I Built the Ultimate Forza Gaming PC!
Austin Evans
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The last episode for Back 4 Blood: itmores.info/player/video/0JB4sWmBcN9ogqg
Forza Horizon 5 is here and we've got a BIG build to celebrate.

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  • Mohammed Shanoof
    Mohammed Shanoof

    They should have put that wheel on an F1 car and declared it was the “fastest” gaming pc ever

    • neil nair
      neil nair

      @Symphonies of the Seas thats a gamer moment, lets go guys!!

    • Symphonies of the Seas
      Symphonies of the Seas

      @neil nair actually, the internet would be better, since the satellites are close by

    • CatPlayzz


    • Raphaël Blier
      Raphaël Blier

      You know that plain they used was faster than an F1 right?

    • haoN

      it was already the fastest gaming pc when they traveled on the plane!!!

  • Enrique Alducin
    Enrique Alducin

    As a Mexican, a car racing enthusiast and a tech lover I can for sure claim that this is the best crossover ever 😍

    • Boglet 07
      Boglet 07

      and its checos used rim

    • Arturo C
      Arturo C

      el mejor we, sobretodo checo se le veía realmente feliz hahah

  • Greg Salazar
    Greg Salazar

    This was badass.

    • TheLordlocks

      Lol all these guys seem to secretly know your name. O wait it says your name right next to the comment. They are the type that say your first name with an attitude as they pass by you in public. It is nice to see you actually watch content similar to your own. Not necessarily your rival but more of a companion.

    • Omi




    • Zakaria Idrissi
      Zakaria Idrissi


    • CrazyBullet Gaming
      CrazyBullet Gaming


  • Michael Budd
    Michael Budd

    Austin: *goes outside* "Wow, it's like we're in the actual game right now!"

    • Rudra Gaming
      Rudra Gaming


    • mad576

      What is this world we live in, before people used to say games look just like real life, now it's flipped 😅

    • B4D-W0LF

      They're in mexico in the game It seems you failed

    • AppleHazeVA [Voice Acting]
      AppleHazeVA [Voice Acting]


    • Hamza Ahmad
      Hamza Ahmad

      Underrated comment

  • Daniel Manley
    Daniel Manley

    Austin is hyperventilating inside while talking to checo also good luck to him right no in sprint

    • NoobPyxl

      Checo almost got sainz in the sprint for p3, he has got the pace!



  • Aarya Joshi
    Aarya Joshi

    I wanna see Austin make a PC for Lando because we know damn sure he will actually use it. Also I would love to see Austin meet Daniel, I feel they'd be like and underrated duo.

    • Doge

      mamaamamamamaxx 13 bad nimba

    • Mdl

      i was so about to type this. hope lando sees this video.awsum build

    • Doge

      Do o e for super max

    • yes

      @NoSnap yes he is a really good driver but I think he is a big overhyped

    • NoSnap

      @yes Because its not just the driver, you cant expect to go on a shitbox and perform mercedes regardless of skill, theres lots of factor into play, the chassis being developed for their style, the car being 'competitive' or not, the team being assertive over calls, unlike how mclaren was in CERTAIN situations.

  • Derf ?
    Derf ?

    The god of tires will now be able to bless all the tires in games

    • T34-85

      @Derf ? it is spelled in different ways in different countries

    • Doge


    • Andrés Legorreta
      Andrés Legorreta

      @Atom stop calling a country America. America is a continent. It even has its own Olympic ring

    • JuuL PoD
      JuuL PoD

      @Sharmistha Sen wait bruh my sincerity goes to you as I had forgot about my previous comments I think Tyres would apply to you but I’m not sure

    • JuuL PoD
      JuuL PoD

      @Sharmistha Sen I am no verbal dictionary I haven’t a clue as to what these would mean in other countries if I was confused about how it’s spelled in my own country how would I answer to an Indian

  • StolenCry

    Lol imagine the PC literally rolling off the desk.

    • Omega_playz

      @Phil T Kaswahl it just happened to work out

    • KaedynDaBoss

      @TheImaginativeWeirdo he deleted cmt what did he say

    • Ryan

      @TheImaginativeWeirdo what did he say he deleted the comment

    • StolenCry

      I missed what he said. He deleted before I could see.

    • TheImaginativeWeirdo

      @Kziri what the fck??

  • gamodlp

    Yo i don't normally leave comments but as a Mexican, living abroad, that bought my first gaming PC partly because of watching hours on hours of you guy's videos, after just playing F12021 on it today, a few days after Checo got onto the podium in México City. This, this video really filled my heart with warmth and put a big smile in my face. For that, thank you

    • Julian Paredon
      Julian Paredon


    • SpartanKakarotto115

      16 y parale de contar(?

