T-inspector

    Considering I used to deploy RDP/CItrix thin-terminals in the late '00s that had crappy early ARM chips running versions of Windows Mobile (basically Windows 3.x embedded), I would think thin-terminal connections to remote Windows virtual desktops would 'work' on anything.

  • iGo4it

    Innever expected fhst if epuld ork on such decieceds

  • Jacob Maguey
    Jacob Maguey

    Ladies and Gentlemen, we peaked it. Its Cloudception.

  • Billy Braga
    Billy Braga

    I think his raspberry Pi monitor qualifies for r/TVTooHigh

  • Davi GamerRBX
    Davi GamerRBX

    put the windows 365 in a xbox 360

  • MasonTheDunce

    that Thinkpad is still good, this is slander!! (and so is that MacBook)

  • Austin Grange
    Austin Grange

    Plaid Model S

  • One Crogs
    One Crogs

    9:52 what y'all are trying to watch

  • Kedar Joshte
    Kedar Joshte

    Dad : You are not getting a Windows PC Me with a Raspberry Pi 4 : Chuckles in confidence

  • Invincible YT
    Invincible YT

    Intel macs are supposed to run windows. It is literally a built in feature of macOS to bootcamp the device. RDP has been around for a while too and it’s meant to work how it does. Even just get a laptop that can run a lightweight linux distro that supports remmina and it will work. The Zero w can run debian, it will support remmina and will be able to access windows (not run) via that.

  • UCI7aRX2f2dtpWWnmPKupaFg

    This is peak stupidity.

  • Malý Kolomaz
    Malý Kolomaz

    What about xbox 360

  • Tastyburger1425

    Try it on a tesla

  • Tastyburger1425

    Run it on a samsung smart fridge

  • jaxjaguarz

    Sounds like someone just discovered Windows Terminal Server....

  • Vashon Donald
    Vashon Donald

    sad im on a chrombook rn

  • John Mauricio
    John Mauricio

    remote desktop on my macbook when i have to check the data base for my job it works fine. I'm surprised he didn't know about this.

  • Daniel Larsen
    Daniel Larsen

    waste of time

  • Giuseppe Sabatelli
    Giuseppe Sabatelli

    So... Question. Obviously it's *_intended_* to use RDCdotEXE. But you could totally just screenshare any application running on your Microsoft VM... Like install Discord, TeamViewer, VNC, or whatever makes the most sense. Is there an application that is actually better than Microsoft RDC that would provide a better experience? Or is RDC actually the best?

  • Galbi3000

    Running a remote desktop through a browser or app DOES NOT COUNT AS RUNNING THE OS ON THAT MACHINE!!!!

  • Abderrahman Foudili
    Abderrahman Foudili

    This the new "running doom in a potato" meme

  • Xcrack

    And so you did.

  • Phil Hayes
    Phil Hayes

    So…basically all of this was so you could play Xbox games on an Xbox 😁 this is geek Austin Ken and Matt at their best. It’s perfect

  • Win 10
    Win 10

    Next: Using Windows 10 on a Pentium 2 Running Windows 2000

  • Househopper

    He should have tried the Wii Internet Chanel


    of course its gonna work on the xbox. Thats their plan to get Series games on 1X

  • NirvanaShotgun

    Who's gonna tell Austin we've been running 98SE on the Original Xbox since a long time?

  • Rox Hume
    Rox Hume

    What happened to. (Hey Guys This Is Austin)

  • Hosam Yousef
    Hosam Yousef

    Is there a way to get this for free?

  • 42

    I mean, this is literally just opening a website on a device. You can almost say "if it can play a youtube video, it can connect to a vm"

  • Aloy Gallium
    Aloy Gallium

    Crazy times requires crazy ideas 💡

  • Anup Poudel
    Anup Poudel

    This video is nonsense

  • GIRIDHAR Bhumireddy gari
    GIRIDHAR Bhumireddy gari

    this is really soo (i dont know wht to say)

  • The Z Channel
    The Z Channel

    Now on the xcloud open the browser and open windows 365 :)

  • VoodooFarmer

    But can you open xcloud inside xcloud inside office 365 on the xbox over 5g?

  • Adargi

    Who did the audio on this video?? It's extremely tinny...

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