I DIDN'T waste $1000 - Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3
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    Bro where the f were uuuuuuuuyuu

  • 星河スバル

    i die everytime the iphone pro max is referred to as the chungus in all your videos, i hope you keep it up

  • Unknown MelloMemez
    Unknown MelloMemez

    This guy works where i grew up

  • Hells Gaming
    Hells Gaming

    STOP MAKING ITmores VIDEOS NO ONE TRUST YOUR ANYMORE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I just never ever buy a full priced smartphone cause altough i enjoy the upgrades but only afte 2-3 years tho

  • Samuel Vemavarapu
    Samuel Vemavarapu

    deez was on meh b,dy

  • blade

    Me watching this knowing i could have spent the money on a gpu😢😭😭😭

  • Son Brick
    Son Brick

    First we had brick phones, then we had flip phones, then we had flat touch screen phones, and now, we have flip touch screen phones.... Funny how things always come full circle.

  • DaddySenpai

    I've been watching him before his apartment caught on fire

  • Matt Man
    Matt Man

    Can it play Doom

  • tac tics
    tac tics

    I lobe ur mom gay

  • Thomas Shears
    Thomas Shears

    No one is taking you seriously anymore until you retract your PS5 video for false Information, you should make a apology and be ashamed of yourself.

  • Craig Knight
    Craig Knight

    I love that “oof” to cover swear words. What is it called as I want it for my notifications 😀

  • paul mcclung
    paul mcclung

    👽 👽👽 👽 👽👽 👽

  • stever macsoucher
    stever macsoucher

    Nah the future of phones is not folding it should be like never ending battery or at least till the end of the day

  • Justin

    Iphone is best

  • Bruce Newmaster Jr.
    Bruce Newmaster Jr.

    as i enviously watch this all i can think of is how apple will probably never break into the foldable phone market and i'll be stuck in their boring ass unintuitive ecosystem forever.

  • Oscar Vidal
    Oscar Vidal

    I feel jealous. The flip 3 was your favorite and the 3rd generation is such an improvement in nearly every category across the board. The main gripe I had with the flip 3 was screen brightness, if there were no clouds in the sky I couldn't see a thing.

  • Ant Lobos
    Ant Lobos

    My daily since release is a note 10+

  • DC

    Gameboy Advance SP... the phone.

  • Patrick Tuohy
    Patrick Tuohy

    Zflip is meh


    my 2016 phone can force apps on half of the screen

  • atomic

    flip/fold phonse are overrated

  • I_am_ENSanity

    *Looks at my S20+ 5G that I got for about $500* I just can't imagine paying $1,000 for a phone now a days.

  • Uthman Baksh
    Uthman Baksh

    At first I was kinda upset that Samsung killed off the Note to focus more on the foldable phones. But seeing how the latest Z Flip and even the Z Fold turned out, I think this will pay off in the long run for Samsung. Even though the Z Flip is cool, I still prefer the iPhone.

  • Yaniv B
    Yaniv B

    The Samsung Note used to have a screen smaller than the iPhone Mini *W H A T*

  • Rides Latinos
    Rides Latinos

    Build ultimate PS Vita

  • Ralphda_beast 1
    Ralphda_beast 1

    When the z flip 3 released I really wanted to see if you would get it

  • xNCxSONx06

    Ww need a dayz themed pc

  • Criminal Mindz
    Criminal Mindz

    gotdamn zoomers liking things we had over two decades ago

  • Avioc

    I have the z flip 3 and the durability scares kind of went away after like a week. The only problem I have is I have a couple big scratches on the bottom half of the phone but I think it was from my girlfriends nails, you know how sharp those can be. I also think it's only scratched on the pre installed screen protector so I should be able to just pull it off and the screen should hopefully still be in pristine condition. I love the phone, I came from an s10e so the drawbacks really aren't as big for me as the amount I gain like a way better screen and for me, just a little bit better battery life. And it's honestly just a super cool phone to have. Kind if bummed about the scratches, but its a phone at the end of the day and it isn't gonna be perfect forever.

  • Jeremy P
    Jeremy P

    Why would you exclude chinese manufacturers. I can guarantee you that in 1-2 years, Xiaomi will release a full feature packed flip phone identical in specs to the samsung for like 700$ lol. People not buying chinese phones from the likes of xiaomi, realme, etc. are missing out on the actual best deals by quite a large margin.

