I'm never buying from WISH again...
Austin Evans
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  • Austin Evans
    Austin Evans

    at least i didn't get scammed out of a ps5 or something this time 😅

    • schizowallflower

      I mean, the iMac was almost as much as a PS5. Did it ent up working with a new hard drive and fresh install, or something?

    • Nick Crill
      Nick Crill

      Should have paid me $250 for my mid 2014 that actually works in like new condition.

    • Tanmay Rai
      Tanmay Rai


    • kripss

      Is a 1070 a good graphic card to play r6 and call of duty warzone on max settings?

    • FoxSparrow

      do you have a pc to give away or any assorted pc paarts and accesorys?

  • Bulfasi

    Austin: "i am never buying from wish again" Austin after a month: "i got scammed by wish again..."

    • Two SriLankan Noobs
      Two SriLankan Noobs

      They fell off

    • Ed Broski
      Ed Broski

      I don't know why they don't just rename site wishful thinking

    • Dinesh Das
      Dinesh Das

      I was going to comment the same lol

    • Demetre

      a day*

    • C. A. Lee
      C. A. Lee


  • Joseph Boston
    Joseph Boston

    Can we appreciate how Ken was genuinely and legitimately concerned for Austin's safety with the massager?

    • mtiller2006

      In this instance, yes. I do appreciate the sense of humor between them, but the legit concern is a good thing. I remember in a segment of Broke vs. Pro that Ken had brought over a fire extinguisher after Austin's wiring brought concern, and Ken explained in an interview that he recalled Austin's apartment fire, and he did not want a repeat. Whether the fire extinguisher was a joke or not, that concern is fair because even if I were Austin's on-screen rival in Broke vs. Pro, I would not want anything to catch fire

    • Ylondes

      No, we cannot

    • You little Monkey
      You little Monkey

      That's one of the things I like about them, those two are true friends/ homies with each other.

    • TechNo1geek

      *electrocutes him* Austin Evans 3 June 1968 - 28 November 2021 cause of death: Wish 'massager' that electrocuted him with 50 watts of power

  • SuperSaf

    Ha this was fun, thanks for having me 🙌🏾

    • Tyler S.
      Tyler S.

      @Luke Smith thankfully

    • Luke Smith
      Luke Smith

      @Tyler S. Who are you? A nobody?

    • Patt Da Lift Gawd
      Patt Da Lift Gawd

      I thought you were Ronnie 2k lol

    • Divirtin™

      @Tyler S. Who are you

    • Tyler S.
      Tyler S.

      Who the frick are you

  • IBig IBen
    IBig IBen

    I think Austin is single handedly keeping WISH in business 🤣

    • LifeIsShørt

      And Mrwhostheboss

    • The Ascended One
      The Ascended One

      F a c t s

  • gamechamp

    I think LTT got sent this Airpods Max knockoff as well recently. But someone mixed up the legit one and the fake one, and Linus took a while to figure out which one was actually fake.

    • BabbyBlue

      @Zach Satterfied no, it did if you watched the first bit of the video he took around a minute to figure it out. (And it probably took longer off camera) don't lie and call it fact, it's a mean, unfair, and dangerous thing to do.

    • Zach Satterfied
      Zach Satterfied

      @The Lonely Proto It’s not what happened it didn’t take him a while to figure out the fake ones. They were definitely a better than average wish build quality so he said they looked and felt similar but everything else was worse

    • The Lonely Proto
      The Lonely Proto

      @Celnocks _ that is what happened. Go watch the video and stop making assumptions.

    • Celnocks _
      Celnocks _

      … that is not what happened. The knockoffs were absolute shit.

    • Cody Baker
      Cody Baker

      That's what I thought

  • RetroRedRanger

    "I'm never buying from WISH again..." see you guys again in 3 more months after a new video lol

  • campbell

    If you’re ever messing around w products that emit electric charge, never put it near your heart. It can mess up the rhythm and kill you

    • goody2toad

      Yeah when I saw the pad placement I was like, oh no. Not only near your heart, you don't want the positive and negative on different sides of your body, because any of it going from one side to another can cause heart problems.

    • Jaden Bass
      Jaden Bass

      Seriously guys, dont fuck around with electricity

  • Nino Riesmeier
    Nino Riesmeier

    Honestly love these Wish Tech videos. It’s like a mystery box with every purchase

  • r e d
    r e d

    I’ve told myself this twice already. I’m still buying shit from wish 😂

    • SharkMaster

      Those are rookie numbers

    • mac cross
      mac cross

      Only twice? We gotta crank up those numbers, my guy!

