I Bought the SECOND Worst New PC 🤦‍♂️
Austin Evans
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Buying the second worst new PC at Best Buy is a very questionable idea.
I bought the worst new laptop: itmores.info/player/video/sJyNwH93fauIr8o

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  • VenomPlaysRB

    Mom at Best Buy: "This must be the gaming pc my son wants"

    • Omg_Prince YT
      Omg_Prince YT

      The son: I did not want this trash PC, I want a pc with an intel core i9 12th get with an rtx 3090 with five terabytes worth of storage. The Mom: Well, ya get what ya get and don't throw a fit!

    • Ionicsym

      Ultimate candy crush gaming rig

    • roks0910 The Golden king itself
      roks0910 The Golden king itself

      Mom: sees play station and poly station on display* Mom: OHHHH LOOK THIS ONE ADDED A SINGLE LETTER AND AS I SAY THE LONGER THE BETTER

    • Mikkel Breiler
      Mikkel Breiler

      Son at home:

    • KovaxxVFX

      Big oof

  • rip

    This is almost the same speed as my PC right now 😞

    • W3ss

      @xyeahtony1 You wont be a failure, your probaly just saving money. spolied little child

    • xyeahtony1

      @W3ss yeah if you can't afford a decent $500-$600 pc as an adult you're a failure at life face it.

    • W3ss

      @xyeahtony1 You are such a spoiled child

    • xyeahtony1

      the comment sections of these videos never fail to amuse me. Ya'll literally can all go out and get a better PC than whatever decade old crap ya'll are running for less than $500 its been shown again and again on every tech youtube channel.

    • ToTheCreeps


  • Sensei Steez
    Sensei Steez

    Literally got this exact pc for my grandma when her 11 year old desktop died. She browses the internet and it works just fine for her.

    • potato skins
      potato skins

      Yeah it's great for when she loads up phub

    • LifeIsShørt

      @Kittsuera The 9th generation iPad has way more value for web browsing, emailing, video calling w center stage and a 12MP ultrawide camera, the A13 chip for ridiculous power at the $329 price range And it can handle Microsoft services no issue

    • Gamerdweeb Entertainment
      Gamerdweeb Entertainment

      for her... you try to use it... you'll be breaking your hair out on how the fuck can she use this... :)

    • Whitebone YT
      Whitebone YT

      @Graeme Johnson h u h

    • Graeme Johnson
      Graeme Johnson

      Yeh it is funny how many people over spend for what they actually need.. let's buy a 0 to 60 in 3secs Tesla.. when you just drive to the shops.. I reboot old computers into computers that your grandma only need.. and give them a new life.. For free..

  • ShowCash

    If you needed basic web browsing and needed to use the office suite then this seems like a good value. Especially with a webcam in today's work environment.

    • DJ is pro
      DJ is pro

      An Optiplex 390 is much better value if you have a monitor and peripherals

    • Vysair

      @Philip Alexander Hassialis Company csv is a good benchmark. Those shit are heavy due to math formula stored in it. PPT should also be taken note of

    • Abraham Carrasco Torres
      Abraham Carrasco Torres

      or just use your phone?

    • Commodorefan64

      @Top 5 Toilets Plus some people will never have the need, or want to move their computer off their desk, and might like the option of having the larger easier to read screen of the all in one, and with a good lightweight Linux distro like Solus Budgie, Manjaro Mate, or Mint DE it will help the all in one perform better.

    • Philip Alexander Hassialis
      Philip Alexander Hassialis

      Thing is I am willing to bet that if you are using e.g. MS Teams (assuming your organisation is invested in MS ecosystem), then when you try to open a document for online edit the machine would probably give up the spirit and instead of the document display a huge dialog denoting "I AM IN PAIN". 4gigs will not cut it even if you just do work on teams and have a browser for mail and couple of work related tabs open.

