I bought the WORST new Laptop 🤮
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Gateway 15.6" Walmart exclusive laptop: www.walmart.com/ip/Gateway-15...

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    that samsung chromebook is more like samsung macbook i mean so similar design

  • richkim0607

    The HP stream is like My laptop form 2012. Except it can run Minecraft better

  • Conner_67

    Minecraft has something called ✨graphics settings✨

  • MrBroxMan

    My mom literally just use her MacBook for ITmores (yes i know. WTF right?) edit:wait, i might actually get that gateway laptop for her since her current macbook(5 years old) is almost dying

  • Typhoon_808

    Summary : Buy an IPad

  • Capn Morgan
    Capn Morgan

    You should check out the Asus L410MA it's a $229 14" 1080p thin laptop with great battery life, a trackpad that doubles as a number pad, a Celeron N4020, 4GB DDR4, USB 3.1 type C, and you can add an m.2 SSD. Honestly, if you really NEED a full windows laptop under $300 its the only thing I would recommend

  • ejcupcake1234

    On the first pc I codunt see the dead pixels because the crack in my screen blocked it

  • iD

    I use $130 thinkpad, much more cheaper and faster, i dont have complain whatsoever.

  • ridhomblr

    Your Minecraft still runs better than my Aspire one Acer AO725

  • ZezrinaDoesGame

    That Gateway is what I have except mine has 16gb of ram

  • Dendé Hehr
    Dendé Hehr

    You played Minecraft 1.16 at high settings at 10 FPS with a $300 laptop

  • Storm Veradea
    Storm Veradea

    I have an Acer Aspire 5 and I actually really love it for what I use it for (web browsing, watching videos, Microsoft office, and playing sims 4)

  • Adam3753 YT
    Adam3753 YT

    The 180$ was actualy my first laptop

  • ‹  Car Guy Gaming ᴴᴰ›
    ‹ Car Guy Gaming ᴴᴰ›

    Why you make fun of my pc😭😭😭

  • ッSoapy


  • Ella

    just buy a used thinkpad yall....

  • Fidget Cube
    Fidget Cube

    Let me buy this for studying lol

  • Mac Lee
    Mac Lee

    The duet was right behind it?

  • Trollface-gif

    Austin is a F1 fan!!!

  • HeartArora

    That's the same laptop that I have

  • Wahrheit

    1:44 my mom used to have that laptop

  • Edu Pintilie
    Edu Pintilie

    Chromebook are even cheaper

  • XC_MN

    BRUH XD I am using that laptop to watch this

  • arranmc182

    Install Linux on that HP Stream and test it VS Windows as if Linux cant make it feel faster then they HP Stream is a joke

  • J Fowler
    J Fowler

    My ex head a HP stream and it definitely was terrible

  • Yagox

    In the Stream's defense most of the people who are going to be buying it aren't looking for a laptop for playing games, or doing tasks that are more demanding. Most the people that buy these want an affordable laptop that they can use for work/school, and it does the job for a cheap price. I can totally understand why people would buy it. Also side note: I don't know why you're calling the camera and microphone quality terrible. Objectively it isn't the best, but it would work fine for online meetings/video calls as it isn't THAT bad. I know that you can probably get a better cost:performance ratio on other slightly more expensive laptops, but I don't understand why you'd pay more if a cheaper laptop works just fine for work/school.

  • Angel Reilly
    Angel Reilly

    I need that rubber ducky shirt.

  • Maroryx

    Hey Austin.. i literally have the First Eee Pc 901 4G surf sold in the world

  • electroblitz

    5:54 We have the same mask

  • Ammar Alameh
    Ammar Alameh

    How was I not subscribed to this guy before today?

  • Jackho1233

    Uhh just.

  • Jadelock

    1:32 don't you mean the eeeeee peeeee ceeeee?

  • Syed Asad Khalid
    Syed Asad Khalid

    These budget laptops are not made to run windows because they suck so much that they lag on running the os... They are made so first time you boot up is to uninstall windows and install linux because it will run smooth on anything

  • Jarrah White
    Jarrah White

    So glad I use a Surface Pro 3.

  • A Cornel
    A Cornel

    If you can stretch your budget just a little bit, you can buy a better laptop. But you shouldn't because if you stretch it a little more, you get an even better laptop. If you stretch it enough, you can even buy a Macbook.

  • Chris Joseph
    Chris Joseph

    Even iPhone 6 can play Minecraft better than all these lappy

  • Bardia Golestani
    Bardia Golestani

    Laptops doesn't have a disc driver so they are bad

  • Erik Vind
    Erik Vind

    Ehm Ken it is not a Supra, it is DMW

  • Animator bruh
    Animator bruh

    Why are you still a channel?