    • Andrew Rodriguez
      Andrew Rodriguez

      ahora 15 😎

    • ioN Diego
      ioN Diego

      @Jesus Montoya vamos por 14

    • Jesus Montoya
      Jesus Montoya

      @JpCashat 13!!

  • Ria

    I love it, he seemed a bit confused but eventually got the spirit and yeah him almost just walking out with it. Haha.

  • Swaggaboa

    Austin: "I've been dreaming to build this PC for a long time." Jared: "OK boss you got it." 🤣


    Checo is such a nice and genuine guy. I'm so glad he's still in F1

  • Mamo

    Btw, they paid $1600 for the two crashed wheels that came in a set. The other one was pretty heavily damaged. Raced (and crashed) by Sergio Perez in the 2019 Grand Prix at Hockenheim, Germany. Left side wheels from the Racing Point RP19 Formula 1 car.

    • NoobPyxl

      I remember that smack in the wet, ouch.

    • Jelle D
      Jelle D

      The one they used for the PC would be the left front then, right? The left rear took a big hit, so I would imagine that one's destroyed.

    • Neal Bagai
      Neal Bagai

      Dang I remember that crash

  • Angel

    FH5 does a wonderful job of showcasing and highlighting Mexico. Such an amazingly beautiful country with so much to offer.

  • Sithscottman

    Okay that is legic sick! And major Kudos to Jared for figuring all this out as a new person on the team! Hope to see more of him helping out in the future videos!

  • Justin Brezina
    Justin Brezina

    Checo is one of my favorite personalities in the Paddock. I'm so happy for Austin. The joy in his face is so good to see.

  • JamesAPerson

    It’s a crossover of my two favourite things: tech and f1

  • Bhavik Patel
    Bhavik Patel

    I'm watching this video just after the qualifying for the sprint race. You guys have done a really good job and it's so great to see one of the best drivers so happy.

    • Gyan Rajiv
      Gyan Rajiv

      bro same i watched the sprint then saw this

  • Oscar navarro
    Oscar navarro

    “My tires are just getting better” -SP You’re damn right Checo

  • Tisser Monihen
    Tisser Monihen

    Super cool, the fact that he tried to grab it off the table to take with him proves how stoked he was to get it. I feel like you guys made that build a LOT harder on yourselves by not utilizing the other side of the wheel for some stuff.


    It would've been nice to see you here in Guadalajara, if I only knew you'd be here I'd be as excited as Austin when he saw Checo.

  • Robert Steel
    Robert Steel

    That is Awesome! Being able to find the wheel on eBay is cool! And having a "Jared" who can do the 3D Printed Parts is also Cool! Overall, I am really glad Checo Love it! I hope he'll be able to have fun on and off the track!

  • Jasmin Lafleche
    Jasmin Lafleche

    Super cool! I'm a huge F1 fan also. Checo looks legit happy. I also appreciate Austin's chainbear t-shit 😄

  • Andre Zelak
    Andre Zelak

    I loved this video! I just loved! The engineering, the adventure of flying it to another country and Checo’s reception were all top notch!

  • Chadwick Burdick
    Chadwick Burdick

    This was truly special Austin. Thank you and your team so much for this I hope you all enjoyed this as much as I did as a viewer.

  • Chris Crawford
    Chris Crawford

    Genuinely one of the best videos I’ve seen. Great design, awesome result, the driver actually seemed to genuinely enjoy the PC (even though with scheduling you ended up being like an add in) and the true joy from Austin. I smiled the whole way through the delivery. Great job guys

  • Thanatos G.O.D.
    Thanatos G.O.D.

    The man was so nervous he said "Is it really?" WAAAAY too many times

  • Jeff G
    Jeff G

    I always knew Austin was a gear head and seeing him meet an F1 driver is pretty wholesome. Im so happy for you guys. Keep up the hard work!

  • narutodayo

    Freaking amazing video, my favorite among everything you've done. Can't wait for more custom PC builds!

  • Rch

    This video makes me think what else can Austin build a PC out of? I was also really excited for this video too

  • Felipe Delgado
    Felipe Delgado

    Congratulations Austin, must've been an awesome experience. I didn't know you were a dad, but I'm sure you are gonna raise your son well.

  • jmporter 3
    jmporter 3

    F1, and a gaming pc! The ultimate combination :)

  • Alfredo Luis Enrique Lima Gudiel
    Alfredo Luis Enrique Lima Gudiel

    Absolutely love this. I’m so happy for Austin and his team

  • seannelson95

    These are seriously the coolest videos, love watching you guys come up with these creative builds

  • Caleb

    Yeah this is one of my favorite YT videos ever. Forza, F1, genuine happiness from the presenter and the gift receiver. Awesome job.