  • lchanceiv

    I want to see an ultimate version of this setup. I would love to see this cracked open and upgraded as much as possible. Throw in some M.2 ssds. maybe a chip swap of logic board switch. So many ideas.

    • X3DwAnY

      Then this would straight up be a case review??

    • Nighterlev

      @SaintAlia_of_the_Games Lenovo T440p is like $100-$150 on Ebay, even at the higher end it's roughly half the cost.

    • lchanceiv

      @MrCed122 just watched the referenced video and I want an ultimate setup even more.

    • Grayson Wilde
      Grayson Wilde

      Oooh that would be dope

    • lchanceiv

      @The tricky tick now I really want to see a tear down of this machine

  • Christopher Gray
    Christopher Gray

    Let’s be real, people will buy something like this for work and basic web browsing. It is a perfectly fine computer for someone that needs to to emails, word, and other basics. It is not for gaming or higher end activities

    • I'm a normal Guest
      I'm a normal Guest

      This is perfect gaming PC.

    • Edward Belen
      Edward Belen

      @Tony Yu want? No, definitely no. But will they? some definitely will. Particularly for some jobs that require 1 or 2 programs.

    • LifeIsShørt

      Even tho I agree, I also gotta point the fact that Austin did say that iPads are a way better value since they arguably do web browsing, emails and other basic stuff right Altho with word and other MS services, you could potentially need a stand and a keyboard for it But anyways what Austin said here was the 7th Gen iPad. Rn Apple is selling the 9th Gen which not only has double the storage of the 7th Gen, has an incredible selfie camera for video calls via zoom or whatever video app with center stage. The A13 chip gives it ridiculous power for its price and it will last a long time

    • Tony Yu
      Tony Yu

      @Edward Belen So you want people in your company to basically not be able to use word, powerpoint or excel and have to rely on Chrome OS with online stuff? That lowers productivity by probably more than if you just had a normal PC and people gamed a little bit during office hours.

    • Gamerdweeb Entertainment
      Gamerdweeb Entertainment

      Let me quote one genius and he's somewhat right... "Do you guys not have phones"

  • Иосиф Тахаров
    Иосиф Тахаров

    I remember that I've upgraded for someone a Lenovo all-in-one setup , something with Pentium and 4GB of RAM , just maximized the memory to 8GB , an SSD , a lightweight version of Linux , then having a pretty durable and basic PC , for office , internet browsing , etc

  • Aseki Bekovy
    Aseki Bekovy

    HP just should have spent the extra $2 and put in one of the quad core variants doubling cpu performance.

  • Ali Chehab
    Ali Chehab

    I want to see an ultimate version of this setup. I would love to see this cracked open and upgraded as much as possible. Throw in some M.2 ssds. maybe a chip swap of logic board switch. So many ideas.

  • Dicey

    Austin's nerdiness have turned all the bots into tech geeks.

  • Logan Showers
    Logan Showers

    A crappy Celeron is able to upgrade to Windows 11, yet my 6 year old i5 with absolutely nothing else holding it back is unable to upgrade to Windows 11.

    • Nonsensical Fox Shenanigans
      Nonsensical Fox Shenanigans

      I say that's a bonus, 11 is awful

    • Faisal Ali
      Faisal Ali

      @RiceCube Tech Doesn’t even have to be a new install. I did an in place update directly on my Skylake system.

    • RiceCube Tech
      RiceCube Tech

      It can with a fresh install. All this stuff about only new chips being upgradable is misleading, you just won’t be able to auto update to window 11 you’d need to wipe your ssd and reinstall the new update manually

    • Globysito

      @Nilton Perim Neto here in spanish news, And i saw that you can install Windows 11 on "unsuported" hardware but idk how

    • Nilton Perim Neto
      Nilton Perim Neto

      @Globysito where? That last time I saw Microsoft said it would evaluate with AMD to support it, however they didn't they refused to support it

  • Richard Russell
    Richard Russell

    "This autonomous vacuum is seriously impressive" Right as the video shows it leaving a load of mess behind that it failed to pick up.