  • sterling joseph
    sterling joseph

    gonna correct your terribly misleading and now proven wrong ps5 video???

  • Unclestan18

    I think you did

  • TechDove

    I have had the Z flip since launch day, I recently picked up the Moto RAZR 5G and I'm currently typing this on the Z fold 3. Folding phones are absolutely the future, and as a tech enthusiast/small tech ITmoresr myself, I'm so excited for the folding future.

  • xen84

    I preordered the Z Fold 3 last month. It's not expected to arrive until as late as November currently, and that date has already slipped once. It's nice to see people embracing this idea, but I kinda wish they'd embraced it a little less so I can finally upgrade from my Note 9.

  • Thomas Withnell
    Thomas Withnell

    I really love my LG V60. I hate that they aren't making phones anymore.

  • Lawfy D. Ace
    Lawfy D. Ace


  • Yoshifan2

    Good news I have to have $1000 in order to waste $1000

  • flaymjay 22
    flaymjay 22


  • Luter Skendaj
    Luter Skendaj

    That was a nice 19:14 ad

  • Alx_Tox

    I got a galaxy fold add.... Here

  • Nika Gogitidze
    Nika Gogitidze

    can you give me one of your pc ???

  • Nathan

    yeah this is cool, but why?

  • Luqman Waqiuddin
    Luqman Waqiuddin

    Z flip flippy boys

  • RaisinBar

    I love the Z Flip 3, and I've been holding off a new phone since the S10 until I found the perfect phone, and the Z Flip is it. It's developed enough and has good specs, pricing is low enough for me to get it at 35 a month for 24 months (Canadian Dollars) which I plan to keep for 2 or more years as long as it works, and the half folded has many uses for me, and since I use my PC a lot my phones stays on my desk and I can quickly check notifications without unlocking, and it just has that novelty on top of its actual use. The compact design also helps, along with the fact that I won't scratch up my screen in my pocket or desk. Finally, the design, it's just nice, and then all the stuff you said.

  • Sonic Slushie
    Sonic Slushie

    Nice videos


    I’ve been watching Austin since I saw his house burnt down on unbox therapy

    • I am SMOOTHK1NG
      I am SMOOTHK1NG

      P.S. that was 7 years ago

  • AeroQC

    As someone who finds the Z Flip interesting, but isn't hurting for a new phone (still running my Galaxy S10 from early 2019), I can see this being my next style of phone when mine kicks the bucket.

  • Angel Balderas
    Angel Balderas

    Wait until they improve the Cameras and increase battery life and get the software smoother Simple, and then totally go for it.

  • net no one
    net no one

    I didnt waste 1000 either. Wasted 1800

  • AgentNolies

    so this is a fucking COMMERCIAL

  • AgentNolies

    yet the LG V60 thinQ remains the uncrowned king of the fold phones.

  • Sunil S P
    Sunil S P

    @Ken, do you still think we need a new host?👅

  • Ronny Dominguez
    Ronny Dominguez

    i just binged almost all your video's and watching Ken just buy the most expansive products because its not out of his pockets makes my blood boil lol, mayb im just jealous.

  • Panupong Noonil
    Panupong Noonil

    What about the Razr?

  • GuKiCha

    Can i have free pc? :(

  • MClement39

    When are you going to do a video admiting that you were wrong about the new PS5!

  • Dax

    add a rugged case on a S21 Ultra like I have and compare to a Z Flip 3 and you gain 65% space almost.

  • C.F.P.

    Review the Nokia 106. It’s a nokia I just bought yesterday.

  • MirraKirra

    If I could get free money, I would definitely upgrade my gen 1 Z Flip to the 3rd gen.

  • Why YouTube full of lies for subs
    Why YouTube full of lies for subs

    The phone gets hot too??

  • Isaac Santillan
    Isaac Santillan

    You were wrong about the ps5 😂

  • Chet Taylor
    Chet Taylor

    Having just come from a Leonhart video thought that video clip in there was hilarious. Nice addition

  • Brandon Tobin
    Brandon Tobin

    Does… does Austin wear women’s pants?

  • Pro Pug Gamer
    Pro Pug Gamer

    Guys, is the ci5 10300h better than the ci5 1135g7?

