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Austin Evans
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  • randomfrankp

    Hahaha “smells like Frank” - Thanks for the love/slander/shoutout 😂❤️

    • Sena setunga
      Sena setunga


    • M7F

      @randomfrankp yeah, I saw it, the sound bar looks so cool!

    • randomfrankp

      @M7F Literally this morning lol

    • M7F

      Hi Frank, when’s ur December tech coming out?

    • Devon Melcher
      Devon Melcher

      I want a box! Any more?

  • samtherat6

    Can’t believe Linus finally visited the studio.

    • Robot Gamerz bd
      Robot Gamerz bd

      More like the "Linus at home"

    • Benmxd

      Same here what a wonderful collaboration.

    • Th3 GamingBird
      Th3 GamingBird


    • Hudson George
      Hudson George


  • Xiolin

    That LTT store sponsor spot was absolutely seamless. Them sponsorship games are definitely improving :P

    • Glazing Shadow
      Glazing Shadow


  • Myte

    Can we get linus? no we have linus at home Linus at home:

    • Robot Gamerz bd
      Robot Gamerz bd


  • MonarchOfficial

    This might be the quickest I’ve ever been to one of these, I wonder how many times LTT is gonna come up 😂

    • Ylondes

      The bit already died in the first minute

    • Kyle Kambourian
      Kyle Kambourian


    • Sahil Yadav
      Sahil Yadav

      @MonarchOfficial oooo

    • Julio Palacios
      Julio Palacios

      @MonarchOfficial ooo oi

    • Julio Palacios
      Julio Palacios

      @MonarchOfficial ooo o

  • Drew Mackintosh
    Drew Mackintosh

    That Linus skit was the dumbest thing I've ever seen, and I've been laughing at it for like a minute straight.

    • Shay Morcormick
      Shay Morcormick

      Need a new deep fake video but a colab

    • HPRam1

      I just want someone at LTT to do this on one of their shows now

  • Kevin Arias
    Kevin Arias

    "I'm paid by this man" is the funniest shit ever

    • Stephen Rowley
      Stephen Rowley

      For how much longer

  • MCarnifex

    At this point I imagine Austins process of hiring people being "Do you have any moral problems about talking shit about me on camera? no? You're hired!". Be that as it may, love the show and the crew, each and every one of you! : )

  • Aayan Hussain
    Aayan Hussain

    I still don't know why Austin thought that he should randomly smell the ps thing to see if I smelt like Frank.

  • Scott Morrison
    Scott Morrison

    I think you should write up a certificate of authenticity for that Magneton, sign the inner sleeve, sell it, and donate the proceeds to Leonhart's charity.

    • Scott Morrison
      Scott Morrison

      @SkelaKingHD Gifted from one ITmoresr to another, opened on camera, and then autographed by said ITmoresr, tying it to precisely this one charity event? It's less a Pokemon collectible at that point

    • SkelaKingHD

      It’s not really worth that much

  • Nate Carr
    Nate Carr

    An equilateral triangle exists of exclusively acute angles (angles less than 90 degrees). A triangle's internal angles sum upto 180 degrees. An equilateral triangle is comprised of 3 equal sized 60 degree angles

    • Uncrustable

      @FusionB29 BG yeah no shit that's one of the reasons why I said what I said

    • FusionB29 BG
      FusionB29 BG

      @Uncrustable nah it’s simple geometry

    • TenderTitty

      @Uncrustable It's pretty common knowledge my guy😭😭

    • Uncrustable

      nice pasting skills fellow Google user!

    • TenderTitty


  • Hunter Henderson
    Hunter Henderson

    Even if it was an equilateral they would still be acute angles lol

  • Video Game Sanctuary
    Video Game Sanctuary

    I have a box of spare gameboys, looks like I'm going to make $200 art for my room. Love this idea for tech that is in the graveyard.

  • Britishalo

    I'm still waiting for Austin to do the ultimate ds lite

  • Trey Wells
    Trey Wells

    I just wanted to say Thank You to Austin and the team. I’ve always loved watching your videos. I recently got a job with 🍎 and when folks ask me how I got so tech smart. I tell them I watch a lot of Austin Evans.

  • EJP

    This episode of mystery tech is actually more interesting and kinda useful.

  • Nathan Milkie
    Nathan Milkie

    You can tell Ken always knew he wanted some Razer Universal Grip Tape when he said "Oh that's useful". - lol

  • John Ventrillo
    John Ventrillo

    In reference to the Acute Angle pc, it's sort of the same idea as the Grid imo except it's actually a working piece of tech.

  • Infinity Master
    Infinity Master

    Ken, please buy Austin *Digimon cards* for once and let's see how he reacts. lol

  • Sunzo Gaming
    Sunzo Gaming

    Thank you for always inspiring me, i will always look up to you! Keep up the amazing videos!. ❤

  • jake reding
    jake reding

    every item on this mystery tech was dope, and supporting a good cause. Awesome epi!

