I built an Xbox inside a PS5!

  • Zest Owl
    Zest Owl

    Make a Switch Inside a Ps5 Inside an Xbox Inside an Pc And Some RGB and also a monitor and then sell it for 6699$ You wont lose much if the display is 2k

  • Jose Nataniel
    Jose Nataniel

    Psbox more like huge chunggas

  • Tyler Wilson
    Tyler Wilson

    But why would they do that?

  • Alone Cosmos
    Alone Cosmos

    Still bots

  • ᖴᑌTᑌᖇᗴᘔ

    Botsss 😂

  • Zurtz Fire
    Zurtz Fire

    Best Fortnite skill how about ho in area a does mode

  • Arjun Naresh
    Arjun Naresh

    Asus... A SUS BOI XD (pls don't steal this catchphrase...)

  • Rr_king 17
    Rr_king 17

    Should be called a playbox

  • hamza 1306
    hamza 1306

    anyone miss that austin says xbox series x instead of series s 2:03

  • José Maria Castilloe  CloudWhale
    José Maria Castilloe CloudWhale

    PS5 & xbox togother is PsBox Before Austin said PsBox I came with the thing PsBox

  • Nigel Lush
    Nigel Lush

    Now we just need to build a ps5 and xbox into a calculator

  • muse dash
    muse dash


  • kenpet22


  • Viridian Exploits
    Viridian Exploits

    That ps5 case looked more like a pc case that I’d buy

  • CAZ gamez
    CAZ gamez

    Make the ultimate Psvita handheld

  • The Lemon Man
    The Lemon Man

    not the PS box the piss box

  • Eggs Benedict
    Eggs Benedict

    I feel like you still have enough space to put a switch in it

  • Alexander Joseph
    Alexander Joseph

    k now put a switch and xbox in a ps5

  • Monke Man
    Monke Man

    You just solved console wars

  • Paradoxsparable

    Why the f*** is Austin getting ps5s and we don't and hell to the scalpers

  • Anselm gademann
    Anselm gademann

    Put every playstation in the other, so the ps4 in the ps5 and a ps3 in the ps4, do the same with Xbox, and then, put them both in a pc case, also put in a switch, a wii, and a GameCube and then connect as many monitors as possible on it, then you have the ultimate gaming device, I call it, the pc-laybox series x5 one x4 360-3 2 1 wiicube switch

  • CreeperGamerOnline

    what about the PSXbox Switch the switch on the left panel and the xbox on the right panel and if you can put the switch in docked mode and get rid of the back panel on the dock though for easy access to the ports that's ultimate PS5 or should I say PSXbox Switch im not good with names.

  • King Raider
    King Raider

    Its a fire hasard.

  • Reza

    What is the music at 5:45

  • Ali Herrera
    Ali Herrera

    i hope you read this and i just wanna say, whats wrong with you people he built ps5 and an xbox into one console and he only gets 22k likes

  • Omega Forever
    Omega Forever

    Y not both in a pc case and Xbox and PlayStation was a tab……. Oh wait we have that already…. Shit

  • Mahmudul Karim
    Mahmudul Karim

    why did he not put the switch in there to?

  • Bryce Dabbs
    Bryce Dabbs

    I have both of these consoles and i’m definitely doing this lmao

    • Nigel Lush
      Nigel Lush

      Are you gonna dab on it after?

  • Unbox The Dog
    Unbox The Dog


  • Scribble_goat

    i like the name X Station

  • lilstump55

    For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son that who ever believes in him will not perish but have eternal life

  • GamerBalance Inc
    GamerBalance Inc

    Wait this is illegal

  • Red

    now this is the XPS

  • isaac person
    isaac person

    austin its 4k 60 unreal doesnt support fortnite 120fps

  • ShadyHero

    W I D E

  • PureKnight

    Time to combine the ps1, ps2, ps3, ps4, ps5 into one, i call it "THE GENERATION CONSOLE!"

  • i will do face reveal at 100 subs
    i will do face reveal at 100 subs

    playbox smh

  • Shranik Dua
    Shranik Dua

    The PS5 is Xboxs mother cuz ps5 was pregnant with xbox series s, the series x is big bro of series s

  • Salman Farid
    Salman Farid

    2:58 is that a monitor or a tv ?