  • Blizzer

    Opra has lots of great built-in features the compatbilty with most Chrome extensions is also a good point.

    • voltare2amstereo

      Edge Chrome and Firefox.

    • WitchMomorency29

      @snowy can you explain how to use this features?

    • snowy

      @WitchMomorency29 I don't use any extension to use chrome extensions on edge, it is built in

    • WitchMomorency29

      @snowy which extension you use for this ?please i really need that

    • snowy

      @WitchMomorency29 wdym how? I use Microsoft edge and it uses extentions from the chrome web store itself

  • Paul Carmi
    Paul Carmi

    I stopped buying from wish after hoodies showed up smelling like mold or mildew... Never again. Austin, stop torturing yourself LMAO

    • Paul Carmi
      Paul Carmi

      @The Lonely Proto strong chaotic neutral vibes from ya

    • The Lonely Proto
      The Lonely Proto

      That is the smell of quality, real silk has %80 mold infused with it. You are missing out bud.

    • alex12win

      They probably got soaked in shipping

  • scaploovidy 311
    scaploovidy 311

    Loved this episode!! Funny and had alot going on for just a wish episode lol

  • Toxic cloud Gaming
    Toxic cloud Gaming

    I really enjoy having saf on here. You should get him on more commonly than usual.

  • Cosmin Lesutan
    Cosmin Lesutan

    I went opera for 2 reasons: - Parents did not manage to brake it - Customizable speed dial - i have pages i only access once a month like payments

  • Ryan Massa
    Ryan Massa

    As soon as he pulled out fusion strike, my heart got happy yet sad. Happy, that Pokémon cards exist on the channel. Sad, that I’m poor enough to afford a booster box.

  • LcLegion

    this is the 100th time he's regretted buying from wish

    • Divyansh bende
      Divyansh bende

      Gone downhill

    • SoLo

      He doesn't regret tho lol.. he earns from videos kido

    • Crytkee


    • aaradorn

      Yeah the joke is getting stale

  • Jonas Grill
    Jonas Grill

    I've seen people package wish items inside of the packaging for those exact leading earbuds. It's probably a way to sneak it past customs or something.

  • TechWolf Cave
    TechWolf Cave

    If Austin has a new year's resolution, buying on Wish is exempted. 😂

  • MortifiedVictim

    Austin’s team is way more kink than I realized. Seeing him demo bottom for the TENS unit, and hearing “I didn’t hear the safe word” was certainly eye-opening 😳

  • KainePorter

    Has Austin ever gotten a surprisingly good piece of tech from wish?

  • CoChase

    I use opera gx on both my pc AND phone, BEST browser and best ad thanks austin 🙏🏻

  • DirtDirt Dirtiest
    DirtDirt Dirtiest

    “Remove and replace spark plugs: $434.62” Ken got HAD

  • Yvana Luz
    Yvana Luz

    Nice video Austin, and thank you for reminding everyone that the old ps5 runs cooler than the new one, facts.

  • kogarasamaru

    It’s always a shock seeing how fit Austin is

  • Jeremy

    The tens unit is a medical device that if used wrong can cause deep tissue damage. You should never use more than 4 pads at a time to help with rehabbing the damaged muscles.

  • - [F R A N K I E]- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW
    - [F R A N K I E]- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW

    Can we appreciate how Ken was genuinely and legitimately concerned for Austin's safety with the massager?

  • speedwaynutt

    You know your going to do more wish videos because we the fans love it.

  • Idky

    Austin in 3 months: “Yeah, I know I shouldn’t shop on wish, but I have my guilty pleasures…”

  • Martin Drkoš
    Martin Drkoš

    Of all the things I bought on wish I think the best are the random stickers. The worst was a t-shirt with a Junji Ito print. Blurry, stretched, horrible fabric, I don't dare put it on.

  • Rch

    Is it bad that I enjoy watching him buy from wish so I don’t have too 🤣😁

  • PhoenixPlaysYT

    Great video! Keep up the amazing work! :D

  • Tas

    Austin: gets scammed multiple times by wish Also Austin: "lets do it again and remind myself of how i lose money every vid!"

    • Agent Smith
      Agent Smith

      more like how he makes 10 times the money of the videos than what he lost ordering whatever from Wish.

  • FN Waheeb
    FN Waheeb

    Love austins content KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK 🔥❤️

  • Adam Preset
    Adam Preset

    Thank you for ordering from Wish so we don’t have to.

  • Mudit Ahlawat
    Mudit Ahlawat

    Austin let's be honest, this is not the LAST time you're buying from wish. These videos get VIEEEEEWS!