  • Rusty Larry
    Rusty Larry

    rock music? from daft punk. surprised u werent copyright claimed.

  • ysf_ar

    At this point just connect a Samsung s7 to a screen and install windows and you have something better already

  • MikiGameplays

    these laptops are just for Netflix and chill and you tube facebook etc ... nothing more For someone who just wants to watch something when they are bored

  • Gajaananan THAYAHARAN
    Gajaananan THAYAHARAN

    Wait you actually like f1??????????

  • Michael_Christian

    My old hp stream had 2 gigs of ram and 28 gigs of storage 🤮 bro it stutered playing visual novel's.... a text based game😂

    • venom

      @Michael_Christian damn that not even that bad i myself dont have a laptop but i want the asus f15 im saving for it

    • Michael_Christian

      @venom ik man it was a Christmas gift i got a dell inspiron 1525 from 2005 that was a dual core with 4 gigs of ram it was so much better.

    • venom

      @Michael_Christian bro u can better buy a 2005 phone

    • Michael_Christian

      @venom ik and i still sold it for 100 bucks 😂

    • venom

      My man u cant play nothing whit that trash

  • Mohammed Ashkar
    Mohammed Ashkar

    Well, not everyone is rich like you....

  • Jagielski Gaming
    Jagielski Gaming

    I want a $50 laptop. Anything higher is overcharging.

  • RacerC45

    Let's be real. Who else remembers Gateway today?

  • LightDialga

    You see, not every laptop is made for gaming, these are probably made for people who just need to run word and the internet for work or school for like under 500$, and shitting on them for not being able to run video games, is like shitting on a speak n spell for not being able to run Doom, it just wasn't designed for that.

  • Mason Harris
    Mason Harris

    Why do I have a stream 11 laptop?

  • Tiago Marques
    Tiago Marques

    HP might do sense yes, but not as a primary laptop... I have a chinese branded laptop with probably similar specs and it's amazing as my travel laptop. Slim, light, not too big, good battery autonomy (up to 7h), good for some web browsing, document edition and movie watching. And even some light gaming if you don't throw unreasonable expectations. All this to say that this content was not honest nor resonable and you created faulty argument to prove a point you already had from begining. I know your channel isn't the most honest consumer-advice and it takes things with a more entertain-humor- like but yeah, this are my 2cents :)

  • Mango Knight
    Mango Knight

    these would be a good thing if they werent expensive for poor ppl , yes these are even expensive for poor , like school is online and people need these devices ...

  • not.onemiway

    i love your vids

  • not.onemiway

    sorry that was my brother

  • not.onemiway

    your vis suck

  • RyFooled

    just buy a chromebook

  • Dylan Belony
    Dylan Belony

    I like them

  • SamSam

    Public Schools: 1990 laptops ✔ Rich/Private Schools: 2012 laptops ✔ Leisurely purposes: 2080 laptop ✔

  • Sammy’s Play time!
    Sammy’s Play time!


  • Sammy’s Play time!
    Sammy’s Play time!

    Ibook g3 snow is nice

  • Roger o' Thornhill
    Roger o' Thornhill

    me: Laughs in 2k Alienware laptop

  • István Erőss
    István Erőss

    Me who still has the 2008 MacBook Air😎

  • Bluexshadow

    Are all these laptops compatible with windows 11

  • Oni Soul
    Oni Soul

    this laptop is Better than mine ...

  • MusicMaker2021

    I love Minecraft bud keep it going with the Minecraft

  • Deluxe 2004
    Deluxe 2004

    i'm seeing this video in the chromebook that you show in the video haha, but actually is very cool for use, specially for students, and if you install linux it becomes very decent.

  • Animating Studio
    Animating Studio

    I have HP 255 G7 AMD Ryzen 3 2200U and 4GB RAM with 256GB NVMe SSD. And it can run Minecraft at 55-60 fps with shaders

  • Oscar Lopez
    Oscar Lopez

    Any chromebook is worse

  • alpan

    It’s a chrome book xD

  • MultimediaLucario

    Try running Linux on the HP Stream.

