I Bought EVERY Console at GameStop...
Austin Evans
From Wii to Switch and PS3 to Xbox One we decided to see exactly what GameStop has...
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  • QuantumCraft

    As a gamestop employee, It's clear to me that this specific store is at fault. It's policy to test the consoles before packaging them up to be sold. If they were broken, the store shouldn't have took them in the first place.

    • ri8002

      unless they were told to by their DM, which we know worse things happen from them

  • Vale

    This just shows how good of a company GameStop is 🥲🔫

    • Who Cares
      Who Cares

      @Naterthot they do the 48 hour courtesy return on games that just released just in case you didn’t like it

    • miniontm69

      They actually screw with the systems so they break and you buy more with warranties.

    • John Lane
      John Lane

      Also @ 1:46 I had an Xbox 360 Slim, I believe it was the four-gig version before I got a bundle half-ter Xbox One S and got a separate half-TB expansion as well :)

    • John Lane
      John Lane

      @Vale Woah, you're good. *slaps PS3 off a cliff*

    • THCx Alien
      THCx Alien

      @Naterthot sell broken consoles

  • Duality Wolfie
    Duality Wolfie

    So you’re the reason why Gamestop was outta stock that day.

    • Brian JB
      Brian JB

      He pad over 1000 dollars of used consoles and most of them don’t work this is why you should only bye sertent used consoles at GameStop

    • Artisan Music
      Artisan Music

      @Chunky yeah

    • Chunky

      @Duality Wolfie Maybe?

    • Chunky

      @Artisan Music It's a joke. You're one

    • Duality Wolfie
      Duality Wolfie

      @Artisan Music Tis a joke I mean, it’s been a while since I watched the video, but didn’t he return all of them as well?

  • Andres Caballero
    Andres Caballero

    Austin spends over 1000$ on consoles: GameStop when he try’s to sell the consoles back: “best I can do is three”

    • DeadPool305Live

      Aucally if you still have the receipt you can get your money back

    • Dunedain .
      Dunedain .

      Only three hundred Naaaah just 3

    • ————————————


  • Sᴘɪᴄʏ Rɪᴋᴇʀ
    Sᴘɪᴄʏ Rɪᴋᴇʀ

    A single man saved Gamestop from bankruptcy

    • GlitchedFish46

      This comment aged well

    • Cheep_gabriel


    • Cheep_gabriel


    • Rodrigo Ribeiro
      Rodrigo Ribeiro

      🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 i hate you 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

    • Salticid

      Early 2021 stock market: that’s cute

  • Jonathan Janak
    Jonathan Janak

    Even though this is one of my favorite videos, I feel like when he is checking on the eBay side of costs for these console he immediately thinks the lowest price is the best option and thinks that he was ripped off.

    • Ligt Nguyen
      Ligt Nguyen

      But as u can see, the quality of their console just too bad

  • the mysterious stranger
    the mysterious stranger

    i like how with every other console the name is what tells you what kind it is like the ps4 pro, the ps3 slim but with the switch you can only tell based off the color of the box lmao

  • Gogeta

    This is why u don't just run in to GameStop and tell the clerk "yo I want 10 game systems in that cart in under 10 seconds pronto!' (Buyer leaves store) clerk:"yee I'm rich"

  • Japxicano

    After coming back to this video, the cartridge of Heart Gold is something to die for right now. Every scalper is selling for insane prices.

  • Vox Amplifier
    Vox Amplifier

    Gamestop : *Sells ps3 that overheats and has a corroded hdmi port" Also Gamestop : *won't buy back the console they sold because of corroded hdmi port"

    • Ickyslick15

      flawless business model

    • Sebastian Marcial
      Sebastian Marcial

      NOT elite.

    • Elementos

      @Arri Reid nope

    • Elementos

      PS3 garbage

    • todd TB
      todd TB

      Leaks and Leaks yes youre right... i just wonder that they didnt have any sort of record or history sth... thx

  • Aidan Chappelle
    Aidan Chappelle

    That PS3 hit a YLOD and faded from existence. Also that exact Wii (RVL-101) was my entire childhood, and I didn't have any GameCube games

    • Corn Holio
      Corn Holio

      The Xbox 1 farted

  • Sondra Sebald
    Sondra Sebald

    I just find it crazy that you could buy the PS3 from them in that condition... but they wouldn't take it back in the same condition. Shows that someone messed up the first time.