  • Ol' Sarge
    Ol' Sarge

    before he said it was one of the best gift he'd received, Austin didn't really know if he was digging it. That seemed to make him more nervous. Just be you Austin, everyone eventually catches on that you're special needs :) Love ya!

    • Gogito


  • ThatOneASIANgamer

    "who needs to buy a case, when you have a jared" - austin evans 2021

  • Ben Harbar
    Ben Harbar

    As a big F1 fan I feel blessed seeing this video. Especially seeing a US fan love the sport so much.

  • TLC14

    Let's go Sergio Perez, I'm a huge fan. This is going to be epic.👍🏿


    Knowing that Austin has his son involve in formula 1 racing game and froza series is heart warming 😍 What a great dad 🤗🤗


      @KaedynDaBoss you sure Cause he confirm that he has a baby boy

    • KaedynDaBoss

      He doesn’t have a son.. 😂

  • mad576

    proud of austin to be making strides in the big boy projects, keep it up!

  • Stando Sukai
    Stando Sukai

    This was super great of y’all to do this I love y’all content PLEASE keep it up

  • Oz Akman
    Oz Akman

    One of the best episodes guys and very wholesome. Loved every second of it. ❤️

  • Davi Rodrigues
    Davi Rodrigues

    We can really feel the emotion on Austin. This is very cooler than most of vídeos.

  • Jamal Ibrahim Umar
    Jamal Ibrahim Umar

    Checo is such a nice guy, Great Video Austin, loved it. Never saw a ITmoresxF1 collabo coming

  • DctrGizmo

    The build was really simple but unique at the same time. This was a great collab!

  • Néstor Morales
    Néstor Morales

    I'm really happy that Austin finally gets an engineering team to make crazy stuff like Linus. btw...... Viva México prros!!!

  • Daniel Mendoza
    Daniel Mendoza

    Such an outstanding video, been watching your videos for a couple of years and specially this one the build the set up, flawless.

  • Alex Prime_86
    Alex Prime_86

    keep the gamepass pc videos coming, these are awesome!

  • Ivan Nerub
    Ivan Nerub

    Nice build guys , very unique and sends you had a great time!!!!

  • Manveer Ghuman
    Manveer Ghuman

    This was so cool, I'm really glad Checo genuinely likes it!

  • Adi Puiu
    Adi Puiu

    Nice project. I would have used the rim as a heat sink and the interface from CPU to rim would have been made with DIY heat pipes etc.

  • Chancey Brown
    Chancey Brown

    This video legitimately hit me in the feels when he left and they did the fist bump you could just tell how happy he was to meet him

  • EYO ThirdEH
    EYO ThirdEH

    I felt the smile he had on his face when he gave the pc to him. I feel so proud of him lol

  • Ross Carlson
    Ross Carlson

    "some days at work are better than others" - yes, yes they are. Getting to meet Checo would be AMAZING.

  • Nabby50

    This is amazing. Love Checo! The guy is super awesome.

  • The SmoothGoat
    The SmoothGoat

    Next level content, great stuff Austin keep it up brother.

  • Telesko

    Very cool video man, I am glad he liked it. Also great promotion for Horizon 5 when he says he recognizes areas of the map and remembers driving there. Awesome!

  • Wandy

    Checo is such a cool dude. And great build aswell! 👌🔥🔥

  • Kristoffer Allan Garcia
    Kristoffer Allan Garcia

    I can literally feel Austins happiness!

  • Thomas McNamara
    Thomas McNamara

    I have always been a massive F1 fan ever since I was young. Seeing you guys build a full on gaming PC inside an authentic wheel is amazing! I’m not surprised that Checo loved it aswell. Hopefully we will see him win a few more Grand Prix in 2022 with Red Bull!

  • Aposss

    I'm smiling the whole video man, happy for you austin!

  • Gilberto Valentin
    Gilberto Valentin

    Great job on that build looks awesome thanks

  • Accelement

    thats something to be proud of IMO great staff great work great day great job guys

  • Master Bait
    Master Bait

    When ever I hear the old F1 v8, v10, v12's, it just makes my eyes water... it's a true feat of engineering

  • Malacefire

    that pc looked amazing great job all

  • EJP

    Great project which surprised me it turns out so well without major issues (thank Jared for that I guess, other than the huge effort in flying and reassembling it). Generally a once in a lifetime project for another great person who also appreciates it as much as the project owners.

  • Home Techz and gadgetz
    Home Techz and gadgetz

    Well done Austin and the team!