  • walter with big gun
    walter with big gun

    Add a Nintendo switch and it's the Nintendo x station

  • - 225franc -
    - 225franc -

    console war ended

  • Mayank Maximum
    Mayank Maximum

    I want ps4 with ps5 gt 7

  • PhantomSiege

    It looks like a freaking humidifier lmao

  • Dr Uma Sharma
    Dr Uma Sharma


  • Congour

    the intro music reminds me of teamedge

  • keenobeast

    You gotta build the ultimate psbox now

  • Zeeday_YT

    Make a series x and ps5 together

  • m.7 crm
    m.7 crm

    If i had this. no more problems between me and my brother this is perfect for us plus no more split screen And my xbox just broke like a few days ago 🤣🤣

  • Ralphcalibud Gaming
    Ralphcalibud Gaming

    Can you give me the cheapest gaming pc

    • Kolil MD
      Kolil MD

      why would he?

  • Miles Morales
    Miles Morales

    That should be the ultimate ps5 better that the other one

  • Kalik Pareek
    Kalik Pareek

    That PS5 is THICC

  • shawn armstrong
    shawn armstrong

    The video was cool tho

  • shawn armstrong
    shawn armstrong

    Lol I don’t like it 😅

  • Sadboi frunk_xoxo
    Sadboi frunk_xoxo

    My question is how the fuck is he not getting shit on and cranked on in fort

  • UFxCatalyst

    im still waiting for the series s to come in stock

  • Zachary brady
    Zachary brady

    Do a ultimate xbox series s setup

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    You Are Weird

  • reaperboi games
    reaperboi games

    The play box

  • scotty thompson
    scotty thompson

    Cool video talk to tech

  • Osman Cildir
    Osman Cildir

    Imagine saying someone instead of giving credit to them.

  • Nah  ma
    Nah ma

    This if Sony had son and Microsoft daughter if kuma would say rivalry

    • Nah  ma
      Nah ma

      Girlfriend and boyfriend

  • urmi Dadh
    urmi Dadh

    Still in a bot lobby👎👎

  • FunnyHippo45


  • Matteo Alvarez
    Matteo Alvarez

    Chunky ps5

  • Scion

    Xstation or PlayBox

  • Rudy Person
    Rudy Person

    Full name PS box series 5


    240 fps ????

  • Beat Master1125
    Beat Master1125

    If you make all the storage and stuff to be connected but only activate on certain parts ima wait for the new xbox to come out and upgrade it doing the same thing in this video if you want to see it soon let me know ill like this video with another account when i do it and you can use the account to see the video

  • HM

    That’s one fat ps5 you got there

  • aim clan
    aim clan

    If Austin says hi I will drink water

  • neptuneroz100

    T H I C C C C C C C C C C C PS5

  • Pushya Jariwala
    Pushya Jariwala

    Every single player you killed was an ai

  • Pixel Captain
    Pixel Captain

    Next lets get a ps switch box

  • Jump rope with me!
    Jump rope with me!

    Looks like some sort of bootleg council from China

  • Flamelux

    he ended the war

  • Zanecellent

    'a sus'

  • OwtDaftUK

    You made it look like a PC, in other words, it's fugly.

  • Maanik Baadshah
    Maanik Baadshah

    The consoles could have been simply separate😂

  • Lachlan SCHAFER
    Lachlan SCHAFER

    not psbox px box s

  • Dark Trooper
    Dark Trooper

    It reminds me of a gaming pc

  • Toxicity / IsaiahZ
    Toxicity / IsaiahZ

    that is pretty thicc...

  • Arrow verse
    Arrow verse

    7:54 u also get a trip to the eye doctor

  • FAZE trash CLAN rubish
    FAZE trash CLAN rubish

    Im looking for a pc for about 1300 any thoughts

  • Nathan Hodshire
    Nathan Hodshire

    I like how they finally won at something

  • Jacob Wyly
    Jacob Wyly

    Austin is the one buying all the PS5s

  • Axstro

    All of those players were bots🤣🤣🤣

  • Gloating

    load cyber punk on both of them lets see how high it will fly up

  • CreeperWy

    t h i c k

  • Sunny

    You could just stick them in a card board box too

  • CryinPanda


  • Nate Carr
    Nate Carr

    You have to do a ps5 and series x next, you have to

  • Sac Mate!!!
    Sac Mate!!!

    i wonder if james is related to jeremy from financial eductation

  • Krolyte

    Ight who's gonna tell them?



  • Jacob Morales
    Jacob Morales

    All my friends: damn ps5 sold out still? Austin: XBOX S PS5 hybrid

  • sharkboy 58
    sharkboy 58

    Can you get me a PS5

  • FJLocHD

    Imagine how much more beefy the PSBox would be with a Series X instead of the half res Series S...

  • Da Supa Bros
    Da Supa Bros

    where dose he put all this stuff

    • Kim Wide Un
      Kim Wide Un

      in their office

  • pyro computing
    pyro computing

    this man really had the chance to call this the X STATION and he went with PS BOX.......,..

  • Mark Jayson
    Mark Jayson

    close your damn mouth