  • Devin Trusdell
    Devin Trusdell

    GOD loves y'all and have a Blessed day ✝️⛪🙏🙏🏻🙏🏼🙏🏾🙏🏽🙏🏿👼🏿👼🏾👼🏽👼🏼👼🏻👼😇

  • Zoravar Tokas
    Zoravar Tokas

    plz make more pro vs broke gaming

  • ike tan
    ike tan

    You guys literally running out of ideas 😂

  • Grayson LaBar
    Grayson LaBar

    Austin Evan’s being a fan of Donda is kind of a plot twist I didn’t expect

  • patnuke nuke
    patnuke nuke

    next video let Is Austin by anything anime 😂 for his next gamer computer

  • Gacha Pawn
    Gacha Pawn

    cant afford it for now but im always been a fan of flip phones and for years now i was kinda sad that phones look the same. Samsung changed that, that z flips game changing. when they first revealed this i was so excited eventhough i cant buy it lmao 😅😆 and then they keep improving it. I do get your point how amazing z flip is.

  • Clout

    So the Fold and Flip are for the cool kids with iPhones being for the normies.

  • Darkie

    Where did you get that tiny mircophone?

  • AA AA
    AA AA

    An advert. the z flip shouldn't be breaking at that price even if they do fix and replace it.

  • FLOffysnow

    The z flip is the futcher “a boomer phone”

  • Aiden Lambert
    Aiden Lambert

    If I had 600 pounds it dollars what could you make

  • banana peel
    banana peel

    Playstation people still disliking the video lol

  • Zii

    The folding gimmick just doesn't sell itself for me. It seems like an unnecessary feature. Back when phones were getting larger, people made fun of them for being huge, but at least we could say it added screen space. The Z Fold does this, but if anything was a phablet before, it's the phablet now. Other folds just don't have any redeeming features like that, aside from being smaller and fitting awkwardly in your pocket.

  • Cricket England
    Cricket England

    6:58 but most non fold phones are made of toughen glass not thin plastic

  • Infinity Master
    Infinity Master

    Sorry Austin, but the device that I believe will be the "future" of smartphones is the *rollable smartphone* which Samsung showed concepts of back in 2011-2012 and once they figure out how to make that thing, THAT'S when I will be prepared to pay a big amount of money for such "futuristic" technology.

  • Cricket England
    Cricket England

    4:52 ever wondered why though….

  • Cricket England
    Cricket England

    Why is this not a “This is” video…. Has this channel stoped?

  • Cricket England
    Cricket England

    Before you go on Austin it’s pronounced “The Z’ed Flip” not “Zee Flip” after all us Brits refined the language then you yanks ruined it..

  • frayhound

    the new ps5 was proven to run cooler than the first one. are you man enough to release a video acknowledging that? or are you still an uninformed wank stain?

  • Brandon

    Austin loves it Linus hates it, what a combo.

  • Shalltear

    The pros and cons of a folding phone, Pros: protect your screen by the other layer. Cons: The screen is easily gets scratch. Would you rather have a folding phone to protect your screen or would you rather use a normal phone with a templete glass screen protector or jelly screen protector. Oh and also more cheaper, well I guess folding phone is for the rich anyways so, whatever.

  • taha benslama
    taha benslama

    i like how how said 1000$ reasonable and in my contry it's 10 times the amount of money of my phone and i say my phone is expensive hhhhh btw i'm from Morocco

  • Acepilot8 gaming
    Acepilot8 gaming

    "Motorola is making stuff" "We don't talk about them!" Savage towards the quality of their products much??🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Josiah Bostic
    Josiah Bostic

    The battery life is literally the ONLY reason i didnt trade in my note 10 plus for it

  • Tim Todaro
    Tim Todaro

    He likes it so much that he bought it with his own money.

  • jean mouloude
    jean mouloude

    You did

  • inkmaster2010

    shoutout to leonhart

  • PlaxyVoid

    Why are you gae

  • Red Dragon
    Red Dragon

    Z Fold Gang anyone?

  • Red Dragon
    Red Dragon

    I prefer the Fold. I'm typing on it. My daily driver is a Z Fold 2 5G.

  • Sylvester

    It's a $1000 phone with $500 worth of specs, but it can flip thoooooo. Nah.

  • Ted Barrera
    Ted Barrera

    That crease though.

  • Alexander Matthew's
    Alexander Matthew's

    Your such a Nerd 🤓 Austin but I still watch. 👍👍

  • Brady McDaniel
    Brady McDaniel

    Not when it scratches with your nails hell no

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