  • Ryan Graham
    Ryan Graham

    It’s so fun to watch Austin fangirl. He’s so happy!

  • Gaming Rock
    Gaming Rock

    Watching this while watching f1 qualifying in Brazil 🇧🇷 ♥️♥️

  • Abhay Kumar
    Abhay Kumar

    You know Austin is a true F1 fan when you see him wearing chain bear shirt ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Rob Gor
    Rob Gor

    Cool project, definatly not something you would see very often. My question though is what is that 3D Printer/CNC machine?

  • DaGoose18

    I've never thought I would see the day the one and only viejo sabroso of F1 Checo Pérez and Austin would be in the same video

  • Dennis Bradford
    Dennis Bradford

    That is amazing! :D That made me laugh! "do i have to disconnect it?!" lol Way to go guys!

  • MiKe Mendez
    MiKe Mendez

    broos, you nailed it. Yo mixed two beloved worlds for many. What a great job you have...and do!

  • jlpgnewzealand

    My 2 favorite things in the world. PCs and F1 never thought i'd see them both in 1 video

  • Shad Ali
    Shad Ali

    One of the best episodes, such a good build and your a f1 fan austin. Team did great and cannot believe you met checco perez. Cannot wait to play forza horizon too.... well done team

  • Tony M
    Tony M

    Honestly, probably the best PC Build I seen so far!

  • Eric Hayhurst
    Eric Hayhurst

    Always a casual fan of the channel, but the love for it has gone up exponentially for all the recent F1 references. Red Bull 2021 Champions!!!

  • Carlos Vence
    Carlos Vence

    Wao man, I'm feeling it like I was there with yall. Really cool and passionate video. Cheers!

  • XNinPlay

    Great that you visited Mexico guys! You're one of the best ITmores channels

  • Luis F J
    Luis F J

    I get excited just like you, well done Austin.

  • Mj

    As a F1 fan, this is awesome. Hopefully he enjoys his PC. Looks awesome, plus nice concept.

  • Priyam Chaudhuri
    Priyam Chaudhuri

    I'm watching this video right now WHILE watching Checo in the Brazilian GP qualifying!

    • The Super Pathan Gaming
      The Super Pathan Gaming

      Oh 🙂 Nice

  • Bradley Thatcher
    Bradley Thatcher

    Sergio is awesome. Great build.

  • David Lee
    David Lee

    i love the new guy its was a good idea u brought him on for work good move there austin he did most of the work on this on. work him to the bone lol.

  • Amsterdom

    Better vid than I expected. Good job guys.

  • Saumalyajit De
    Saumalyajit De

    I actually used to watch F1 back when i was 3 or 4 years old with my grandma. I didn't even remember it until a couple days ago. I was probably aware of it my whole life on some level , but i only really got into f1 this year. One day i'm just watching some race HLs on yt and my grandma just goes " you still watch those? We used to watch em together when you were a kid" And the memories just came flooding back. As if something just clicked into place and i realised why i love F1 so much.

  • Neal Bagai
    Neal Bagai

    I thought this was just going to be a Forza PC build, but having Sergio in it just made me soooo happy.

  • AuRiS NaSsEr
    AuRiS NaSsEr

    These guys are living my fucking dream. Here I am, 19 building PC's for my family and Austin builds one for a formula 1 driver. THE formula 1 driver. The way he feels about Checo, I feel about Austin. One day we will meet, and one day I will get to build a PC for him. Now im supposed to say something funny, *insert pun here*

  • aaronquit

    I knew the wheel was meant for greatness 🤯🔥

  • KunshHDGaming

    "And then I'm gonna disown him " 😂

  • Morbid6253

    Austin! Can you please share the 3D files for the pc?? Would love to turn my F1 wheel into a PC!

  • Cam Dusso
    Cam Dusso

    He was so excited! So happy for you man!

  • WIM

    It would be so sick if the wheel had a one big rgb fan on the outer part of the wheel

  • Sreesh Aiyer
    Sreesh Aiyer

    He didn't get just a good pc he got a light pc made of carbon fibre :D. Great video.

  • Gaming Boy
    Gaming Boy

    i hope more collabs with f1 drivers will come lol

  • Cody Campbell
    Cody Campbell

    you guys have been able to make some pc's for many awesome people but i think this one is the coolest by far

  • DrKiyoshi

    Dude it looks sick! I need to build something like that one day. FH5 is the best game out there right now. I just can't believe it looks that sick! I know I repeated the word sick, but it looks sick! 😅 😅

  • Mark Magat
    Mark Magat

    My g ready to grab the pc and take it with him! That's when you know you've succeeded in making someone happy!