I got scammed at a PAWN SHOP!
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hi welcome to austin's questionable decision corner what else is new

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  • Austin Evans
    Austin Evans

    y'all should really check out Morning Brew not only are they kind enough to sponsor this madness but it really is a super useful way to start your day cen.yt/mbaustinevans

    • praveengamer 93297
      praveengamer 93297

      The Nikon Is Actually Pretty Good.

    • CoolPlayer2056 {CURRENT}
      CoolPlayer2056 {CURRENT}

      I'm the 222th liker!

    • DaOne

      That 2ds system may have been modded, maybe try putting luma 3ds on an SD card and inserting that into the system, modded 2ds systems setup to use SD NAND do not work without an SD card with CFW or a boot.3dsx file on the sd card

    • Nickyskinny

      Austin’s famous quote is “it had so much life to give”.

    • Razo


  • OakTurtle

    Dang, so inconsiderate of the overspray on the cars/motorcycle.

  • Extremeifier

    plot twist: austin actually used the real airpods and the fake ones sound better

  • OG_TannerTheFake

    For the ds lite I found a used one for 40 bucks lol

  • chris simmons
    chris simmons

    the MacBook pro 2011 has bad graphics it will fail

  • 6942069

    The mistake here is that krylon is garbage these days

  • GregInTechnicolor

    I'm not gonna lie, im a LITTLE mad you didn't boot up Capcom vs SNK 2, that game is a fucking classic.

  • Sam Garfield
    Sam Garfield

    FYI - Pawn shops don’t make money off of selling things, which is why they almost always sell things for way too much.

  • Madcat 456
    Madcat 456

    I have a feeling that if Austin would have gone into Multiman then he would have found more games. 🥴

  • D Man
    D Man

    Err, everyone gets scammed at Pawn shops

  • Snowy Owl 77
    Snowy Owl 77

    The best thing I ever got from a pawn shop was an Xbox One X for $400

  • Trek2m

    u might want to clean ur real Ear pods they are very Dirty inside.

  • Jamie Aubrey
    Jamie Aubrey

    Buy an overpriced Apple product or use thta money to build a PC that could do all that and more

  • Jay M
    Jay M

    😨 I'd have sent you a working 2ds for half that

  • TheLinkhawkins

    Bought an s10e and that is my daily driver right now

  • General Makhnovia
    General Makhnovia

    I hate that I’m 15 and something I wanted when I was 6 is now considered retro that makes me feel really old but I’m legit still a kid

  • Rhys The Gamer
    Rhys The Gamer

    I have that Nikon


    I bought a 2DS XL for 25€ on ebay in good shape...good, germany...but better shape :D

  • Lusty_85

    Samsung used to have a mini range I had the s4 mini waiting for the s5 which took long so I got a nexus 5 first one then that lead me to years of sick LG fones my last was the v30 (they ended making fones!!) then onto a pixel 5 🤣😆🤣 maybe they should bring back smaller fones 😆🤣

  • TheR3aper5

    Hey now, the Galaxy s4 mini was absolutely a thing

  • Roberto Gómez
    Roberto Gómez

    That PS3 right there is a special and rare one. The "boot another OS" feature is something that is really craved by modders. I think that is the source of the odd pricing.

  • Mario Viñas
    Mario Viñas

    I'm that old that DS is retro now? Loool

  • Daniel Allen
    Daniel Allen

    If Apple made earbuds like the galaxy live buds they'd be the next best thing since sliced bread. And if samsung made ear buds with the stems still on them apple fans would be saying how dumb it looks. And it does look amazingly dumb and ugly!

  • Li Junran
    Li Junran

    well i got a working ps4 slim that is relatively clean with 2 controllers and all the wires from a pawn shop for 250 SGD

  • Techno

    Watching this on a s10e while wearing ear buds raycons

  • France Say
    France Say

    Imagine shopping at Hobby Lobby 😬 Not a good look, bro

  • Kevin Lyon
    Kevin Lyon

    (MMCM) is multiman Cobra mode which is a backup feauture with numerous other features, i use multiman homebrew on my PS3

  • Homeshia Jackson
    Homeshia Jackson


  • Joel pazos
    Joel pazos

    me using a ds emulator to play my games

  • Cory Guffey
    Cory Guffey

    Neither because I can’t afford to spend $1,500 on random shit

  • PandaPro Gaming
    PandaPro Gaming

    0:06 i would buy not the iPhone but the consols and tvs and thatever else it has (after watching the video ok nvm)

  • Yedriel

    When I first got my 2ds it wouldn’t turn on, like 10 minutes later it actually turned on. The battery must’ve been to dead..