  • Abu Hasnath
    Abu Hasnath

    this is such a good unboxing duo 😂😂👏

  • John

    10:00 Epic timing! As the fan on that thing started to ramp up, Mum started using the vacume cleaner in the other room.

  • Reda Bensaad
    Reda Bensaad

    please keep buying from wish i love it

  • Anthony Moreno
    Anthony Moreno

    By far the best mystery tech all year!!🤣🤣

  • SlowMoPanda

    10:30 - Am I the only one hoping they aren't literally throwing away brand new, unopened tech, into landfills forever...?? 😕😧😥

    • SlowMoPanda

      @Holger Nestmann Oh I see, is that what that one shot was about? I don't blame them tossing the plastic ipod pro thing, but in the part he throws out the unopened box, kinda hurt. I've been struggling to buy my own earbuds/headphones to unbox & review for years, being on zero budget of American disability that's impossible to survive on, and am constantly forced to return or re-sell everything, weather I wanted to or not. That, plus I've been a big climate activist & being anti-mass-consummerist capitalist culture, it's really hard to watch how wasteful & excessive these bigger ITmoresrs can be. But I see your point, hopefully less garbage purchased now...

    • Holger Nestmann
      Holger Nestmann

      @SlowMoPanda what I meant to say is that they literally have a clip of pulling things out of the trash at 19:03 - however I am not gonna lie, the shipping required for this show is absurd and I don‘t think these goods will receive any use. However if it leads to less people buying this crap, lets hope we target the manufacturing power to more useful and longer laster things

    • SlowMoPanda

      @Holger Nestmann Yes, I am aware they also throw away brand new OPENED stuff too, but I was referring to things he never even opens first. ALL tech should be recycled properly...

    • Holger Nestmann
      Holger Nestmann


  • DeusCereus

    Looking forward to next months Wish episode!

  • Cris Ruiz
    Cris Ruiz

    Hey! Austin I have been watching you since 5 years ago You have came a long way and I have always wanted to accomplish what you have and I always wanted to meet you and go shopping with your and your good attitude

  • Captain Argonut 24
    Captain Argonut 24

    Ken: "what year"? Austin: "yes"

  • Ninja Asylum
    Ninja Asylum

    I buy food from Amazon almost weekly and I've never ever received anything that was expired. Not even once. Their food is fresher than most of the stuff I get locally.

  • idleeAmin

    Hahahaha, that same speaker with the same sounds was given out by a few different companies at an industry conference 3-4 years ago! The battery on mine died about a year in, it just was the worst with all the "The device is already ready to connect" at high volume :-P

  • Gunnlaugr

    I hope you double checked that unopened box of earbuds you threw away. That's the box that either real or convincing clones of airpods come in. If you opened that box, you likely would've found a pair of airpods.

  • Darko Pešić
    Darko Pešić

    I really love this kind of videos :D

  • Brayden Plath
    Brayden Plath

    It’s funny that most of the money wish makes is because of this channel😂


    Austin always has good friends over at everywhere

    • Ian Mungwadzi
      Ian Mungwadzi

      I mean it pays to be well connected, in Austin's case literally

  • llorTA toN
    llorTA toN

    Austin you are my fav toy reviewer!

  • Binks world
    Binks world

    As someone that uses a tens unit for my Siatica trust me used right they work well. But turned up to high and yeah.

  • MrWaheedulHaque

    I hope you returned any scam items as giving these guys capital will just enable them to scale their operations

  • Leona 🍆 I am Online 💋 F Uc_k me
    Leona 🍆 I am Online 💋 F Uc_k me

    Austin: "i am never buying from wish again" Austin after a month: "i got scammed by wish again..."

  • TheKillagrams

    I think it’s funny how Austin is sorta a nerd version of “jacked”

  • R A M
    R A M

    As a Physiotherapist seeing the positioning of those pads makes me scream internally lol

  • Alfonso lemus
    Alfonso lemus

    He saids never buying from wish again and keeps buying I love it 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ryan Garland
    Ryan Garland

    We need more Jared in future episodes. "I am here to assist"

  • Seshpenguin

    Yea the hard drive totally died in that iMac either in shipping or when Ken threw the box lol

  • suck me
    suck me

    Ha this was fun, thanks for having me 🙌🏾

  • Dick Mclovin
    Dick Mclovin

    Ha this was fun, thanks for having me 🙌🏾

  • Keepskatin

    The reviews on wish was enough for me not to trust them

  • Tickie-TechToy

    You can never stop buying from Wish. It is in your blood and beside that Wish wouldn’t be around if they don’t have people like you providing them money 😂