  • ieatwabbits

    Though for just $10 more, it does look better than the previous version

    • Jonis

      @Akame Murasame the new one looks hella better.

    • Akame Murasame
      Akame Murasame

      @Grape Gameplayz Did you not read my comment. We are talking about appearance and not performance. Some people might like the look of the old one over the dumb looking screen on the new one.

    • Grape Gameplayz
      Grape Gameplayz

      @Akame Murasame Did you not watch both vids the new model has a better screen and out performs the other one.

    • Akame Murasame
      Akame Murasame

      @Grape Gameplayz He said looks better so I assume the nah is for the appearance and not the speed...

    • Grape Gameplayz
      Grape Gameplayz

      @Manraaj fn Are you dumb it is way faster

  • Mike

    I bought a similar spec AIO at Salvation Army for $10. Reinstalled windows, added cheap ram and ssd and mounted it to an arm in my kitchen. Works amazingly for recipes, plex/youtube, music, and cooking timers or conversions.

  • Cameron Gray
    Cameron Gray

    Would love to see how these faired with a lite weight Linux distro!

    • Montisaquadeis

      I have ChromeOS with android apps running on a Celeron N3450 based 14" 1080p "Netbook" with 4GB of ram and its plenty for the likes of web browsing typing up of documents and even Android games like Minecraft Pocket Edition. Heck I even run emulators such as epsxe, Drastic, PPSSPP on the dang thing just fine

    • Whitebone YT
      Whitebone YT

      Ur comment was stolen from the bots

    • Edward Belen
      Edward Belen

      Something like lubuntu would work fine with this. I just installed lubuntu on an older laptop with 2gb of ram and much older cpu and it works great. Especially since it is ssd.

    • RealMe


    • Noah Hunter
      Noah Hunter

      My mini PC has a CPU that is only a step above this one (j4125 vs j4025) and I can literally play Fortnite and Minecraft. Fortnite is playable until you get in a fight, and Minecraft is just generally playable

  • CUDZ

    Austin: Knocks the desk Also Austin: Has a nice metal stand

  • Luis Gonzalez
    Luis Gonzalez

    Try connecting an external GPU, and see how that will work out. Plus upgrade it as much as possible.

  • solidsnakeisme

    The new one actually looks so much nicer then the old one. It seems like it's ideal for someone that is just looking to do basic things.

  • Estrius

    Once I saw it, I knew it was basically the same thing we got in my store recently (we're a basic home electronics department in a department store). However, ours had an disk drive, so we're still cooler 😎

  • Cory Spinelli
    Cory Spinelli

    Everyone blames bloatware when it's actually Skype, that comes pre-insalled in every version of windows now. Skype uses far more of the CPU then any piece of bloatware I've encountered.

    • unkown 34X
      unkown 34X

      @Patty Ice loll yeah never bought HP or Dell cuz I know for a fact they are very very annoying.... Even when it comes to customer service. Razer is not great, but at least it didn't came with a bunch of blotwares like you said

    • Patty Ice
      Patty Ice

      @unkown 34X Precisely. Microsoft and their bloatware, but luckily it's nowhere near the level of HP or Dell.

    • unkown 34X
      unkown 34X

      @Patty Ice funny... They already have teams which I never use, but... Why they still have Skype on that start up install? It doesn't make sense... But then again, Microsoft

    • Patty Ice
      Patty Ice

      @unkown 34X Me too, every single time I install Windows 10 on my computer, Skype comes installed. Very annoying to have to uninstall it once or twice every single time.

    • unkown 34X
      unkown 34X

      Man didn't Skype didn't died yet? I'm sick of this thing

  • Zadies

    Austin & Linus should collab, now that's a collab we would all love to see!🔥

    • Patty Ice
      Patty Ice

      @Henry Z Austin jokes about hating Linus but he doesn't really

    • mielcus

      @JackGotGamez like 5 years ago

    • Cody Denney
      Cody Denney

      @Henry Z he has nothing against Linus, they are friends. What are you talking about??