  • Alex Simpson
    Alex Simpson

    I’ve had that Acute Angle PC for a few years and it runs great - mainly use it as a media centre/run Kodi in my living room

  • Mitch Posney
    Mitch Posney

    I've seen that Trianglular pc so many times on amazon, I'm so glad to actually see it reviewd

  • DJChelski

    I love how Austin pretends he hates Linus, haha 😆😅!

    • KaedynDaBoss


  • Dan Simms
    Dan Simms

    I legit want that triangle PC, that would be a perfect xmas gift for my carpenter dad's first ever PC.

  • Thepeel 89
    Thepeel 89

    Linus should go spend 24h in Austin’s house without him knowing

  • DougieBoy

    That was the best intro into mystery tech. Made me laugh!

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  • KineticBongos

    Oh wow. I never thought Linus would have the time for such an epic collab

  • Title

    i really like how they're still using the fiverr commissions they bought in that one episode

  • Sequoia 6
    Sequoia 6

    Man, I worked with Jer-bear at Microcenter for almost two years, chillest dude I’ve ever met, that’s how he dressed for Halloween last year, and all day people were asking who he was, and I would just reply “that’s my manager”. The ones who got it were geeking out, it was a great day to be an LTT fan shooing for PC’s!

  • Outside Duh Box
    Outside Duh Box

    As a nurse, you have no idea the mastery of glove dexterity that can be achieved with some practice 😉

  • Skrantix Gaming
    Skrantix Gaming

    so can we get an Austin and Linus collab? yes? yes? perfect! waiting for it! will be great!

  • Corey Bruce
    Corey Bruce

    That little triangle PC would run great with Linux 😉

  • kanbak

    When I saw the grid Gameboy I was like that is awesome! I had to immediately ask for it for Christmas!

  • Samuel Holder
    Samuel Holder

    I wanna get paid by this man😂

  • Raymond Mullins
    Raymond Mullins

    I've had a triangle(the acute angle) for months and let me tell you, it's ...eh at best. But I love my little triangle more than life itself, really ties my desk together and looks great next to my series x 🥰🥰🥰

    • Très

      Where’d you get it

  • Mcslap13

    I've never had qn interest in Pokémon cards or any cards. But I can feel the excitement and passion when you opened those up and I was just as excited to see what all you'd get. Great content as always!

  • EnsuredChaos

    I instantly knew this Mystery Tech was going to be cursed once I saw Austin wiggling around on all fours on top of the table

  • DctrGizmo

    When you can't hire Linus so you get your own Linus.

  • JBTYpr

    I wonder if you put it all back together would the framed tech work?

  • serge star
    serge star

    I love the old style of pokemon cards it was soo good and beautiful

  • Jimmy Jimenez
    Jimmy Jimenez

    Austin should do a review on the anbernic rg351v. Its an amazing Emulator handheld

  • The Instant Classic
    The Instant Classic

    That soft opening made my day. Like I dont care what happens the rest of the day, it has been a great day

  • Corey Jepson
    Corey Jepson

    Would love to see you buy an LG V60 with the Dual Screen case for a myster tech episode, so much lack of coverage on this device

  • Joshua Woodbridge
    Joshua Woodbridge

    I'm thinking about getting that crazy keyboard! ;)

  • camjoy

    Mystery tech is one of the best series on ITmores

  • Arnold K
    Arnold K

    That was easily the best Mystery Tech Intro yet

  • Zachary Cratsley
    Zachary Cratsley

    I could see an office using a network of acute angle systems as thin clients.

  • Mr.E

    way better and more fun than LLT by far! idk that other youtuber. Austin, my YT experience would not be the same without you and your channel

  • Michael Wagner
    Michael Wagner

    Austin where did you get that tripod for your card opening? I NEED IT!

  • OxProductions

    It would be fun to disassemble that triangle computer to see what it looks like inside!

  • BassAnup xStringer
    BassAnup xStringer

    I'd love to see Linus reacting to the intro 😂

  • Hank original
    Hank original

    I've been wondering about that triangle pc for a while

  • Jakub Janicki
    Jakub Janicki

    i expected more out of the Acute Angle PC IMO

  • Vanessa DeLight
    Vanessa DeLight

    I can't stop laughing, this is great!

  • TheDwarvenDefender

    "Acute" in an angle describes an angle that is less than 90 degrees. An equilateral triangle has three of those.

  • Logan Matteo
    Logan Matteo

    I used to have all those cards except the holo magneton. I just had a regular one. That's some sweet nostalgia I didn't know I needed.

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  • Szsubzero91 _1
    Szsubzero91 _1

    This episode started like the most ambitious cross over yet

  • Jimmy Soto
    Jimmy Soto

    I hope that one day, we can get a device like 8:19 for use with Nintendo DS games.

  • Jackson T
    Jackson T

    An equilateral triangle is still made up of acute angles, given that they are all 60 degrees

  • Frank Woolrich
    Frank Woolrich

    love it and I am sure Linus would too... very funny guys 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • YamiGekusu

    LGR would love that wood panel triangle lmao

  • pendaco

    11:01 The "Okay Dumbledore!" made me laugh harder than it should 😂😂

  • invert44

    Should try getting some of those Aliexpress mystery boxes. REAL mystery tech

  • Paul S
    Paul S

    Should Austin and Linus just do a fusion!?