  • Daryl Ludwig
    Daryl Ludwig

    One thing that he left out about the HP Stream (and all other laptops that are called "Streambooks") is that they have suuuuuper limited storage! A lot of them only have 32GB of eMMC storage that CAN'T be just replaced with something larger. I hate these things like no other. My job is consumer PC repair and always feel so bad for clients that come in with these things. They basically just fill up the drive just sitting there doing nothing. This is due to the fact that Windows maxes it out just getting freaking updates (that you can't turn off because you know, Windows 10 and all). Running Disk Cleaner to help with said updates does almost nothing if you don't go offline first, and all the same updates just fail again because they just all start downloading again. The conversation just turns into me selling them a USB drive for their few docs/pics/vids that did get on before the updates started downloading. Then just erasing them completely using whatever the most current version of Win 10 is out. I then get whatever smaller updates/drivers I can, and then make sure to run Disk Cleaner and compress the drive. It might have like 6GB free at that point (as long as they don't need additional programs installed). I don't think that S-Mode would help considering how it still takes up more or less the same space and updates are the same size. I get that they wanted something to compete with ChromeOS, but this ain't it for just the above. It would be one thing if the SSD could be swapped, but it is soldered in place. I did see a video of someone adding a different drive to at least one model that had the ribbon header clip. But that still required getting said ribbon cable and filing down a pretty good amount of plastic. Some newer models do come with at least 64GB (so make sure to get those if you just have to get something cheap) and that seems to allow it to handle the updates and allow some space for the user. I don't know how the 32GB units were even legally allowed to be sold.

  • Chamberz55

    I was today years old when I realized Gateway is making computers again. Great vid.


    Any time i hear the ee pc i think of @dankpods

  • ghostly

    I think they sell well because most people outside of the tech community don’t actually give a shit, and just need it to do basic work.

  • tredI9100

    That second M2 slot reminds me of the Ultrabay on my Thinkpad.

  • Aditya Pie
    Aditya Pie

    I think windows 11 is not yet optimized for gaming (try it with windows 10)

  • Neko-chan


  • MIZU Ch.
    MIZU Ch.

    9:24 "39Wh battery, so a very small battery" *cries in 27Wh*

  • MSX98FMDnB

    surprised its not a chromebook

  • Evangelos Oganesof
    Evangelos Oganesof

    Honestly if you cannot afford a good new laptop just get a used one ThinkPads are very cheap on ebay, I bought an x240 for 140 bucks and upgraded it with SSD and more ram and it's amazing, you probably can get a x250 or x 260 for that amount

  • Jupa !
    Jupa !

    that laptop is so much better compared to my actual desktop pc...

  • RangeonGaming

    3:49 did I see an 11!

  • Sumit L47C
    Sumit L47C

    use optifne or sodium brooo

  • Timmy and Anthony vee 2nd channel brotherhood
    Timmy and Anthony vee 2nd channel brotherhood

    I hate fanless laptops

  • Logan Espinor
    Logan Espinor

    My sister bought be a cheap laptop at around the $280 price range. It does the bare minimum of what I want it to do. It plays music well, the loading times for web browsers are pretty nice, and I can watch videos in glorious 4K. But it has shit storage, doesn't even have a disc drive, and if I want to play a video game, the entire system runs like shit. The camera also sucks and the mic quality is worse. I honestly believe that my sister should've waited till she had more money. Cheaper does not mean better in most cases.

  • OMGitsMCJ

    Old or new for me having a laptop is blessing

  • techie

    12:28 Teachers webcams in online classes

  • Roger Skagerström
    Roger Skagerström

    I get the point - but why even judge machines like this by gaming on them? I bet all these work well for those who just want to write mails etc. Like a computer for grandma, or for a small kid that just wanna watch ITmores. They are cheaper than same size tablets.

  • Collin

    Oh man, I worked at a big box store when these first came out and I died a bit inside every time someone bought one of these.

  • Ansh Gaming
    Ansh Gaming

    13:40 "it will be better with more ram" me with 6 gigs and plays Minecraft in 100 fps in high setting "ur wrong, BIG TIME"

  • Alpzepta

    The best $100 laptop I have ever bought was a used Fujitsu Lifebook with Core i5

  • XenInterloper

    Almost every one of my PC components costed more than this laptop

  • FoxNM

    Nice use of the lil peep scream producer tag

  • LynX

    School computer in my country is 17 18 year old you won't believe

  • Mr. Pig
    Mr. Pig

    Okay, I’ll tell you this. It’s a good laptop to use for schools, that’s a thing you forgot to say.

  • RyanWake bradtelle
    RyanWake bradtelle

    For an extra computer I think it's ok as long as u know what your getting into. Yeah a used Thinkpad is better but *PC as a smart tv with Bluetooth keyboard/mouse *Security camera hub *Lan game streaming *Stadia on tv I would get the cheapest PC if I needed something that can do any of these with dedicated hardware

  • Matthew J.
    Matthew J.

    I bought a 2015 MacBook air with barely any damage to the outside for $250. I think i found a good value

  • GastonEats

    its slower than me pooping

  • Etaash Mathamsetty
    Etaash Mathamsetty

    that gateway laptop + linux = more fps in minecraft

  • vojtasTS29

    you get twice the fps by adding the second ram stick with those apus.

  • Jon 199102
    Jon 199102

    That microphone didn't sound bad at all. Well compared to cheap action cameras and car headunits.

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