    • Henry Z
      Henry Z

      Over Austin's dead body. He doesn't like linus and i wanna kno why

    • Invinix

      They already did

  • Isssma / イシュマエル
    Isssma / イシュマエル

    A good use for this PC is a somewhat small emulator setup, though I think it's a bit too expensive for what you get. I know it's meant to be a thin client/light office PC, and you can get a cheaper Android tablet that does the same, but this as an emulation station for something up to PS1 would work fine.

  • Alphenhous plays games!
    Alphenhous plays games!

    this is pretty good imo. it's basic but if you want around 60~100 pc's for your office, this is solid.

  • JeskidoYT

    Damn finally after many many years we get to see Austin walking outside with people around

  • Ali Chehab
    Ali Chehab

    Would love to see how these faired with a lite weight Linux distro!

  • ZodeGOD M
    ZodeGOD M

    Big fan sir almost 5 years of watching you love you Austin and your team love from India

  • DespacitoBurrito

    I do tech at my grandmothers store and bought an i3 version of this with 8gb of ram with an ssd and it does absolutely everything perfect that they need to do

  • IDont Know
    IDont Know

    Great example of sh!t Intel processors are. While I love my Surface Go form factor I regret buying it due to the abysmal performance.

  • James Flores
    James Flores

    Ken was about to get the garbage can and treat that thing like a chrome book lol

  • Des FTW
    Des FTW

    With this price category I would always recommend to go used. You can get an old Dell optiplex with a 2600 or 3770 that would destroy it + an SSD and would still cost less (as long as you have access to a half decent used market ofc)

    • Noah Hunter
      Noah Hunter

      @Joey Hillers For sure. My $160 mini PC has a CPU that is better than this (j4125 vs j4025) but it doesn't have the all in one factor that this does

    • Des FTW
      Des FTW

      @Joey Hillers Yep that's a fair point. To me I would take the compromise of space for performance but that's not everyone.

    • Joey Hillers
      Joey Hillers

      I see your point, but the problem is that you really pay for the form factor with this. For the average person, less space and better power efficiency is what they need, and this is going to meet that better than the optiplex. Just what I’ve found

  • Eric montiel
    Eric montiel

    I love that I get so excited knowing you guys are local to me when I see you do outside filming and instantly recognize where you're at. Now the hopes to one day be in the area when you guys come outside are high but not very likely

  • EpicGaming11195

    i think the bezel on only 3 sides actually looks kinda good

  • Shadowbanned By Google
    Shadowbanned By Google

    For someone thinking of either of these units. Try including the cost for the wireless network router that makes the Ipad remotely useful. A base router or ISP supplied router will be a horrible experience. No option to hardwire it. Remember wireless still sucks.

  • Sharky Mcstevens
    Sharky Mcstevens

    I have the "high end" version of this from hp. Actually runs warzone well, girlfriend has played fortnite on it at mid level settings. This wasn't what we purchased it for though. Mainly things we can't do on out phones. So our pc at most gets turned on twice in a month.

    • Naz does stuff
      Naz does stuff


  • Zankheal

    it was so adorable watching the kids following you.

  • Zelda's Fox
    Zelda's Fox

    Wait... That's the PC I talked my grandma into getting since she only looks at emails and pdfs. Seems like it works just fine for a virus magnet

  • Jeradiah Williams
    Jeradiah Williams

    That was one of the best moments from this channel. I hope he walks around with that TV on his back again 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Perdomot

    Would love to see Austin install a good Linux distro like Manjaro Gnome on this PC and compare the performance.

    • Nathaniel Clark
      Nathaniel Clark

      GNOME would bring it to a crawl. KDE is much lighter while still maintaining a rich feature set.