  • Vorlitix

    "Hey guys this is Austin! and we just bought every continent on earth, and it only cost us $5,000,000,000,000,000!"

    • JellyShark

      @Shadow GameR excactily

    • Shadow GameR
      Shadow GameR

      Hey That's mr beasts job

    • Christian Graves
      Christian Graves

      Gamestop employee:”look best i can do is 35 dollars

    • JellyShark

      Nah bro that’s mrveast

    • Flexible Gaming
      Flexible Gaming

      5 zillion dollars jeez

  • Ser_Salty

    Love how random guys on eBay are more reliable and trustworthy than a huge company (also give better prices lol)

  • Alec P
    Alec P

    Gamestop: we test run our consoles before selling them Austin: ha... i'm about to destroy this mans whole career.

    • Dat Hombre
      Dat Hombre

      @Jacob Resendiz luckily after reading this comment, it made me realize that I feel like I haven't seen any of these dumb ass "comment memes" in a pretty long while. Hopefully they've all been beaten to death enough at this point and people are done attempting them lol

    • Jacob Resendiz
      Jacob Resendiz

      @Handles Tech fr ITmores comments are just band kid humor comments

    • Francisco Roque 123
      Francisco Roque 123


    • Asphodel Poet
      Asphodel Poet

      @Kamori I work at GameStop. You don't take consoles if they're not updated??? Just... Update them? That's what we do.

    • Asphodel Poet
      Asphodel Poet

      By test, we mean we make sure the wifi and disc drive works properly. Outside of that, no testing lmao. Source: I work at GameStop.

  • nitramsk8

    Back when Gamestop carried PS2s, I remember going through 5 or so until one worked. Still have it to this day.

  • Chi-Town Bears News
    Chi-Town Bears News

    Anyone here after GameStop stock was on a crazy rise

    • E Minor yay
      E Minor yay

      @cühplunk bruh you don’t even know what your talking about?

    • MoistyRade

      @E Minor yay you’re a big asshole lmao

    • cühplunk

      @E Minor yay tommi boi

    • cühplunk

      @E Minor yay your stepdads a good dad

    • ㅤBobby ➕
      ㅤBobby ➕

      @E Minor yay your Tommy from brew stew right

  • ByZaha123

    Just shows how much game shops rip you off. Even in the UK, CEX really rips you off. It's mental how they sell them for over 3x the price. Car salesmen also do this.

  • Alston Williams
    Alston Williams

    Honestly you guys are super entertaining :)

  • Andrew_Carlson_2

    I can only imagine a 11 year old kid going to gamestop with his mom trying to get a deal from a “trusted” seller because money is running tight and they pay 120 bucks for a PS3 only to find it overheats making everything impossible to play

    • alex wyman
      alex wyman

      When i was younger my dad brought me and i got a wii game it was Spider-Man edge of time,. Halfway through the game it was unplayable and We couldn’t return it

    • Aidan Chappelle
      Aidan Chappelle

      I paid $100 for my PS3 Slim and it's been my favorite console so far. Only time it's ever died on me was last week because I left it on overnight in a cramped TV stand (had a fatal system error, rebooted the console and played Tron: Evolution without a single fault) still has the warranty seal though, so had to clean it with the unplug/eject trick that kicks it into self-cleaning mode Edit: I should note that mine wasn't from GameStop, maybe they have a unique problem with refurb consoles I don't know about

    • Cavey

      GameStop has to actually test these out before selling them to make sure everything is fine. But GameStop dosen’t really give a fuck.

    • EVOKERsage

      Crazy how as soon as i finished reading this cmnt his ps3 died lol

    • Unkn0wn404

      @Luke A you shouldn’t have to do that and there should be quality checks so they’re not scamming you

  • quesochecko

    I miss my PS3. Brought back memories. My favorite console I’ve ever owned including my PS2.

  • bub0z

    are we going to talk about how on the wii they drew over the U lmao

  • Vinylnaut

    One of *many* reasons I stopped giving GameStop my business years ago. They're an absolute trash retailer.