  • imzi DZ
    imzi DZ

    the ''mmcm'' its called multimen and its a mode for hacked games wich means u have to to get inside of it and u will find your ''1000'' games.

  • Wang Karen
    Wang Karen

    I have a blue ds

  • Chaos

    As a modder it was painful that he didn’t check if they any games in multi man

  • John

    The ds need the triggers plugged in for it to boot

  • Uthman Baksh
    Uthman Baksh

    Pawn shops are a bigger ripoff than Wish!

  • fatefinger

    Pawn shops exist to make profit and there business model is to do that by ripping everyone they deal with off. A bank and store for the stupid and desperate. And criminals.

  • Garbo

    That see through 3ds tho

  • Stimzii

    I have a 2dm and 3ds, blue light means it's on, red means no battery and orange means on charging, hope tyhis helped

  • Ҝ尺ㄖ几ㄖ丂Ꮆ卂爪乇丂

    he does know that you can fix the bass and other things on samsung phones through settings

  • Lily Cowlishaw
    Lily Cowlishaw

    the ps3 probably does have some games on it you have to open mmcm to get to the ps3 games

  • Fantastic MLG
    Fantastic MLG

    U have pkgj that means u can download any game for free on ps3

  • Jepoy Burner
    Jepoy Burner

    I prefer the Nikon camera tbh.

  • BaconLover9

    I bought a DS Lite for $20 at a Goodwill

  • vauhxtn

    The disturbed deposit crucially care because heat contextually push including a educated laura. malicious, sad expert

  • QuadRaSphere Records and Radio
    QuadRaSphere Records and Radio

    I remember when I went to a Pawn shop and bought A NES for $10 and a zenith 2G Turntable for $25. The Early 90's.. A time when Phonographs and tape decks were in the electronics dept everywhere.

  • Theo Assaly
    Theo Assaly

    definitely would buy the iphone

  • Piccolo

    i got dsi for $20

  • humzadabeast

    im a pokemon fan for ten yrs

  • Thierry Loe wijaya
    Thierry Loe wijaya

    btw mmcm is jailbraeck app

  • Arkham knight
    Arkham knight

    Ken : the left stick is not dualshock Also ken : its ps4

  • Luke Davis
    Luke Davis

    Then Macintosh SE definitely needs it's battery removed, because if you don't it will leak and destroy the entire motherboard rendering the thing unusuable, the SE I believe is the most maintenance free model as it doesn't have leaking caps,

  • pesto

    austin can you make me a pc thats just all green

  • TanzaKnight

    I didn't understand the review on the Samsung phone

  • Cadeblockade

    I got an airforce ad

  • Voodoo Escoto
    Voodoo Escoto

    You should go to this place called frank and son collectible show. Theres not alot of tech but Ken will prolly be intrested

  • atlock34

    What about the old computer?

  • Vincent Ferreira
    Vincent Ferreira

    Well, considering that that $1500 iPhone has more processing power than all of that junk combined and then some, I’d pick the iPhone lol

  • Chabui

    there is no way my 3DS is like 200 or 300 dollars


    If you ever want to get sharpie or permanent marker off of any type of plastic, metal or any type of service in general use 99% rubbing alcohol.

  • henry72001

    ...and the Mac???

  • GLYD Studios
    GLYD Studios

    That Nikon footage was more than respectable for most beginner ITmoresrs at least.

  • Seth Hoeft
    Seth Hoeft

    why use a samsung with apple airpods

  • David Duffy
    David Duffy

    The 2DS, While it has a swollen Battery looks like it's probably fine. That behavior is expected if it has b9s installed and the SD card either isn't installed or doesn't have the correct payload

  • Jamez P
    Jamez P

    if you opened MMC you could've seen that there are games on the console but you have to load them as isos... kinda like daemon tools works

  • Mark Sierra
    Mark Sierra

    AYYYYY I got my D3300 from pawnshop too.