  • Beaconbuild

    I think it’s a pretty good all in one pc for the price.

  • Josh Brookens
    Josh Brookens

    I found one of the old ones fixed and upgraded it. I added storage, ram, rgb, and a fan.

  • Sarita Kumari
    Sarita Kumari

    After 1 year the series is back Also I have the pc of hp you showed it is just a very very very amazing model it is the 10th gen i3 and 8gb ram with 512gb ssd

  • TooKay4Ever

    Hot Poop makes so much more sense though. I remember my dad got what was considered HPs mega computer, back in 2006. The thing worked well for 3-4 months and quit working within the 6th month and we never got it fixed because it just ran slower and slower by the day. Got a Dell XPS and never turned back. That XPS got me through close to 12 years of computing hahaha

  • GetIrked

    Love the video, but given that the 9th Gen iPad is $329, I would’ve liked to see that comparison than the 7th Gen iPad which - USED - is $280…

    • LifeIsShørt

      The 9th Gen iPad is even better than the 7th Gen, here’s why: -A13 chip which gives it incredible performance and software updates for that price range 64GB starting storage instead of the 32 on the 7th Gen. The selfie camera for video calls got a major upgrade, it’s now an ultrawide camera but it’s 12MP just the like the one on the iPhone 11-13 and it has center stage meaning it’s the ultimate video calling device if your work has video calls

  • C C
    C C

    No one who's ever been stuck with just a tablet and no desktop would recommend a tablet over a desktop. Good job on the performance tho Intel, you're killing it..

    • Burb

      @SaintAlia_of_the_Games The only ipad id even think of getting for computer use would be the M1 since i bet apple will eventually put rosetta capabilities on it, but at that point youre spending enough money to buy a real computer and not just a tablet.

    • RealMe

      emphasis on killing

    • SaintAlia_of_the_Games

      Samsung DEX has come a long way, but not enough to compete with a desktop yet imo. Ipads are just a no in that department.

  • Loran Cehack
    Loran Cehack

    I challenge Austin and Ken to each take one of these Hot Poop PC and use it for one whole entire week.

  • Lucas R
    Lucas R

    i bought a computer a while back for 300 from walmart it had a core i5, a gt 1030 and 8 gigs of ram and im still using it to this day, its not the greatest but it gets what i need done, and runs what i want it to run.

  • Cyber Gaming Studios
    Cyber Gaming Studios

    Was really hoping too see a box made pc that's works lol

  • ice coffee
    ice coffee

    What do you do with all the PC's you have left over from the broke vs pro series?

  • Dm99

    This pc reminds me of my school computers, they are some kind of lenovo, but they are a bit slimmer, the webcam is attached separately on the top with a cover protector and the intel sticker is placed the same way as this computer

  • Randy Smith
    Randy Smith

    I don't think you can compare geekbench for ARM and Geekbench for X86 and expect the scores to represent the same power.

  • Md Anwar Hossain
    Md Anwar Hossain

    Hey, guys. I have seen this HP ALL-IN-ONE 22" pc in my father's office. This is actually for those who doesn't have enough space for themselves.

  • metroidfan220

    Everyone watching the subtitles: "They made a Valerian game?"

    • Hasty memes
      Hasty memes


    • Cavey Möth
      Cavey Möth

      Sounds kind of like Venereal.

  • rheeno

    imagine ipad with that large pc all in one screen.. plus keyboard accessory, the price will not be comparable anymore

  • Patrick-Julian Q. Fulgado
    Patrick-Julian Q. Fulgado

    Love that you guys did flip the orientation so it was right side up while on his back. 😀

  • Nandulal Krishna
    Nandulal Krishna

    If all the webcam n wifi drivers work ( preferably out of the box ) for linux , just slap in a lightweight distro and more performance and snappiness from this HP

  • Sibir Lupus
    Sibir Lupus

    Hah! I ended purchasing a bunch of those in Ryzen 3 form for a makeshift Covid-19 hospital last year. They worked quite nicely for nurses.