  • xorinzor

    That intro was amazing 😂 you earned my sub haha

  • Undertone247

    One of the best Mystery Tech's yet.

  • Peter Gebhardt
    Peter Gebhardt

    Now I want them to do an episode with Linus

  • peter obermuller
    peter obermuller

    Austin still hasn't gotten over that loss in Scrapyard Wars i see.. :D Also,, Random Scampi?? now that sounds like a nice seafood cooking channel.. :D

  • Panda Lord
    Panda Lord

    10:52 Checkmate, Matt. Yes, that may be an equilateral triangle, but that is too, an acute triangle. All of the 3 angles measure in at 60˚, which is less that 90˚ and adds up to an interior angle of 180˚.

    • Enderdragooon


    • anxstxsia

      just what i was thinking king

  • subscribing to anyone who subscribes
    subscribing to anyone who subscribes

    the team "lets make austin's live hell" has officially a new member

  • Sub_to_Zacklve

    Austin: This is my hell Also Austin in a previous video: I watch LTT religiously

  • SuperLuigi

    Man I miss the old-school Pokemon cards so much

  • Jeremy Van Santen
    Jeremy Van Santen

    I wanted the acute angle so bad years ago for my parents of setup

  • mineland

    8:01 *Gets passed 3 gba pokemon games* Austin: "im sensing a theme. The time for a Game Gear" Literally mentions the gameboy sega compettitor

  • Jagzive

    I agree Austin, this is the best channel!

  • 王磊—Raunak

    Whoever does the music for Austin is one of the bests in the game.

  • CyDragon2.0

    even though i had another way to legally dump my GBA, DS, and 3DS roms... this Epilogue GB Operator device would get me to maybe play my carts again because i don't really have a way to put my latest saves back into the cartridge

  • Sean K
    Sean K

    I think every video should end with a pack of cards lol

  • T Bag
    T Bag

    that ACUTE PC would be cool for a modern style business to run the POS system

  • Grumpy Wolf Gaming
    Grumpy Wolf Gaming

    The first minute of this video made my day. Thank you :)

  • Ixelfy

    Come for the mystery tech, stay for the Jared.

  • TrevrepGaming

    Wow my 3 favorite streamers,frank,Leon and austin,dream come true 😁✌

  • Dhruv Dasgupta
    Dhruv Dasgupta

    Congratulations on becoming a dad Austin!

  • Ass Napkin Ed
    Ass Napkin Ed

    “Whatever mood you’re in right now, get the fuck out of it” This might be the most well constructed, eloquently concise argument ever uttered by man

  • Russ

    Equalateral triangles are always acute. Making the angle is less than 90 degrees

  • Montisaquadeis

    Austin I have a Celeron N3450 based "netbook" here with 4Gb of ram and 32gb of emmc storage and it flies with Linux onboard. Heck even windows 11 on an external 128GB ssd is solid. 1080p playback from the likes of Netflix/Hulu/ITmores is perfect with the CPU and 14.1" 1080p screen. So yes the quad core N3450 is plenty for basic tasks. Also the Laptop cost me $220 back in like 2018 so yeah.

    • GalacticGamer


  • HeimKhal 2.0
    HeimKhal 2.0

    I felt like this mystery tech was so good for Austin so they had to put him down a couple of pegs with the LLT and RandomFrankP plugs. lol

  • Gabox avg
    Gabox avg

    Jared in the video Is a nice addition to the group. So funny guy

  • CraftBuilds

    loved the pokemon pack at the end, that was sick!

  • Joao Mendes
    Joao Mendes

    For the LTT hell they gave Austin in the beginning, here's my like

  • Last name, first name
    Last name, first name

    Dropping the mobo was a nice touch 😂

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  • Gene Kwagmyr Singh
    Gene Kwagmyr Singh

    My two favorite tech shows!

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  • Caboose

    Austin sniffing the wood remind's me of wildcat sniffing the door in gmod "that's an oak wood door right there"

  • Yashimerou

    It's funny because I just saw that mini PC in a shopping app yesterday.

  • Chaotic

    "I'm paid by this man" famous last words lmao

  • Aswad Faruki
    Aswad Faruki

    10:47 It is an acute angle since it's below 90° so an equilateral triangle has acute angles because they only have 60° 🤦🏾

  • Mxnty

    I can’t believe I just realized that all of my favorite ITmoresrs from so different topics actually collab.

  • TTV_Fahizzy

    I'm a really big fan and I wanted to ask a question do you keep every device you get or buy or you give it out if you did I open

  • HawtZauce SmokeBauce
    HawtZauce SmokeBauce

    I swear when I see folks open these genuinely exotic/&now rare OG-BASE packs of cards I damn near go cringe crazy seeing them SLIDE shuffle the cards as if friction was a myth an likewise hollow foil dont come scratched enough from the factory as is today as well as 20yrs ago..