  • AutisticHamster

    I would buy neither! I would put the 1500 in my savings and save up

  • Wave-san

    They raise the price to make profit lmao

  • BANT3R

    Could of just used ipa to get rid of the Sharpie... Spray painting it ruined it

  • Chong Kwok Kim
    Chong Kwok Kim

    the earphones are so nasty that i feel sick seeing them being plugged into Austin's ear canals

  • Kenny G
    Kenny G

    The bomb on the ps3 game list is where all the pirated stuff is.

  • Clay3613

    That's a thrift store dude, clearly not a pawn shop!

  • Syd Gaming
    Syd Gaming

    I'd choose all the other stuff especially the PS3 . Main reason I dispise apple with all my life.

  • Richard Walton
    Richard Walton

    You my friend are the worse shopper I've ever seen you need to hire a real shopper like myself I'm an expert at not paying anywhere near full price.

  • KoabraFang

    You access the pirated games on the PS3 via MMCM. It's basically a modded menu, as modded games don't load on the PS3 menu

  • Taylor Salez
    Taylor Salez

    That PS3 was such a scam. I literally bought a PS3 for 20€ last month and modded it. You don't even need an expensive E3 flasher anymore, you literally just need a computer & USB stick (and a compatible PS3 model obvously).

  • Rein

    "Goodbye 4k" Me watching in 720p: hmm...

  • localbackyardtrash

    I have the same color s10 e and I'm writing this comment with it

  • Owen Phillips
    Owen Phillips

    When Austin said are you ready for the best part of this game I thought he meant unfeazant dying lol


    Y'all might as well have flushed 1500 bucks

  • P0!Z3N ENvY
    P0!Z3N ENvY

    Yup pawn shop hit a LICK on Austin Evans..😋

  • RuinedFox

    The 2ds could be modded and need a sdcard with the files it need for Luna that’s why

  • RuinedFox

    Seeing Austin going thru the ps3 menu not knowing what multiman is hurt me

  • Sheep Saga
    Sheep Saga

    11:30 Where I’m from you can buy a new 3DS for £80 on Amazon

  • kntwing.23

    buying used items from pawn shop for poor people?

  • Near

    Shows an iPhone at the start and says it's 1,500. What a WASTE of money holy crap, phones suck and you can get a decent PC for that much, I'm amazed that phones are being sold for so much when something like a pc is 1000000x better

  • Drowsy Cry
    Drowsy Cry

    just throw the things on the guy who sell in pawn shop

  • Homeslice2003

    Who buys pc parts at a pawn shop?

  • FaithfulYoshi

    You could have used isopropyl alcohol to wash off the marker on the 2DS.

  • Jax Mintenko
    Jax Mintenko

    I’m using a pair of AirPod pros right now

  • Chibi Blaziken
    Chibi Blaziken

    I'll be honest, i preferred the warmer colors of the Nikon. I am sure i am alone but hey. New i am sure it would have been even better.

  • AutoGamesNation

    380$ could have gotten you a Poco F3 just saying haha. I absolutely love my f3

  • American Gamer
    American Gamer

    Dude. You totally look like Heimlich Himmlers son with that Hitler youth haircut

  • Huntorix

    ive had a ton of ds's in my day and most of them got broken due to water damage and my last one was partally my fault but mainly my sisters i had it on the floor next to my bed and i think something was covering it anyway then my sister comes into my room with her winter boots on stomping around and ended up breaking it

  • Popcoolboi


  • 我是最不受歡迎の吉尼

    Need PAWN SHOP in Malaysia :(

  • Angles Sol
    Angles Sol

    I think the 2ds still works, but you have to boot it with an sd card along with the firmware. Thid happened to me when I tried to mod mine and it wouldn't turn on until I boot it with the sd card.

  • The Shadow Man
    The Shadow Man

    Painting it ? Just get alcohol and remove the sharpie

  • Gaming Eddys
    Gaming Eddys

    for that ps3 price you probably can buy ps4 pro so is big scam

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