  • XbL Bad Oman
    XbL Bad Oman

    Wii and Wii U are prob some of the best buy consoles out of these. Very easy to mod and play anything.

  • Ed Tierney
    Ed Tierney

    Tries to sell all the consoles back Gamestop: *we'll give you $5*

    • Benny

      I mean, they got $8 for the wii so I'm not shocked lmaoooo

    • KoTukx

      Might as well sell it some other place

    • Galil Alexandro
      Galil Alexandro

      @John Ramsey yeah they gave me 4 cents for pes 13 in 2017.

    • John Ramsey
      John Ramsey

      I’m not even joking when I say this but I tried to sell a perfectly good game to them and they said they could give me 5 cents. 5 CENTS

    • MrStealYoClips

      What a bargain!

  • Callie's Tarot
    Callie's Tarot

    Damn I thought it’d be more expensive than that.

  • Rabbit

    It's amazing. Gamestop really sells the ps4 pro for 300 when ps5 is out.

  • RR railroad
    RR railroad

    This man singlehandedly kept GameStop in business for about a year

  • Curtis Chung
    Curtis Chung

    GameStop will always have a special place in the meme market 😂

  • Ziggy Doom
    Ziggy Doom

    Moral: Don't EVER buy a console from Gamestop.

    • Zane Drak
      Zane Drak

      @Chouchers unless they come with atleast a years warranty. The length of warranty is a sign of a sellers trust in the product they are selling. GameStop only offering 2 weeks warranty on these used consoles shows that they know they’re selling broken systems.

    • Frumpy

      Unless it's new

    • rocraft plays
      rocraft plays

      u could, just test them before you buy, or just dont buy used consoles

    • Jacob Leaf
      Jacob Leaf

      Well I got a ps4 slim But not used it’s brand new

    • Marcus Spraggins
      Marcus Spraggins

      From that gamestop

  • CallMeJohnXina750

    “So the wii cost us $69 dollars” austin evans - 2019

  • Foxeh

    i love how all these consoles are like the same price as a lot of reseller on ebay selling ps5 lol

  • Nathan_4

    If I could actually play HeartGold on DS with a real copy my life would be complete but nope

  • Cameron Williams
    Cameron Williams

    Am I the only one who had nothing but good stories from gamestop, like pre owned consoles have worked perfectly

  • The SektorZ
    The SektorZ

    Gamestop just posted on Twitter: "Someone bought all our broken consoles and saved the company from certain bankruptcy. Thank you, whoever you are."

    • Jay Leigh Brown
      Jay Leigh Brown

      Did they actually?

    • Diexiosツ

      😂🤣 i can’t belive this shit 💩

    • Center 4 Nerds
      Center 4 Nerds

      Right I think a side story here is how a good number of the consoles sold from games stop in this random transaction were broken...

    • John Foster
      John Foster

      The SektorZ hold up they are going bankrupt?

  • J Wohl
    J Wohl

    Wow so if i walked into a game stop and said give me one of everything, they would say no until they go approval?? No wonder this chain of stores is $HIT!

    • And1Metal

      you want money right gamestop ? just sell me the consoles at your stupidly high prices

  • Creepy Bananas
    Creepy Bananas

    3:40 We have that type of PS3 and it's been working perfectly for 13 years!

  • ZBR786 :)
    ZBR786 :)

    Could Austin actually hold all those consoles??!! LOL

  • SomeCovertRebel

    0:08 Still cheaper than an average PS5 in Ebay.

  • Murph Dawg
    Murph Dawg

    Moral of the story: Austin makes poor investments so that we don’t have to 👍

    • RaveN._.EDM

      cost him like 900 to make the video and this video probably made thousands

    • Digital Gravity
      Digital Gravity

      Murph Games nah, everyone knows gamestop are scams when comes to reselling preowned stuffs. Which is why don’t I don’t buy preowned consoles there specially when they tell you it’s refurbished, it means not refurbished.

    • Elay Click
      Elay Click

      Chomusuke v

    • emooki

      @Chris Goody Miss the point

    • quetzalcueyatl

      Yeah I'll never buy a referb from them. Ever. Glad I found Pokémon crystal somewhere else. Almost bought it online from them.