  • Michael Strasser
    Michael Strasser

    I have learned that if you want a good gaming experience you use Desktop tower PC's. Laptop PC parts have always given me problems and worse performance.

  • Huge

    give this thing a spec bump, bit more ram and at least a newer pentium chip, perfect family pc!

  • Chris Toro
    Chris Toro

    I remember my mom getting one of these, it broke down in 2 years - hp makes semi-affordable tech but they're not at all quality or long lasting. I've been through 10-12 HP computers, as soon as I got a job bought myself an ASUS and never looked back or needed another PC since. And built my mom her own pc which she's been using for 6 years.

    • Sir Dallonious
      Sir Dallonious

      That's odd. Because everything I've had that's been from HP, has lasted a LONG while. I've had my HP laptop for the past 6 years or so, and it's still working great. Even with Windows 11 on it.

    • Jaguar F-pace guy189
      Jaguar F-pace guy189

      Mine Has a Defect That It Beeps Loudly

  • Jon Smidt
    Jon Smidt

    The more I use apple products, the more I notice how little companies like HP do to innovate.

  • Ranjan Biswas
    Ranjan Biswas

    This will be such a perfect PC for any kind of check ins like hospital, hotel, grocery etc.

  • Phil T Kaswahl
    Phil T Kaswahl

    That webcam audio was less tinny that I expected. It was pretty alright by webcam audio standards.

  • SuppaiMono

    In all honesty - I was expecting him to take off the hot-poop and drop it after hearing how it scored in comparison, but I guess the sales pitch is fine 😐

  • EthanPod

    in 2017 i got a brand new all in one lenovo for 200 and tried to game on it, 1 year later i ended up spending about 500 on a new hp laptop lol

  • wavvy01

    when this $360 PC is supposedly "compatible" Windows 11 but your $1000+ i7-7700K/6700K build from a couple years ago is somehow "incompatible"

  • Technically Working
    Technically Working

    I found one of those HP touchscreen AIOs at a Goodwill in Ballard for $30, I think that they thought it was just a monitor. Mine has an AMD A-8 APU and 8GB of RAM. I use it as my garage PC and it's pretty decent at just playing music and looking at workshop manuals, but I wouldn't play games on it, it's bad.

  • Alex Alin
    Alex Alin

    This PC is actually pretty good. It comes with everything that you would need for simple things such as online school

    • The Unknown
      The Unknown

      No you need a 3090 for Google Chrome, Microsoft Office, and Zoom.

  • aruce9

    Ironically enough Best Buy sells one of the best laptops (the zephyrus g15)

  • JackGotGamez

    I like how he’s wearing an LTT tshirt and not one did someone mention it or said something to him about it.

  • Shocking Pikachu
    Shocking Pikachu

    I wouldn’t call the 7th gen iPad out of date. It still receives updates and it is still extremely capable

  • Korbs

    So I do own a HP All in One 24-e014, which does look very very similiar to this and it actually got the job done for me. Last year I did upgrade it to a SSD and 16GB of ram and got the job done. Although recently I did upgrade to a Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming Series laptop, which I slapped the SSD and 16GB of ram into. Also, don't get an all in one :)

    • Nathaniel Clark
      Nathaniel Clark


  • Black Gordon Ramsay
    Black Gordon Ramsay

    i had to deal with the pc from ur first worst pc video for about 4-5 yrs finally i have a pc that outshines it in all aspects XD

  • Connor Bryce
    Connor Bryce

    Yeah I almost bought a gaming pc through Best Buy. Good thing it took two weeks for it to never show up so I cancelle it

  • Craig Major
    Craig Major

    As someone that has a semi-working 15 year old Acer laptop and can't afford anything else this thing looks fucking amazing

    • I will beat Whoever
      I will beat Whoever

      Ye ikr like what

  • jonathan_g

    Maybe its good enough for some emulation gaming? Other than that I can see no use for it other than web browsing.