  • Adam B
    Adam B

    A tip, never put that electric one near your heart. That shit can mess with your heartbeat

  • Tyler Furrison
    Tyler Furrison

    You order something you think you would actually get through Wish. It takes 3 months to arrive... The box feels light. You open it and it says "Fuck You" in comic sans

  • JP

    Austin - "Are you happy Matt?" Matt - "Not since 1998" Relatable 😂

  • Infinity Master
    Infinity Master

    Ken, please buy Austin *Digimon cards* for once and let's see how he reacts. lol

  • Atres

    you already know is about too be lit when austin uplod's

  • Matt

    I will forever love wishtery tech

  • Tyler Milligan
    Tyler Milligan

    Try getting some silicone shell for the ps5 it's just a cover you can find some custom ones also

  • Siwa SM
    Siwa SM

    Nothing ships here but if it did, you bet I'd be living the wish life. The greatest gamble.

  • ConFairclough94

    That ps5 stand you reviewed I got sent one of them myself over on Instagram 😂

  • AlmondSushi

    The fact he said I’ll never buy from wish… 2 months later: Wish scammed me again….

  • Leon Blankenhorn
    Leon Blankenhorn

    6:10 considering the age and size of the storage, it's probably an HDD, not an SSD. DO NOT slap or quickly move devices with HDDs while they're running, it can cause the heads to slam into the plates and make the drive unreadable.

    • Safety Zone
      Safety Zone

      That happened to my OG Xbox. Except the RV I was in went through multiple pot holes which caused the same thing. Those consoles have the drive locked to the console so if it dies it's basically useless for anything other than maybe the DVD drive or power button.

    • komoonkh

      It didnt boot anyway...

  • A Truce For Bruce
    A Truce For Bruce

    Your lucky you even got your wish order, I tried it once... 7 months later you may be eligible for a refund

  • nikagamerx

    Im never buying from wish again Also austin 2 months later:hey guys this is Austin and welcome to another episode of wishtery tech. Lmao

  • Flame4DX

    Austin: I'm never buying from WISH again *proceeds to buying from Wish in the future*

  • Stormerbuzz35

    "Oh, I'm an idiot." You bought an Apple computer! Yes!

  • Adan Rose
    Adan Rose

    I actually love that they opened Pokemon cards 😂

  • Eli

    The website celled "wish" cause you wish that you get what you order

  • camjoy

    i love this series!

  • Megan ✨ Tαρ мє t0 ѕєχ ω!тн мє ✨
    Megan ✨ Tαρ мє t0 ѕєχ ω!тн мє ✨

    As soon as he pulled out fusion strike, my heart got happy yet sad. Happy, that Pokémon cards exist on the channel. Sad, that I’m poor enough to afford a booster box.

  • David Cohen
    David Cohen

    Love your energy

  • Timmy Li
    Timmy Li

    I had that exact iMac, but I sold it to Apple for the new 24 inch model

  • Ryan Leonard
    Ryan Leonard

    i remember getting scammed by wish, back in fucking 2016 lmao and havent ordered since

  • severus snap
    severus snap

    i use a tens unit from ebay , works great 30$

  • Piyush Quicker
    Piyush Quicker

    Yet he will still buy from wish to keep going for the content

  • kblam1001

    Austin has grown into his role of a masochist :'D

  • Mario Pipitone
    Mario Pipitone

    Ken: *slaps Wish iMac* Me: you can fit so much disappointment in this bad boy

  • xxnike629xx

    Never buying from Wish again? Watch Austin buy from Wish again but this time spend even more money.

  • spaceitself

    It appears you have finally learned your lesson. (We all know we are getting another one next month)

  • Maxpower Overdrive
    Maxpower Overdrive

    Austin be like after a month/next video: Deja Vu, I've been in this place before

  • LunnyBear

    I have a tens machine and find it incredible for pain relief.

  • Tony Bologna
    Tony Bologna

    We ALL know he ate that whole box of hostess by now! lol

  • Eric Kelly
    Eric Kelly

    To fix the cooler just reverse the polarity for the ps5

  • Derek Anderson
    Derek Anderson

    Best episode ever the shirt off and shock therapy good thing I was on the John

  • Koko Bware
    Koko Bware

    I wouldn't mind having all that Wishtery tech you don't want

  • Ashton Bradley
    Ashton Bradley

    Keep up good content

  • Richard Russell
    Richard Russell

    "I can't eat it for religious reasons" Yeah, he doesn't want to meet his maker yet 😂

  • salvi

    that little hdmi stick was pretty actually pretty cool