  • HellYeaNixon

    Imagine spending $1,283+ on E-Waste.

  • Sponge

    Not really a rip off. You need to remember that you're getting the console then and there, that is why buying in store is more expensive.


    XBox360 will forever be one of the greatest consoles in history ❤️

  • Spartacus Ascent
    Spartacus Ascent

    funny enough, 1.5+ years later I take my old day 1 launch xbox one to game stop to sell. Got $85 bucks for it. no doubt in my mind its related to the chip shortage that the price actually went up on trade ins.

  • Maxime Di Meglio
    Maxime Di Meglio

    By himself, Austin's just increased Gamestop's revenues by 500%

  • Dew Gaming
    Dew Gaming

    I wish those 3ds prices were still what they were now

  • Mc yeet
    Mc yeet

    Imagine that some kid finally saved enough for that new Xbox so he goes to his local gamestop and some guy buys them all then he cries because he has to pay for shipping on Amazon

  • Boris Babakhanova
    Boris Babakhanova

    Do a part 2 with the next gen consoles

  • iron checkpoint crate
    iron checkpoint crate

    ken:time is ticking its not gonna last long memers in 2021:are you sure about that

  • Throwaway1234

    Kid: "do you have any ps4's?" GS employee: "nope" Kid: "xbox one...?" GS employee: "nah" Kid: "Switch?" GS employee: "Gone" Kid: "ps3?" GS employee: "look kid, some psycho bought out entire stock"

    • WSP_DS12

      Hmm, I wonder who that could’ve been..

    • Unholly Spooky Collections
      Unholly Spooky Collections

      Game stop is worst gaming store

    • -SOE_YouTube-

      So Underrated

    • heydailey

      "Kid don't worry, they all weren't working anyway"

    • Silencer.

      Good one 😂😂😂😂

  • Ben Sput
    Ben Sput

    Legend says that this is the reason gamestop stock went up so much

  • Michael Myers
    Michael Myers

    This happened to me on my PS4. My brother deleted my god of war 4 save file just to mess with me. I tried to download the game again but it said the disc was dirty or scratched but the disc was clean

  • Simeonsardanov

    Are the games you even buy from GameStop good? You should do a video on that one, look if the DISCS are scratched again :)

  • Baily Bob
    Baily Bob

    I actually have an original Wii with the GameCube compatibility, I’ve had it since I was little

  • Picmanreborn

    *me worrying about how imma afford to eat this month* Austin: WE JUST DROPPED A BAG IN GAMESTOP

    • Imxd

      I bought my slim for like 200 in 2016 but now it's worth like garbage

    • Lamar Is Not Here
      Lamar Is Not Here

      @Kayla's Gaming on the behalf of myself a year ago, I would like to apologize.

    • Kayla's Gaming
      Kayla's Gaming

      @Lamar Is Not Here I’m sorry people don’t wanna just sit around being depressed

    • hihfsd

      Made the comment reach 1K!!

    • Brandon Muse
      Brandon Muse

      Lol!!!!! 🤣😈🤣I know!!! I thought the same thing!!!! He is going to make it back in like 12 hours.

  • bizzleblue38

    I wouldn't go to Game Stop if my life depended on it! Those guys are the biggest scam artist there are!


    I like how all the nintendo consoles worked and the bigger companies consoles didnt

  • David Gracia
    David Gracia

    Now go for the portable consoles Switch: am I a joke to you?

  • Voyd Squad
    Voyd Squad

    With what im going through right now ill take that ps4 no questions asked

  • Tanner Freeman
    Tanner Freeman

    Pretty pathetic considering how “strict” they can be when accepting consoles

    • Benjamin Stites
      Benjamin Stites

      @LZZZhackers They will try to cheat you in some towns. Thank God the people at my GameStop are super honest. I traded at a GameStop in a bigger town, and they tried to cheat me. They would have if I didn't catch them on their bullcrap.