  • Csaba Tóth
    Csaba Tóth

    I actually have this AIO, but with a Ryzen 5 4500U, 16GB RAM and a 512GB SSD. I bought it for 770€, and it is VERY usable with those specs.

    • Csaba Tóth
      Csaba Tóth

      Basic Vega 6, nothing special.

    • Tyler Furrison
      Tyler Furrison

      I mean, that's actually really nice for the price. How's the graphics on it?

  • Valephar

    4:30 which is exactly why I always reinstall windows with a fresh copy. Although, it seems windows 10 comes with bloatware anyways...

  • Chris Green
    Chris Green

    You definitely can't run the new Windows 11 on that 😂

  • kumari

    That thing boosts faster than the fastest windows machine at my house . Mine boots to 2 ghz (it's overclocked)


    The base model iPad 9th gen is the one you should be talking about and comparing to the all-in-one. It also has better value.

  • JohnSTF72

    HP stands for Horrible Package :) But really, this was always ment to be a basic system for office work and simple tasks. No Cyberpunk 2077 on this thing, Austin!

  • ItsTheHamster07

    austin: trying to review the computer ken: can't decide if the tape looks good or not

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      WhatsApp ➕1⑨⓪⑨⑥①⑥⑤⓪⑧②

      Giveaway Alert 🆙☝️☝️.

  • CDGames

    Is this just gonna be an annual thing? Austin buys a new cheap HP All-in-One, they dog on the specs and what it can and can't do, take it to the public and see what they think about the situation, and then compare it to an iPad? 'cause I am down for that

  • ArKaN Al Habow
    ArKaN Al Habow

    It comes in handy when I want to access the powerful Windows 10 on the cloud.

  • Daxton Anderson
    Daxton Anderson

    That A9 is dual-core lol, it's the same processor found in the 1st gen SE 😂

  • allofmynope.mp4

    Would love to see how these faired with a lite weight Linux distro!

  • Victor Villa
    Victor Villa

    @5:18 You can check if your computer has a TPM chip by right clicking the start button > Run > tpm.msc Edit: Also, TPM isn't dependent on CPU.

  • JGC

    Honestly it's been a rocky couple of years. I have had worse, I have used worse and I have made it work. So this doesn't seem so bad, if you can swap out for more ram, then I wouldn't have any problems with getting this for a kid's first pc.

  • JustThatGuy Art
    JustThatGuy Art

    Petition for Austin to make a real cardboard working PC?!


    Question if I were to get a pre built what’s the best way to approach it like sites or maybe make a video about it

  • Famous Fighter23
    Famous Fighter23

    Could you upgrade these pcs and then test?

  • Anonymous

    This is the pc you get when your parents now about the “Yes, I do need this for [insert something not demanding here]” trick

  • Welcome too YouTube folks
    Welcome too YouTube folks

    As long as it gets the job done, its worth it Value!

  • DigitalSparky

    If you had decent stadia/nvidia cloud connectivity, this'd be a reasonable dumb terminal for a bit of remote gaming.

  • Chris Robinson
    Chris Robinson

    Would love to see how these fair with a lite weight Linux distro!

  • Sun2D

    let me say, if you work from home, this would be a solid computer!

  • Mohammed Talha
    Mohammed Talha

    I bought one similar to this but with HDD , I got it upgraded to 1 TB SSD AND added extra 12 GB Ram making it 16. Now it runs so smooth and is really quick

  • SaiyaniR

    Okay but I’m obsessed with the room decor 🤩

  • Michael Budd
    Michael Budd

    I almost want to buy a cheapo HP just to call it Hot Poop 💩 😂

  • Aromal V K
    Aromal V K

    I have seen a few people actually use it. But, most of them were running linux.