    • LZZZhackers

      Nick Nicol i think you need to learn to read “thats what it said. On the recipt”

    • Nick Nicol
      Nick Nicol

      imakevideos think you need to learn how to read no such thing as a “cleaning service” for a trade

    • LZZZhackers

      Nick Nicol thats what it said on the recipt

    • Nick Nicol
      Nick Nicol

      imakevideos no such thing as a cleaning service

  • Sorta Unsure
    Sorta Unsure

    I got an Xbox 360 from GameStop like 8 years ago and I still am using it I got lucky with mine it still runs and plays like the first day I got it

  • tlipizy

    Now for the 360 that is a good deal. Thanks 2021-2022. I have to buy a complete one for the oem power brick slim model. The after market power bricks run about 50 dollars and they suck, cheap as cheap made.

  • Javier Delgado
    Javier Delgado

    Can we go back to these 2019 prices 😭 ever since the pandemic, base xbox ones go for like 200 on eBay, ps4s also around 200. 150+ for Wii U's, around 100 ish for original wii's

  • russ135

    Bruh my Wii U is still in perfect condition minus the dust it has collected

    • SpirePulse

      @Corn Holio wot

    • Corn Holio
      Corn Holio

      @SpirePulse the Xbox 1 farted

    • SpirePulse

      Same the only thing that ever broke was the screen but I was able to replace it 4 days later when the replacement screen arrived at my house. It still works fine, and I still use it to play my old wii games.

  • TDZ

    GameStop: We really put the “Stop” in GameStop.

    • Faisal 35i9
      Faisal 35i9

      TDZ For real

    • [Not] Stormy
      [Not] Stormy


    • Jeremy Hill
      Jeremy Hill



      Lightning Racer LOL

  • c l o u d
    c l o u d

    I love the xbox one s, becuase it has nearly 20 more features then other xbox consoles

  • Xandi Xereas-Middleton
    Xandi Xereas-Middleton

    I love how the most popular console is the cheapest 😂😂

    • castor

      I mean, yeah, when there are more of a system to buy they're cheaper

  • Pr. Butters
    Pr. Butters

    Congratulations you spent half of your bank account by buying every gaming console! How do you fell?

  • Mark Scarlet
    Mark Scarlet

    Buying a used console from ANYWHERE is risky

  • B3 Is Nerd
    B3 Is Nerd

    "Is this a DBrand" Made me laugh more than it should've

    • I couldnt come up with a name so i used this
      I couldnt come up with a name so i used this

      Tempre man that joke musta cost 1grand

    • Tempre

      @Milky your joke is vbland

    • 7_k

      Lol i was playing

    • B3 Is Nerd
      B3 Is Nerd

      @7_k what you have against DBrand?

    • 7_k

      ImNotB3 not DBrand Gaybrand

  • Razogi I
    Razogi I

    The “ hey guys this is Austin” never gets old

  • reaching 10k without videos subscribe
    reaching 10k without videos subscribe

    I still have a ps3 and a xbox 360, now I have both ps5 and xbox series x, I like both. But why did I spend about 2000 dollars on consoles 🤦‍♂️

  • Savann Sun
    Savann Sun

    We already know that we cant make profit from the same place where you bought them.

  • zozziboi

    Imagine going there to buy a console and you see a guy with the whole stock

  • blehbleh

    5:04: "They said they were giving us a slim and they gave us a fat". You got catfished.

    • Hunter ‘N’ Bravo
      Hunter ‘N’ Bravo

      LOL 😂

    • Riley Brubacher
      Riley Brubacher


    • bonus games
      bonus games


    • Antonn.mp4

      @RSincnobody like it it's at 669

    • Jacob Chambon
      Jacob Chambon

      He got phatfished

  • The Manager
    The Manager


  • Octavio Vega
    Octavio Vega

    Tremendo video saludos cordiales desde Panamá

  • LeoSuperMoin

    Open the ps3 up and blow the dust out if needed replace the thermal paste too. You can expect to do this for every 20GB and 80GB backwards compatible PS3.

  • joe smith
    joe smith

    I love how the Wii u works perfectly but the Xbox one doesn't lol

  • not purnhub
    not purnhub

    Austin: *spends $1283 on consoles at GameStop* Also Austin: *shows how broken the stuff GameStop sells is* A small price for salvation

  • K a m r y n
    K a m r y n

    Imagine going to game stop for like a Xbox or something and you figure out someone bought all the consoles

  • Dragon King
    Dragon King

    And cooling station for that PS3 can buy a cooling station from wish that actually works great it will help the PS3 from overheating

  • IMakeThings

    The reason why the xbox one didn't work is that with old xboxs they had a problem with the disc drive where they would pull the disc in after it started to try and read the disc not allowing it to read entirely

  • Ch3v1n.711

    11:12 now u know to never sell anything to GameStop

  • Anurag Deshpande
    Anurag Deshpande

    imagine a kid buying one of these for Christmas

    • Elementos

      I got a Xbox one from GameStop and it works so well

    • Random man
      Random man

      Get saved by.jesus so you can go to heaven and tell people to get saved by jesus and tell them about jesus ...

    • Exzticy

      Car Addict32 Rip off because you can get a brand new slim with a game for 250-280$

    • Senior Ricketts
      Senior Ricketts

      You shouldnt buy a used console for a kid

    • Jaxon - T99
      Jaxon - T99

      I got mine for like $90-100

  • worn_leaf

    The PlayStation three was a big shock for Sony , it turns DVDs, CDs in to blu-ray. That technology was hard for Sony . And it wasa having a lot of problems. That’s why Sony made its price to be very expensive.

  • o6o6o9.

    That has never happened with a ps3 for me people straight scamming game stop now a days lmaoo

  • Terrantum

    Me chilling with the first gen Wii that supports GameCube 🥴

  • Gladiator Spear
    Gladiator Spear

    Damn iam not buying any used systems at GameStop. Lol. 👍🏼

  • panic 2695
    panic 2695

    "were not trying to scam gamestop" gets scammed by gamestop

    • rocraft plays
      rocraft plays

      so true

    • Sky Gamer
      Sky Gamer

      @Kamdyn Ronald THATS MEAN

    • Sky Gamer
      Sky Gamer

      One thing though were those consoles used ?

    • —

      Technically they didn't scam gamestop you got confused m8

    • Russo-Ireland

      Odog Gow I bought a game from cex and I have owned it for a year and it still works

  • Caín Aranda
    Caín Aranda

    Watching this when gamestop stocks sky rocketed

  • FATTIE wasn’t taken
    FATTIE wasn’t taken

    You’re lucky, I have a friend who’s Wii U literally melted from just existing.

  • 2QYT

    Gamestop bought the Wii for 8 dollars!? Wow I cant even buy a pair of jeans for that money.

  • Koy De Castro Sama
    Koy De Castro Sama

    This guy seems really happy even though he wasted a ton of money. I'm sure he was expecting GameStop to totally screw it, but did it anyway just to make a video

    • That RyeGuy
      That RyeGuy

      @Koy De Castro Sama Ahh, gotcha. I think I missed the last half of your comment. My fault.

    • Koy De Castro Sama
      Koy De Castro Sama

      @That RyeGuy that's exactly my point here

    • That RyeGuy
      That RyeGuy

      Do you realize how much money he made off this video? Haha, I don't think really cares about the money he wasted.

  • EightBitAce

    This is the pure definition of the GameStop “premium refurbished” system.

    • OGKrushz

      @Matthew Devine they literally just put them in their boxes without inspection

    • Galil Alexandro
      Galil Alexandro

      Imagine the Elite

    • James Lewis
      James Lewis

      How crunchy

    • Matthew Devine
      Matthew Devine

      Premium meaning it wasn't even repaired or cleaned

  • LongishGaming9

    I bought i wii a few months ago just to go back memory lane great value smells like cigarettes got it for 30$ great deal

  • Arthur Moreira
    Arthur Moreira

    My PS4 did that once. It's just dirt clogging it

  • TrevorTurner

    220 for a ps4 with the plate taken off, lol, I bought a ps4 pro for the same price and it was in mint condition

  • WhoChesseHarry Cantu
    WhoChesseHarry Cantu

    Lesson of the day “ Don’t buy used gaming consoles from GameStop”

  • Aetoris

    And now: The man who singlehandedly doubled the total value of GameStop... Austin Evans!